Virat kohli & Anushka Sharma love marriage in Italy December, 2018 horoscope kundli relationships India predictions

Anushka_Sharma_and_Virat_Kohli_at_Vogue_Beauty_Awards virat kohli anushka sharma love marriage italy december 2018 horoscope kundli relationships india predictions

Virat kohli & Anushka Sharma love marriage in Italy December, 2018 horoscope kundli relationships India predictions

The relationship of anushka Sharma the bollywood star  and virat kohli the cricket or IPL star- why so special?

  • The bollywood start Anushka Sharma and the Indian Cricket – IPL star virat kohli of world fame/celebrities in their own areas got married this year on 11th December 2017 In a private function in Italy.
  • Like for films/bollywood (anushka Sharma is the Goddess) and cricket is Virat kohli’s arena or playground.
  • Anushka started her film career or debut in the year 2008, and is one of the most populare and highest paid actress of the Mumbai film industry. She got her break in the film “ rab ney bana di Jodi” opposite to the famous actor shah rukh khan.
  • On the other hand virat kohli is a cricketer of international repute. He plays with right hand and ranked as world’s best athlete by the ESPN He plays as  part of royal challengers Bangalore(IPL= Indian premier league) and is the team captain for several years.
  • Virat Kohli has been dating or in love with the bollywood actress anushka Sharma right from the year 2013. The couple soon got a nickname a combination of both name virat + anushka as virsuhka.
  • The relationships of virat and anushka was very hot and popular in the hindi movies and much talked about along with rumours about marriage/breakup etc
  • They finally got married on 11 December 2017 in a highly  private function  in Italy, Florence.

Virat-KohliH virat kohli anushka sharma love marriage italy december 2018 horoscope kundli relationships india predictions

Virat Kohli solar Horoscope

Anushka-SharmaH virat kohli anushka sharma love marriage italy december 2018 horoscope kundli relationships india predictions

Anushka sharma Solar Horoscope

What attracts Virat Kohli and anushka share to each other?

  • 5 November 1988 = virat kohli birth date
  • 1 May 1988 (age 29)= anushka Sharma’s birth date
  • Based on solar kundli or sor solar horoscope of anushka Sharma. anushka Sharma has lagna or ascendant of Aries(mesha rashi)- in her solar chart or horoscope(kundli),this is a very aggressive sign and also being the first sign of the zodiac is action oriented in nature. It could also be aggressive and impatient. We have to note that anushka Sharma is birth number =1 a well- she is born on first date.
  • Based on solar kundli or solar horoscope of virat kohli, Virat at the other end is Libra, or the sign of Tula rashi- the planet Venus rules the same and this is the planet of love and beauty- that makes him a lover of arts/beauty and yes women. Also makes him good looking.
  • In any kundli or horoscope,Venus or shukra is not a great friend of mars(mangal dev), we know we heard news sometime of breakups etc between the couple virushka- also at the same time Venus and mars represent love for woman and men both.
  • Mars or Mangal is love and passion of or men and Venus is for women. Also virat has opposite women’s love sign or rashi as lagan and anushka Sharma has Aries(mesha) or mars the ruing sign for men in love. This complementary nature of signs creates tremendous attraction between the couple despite the ups and downs that we have seen in the relationship.
  • Mars(Mangal) has number 9 and Venus number 6, 9+6 = 15 = 1+5= 6(Venus/shukra)= marriage- so due to this combination the relationships culminating into a healthy marriage is a high chance.

What would cause difference of opinions between virat Kohli and anushka Sharma relationships?.

  • As discussed earlier the key planets for anushka’skndli or horoscope is mars(Mangal/mesha rashi) is the ruler and for virat’s kundli or horoscope Venus is the ruler for Libra or Tula lagna .
  • Mars and Venus are not friends as such, Venus is considered as a benefic in Vedic astrology and mars a malefic and also mars ruling the lagna in anuskha’s kundli does create a sort of Mangal dosha as well based on her solar kundli as there is the seventh aspect to the seventh house- though not very strong as such. So virat kohli  needs to guard on basic accidents etc while playing cricket  and otherwise as I have suggested in other articles.
  • Virat has a more sobering influence of Venus and mars would make anushka more on the aggressive side and yes action oriented to do family related stuff. Virat would find anushka more aggressive in taking initiative in relationships.
  • The difference in approaches of the two could cause differences cropping up in married life.
  • Also anushka is number 1= sun/surya, so she wants to dominate the show and may be highly ambitious even after marriage, but virat on the other hand is number 5= mercury= budha, so he wants change and fun and new things. This could cause differences to crop in after marriage- which the couple has to be careful about.
  • Virat may demand more of change and fun in life and anushka may at times be more focussed on career or other things in life and insist on own needs – this could be a cause of conflicts in the couple GOD forbid, though we always wish them all the bets in life.

The year ahead 2018 for relationships of Virat Kohli and anushka Sharma predictions ?

  • In the kundli or horoscope for Anushka Sharma, Jupiter or guru the lord of ninth and twelfth house for anushka Sharma transits in the seventh house of hers. Jupiter carries more of blessing and some issues due to lordship of twelfth house, so over all the year 2018 could be great for anushka- with some hassles here and there coming up- but in control.
  • In the kundli or horoscope for Virat Kohli But for virat kohli as relationship rules his career relationships as well-as Jupiter in first house or bhava transit is generally not great- but sure it got him married. But at the same time Jupiter gets the malefic energy of mercury or budha ruling the twelfth house- so over all this could be a bit emotionally demanding time for virat kohli.
  • He has to take special care in march ending/April and yes September 2018 to guard on issues in relationships to do with his job or career or also his new relationships with anushka Sharma.
  • With some conscious care and upayas/remedies matters would come in control and he would be in the safe zone enjoying life to the fullest extent.

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