Horoscope Second House(wealth house) Or Dhana Bhava


About this article ?

  • This article talks about second bhava or house of your horoscope. That’s deals with many aspects of your life like wealth, money, family, and speech and yes fortune 🙂 as well.
  • This article at length talks about the results of 2nd bhava or house based on classical Vedic astrology text. Also it suggests how various planets lordships of 2nd bhava impact your wealth, money and fame. also it covers the impact of if any of the 9 planets are there in your 2nd bhava right from sun, moon to mars etc.
  • It later takes up a sample example of anil ambani ji’s 2nd house to study his rise and fall in business or wealth status.
  • Horoscope Second House(wealth house) Or Dhana Bhava

    Various Planetary Combinations & Conditions for Good Wealth Flows and Bad Wealth Flows explained Below:
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  • What planetary combinations could cause losses in wealth? If the lord of second house or dhana bhava is in second house or is in an angle(4/7/10) or is in a trine(1/5/9 house)- the wealth flows would increase. So is true when the planet is in transit a swell. If the planet is in 6/8 or 12th house- there would be decay in wealth flows..
  • Benefic planets like Jupiter(Guru)/ mercury(budha) or Venus(shukra) will increase wealth- while a malefic would reduce wealth.
    second house wealth money wealth status

  • How can Jupiter or Guru Give you great wealth? The planet of wealth Jupiter or guru is in second house or dhana bhava – there will be a lot of wealth.
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    What could make you wealthy and Popular?

  • There could be wealth if lord of 2nd and 11th either are together in conjunction in angular houses or trines or there is an energy exchange like lord of wealth in labia bhava(11th) and lord of labia (11th) in 2nd house.
  • If the lord of second house(dhana bhava) is in its own rashi or sign or in exaltation- the person will look after his people, help other people and be popular.
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  • Is wealth earning easy for you? If the lord of second house or dhana bhava is with a benefic and in a good navamsha division or higher divisional chart– money can be earned easily.
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  • does your second house indicate about your wealth matters as well> If the house of wealth that is second house be in conjunction with malefic or the lord is in conjunction- the person might speak untruth and there could be wind related problems.
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    What is the Impact of Various Planets in the 2nd House In Any Horoscope or Kundli?

    Sun in Second House of your Horoscope or Kundli -Effects

  • Sun or surya in second house means you will earn through your own efforts. Also you might have a distinct speech or way of talking.
  • Good status in society is sun is strong and not a malefic in your horoscope.
  • Moon in Second House of your Horoscope or Kundli :Effects

  • Moon or Chandra in second house or labia bhava of your horoscope could mean fluctuations in fortune and wealth flows.
  • Jupiter in Second House of your Horoscope or Kundli :Effects

  • Jupiter the benefic in second house could mean good flows of money and status. This could give interest in dharma or religion.
  • Rahu in Second House of your Horoscope or Kundli :Effects

  • Rahu in second house could mean exceptional gains or losses. Also one has to be careful with the speech or words one uses. There could be blockages in wealth flows at times.
  • Mercury in Second House of your Horoscope or Kundli :Effects

  • Mercury or budha in second house suggests good flow of money and quick talker.
  • Venus in Second House of your Horoscope or Kundli :Effects

  • Venus or shukra here in second house means good for comforts and status in society. If Venus is strong.
  • Ketu in Second House of your Horoscope or Kundli: Effects

  • Ketu in second house could affect the wealth flows when ketu period runs. Ketu here also means that one could have a shrill speech.
  • Saturn in Second House of your Horoscope or Kundli : Effects

  • Saturn or shani in second house generally would give delays in your wealth flows (unless strong) and also one needs to avoid harsh speech.
  • Mars in Second House of your Horoscope or Kundli: Effects

  • Mars or Mangal could be one could be aggressive in speech. Also unless mars is strong- mars here means loss of status and wealth.
  • second house wealth money  anil ambani
    Why did Anil Ambani gain weal and Loose it?

  • now let us study the second house of Anil Ambani the brother of Mukesh Ambani of the reliance industries.
  • the second House Lord for Anil Ambani is Saturn(shani) for Anil Ambani. Saturn or Shani Dev as we know gives success after effort . also it is ruling the second house of Anil Ambani & it is sitting in the 12th house or Vyaya or expenditure and loses.
  • so I can very clearly see that in his Horoscope losses of wealth and status is there.
    so as it is Saturn or shani dev. It could give him success only by hard work or proper honesty . else if could work against Anil Ambani ji.
  • now looking at the 2nd bhava from Moon sign . Now for Anil Ambani it is mercury or budha. it is very strong in the lagna itself . It gives good business intelligence to him. so means that anil Ambani would have good wealth and status . He would be blessed with good Intelligence and command to deliver effectively in his career goals.
  • also the third House Lord is in the lagna or ascendant. so this gives him good ability to execute projects at job.
  • Our wealth is one of the most important facet of life. This is judged by the second house and also the eleventh house. A proper health of lord of second house or dhana bhava and proper drishtis or aspects on the second house ensure good wealth flows.
  • now we can very clearly see what cause the Rise and fall of anil Ambani ji
  • sample wealth report pasted below

    Thanks for putting Trust in us: http://astrozing.com

    We have tried to do a detailed analysis of your chart and tried to give you the best.

    Your Birth Details:

    dec 21 1982
    20:47 kanpur
    Month of birth
    year of birth
    time of birth
    first name
    middle name
    last name
    minutes of birth
    hour of birth
    place of birth

    • Your Horoscope:

    • Your Divisional Chart-2(D2), the Money Related Harmonic Chart:

    Special BONUS readings based on d2 for you
    • Hora represents happiness/gains and losses due to wealth we earn. It is an expansion of the 2nd house or bhava
    • In hora or d2 divisional chart all planets occupy Leo and cancer, so signifying the moon and sun energies-0 that means gain through parental blessings. Sun= father and moon = mother
    • Your sun or surya is in own Hora so makes you relatively more courageous and gives you the ability to work hard.
    • Mars is in moon hora or d2, so afflicts the wife.
    • Mercury is in sun Hora, so one has to avoid excess criticism or any kind of back biting to attract more money.
    • Venus is in moon hora so sexual conduct has to be proper.
    • You will generally earn by your own efforts as Leo rises n your hora chart
    • Jupiter the karaka for wealth is fair in the 6th bhava, and with sun the lord of 2nd bhava and also rahu.
    • Sexual conduct over all needs basic care as Jupiter the planet of dharma is in 6th along with rahu.
    • Money for oldage has to be saved
    a. MOST Suited areas/jobs/investments
    The lord of wealth is sun or surya is in the 6th bhava with benefci Jupiter. So leadership and initiative does promise gains for you.
    Innovation and gains form government or state is possible.
    Sun is in the hora of sun in the 1st bhava so this itself promises gains for you by past life karma from d2.
    Leo rues your hora chart in the d2.
    So innovation/doing new things or government jobs could help you gain good money.

    Category 1(Sun)
    1. Government contract and projects
    2. Innovation
    3. Your own initiative or business that entails your originality
    4. Sports as sun rules sports
    5. Scientific or speculations in regard to money matters as Jupiter close so god gains.
    6. You could also head large organizations or could be self employed, not taking any subordination, as a strong sun could make person not to take the same easily.
    Category 2(Jupiter)
    In d1 Jupiter is in12th bhava exalted though, so more gains from foreign lands. Also by self effort than only good karma of the past.
    1. Trainers/Teachers- anything to do with training or imparting knowledge in any areas
    2. Research and investigation into new areas
    3. Legal advisors or arbitration
    4. Financial advisors
    5. Yoga /ayurveda or religion related work
    6. Physicians or healers
    7. Religious leaders/preachers or anything to do with dharma
    BONUS Remedies:
    The other alternative is wearing Ruby , atleast 5 rattis in gold in the ring finger of the
    right hand.
    • Serving ones father and old age needy persons
    • Give wheat soaked in 20 gms Gur /jiggery to cow on Sundays
    • Do suryanamskaras at sunrise
    • Observe law of the land

    • Chant sri sukta
    • Could wear sri yantra
    • Could chant shiva chalisa
    b) Overview of planetary periods:
    The planetary period you run
    Mercury Main period
    • JUP till 15/ 1/18
    Mercury is 12/3 and is in 6th in Jupiter sign with sun the lord of 2nd bhava.
    So doing your own initiative to do with your intellect/thinking and your own work/using your intelligence /mathematical or financial skills could give you gains and money.
    But you need to avoid taking heavy debts now.
    In d2 mercury is in lagna in sign of sun /Leo- so basic blessings are there for you.
    Yes, stress could be there- so avoid stress by Yoga and avoid possible conflicts.

    Mind also need to be kept positive and family life and image cool in 2017 in general for best results.
    BONUS donation of pencils/rubber/books to school kids would help a lot.
    Think and then act.
    Matters regarding finance could expand fair enough in this time.. Fasting on Thursdays would directly help finances. Growth possible in matters to do with teaching/training and religion. Good time to expand.
    Returns could be fair this time

    • SAT till NOv 2020

    Saturn rules 7/8 and is in 11th by lagna.
    So one has to guard in partnerships and sudden losses or challenges for money , especially after 2019 October ending onwards.
    You have to take care of the kind of people you connect to or partner with this time.
    2019 and 2018 oct onwards may mean good enough gains for you.
    But 2020 and 2019 ending(beyond October) needs care partner selection.
    2020 might mean taking more initiatives and proving- then only gains or money would come by.

    As from moon Saturn rules 8/9 and is in 12th- so this might mean you may travel long distances for various business and personal reasons.
    Gains are promised but you have to guard on unlanned or sudden problems due to lordship of 8th bhava.

    Hard work and planning would give you great results.
    This time could promise great gains. Success would come with well planned efforts. This time the mantra is planning- execution. Good chance of improvement in flow of money. A disciplined investment is bound to give returns. Success in heavy machinery and management related matters.

    Yearly Break Up in detail your pratayantar dasha wise
    • RAH 15/ 1/18

    • There could be a basic opposition to work you do now for earning. You have to maintain a good image as rahu afflicts the 2nd bhava and also the sun.Health needs proper care. Relationships and over all sexual conduct and ethics need a proper care.

    • SAT till 18/ 6/18
    • Lot of hardwork is needed at your end. Unexpected matters and blockage might came in regard to money maters.Only planning and prince and systematic effort to resolve then would help you.
    • A more demdning time for you from decision point of view, misunderstanding has to be ignored and focus more on better decision making.
    • Let not stress takeover.

    • MER till 5/11/18
    Health and proper decisions need care to go ahead this time.
    Lot of work and obstacles may confront you. Need patience and perseverance to get them solved.
    God decision making in money matters is needed and yes potential to earn, so stay firm in decision that are well planed along with your inherent creativity and insight into them to win.

    • KET till 2/ 1/19
    Again a lot of work- and excellent decision making is needed. Good for money matters as slowly your money matters would start improving now.
    Planning and execution needed for success
    BONUS Remedies:
    Saturn is very important for you to balance for job.

    • Be considerate to servants and subordinates
    • Offer simple salty food to birds
    • Donate black pulses or mustard oil on Saturdays
    • Donate to organizations that help the poor people as much as you can.

    • Hanuman chalisa
    • Bajrang Baan
    • Hanuman Bahuk
    • Shiv chalisa
    • Shiva srota
    • rudrashtak
    • Get this yantra engraved on steel and wear it in middle finger on Saturday- would be very helpful for health and happiness.
    14 7 12
    9 11 13
    10 15 8

    Aum sham shanaishcharaye namah aum 108 times on Saturdays as many times you can in a Shani Mandir. This mantra would help to charge the yantra for proper benefits. Do it with devotion to shani devta.

    For Jupiter
    Wearing 5-6 rattis pukhraj (in gold to be worn in index finger on Thursday) would be very
    good help in education.

    • Offering service to one’s Guru/teachers
    • Prayer every morning
    • Offer banana pieces to birds
    • Offer bundi laddue to birds.


    • Could chant shiva sahastraanam
    • Do rudra-abhishek by trained person