Arnab Goswami Career Horoscope

Arnab-Goswami arnab goswami career horoscope

About this article ?

  • This article at length analyzes the career Horoscope based on
    his Kundli for the Popular TV anchor Arnab Goswami.
  • It analyzes what makes Arnab Goswami click in his TV career and as a Journalist.:) based on his stars in horoscope πŸ˜‰ .
  • It also goes to the root causes of arnab Goswami’s personality within his Horoscope(kundli) . That makes him a big success :0..
  • what planets in his horoscope give him a quick,clever,smart,witty & yes wealthy and successful nature?
  •  all questions about this life answered.
  • You will be able to analyze your horoscope as well or similar traits or astrological Yogas. : )
  • Arnab-GoswamiH arnab goswami career horoscope
    Birth Details of Arnab ranjan Goswami:
    β€’ Arnab Ranjan Goswamis
    β€’ 9 October 1973 (age 44)
    β€’ Tuesday
    β€’ Guwahati, Assam, India
    arnab goswami career horoscope
    What Planetary conditions in The Horoscope Made Arnab Goswami choose the TV anchor ship career? and also take it to great success ? πŸ˜‰

  • now what made Arnab Goswami such a big anchor?:) so much of success and name.;)
  • Now what in the horoscope of arnab Goswami makes him quick and intelligent and a great anchor?

  • so first let us look at what are the basic needs of an Anchor. we know the anchor should have very well at communication skills. so now if you look at the Surya Lagna of arnab Goswami ,it is with Virgo sign or kanya rashi.
  • so being the 6th sign so Virgo also behaves like venus gives arnab Goswami a homely & welcoming face . It also gives arnab Goswami very quick Intelligence and intellectual mind set.
  • What roes doe pluto play in the horoscope or Kundli or arnab goswami to make him a brilliant anchor?
    In the horoscope or kundli of Arnab Goswami we also note that Pluto and Sun are in the lagna . Pluto gives high energy to arnab Goswami’s mind and helps him to excel. It also helps Arnab Goswami to think in a different way . That is his talking and presenting himself to the public would be different from other anchors πŸ™‚
  • Are there planets in horoscope(kundli) or arnab Goswami that could cause stress to him?
    The planet sun in the lagan or ascendant of his Horoscope (kundli)give him great name. as sun is in its own house of Virgo or Kanya Rashi . But being the lord of 12th house gives stress and possibility of loss of name as well.
    also Sun being The Lord of office & image for arnab Goswami as well. so there is a possibility of health being affected for arnab Goswami whenever the sun period runs. πŸ™
  • What kind of planetary energies in the horoscope or Kundli or arnab Goswami gives him great looks and personality? πŸ˜‰
    as Mercury the lagan(ascendant) for Arnab Goswami is a fairly strong in the Libra sign or Tula rashi. so again gives arnab Goswami good looks plus also gives him good intelligence & wisdom to solve problems. It also gives attractive appearance being 7th sign and ruled by venus . It has the same number 5 as his business of TV and media part form number 5=mercury. πŸ™‚
  • What gives great communication skills to Arnab Goswami
    we note that for arnab Goswami’s horoscope the planet mercury or budha is in the 110th house of career . mercury rules communications and journalism . so being in the 10th House of horoscope or kundli gives powers to the person or arnab Goswami. this is 100% true.
  • What planetary combinations Gives great wealth and money to Arnab Goswami
    arnab Goswami would also have wealth because mercury rules the 10th House . so both 1st and 10th house get strong for Arnab Goswami . so arnab Goswami would do good work to ensure that he gets wealth . It ensure wealth for his father as well in an early age. πŸ™‚
  • What makes arnab Goswam i a person with initiative based on his Kundli or Horoscope?
    In the horoscope(Kundli) of TV anchor Arnab Goswami he has Ketu and Saturn in the 10th House. so Saturn in the 10th House means he will n go to very senior position .as Saturn or shani rules the 10th and 11th sign and both are in one series(10 and 11 have tens place as ‘1’ πŸ™‚ . all this makes a arnab Goswami a Brave person.
  • What planet in the horoscope makes Arnab Goswami work for Downtrodden people?:)
    the person could work for downtrodden people as Saturn or shani connects to downtrodden people and 10th house to work or karma. we know that TV journalism of arnab Goswami is essentially to bring in justice within the INdian society and help the downtrodden people . as shani or Saturn rules justice and equality so suggest that person would do justice to the people .
  • How does Ketu in horoscope Give courage to Arnab Goswmi ? πŸ™‚

  • for arnab Goswami Saturn here in the 10th makes him more inclined to justice for people through Journalism. the planet ketu or Dragon’s tail there in the 10th House makes Arnab Goswami very strong and bold in his approach . as ketu is just like mars or Mangal.
    ketu is like Mars and gives aggression and action to arnab Goswami. ketu being there also says that that Arnab Goswami stay about away from the negative deeds. ketu is a secretive planet so gives great cleverness to arnab Goswami πŸ™‚
  • awards distinction arnab goswami career horoscope success
    Arnab Goswami personality horoscope what made him do so different in personality, looks , and attitude(temperament)?
    what gives arnab Goswami so quick intelligence to connect to politicians or film stars and come up with instant answers? πŸ™‚
    β€’ As mercury of Arnab Goswami the TV anchor is very strong in the horoscope , it is Virgo the planet of intelligence so this lagna lord would give Arnab Goswami a flair for music and also very good intelligence and gains in life and also good looks as well.
    β€’ we already know that Arnab Goswami is a very quick witted, intelligent and yes has good communication skill like mercury has.
    What numbers or planetary energies Give Arnab Goswami so much of name and fame? πŸ™‚
    β€’ we also note that the sun total of his number 9 October 1973 = 9+10+ 20 = 39 =12=1+2=3 = Jupiter. so a planet of connecting toe people good creativity in words and yes ability to connect to a large set of people. This is what a TV anchor does in real life. Jupiter has its blessings etc for him and has given him good money. It gives him good name fame and expansion.
    What should arnab Goswami based on his Horoscope do to maintain his image well?
    β€’ IN the horoscope or kundali of Arnab Goswami Sun or surya is in the first house, this gives him a different and unique personality. It could give arnab goswami a good image which again is very true for him as arnab goswami has been a star anchor. but also at the same time proper ethics have to be followed to maintain his image based on sun in the first house. we know he had to face the flack from sunanda puskar’s husband shashi tharoor in terms of defamation case filed against him or arnab.
    β€’ Arnab goswami faced similar trouble while commencing on Kerala people. so here the malefic nature of sun is playing the role.
    β€’ Based on horoscope or Kundali of Arnab Goswami One may have aimless wanderings as well and a lot of body heat as sun generates more pitta or heat in the body of arnab goswami.
    What gives arnab Goswami great wealth and status in TV society? πŸ˜‰
    β€’ Based on horoscope or Kundali of Arnab Goswami, As the Lagna Lord or ascendant is in Dhana bhava or 2nd house of his kundali it means gain and status to self and also luxury and comfort is there and also suggests good money by speaking as mercury the lord of speaking is in the second bhava.
    What planetary combinations in horoscope or kundli Give arnab Goswami such good qualities?
    β€’ He would be good gainful, be also scholarly as second bhava or house deals with knowledge and so does mercury deal with intelligence and learning. It makes arnab goswami happy, also you may be endowed with good qualities,
    What planetary indication in the Kundli or horoscope of arnab Goswami make him look still Youthful in 40’s?:)
    β€’ arnab goswami could be lovers of art with Venus the lord of beauty and art in the second bhava or house. he may enjoy travel and must be travelling for journalism. he may also enjoy socializing . You would retain the vigour of your youth, he still looks Young at 44.
    wealth money arnab goswami career horoscope
    what Gave arnab so much of wealth and status? His wealth horoscope

    β€’ Looking at the horoscope or Kundali of Arnab Goswami As Venus is strong he may have a good way of speaking as we know as a TV anchor he has that sweet cum hard talk both. and also you could get money suddenly. That what it is he was at NDTV and got 1 crore salary!
    β€’ But as Venus is a bit weak on the scorpio sign for arnab goswami . He may have to take care on hw speak and communicate. There could be issues in money matters when Venus main and sub period runs.
    β€’ also note he is born on date 9th= mars /impulse and that also Tuesday this combination makes him and aggressive speaker for public and may be that is the USP he has.
    What planets in the horoscope(kundli) gives arnab Goswami so much of twist and creativity in talk?
    β€’ Looking at the horoscope or Kundali of Arnab Goswami As Venus or shukra is in the 3rd bhava or house of his ,it gives him connection to females and also good quality of creative expression. The mental quality would be good for him , but he needs to be careful on health and vitality as they would be affected. Given the horoscope or Kundali of Arnab Goswami, he may be included a bit on Singing /dancing and fine arts may interest you. Financially success is affected.
    What planets in Horoscope(Kundli)gives arnab Goswami the cleverness to earn money through TV?
    β€’ For the horoscope or Kundali of Arnab Goswami The planet mercury or budha the planet of learning in the second house or wealth and status gives good learning and religiousness to some basic extent atleast. Gives gains by business, lecturing & any commercial activity. One could become rich and highly intelligent. You may spend on charities or social cause. You could be clever or smart in earning and a bit thrifty.
    what kind of actions based on arnab Goswami’s Horoscope could give him great money and wealth? also what should he avoid, is it a honey trap he has to be careful about? πŸ™‚
    β€’ Looking at the horoscope or Kundali of Arnab Goswami ,As Dhana Bhava Lord is in Sahaj Bhava or the third house, this combination could make arnab valorous, wise, virtuous, element of lust could be there based on Vedic astrology .he or arnab goswami will be blessed with money by your own effort and mind & yes partnerships or job. has to strive to be more truthful . he will have to work harder for domestic happiness . he might face issues in inheriting paternal property .
    β€’ He is bound to make some mark in life based on his stars
    job career promotion loss of job arnab goswami career horoscope
    Arnab Goswami career horoscope? what made him do so well in career of TV or at NDTV?
    β€’ Now Looking at the horoscope or Kundali of Arnab Goswami TENTH HOUSE or [AGNYA/KARMA BHAVA], the This house basically covers matters related to arnab goswami’s career, his Karma & the kind of deeds, his authority and name.
    β€’ In the horoscope or Kundali of Arnab Goswami, strong mercury for him could give gains from the government, gain in position and one may do good deeds and also get fame and name .
    β€’ For the horoscope or Kundali of Arnab Goswami, As ketu is in the 10th or tenth bhava house , he would be strong and bold generally all this is very true for arnab goswami. He has to avoid any negative deeds in life. arnab goswami needs to have purity in resolves.
    β€’ he or arnab may face generally many obstacles in undertakings due to ketu in the 10th bhava. It could make you clear in dealing with people.
    β€’ as ketu for arnab goswami is well placed, it will make him happy and somewhat religious as ketu is for dharma. he will read scriptures and visit pilgrimages and also have dip in holy rivers.
    β€’ Looking at the horoscope or Kundali of Arnab Goswami Saturn or shani dev is in the 10th house. As the tenth house has a partial ruler ship of Saturn. Saturn here makes the person rich. He may work for the downtrodden people by working for news he is doing the same .
    β€’ The person could visits sacred rivers and shrines. The career may have sudden elevation and depression. This is 100% true and we know that he had elevation and he was in an exalted position at NDTV and then had to suddenly leave and now again he is in a soup.
    β€’ For the horoscope or Kundali of Arnab Goswami Lord of 10th(tenth house) is in 2nd(second ) house gives good status in general with the dint of his effort. All this is 100% true.
    β€’ It gives wealth and status for sure in his life.
    β€’ . based the horoscope or Kundali of Arnab Goswami could hold a high position or a position of responsibility in life . The inclinations towards religion might be less . You normally would think well of others.
    β€’ One can clearly see that the surya kundali of arnab goswmi is doing great in the world of media. yes he does have money /wealth and power.
    β€’ his success through speech or by communication is written on the wall as mercury rules his lagan and also his house career the tenth house and is in the house of speech that is the second house or bhava.
    β€’ so over all he is bound to get success in media and TV related industries due to well placed mercury, Venus and yes ketu the planet to help him to exceptional action. That he has already done.
    what are Some interesting facts about arnab ranjan Goswami?
    β€’ Arnab Goswami or full name Arnab Ranjan Goswami was born on 9th of October 1973.He is a topmost journalist from India. Also he is the head or the managing director of the republic TV channel.
    β€’ Sri arnab goswami ji was editor in chief and also the popular news anchor for India news channel Times Now and ET now for 10 years from the year from the year 2006 to 2016.
    β€’ The maternal grandfather of arnab goswami , Gauri, was a Communist and leader of the opposition in Assam for many years.
    β€’ also Before arnab joined NDTV in 1995 he had his start in careers in the Telegraph in Kolkata.
    β€’ Arnab goswami had to face trouble sin Tharoor defamation case for his wife sunanda pushkar.It was stating bring purportedly calling a defamation case in social media.
    β€’ arnab Goswami has also been nominated for and received several awards Asian television
    β€’ also his comment on most shameless bunch of keralites in media has ever seen has gone viral against goswami .

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