SAGITTARIUS Sun Sign Health Horoscope (Dhanu Rashi)

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Sagittarius Sun Sign HEALTH Horoscope (Dhanu Rashi):

  • One with Sagittarius sign or dhanu rashi in Sanskrit , should deal with problems possible due to excess work taken from their mind & body – the best way is to keep the mind blank at times and do shavasana(Yoga pose to relax mind body and soul) more frequently.
  • unless the Jupiter (guru) is weak, the body of Sagittarius people is generally strong enough. There Could there be too much planning and thinking in the mind of these people that could cause stress related problems. Take rest from time to time.
  • One may be mental stress prone . Also Sagittarius sign people have a tendency for non adjustment to heat or cold – this could cause bronchitis and related problems of lungs.
  • Liver could give trouble if Jupiter weak in the horoscope or the kundali. One may have to deal with liver/spleen and blood needs care. If there be as spleen and liver related problem already , then diabetes needs preventive care . Doing Yoga would help.
  • There could be stress due to worrying too much and also One may have to deal with hair-fall problems at relatively younger age.
  • To sum up the Sagittarius people need to take care of your nerves due to over work.
  • Rheumatism and throat/lung and skin infections possible.
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