Egypt Plane Crash(russian jetliner) !!!- Very Unfortunate & Tragic event



There was a crash this Saturday  of Russian jetliner crash in Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula still is unknown, but it is highly likely due to a technical failure and there is no evidence of any terrorist action.

Few few Points  To Look At:

Peace to all departed souls!

  • Date of Crash= 31st = October = Rahu = Dragon’s head
  • Total Date Number = 31+October(10) + 2015(8) = 4+1+8= 13= 1+3= 4 = RAHU
  • Day today = Saturday = Ruled by Number 8= 2×4 = Double RAHU effect.
  • Flight number = A321   =  A(=1) + 3+2+1 = 7 = KETU = Dragon’s tail and the  polar opposite of RAHU.
  • Recent Solar Eclipse on 13th September 2015= To affect Arab and African nations, we had the mecca tragedy and now this one unfortunately :Recent hajj Stampede
  • There could be a Terrorist angle as well.One could refer to this article written for Terrorist attacks-  Rahu-ketu and terrorism!
  • The possible role of ISIS could be seen in this article in increase in activities in around November 2015 time frame( oct 31st could be treated as a cusp of November 2015)ISIS & 2015 ending(Oct ending and November) and 2016


Not that all events could be pin pointed in such situations where large geographical areas are involved.- but basic care on certain days could be done more than others. may be needs more study for benefit  of mankind.

Peace to all departed souls!
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Google CEO Sundar Pichai Horoscope,Numerology and Sun Sign analysis

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2016 Horoscope of Chhota Rajan- The Dreaded Gang Lord of Indian Under-world Arrested in Bali-Astrology & Numerology


ABOUT This article

  • Chhota Rajan the don was formerly the boss of major crime syndicate. This article based on astro Numerology analysis on what made him a don. Chhota Rajan is an Indian born fugitive.
  • He started his career as a boot legger or selling booze . His struggle in life is also explained based on the magic of numbers and planets.
  • Chhota Rajan Got in conflict with India’s most wanted person Dawood Ibrahim the king of the underworld that time. How that happened astrologically is looked into.
  • Chhota Rajan is wanted for many criminal cases that include extortion and also murder, smuggling, drug trafficking and financing films.
  • so what planets and numbers bring a person into crime are discussed at length in the document below.
  • Also, Chhota Rajan’s arrest in Bali Indonesia on 25 October 2015 by Indonesian police. Chhota Rajan also had been there in Australia for quite some time.
  • Name analysis chhota rajan numbers numerology chhota rajan numbers numerology

    Birth Data( Not available- So Name Used for Analysis)

    So, let us Use His Name Only for Analysis:
    Original Name: Rajendra Sadashiv Nikalje
    Present Popular Name: Chhota Rajan

    Important events In Life:

  • He started his criminal career by scalping cinema tickets at Sahakar cinema in the 1980s.
  • A 2002 film, Company had a character Chandu having some resemblances of Chhota Rajan with real-life Dawood Ibrahim gang(The former gang lord in India/Mumbai).
  • He parted ways with Dawood Ibrahim in 1996 after the 1993 Bombay bombings.
  • Later, he was affiliated with and operated at the behest of Dawood in Mumbai and eventually fled India to Dubai in 1988.
  • Attacked in Bangkok in 2000 in September
  • Chhota Rajan was arrested in Bali Indonesia on 25 October 2015 by Indonesian police
  • numbers chhota rajan numbers numerology

    Astrological & Numerological Analysis:

  • CHHOTA(=Name value 25) + RAJAN(=Name value 10) = 25(2+5=7)+35(3+5=8) = 7(Ketu) + 8(Saturn) = 8(Saturn).
  • People with Saturn Domination( we can see two Saturn’s in his popular name- Chhota Rajan- his core name numerology), based on his 2016 horoscope, the predictions are that he would have a tough time in 2016 as 2016= 2+0+1+6= 9= Mars. Mars creates lot of hard events for people with Saturn dominance and makes their life full of ups and downs.
  • He was arrested on 25th= 2+5= 7 = Kethu day. He has Ketu as his first name number. This is his name numerology
  • The date total when he was arrested = 25 +Oct+2015 = 25/7+ 10/1 + 9 = 17= 8= Saturn(The date astrology and numerology)!!!! So, Saturn and ketu combine to make the event happen in his life. Also, the sun sign ruler ship is SCORPIO, ruled by MARS.
  • The name value of the place BALI = 7 = Ketu. Also note Ketu denotes SECRET Organizations and police as well PLUS also travel. He got arrested through INTERPOL and while travelling.
  • His greatest enemy- DAWOOD IMBRAHIM, who wants to get him killed= Has Name Value = 45= 9= MARS and COMING Year(2016 horoscope) 2016 = MARS, Two Mars Pounding a SATURN dominated person!!!
  • He parted his ways with Dawood his aide earlier in 1996= 1+9+9+6 = 25= 7 = Ketu year.
  • He Got into Crime in 1980’s– So mostly ruled by Saturn his number- so he could control the masses. Saturn represents masses.
  • He had an attack on life in year 2000( he barely survived), September in Bangkok. Year 2000 ruled by MOON an enemy of Saturn. Also, September =9th month= MARS is NOT a friend of Saturn.
  • BANGKOK Name Number = 4= rahu, just opposite of ketu= he got arrested on 25th oct 2015 25= 2+5=7 = Ketu. Please note rahu rules subversive activities and YES sex industry and prostitution top some extent. That is something clandestine or hidden and with darkness .Lots of fugitives have this as their strong number
  • bangkok chhota rajan numbers numerology
    why was Bangkok not safe for Chhota Rajan?

  • THAILAND numbers come to 24= 6 = Venus or shukra. Yes it is in the same family of Saturn so chhota rajan could carry on his underworld activities from there. But is not fully in harmony with his numbers.
  • Saturn and creates discomfort to chhota rajan based on his Numerology of numbers was in fact shot several times in a shootout there at Bangkok.
  • australia chhota rajan numbers numerology
    why was Australia cool for Chhota Rajan before his arrest in Bali?

  • AUSTRALIA comes to number 22 = 2+2=4. Now Chhota rajan’s basic number based on name is number 8 of Saturn. Now rahu is number 4 and brother of Saturn 8 = 4×2 ;).
  • So You can see the harmony of numbers that allowed chhota rajan to enjoy his stay in Australia before being caught .
  • predictions chhota rajan numbers numerology

    2016 Horoscope Predictions of Chhota Rajan( based on astrology and Numerology):

  • 2015 ending(November/December) would have similar pattern as in 2016- so as we said it would be eventful, we know suddenly is coming to India got delayed due to volcanic eruptions! The plan Mars(volcano) has started showing some effects.
  • We can Clear predict his life would be eventful in 2016.
  • Especially it could be predicted that April and July could be hard months for him in 2016.
  • Doing certain remedial measures would help him to avert a lot of dangers and pitfalls.


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    Mark Zuckerberg 2016 Horoscope Predictions & FACEBOOK = mercury-mercury-mercury-mercury effect!!!


    Mark Zuckerberg 2016 Horoscope Predictions-Let us analyze his numbers


    Zuckerberg is the chairman and chief executive of Facebook.
    Net worth: 35.7 billion USD (2015)
    There is no more introduction needed for this man who has achieved so much at such a young age!

    Birth details:

      Born: May 14, 1984 (age 31),>White Plains, New York, United States
    • Place of Birth:- Dobbs Ferry, (NY) , USA
    • Time of Birth :- 14.39 P.M.

    Predictions About Him based On Birth Chart

    • We know he developed the topmost social media site- FACEBOOK. Now what are social media sites for ? COMMUNICATIONS!
    • Yes- simply we connect to FACEBOOK as we want to communicate to our friends and folks around. We know planet mercury(number 5) rules Communication.


    Let’s look at his Birth  chart analysis.

    • Born on 14th  so Birth Number = 1+4= 5 = Mercury! The planet of communication
    • Month= May= 5th Month = 5 is again Mercury!
    • Total destiny Number = 14+ 5(may) + 1+9+8+4(22) = 5+5+22= 32 = 3+2=5 = Mercury!!! Wow- what a coincidence , we have 3 5’s in sequence( birth number, month number and total destiny number).
    • His Heart Number of Motivation Number = Sum of Vowels = 1(A) + 3(U)+5(E)+5(E) = 1+3+5+5=14= 1+4=5= Mercury again!!! He wants to explore the world and especially communication.
    • All makes it high energy  5-5-5-5 = mercury-mercury-mercury-mercury!!!!= ALL needed to make Him The KING of COMMUNICATIONS!!!

    We know all the above forecast about him based on analysis of his horoscope is true.Additionally.

    • Full name Number = Mark Elliot Zuckerberg  = 69= 15/6= Venus. His sun sign is also Taurus= ruled by Venus. So over all makes him ruled by Venus(shukra in Vedic astrology), this VENUS gives him the FAMILY or the SOCIAL Connection that FACEBOOK has done.
    • So he is a combination of MERCURY(Majorly) + VENUS. VENUS you know makes one look very handsome! Venus gives him determination to solve problems at the level of heart.
    • Facebook we know is to do with communications– but is essentially a FAMILY/FRIENDS and majorly PERSONAL  affair.

    The strong intensity of planets and numbers makes him the CEO of words topmost social media site= facebook.This could be easily forecasted based on his numbers and planetary inetnsity.

    Mark Zuckerberg CEO facebook 2016 Horoscope predictions

    • His personal year is 14+5+2016 = 5+5+9= 19= 10=1 = SUN.
    • So a new starting for him! Lots of new features in face book could be expected to be added.
    • Facebook will get more popular and so would he.
    • Lot of growth(hiring) and new opportunities would be there.
    • New initiatives could be there- he is taking keen interest in India now we know.


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    Mark Zuckerberg Horoscope Vedic Astrology Perspective

    • Based on transits, Jupiter is in 1st house and aspects 5th,7 and 9th for year 2016. It gives his retro gate Jupiter strength( India being connected to eastern cultures and 9th house= ruled by Jupiter), suggests that he Zuckerberg would connect to Countries with ancient cultures. It could be south America brazil as well.
    • Transits of Saturn over his  natal Ketu and rahu axis- could create opposition and new changes both in public life and also professionally.
    • Transiting Saturn when transits his natal sun in 10th house could cause trouble(includes health trouble) to image of mark and or the company face book.

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    Rheumatism and throat/lung and skin infections possible.


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