Purva-Phalguni Nakshatra :


Purva Phalguni Nakshatra (
13-20′ To 26-30′ Leo):

what is the astrological signature of the Purva Phalguni nakshatra?

  • Your moon or Chandra or lagna(ascendant) is in Purva-Phalguni nakshatra or group of stars in your horoscope or kundali(birth Chart).
    This nakshatra is in Leo or simha rashi or simha sign and ruled by Venus or shukra .
  • Nature
    Manushya or human nature
    swinging hammock, two front legs of a cot
    basic motivation in life
    kama or sex due to Leo and Venus energy.
    sattva and Tamas
    Bhaga the GOD of good fortune and also shiva lingam
    Lucky letters: Moo Taa Tee Too
    Colour: pink
    Lucky Numbers 9 and 8
    Something Interesting about Purva Phalguni Nakshatra

  • Purva phalguni being mostly in the Leo sign or simha rashi are lions at heart . They have the protective instinct or protect people .Purva phalguni people have a friendly nature .
  • The symbol of Purva phalguni, is pubba, and pubba is for good fortune and luck in life. pubba is for prosperity and zest or life . It also it stands for family inheritance . Purva phalguni stands for great wealth and gifts in fine arts . They have a carefree and youthful nature .
  • On the positive front one may find Purva phalguni people have leadership . They can start new projects . Purva phalguni have a lot of initiative in them to do things . Purva phalguni are prone to come up with new ideas and ways of doing things . inventiveness .They have newness in looking at life .
  • Their determination could help them in delivering results . Purva phalguni people may generally exude confidence .have a positive image .
  • The planet Venus or shukra here along with sun or surya gives you creative intelligence and love for drama(Venus or shukra trait).The planet sun or surya gives you leadership skills and it could make you self employed. You may love to travel and wander.
  • Good Venus or shukra could give you sweet speech, generosity and beauty. You may have mystical nature and good teaching skills (Venus or shukra or shukracharya is a good teacher).
  • Sun or surya Venus or shukra conflict could give a disturbed mind and fondness to sex(Leo or simha rashi or simha characteristics and Venus or shukra combination).
  • what is the negative side of Purva Phalguni nakshatra?

  • Purva phalguni may have love for sensual pleasures due to the Leo sign. They are good at love making . Also one may find them highly passionate .
    Purva phalguni due to excess sun energy ,ego leads to use of tantra etc to achieve goals . There could also be excess vanity .
  • On the down side Purva phalguni may be domination prone. Have more intense fights at home . They could get into the ego trap .more than usual tiffs at office and angry people at times .
  • Purva phalguni people need to avoid any mal adjustments in life . selfishness .be more likeable by good manners and c consideration., so that liked by liked by others . One has to work on self-centredness and any tendency to stays away from the society .
  • what happens if your lord of seventh house or marriage ?

  • The life partner could be a bit ego centric but yes goal or achievement oriented.He or she could rise to good position in life.
  • what happens if your lord of tenth house or career ?

  • The Purva Phalguni nakshatra here could mean great success in career but along with great many tiffs. They are innovators at heart and could do things new ways. also they are born leaders and expect the subordinates and others to treat them with respect
  • What are Purva Phalguni Nakshatra CAREER Choices?

  • They are born leaders, if ego is controlled well could work well as mangers or executives of companies, also as musicians.artists due to Venus . They could also do well in sales or marketing.Good for marriage counselling due to Venus and 11th nakshatra.
  • also Venus and sun could give them good success in movies, drama, and cinema and yes music. Cosmetics,jelwellery,cinema, photography all fall in this gamut. anything to make people be winners or even getting two parties together- this includes any work to get people married . Also sun could make them as leading professors or teachers.
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