How Do Astrology Remedies Work?

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About this Article ?

  • This is a very interesting and unique article where you get to know based on remedies of Vedic Astrology for Health, Wealth ,Money, Job , career, or children problems.
  • Plus How your karma in Horoscope or Kundli connects you to your Luck & fortune ?
  • This article looks at fundamentals of How and why the astrological remedies work for any Human being.
  • and how you could modify Your past life karma or your previous Incarnation ;)?
  • There are various methods by which planetary energies of the Horoscope or Kundli that could be balanced in Vedic astrology. like donations, prayer or mantra, herbs, personality changes etc.
  • All can solve problems – why and how of the various methods is discussed.
  • That is with either Gemstones or Yajnas or Havans and many other methods for success in life 😉
  • get to know how the gemstones work on your Body system or chakra to heal you? also how do the various Yajnas or Yagyas help you to get healed. 🙂
  • get answer to any problems in life through Vedic Remedies.
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    How do Vedic astrology Remedies work?

  • We all do not want problems 😉 to come. but for GOD the creator problems are lessons to help us to evolve higher in the path of life.
  • So Yes as well all face problems of some kind or other at family, Career, Finances, Wife or husband, children or say foreign travel etc. we want to resolve it better.
  • All the problems that come to us are form our past life karma or incarnations. this karma is stored in our 7 (seven chakras) .
  • and released at the time of dasha or planetary period or transit of planets to help us learn from our mistakes.
  • The entire good and bad karma is accurately placed in our horoscope or Kundli.
  • the game for a good astrologer is to decipher the karma of the past life and give the best possible remedy.
  • So the good karma is suggested by strong or exalted or benefic planets functionally or by nature like Jupiter, Mercury and moon/Venus are natural benefics.
  • The same applies to bad karma like natural malefic like mars(Mangal), Saturn( shani) or rahu(dragon’s head) and Ketu( dragon’s tail), or lords of 3rd, 2nd , 6th, 7th,8th or 12th are functional malefic in general sense.
  • They give us punishments to help us learn from past doings . In form of health, wealth, career, job, children , property , marriage, or other problems.

  • What is the reason for the Remedies to work?

  • Actually, all our karma of past life incarnations is stores wither in the 7 chakras of the spine or in the brain. this karma gets relates in various dasha and transit periods to help us learn new lessons. 🙂
  • So, the remedies are to burn this past life karma stored in the brain or the spinal centers.
  • so basically, the strengthening or partition of weak or afflicted planets would help us change our psyche or behavior and hence manifest a better behaver so as the karma has a lesser chance to manifest.
  • meditation mantra incantations sacred remedies kundli horoscope
    1)Meditation on OM and Japam.

  • so the first and foremost is meditation and also japma of seed sounds of various planets like for Saturn it is om Sham Shanaishcharaye namoha 108 x as many times.
  • this works on your chakras and brain to attract the right kind of events in life also prepares your personality to handle problems due to Saturn or Shani dev.
  • yantra remedies kundli horoscope
    2 Yantras or Amulets

  • The mantras or cosmic energies have a geometric correspondence as well. so, a dot on a paper may represent the cosmos or say the Shiva Lingam may be representative of the cosmic forces of the nature.
  • so Yantras are basically geometric representation of the cosmic forces. wearing or mediating on the same helps to attract the right energies to self.
  • plants herbs remedies kundli horoscope
    3. Herbs and products

  • Astrology being a deeper science it connects various products and even plans and their products with planetary energies. balancing the same helps to balance the karma.
  • the products or material used are generally the gemstones that is fossilized materials , also Rudraksha, crystal balls in Chinese systems , so is various plats and herbs.
  • donation remedies kundli horoscope
    4. Donation of planet:

  • Donations for the planets that rule malefic houses like 3, 6, 8th and 12th is recommended. we do not wear stones corresponding to these planets as negative energy increases.
  • so the only option is donation of appropriate materials to appropriate people. like for mars masur Ki daal could be donated to warrior class of people. if say mars is very malefic or lord of 6/3/8 or 12 bhava or house.
  • so is true mostly for universal malefic like rahu( dragon’s head) and ketu( dragon’s tail).
  • as generally the stones of theirs have to worn with caution. but donation like donation to old age homes for Rahu(dragon’s head) could work wonders or say donation to temples would work wonders for ketu or dragon’s tail issues in the horoscope.
  • negative personality attitudes remedies kundli horoscope
    5. Over all personality changes or attitudes:

  • We know that as the problems or issues we face are form our past karma designed by GOD to teach us lessons. so, if we make the appropriate changes in our behavior that problems would stop troubling us .:).
  • Like if say some one has ego problems so he or she would face issues in family and also office due to same and then assume this is his or her karma. but this could be reduced by even making attitudinal changes of more cooperation and humility. 😉
  • In western astrology this aspect of personality changes is more focused is there in numerology of the west. this also works as the prime goals of GOD’s laws is to teach us the due lessons of compassion, perseverance, planning etc If we do it ourselves the problems would go way. 😉
  • parents blessings remedies working horoscope kundli
    Blessings or Good wishes 🙂

  • It is said that if one serves his parents, then all the planetary karma gets burst. 😉
    so this is called the blessings of parents. also so is the blessings of friends, well wishers and also your Guru.
  • Doing good karma to help others invariably come as blessings to you and your family beyond what is written in your Kundli and Horoscope.
  • vrata fasting remedies working horoscope kundli
    7)Vrata or Fasting

  • fasting on the days of specific planets gives relief for the malefic effects of that planet. like Saturn rules 6,3,8 or 12th house. so one cannot wear a stone for the same- so in that case with proper procedure fasting could be done for Saturdays to pacify the energies of Saturn.
  • The same thing could be done for other planets like Moon(Tuesday), Mars or Mangal on Tuesday, Mercury for Wednesday, Jupiter or Gurus for Thursday and Venus or shukra for Friday and sun for Sunday.
  • numbers numerology remedies working horoscope kundli
    Colors and numbers

  • Colours connects to each planet or numbers. say if Jupiter or Guru is weak and not malefic than one could strengthen to by wearing yellwo colour.
  • of if say mars is weak one could strengthen to by wearning handkerchief of red colour.
  • lal kitab remedies working horoscope kundli
    Other remedies

  • Other remedies are like simple remedies like given int he lal kitab. this bring in quick relief but Vedic remedies are more recommended as they are stable and sattvic.
  • so is the remedies of visiting various temples and religious places of India. Like visiting Haridwar or kashi or Banaras can heal a lot of karma rot he person. Visiting Jyotirlingas is a great relief for saturn, sun, rahu(dragon’s head) and ketu(dragon’s tail) remedies.
  • gemstones remedies working horoscope kundli
    How do GEMSTONES- Naturally Tune Your Chakras and Destiny Or Karma and bring in Good Luck ? 😉 Know the secrets 😉

  • Gemstones like coral for mars, yellow sapphire(pukhraaj) for Jupiter, Neelam or blue sapphire for Saturn, Gomed or hessonite for Rahu,etc. are naturally occurring & emit subtle but powerful vibrations to charge the human chakras and body.
  • They are also effective in reduce the negative effects of planetary energies radiating in the cosmos and bringing in wealth and prosperity to the individual wearing them.
  • Based on a thorough scientific analysis your Individual Vedic Horoscope if proper gemstones are suggested and used by you, they can work wonders for you .
  • yagya havan 2
    YAGYAS Or YAJNAS – Are The Scientific & Powerful Thought Energy & Cosmic Energy Based Healing of Destiny, karma Or Luck Transformation

  • As an old saying in the Holy Bible – As you sow so shall you reap. This principle applies to Vedic Remedies as well.
  • That is In Vedic Remedies( especially Yajnas/Yagyas), with proper pronunciation and chanting of potent Vedic Mantras- energy is projected in the cosmos on Your Behalf.
  • That is what comes back to you in terms of relief from any problem One might be facing or in terms some gains or benefits You Might be expected.
  • Any problem- to do with your personal life or professional life can in principle be either reduced in intensity of completely eliminated by Vedic Remedies.
  • It all depends on how much strength your past karma has (determined from your horoscope) and How much energy is generated by the Yajna’s or Yagya’s.
  • needs who remedies working horoscope kundli
    Who Needs Vedic Remedies?

  • It could be anyone could be benefitted by this- be it for a personal(health, relationships, job, financial etc.)
  • or professional problem OR gains-like promotions, monetary or any other kind of gains.
  • vedic remedies working horoscope kundli
    Vedic Remedies:
    Vedic Yagyas Or Yajnas:

  • Mahamrityunjay Yagya: The prime and the most important is Mahamrityunjay mantra – as it is for the supreme being GOD himself and controls all planets. So, it helps in addressing any planetary problems as well as effectively like planetary yagna’s.
  • Planetary Yagyas/Yajnas : The Planetary Yagyas/Yajnas for various planets- like Sun,Moon,Jupiter,Rahu(dragon’s head),Mercury, Venus, ketu(dragon’s tail),Saturn and Mars.
  • Are used to reduce the malefic effects of planets or even strengthening a weak planet in the horoscope- so as it is able to deliver the benefits .