Narayan Murthy Kundli & Horoscope Infosys 2017-Stand on Salary Hike, Jobs for outsourcing Software crisis

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What is this article about?

  • This article analyzes the chart/horoscope of Narayan Murthy ji and tells us what made him the software mogul and gains from foreign lands. It also tells us why did he choose software and is successful.!
    It charts out the greatness of personality of Sri Narayan Murthy ji and various Yogas in the same.
    It also later in subsequent articles discusses the nakshatra and Anka aspect for Narayan Murthy Ji. It also discusses how narayan Muthy ji came on heavily with High salaraies:) at Infosys!
  • d1-narayan narayan murthy kundli horoscope infosys 2017 salary hike jobs outsourcing software crisisd9-narayan narayan murthy kundli horoscope infosys 2017 salary hike jobs outsourcing software crisis
    narayan murthy big success
    Which Planetary Combinations Made Narayan Murthy Ji such a great Man?

    • In the kundli or horoscope of narayan murthy ji, Now narayan Murthy Ji has built up a software empire we know and such a thing cannot be built up without perseverance and well planned effort.
    • In the kundli or horoscope of narayan murthy ji, In his d9 or navamsa chart, He has Capricorn ascendant- which makes him intelligent, difficult to convince, perseverant and yes tenacious to achieve his goals.he did exceptionally well in outsourcing software business.
    • Also as the saying goes- the hard work should pay back! Now his Saturn or the shani the planet of hard work and perseverance is in the ninth house of bhagya or luck. This gives him a raja yoga and a windfall as well!
    • In the kundli or horoscope of narayan murthy ji, In the d9 or navamsa varga chart, This Saturn or shani exchanges energy with powerful Uranus- giving him an exceptional personality and dedication to dharma and the down trodden. His recent stand in 2017 about sort of lower strata of workers of Infosys Technologies the outsourcing software giant  hierarchy salary clearly reflect the combination of Saturn and the ninth house Jupiter or dharma in his chart.
    • In the kundli or horoscope of Narayan murthy ji, In navamsa (d9) varga chart, Moon the lord of seventh house or relationships is in Aquarius in the second house of wealth and status- this gives him connection with people of status and ketu gives him a spiritual cum analytical taint in his personality.
    • In the kundli or horoscope of Narayan Murthy ji, His moon in Aquarius might make him a bit picky and touchy as well; and also quality and status conscious. It’s all reflected in his behaviour. He is too conscious about Infosys image and status.He has also made it the number 1 company as far as outsourcing is concerened.
    • His moon nakshatra is krittika In the kundli or horoscope of narayan murthy ji,, which makes him determined and tenacious. This could also make him fighter for social cause- we know Infosys participates for social causes as well very intensely. He has the ability to cut away truth and get the best out of any situation.This star leads to radical changes in life.He has givena new paradigm to software outsourcing.
    • Swati naskatra or star of his is ruled by rahu gives him a restless and adventurous nature. This makes people good at business and trade- so he did well in software due to the moon(Chandra) & mercury(budha) combination.

    career choice narayan murthy
    How did he choose software or IT- Management as his Career?

    • In the kundli or horoscope of Narayan Murthy ji, In d1 or lagna chart moon rules the house of career and sits in the foreign lands house or the eighth house, along with rahu for foreign lands and Uranus for exceptional performance in foreign lands.
    • He became an IT mogul or the Information Technology Moghul due to strong Chandra/rahu and Uranus conjunction in the eight house.
    • Note moon is exalted and strong n Taurus and is close to rahu, giving him exceptional ability to think differently and cash on matters. Moon also absorbs the energy of highly non conventional Uranus giving him a streak of genius in some sense.
    • In the kundli or horoscope of Narayan Murthy ji, Moon or Chandra represents water and Taurus or Vrishabha Rashi is earth sign and Rahu is fire or smoke or air. So he not only built up software( Rahu= air = software and communication) ,but Taurus the earth element gave him stability to built up a large company Infosys Technologies a software outsourcing giant and yes Uranus the boost to come up well from struggle. We know when Narayan Murthy Ji started company- it was difficult to run a software company with almost no emails/Facebook/Google or twitter of social media. Imagine!
    • Saturn or shani is the lord of mind and image all is in the house of career. The moon. So too busy and disciplined and work is worship principle. All is true for Narayan Murthy. Saturn gives him the management discipline to succeed well.
    • In the kundli or horoscope of Narayan Murthy ji, Mercury the lord of luck and fortune and the twelfth house of foreign lands-gives he gains his share of worries and the business intelligence.
    • So mercury(budha) and Saturn or shani give him the management and business boost, rahu gives him the innovative software streak and Taurus and moon give him the ability to do stable work.
    • Uranus and Saturn give him the world fame.
    • A weak Jupiter slightly aspects the house of career.

    narayan murthy software infosys
    How he became a successful Entrepreneur in Software?

    • In the kundali or horoscope of narayan murthy ji, The third house of initiatives and business lord is Jupiter is very young at few minutes in Kendra- it’s a benefic(guru) aspecting the seventh house of relationships, his thinking with Libra or Tula rashi as the dispositer
    • The Venus is weak but on the Kendra house first.
    • So over all he will grow but overall effort he has to  grow for the business is very high. we know it took him several decades to grow to this size of Infosys technologies.
    • It sits in Chitra star or Nakshatra and gives him the ability to accumulate merit in life.
    • His mind or moon is the lord of career and absorbs energy of rahu- the planet for innovation and electricity and computers. Giving him an edge over others doing innovative work in software or electrical engineering. Staying with planet Venus gives him a sense of art and yes good management. So apart from being a part of technology – he has been a good manager and a leader and diplomat(rahu).
    • Mercury the planet for IT an computers – is in the tenth house of career giving him inclination towards communication/maths and yes IT information technology and computers as IT touches the mercury behavior.
    • Saturn near moon gives him the basic drive and focus to achieve his goals.

    narayan murthy software infosysy
    what made Narayan Murthy choose software and made him so successful with the foreign lands and companies?

  • Now let us study the horoscope or kundali of Narayan Murthy Ji. How could he do so such a great software work and all his good qualities that are needed for success and that are there reflected in his Kundali as well? the lagna or the ascendant of Narayan Murthy Ji is Libra or Tula Lagna. This lagna deals with Vyapar or business. It is ruled by planet Venus and is placed in the 12th (twelfth house) of Narayan Murthy ji. So this basically makes his life stress prone but suggest gains from foreign Lands for Narayan Murthy . as he is into software business he gets most of his gains from foreign lands.
  • The foreign countries which outsource software are meant by the twelfth house or bhava of Narayan Murthy ji. Looking at his 10th(tenth) House. It is ruled by cancer sign or karkat sign and is ruled by moon . This moon is strong for Narayan Murthy Ji. It is also in malefic 8th(eighth house). also looking at the planets in the 10th bhava.
    From the moon sign or Rashi Aquarius ruled the tenth bhava for Narayan Murthy ji and sits in the third bhava. But no planet sitting in the tenth bhava form the moon sign.
  • The facts that Moon is exalted in Taurus or vrishabha Rashi and is very strong indicates gains in fluid related professionals to. also, cancer represents waters and foreign lands also so do the eighth bhava indicate short travels. so moon in the eighth bhava means foreign travels for career or software related work.
  • So due to the strong exalted moon he will grow in a career well but at the same time he will have tough times as well has struggled a lot to come to this position . also note mercury and Saturn there in the 10th bhava. so Saturn gives him ability to\work long and hard and also for his subordinates. as Saturn represents the subordinates of a person.
  • he has to do long in sustained hard work for success . obviously this is the cause for success for INFOSYS and well set processes in the same.
    As Saturn gives Narayan Murthy honesty, he never bribed anyone. also due to Saturn plus rules the tenth house from Moon sign . That is the Aquarius sign is there. that gives in innovation Aquarius is a sign of innovation and the new age of 21st century Aquarius success for him.
  • Now also the Mercury planet sitting in the tenth House it gives him some problem in the eyes but gives him(Narayan Murthy) very good Intelligence and discrimination. mercury or Budha is a planet of mathematics and accountancy and also for software or computers as well. It shows very clearly that Mercury and Saturn combination making Narayan Murthy a great success.It makes is fame spread all over the world. also Mercury rules house and of luck and fortune ninth house of Narayan Murthy and twelfth bhava of foreign lands. so does his or Narayan Murthy’s action or Karma connected to foreign lands or foreign software.
  • Also, career lord in the eighth bhava of short travels to foreign lands makes him travel may be short for a business trip to foreign lands. Also as we know Mercury rules professionals or people in like computers science, mathematics. All this is confirmed.
  • Also, Saturn rules the fourth house and firth house for Narayan Murthy in lagan chart. The fourth house is of public image for Narayan Murthy and the first house is of thinking. so he created a company that was niche number 11 and also innovative. it would grow by innovation. In fact Vishal Sikka he had gotten as a CEO for innovation itself.
  • Saturn or Shani dev gives him basic discipline and yes basic innovation of eleventh sign Aquarius coming together affect the tenth 10th House as Saturn is placed there. It is creating a Yoga to make Narayan Murthy world famous .because 4th bhava is a house for public image and twelfth house is the world or foreign lands. so the connection of public image to the foreign lands very obvious in his horoscope of Narayan Murthy JI.
  • what does the navamsa or the d9 chart of Narayan Murthy ji say?

  • let us look at the navamsa or d9 chart of Narayan Murthy ji. so there the Lagna lord is Saturn as Capricorn Rises. lagan lord is in the ninth bhava so which clearly indicates Raj Yoga for Narayan Murthy ji. which is hundred percent true also the second House Lord is also Saturn and sits in the ninth house or bhava so again this is raja yoga karaka.
  • Also, there is the planet moon sitting into the second bhava or house of the navamsa or d9 chart. so this is in the house of wealth and status and is Lord of 10th House for career for Narayan Murthy ji. this shows a clear indication of foreign lands for career and wealth gains for Narayan Murthy ji.
  • as the moon is in the 8th house in the D1 chart or Lagna chart and yes status and gains for Narayan Murthy Ji is there for sure.
    also, the moon rules the lord of relationships in the d9 chart(navamsa chart) or the 7th (seventh)house and sitting in the second Bhava. so this means partnerships and relationships with the foreign lands of people will give Narayan Murthy Ji status, in fact, exceptional welcome status also possible. as Ketu is sitting in the second bhava or house of Narayan Murthy Ji.
  • How is the year 2019 for Narayan Murthy Ji?

  • Now let us look at 2019 for Narayan Murthy Ji as he has Jupiter which is in transit second Bhava. that will give him wealth and status. so we know that after leaving of Vishal Sikka the earlier CEO of Infosys. Infosys has stabilized more as compared to what it was in 2018. sure Infosys stabilized due to the effort of Narayan Murthy Ji. sure when at the end of 2019 in November Jupiter would be in the dhanu Rashi or sign. There could be significant gains to him and yes Infosys. It could expand on its alliances.
  • As Saturn would be much strong in 2020 transit into Capricorn, so Narayan Murthy Ji and Infosys company obviously will do much better . as Saturn sits in the 10th bhava of career and action for Narayan Murthy Ji in the d1 or lagan chart.
  • Saturn or Shani dev transit will come into the sign of Capricorn by January 2020. This is the fourth house or bhava for Narayan Murthy ji. he will grow in power and name and fame content at Infosys. he and Infosys will grow significantly in terms of recognition in 2020. The efforts will go more towards automation of software and innovation as well. as Aquarius the fifth bhava sign and gets a lot of energy in this time. so Infosys will start doing more products & innovative services and much better in the year 2020 and 2021. we wish Narayan Murthy all the best and so do we wish well to the company like Infosys.
  • Narayan Murthy Kundli & Horoscope Infosys -Stand on Salary Hike, Jobs for outsourcing Software crisis

    What is the achievement of IT software Mogul Narayan Murthy?

    • Narayana Murthy ji’s Full name is Nagavara Ramarao Narayana Murthy (he was born 20 August 1946). He is generally referred to as Narayana Murthy.
    • Narayan Murthy is an Indian IT (information  technology/software) nfosyst and the co-founder of the MNC Company Infosys.
    • This is a multinational corporation which provides business consulting, software & technology, engineering, and outsourcing software services.
    • Narayana Murthy is an M.Tech From IIT Kanpur and Graduate from Mysore University

    narayan murthy career success
    How he started His Journey for Software Giant Infosys?

    • Before Narayan Murthy started Infosys, Murthy worked for the reputed institute Indian Institute of Management Ahmadabad, as chief systems programmer and then he worked for Patni Computer Systems in Pune (Maharashtra).
    • Narayan Murthy started Infosys in 1981 and served as the chief executive officer(CEO) of the company from the year 1981 to 2002 and was the chairman   from 2002 to 2011. In  the year 2011, he stepped down from the board and then took up the position of Chairman Emeritus.
    • Narayan Murthy was appointed as Additional Director and Executive Chairman of the board for a period of  next five years.
    • Narayan Murthy Ji has been honoured with the India’s prestigious Padma Vibhushan and the  Padma Shri awards.
    • He has also been listed among the 12 greatest entrepreneurs of our time by Fortune magazine
    • Narayan Murthy has been compared as the Guru or  Father of Indian IT sector by Time magazine due to his contribution to outsourcing  of software and IT services in India.
    • vishal sikka infosysy
      News: N R Narayana Murthy Lambastes Infosys COOS Salary Hike- what happened?

      • There has  been a recent trend of Giving nearly 60% to 70% increase in compensation for a top level managers and executives( including performance-based variable pay) when the compensation or the salary  for most of the employees was increased by just 6% to 8% is, Narayan Murthy ji has said that in his opinion, this is  not proper,”
      • He is an Infosys co-founder. The tech giant Infosys co-founder and former Chairman N R Narayana Murthy has come down hard on the decision of the current Infosys management to offer a much bigger salary hike to Chief Operating Officer named as Mr. Pravin Rao, indicating the nfosys of rift between the management led by Chairman R Seshsayee and CEO Vishal Sikka.
      • He has said that it was grossly unfair to the majority of the Infosys employees including  the positions help by project managers, delivery managers, analysts, programmers, the  sales people in the field who get the bread on the table, entry level engineers, clerks and office boys who are toiling hard to make the company better. He believes that the impact of such a decision will likely erode the trust and  also the faith of the employee’s Infosys has  in the management and  also the board.
      • In the month February 2017,Narayan  Murthy and one of the former Infosys directors TV Mohandas Pai and V Balakrishnan had demanded that the Chairman step down over alleged governance and disclosure issues.

      Why Conflicts in 2017 For Him and How would be the Future in 2017?

      • He runs the dasha or planetary period of weak Jupiter and with Maha Dasha lord Saturn.
      • Jupiter or guru is not a great friend of his ascendant Venus or shukra and is also weak and aspects relationships, his thinking and yes his actions. So he does follow the dharma or the ethics in lambasting the COO of Infosys technologies and also he could face issues in relationships. Which is evident.
      • His natal Jupiter or guru is weak in the twelfth house- house and interacts with his Mars or Mangal ruler of relationships- so causes conflicts.
      • Jupiter or guru is reversed now- so sends opposition or reversed energies causing his strict stand on the salary hike of the upper layers professionals.
      • Over all comfort is also affected as close to Venus in the twelfth house- and yes as twelfth house if of expenditure- or luxury- he Narayan Murthy ji talks about the same- as excess salary is also an expenditure to the Infosys technologies.
      • Matters could cool off when Jupiter gets direct and gains some strength
      • Rahu is affecting the planet sun or Surya in eleventh house of salary or money flows- so clearly the pointer of energy is towards money flow and something unusual about salary- due to rahu the planet of unusual things and un conventional things in the eleventh house
      • His Saturn affecting his actions and mind and yes career, is in transit in the third house and sending energy to Jupiter. Its giving or sending energy of discipline to the house of actions and initiatives to do justice for the people lesser fortunate in Infosys technologies. That’s what he is trying to do now.
      • We wish him a long life and all the best in life.

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