Horoscope Second House(wealth house) Or Dhana Bhava


Horoscope Second House(wealth house) Or Dhana Bhava
Our wealth is one of the most important facet of life. This is judged by the second house and also the eleventh house. A proper health of lord of second house or dhana bhava and proper drishtis or aspects on the second house ensure good wealth flows.
Various Planetary Combinations & Conditions  for Good Wealth Flows and Bad Wealth Flows explained Below:

  • If the lord of second house or dhana bhava is in second house or is in an angle(4/7/10) or is in a trine(1/5/9 house)- the wealth flows would increase. So is true when the planet is in transit a swell. If the planet is in 6/8 or 12th house- there would be decay in wealth flows..

Benefic planets like Jupiter(Guru)/ mercury(budha) or Venus(shukra) will increase wealth- while  a malefic would reduce wealth.

  • The planet of wealth Jupiter or guru is in second house or dhana bhava – there will be a lot of wealth.
  • There could be wealth if lord of 2nd and 11th either are together in conjunction in angular houses or trines  or there is an energy exchange like lord of wealth in labha bhava(11th) and lord of labha (11th) in 2nd house.
  • If the lord of second house(dhana bhava) is in its own rashi or sign or in exaltation- the person will look after his people, help other people and be popular.
  • If the lord of second house or dhana bhava  is with a benefic and in a  good navamsa division  or higher divisional chart– money can be earned easily.
  • If the house of wealth that is second house be in conjunction with malefic or the lord is in conjunction- the person might speak untruth and there  could be wind related problems.


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Sun in Second House of your Horoscope or Kundli -Effects

  • Sun or surya in second house means you will earn through your own efforts. Also you might have a distinct speech or way of talking.
  • Good status in society is sun is strong and not a malefic in your horoscope.
  • Moon in Second House of your Horoscope or Kundli :Effects

  • Moon or Chandra in second house or labha bhava of your horoscope could mean fluctuations in fortune and wealth flows.
  • Jupiter in Second House of your Horoscope or Kundli :Effects

  • Jupiter the benefic in second house could mean good flows of money and status. This could give interest in dharma or religion.
  • Rahu   in Second House of your Horoscope or Kundli :Effects

  • Rahu in second house could mean exceptional gains or losses. Also one has to be careful with the speech or words one uses. There could be blockages in wealth flows at times.
  • Mercury   in Second House of your Horoscope or Kundli  :Effects

  • Mercury  or budha in second house suggests good flow of money and quick talker.
  • Venus  in Second House  of your Horoscope or Kundli :Effects

  • Venus or shukra here  in second house means good for comforts and status in society. If Venus is strong.
  • Ketu  in Second House of your Horoscope or Kundli: Effects

  • Ketu in second house could affect the wealth flows when ketu period runs. Ketu here also means that one could have a shrill speech.
  • Saturn  in Second House of your Horoscope or Kundli : Effects

  • Saturn or shani in second house generally would give delays in your wealth flows (unless strong) and also one needs to avoid harsh speech.
  • Mars  in Second House of your Horoscope or Kundli: Effects

  • Mars or mangal could be one could be aggressive in speech. Also unless mars is strong- mars here means loss of status and wealth.

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    Practical Real Life Example of Analysis Of Wealth Horoscope and the second house of Kundli or Horoscope in vedic Astrology or Jyotish
    Dear XYZ Ji:
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    Your Query:
    Jan 28 1995


    Time of birth: obscure might be morning so Solar horoscope made

    everything is going topsy turvy since this year. I am heading off to college and my online work was going great on the side…i needed to take one semester off from school on account of anxiety. We exchanged autos supposing it will be esteemed more…now funds went truly low.My father does not work. My mother work and she lost her side work and the pay that comes is insufficient for bills. It is alright, however everything is deteriorating and more regrettable on the grounds that there is continually something comes up we need to pay for. Budgetary issues are not halting. It is continue deteriorating and more regrettable and i am getting truly stressed over my mother. Why is this transpiring? Why is everything continue deteriorating and more terrible? What amount of more terrible will it get? Any cure? i dont realize what time i was conceived, however guardians says in the morning yet i am not certain. If you don’t mind answer.”

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    Your Birth and Other subtle elements:

    Your Solar Horoscope Details:
    welath horoscope second hsoue or dhana bhava

    Planets C R Rashi Longitude Nakshatra Pada Relation

    Asc Capricorn 15-56-34 Sravana 2

    Sun D Capricorn 13-53-05 Sravana 2 Enemy
    Moon D Sagittarius 05-19-51 Mula 2 Neutral
    Mars R Leo 04-41-28 Magha 2 Friendly
    Merc R Capricorn 27-04-59 Dhanishta 2 Neutral
    Jupt D Scorpion 15-56-14 Anuradha 4 Friendly
    Venu D Scorpion 27-37-27 Jyeshtha 4 Neutral
    Satn D Aquarius 16-49-36 Satabhisa 4 Own
    Rahu R Libra 16-32-18 Swati 3
    Ketu R Aries 16-32-18 Bharani 1
    Uran D Capricorn 03-22-23 Uttarashadha 3
    Nept D Sagittarius 29-45-10 Uttarashadha 1

    Plut D Scorpion 06-24-02 Anuradha 1

    Your Natal Chart Suggestions about You.

  • You could be pleased and appealing yet with an altered personality .You could be peace adoring and giving otherworldly guidance .
  • You could have great rhetoric abilities and achievement in remote grounds .You could be well off with extravagant propensities .
  • You would burn through cash on companions .You could have a delicate air and a charitable nature .
  • At an extremely youthful age you may need to search for your own way of life. Bunches of changes in family life as you are number 1(28th = 2+8 =10= 1+0=1=sun) and you are conceived in the month of Saturn.
  • You have to abstain from getting into clashes or battles or court cases as Saturn and sun have a fundamental clash.
  • Maintain a strategic distance from prior bothers and take care in associations.
    Additionally stay away from any sort of high hazard speculations like stocks or terrains and so on.
  • Why you are confronting the present circumstance and when might it be determined

  • Your funds are principles via planet Saturn the house fo riches and status 2ND is ruled by Aquarius ruled by Saturn and the labha bhava the eleventh is ruled by ,blemishes in eighth house. 8th house causes sudden issues and issues in life as you have encountered. Mars is forceful planet as is the eighth house. It is ruled via planet rahu-so you confront startling and sudden occasions in increases, riches and different issues.
  • Your natal Saturn is solid however is right now debilitated in travel influencing your increases , riches and status. It is additionally conjunct with blemishes. Mars is a solid foe of blemishes and accordingly Saturn is more outrage.
  • So general this influences your increases and life.
  • Presently defaces and Saturn are coming closer and conjunct so may bring about more pain to you. That is the center reasons you could be concerned.
  • Your mom is ruled by fourth house ruler defaces furthermore planer moon in twelfth house.
  • Presently damages as we probably am aware is in eighth house fo your natal graph and as of now in not all that great shape as it is conjunct with blemishes’ Also moon sits on Sagittarius which is ruled by Jupiter, and Jupiter is in eighth sign Scorpio of your outline, where the awful travels of blemishes and Saturn are going on.
  • In any case, this would be over by the year end and gradually January consummation and February onwards in 2017 matters would come in control and you ought to be more agreeable.
  • Keep your self discipline up.