Google Horoscope and Numerology-Google The New GOD of 21st Century, Who has all the Answers !!!

How was the MAGIC of GOOGLE achieved as explained by astrology and Numbers!!!

 google  free horoscope astrology

What People Say About Google.
This is what Wikipedia says
Google is an American multinational technology company specializing in Internet-related services and products. These include online advertising technologies, search, cloud computing, and software. Most of its profits are derived fromAdWords, an online advertising service that places advertising near the list of search results.
Google was founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin while they were Ph.D. students at Stanford University. Together they own about 14 percent of its shares but control 56 percent of the stockholder voting power through supervoting stock. They incorporated Google as a privately held company on September 4, 1998.

 google Larry Page  Sergey Brin free horoscope astrology

Astrology and Numerology of Google
Basic Analysis:

Google was born officially on 4th September 1998
4th = Rahu= dragons head = Uranus = for NON Conventional work OR scientific /technological research. Doing something which is out of conventional and unthought-of of much in the society!
Now what do you think Google is? They revolutionized searching over internet. It all came up ,as good as invention of airplane was for the past centuries as is Google for 21st century.

September month is ruled by sun sign Virgo, and Virgo is ruled by mercury= number 5.
Number 5 is for exploration and communications! So a rahu/Uranus and mercury make the path to revolutionary research in communications. This is exactly what Google does!!!

This also gives un conventional ability to communicate- so we now Google uses internet in a very unique and powerful manner

The destiny number = 4 + September +1998 = 4+9+27/9 = 22! This 22 = 4 = Rahu/Uranus again!!! So innovation they are bound to do all over the life – that’s what they have been doing! I am sure we don’t have any doubts about it now?
Also 22 = Master number- means building something big, especially in engineering and technology. Is not Google a technology marvel! Please do read Google story and you will know the technological marvel of google.

Now what has word GOOGLE hidden in it?

7 6 6 7 3 5 =34 = 3+4= 7= Kethu= dragons tail/Neptune. This deals with research and also travel and movement. That is fluid/water. the modern internet comes to an extent under number 7 and number 5/mercury.
We have G at the starting and G again in middle (G= 7th alphabet). Now 2 G’s make it double 7!Thats is double kethu or neptune

So Total name number 7 and double 7, makes it highly research orientated organization.

Now what is desired internally by Google(motivation).
This is sum of vowels = O +O + E = 6 + 6 +5( O =15h alphabet = 1+5=6 and E= 5th alphabet)
= 17 = 1+7=8.= Saturn
8 – stands for good management, now having 2 O’s , that’s 2 6’s in between – means orientation to home as well. We know what even a kid s=uses Google now.

Also you pronounce it GOO-GLE , so double O=OO is prominent vowel- this stands for family and society. So Google is for society.
Vedic astrology View

GOO sounds as per Vedic astrology is ruled by nakshatra/constellation =dhanishta in sign Aquarius.
We know Aquarius stands for innovation.
Saturn the lord is weak in Aries in transit. Aries is 3rd = house of actions.
It also means a great desire to be successful in many things in the material world- with the planet of action mars ruling the 3rd (action)and 9th(windfalls).
We see action and windfalls both a hallmark of google along with trying to get too fast into other areas.
So this combination is not bad- gives desire to be too disciplined to work and get success- but could delay success.
It could explain why the starting days were hard.


Google would continue to do innovation. Easily till 2017, then again something could change and they may again get into a more introverted mode or les towards business and may be more towards philanthropy.

I personally am greatly inspired by Google core team and their ability to convert inspiration( PhD thesis) into a working reality/product, typical to number master number 22- my best wishes to them .


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    Sri Narendra Modi Horoscope & Numerology, honorable Prime Minister of India-what makes him so special?



    Sri Narendra Modi Horoscope  & Numerology, honourable Prime Minister of India-what  makes him so special?


    What do people say about Him

    This is what Wikipedia says about him

    Narendra Damodardas Modi born 17 September 1950) is the 15th and current Prime, in office since 26 May 2014. Modi, a leader of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), was the Chief Minister of Gujarat from 2001 to 2014 and is the Member of Parliament (MP) from Varanasi. He led the BJP in the 2014 general election, which gave the party a majority in the Lok Sabha (the lower house of the Indian parliament) – a first for any party since 1984 – and was credited for October 2014 BJP electoral victories in the states of Haryana and Maharashtra.

    The prime minister, a Hindu nationalist and a member of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) is a controversial figure domestically and internationally because of criticism that, when he was the Chief Minister of Gujarat, his administration failed to prevent the 2002 Gujarat riots. Modi’s economic policies (credited with encouraging economic growth in Gujarat) have been praised, although his administration has also been criticised for failing to significantly improve the human development in the state.



    His Birth Data:

    Name: Narendra Modi

    Date of Birth: Sunday, September 17, 1950

    Time of Birth: 11:00:00

    Place of Birth: Mehsana



    What makes Him so different?

    a)Lets use A bit of Astrology to fathom him:

    Now look at his ascendant – its Scorpio – ruled by mars. Mars sits on the ascendant, that is Scorpio sun sign itself! Also Moon sits there.

    There is also an aspect of Rahu in Pisces.


    So mars are very strong, and wants action and only action.Simple. This with Rahu= number means practical action. It aspects 7th– so action could lead to new contacts and job growth. We know how narendra modi ji came from ranks from a humble tea seller to prime minister. A tea seller has to be practical and if he is not action oriented- how could he reach the prime ministers position?


    Also Scorpio is 8th sign- this sign has to do with digging of hidden things- like occult/spirituality and yes people disciplining people who belong to the rebellious section of the society. With all this, moon represents his mind – absorbs all this energy.


    So interest in spirituality is clear- and we know sri narendra modi left home for pursuing spirituality in Himalayas. He has tried to internationalize YOGA- we have a Yoga day.

    Rahu, a rebellious planet- but in Pisces the 12th sign aspecting mars gives some anger issues possibly- but at the same time tilts the person to spirituality as 12th sign covers spirituality and after life. Also occult/yoga and an element of overall domination and strong and quick politically correct actions.

    So over all his thinking and personality is influence over all by = (KARMA  Or ACTION) + (POLITICS )+ (DHARMA Or RELIGION) 


    Or Put it as  KARMA + DHARMA + NEETI(Politics) simply!


    We know rest is history! All the above conclusion are true
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    b)lets use a A bit of Numerology to fathom him:

    17 September 1950

    17=1+7=8   = Saturn

    Sun sign = Virgo=Mercury= number 5

    Destiny number = 17/8 + (September=9 )+ 1950/6( 1+9+5+0 = 15=6) = 8 + 9+ 6 = 23/5= mercury

    His heart number =4= rahu


    One can clearly see there is a lot of mercury in his life( sun sign/destiny number). Mercury is a merchant/business man and good for communications.

    Can any one doubt sri Narendra modi’s communication skills? In fact many elections  he has made the party win.


    Mercury also deals with money management- he did it while in his training for RSS and yes obviously much needed in tea selling.


    5= mercury means love to have new experiences, travel – you see how many travels sri narendra modi has done to different nations and deeply connected to them Number 5 is a true sales man and he has put our countries image to the top of the world.


    His heart number tells us that he wants to work hard and that also discipline. A number 4 in heart give a non conventional streak in choice of matters. Now at one end he is quite connected to ancient past but he also is keen to modernize India by investments*(mercury)


    Can anyone contradict there facts.


    Personal Life

    Strong aspect of mars in Scorpio  and also  Rahu in Pisces on the  7th house of marriage, plus  Venus the lord of 7th   and also representing wife, is very weak in Leo(10th) has clearly suggested rare chance of marriage surviving. In fact Venus in 10th means marriage with ACTION= Karma and sun ruling 10th means ACTION for POLITIS as SUN rules Politics.


    A retro gate Jupiter in 4th confirms his  views about conventional aspects of religion and yes at the same time a progressive view point as well. As Jupiter is an expansive planet as well.

    What Made him win in 2014  in a big way?


    He runs rahu that we know was in Pisces. Now rahu is in 5th = angular houses and aspecting 1st house- his most important house.

    Also the election was in march- ruled by Pisces.


    Also all the positive energy of rahu in angular hsoue,rahu in Pisces/Jupiter and a strong mars with moon fighting for a turnaround(from congress) gets funnelled to the moon ruling the house of windfalls= 9th!


    Also Rahu also gives general success in politics.






    Moon is his main period and the moon  is getting a lot of energy from mars/rahu and 9th house. So over all intense and nonconventional ways of solving problems would continue and the chance of stability of sri narendra modi’s government is very high till atleast 2021 till moon rules  and also beyond as powerful mars rules.

    We wish our honourable prime minister the best of luck. Also he should make discreet efforts to get Vedic Parampara/tradition  like astrology/yoga/ayurveda/yagya  up to help the society and the world  in general.


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    Mr. Arvind Kejriwal Horoscope & Numerology: the Chief Minister of Delhi and a Crusader for India society-

    free horoscope astrology
    What makes arvind kejriwal, the current chief minister of Delhi-so different from other politicians? What is in store for him in 2016 & future.All based on his horoscope and numerology.

    News Room:

    Now let us see what Wikipedia has to say about him.
    “Arvind Kejriwal (born 16 August 1968) is an Indian politician and social activist who has been the Chief Minister of Delhi since February 2015. Previously he briefly served as Chief Minister from December 2013 to February 2014. He is the national convener of the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP). His party won the 2015 Delhi Assembly elections with a majority, obtaining 67 out of 70 assembly seats.
    Kejriwal is a Mechanical Engineering graduate of the Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur, and worked for the Indian Revenue Service (IRS) as a Joint Commissioner in the Income Tax Department.

    Birth Data:

    Date of Birth: Friday, August 16, 1968
    Time of Birth: 23:46:00
    Place of Birth: Hissar

    free horoscope astrology

    Why He is what he is(Numerology analysis)?

    His Nature and destiny predictions based on science of Numerology
    Let’s do a quick numerology on him and save some time .
    He is born on 16th = 1+6 = 7 = kethu(dragons tail).
    August 16th comes under Leo, the 5th sign ruled by planet sun.
    Now sun is not a great friend of kethu. So what does 7(kethu) and sun(1) combination make him.

    7= Gives love for travel and change ,it gives sensitivity and fluidity in character and deep interests in matters. Now we all know how fluid Mr. Kejriwal has been, he in fact resigned from chief minister ship within less than 2 months! Although this does not apply to everyone being born on 16th, but still the tendencies are there
    Now what does Leo= sun say? Oh he has a number one in 16( 1+6) as well. That makes him a bit self willed and too firm in views. Infact kethu and sun combination could make a person too firm in one’s views along with bestowing good willpower.
    It might also mean lack of compromise – we all know we never compromised on principles.
    His destiny number = 16(7)+ august(8) + 1967(1+9+6+8=24/6)=7+8+6 = 21 = 2+1= 3= Jupiter!!!
    Now we all know he lives and works for people and society. His destiny is to be with people and be a friend of people.

    His heart number = 7 makes him choosy and a dare devil! Once again numerology cannot be wrong!

    Do you need any more proofs ?  Astrology fathoms a lot.

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    Some Predictions Based on his 2016 horoscope:

    Based on Science of Numerology:
    His personal year number =5= year of opportunities and new experiences.
    Now he has become the chief minister this year- so it’s an opportunity that has come to him. Also he is having diverse experiences terms of new chief ministership and special issues coming up.


    He would run moon 2016 onwards for next 2 years at least(T^hat is year 2016 and 2017). The moon rules 3rd and is strong and is in 1st.
    Means he will do very good actions . More stability More new political connection and helping for women and solving water related problems.
    This period would be much better for him.
    Also based on numerology- he would run year number 6 that means focus on home, his constituency Delhi would increase. Yes health or position is something he needs to guard on. But moon gives him fair enough strength.

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    Google CEO Sundar Pichai Horoscope,Numerology and Sun Sign analysis

    google ceo sundar pichai sun sign horoscope astrology

    Congratulations to Mr. Sundarajan Pichai for his creditable achievement of becoming the world giant google CEO!!!
    Let us see if we could decipher something about the person Mr. Sundarajan Pichai( he is an x IIT kharagpur guy) based on his
    Date of birth information we have and what information we have from the news papers.

    The Birth Data:

    Name: Pichai Sundararajan

    Date of birth: 12 July 1973

    Birth number = 12= 1+2=3= Jupiter
    Sun Sign = cancer
    He became the google CEO in 2016. His 2016 horoscope based on numbers and astrology is analyzed below.

    • Destiny number = 12 +July (=7) + 1972 = 12+7+19 (1972 = 1+9+7+2 =19) = 38 = 11 = Master Number

    • HEART # 1(first name Pichai) = (19) (Total sum of Vowels ( =I A I) for Pichai)

    • HEART # 3(second name Sunadarajan) = (6) ( Total sum of Vowels (= U A A A)for Name Sundarajan)
    • HEART NUMBER TOTAL = [25]= 7 = Dragons tail = Ketu


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    Sun Sign and Birth number based Horoscope predictions and Analysis:
    Looking at simply at his birth number(Jupiter) and Sun sign( Cancer ruled by moon).
    It’s clear that he could be a bit shy and sensitive person( the characteristics of planet Moon), but with desire to reach the top due to influence of ambitious Jupiter(birth number 3) working in tandem with Moon.

    The tendency to be shy earlier years and yes being sensitive to his team mates has been confirmed by the news paper reports. Yes- he also might be fairly conventional at times due to Jupiter needs to be confirmed may be down the line when we hear more about him.
    Though Jupiter(fire) with Moon(water) is not very comfortable as such- so could create a vacillation in being conventional or accepting new.

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    Is Astrology or Numerology Scientific?

    astrology horoscope vedic free best scientific

    A prominent Indian scientist says that it is not! Do you wonder why? Some of the reasons cited by him are ,that the predictions fail at times, or astrology/numerology unlike other sciences are not continuously updated with time as are other sciences, or they(astrology/numerology) without a framework (we will try to explain this term later ).

    Should We Believe in Astrology/Numerology?

    Now if what has been said by so called “scientists” or critics about astrology and numerology is true – then is there a point in continuing to believe in these so called “sciences”?

    Yes, but I strongly feel there is a strong point in favor of vedic astrology/nuemrology – the comments made above may be due to ignorance of some of the “scientist” or critics regarding the complete picture of these sciences
    like astrology or numerology.

    One more reason is that these so called “scientists” or critics get a basic kick by disproving age old and time tested subjects like astrology/numerology wrong! This helps them in getting a feel that they have advanced.

    But on the contrary- reverse is true. That is astrology/numerology are highly evolved sciences with a definite model/framework for working and with verifiable results.

    How one could do Basic Forecasting 

    Do you want to take the journey to explore this matter further?

    Suppose one of you friends in USA asks you a question that he/she plans to spend his/her summer vacation Delhi in the month of June and he enquires about what the weather would be like that time. Without a second thought you would tell him/her that there is a possibility of extreme heat.

    This forecast of yours would generally be true and help your friend to plan his/her vacation; it would rarely fail in conditions like a temperature drop due to rains etc. Now as you happen to know the weather fluctuations at Delhi- you become a small time fortune teller of India’s weather to your friend, I mean a forecaster. So with a table in your hand telling JUNE = Extreme heat, temperatures near 50 C, JANUARY = Cold, temperatures near 0(zero), SEPTEMBER= Pleasant….:) you have all the information handy for a basic forecasting of Delhi’s weather.

    How Does Numerology Work?

    The working of numerology is something similar to what we did for weather forecasting above, it has been observed by the seers that people born on a certain day have certain common characteristics; same is true with people having a common name number or same ascendant in horoscope.

    Say a person is born on 3rd (Jupiter) of a month and has a name number 5(mercury), will have a personality which is combination of characteristics of Jupiter and Mercury in different proportions- we assume that these are the major numbers which influence the personality- in reality there could be many more numbers.

    So you near complete personality (key traits) can be reconstructed just like artist constructs paintings based on basic colors like red, blue, green on a canvass by your numbers in your chart. Here the colors stand for the different numbers in your number chart. The more numbers of your number chart are considered- more accurate would be your personality description.

    Why Should Numerology Work?

    Some people object to the above argument or observation and say that, how could all people born on the same day have common characteristics?

    Now do you agree that we all Indians- though we live in different states could still have a common culture/trait which we call Indian culture or trait, or say for that matter all Americans despite of their diversity have one common culture. Yes, all this is true- people spread over in a geographical region due to whatever reasons could still share certain common characteristics, barring exceptions.

    So if there can exist common characteristics for people of one region , why couldn’t there be common characteristics for people born on same day (may be a few set of characteristics, like people born on 3rd,12,- you may find them more optimistic in general than the people born on other days of the month). Moreover this correlation between people born on a certain day and their common characteristics has been confirmed by the past seers who have done great research connecting the numbers in your chart and your character and life events. So at least the conclusions drawn based on numerology may not times be 100% accurate, but at the same time would not be very off the mark if analysis and prediction is done the right way.

    Is there a Framework(model of working) for Numerology?

    Now getting back to the old question of what is a framework? To elaborate this matter further, for example- some one tells you that readings done by so and so astrologer/numerologist are good.

    Is it a good enough hint for you to judge the astrologer/numerologist? No, not really. Actually it may be better if someone could tell you how accurate the readings are in terms of timings of events or in terms of description of any life event like say marriage etc etc. so these factors like accuracy of a reading in terms of timings, description of event ..etc etc could form your framework on how judge the quality of an astrological/numerological reading better. So you now have some gut feel of what a framework could be- good!

    Now what is the framework for numerology? It calculates your unique numbers based on your date of birth and name at birth. Based on these numbers finds your character and destiny in general and specific, that is for a given period of time. That is calculates the kind of energies you would have to deal with at a given point of time

    Based on your personality it tries to predict the possible outcome of the situation. For example if say the situation predicted for some one in the year 2006 is grim ,but that person happens to be very optimistic- then possibility of your converting the situation into a success is much higher than say if the concerned person is naturally more depressed by nature. You just look at possibilities. Fairly rational!

    Comparison Of Scientific methods of Prediction and Numerology:

    Something similar like numerology happens when you do things like weather forecasting .Only thing is that the mathematics’ involved is much more complex and number of factors considered for prediction may be more.

    The basic question remains that does the complexity in a system mean more accuracy? No not really. Recently it came to notice that an astrologer was able to make much more accurate predictions outcome of TV serials and movies than a tool made based on latest technology.

    We are not here criticizing technology, it has its value. We simply say that complex does not necessarily mean accurate. May be a simpler model may be more effective as it takes more relevant information into consideration.

    Have you ever watched a whale coming out of the sea – you will the shape it has is much closer to a Boeing plane. Now the design of Boeing plane must have taken tons of technology to come up to this near perfect shape- but still nature or say evolution has done a better job to this date as far as design of whales is concerned. We have to accept it.

    Possibilities of Improvement In Numerology:

    May be if we add more techniques in astrology/numerology – to quantify things more accurately it becomes closer to what scientists expect. The fuzziness/vagueness would be still better than what you have in fuzzy logic based washing machines! Moreover things could improve if continuously as people do research and add value to it

    Utility Value of Astro-Numerology & art of horoscope reading:

    Over and above any thing ,the key things is that astro-numerology works and works fine in most of the cases. It has a definite utility.

    When we had tsunami recently – certain tribals unaware of the modern advances- where aware of the strange animal behavior before Tsunami and there fore took shelter before hand and thus saved their lives. Even if they had no formal basis- just based on empirical observation they acted which saved their life? Same could be applied for numerology/astrology as well.
    Role of Chance, Determinism and Probabilities in science and astro-numerology:

    We have estimates based on chances or probabilities modern physics , similarly numerology also deals with different kinds of energy levels of an individual at a given point of time and then talks about possibilities of an outcome of the same – no equation is written but does it make unscientific?

    Gravitation was fairly scientific before Newton found it and even after Einstein added value to it. The key is that gravitation did work…we always understood it better and better.
    Possibly the forces involved in astrology/numerology are much subtler in nature to measure by current day instruments- but we can still see the effect. So no harm in going ahead with it.

    Why Predictions Could fail?

    There could be multiple reasons for failed predictions:
    1. May be we don’t know all the planets /forces that control the destiny (we know that many new planets have been discovered beyond the 7 planets).
    2. Also the free will exercised by people (the self effort made to make things to change) also changes destiny, so predictions based on birth data could fail or may be away from observed events.
    3. The birth information (date of birth, time of birth could be wrong/incomplete).
    4. or the chart drawn erected incorrectly, or interpretation by the astrologer/numerologist could be wrong or may be incomplete (depending on astrologers/numerologists capability).
    But again, do all these things make astrology/numerology unscientific or irrational?

    Why is astrology /numerology updating slowly as compared to other sciences?

    i) Already thousands of years of research has gone into astrology/numerology as compared to few hundred for other sciences – so could be most of things are discovered already.
    ii) The seers had inspired knowledge acquired much quickly and more accurate so lesser unknowns.
    iii) The subtle forces working in astrology/numerology are still not understood or measured- we are just able to see the effects.
    iv) These subjects have not been subject to the rigor of scientific study. That is a formal way of studying these being adopted.
    v) The best talent in the world may not be attracted to this.

    Do Approaches to solve life problems affect the scientific nature of the approaches?

    In modern medicine (allopathy), say a doctor may try to attack the bacteria to remove the say disease of stomach due to infection, but naturopathy may try to increase the natural immunity by increasing the life force so that automatically body could fight out the bacteria.

    Now naturopathy works with tangible results, but possibly life force cannot be isolated in a test tube so can we call it irrational or unscientific?

    Both systems of medicine solve problems differently-but could one be scientific and the other not? So different approaches to solve one problem could exist- just like weather forecasting(scientific) could be augmented by astrology based forecasting methods?

    Stock markets use a pattern observed in nature to predict the stocks. A similar pattern has been used in predictions for some of the sciences for at least few hundred years. So when you use it in one case it is scientific but when we use it in other case it becomes unscientific? No, not really.

    Finally ,say if geometry used for Newtonian mechanics may not work for other systems- so should we proclaim Newton’s theory as false?

    Some Advanced stuff for advanced reader***

    In some ways at times Numerology/astrology use multiple frameworks to solve problems or do prognostics – so does it mean the readings would be contradictory? NO. The readings could be complimentary in nature helping each other.

    For example you are a fugitive trying to draw the face of a culprit of whom you have date of birth and other information- you use this method and each

    frame work provides you with some piece of information. For example one provides the description of nose, other ears, other jaws..etc so all this adds up to make the face of the culprit clearer.

    Do you still think Numerology or Astrology is unscientific, irrational..?? By now you should start having doubts about this wrong comment made by the “scientist”?? Yes, that is the spirit, tell them not to take you for a ride. You have your own reasons to hold to astro-numerology now. 


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    Rahu-Ketu( number 4-7)Axis and Terrorist Attacks ,Vedic Astrology/Numerology!


    Dear All:

    We might wonder that, is there a theory behind Terror Attacks? I mean what forces in the cosmos cause it in the first instance. Vedic Astrology by the way has a fairly sound theory for attacks.This article explores how numerology and a bit of vedic astrology could help us identify terror attack possibilities in a region or city or cities and may be take preventive steps.As th saying goes “FOREWARNED IS FOREARMED”.

    We have found out after a lot of research that Rahu( number 4,Dragon’s Head also Planet Uranus) and Ketu(number 7, Dragons Tail) along with a planet which is malefic for that specific country. Like for India , apart from Rahu(dragon’s head) and Ketu, planet Jupiter also cause mass deaths on dates ruled by Jupiter( like 3/12/21/30 OR dates where the sum total comes to 3, for example 4/July/1990 = 4/7/1990 = 4+7+1+9+9+0 = 30 = 3+0=3=Jupiter negative).

    Why the terror attacks happened on the year(2015) , why not earlier or after ? The reason is 2015 = 2+0+1+5 = 8 = Number of Saturn. Saturn is a sworn enemy of LEO/Sun ruling the country France.

    We can clearly see that vedic astrology and numerology provide powerful insights into mundane events for us to fathom the world.


    Is there a correlation between terrorism and numbers?

    Is there a pattern in events – so that one can be more careful in future?

    I am sure we all have these questions on our mind after the recent blasts at various places in the country(This article was written in 2008, some of the latest attacks are analyzed later in this article).

    Actually, there does seem to be a correlation, but we still may not have the complete picture to exactly pinpoint events – but still chances of occurrence at different times and places can be predicted with some degree of accuracy.
    That itself could be a big help.

    As per astrology, the RAHU-KETU(dragon’s head and tail) axis is very important and at the same time extremely malefic/bad – as it spoils the houses it touches.

    The same thing happens with numbers, that is the number 4 (Rahu) and number 7 (Ketu) spoil the numbers they are found in. Like, for example, 25=7=Ketu and 14=1{4} (4=Rahu) are afflicted by Ketu and Rahu(Uranus) respectively.

    We all know how terrorists attack in a hidden form.

    Also terrorism numerologically( based on numerology) is represented by number 4 and also secrets or hidden activities by number 7.
    Numbers 1 and 4 work very closely to each other and so do 2 and 7 combinations.

    Let us explore the riddle further…

    What does terrorism take?


    That is, these two things need to be there for any terrorist activity to happen.

    Now BOMB BLAST = 2 6 4 2 + 2 3 1 1 2 = 14 + 9 = 5 + 9 = 14(This is the bomb blast numerology)

    Now you see BOMB is also = 14 and so is the total of BOMB BLAST, suggesting the compound number hinting at danger in general.

    Also in 14 you have {1}-{4}, so you have Rahu (Uranus)in combination with number 1.

    So, somewhere the RAHU-KETU(dragon’s head and dragon’s tail) axis touches this number – hence suggesting danger.

    Also TERRORIST = 2 5 9 9 6 9 9 1 2 = 52 = 7 = Ketu.(This is the terrorist numerology)

    So you see this comes to Ketu, and is hence also touched by the RAHU-KETU axis, which is same as rahu-ketu axis astrologically.

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    Recent French Attacks-“Charlie Hebdo shooting,Target Charlie Hebdo employees

    Mass shooting

    On the morning of 7 January 2015 at about 11:30 local time, two brothers, forced their way into the offices of the French satirical weekly newspaper Charlie Hebdo in Paris. Armed with assault rifles and other weapons, they killed 11 people and injured 11 others in the building. ”

    Now look at the date = 7th = ketu. Based on vedic astrology its a planet fo contraction.
    Full date Number = 7 + 1(January) + 2015(2+0+1+5 =8) = 7+1+8 = 16/7 negative = Ketu malefic
    Ketu in vedic astrology is treated as malefic mars.

    One can clearly see strong malefic presence of ketu. January is month of Saturn and year 2015= 2+0+1+5= 8 = Saturn year.

    Now we know from basic astrology that mars and Saturn conjunction brings in war and strife.

    Now France is ruled by LEO= sun, which is weakened by Saturn( as the month is January=Number 8= Saturn and year 2015/8= Saturn). With the weakened immunity the chances of attacks increases significantly.

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    Recent Attacks in Gurdaspur India

    “Gurdaspur, July 27: Dressed in army uniform, three gunmen opened fire at a police station in Gurdaspur. The gunmen who were said to be carrying AK-47 rifles, first opened fire on a Punjab state road transport bus before attacking the police station. Seven persons including three civilians and four police personnel have died in the attack.

    The attack in Gurdaspur District( Dinapur police station)(27/july/2015) sort of angered me and am sure every Indian at heart, and triggered my past memories of cowardly attacks.

    Now looking at todays date: 27/july(7)/2015

    Note the date 27 has the number 7 as the last number = ketu .

    Also its July = 7th month = ketu.

    Its extended moon period (cancer) and its monday = moon day= Number 2. Now we know 2 and 7 connect very closely, so again we have influence of ketu(Number 7) here.

    Now for India- its an year of malefic Rahu= 15+august(8) +2015/8 = 31/4= rahu

    So the vibration for this month = 31+7=38 = 38 = 3+8 = 11 = 1+1 =2 = Moon.

    For this day when the attack happened, the vibration is 38+27 = 65= 6+5=11 = 1+1 = 2 moon. also 11 reflects conflicts , recall 9-11 attacks.

    Gurdaspur has “G” as a starting alphabet and G = value =7 = ketu

    Also the police station attacked was in Dinapur, now D the starting alphabet =4 the starting alphabet.

    We know that Number 4= stands for Rahu(uranus) we know.

    Also India is ruled by sun sign Capricorn= Number 8= Planet Saturn.July 27th is ruled by Moon(Cancer) and SUN(Leo), Saturn is very uncomfortable with both of them.So this is the time the astrological immunity goes low and terror attacks could increase.


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    26/November/2008 Attacks in Mumbai

    “In November 2008, 10 members of a militant organization, carried out a series of 12 coordinated shooting and bombing attacks lasting four days across Mumbai.The only attacker who was captured alive. The attacks, which drew widespread global condemnation, began on Wednesday, 26 November and lasted until Saturday, 29 November 2008, killing 164 people and wounding at least 308

    btw 26/11 ( 26 + 11 + 2008)= comes down to 26/(8)+ 11/(2)+ 2008/10/(1) = 11 = 2= Moon. Now we know Moon(Number 2) connects to Ketu(number 7).

    Also 26th November is ruled by Mars and Jupiter both. Now as we discussed earlier both are detrimental to India.Jupiter especially causes mass deaths.(Mumbai Blast happened in March 12, Now March is ruled by Jupiter again and 12= 1+2 =3=Jupiter).1994 = 1+9+9+4 = 22 = 2+2 = 4= rahu.

    Some of the Recent Terror Attacks

    S.No Date of Blasts Place of Blast
    1 27 Sept 2008 Delhi (Mehrauli)
    2 13 Sept 2008 Delhi (CP, GK, Gaffar Market)
    3 25 July 2008 Bangalore
    4 26 July 2008 Ahmedabad
    5 13 May 2008 Jaipur
    6 26 Aug 2007 Hyderabad
    7 9 Sept 2001 New York
    8 1993 blasts Bombay/Mumbai

    Case Analysis 1, Place = DELHI:

    The recent blast has a date 27, so you see a Ketu (7) is already sitting there.
    Also 27-9-2008 = 2+7 + 9 + 2+0+0+8 = 9+9+10 = 9+9+1 = 19 = 1+9 = 10 = 1.
    As mentioned earlier, number one (1) has close association with numbers 4 and 7.
    So it strengthens the effects of Ketu.
    Also, Mars in 19 = 1{9} also indicates fire/aggression.
    Moreover, it would be interesting to note that the place of attack is DELHI, starting with the letter D = 4 th alphabet = Rahu.
    Also, within Delhi the attack was in Mehrauli (M= 13 th alphabet = 1+3 = 4 = Rahu)!

    Case Analysis 2, Place = DELHI:

    The date 13 th is undoubtedly = 1+3 = 4 = Rahu. Also 13 = number of death and destruction.
    13+9+2008 = 4+9+1= 14= 1{4}, you have Rahu again here. Also 14 causes a lot of harm.
    That is why it was a more intense attack.
    Also note that the place of attack = DELHI (D=4=Rahu) and within Delhi CP, GK, Gaffar Market.
    You will notice that CP has P prominent and P = 16 th alphabet = 7 = Ketu
    GK has G = 7 th alphabet = Ketu and so has Gaffar Market.

    Case Analysis 3, Place = BANGALORE:

    25-July-2008 has Ketu in it (25=2+5=7)
    The place is Bangalore, B = 2 nd alphabet. We know that 2 and 7 (Moon and Ketu) are very close generally.

    Case Analysis 4, Place = AHMEDABAD:

    26 July 2008 = 2+6 + 7 + 2+0+0+8 = 8+7+10 = 25 = 7 = Ketu.
    Note that July = 7 and also 2007 has a 7 = Ketu.
    Ahmedabad has A = 1 as the first letter, and as already mentioned, 1and 4 combine well.

    Case Analysis 5, Place = JAIPUR:

    13 May 2008
    13 = 1+3 = 4 = Rahu = the number of death; also the date total = 4+5+10 = 19 = 10 = 1
    Once again, 1and 4 combine well.
    In Jaipur, J = 10 th alphabet = 1, once again a 1 & 4 combination.

    Case Analysis 5, Place = HYDERABAD:

    26 Aug 2007
    2+6 + 8 + 2+0+0+7 = 8+8+9 = 25 = 7 = Ketu. We also have a Ketu from the year 200{7}.
    In Hyderabad, H = 8 th alphabet = Saturn (close to Rahu).

    Case Analysis 7, Place = BOMBAY/MUMBAI:

    Blasts in 1993 = 1+9+9+3 = 22 = 4 = Rahu.
    In Bombay, B = 2 nd alphabet and if we take Mumbai (as it is presently known) M = 13 = 4 (Rahu). So it is more prone to terrorist attacks.

    Case Analysis 8, Place = USA – NEW YORK:

    9-11-2001 = 9+2+3 =14 = 1{4}- So you see the RAHU-KETU axis operating? Also you have number 14 (the number of destruction).
    Also the place = New York. N = 14 th alphabet = 1{4} (has Rahu) and York has Y = 25 th alphabet = 7 = Ketu.
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    So, we do see the RAHU-KETU axis playing a role in the timing and place of events.
    One can at least find out the relative chances of attacks at a particular date and place – though not 100% – this could help the government to strategise its next move.
    For example, the coming date Oct 14, 2008 = 10+5+1 = 16 = 7 = Ketu; also there is a 14 (which causes a lot of harm) in the date. And there is a Rahu in 1{4} – so the government could possibly increase alertness at this time.
    Also the places (cities/states) where attacks are possible are:
    Cities starting with B, K, T or G, P and Y names with 60% chance.
    Cities starting with first alphabet D, M and V (eg: Mumbai, Maharashtra) with 30% chance.
    And cities starting with alphabet A, J, S (Jalandhar etc) with 10% chance.
    Also Punjab (P = 16 = 7), Delhi (D=4) and in fact Maharashtra/Mumbai (M= 13 = 4) are much more prone to attacks (we all know the number of attacks in Mumbai is higher).
    It does not mean we shouldn’t remain alert at other times, but it helps in planning and management. Numerology is a powerful tool to plan the future, make investments, have perfect timings for important events, attract lucky vibrations etc. God willing things should be fine for all of us and the nation.

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    Why Astrology Should Be Treated As A Regular Science?

    Mr. Arvind Kejriwal Horoscope & Numerology: the Chief Minter of Delhi and a Crusader for India society-

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    Why Astrology Should Be Treated As A Regular Science?

    astrology horoscope vedic free best scientific

    What is Science?

    Have you ever wondered on what is SCIENCE?Once we master this question , we could see if Vedic Astrology or Western Astrology for that matter could be treated as a science.

    Now Wikipedia Says:
    “Science is a systematic enterprise that builds and organizes knowledge in the form of testable explanations and predictions about the universe.”

    So what does it mean?

    a) Science is a systematic way of doing things.
    b) It builds and organizes knowledge.
    c) This knowledge should have testable explanations and predictions about the Universe,

    Now how does Astrology Connect to Science?

    a)”Science is a systematic way of doing things.”
    We know is a systematic body of knowledge with data collected over the ages. We have a horoscope and there are definite rules to interpret the horoscope. As this science is subjective in nature like say social science, different astrologers could have different views about a situation, but mostly they agree on many of the points.

    b)”It builds and organizes knowledge.”
    We know in astrology or numerology, we are continuously building and organizing knowledge, be it planets,aspects,
    degrees,houses,transits,dasha or any thing else for that matter.

    c) “This knowledge should have testable explanations and predictions about the Universe”

    Lot of predictions indeed do come true and may be a few don’t come true. But the question here is – that do the predictions of social scientists about society or political scientists about politics – always come true?NO, not really- so that means Vedic Astrology and Numerology have an equal right to be in the purview of science to help mankind!

    The definition of Science and Astrology In Detail here:

    Now what makes us or others feel or think astrology is not a science?
    Let’s look at this point by point.
    a) “Does astrology not produce accurate facts? Yes, there is an issue here with astrology in this regard-as astrology is subjective in nature, there is no (YES) 100% or (NO) 0%- also the results change from one astrology system to other and from one astrologer to another. Depending on various factors.

    But what about social sciences or political sciences? Can any political scientist or social scientist predict with accuracy ( YES or NO) about the political or social situation in Delhi/Bihar or say India for that matter? No- he/she cannot. But still political science is a science! The same applies to social science or even home science (dealing with housekeeping etc )- they are still sciences, but not astrology!!!
    The only reason one can come up with is either there is a i) a strong bias against astrology OR ii) Gross Ignorance about astrological workings.

    b) Regarding research uses scientific method- there is a gap here again in astrology, but keeping in view that astrology has stood the tide of times for several thousand years- what more research is needed? But may be a localized research now, which again a lot of scientific minded astrologers have done is fair enough to address this point. This should not a be big blocking factor.

    c) Research uses hypothesis: Now research on astrology also uses hypothesis- we know that based on various systems of astrology say parashari or jaimini or nadi or any other system, these are all hypothesis. Infact there is a clear cut framework(model of working) for each of the above astrological system .

    d) Hypothesis is tested by experiments: Yes , we don’t have a centralized research system here at the moment, which possible either the people or government of India(GOI) should put in place(just like it has done for ayurveda and unani medicine). Otherwise there are tons of experiments done by astrologers and sages from the past from thousands of years to address this.

    If home science(house keeping etc), political science or social science is a science- I fail to understand why not astrology?

    The issue is with GOI’s(Government’s) focus not coming to this area. Even if 1 /10000 of the money that goes for other governmental research goes to astrology , a lot of value could come out for the help of mankind. Astrology has a huge alternative potential and value to solve human problems. But issues is in funding and basic motivation to promote it.

    Some objections by misguided- but so called “great” scientists:

    Just a passing reference, to one of the prominent scientist of India. The objections he raised. Mark the basic shallowness in the thought process of this so called scientists.

    1) Scientists Reasoning: Regarding marital conflict astrologers were 50% accurate, so why not use a coin tossing to solve such matters- hence he concluded astrology is of no use:
    This statement itself is very shallow; possibly the astrologers working with this scientist were not prepared to respond back. The point here is, astrology not only tells the marital conflict- it also points out the cause and intensity of it.

    Like is the conflict due to not having child, difference of opinion, aggressive nature of partner etc. Such kind of information one cannot get from coin tossing (The chance here is ½ x ½ …1/2(at least 10 times), which is a very rare probability to predict).

    Also people evolve and change- so what is said in natal chart also changes- so a conflict in natal chart does not necessarily mean a conflict happening actually if upayas done or counselling done .A That is the chance of all this gets reduced. The readings get altered. simple!!!So can this be the reason to defunct astrology? No.

    Also the capability of the astrologer also makes a difference in the quality and accuracy of predictions.

    2) Scientists Reasoning: As different systems (like jaimini /parashari etc) give different predictions-hence astrology is false or incoherent etc:

    Now this again is a very erroneous statement. Ask this guy ,say if one takes his front photo and both sides photo(), does it mean it would not be his photo? They(photographs) point to the same person, but with a different perspective- just like the different systems of astrology do while analyzing a chart.

    Or say I ask this scientist’s wife about him, she tells me something, his son or daughter tell about him something different and so do his students or relatives say something altogether different. Should I say all of them are speaking lies or he(The scientist) is an in coherent man? No – these are different perspectives of the same person , the same thing is true with astrology. There are errors in judgment in say astrology, but that is true with weather forecasting(also not weather scientist can tell you when it would rain at what time) or say earthquake predictions etc.

    Infact the same applies to political science, social science or home science- these are all perspective based and different scientists in above domains would give different perspectives for the same situation. Simple!!!

    Some recent Examples:

    I was just cursory study the unfortunate tragedy in Nepal( here we are talking about the nepal earth quake)- what struck me, it runs RAHU, feeding energy to Saturn , which feeds energy to VENUS(Home)(RAHU=>SATURN=>VENUS). Clear indication of some disaster at home/Nepal ( earthquake)know this is post mortem study- but with proper research a lot of such problems like earth quakes could be averted or impact reduced. We need such research centers where modern science and ancient sciences like astrology both combine.

    Like let us look at 2016 horoscope predictions of India.

    Rahu( dragon’s head) comes in with Jupiter in 4th house of public image and mind/thought process of India.That is there could be new innovations(more than average), also more inclinations and actions tuned with dharma and also opposite to dharma due rahu effect.

    Best wishes to all!!!


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    Rahu-Ketu(number 4-7)Axis and Terrorist Attacks ,Vedic Astrology/Numerology!

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    Swine Flu and Science of Vedic Astrology

    astrology horoscope vedic free best scientific

    Sun Sign Ruled and nakshatra- of Swine Flu Analyzed:

    Now What is Swine Flu?
    here is what wikipedia tells us:

    “Swine influenza, also called pig influenza, swine flu, hog flu and pig flu, is an infection caused by any one of several types of swine influenza viruses. Swine influenza virus (SIV) or swine-origin influenza virus (S-OIV) is any strain of the influenza family of viruses that is endemic in pigs. As of 2009, the known SIV strains include influenza C and the subtypes of influenza A known as H1N1, H1N2, H2N1, H3N1, H3N2, and H2N3.”

    Vedic Astrology analysis of Swine Flu:

    Swine flu starts with phonetic, which could be read as Soo, or soo-wine flu.

    Soo-wine gets pronounced as swine.

    1) The sign ruling the “SOO” sound is Aquarius, ruled by planet Saturn. In numerology, the number 8 represents Saturn.

    2) The Nakshatra ruling the Soo sound is Shatbisha, ruled by Rahu.

    Analyzing Based on Sun Sign
    We all know that Aquarius is a stubborn sign of Saturn, the planet of devastation. Moreover, Aquarians go against the conventions of the society. So can one see, that swine flu virus has gone against the conventions of regular flu/influenza virus- and is more death causing than normal flu.

    Now Aquarius according to the Vedic Astrology Classic “Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra”, is says- its middle stature and biped rashi/sun sign.It resorts to deep water and is airy.Also it is tamasic.

    Now we know the virus gets transmitted through water(sneezing) and air.One can clearly see that both the watery description and being airy is here in the above classic that applies to this swine flu virus.Now tasmasik means not so good/dirt- we know pigs are generally in dirty and watery places.So the vedic astrology fits in almost 100% with the actual description of swine flu source and transmission!

    Analyzing Based on Nakshatra
    Also, the nakshatra ruling the disease is Shatbisha, which is ruled by Rahu (a close friend of Saturn). In numerology, the number 8 represents Saturn. Rahu, the hidden planet, is supporting tamas/disease.

    Both Rahu (Number 4) and Saturn (Number 8) form a death trap.

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    Micahel-Jackson-TheSAGA-& The Divine Science of Astrology & Numerology

    Rahu-Ketu(number 4-7)Axis and Terrorist Attacks ,Vedic Astrology/Numerology!

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    Micahel-Jackson-TheSAGA-& The Divine Science of Astrology & Numerology

    Michael Jackson – The SAGA- and the Divine Sciences of Astrology

    astrology horoscope vedic free best scientific

    Who was Michael Jackson ?

    As per wikipedia:
    “Michael Joseph Jackson (August 29, 1958 – June 25, 2009) was an American singer, songwriter, record producer, dancer, and actor. Called the King of Pop,his contributions to music and dance, along with his publicized personal life, made him a global figure in popular culture for over four decades.”

    His Death:
    “Jackson died of acute propofol and benzodiazepine intoxication on June 25, 2009, after suffering from cardiac arrest. The Los Angeles County Coroner ruled his death a homicide, and his personal physician, Conrad Murray, was convicted of involuntary manslaughter. Jackson’s death triggered a global outpouring of grief, and a live broadcast of his public memorial service was viewed around the world.”

    Birth Details Of Michael Jackson:

    Michael Joseph Jackson (August 29, 1958 – 10 AM, Gary Indiana)

    At the time of event of his life coming to an end, based on vedic Astrology:
    Dasha- Antar dasha Running is Mercury-Rahu Upto Jan 01 2010.

    His Numbers and Some Astro-Numerological Interpretations:

    Why his destiny Was Music?

    Music in His Blood:
    He was born on 29th Of August= Now 29th = 2+9 = 11 = Now this is a master number of fame and fall both.Also it makes the person idealistic about matters.This idealism could have given him focus on music, un distracted by only being “practical”

    Birth date = 29= 2-9, 2= Planet Moon the 9 = Planet Mars gives sudden impulse and action which was seen in his life.

    9= mars = Rules fire/injury/operation possible or prone to, we know what role has fire/operations played with him. He burnt his hair while shooting etc.

    His destiny number = 29 + august (8) +1958(23) = 11+8+5 = 24 = 2+4 = 6 = Is Planet VENUS.

    VENUS we know is a planet of music.

    Also this Venus number has come from 24 = 2-4, where number 4 = RAHU or one could say Uranus.

    So one can know what kind of music RAHU could create- generally a practical,innovative,but totally out of convention kind of music and dance.It is not a sattvic(such classical) music as such- but it had a class of its own.

    His Birth sin = VIRGO = 6th sign, again reinforces his taste for music and also to some extent Leo=Planet Sun= Again gives the spirit of independence and leadership, channelized towards music.

    Which we is all we know aually has happened.

    His Additional Motivations for Music:

    Let us see what was in Michael’s heart by adding the vowels of his name.


    14/5+11+7= 23 = 5

    5= mercury = freedom and so is the first vowel total = 14 = 5 negative- giving a basic restlesness in him to do new things, always on move at heart. Which was obvious in his music albums.

    You can see 11 in the middle indicating idealism also it is in his birth date- which if had not got – he could not have reached these heights. Also number 11 gives a lot of stress as a person is inspired and at times not be able to be grounded.

    Why his destiny Was Music?

    Drugs and Luxaries:
    Astrologically- a weak/old rahu is sitting on the ascendant- so we know why he was un- conventional /sudden and hidden in many ways.

    Drugs also come under purview of Rahu.

    Also this rahu-Ketu axis affects his relationships.

    The 2nd house lord = Venus = speech. Has the benefic Jupiter to sweeten it.

    Also the lord of speech sits in the house of money- so brings ion money through art.

    But as it is weak- suggest outflow of money for luxaries/conforts and at the same time connects the flow of money to his religious beliefs (9th house).

    Also house 2 has an aspect of a good enough mars – sitting in 8th house. So one could expect rough aspects coming into the speech- along with sweetness of Jupiter.

    Religion and Beliefs:

    Aspect of rahu on 9th house- suggests a reversal in religious beliefs to an extent- which did happen, he accepted Islam.

    Looking Inside his Mind:
    Moon = mind in 6th house in Saturn =weak and bit single track.
    Aspect of Jupiter- inclines towards religion/occult as well and Jupiter sitting on Venus sign also shows affect of aesthetics if music on mind.

    Aspect of sun in 12th house on mind- suggests person will forego self for others.

    So this is a very brief prime facie analysis for the readers.

    Death and Cause Of death:

    a) 8th house lord = mars , sitting in 8th house, suggest pitta/attack or underworld
    b) Aspect of Jupiter- water, also rules heart and family matters
    c) Aspect of sun in 12th house – which says, neglect of self or even suicide.

    1) But as maximum impact is mars- so it could be pitta/fire created due to drugs. Also mars rules third house= chest/heart possibly being affected as Saturn is also sitting over there.

    2) As mars sits in 8th house/hidden attacks, or some hidden aspect or underworld attack could also be there.

    But in navamsa- mars ruled 4/9, sits in 5th, which is Jupiter’s sign and also 4th house has Jupiter sitting in it.

    As Jupiter is a maraka. Also as Jupiter rules 12th house- it still leaves some lingering doubts.

    i)So most probably it was point number 1), the pitta generated fire as Rahu’s period is running- so would increase the drug intake and hence the heat due to the same.

    ii)ALSO note MARKESH = JUPITER, which gets malefic energy from RAHU in the antar dasha and hence gets charged to kill.

    Also in Transit Jupiter is in 6th house of disease so gets full disease energy and also it sits in 2nd house(which again is the house of 2nd marakesha/killer for him =Venus)

    But yes as rahu rules underworld or hidden people, so they might have plotted it or planned it- though the death actually might be basically caused due to Vata/Stress increase due to Rahu in dasha and ruling the self, leading to pitta/fire increase- that in turn leading to heart attack- but it could have been planned.

    This needs a more focused analysis-which I would do at a later date.

    Natural Forces- astrology/numerology and Michael(May His Soul Rest in peace):

    I am sure- Sri Miachel Ji(may his soul live in peace)- Must have had the best of astrologers- may be doing some rahu remedies could have averted the “inevitable” or reduced his pain to an extent.

    YES, to an extent natural forces can be manipulated by intense and directed prayers, donations, anushthanas and mantra chanting.

    Anyways we all have lessons to learn for the future. The key is to protect ourselves intelligently by effective use of astro-numerology.

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    Why Astrology Should Be Treated As A Regular Science?

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