Sanjay Dutt & Rahu in Horoscope Predictions

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About this article

  • This article touches the strength and behavior of rahu in any horoscope or Kundali.
    It also looks at roles of rahu for sanjay dutt’s getting into legal matters or getting jailed.
    It then analyzes why and what makes him big star in bollywood, the role of his father ad mother sunil and nargis dutt in his success and what causes his multiple marriages.
    all in detail
  • Rahu strength in Horoscope- sanjay dutt sanju

    What role does rahu play in Horoscope ?

    • Rahu is a natural malefic and is the intersection point of moons orbit with the ecliptic or the plane on which the other planets move.
    • Rahu is the ruler of number 4= underworld/dacoits/revolutionary people and people who rebel. It also is for  things that are hidden.
    • In the below article the strength of rahu is checked base on its state or situation  it is in over and above the exaltation and debilitation of rahu in Taurus or Scorpio signs
    • Sanjay dutt is a son of the veteran hero Sunil dutt and has gotten success in films or movies in working in negative roles connected to rahu or dragons head. Like dacoit, thief or a gang leader etc.

    Rahu strength in Horoscope & predictions

    • 1) If the planet rahu is in agam state or avastha
    • Predictions1:the person could be mentally distressed and may have fear from his or her enemies. There could be legal issues as well. His or her own people may go against .The person may be crafty in behavior and may have a lean and thin body. His or her finances would not flourish.
    • In the agama avastha rahu is not strong.
    • 2) If the planet rahu is in the bhojan avastha,
    • Predictions2:the person may not even get food and be very dull or with low IQ. There could be lack of courage as well. There could also be less marital and happiness form progeny or kids.
    • In the Bhojan avastha rahu is not strong.
    • 3) If the planet rahu is in the nritya lips avastha or state
    • Predictions 3: The person may get serious ailments or diseases. There could be difficulty in one to subdue the same. The eyes sight could be impacted and the enemies may dominate the person. There could be a financial misfortune as well.
    • In nritya lips avastha or state rahu is not strong.
    • 4) if the planet rahu is in the kautuk state
    • Predictions 4: The person may not be able to hold his or her position. The interest of the person may be in others and also opposite. The person may be prone to steal wealth.
    • In kautuk avastha  rahu is just OK.
    • 5) if the planet rahu is in the nidra state or avastha
    • Predictions 5: The person would be very virtuous and would be having a souse (husband or wife) and also children, he or she may be very courageous and bold and from an affluent family.
    • In nidra avastha or sate rahu is strong

    Sanjay dutt the film star of bollywood birth details

    • Born Sanjay Balraj Dutt
    • 29 July 1959 (age 58)
    • Bombay State, India

    Something interesting about sanjay dutt?

    • sanjay dutt’s full name is sanjay balraj dutt. he is born on 29th of July on the cusp of cancer sign(karkat rashi) and Leo or simha rashi. He is primarily a film actor and a producer. he is known for his work on Hindi cinema
    • sanjay dutt has studied in lawrence school in  sanawar . he is the son of the leading Hindi film actor Sunil dutt. sanjay dutt started acting in films from 1981 itself and have worked over 180 films or movies.
    • sanjay dutt has got great success in negative roles or even as a villain. this includes working as dacoits or gangsters or even as a police officer.
    • On the June of 29 of 2018 , a film made on him(sanjay dutt) has been released starring rishi kapoors son ranbir kapoor.

    sanjay-dutt-d1 rahu strength horoscope sanjay dutt sanjusanjay-dutt-d9 rahu strength horoscope sanjay dutt sanju

    what is the Role of rahu in sanjay dutt’s life and career?

    • In the horoscope of sanjay dutt, Rahu is in close conjunction of bhava madhya or midpoint of house of sanjay dutts horoscope in the eleventh house of friends and gains. These rahu aspects his third bhava or house of people around and his actions and the fifth house of his thinking and yes the seventh bhava or house.
    • Given the horoscope of sanjay dutt  as results rahu in eleventh gives deceit from friends- or people you trust he got arrested for keeping arms in Mumbai bomb blast case. also rahu here makes the person gain and loose wealth suddenly due to nature of rahu energy.
    • For the horoscope of sanjay dutt  Rahu aspect on the third bhava or house gives sanjay dutt roles of villain s third is the house of action. Rahu aspect on his younger sister house with Saturn retrograde there means his sister would also be very independent minded person and may rebel in some form the society. she is into politics and domain of rahu.
    • Aspect of rahu on sanjay dutt’s fifth house causes him to work and think as a rebel at times. ketu in the fifth bhava . so stomach trouble would be there.
    • In the kundaali or horoscope of sanjay dutt  aspect of rahu on the seventh bhava or house of relationships suggest that he may marry multiple times and may have relationships with multiple females.his seventh lord is mars is weak but is passionate in Kendra house of tenth with venus. so giving sanjay dutt above average sex urge.
    • he is said to have dated around 300 girls in his life

    What makes Sanjay Dutt such a great actor and a person?

  • now looking at his Lagna or ascendant, it is ruled by aggressive Mars or Mangal and is Raja Yoga karaka into e tenth house for Sanjay Dutt.
    It makes him successful in film or Bollywood roles. one can very clearly see or observe that mars are sitting in the tenth or 10th House or bhava of career and action for Sanjay Dutt. and it is karaka for action and muscles. so that makes him different especially macho image or masculine images needed in the action films. he also has a strong enough Venus sitting nearby to mars into the tenth house, which is weak by being in the
  • Leo sign or Simha Rashi. It is the Lord of the twelfth or 12th house but still, it is ok it gives him and passionate good enough sensitive image along with masculinity of mars.
    Venus(Shukra) and Mars(mangal) aspect the fourth house of mother Nargis Dutt of Sanjay Dutt.
  • What is the Equation Of Life of Sanjay Dutt ?
    Mars mars mangal sanjay dutt + Leo mars mangal sanjay dutt leo+venus sanjay dutt venus== Films & sanjay Dutt

    which planets made Sanjay Dutt have multiple marriages?

  • also one can see that he(Sanjay Dutt) lost his first wife Richa Sharma due to cancer and then left the second wife Rhea Pillai who was an air hostess turned model. and yes now he is married to Manyata who is originally Dilnawaz Shaikh. Now we can notice that close to Venus(Shukra) for Sanjay Dutt is malefic mars which impact the health of wife and relationships as well for him. also one can see that Venus(Shukra) is Lord of the seventh or 7th house or Bhava .yes it definitely rules his wife or wives and Venus aspected by malefic Mars indicates multiple marriages for Sanjay Dutt . also Mars is Lord of 6th (sixth)house of 6th bhava . so a lot of negative energy of bad health and legal conflict etc is coming through mars.
  • what kind of support Sanjay Dutt got from his father Sri Sunil Dutt and set. Nargis Dutt based o his horoscope and kundali?

  • now looking at 2nd Bhava lord that is.Jupiter or guru is twelfth or 12th house lord. so his status can go to a walk or zero due to the same. also, Jupiter in 12th gives great ego to the person. also Jupiter in twelfth may make one less dharma at times.
    The ninth bhava lord of luck and Fortune/father moon(Chandra) is exalted in the seventh or 7th house itself. that itself gives great support to him through his father Sunil Dutt. we have noted that his ninth house Lord rules his father Sri Sunil Dutt. so his father gives great support. so that way Sanjay Dutt Ji’s is lucky.
  • well so his Lord of public image of the games that we get from is movies of films is Saturn that is in 2nd Bhava so certain give him good power and image as well Rahu sitting in 11th house gives in unexpected ways that are the windfalls in the movies the Lord of 11th house in the 9th house forming a good Raj Yoga and give Sanjay Dutt
    Also, Jupiter is lord of gains and wealth and status
  • what planetary combinations suggest that his mother and father would be distinguished people ? .

  • we know Sanjay Dutt’s parents like Sri Sunil Dutt and smt. Nargis Dutt jis is would renowned people. now the moon in the chart represents mother that is smt. Nargis Dutt and for Sri Sunil Dutt also, we have moon the lord of the ninth bhava that is exalted in the Taurus sign or vrishabha Rashi in the seventh house.
    so clearly suggests that his father Sri Sunil Dutt ji would be well placed and yes good support of wealth and fortune over all to Sanjay Dutt. the Lord of the tenth or 10th House career in the ninth house suggests that his father would be close to him in career.
    that is a film industry .he(Sunil Dutt) would be a dignified person.
  • also, Mercury The Lord of gains is in the ninth bhava of dharma, so that also suggests that his father could be connected to the film industry and so would be his mother as the Virgo sign has Rahu sitting in it . also Rahu deals with the film industry roles.
  • what planetary combinations got him engaged in legal tangle or court etc in 1993?

  • Now the question is that why did Sanjay Dutt’s name come in 1993 terrorist and disruptive activities Prevention Act >? it is primarily his Saturn or Shani the Planet of his public image is sitting in the second bhava. Saturn/Shani is weak in transit and rules his public image. also the dispositor Jupiter is weak in sitting in the 12th bhava of loss and we know that why his public image gets impacted. 12th Bhava Lord Venus rules Court cause/ jail is sitting into the career house. also note that planet Sun the planet of public image is there with the 8th House Lord Mercury(Budha) . and Venus lord of 12th is sitting in the 10th House suggests that he will have to do some work to do with jails, hospitals, and legal matters could pester him. so overall this makes him take hard Journeys and make him work very hard for jail
  • what makes Sanjay Dutt choose film industry or movies ?

  • Now once again what makes him take the film industry or Bollywood and be so successful in it? IN his horoscope or kundali we know that mars are the strongest planet and it is the lagna or Scorpio for Sanjay Dutt. so makes his works as an action hero and yes a muscleman. now as for Sanjay Dutt, mars is very close to Venus(Shukra) that deals with the film industry. A strong connection with the film industry is there. also, all this energy as well is there in the house of action. that is karma house. So venus gets the moon energy as the moon is sitting in the Venus sign of Taurus(vrishabha Rashi.) also the energies of the 9th house of the moon also blesses Sanjay Dutt with good success and support from his father Sunil Dutt.
  • Now we know that for the film industry Rahu or dragon’s head is sitting in the eleventh or 11tyh house of Virgo or mercury(Kanya Rashi).so this suggests that there could be blemishes on his name work. which is where we know for Sanjay Dutt in the terrorist act. also that the same time sun and mercury sitting on either side of career house gave him great name/image and status in the film industry as well.
  • W we also note that based on numerology his total numbers comes to 6 = Venus the planet for acting and film industry in Bollywood.29 July 1959 = 29/11/2 + July(7) + 1959(24) = 33/6(3+3=6). and he or Sanjay Dutt his born on 29th of July./ so this is a very strong moon influence on him. moon gives him great variability of the image to him and also makes a big success(moon might reflect the energies of the sun). so cancer(July energies) and 29=2+9=11= Neptune and 1=moon gave shim big boons from his parents as well Sri Sunil Dutt and smt Nargis Dutt. rest is the history we know how accurate all the analysis is.
    we wish him best of luck in life.
  • Predictions for sanjay dutt for  2018-2019

    • sanjay dutt is running Saturn mercury period in his horoscope or kundali.
    • Mercury or budha rules his house of gains the eleventh house or bhava so he would make good money out of the royalty of the film sanju.
    • mercury also rules the eight houses or bhava and sits in the ninth bhava or house. also so he or sanjay dutt may have more frequent foreign travels in this period till 2019 ending.
    • sanjay dutt should take good care of his health now as eighth house lord is a tertiary markesh for sanjay dutt. he also needs to think and then act.
    • We wish him all the best in life.