Pushya Nakshatra :


Pushya Nakshatra (
Pushya 3-20′ To 16-40′ Cancer):

what is the astrological signature of the Pushya nakshatra?

  • Your moon or Chandra or lagna(ascendant) is in Pushya nakshatra or constellation in your horoscope or kundali(birth Chart).
  • It is the 8th nakshatra. This nakshatra is in Cancer or karkat rashi or lagna(ascendant) is here, and is ruled by the nakshatra lord Saturn or shani.
  • Nature
    DEva or GOD like
    Udder of a cow or flower
    basic motivation in life
    rajas and sattwa
    Brihaspati which is the lord of sacred or divine speech
    Lucky letters: hoo hay Ho Thaa
    Colour: pink
    Lucky Numbers 3 and 8 and 6 also to a lesser extent.
    Something Interesting about Pushya Nakshatra

  • This nakshatra is like the moon( inn cancer sign) and symbolizes nourishing influence. Just like the mother does to the child. It symbolizes on of the most auspicious nakshatra for spiritual maturity. As here you have the strong energy of moon or Chandra with a strong Saturn energy to make it sufficiently mature to grasp spirituality philosophically.
  • As the ruling deity is brihaspati- it gives great qualities of expression, good fortune, good speech and psyche.
  • Here in this naskhatra as Jupiter energy is also there and a strong Saturn presence is also there- Saturn helps in channelizing the creativity and good expression of Jupiter in useful work at professional front or achieving spiritual heights as such.
  • The symbol is male sheep or ram. One can achieve the willpower to achieve great heights as such.
  • New companies are started generally in this nakshatra.
  • Saturn or shani with moon or Chandra the lord of cancer makes you philosophical a bit, learned and with a composed mind
    The positive aspect of Saturn could make you virtuous and liked by people
  • You could be wealthy with political interests- as Saturn or shani gives a tendency to connect with the masses.
    Your Life would generally improve after 33
  • You could have problems with family of origin
    Due to moon Saturn conflict you may have strong issues with your mother(Just an indication).
  • what is the negative side of Pushya nakshatra?

  • As Saturn energy here could go bad a so could Jupiter energy, so it could give a stubborn and selfish nature. It could give arrogance the negative aspect of Jupiter. Also a lot of pride could be there. One needs to be careful in making selection of friends .Saturn afflicts the karaka for friends that is Jupiter. But pushya with discipline of Saturn could come over the negative influence.
  • what happens if your lord of seventh house or marriage ?

  • This could give a life partner who is very honest and giving in nature.
  • what happens if your lord of tenth house or career ?

  • The Pushya nakshatra here could mean good success in career by hardworking and discipline.Double Saturn means good success in business and career matters.
  • Yes it may also mean a person who would help and nourish his or her team and take good care. be sensitive to the feelings of the team mates.
  • What are Pushya Nakshatra CAREER Choices?

  • Good Saturn energy in the pushya nakshatra gives them good ability to succeed in the governments servants, musicians ,and people to do with art, they could also become ministers that nourish their constituencies, leaders in management like managers, senior manager and managing directors.
  • strong moon energy helps them in food industry and food business, Saturn and Jupiter gives them success as philosophers, clergy people and spiritual heads, people with to do with bio technology , biochemists and to do with marine and aquatic products dye to the cancer sign and basic nourishing nature of the nakshatra. They could also do well where law and order(Saturn) has to be implemented like police, security people.
  • Pushya Nakshatra 2018 predictions for you

  • The year 2018 could bring in fair results or above average results for property Pushya nakshatra people for property matters. One has to act when Saturn is direct in motion.
  • For people in the job, gains would be there in money and salary and otherwise, .yes work pressures could be highly intense.
  • Students would do well with a well-planned approach for sure in studies. Self-employed would get good and long projects.
  • There could come some dryness in marital and love relationships, so keep your sensitivity up.
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