sagittarius horoscope astrology

Sagittarius sun sign is ruled by the planet Jupiter. the planet for good deeds and religion. This sign gains strength in night and is fiery in nature.It is a biped sign in the first half and second half is quadruped.It is strong in the east.It lives on land.
Avoiding This Would Make you Pure Gold:
You have to be careful before you criticize other people, Jupiter negative gives a tendency to be a good critic- but people at office or home could take it otherwise.
Domination or being too much attached to convention is something you may want to work on.
Pride is something what is balanced by Humility.

Your talent- That You Should Polish To Shine Like a Gem:
You have a great concentration , befitting an archer is is the symbol of this sign.
You could be very open, frank and honest/friendly- which anyone would love to have.
You posses Generally a good sense of humor
Jupiter gives inclination to dharma/good deeds – keep it up..
Your Friendship:
You could get along well with Sagitarians, Leo sign people, Aries and Yes Taurus.
These signs would give you a good friendly company.
Your Lucky Years:
24,30 ,33,36,38, 33, 30, 39, 45
Your Years Of Caution:
23( To some extent), 32, 35, 44, 47
Your Lucky Months:
Your Lucky Color:

Your Lucky Stones:
Amethyst . Which stone exactly would be suitable for you & which stone could work against you can be suggested only after study of your complete horoscope.

Lucky Stones Or Gemstones have been worn since ages by Kings,Great Emperors,Sages and Common Man alike- to solve their wordly problems & Attract vibration of wealth, prosperity & Happiness from the comos to themselves. If You would like to know more about this- CLICK HERE gems-836763_1920 (1)

Your Lucky Charm or Amulet:
You could draw this on a piece of paper and keep it in your pocket.