Imran Khan Bollywood Actor Horoscope Predictions

imran khan horoscope kundali predictions
what does this article talk about?

  • This article talks about Imran khan the bollywood actor on why he chose acting as a career. It also tries to understand what made him successful atleast in his first film. why is his father anil pal well placed all based on planets.
    This article further analyzes the conflict between imran khan and Avantika Malik recently in 2019.
  • imran khan horoscope kundali family mother father predictions
    what are some very interesting facts about imran Khan the bollywood actor?

  • The actor of bollywood imran Khan acts for Hindi films and he is also the nephew of the well-known actor and celebrity Mr Aamir Khan. imran khan is also the nephew of director and producer Mr Mansoor Khan. he was born to anil Pal (his biological father) but now his name is Imran Khan. His mother is Nuzhat khan sister of the legendry actor aamir khan. he is also the grandson of sri Nasir Hussain . imran khan has also played as child artist in 1992 in films like Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar .
  • he started his acting or film career as an adult in the year 2008 as well that was Jaane Tu… Ya Jaane Na got the Film fare Award as well or the same. imran Khan is also social activist you also worked in various other films like Delhi Belly and merey brother ki Dulhan
    he also acted as a child actor for the film qayamat sey qayamatt tak
  • The most important is Imran khan got married to Avantika Malik in the year 2011.
  • birth details of Imran Khan the bollywood actor

  • we have the birthdate of Imran Khan as 13 January 1983. He was born in united States Wisconsin madison. His father sri Anil pal is a software engineer father and is an highly intelligent well-to-do senior manager at yahoo in USA.

    imran khan film bollywood horoscope kundali predictions

  • What do the numbers or numerology of Imran Khan say about him?

  • Imran khan was born on Thursday or guruvaar.
    we can see that he is born on 13= 1+3= rahu(dragon’s head) effects are there. also in his horoscope rahu(dragon’s head) aspects his moon lagna. so clear rahu(dragon’s head) or some rebel or original /different view is there in Imran khan.
    he comes under the Capricorn or makar rashi sign ruled by Saturn, so gives him and original and independent view point. Gives him tenacity and discipline but rahu(dragon’s head) spoils it for him 🙂
  • Jupiter gives him depth in religion. also Saturn and rahu(dragon’s head) is there. so later on he may go intense on religion or dharma
    Saturn makes him love the underdog or downtrodden people so he does social activism as well.
  • His total numbers come to 13 jan 1983(=21 total) = 13(=4 total) + 1+ 21 = 26= 2+6= 8 Saturn or shani dev. so as he is also born in the sign of Saturn Capricorn or makar he would be very philosophical , a rebel types- but life may not be a bed of rose for him. we know he comes from a broken family and also he is inactive since 2015.
  • what made Imran Khan the bollywood actor take acting as a career ?

  • as his birth time is not sure we look at the rashi Lagna or moon lagna for Imran Khan the actor form bollywood. his Rashi lagna is Dhanu rashi or Sagittarius sign .sun or surya is sitting there on the lagna. so that ensure that he will get recognition whatever he does. also one may note that sun or surya is ruling the 9th bhava of father.
  • sun is karaka for father as well and 9th bhava stands for father anil pal for imran khan, so clearly suggesting that his father would be a dignified person . His father Anil Pal is software engineer working with Yahoo . also sun sitting the lagna gives blessings of the father & good luck and Bhagya for imran Khan the Bollywood actor that’s why he got the Film fare Award as well in the very first film .
  • His recent conflict with Avantika Malik his wife we will discusses later. but let us look at the causative factors. we can see Ketu(dragon’s tail)sitting on the lagna and rahu(dragon’s head) sitting in the 7th house that creates problems in partnerships and love relationships. we know that he is also into a relationship with the avantika Malik his wife. Now imran khan’s rahu(dragon’s head) is sitting in 7th house. That creates issues in his relationships real. also note he is born on 13= 1+3=rahu(dragon’s head). so imran Khan the bollywood actor is prone to relationships and divorce problems .
  • we also note that his moon in the lagna suggest that he will be fairly religiously inclined sooner or later in his life. He also may have an element of religiousness in him. also Ketu(dragon’s tail) gives a researchers view point his father is a researcher kind in yahoo.
    But he may also rebel; due to rahu8 at least in the youth .but later on he will pick up with religion because Dhanu Rashi or Sagittarius is there to give good energy to his mind.
  • What good things imran khan the bollywood actor gets from Venus or shukra?

  • His Venus or shukra is sitting in the 2nd bhava or house, giving him sweet speech and handsome face. as 2nd bhava or house rules with face . Venus is sitting on Saturn(shani dev) as the dispositor . also shukra or Venus is also Lord of 11th house that is wealth and gains from friends .
  • Venus or shukra is sitting in the second bhava gives raj yoga to Imran Khan :). and that means great money for him is waiting . That is gains in relationships and career. The career Lord mercury(budha) is sitting in the 2nd house as well. So he will gain good money by action and good status. also as the 10th House Lord mercury is close to Venus(shukra) the planet for acting and films(bollywood). he gets money and status working in the films ruled by Venus. yes his relationships o& partnerships with film industry people would generally be paying for him.
  • we need to note that mercury is retrograde in his horoscope so that means there could be time when imran khan faces is hard and he does not get proper work .so that has to be handled well by him.

  • why did Imran khan the bollywood actor choose film industry or bollywood as a career?

  • looking at the 10th House Lord of career. that is very good. Virgo ruling or the kanya rashi . now it is the 6th sign of the zodiac and 6 are number of Venus. that is again to do with film industry. so that very clearly says that Imran Khan the Bollywood actor may go for film industry & stages. The energy of Venus in the second house of wealth and status and speech & communication gives him fair dialogue delivery. so the Venus ruled film industry gives him success in the film industry .
  • shukra or Venus is fairly well placed in Imran Khan’s actor’s horoscope . it is in the Capricorn sign or makar rashi and is exalted.This sign is ruled by Saturn is exalted. so it is giving imran khan a very strong presence in film industry +. It is also giving him are very cute and handsome face . mercury helps to do deliver good dialogues . some diction change needed as mercury is retrograde.
  • imran khan horoscope kundali predictions
    why is Imran Khan the bollywood actor in news for problems in relationships with his wife avantika malik ?

  • now we can clearly see that Imran Khan bollywood actor is naturally prone to issues relationship or divorces. as Ketu(dragon’s tail) sitting in his Lagna. that is Sagittarius sign or dhanu rashi. we also note that rahu(dragon’s head) sitting in the Gemini sign or mithuna rashi. that is a 7th .
  • what is the Role of ketu or dragon’s tail for relationship of Imran Khan ?
    Now in transit in 2019 it has come in the Sagittarius sign in March 2019. also natal rahu of imran Khan connects with transit rahu(dragon’s head) in the Gemini sign.
    The 7th house stands for relationships and partnerships in marriage(divorces as legal issues as well). this creates a very strong yoga of parting or separation of Imran Khan bollywood actor. which he has to be careful . we additionally note that Jupiter or guru the dispositer of Ketu(dragon’s tail)is currently in may,june and July 2019 weak due to retrogression or being retrograde.
  • This Jupiter retrograde and ketu transit could create more problems for Imran Khan bollywood actor. as Ketu(dragon’s tail)is weakened and impacts is mind . we know Ketu or (dragon’s tail)sits in the lagna +and is close to moon or mind of imran khan.
  • what is the Role of sun or surya for relationship of Imran Khan ?
    also note that sun or surya sitting in the lagan is currently in transit in the Taurus that is the sixth house for Imran Khan bollywood actor. It is the house of enmity and opposition . so by say this middle of June 2019 as sun will come into 7th house it will get him some blessings of the 9th house of Poorva punya Karma for Imran Khan bollywood actor. so that can give him some relief . But more relief(not full) after July 2019.
  • By July 2019 ending Jupiter or guru would be direct so that could give him relief in the relationships
  • what is the Role of Saturn transit and shani or Saturn sade sati for relationship of Imran Khan bollywood actor and avantika malik?
    we also have to note that Saturn is transiting his Lagna(ascendant) so that Sade Sati is running for him and Saturn badly aspects his 7th house .so creating issues in a relationships and Saturn has mars(Mangal) energy for him . as Mars in a sitting in Aquarius sign or kumbha rashi. so issues in relationship . as mars is an aggressive planet and energy and agitation is sent to His 7th house.
  • what is the Role of rahu or dragon’s head for relationship of Imran Khan bollywood actor and avantika malik?
    where the natural malefic rahu(dragon’s head)is sitting in the natal horoscope. we expect some relief July 2019 onwards. but and also some more relief after November 2019 . but sure 2019 ending and 2020 could be emotionally disturbing with lot of issues at personal front for Imran Khan will look at this later in other articles.
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    Rani Chatterjee horoscope predictions

    Rani Chatterjee horoscope predictions
    rani mukherjee horoscope bollywood actress
    What are some interesting facts about Bollywood actress Rani Chatterjee?

  • Rani chatterjee is a Bhojpuri actress, that is Bihari movies film actress and could be a part of the Bigg Boss 13 show of salman Khan . Rani chatterjee started her career from the Bhojpuri film Sasura Paisa Wala career(with politician manoj tiwari) from 2003 and is expected that earns around 5 to 8 lacs per film she does .
  • Birth details of actress rani chatterjee
    rani mukerjee horoscope kundali predictions

  • we don’t have her exact birth details we don’t have exact details , but we know her date of birth is 3rd November 1989 .
  • so Rani Chatterjee is around 30 years old . we look at the Rashi or moon Lagna as correct birth time is not there. her moon is the situated moon(Chandra) is in the Dhanu Lagna or Sagittarius sign ruled by Jupiter or guru.
  • yes and we know she is born on 3rd of November 1989. The number 3 is also ruled by Jupiter or guru. so rani Chatterjee is ruled by Jupiter strongly :). .that is one of the reasons that gives is good acting and communication skills. It also gives her good growth in life as well. For Bhojpuri films, Saturn or Shani dev is ruling her speech (the 2nd house or bhava). This means something very opposite to her current situation. Now Rani Chatterjee is a Bengali born and is from Mumbai, to instead sing in Bengali or Marathi, she sings for Bhojpuri films which are alien to Maharashtra or Bengali culture.
  • what gives Rani Chatterjee great name and film industry

  • Now if we look at Rani chatterjee’s horoscope.Venus or Shukra the Planet of art and creativity is sitting in lagna. So gives her success in bollywood & films. Now we know that films are to do with art and creativity .also Saturn or shani dev is in the lagna of Rani chatterjee. Saturn(shani) gives Rani Chatterjee good connections in the film
    industry and the Bollywood . as Rani chatterjee’s Saturn rules the 3rd house and 2nd bhava or house for her and also gives a good discipline to do things
  • Her full name number of Rani chatterjee comes out to be name number =44 = 4+4 = 8 .Double rahu and 4+4=Saturn. so suggests a hard life of struggle Saturn in lagna for Rani chatterjee.
  • Now looking at the eleventh house lord venues or Shukra. as we just discuss Venus or Shukra sitting in the first house. so clear cut suggest gains from Bollywood or the Mumbai the film industry for sure. we also notice several planets sitting in the 11th house of Rani Chatterjee.
  • so there are three planets. One is sun the lord of the 9th house of fortune and publicity in the 11th bhava so Raja Yoga Karaka. so this planet sun or Surya gives great publicity and money to Rani Chatterjee. We also have mercury or Budha,Mercury rules the 7th house of public connections and also 10th House of career for Rani Chatterjee. so both these two, sun and mercury sit in the 11th bhava. clearly means gains in a relationship and partnerships with directors/film producers and her career.
  • as 11th house involved so gains from elder brothers or friends also there. we also see Mars and Mangal as well from the Chandra Lagna that is dhanu Rashi or Sagittarius. Mars rules the 5th bhava of mind and long term thinking and also rules the 12th house of stress and worries. Mangal is also in 11th bhava of Rani Chatterjee. so she may face issues of losses in problems. she also has to be very discrete in her sexual conduct and relationships. but also mars or Mangal gives Rani Chatterjee being lord of the 5th house also gives her great passion and energy to stay at the top. she would get her great money rani Chatterjee all the best in life!
  • what could be the result of bigg boss 13 held in 2019-20?
    bigg boss rani chatterjee

  • For rani Mukherjee in transit the Saturn or Shani Dev who is the lord of 2nd and 3rd house that is wealth and status and her initiatives are on the Lagna or ascendant. but is also retrograde till September -October 2019. so she may find a hard time to get a place in the Bigg Boss competition. but because Jupiter would be getting direct soon by July 2019 onwards. so she can get better results after July 2019. if the Big Boss or any other event starts in the month of July 2019 that would be hard for her
  • In August 2019 as well perform well. but if she performs, she can win well .her health needs care and she has to stay away from scandals in August 2019. Saturn has a very strong influence on her that time but she is a good protection from Jupiter or guru. Ketu the malefic in transit has come in a lagna is well ok . Ketu or dragon’s tail is a natural malefic so that suggests that whatever Rani Chatterjee enters this year may not stay with her for very long.

  • when is big boss season 13 by Salman Khan?

  • regarding the Big Boss season, 13 as it will start around September 2019 and be there still may be January or February that time Saturn(Shani) would be direct and it would start giving her better results for Rani Chatterjee. but in October there could be the elimination of rani Chatterjee if she is not very careful in October. and also there could be tiffs and fights in the Bigg Boss house. In November she might be quiet copy and connecting once again. Only if she is able to cross in October 2019.
  • In November 2019, it is a time when she could have strong clashes with the inmates of Bigg Boss and also one could have very severe unexpected clashes. It would be a time when energy levels are high. Jupiter is direct, but because Jupiter would be Losing energy and getting into Sagittarius sign(dhanu Rashi) so Rani Chatterjee has to be careful. if she can pull it through to December 2019, then definitely she has is a good chance to win in top three positions but otherwise not.
    we wish her all the best! 🙂

  • Nirmala Sitharaman Horoscope

    nirmal sitharaman defense finance minister bjp government

    Nirmala sitharaman ji, defence minister horoscope(kundali) predictions
    what are the Birth details of smt. Nirmala Sitharaman ji?

  • Date of Birth= August 18, 1959(Tuesday)
    Time of Birth= Is unknown
    Place of Birth= Tiruchchirappalli
    Longitude= 78 E 41
    Latitude= 10 N 49
    Time Zone= 5.5 India
  • nirmala sitharaman defense finance misnister india bjp

    What makes smt. Nirmala sitharaman ji so * different from others ?

  • smt. Nirmala sitharaman ji joined BJP(Bharatiya junta party) in the year 2008 and also worked as a spokesman for the party. By the year 2014 smt. Nirmala sitharaman ji was inducted in the cabinet that’s a big rise for her .
    In the month of June smt. Nirmala sitharaman ji was elected as a Rajya Sabha member from Andhra Pradesh. One has to take note that she is also one of the people 12 people nominated by Bharatiya Janata Party. she is also one her seat from Karnataka.
    In the year September 2017 she has given the Defence Minister portfolio a big post to and she is the second woman after smt. Indira Gandhi ji to become defense Minister post holder in Indian History.
  • now as the exact time of the birth of hers is not available ,we look at the moon or Chandra Rashi . That is Capricorn or makar rashi.This rashi is ruled by Saturn(Shani) and stands for discipline and ability to work hard in a well-planned manner.
    As Capricorn or makar rashi functions like Rahu( number 4). the lagna lord is sitting in the 12th bhava or house. so smt. Nirmala sitharaman ji will have gains in foreign Lands. That is basically traveling away from the homeland(andhra pardesh). that is she travels from Andhra Pradesh to Delhi, and that would be the cause for success in life . we also need to note that he was in London as well for a while. Yes due to the 12th house lord , the health issues would trouble her .that is what she has to take care of.
  • secondly Jupiter the Planet of Grace and dignity is a fairly strong eleventh house of smt. Nirmala sitharaman ji. this gives great gains and status, money and all kinds of good things in life that she deserves. also the seventh House Lord moon is in the lagna this is a connection of people or partners and self(lagna) that gives her popularity and success in elections. Rahu(dragon’s head) is sitting in the ninth Bhava(house) so that gives her great political understanding. Rahu or dragon’s head aspects have Lagna why is well so that gives her good political astuteness and ability to think differently.
  • Yes, Rahu or dragon’s head aspect on lagna could also make her a bit rebellious at times. Now looking at numerology aspects, given her birthdates august 18 can see that 1 + 8 is equal to 9 that is mars or Mangal energy. also, August is a month ruled by Leo sign or simha rashi. so she would be fiercely Independent and could be very aggressive or assertive at times as a spokesman . Her being aggressive or assertive as a BJP spokesman made her effective in defeating her opponent form congress or other parties. her action, passion and her energy levels helped her to deliver the best as a BJP spokesperson and to defeat the other party spokespeople. so she is a Perfect Combination of Leo energy( the simha) and the mars or Mangal energy . One has to note that she born on Tuesday and yes 18th born that is 1 + 8 =9 is also mars so double mars. :). High energy and fit for defence ministry roles :).
  • Leo nirmala sitharaman leo bjp+ Mars nirmala sitharaman marsbjp+ Sun nirmala sitharaman sun bjp==
    smt. Nirmala sitharaman ji
    nirmala sitharaman bjp

  • What gives smt. Nirmala sitharaman ji such a quick and sharp rise to the position of defense minister of India in 10 years only?

  • Jupiter or guru the planet of Grace and dignity is very well placed in the 11th bhava or house. also, sun or Surya the planet of political power and position is also very strong into eh 8th bhava of hers. being malefic kills her enemies and obstacles.
  • Strong sun or surya with mars(mangal ) here should make her very independent in conducting herself. yes, she has to be careful about driving and accidents . But the overall sun in 8th house is not a good indication but this gives her great passion energy because mass sun plus mars(mangal) both are planets which are for politics and politicians are together in the 8th house. sun(surya) is highly confirmed also as a planet for politics and politicians giving her great zest and energy . also giving her great possibility to reach the top . also, note that sun and mars are very close to venus the 10th house lord. so sending the dignity status energy for her Political career for smt. Nirmala sitharaman ji .
  • Sun in Leo + Mars + 10th house career lord=venus

    == smt. Nirmala sitharaman ji success in Politics!!!

  • Also, note the 9th Lord mercury is sitting in the 7th bhava suggest good smt. Nirmala sitharaman ji past life Karma coming into her relationships. regarding political people or otherwise also please confirm that she is a better success in foreign lands( 1st bhava lord in 12th house) or away from your birth place(andhra pardesh). All this gives her good Grace from God .
  • what is it Based on her Number or Numerology of smt. Nirmala sitharaman ji?
    Now looking at based on Numerology or numbers born on 18th physical 1 + 8=9, that is Mars(mangal) the Planet of politics and action.
  • she is born in Leo sign(simha rashi) it is ruled by planet sun . as we now this again is the planet of politics and leadership. the sum of birth date total numbers for smt. Nirmala sitharaman ji comes to be 18 august 8 1959= 18+ 8+ 1959 = 9+8+ 24 = 41= 4+1=5= Mercury.
  • so one has to note that she was a sales girl in home decor in London(mercury). also, she has been taken economic( ruled by Jupiter and mercury) as well where. we know that Mercury(budha) deals with economics and money , she got a graduate of economics from tiruchirappalli and masters degree from JNU that is Jawaharlal University in 1984.
  • what made her a great success in Politics?

  • Please take note and see great combinations of sun, mars and 10th lord venus9shukra) in the 8th house. the 10th house gets strong energy of leadership and action to smt. Nirmala sitharaman ji’s her career situations. Mars or Mangal has to do with the masses and the sun has to do with the politicians. we will discuss that sun (surya)lord of Leo sign(simha rashi) of August month . also in birth the date she was born as (18) 1 + 8 is equal to 9=mars , so both sun and mars based on numbers and numerology. so also based on numbers number 1+9 are good for politics and politicians . same for managers and action oriented people .
  • The combination of sun+mars also very strongly suggest that she would be into politics and be a successful .also the total of the numbers coming 5 suggest that it is mercury energy – so strong connection to people. that is done with communication so that’s what made her a good communicator or a good spokesman for BJP.
  • Over this wonderful combination and strong Sun and Mars in shows that she would go rise very well into the area of politics. mars or Mangal is the Lord of image house(4th house of smt. Nirmala sitharaman ji) . but as it is in the 8th house so she has to be careful about the image in general but it should be successful overall .
  • What gave good success for smt. Nirmala Sitharaman ji induction in the year 2014 to BJP?

  • now first looking at the planetary situation in the year 2008 Jupiter is in Sagittarius sign or dhanu rashi. so Sagittarius or dhanu is ruling her 11th house of gains and success from friends. overall it helps smt. Nirmala Sitharaman ji to get her position with BJP Bharatiya Janata Party in 2008.. we need to note that Jupiter is also retrograde . ruling the twelfth house f and but sitting in the 11th house gives her good connections with people. as due to the third Bhava ruler ship of Pisces sign(Meena rashi) of smt. Nirmala sitharaman ji f Jupiter, it deals with people and also connects to expansion and alls kind of peoples . so it predicts that smt. Nirmala sitharaman ji will connect to a lot of people or people connection may be as a BJP spokesperson.

  • Saturn is in simha Rashi or Leo Rahu is retrograde and is in Capricorn sign. Its own sign is so strong . being in l in the lagna and being a planet of politics .suggests that she could connect to political people. it would also give her good intelligence and on how to connect well to the people in the politics and political Arena. which is 100% true for her
  • Saturn or shani the Lagna lord is in the Leo sign(simha rashi) in transit. it is a bit weak but being in the eight houses destroys her obstacles and Enemies .Shani or Saturn in 8th Bhava helps Nirmala sitharaman ji in quelling her enemies and opposition and makes her win in 2008. as we know that Saturn in transit in 6th house also is really beneficial . as it removes the negativity of that house .

  • what made her to be inducted in cabinet in the year 2014?

  • Nirmala sitharaman ji was in 2014 inducted into the cabinet by7 sri narendra Modi ji. by June 2014 she was elected as a Rajya Sabha member from the Andhra Pradesh .Let us look at the transit situation . this time Jupiter(guru) is transiting from Gemini(mithuna) to cancer(karkat) .it is getting exalted and is retrograde but strong in cancer sign. IN cancer sign(karkat rashi). Jupiter or guru is retrograde gets into the cancer sign 7th house of Nirmala sitharaman ji .
  • This transit suggests that she will connect to significant people and have relationships. she will grow significantly . so working for BJP and getting inducted in the cabinet it is a very big achievement. which is strongly suggested by Jupiter(guru) planet getting into the 7th house of her. also, Jupiter ruling the stress and travel and the third house suggests that she will connect to set of dignified people this time in 2014. so that suggests the Rajya Sabha .
  • secondly, Saturn retrograde but strong enough in Libra also rahu there so. strengthens her (Nirmala sitharaman ji’s) lagna and wealth plus status.
    actually, it comes into her career house so suggest that there will be a boom in her career for enhancement in a career and an image of Nirmala sitharaman ji .
    is strong shani now that rules lagna or ascendant and the second house of wealth status for Nirmala sitharaman ji give gains in wealth and status.
  • also, when is Rahu(dragon’s head) which is sitting in the ninth Bhava of luck and fortune come in the 10th House of career for Nirmala sitharaman ji it aspects of the 4th house of public image . rahu(dragons; head) strongly send blessing to her public image so unexpected expansionary in career,
  • Exalted Jupiter nirmala sitharaman jupiter guru bjp + Saturn strong nirmala sitharaman saturn bjp+ strong Rahu(dragons head) aspects to 4th bhavanirmala sitharaman rahu bjp === Success for Nirmala sitharaman Ji in cabinet nirmala sitharaman bjp

  • what planetary causes made Nirmala sitharaman ji become India’s defence minister in 2017 ?

  • in September 2017 Nirmala Sitharaman Ji became the Defence Minister of India from the BJP party. Now let us look at what are the special transits. Saturn(shani) is in 28 degrees in Scorpio(Vrishchika rashi) . Rahu(dragon’s head) is in Leo sign(Simha Rashi) and it would be soon it was soon translating into cancer sign or Karkat rashi by mid of September 2017. also, the benefic Jupiter or guru has transited into Libra sign(Tula rashi) and is direct .Saturn getting into Scorpio that is an 11th house is the house of elevation and gains for Nirmala Sitharaman ji. so despite old age of Saturn the lagan lord of hers she would get gains for sure due to shani transit into the 11th house of hers.,
  • so overall shani dev the lord of 1st and the 2nd house still promises gains. Rahu(dragon’s head). It sits on the 9th house of luck or Bhagya and luck of Nirmala sitharaman ji.
    when it comes in the 8th House in transit. it strongly energizes the planet Sun and Mars and also Venus sitting there .
  • all this generates exceptional energy of a good past life Karma and political leadership for Nirmala sitharaman ji. also note Venus or shukra also rules her career as well. Venus in her horoscope or kundali rules of 5th bhava of kind of right investment . so she does it and also Jupiter(guru) gets strong into Libra (tula rashi)
    so brings in good energies of the 11th house placement into the 10th house of career for Nirmala sitharaman ji.
  • Yes, it also brings in some stress as well because Jupiter is ruling the 12th house from the moon and it suggests a change of places . all this makes her a defence minister, Defence Minister of India. the planets clearly indicating great gains and elevation for Nirmala sitharaman in September 2017.we wish Nirmala sitharaman ji all the best in life!!!
  • 2019 predictions nirmala sitharaman bjp minister rpedictionsnirmala sitharaman finance mninister mon ey india bjp
    What is forecast or predictions for Nirmala sitharaman Ji as the first lady Finance minister of India?

  • we know that in June 2019 Nirmala sitharaman ji has become India’s first full-time woman finance minister. she is a sequel to Sri Arun Jaitley ji who was a former finance minister & also minister of corporate affairs. since the past 10 years of 2008, she has had a meteoric and fast rise in the arena of politics.
  • What are the current challenges of Nirmala Sitharmana ji? out present finance minister

  • but with all the gains she faces a high level of challenges. that is she has to improve the GDP growth which is at a five year low of 6.8% at year ending March 2019. there are a great demand and concern about p reduction or lack of investment recovery. also, she needs to generate employment and all along with this, there are problems created by liquidity on the money. also, the impact of the financial situation affecting the non-Banking Finance the companies or the nbfc sector. She also has to prepare for the budget.
  • Now looking at the planetary conditions Nirmala sitharaman ji. she should be able to handle things better now. now looking at Horoscope(kundali) and you look at the Chandra horoscope(Capricorn ascendant or Makar Rashi) . Jupiter sitting into the 11th bhava or house is fairly strong for her . But is currently retrograde in the 11th house of Scorpio sign again. That is the vrischika rashi.
  • so all his gives her definite gains and status( Jupiter and the 11th house energies coming to the Lagna). also Jupiter or guru in the 11th house suggest with money related matters as Jupiter = number 3= money.
    also 11the house deals with gains & elevations in life . Now definitely she’s been elevated and Nirmala Sitharaman ji is the first woman finance minister of India.

  • Now looking at the situation of Saturn or Shani dev for her,Shani is retrograde and it is ruling her Lagna (Capricorn sign or Makar Rashi) and also the 2nd bhava of wealth status. In transit or gochchar it gets into the 12th house or bhava. That is the Sagittarius sign(Dhanu Rashi) . it is also conjunct with natal Saturn(Shani) so it gives strength to itself. so it strengthens Nirmala sitharamans lagan or own self or image.

  • we note that all the above is with hundred100% . so is gain of status for her. but because shani is in the 12th house she will have to struggle quite a bit. she would achieve her goals somewhat by 2019 ending and much more in the year 2020 when Saturn or Shani gets into the Capricorn sign or Lagna of hers. so by December 2019 or by the budget of 2020 she would have achieved some part of our goals and should be fairly stable that way and that time Jupiter(guru) would have strengthened as well.

  • What happens to her(Nirmala sitharaman ji) with her current aggressive Goals ?
    she would, in fact, come out in flying color. please note that in transit Ketu is also in the 11th house. Ketu means dhwaja so unexpected gains to her and yes activates Sagittarius sign. this sends energy to sister sign of dhanu that is Meena or Pisces, where natal Ketu is sitting. that means activation of self and action and Karma. as Ketu sits in the third house. so overall with exceptional Karma/action she will handle the current finance position gracefully.
    she should be able to stabilize the GDP aspect and get some tangible results on employment-related matters as well in a few months or year ending 2019.

  • Harsimrat Kaur Badal Minister Kundali (Horoscope) Predictions

    Harsimrat Kaur Badal Kundali or Horoscope predictions
    harsimrat kaur badal politcian minister
    What are some interesting facts about Harsimrat Kaur Badal now in year 2019 ? she has continued to be food processing minister in 2019 as well!

  • smt. Harsimrat Kaur Badal is the only member of the Shiromani Akali Dal(SAD) who is in the cabinet of Shri Narendra Modi. she has continued in the portfolio of food processing ministry . which is a sector that has 100% FDI in setting up manufacturing units. so there is no permission required for wholesale business in the sector . smt. Harsimrat Kaur Badal says that she would expect FDI to cross 28 billion .
  • smt. Harsimrat Kaur Badal is the wife of the former Deputy Chief Minister of Punjab Sukhbir Singh Badal and daughter-in-law of former Punjab Chief Minister Prakash Singh Badal.
    smt. Harsimrat kaur Badal was born on 25th July 1966 she holds a high school degree and diploma in textile designing.
  • smt. Harsimrat Kaur Badal’s family traces its origin to the famous general of maharaja ranjit Singh, that is the attar singh.
  • Harsimrat kaur Badal birth details and Horoscope/Kundali ?

  • Name: Harsimrat Kaur Badal
    Date of Birth of Harsimrat Kaur Badal = July 25, 1966
    Monday born
    Time of Birth= not known
    Place of Birth Is Delhi
    Time Zone= 5.5
  • About the political career of smt. Harsimrat Kaur Badal?

  • smt. Harsimrat kaur badal has her Political career start since the year 2009 election. she got selected for the 15 Lok Sabha elections from the Bathinda constituency. smt. Harsimrat Kaur Badal at that time had defeated the National Congress candidate . she is sympathetic to was highly sympathetic towards 1984 anti-Sikh riots victims.
  • also in 2014, she defeated national Congress peoples Party join Manpreet Singh Badal. for this achievement, she was appointed as a state minister of food processing . In 2019 harsimrat kaur badal again won from Bathinda !
  • what planetary makes harsimrat Kaur Badal different from others ?

  • as smt. Harsimrat kaur badal’s exact horoscope(Kundali) is not available that is the exact time so we look at the moon lagna or rashi kundali or horoscope itself. smt. Harsimrat Kaur Badal has Libra(Tula Rashi) as a Lagna house that is raja yoga karaka as sits in the 9th house of luck and fortune for her. Libra has Venus ruling makes a person beautiful and attractive .yes she is a beautiful lady due respect to her . ketu(dragon’s tail) sitting in the lagna with moon the lord of 10th house of career gives her distinction in an image overall image that she’ll project to the society .also note sun the planet of politics and name and fame sitting in the 10th house of career.
  • as sun or surya is sitting in the 10th House of the career of smt. Harsimrat kaur badal. This gives her great distinction in politics and masses and gets fame in society. also, mercury(budha) is sitting in the 10th House . mercury also rules the 9th house or bhava of Fortune & luck . This also suggests benefits from parents of smt. Harsimrat kaur badal .
  • Also, 9th bhava lord in the 10th bhava clearly gives One More Raja Yoga for smt. Harsimrat kaur badal. Mercury or budha here suggest that smt. Harsimrat kaur badal could make quick and smart decisions. also, in addition, Jupiter(guru) is sitting in the ninth house . all this suggest that great good Karma from the past life smt. Harsimrat kaur badal helps her a lot. also, the lord of the 7th house of partnerships and relationships is sitting in 9th house , gives great energy and political power to smt. Harsimrat kaur badal.
  • so one can see atleast 3-4 raja Yogas in her horoscope
    > 1st bhava Lord in the 9th bhava
    > 10th bhava Lord in lagna
    > 7th bhava lord in the 9th bhava
    > sun in the 10th house
    so all this suggest great luck and fortune for smt. Harsimrat Kaur Badal in this lifetime.
  • What makes smt. Harsimrat kaur badal a super success in politics?

    harsimrat kaur badal kundali horoscope predictions
    Planetary Equations Raja Yogas for harsmirat kaur badal

    SUN + 1st Lord in 9th + 10th Lord in 1st + 7Th Lord in 9th + RAHU in 7th === RAJA YOGAS for harsimrat Kaur

  • as we discussed above that Sun or Surya the planet for power & position is sitting in the 10th house of hers. The 10th house lord moon sitting in the lagna .Clearly, suggest that she would go to the higher positions in the politics . Her lagan Venus(Shukra) sitting in the ninth bhava or house gets blessed by Jupiter(guru) energies. also one has to note that Mars or Mangal ruling the 7th house of connections with others with smart and political Rahu( in 7th bhava) is sitting into he 9th bhava.
  • Rahu is a smart politician so Rahu energy combination with mars or Mangal clearly suggests a connection with a politician and top people. also as 7th bhava lord sitting in the 9th house so they have a blessing from the past life Karma for the political connections and over all gains in life.
  • Jupiter or guru is also very sitting close by to mars and rahu overall suggest grace of Karma of past life and God for smt. Harsimrat kaur badal. all this clearly giver good political connections to win .Venus or shukra the lagna lord is also there in 9th house .
  • Venus gets very good energy of deva planet Jupiter or guru and Rahu as well. clearly suggesting that the self(lagna) that is Venus(Shukra) for smt. Harsimrat kaur badal gets good gains in politics for sure. also the mind (The first house and moon)of smt. Harsimrat Kaur Badal carries a lot of solar or Sun energies of leadership as the sun sends energy to lagna through the moon, as the sun sits in the cancer sign or karkat Rashi. also, the moon is sitting in the Lagna with Ketu(dragon’s tail) give serene hearts and intense Minds for smt. Harsimrat Kaur Badal.
  • what do the numbers or numerology say about harsimrat kaur badal?

  • looking from the numerology or Anka jyotish aspect for smt. Harsimrat kaur badal. She is born on 25th 2 + 5 is equal 7 = ketu(dragon’s tail). It is also said Neptune as per western astrology. so the personality again is influenced by moon or Neptune and also she is born on Monday- so suggest strong moon influences . This sensitivity due to moon or Chandra gives smt. Harsimrat Kaur Badal very good connectivity with people loves travel change and connection to people. This makes her very amenable and gives great feelings to her . yes she is very sympathetic e to 1984 Sikh riot victims as well. she overall has a sensitive looking face due to the moon in lagna.
  • what planetary combinations and energies give simrat Kaur continuity in the food processing ministry and also predictions for future beyond 2019?

  • now we can very clearly see that Jupiter or guru is fairly strong in the ninth power of the house of smt. Harsimrat Kaur badal. also, we know Jupiter ruling Sagittarius(dhanu rashi) and Pisces sign(meena rashi) deals with vegetation and food as well. so does Venus(shukra) that is number 6 deals with family and homemade food or food as such.
  • so for smt. Harsimrat Kaur Badal Venus(Shukra) and Jupiter(guru) are the key planets which deal with home, family, and food and they are very strong and blessed in the 9th house. so giving her great success and continuity in food processing roles.
  • The total of birth date for smt. Harsimrat kaur Badal is July(7) 25th(2+5=7) 1966(1+9+6+6=22) so over all it comes to 7+7+ 22 = 36= 3+6=9. 9 is a number of mars or Mangal(politics) and also because the 9th sign is Sagittarius it has some energies of Jupiter(guru) as well. so this clearly confirms that smt. Harsimrat kaur badal does very well public connection as number 9 would make her do that. 9 number also rules the food industry and food. That includes food processing and yes compassion and money. so naturally she will do better in industries to do with food processing . also born on 25=2+5=7= Ketu gives her smart intelligence and good connection with people.
  • what does the Saturn(shani dev) and Jupiter transit say about harsimrat kaur’s future in politics ?

  • now looking at the future of smt. Harsimrat Kaur Badal ,we have had Saturn or Shani coming in the third house of hers. That is Saturn is in the Sagittarius sign or dhanu Rashi though retrograde. The 4th house of image and 5th house of children and thinking is ruled by Saturn or shani dev. Now Saturn in the 3rd house of action and karma suggests that the actions and image may be just ok or lukewarm for smt. Harsimrat Kaur Badal till Saturn is retrograde . that is September oct 2019.

  • That is average actions . New or better initiatives would come only after September October 2019 for smt. Harsimrat Kaur badal. but sure as Saturn or Shani sits in the third house of initiatives and Ketu is in transit there so smt. Harsimrat Kaur Badal will have to work very hard this year because of Saturn . But reaping the fruits by year end 2019 and 2020 only.
  • as we know Saturn and Jupiter both are retrograde(Jupiter at least till July 2019). so smt. Harsimrat Kaur Badal should have to work against the current initial build-up effort for the food industry. also, Jupiter or guru is transiting 2nd house of smt. Harsimrat kaur badal. This is giving her good status and gains again and making her win the elections lagna .
  • 2019 predictions harsimrat kaur badal horoscope kundali
    Planetary Equations 2019/2020 for harsimrat kaur
    KETU in 3rd House + JUPITER transit in 3rd and 4th house + + SATURN in the 4th house === SUCCESS for Harsimrat Kaur
    The demoniac planetary ketu(dragon’s tail) in 3rd house of courage and action . so this would make her courageous in actions now onwards from May June 2019.
    By her courageous actions, she will establish better food processing units and get better investments . but we need to note that Ketu(dragon’s tail) is agitated with Saturn that is retrograde present in the third house. so problems in smt. Harsimrat Kaur Badal effort and initiative till September October 2019. but sure she would not leave any stone unturned.
  • After November 2019 and 2020 Jupiter gets into Sagittarius sign(dhanu Rashi) and is very strong so that means her actions for food processing will start growing and all her projects/initiatives will start giving very good results. We also note that after November in January 2020 for smt. Harsimrat Kaur Badal her Saturn(Shani) lord of image and thinking will get into the Capricorn sign(makar rashi) and aspects her career house the tenth house . so enhances her acting or action ability and gives her great expansion in an image as well ( 4th house is ruled by Saturn).
  • Saturn(Shani) aspecting the 10th House + strong Saturn and aspect to sun or Surya so in 2020 well smt. Harsimrat kaur badal may have some enhancement in the image. But she needs to take care of her blood pressure and blood-related problems as well. this (2020)could be a time when she has to be a bit careful about health as well as the wheel’s emotional well being. as people may come and disturb her it. she has to be careful especially in the month of April or March ending 2020.
  • also in 2020 smt. Harsimrat kaur badal’s energy would go in re strategizing life for family life and for the food industry as well. It may in certain sense turn her more towards GOD or religion/dharma.
  • by 2021 Jupiter or guru will get into the Capricorn sign(makar rashi) that is the 4th bhava of the public image of smt. Harsimrat kaur badal. so over all producing good results. But sure 2021 could be a struggling period for her, with many ups and downs she may come into conflict with higher authorities the BJP party or people. by 2021 ketu would also by that time be getting also into the house of image(4th house for smt. Harsimrat kaur badal) . so she needs to take proper care of health and heart and do regular exercises. we wish smt. Harsimrat Kaur badal for all the best in life!!!

  • Sagittarius 2019 Horoscope

    Sagittarius 2019 horoscope2019 Sagittarius horoscope
    Overview of the year 2019 for Sagittarius sign

  • The year 2019 would be a great time for Sagittarius people. they would get more opportunities to earn money and grow in dharma or religion and also grow in the job.
    There could be more fun and frolic in family life as well.
    august 2019 and April could be a time for good gains but please withhold the emotions.
    It could also be a good time for lovers and also students.
    June and September 2019 need some care in how you speak and communicate at home or office.

  • Rest march and December would be really great months otherwise for you.
  • January
    January 2019 would be a good month heavy workloads. But sure a disciplined approach at career front and family life could give success. Yes, overall gains for you this year so the year would start giving you some gains. Good for you especially if you are a student. yes family responsibility may increase

    This month would have similarity between January 2019. yes, work pressures would be there. You may do something different. there could be fun, outings and frolic. Yes, you may go for outings, pleasure trips. The slow gains would start coming in this time. This time is good for student’s .time to build up discipline yes unexpected events in love matters and business or job is possible.

    This could be a great time for fun & outings. It is also good for expressing yourself. Great time for studying new subjects and understanding deeper ones. Time to connect to Dharma or religion. Also one may find this time good for gains of money and also rewarding love matters. students studying have a better time

    You may have great passion and with great energy. think and then act. you have to speak with care office and also at home front you. The money would come easily in general. Good for love and family life barring the possible tiffs that may come up./

    The time is to focus on home and family responsibilities. yes, roles and responsibilities at the office are also important. yes, your emotions need care. take proper care of how you Express yourself this time. now focus on your roles and have a good time for love and outings.
    This could be a good time for outings and also fun and social visits you. You will speak more or communicate more this time. You have to do all with care and joy. the flow of money and finances could be fair. Love matters and fun-filled outing are there but speaking with care is much needed.
    This the time when mind may be restless and things may not work out great. but ok fine period now. You have to go step by step and slow this time. Your love matters and career and other matters would be just average. Have fun and enjoy and harmonize the ups and downs now.
    This time you may be at the top of the world. You have avoided domination. this time is a good time for promotions and recognition at the office. Take care and avoid being aggressive behavior or getting too passionate or dominating. Good for love matters you. would be at the top. so have fun & enjoy life. give respect to the life partner and also try to maintain peace.

    This is a month for a good time for fun and outings .take care of not being impulsive now You have to take care of our you speech. so communicate this time sweetly at the office or at home. Your passion is high and you want to connect to others. Just be discrete in everything. money matters need basic care. the family has to be attended to. Connect well to others now.IN love matters speak with discretion.

    This is a time when focus on family. Your emotions have to be controlled. take special care with family matters. This time you may find it a better time to harmonize matters. discipline your family life and yes speak and take care of your family well.

    Your energy level should be very high now. That’s ok. but work with your family members at work environment with care. that avoids getting aggressive. the same things apply to love matters. also in regard to money matters. think and then invest.

    this could be a great time for you to gain a lot in every sense. Have fun with your family. In this month you may attract good love and success in career & money matters. Enjoy your love and family life with care. You may study religion or also study books or even travel now.

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    Pisces Ascendant-Good & Bad Lords

    pisces1 Pisces ascendant lagna good bad planets kundli meena rashi kangana ranaut predictionskangana Pisces ascendant lagna good bad planets kundli meena rashi kangna ranaut predictions

    Pisces Ascendant or Lagna Good & Bad Planets in Kundli –Meena Rashi – As an example Kangana Ranaut predictions?
    What is this article about?
    This article discusses:
    1) The film or bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut Predictions
    2) The article discusses the Pisces lagna and the functional malefic of the same.

    functional malefic
    What are functional malefic?

  • as we know there are i) natural malefic planets like Rahu-Ketu , Saturn(Shani), mars(Mangal) and moon or mercury if they are weak or badly aspected.
  • But here we discuss the functional malefic like the sixth house lord, that could cause debt issues or fights or health issuers and the eighth house lord that could cause unexpected problems and travel and the twelfth bhava lord that could cause travelling to distant lands and also hospitalization.
  • There are other malefic as well as per classical literature like the third bhava lord or the eleventh bhava lord. But they would be taken up elsewhere.
    In this article, we take the overall picture of each lord for the Pisces lagna and then work on the horoscope of Kangana Ranaut.
  • kangana ranaut bollywood actress Pisces lagna
    kangna-ranaut Pisces ascendant lagna good bad planets kundli meena rashi kangna ranaut predictions
    Do the Rules above work for Kundli Or Horoscope of Kangana Ranaut?
    Kangana Ranaut
    Date of Birth: 23rd March 1987
    Place of Birth: Bhambla, Mandi Dist., Himachal Pradesh, India

    Kangana Ranaut’s famous film star Surya or solar Kundli Horoscope

  • Now Jupiter(Guru) the lord of action and karma is a benefic for her(Kangana Ranaut)- we know how her career has expanded from a scratch- Jupiter is well placed in Kendra or the ascendant and bless her job as well as it aspects her seventh house, also is Venus connected to film industry. But Venus(Shukra) is malefic for her.
  • Venus sits in the house of gains, so gains by film career are indicated.
  • Also being the lord of initiatives means her current roles as an actress would be supported by Venus in terms of money & wealth- but overall, she will face more pain in the film industry. She has told she was used by many actors in the past.
  • Pluto an exceptional planet sitting in her eight houses in Venus sign gives her exceptional gains in Venus related film industry- but with a risk if life as well.
  • Her Jupiter or guru the lord of karma has sun or Surya dev and Rahu with it- so suggests a blemish to her image and career. We know that has happened with her with Hrithik Roshan and also with actor Aditya Pancholi and Shekhar suman’s son.
  • She will face a lot of obstacles and breakups in relationships due to the sun, we know she had a series of breakups with people.
  • Rahu or dragon’s head makes her a bit rash in actions and also non conventional and all this affects her relationships. That is causing blemish and sudden breakups.
  • Her Mercury rules the house of marriage and love and is in twelfth house of stress and separation and mercury is not great, plus Rahu Ketu axis affecting her relationship’s she may have breakups in married life as well and be a jumpy or stressful married life GOD forbid.
  • What are certain interesting facts about kangana Ranaut’s horoscope?

  • Kangana Ranaut has the Pisces Lagna. actually Pisces lagna is Rule By planet Jupiter(guru) so makes the person generally strong-willed, and well respected by the government . Jupiter also gives good Honours and Prestige to the person. It gives good writing skills to the person.
  • But kindly note that if incase Jupiter(guru) the lord of lagna or ascendant is weak and the 10th house lord is also weak. there could be issues in honour of the person or prestige of the person . the 12th sign rules feet and Leo ruled by sun is close to Jupiter in certain sense , so stomach and digestive process would need care and so would the feet need care.
  • we can clearly see that for Kangana Ranaut as Jupiter is strong she has all these qualities .that she is dignified .she has good honour and love and has got a many awards as well to her credit. strong Jupiter also confers good acting skills.
  • The Second house of Kangana Ranaut the house of wealth & status. so if mars or Mangal is strong. so Aries(mesha rashi) is ruling it . it also rules the 9th house of fame and fortune as well .so good Karma would give good great money to the person .so good action could get good favours for Kangana Ranaut.
  • On contrary had Kangana Ranaut’s Mars ore Mangal dev been weak .It could have meant loss of money for her. one can clearly see the great status Kangana Ranaut has been able to achieve in the film industry that she has done by own effort. she is very much for action or desire to achieve things which is 100% true .
  • Now looking at the 4th house of Kangana Ranaut . Mercury planet ruling the 4th house is sitting the 7th house as well . this house is the house relationships, marriage and long term love. mercury or budha for Kangana Ranaut is ruling the fourth and the 7th house and is sitting in the 12th house .
  • What caused issues in relationships of Kangana Ranaut with aditya pancholi and Hrithik roshan – impacting her social image?

  • Also note as ketu shares energy with 4th house as well and 4th house is for public image and landed properties and connection to the public .so Mercury The Lord of 4th sitting in 12th gives Kangana Ranaut good public image when she Travels away from her home or family – that is her home town in himachal pradesh. ketu or dragon’s tail sitting in the 7th house indicates that she may get a some blemish in relationships.
  • also because of Saturn or shani the dispositer of mercury the lord of 12th indiscreet relationships .that’s what exactly happened with hrithik roshan and also with aditya Pancholi.
  • 7th house of kangana Ranaut as mercury(budha) is ruling and is sitting in the 12th house. so Kangana Ranaut’s relationships may not go very easily . There is a high chance of brakes happening in the relationships for Kangana Ranaut. there could be certainly in discrete relationships she may make up an there very secretive relationships .
  • The the 10th house or career house of Kangana Ranaut.

  • Let us look at the 9th house first to see her luck factor. The sign Scorpio or vrishchika is ruling 9th house. so mars being string may give her some basic action in dharma and religion and also she is from Himachal pradesh that is a deva bhoomi or place.
  • But also note that Saturn the lord of 12th sits in the 9th house so removes or destroys the dharma aspect for Kangana Ranaut to some extent. that was not followed in the normal tradition by Kangana Ranaut which is true that being in the Bollywood of film industry she may not be strictly adhering to any dharma principles many times .
  • house 10th of career of Kangana Ranaut is ruled by Sagittarius sign or dhanu rashi. That is ruled by Jupiter or guru so this confers respect to Kangana Ranaut. It also gives good Honours and respect to Kangana Ranaut from the Government . Jupiter or guru also gives the initiative and wisdom to her to be able to stand on her own feet .which is 100% percent true for Kangana Ranaut !
  • we also note that moon The Lord of fifth power of thinking for Kangana Ranaut sits in the 10th House .she wants to be very independent .that is very true. it seems she was rebellious at times in childhood and wanted equal respect as her brother . so all these things very much corroborate with not actually has been in the life . 🙂
  • also note that Jupiter or guru The Lord of 10th House is sitting in Lagna of Kangana Ranaut with Rahu. Jupiter here confers award and she got Film fare Awards and national level awards as well . rahu ( or dragon’s head) here suggest that she could work for the light and Shadow Industry 🙂 that is the film industry of the Bollywood 100% percent confirms with the reality for Kangana Ranaut.
  • We wish Kangana Ranaut all the best in life!!!
    pisces lagna or meena rashi horoscope
    Grahas or planets and Meena Bhava or Pisces sign Ascendant.
    Shani(Shani), Shukra(Venus), Surya(sun) and Budh(mercury) are malefic. Mangal and Chandra(moon) are propitious. Mangal and Guru will bring about Yoga. In spite of the fact that Mangal is an executioner, he won’t kill the person (easily). Shani(Shani) and Budh are executioners.
    meena rashi hsoues
    Pisces Or Meena Rashi above Rules explanation

  • The lord of the lagna or Ascendant is Jupiter or Guru – that is the ruler ship of Pisces sign is by the planet Jupiter or Guru- the first house as we know is ruling personality and self. Also, Jupiter rules the tenth house of career/job and karma. That is Sagittarius(dhanu rashi) the mool trikona sign of Jupiter rules the tenth house of career.
  • Now though there is a kendradhipati dosha for Jupiter, but ruling the ascendant and also Jupiter is the friend of itself(the ascendant) so overall Jupiter(guru) is a benefic for Pisces ascendant(Meena Rashi). Jupiter is a yoga karaka here.
  • The lord of the second house of wealth and status and speech is Mars or Mangal with its mooltrikona sign of Aries. Also, the non Mooltrikona sign of mars Scorpio(vrishchika rashi) rules the Ninth house or bhava. This makes it benefic as well.
  • So Mars is benefic for Pisces Lagna, but ruling the twelfth from the eighth from the eighth, third house and being a malefic (second house ruler ship) it is also considered a Maraka. But it is not able to kill independently.
  • The lord third house of initiatives & people around you, your brothers and sisters is ruled by planet Venus(Shukra) ruled by Taurus– which is ruled by Venus also Venus Mool trikona sign Libra rules the most malefic house of the eighth. So this makes Venus(Shukra) a malefic and a killer as well.
  • So overall Venus is a great malefic for Pisces Lagna (Meena Rashi people)people.
  • As Moon or Chandra rules with its sign cancer(Karkat Rashi) the Angular house Fifth House of intellect, education, children and deep thinking- it is a benefic for the Pisces ascendant people.
  • Sun or Surya rules the malefic sixth house of debt, enmity, court cases, and litigation and is a natural malefic-so is malefic for Pisces Lagna people through a friend of Jupiter. So 25% is good but 75% is bad.
  • The lord of the Seventh house or yuvati bhava of love , relationship, marriage is ruled by planet mercury ruling the Virgo sign (Kanya Rashi). Mercury(Budha) is a benefic so this ruler ship by Kendradhipati makes it a malefic. Also, mercury is not a good friend of Jupiter. Mercury(Budha) also rules the fourth house or bhava of conveyance, family, and image by Gemini sign or Mithuna Rashi. So mercury is again a malefic here. So mercury is malefic for Pisces Lagna or Meena Rashi people.
  • But double negative above gives some positive effects for mercury- something like a Neechbhanga yoga principle. Negative X negative = positive somewhat.
  • Now Saturn(Shani) or Capricorn(maker Rashi) rules the house of gains, salary or the eleventh house, so it becomes a malefic , but Saturn(Shani) is not a great friend of Jupiter(guru) and also rules the house twelfth house of secret affair, sex, travels and hospitals-by the Mooltrikona sign of Aquarius(Kumbha Rashi), making it a killer and a malefic for Pisces Lagna people.

  • Sunny Leone Astrology Numerology Predictions


    About Sunny Leone:

    The vivacious sunny Leone was earlier a porn star(film sex industry person) and now a Bollywood star with her sex comedy mastizaade released earlier.

    In the article below we see how vedic Astrology and Numerology have to say about her and see what made her a success in Porn Industry and then Bollywood industry. Plus we also analyze the core of her personality and destiny.

    Birth Data & Other Data:

    Her Birth Name = Karenjit Kaur Vohra

    Her Current Name = Sunny Leone

    Name: Sunny Leone

    Date of Birth sunny leone: Wednesday, May 13, 1981

    Time of Birth: 14:30:00

    Place of Birth: Sarnia

    Longitude: 82 W 40

    Latitude: 42 N 59

    Time Zone: -5.0
    sunny leone bollywood porn moon horoscope kundali
    what astrological factors Made Sunny Leone made go for porn films based on your Horoscope ?

  • As we are not sure of her time of birth.So we are using the moon Lagna or Chandra Lagna for horoscope to check what made Sunny Leone go for Porn film industry.
  • Now the moon for Sunny Leone is a big weak . Though it is in Lagna or ascendant , but it is close it is close to Saturn or shani dev. Saturn or shani is Lord of 6th house of obstacles and issues and suggests deviation from normal of mind for Sunny Leone.
    moon or Chandra represents the mind of Sunny Leone. also in the Navamsa chart or the d9 chart the Moon rules 12th house and this house is for sex and other kind of mental health issues. so all this energy gets into the mind of Sunny Leone.
  • We note that in her chart, Jupiter or Guru The Lord of mind for Sunny Leone is close to moon. Jupiter rules the public image and mind for her(4th house) so it gets full energy that is negative form 12th house for Sunny Leone
  • We also know that Rahu(dragon’s head) is malefic planet and makes the person Rebel in life sits in the cancer sign(karkat Rashi) of hers. so this sends a lot of lot of malefic energy to her mind .which are in opposition to the society also the malefic Ketu sits in the 5th house so makes her take up new challenges plus makes her distinct in and different in thinking . so she contribute her to get into the porn business
  • what made Sunny Leone later on take up films or Bollywood movies and with success?

  • we can clearly see that Venus or shukracharya which is the lord for films and bollywood is very strong and is placed in the 9th house for Sunny Leone. which means great wealth and status to her films also the career. the job or career lord is Gemini(Mithuna rashi) that is the 10th House Lord and the lord of same is mercury(budha) which is sitting close to Venus . so it very clearly suggest that anything to do with youth and young people as mercury is a young planet and has do with youth or movies will give her good money luck and fortune . 🙂
  • Please note that 8th House Lord which rules the porn industry and sex related things is very strong for Sunny Leone and it is with mars or Mangal itself. we note there also Sun .which is The Lord of 12th house is there which is ruling the sex and other things are there. so 12th bhava lord sits in the 8th house.Both being malefic houses creates a natural vipreet raj Yoga based on basic operating principles , so this suggests that she could do great in films to do with sex industry and also sexy film specially. we wish her all the -best in life.

  • Numerology Horoscope & Predictions for sunny Leone:

    Dob: May 13, 1981

    Popular Name: Sunny Leone

    Birth Name: Karenjit Kaur Vohra

    • Birth number of sunny Leone = 13th = 1+3 = 4  = Rahu or Uranus or dragon’s head. This gives her the streak of un conventional  and rebelliousness in her.
    • Rahu or Uranus makes people rebellious and yes Rahu and Venus both together rule the porn industry as well ( that is rahu negative Venus negative could concern with porn star(sex industry) or any luxury that is not conventional).
    • The sun sign for sunny Leone for 13th May = Taurus= planet Venus rules this sun sign. Gives her the doggedness to pursue  matters  and yes enhances her success in Film(Bollywood) and also porn star(sex industry) as the industries  are controlled by Venus majorly. The earth element gives her the basic perseverance to follow up.
    • Now let us look at her destiny. what she was destined to do.
  • Destiny Number = 13+5 + 1981 = 13+5+ 19 = 37 = 3+7=10 = 1+0 = 1 =SUN.Oh , so she is born to be leader! One can clearly see that this is what is happening in her life. She is a leader of cinema in some form, be it porn star(sex industry)  or Bollywood.
    • sunny leone numerology astrology

    • Name number of sunny Leone = 9= Mars
  • Now Mars is a good friend of Venus her sun sign in some sense and could create a very aggressive and daring personality along with her Rahu in birth number. The name number is also in harmony with her destiny number.
  • One can clearly see for sunny Leone that rahu/sun and mars- a lot of fire in her personality, which helps to strengthen her earth element, Venus. We know the success reasons!

    Astrology Horoscope & Predictions for sunny Leone:

    • She has Leo ascendant.
  • Sun the lord of ascendant for sunny Leone is weak and sits in 9th. So she is an adjustable lion. A weak sun could give issues with fame or infamy and this could be a cause for her introspection as the sun is Atmakaraka for her.
  • Mars sits near the sun for Sunny Leone and is combust, and causes action and leadership in her. Gives her a headway in Bollywood.
  • Her career house has Venus, that is strong but combust in own sign, gives the reason for being famous and at the same time being in limelight for not so good reasons due to the sun making it combust.
  • The lagan lord for sunny leone is in the ninth/ 9th house makes her fortunate and protector of religion or dharma that she follows acting and working for films. despite all this she could be religious minded .she also could have Good speaking skills. she Could also be rich and have happiness on account of her husband spouse(Daniel Weber) and the children she may have.
  • she, in fact, has 3 children. sunny leones Father may be well placed and one will earn well from inheritance and also she or sunny leone would have great paternal property.Father could be relatively well known, philanthropic in his approach towards life and also god fearing or following his religion well. her father was born in Tibet and had been brought up in the capital city of Delhi.
  • Career House 10th for sunny leone

  • As 10th lord Venus or Shukra of sunny leone e is in 10th bhava itself, so she could be very successful in her career so she has been in the film industry. and also command respect and honor from people.which all is true and she is commanding respect from the entire world! she may become restless and hence has to avoid being fickle minded.
  • As mercury the karaka for knowledge for her(sunny leone) is in the 10th(tenth) bhava she may have good knowledge in astrology or mathematics related areas- it seems hs had a fair knowledge of taxes that have to do with maths as she worked for a tax firm as well. sunny leone may have a tendency to acquire more and more knowledge sooner or later in life. May become a scholar or intellectual or lead a social movement(note number 1 destiny of hers- that is SUN!) later in life. also, she may learn many subjects and would get respect for the same. she needs to be careful or her eyes.
  • As 2nd bhava or mercury sign of hers(sunny leone) is in the ninth bhava, that is 8 bhavas away so ill health in young age possible for her. As the second bhava is just after the first bhava and represents young age, yes she could be skilled as the eighth bhava also represents hidden skills – one can see the correlation of various bhavas and how the distance between bhavas also make a difference. she will also have a lot of wealth and opulence in life! all this is 100% true for her!

  • 2019 Libra Money Horoscope


    • Overview of Money Matters Year 2019
    • Libra or Tula Rashi is ruled by Venus or Shukra. also, Jupiter or guru rules the 3rd house and also the 6th house of the same.Jupiter gets retrograde from April to July 2019.

      This could lead to very different kinds of problems and issues will happen when the third house lord Jupiter is direct and growth of projects earnings and connection to the siblings is there and is much better.
      Now as Saturn is also retrograde rules the 4th house of public image for Libra regard for Libra. so :
      January 2019
      so we well-disciplined effort in January for Libra sign people would give great results in terms of money through a lot of issues and agitations are possible.
      February 2019 In this month for the Libra sign people the focus would be on a family as well the spending could be on the family and also money could come by proper cooperation and coordination hard work and planning.

      March 2019This is a good time for you to get money can be expected good money returns for the family. There could be good money for fun and also good money for outings are there. yes, tiff and issues for a fight for money matters are also possible this time.

      April 2019
      April overall the health of family needs care as investments of money could go there.
      Your driving needs proper care for Libra sign people money can come by a proper corporation and especially respect for women is much needed to attract money from cosmos.
      There could be a fun and great time and life in terms of money matters and so growth.
      May 2019
      Fair enough time for money to come in. wealth outflows could be there on the family and comfort matters. yes, family and own health need proper care at your end. stay cool and take full ownership for best results. speech and what you speak needs care. wealth flows from the care industry like call centers etc is a possibility.

      June 2019
      But avoid being too much outgoing nature should not impact the money. when wealth is also there for your money could come from various sources especially from young people and also from Communications . also anything to do with money or finances like’s banks and mutual bonds will enhance money flow.

      July 2019 This month means hard work and planning is needed for better money flows. yes, cooperation this time could make all the difference to you. The more details and data you have the more successful it would be. An initiative could bring in more money at your table. matters to do with the government and also your leadership would pay off this time.,

      August 2019This time there could be fights in partnership. But at the same time, you will be blessed as well with money. One has to ensure no greed come in. you have to bring up your nature of taking ownership to get the best results. maintain harmony and care at your end to attract money. Money form state or government may have serious issues.

      September This time planet mercury has sway on the energies ruling your family are strong and may need care. your family or relatives could give you a lot of money. This could mean industry means it Call Centre anything to with Care industry or medicals industry.Communication industry or it could give you great gains.
      Oct 2019
      This could be a great time to do that and good wealth out you are getting direct and starts getting for yourself. Your expenditure on luxury matters and matters of comfort would grow quite a bit. make the best use of it.
      Investment in art and luxury product and also family stuff is going to give you good returns.

      November 2019
      November time when you have to be careful with the family that could cause money losses or issues to you spending on the family matters to improve increased bother and you have to take care of driving carefully. your investments all home your home or house whatever you are taken all and may increase ok so this is there 2018 inflows of money is direct now

      December 2019 This s time make good money . There could be conflict from relatives and people around that may drain money and other resources. But an overall high chance of gains is there. as Jupiter is direct and good wealth flows are guaranteed for you. make the best use of the same. Investment in money matters would pay in well.

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