Baba Ramdev Everything in Kundali Horoscope(Birth Chart) Yoga Guru – plus health & Happiness Yogas

balance-yoga-pranayama baba ramdev 2017 kundali horoscope birth chart yoga guru india health happiness yogas predictions vedic astrology jyotishBabaramdev baba ramdev kundali horoscope birth chart yoga guru india health happiness yogas predictions vedic astrology jyotish

Baba ramdev Life Kundali Horoscope(Birth Chart) Yoga Guru India- health& Happiness Yogas- predictions – Vedic Astrology & Jyotish
About this Article on Health, Happiness and planetary Yogas for the same and Baba ramdev & Yoga

  • The First section discusses the life and philosophy of Yog Guru Baba ramedev in connection to vedic astrology and his kundali.
  • The article below alsoi discusses at length the effects of various bhavas or house for health and Longevity and yes connection to Yoga.Also it discusses important Yogas responsible for maintaining health and happiness in life.
  • The article below provides an indepth view of health and vedic astrology and connection of vedic astrology and life of Yoga Guru baba Ram Dev.
  • baba ramdev yog guru life predictions horoscope kundali
    Baba ramdev Life Kundali Horoscope(Birth Chart) Yoga Guru India- health& Happiness Yogas- predictions – Vedic Astrology & Jyotish

    Ramdeo-d1 baba Ramdev 2017 Kundali horoscope birth chart yoga guru India health happiness yogas predictions Vedic astrology Jyotish

  • Name: Baba Ramdev
  • Date of Birth: Saturday, December 25, 1965

    Time of Birth: 20:24:00

    Place of Birth: Mahendragarh

    Longitude: 76 E 14

    Latitude: 28 N 17

    Time Zone: 5.5

    What are the Yogas or planetary combinations that Make bab ramdev so special and different from Others?

    • His ascendant is karkat Rashi or cancer, this gives him a very sensitive nature. The cancer people generally not form on one way of thinking. But maybe this Lagna gives him full flexibility in doing Yoga.
    • The lagna is in the seventh house and is along with mars that are exalted and conjunct closely with the moon or his mind. This gives him a strong guts to do action and also moon on the Saturn sign Capricorn gives him the ability to work hard, so overall this combination gives him the ability to work hard, help the masses(Saturn or Shani), be oriented towards Yoga(Shani or Saturn) and yes at the same time build the Yoga centres and be action oriented-this comes from the strong mars force propelling him to do something different.
    • His lagan or ascendant being moon sign or cancer, would give him a restless nature- he would always like to do something or the else, unusual ups and downs in early life( we know Ramdev ji struggled an lt in early life), makes him very sensitive and hardworking. He will be very devoted to anyone when treated well and not like to be devoted. His soft nature due to cancer or karkat Rashi is quite evident. Gives him psychic capability as well.
    • Venus the planet of comfort and art and ruler of this house of wealth and gains close to the above combinations adds art and colour to his yoga, adds to his female following like Hema Malini and Shilpa Shetty and yes gives him the ability to earn money through Yoga.
    • Venus has Rahu in it, so it suggests he or Ramdev would earn from healing arts like Yoga- may earn suddenly but along with a non-conventionality in his approach.
    • Mars rules his career and thinking and shares energy with Venus and moon, so closely connects his career as a yoga guru, his earning form yoga with his thinking about spirituality(Ketu sitting in the fifth house) along with sign Scorpio here.
    • Also mercury the lord of the twelfth house of Yoga/spirituality and initiates or business of Ramdev colour with Yoga-like activities and spirituality.
    • His moon Lagna or Rashi Capricorn or maker Rashi. So such people have a strong mental force, also misunderstood by others- in fact, his Patanjali initiative to popularize Vedic products is misunderstood- being ruled by Saturn consideration for masses and natural heads. He might have strange ides about love/duty and social position- which is evident from his behaviour.
    • Capricorn ruled by Saturn makes them excellent speakers and focused on the downtrodden people. He might be feeling about his responsibilities too keenly. He might have great respect for deep thinkers, intellectual and clever people. In public life they may do well.

    Which planets Made baba Ramdev choose Yoga or spirituality as a career?

    • As already discussed above mercury the lord of the twelfth house of spirituality and also Ketu greatly influences his long-term thinking and education to some extent. All these factors point towards Yoga as the fifth lord Venus is close to the moon or Chandra the lord of personality and also mars the planet for action and yes career and thinking for Ramdev ji.
    • The fifth lord Scorpio gives him the drive to dig deep into matters- and especially spirituality or Yoga- Ketu being here adds vigour to his way of thinking. Plus mercury adds to his discrimination and value system being based on dharma religion.
    • His lord of tenth house or career is ruled by Mars the royal planet or the general of the solar system. This planet sits in the seventh house of relationships and partnerships. This gave Ramdev the royal patronage and benefits to self through the ruling parties and the government.
    • His nakshatra is Ashlesha or the star- which can help the person to penetrate the depths, so overall such people have a lot of energy that has to be directed well. We know baba Ramdev directed this energy very well. This nakshatra makes him philosophical and penetrative in spirituality.
    • Moon gives travelling and arbitration re4lated careers, but as mars are very strong in the seventh house of Saturn which is also strong in Aquarius or Kumbha Rashi.
    • It gives a mix of mars and Saturn type careers –like action in Yoga, he brought yoga to masses by  action  and TV shows
    • Also Saturn rules with philosophy and industries- so mars and Saturn make him create industries and also as Venus the planet of beauty is close that is for beauty products in his Patanjali stores.we have a lot of items for beauty products.
    • Yoga and herbs to do with beauty – as Yoga is also for the beauty and health rule his Initiatives or industries and also wealth gains house- so overall give him gains in business or any industries to do with Ayurveda or Yoga
    • The nakshatra or the star for mars or Mangal is Uttar Ashada, this is in Capricorn sign or Makara Rashi and ruled by the sun (Surya). This gives actions\ with motivation for moksha or liberation or Yoga- which is true with Ramdev ji. It also gives him the ability to go deep into any knowledge.The person could get totally involved with a task as Ramdev ji did for bringing Yoga to the forefront in India. The perseverance levels of such people are high.
    • The establishment of Patanjali yoga and Ayurveda centre is a clear indication of how Ramdev ji’s persistence and motivation towards moksha or liberation in action is reflected.
    • His moon or mind is on learning and gives him a religious nature. Vedas and vendangs are a part of this lunar mansion. This s the star of learning- we know Baba Ramdev is a repository of learning in the Vedic knowledge of yoga and Vedic sciences.
    • One in this star could hear the cosmic sound of aum or OM. Fame and recognition in the world are there for him. They own service to humanity and make good writers and teachers- that’s why he is the Yoga Guru. Active hand hardworking as this star is a part of Capricorn ruled by Saturn or Shani. Learning id their goal.
    • This star could make him rigid and obstinate- his stand against the government is living proof of the same. Sensitivity and being easily hurt my opinion of others.

    What does Baba ramdev’s divisional Varga chart analysis say ?
    Ramdeo-d9 navamsa Varga chart divisional charts baba Ramdev Kundali horoscope birth chart yoga guru India health happiness yogas predictions Vedic astrology Jyotish

    • His d9 or navamsa is ruled by Jupiter or Sagittarius sign( dhanu Rashi) confirming his deeply religious nature.
    • The Lord of Jupiter or Guru is in the eleventh house gains and ruled by Venus- the planet of healing. So healing or Yoga and Ayurveda cominbned with dharma/spirituality of Jupiter gives him success and money in life.
    • Venus or Shukra the lord is placed in the house of partnerships in the seventh house. So he gains from partnerships- like he is with Balakrishna Ji for Ayurveda stuff.
    • Mercury the planet for business and trading is ruling the seventh house of partnerships/relationships and job and also the career and job house tenth aspects the seventh house and also lord of the eleventh house giving him all the blessing in his Patanjali initiative of ayurvedic food and beauty produces’.

    Which planets and periods made baba Ramdev become so popular?

    • His lord of public image venus connects to mars and his ascendant or lagna that is the moon. Also, Rahu gives him exceptional gains. Overall venus is strong enough and gets energy from Rahu, Ketu and mercury ruling twelfth house of salvation and yoga- so he would get fame and name and public image in areas of healing(Venus/Shukra), and yes yoga/meditation and alternative medicine related fields.
    • Jupiter the lord of sixth obstacles and also the dharma house of ninth the house gives him some good energy of dharma in his way of thinking ruled by mercury to tune him more towards GOD. This determines his job.
    • Rahu aspects planet venus his lord o minds and public image- so gives him a non-conventional streak in his way of working- that would lead to him getting name and fame in venus/healing related professions or career or job.
    • As his ascendant is in the seventh house- so either wife is not there or does not live. he becomes detached and lives an ascetic life.
    • His lord of career is in the seventh house of foreign travels so he would travel to foreign lands due to professional and personal matters- this is 100% true he travelled to promote yoga Profits from partnerships as the connection of the seventh house with the tenth house or Kendra is there. Sex control is there.
    • Mars or mangal the controller of the tenth house, gives him action and great courage. Mars sends energy to moon his mind and personality- so he is karma Yoga who brought Yoga to the masses.
    • Also note excess mars energy in his house of sex(mangal is exalted and very in Capricorn or maker Rashi, and is sitting in the house of  sex), sends this energy to moon and ruler of his mind- to Sahasrara chakra- so YOGA has saved him and brought him to spirituality. What a beautiful utilization of energy! One can clearly see the role of Yoga in making him exceptional.
    • He would be known in foreign lands and his karma or actionability due to exaltation would be exceptional.

    What caused Government to Go against him Jupiter main period since 2000?

    • On June 6th 2011 Ramdev baba had to run dressed as women due to stern police action.
    • He was ruling Jupiter or guru main period and Jupiter rules the sixth house of obstacles and jail and enmity plus also the house of dharma.
    • Also sub-period of the sun was running that is in his sixth house of legal action, now as the Dasha lord and sub-Dasha lord both have six in common a strong chance of litigation, legal or police action was possible that is what happened.
    • Jupiter provided him with some relief and giving him divine grace and also access to his past life good karma of ninth house helped him escape the problem.
    • Sun or Surya rules the lord of wealth and status for yoga guru Ramdev- as the sun is involved he lost of a lot of lustre after this event.

    What is forecast for Baba Ramdev for the coming future?

    • He would be running Saturn main period and sub period now till end of 2017 and 2018 April as well.
    • Saturn is strong in eighth house and rules seventh and also the malefic eighth house.
    • He might get deep into medication and also expanding his patanjali stuff. He might buy more lands. There could be more partnerships or job offers by Him.
    • His life needs protection.
    • His connection with people from not so good back ground and lower background would there.
    • The relationship he has with the people in the government might suddenly go sour or break. he has to guard on accidents. There might be an increase in his spiritual practices now & kundali experiences. But he has to take care.
    • Due to Saturn transit in dhanu rashi or Sagittarius , he might need protection for health and also enmity with people could increase as Jupiter is his sixth house lord.
    • As Jupiter would come into his fourth house of public image and mind( his patanjali centre) this public image could be affected after September when Jupiter comes to fourth house. He might face obstacles in running his patanjali show.
    • Bt in the current year 2017 mostly as raja yoga is there could gain in money/wealth and fame and acquisition of objects.
    • Rahu by that time of September would have come to this ascendant or lagna- causing much stress to him and making him behave differently though. There could be an impact in his political connection and business after 2017 September.
    • 2018 would need his health and his close associated to be taken care of and he not getting into legal tangles. His responsibility ;levels may increase
    • He will win all by his sheer perseverance and Yoga skills
    • As Saturn or shani transit his twelfth house from moon- he could travel a lot, worries and health issues could come in for him.
    • Till September as Jupiter is in the ninth house from moon, he would have some protection in regard to health- but not beyond September 2017.
    • When Saturn or shani in transit is conjunct( 10 degrees in 2018) with his sun or surya causing hims issue in status and image. The same reading is coming from the Jupiter or guru transit in the tenth house from moon. He may have to travel a lot
    • 2017 earning from people who oppose him and intimacy with other religion people is possible.
    • Rahu transit into his seventh house after September 2017 and in 2018 also suggest he may travel a lot and stress could be there. He might also change his place of residence in 2018 or mostly stay away
    • But over all with his power of yoga he would win and we wish him all the best in life.
    • What are some Interesting Facts about Baba ramdev Yoga Guru?

      • The Yoga Guru Ramdev was born on the date of 25 December 1965 to Sri Ram Niwas Yadav Ji his father and his mother Srimati Gulabo Devi at the  Hazaribagh Ali Saiyad Pur village of Mahendragarh district, in the state of  Haryana In India.

      Miracle in life of Baba Ramdev Life By Yoga?

      • Baba ram dev’ parents were farmers by profession or career. As per baba ramdev  claims that we got paralysis when he was two & half and later got cured by practicing Yogasanas.

      What baba ramdev Studies  & where ?

      • baba Ram dev studied Indian scriptures, he also studies and practiced Yoga and Sanskrit in various Gurukuls (or schools that teach Vedic culture and literature.Baba has been was the student of Acharya Baldevji in Gurukul of Kalwa.

      His Journey towards being a  Yoga Guru of India baba ramdev?

      • Baba Ramdev Ji took sanyasi Diksha and took the name Swami Ramdev from his guru Swami ShankarDev Ji.also when he was  living in Kalwa Gurukul in Jind district of Haryana, Baba Ramdev gave free yoga training to villagers around  Then he moved to Haridwar in Uttarakhand, where he practised the art of self-discipline and contemplation or  meditation, and spent several years studying ancient Vedic  Indian scriptures at the Gurukul Kangri Vishwavidyalaya in Haridwar.

      How Baba Ram dev came into Limelight? His career Graph to success?

      • Baba Ramdev founded the well-known Divya Yoga Mandir Trust in 1995. In the year 2003, Aastha channel TV began featuring him in its morning yoga sessions or slot. There he proved to be very effective and gained a large following all across in India .
      • That times A large number of people, celebrities from India & abroad used to attend his Yoga camps. He has taught yoga to many well-known celebrities like  superstar Amitabh Bachchan, the lady actress Shilpa Shetty and also in foreign countries like Britain, the US(United States) & Japan.
      • Baba Ramdev also addressed the Muslim clerics of India at their seminary in Deoband, Uttar Pradesh. In the year 2006, he was invited by then leading Kofi Annan to deliver a lecture on poverty alleviation at a United Nations conference which is a big honour in itself. he had many followers like  Yogi Haider considered the face of yoga in Pakistan, said the goal was is to popularize yoga as Ramdev Baba did in India.

      what forced Baba Ramdev to dress like a woman and escape police action in 2011?

      • In the month of April of the year  2011, Ramdev called on the government to add punishment powers to the Jan Lokpal Bill, a bill to appoint an independent body that would investigate corruption case within government.
      • Baba Ramdev announced he would go on an Anshan (hunger-strike) at Ramlila Ground in Delhi/. On the date of 4 June 2011, to put more pressure on the government into rooting out corruption and repatriating the black money. He went on fast. The following police action by the Congress government led to his escaping as a woman.

      • How Is Health & Happiness Determined from a Birth Chart?

        • Health is known to be their first wealth- as if health is lost everything is lost. Health is determined by the strength of the ascendant or lagna, the strength of the moon ascendant or Chandra Lagna and also by the strength of the sun or Surya the planet of vitality.
        • The lord of the sixth house of health or bhava also determines your health status- a weak lord could give afflictions of health and also the d6 divisional chart rules the health- the shashthamsa or the sixth divisional chart or Varga charts.
        • Strength on all the above factors especially the ascendants ensures the person would have good health in general, if the Lagna is not strong- and any planet is weak then the significations ruled by that planet and rulership of houses and signs would create health problems of that kind.
        • Happiness generally depends on the strength of moon your mind, the fourth house lord and fourth house of mind as happiness is more to do with perception than in actual how much money /wealth/marital gains you have plus the strength of Jupiter or guru the planet of optimism
        • Below are given on important Yoga’s for health and happiness and also below the same baba Ramdev the Yoga Guru the emblem of heaths chart is analysed and predictions for life have been made.

        What are  some of the  Important Planetary Yoga’s for Health & Happiness  in Life?

        • Sharad Yoga(Yoga or planetary combination for health/happiness and religiousness). In the Kundali or Horoscope (Birth Chart) Ought to Karma’s Lord(The tenth house career lord) be in Putr Bhava or the fifth house of children and education, while Budh(Mercury) is in a Kendra(That is any of the houses like fourth/seventh or tenth), as Sun or surya with quality is in Simha rashi or Leo sign, Sharad Yoga is framed.
        • This Yoga or planetary combination will again be acquired, if Guru(Jupiter), or Budh(mercury) is in a Kona( trines like fifth and ninth house) from  Chandra or moon, while Mangal(Mars) is in Labha Bhava or the eleventh house of gains. One conceived in either sort of Yoga or planetary combination will acquire riches, companion and children, be cheerful, insightful, dear to the ruler, devout and prudent.
        • The reason is tenth house or house of karma in trine gives good actions and gains, mercury and sun are strong giving good energy and intelligence to him or her plus sun is a karaka for kids as well- so good for kids.