How strong is Ketu? Narendra Modi Horoscope 2018-19

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what is this article about?

  • This article discusses the importance of planet Ketu or dragon’s tail in any Horoscope or Kundli. It then analyses the various avastha or states of planet ketu(dragon’s tail) in any horoscope . Avastha or state is a unqiue concet of Vedic astrology and it is calculated based on several complex factors like sun rise time of the day you born, longitude of planets etc. But the accuracy and results are astounding!so we analyse the results of various states or avasthas of ketu in ones chart.
  • It later analyses. And predicts Narendra Modi ji’s chance or potential of victory in the general elections based on ketu strength and other factors.
  • so one can see the practical application of the knowledge of how ketu could impact the over all life of any person.
  • This article also looks at the role of planets like mars, jupiter,venus,moon,mercury and past life karma for narendra modi ji to see the degree of success he could achieve this time .
  • ketu strength dragon's tail narendra modi horoscope
    Why is Ketu(dragon’s tail ) strength so important in any Horoscope or Kundli?

  • Ketu(dragon’s tail ) is a powerful malefic in any horoscope and rules number 7. it is a spiritual planet and it destroys materialism in any house or sign it sits for the same reason. Ketu(dragon’s tail ) represents contraction. Due to this the strength of Ketu(dragon’s tail ) is very important. It can make or break life of any person.:(
  • Like in Pisces or scoprio sign Ketu(dragon’s tail ) is exalted. there are many other factors as well to know then strength of planet Ketu(dragon’s tail ).
  • so if Ketu(dragon’s tail ) is in various avasthas or states as described below, we get the subjective or more descriptive strength of Ketu(dragon’s tail ). It tells us in more detail how Ketu(dragon’s tail ) could impact our health, wealth,money family, career and many other things in life.
  • avasthas state strength ketu dragon's tail narendra modi horoscope
    Strength of ketu in a Horoscope based on 12 states or avasthas of ketu?

  • sex ketu strength  dragon's tail narendra modi horoscope kundli
    A)Could the Sabh Avastha Ketu(dragon’s tail) in the Kundli or Horoscope cause one being egotistical or talking too much ? If the planet Ketu is in sabh state or avastha in the horoscope, then the person may talk too much and also have a lot of pride within.
  • The tendencies of the could be more towards sex matters and could gain learning’s in not so good or evil branches of learning like van Margi tantra etc.
  • So the strength of planet Ketu is weak here in the horoscope.
  • legal conflicts ketu strength  dragon's tail narendra modi horoscope kundli
    B)Could the Agam Avastha Ketu(dragon’s tail) in the Kundli or Horoscope cause more than usual conflicts and issues in life of the person ? If the planet Ketu is in agam state or avastha in the horoscope or kundali of the person, then he or she could be deep into doing sin and may get into legal issues or conflicts many times. he or she could be troubled by enemies,
  • Once again ketu is weak here, in fact, is negative.
  • enemies 6th hoouse ketu strength  dragon's tail narendra modi horoscope kundli
    C) Could the bhojan Avastha Ketu(dragon’s tail) in the Kundli or Horoscope cause one have more than usual enemies ? If the planet Ketu is in bhojan avastha or state in the horoscope, the person may not have sufficient food to eat so may get hungry. The health may not be great and a lot of diseases could be there plus the enemies could trouble the person.
  • The planet Ketu is again weak in the horoscope or the kundali.
  • terror ketu strength  dragon's tail narendra modi horoscope kundli
    D)Could The Nritya Lips Avastha Ketu(dragon’s tail) in the Kundli or Horoscope make one engage in doing evil things ? I the planet Ketu is in the Nritya lips avastha or state in the horoscope the person would be in a state of depression or be anguished, may have a flower type mark on the eyes and may get engaged in doing and planning evil things.
  • The status and strength of Ketu is again weak here
  • prostitutes ketu strength  dragon's tail narendra modi horoscope kundli
    E) Could the kautuk Avastha Ketu(dragon’s tail) in the Kundli or Horoscope make one to go to prostitutes? If the planet Ketu is in kautuk state or avastha, in the horoscope ,the person may be prone to prostitutes and the courtesans the dancers may suffer from positional displacement or issues may take to the path that is not good or evil and may roam around.
  • , Here again, Ketu is weak in the horoscope
  • fun smile ketu strength  dragon's tail narendra modi horoscope kundli
    F) Could the Nidra Avastha Ketu(dragon’s tail) in the Kundli or Horoscope mean great fun in life :)? If the planet Ketu is in Nidra avastha or state in the horoscope, the person would have good money and wealth in hand and have a great lot of virtues. also would have great fun in life as such.
  • The planet Ketu is strong here in the horoscope.
  • narendra-modi strong ketu narendra modi horoscope 2018 2019 elections india

    How does Ketu strength Impact narendra Modi ?

    Birth Details of Narendra Modi

  • Name: Narendra Modi
  • Date of Birth: Sunday, September 17, 1950
  • Time of Birth: 11:00:00
  • Place of Birth: Mehsana
  • Longitude: 72 E 28
  • Latitude: 23 N 37
  • Time Zone: 5.5
  • mars-capricorn-ketu-transit strong ketu narendra modi horoscope 2018 2019 elections india

    what is Role of Ketu in sri narendra Modi ji’s Chart?

  • Now for Sri Narendra Modi ji Ketu is sitting in his 11th bhava in the horoscope of the house of gains and friendship along with sun the lord of career or karma house and yes mercury or Budha that is combust and weak at 0 degrees 46 minutes.
  • Now as Ketu or dhwaja in the 11th bhava means one could get exceptional gains and that also from friends. if we look at people of India they are like friends of sri Narendra Modi ji and have voted for him in large numbers in 2014 elections.
  • Ketu sitting in 11th bhava in the horoscope would also suggest one could gain sudden money by friends or people around, lottery or stock exchange so Narendra Modi Ji is prone to win through the trust his friends or people of India have in him.
  • He or Sri Narendra Modi ji will have good qualities in your heart and personality. he may also participate in charitable works.
  • Ketu in 11th house in the horoscope or kundali again means one may not have sons, but maybe scholarly and valorous which Sri Narendra Modi ji is and yes would get educated in some form or the other. all this is very true for Sri Narendra Modi ji.
  • Also Ketu in 11th bhava in the horoscope also gives him(Sri Narendra Modi ji) a good built and yes his adversaries are afraid due to him for sure. He needs to simply take care of intestine and liver.
  • in the 11th house Ketu (Dragon’s Tail) gives Narendra Modi ji some distinction. here n 11th it
    represents lesser gains prosperity for his elder siblings. we know As a child, sri Narendra Modi ji helped his respected father for selling tea at the Vadnagar railway station, and later Narendra Modi ji ran a tea stall with his brother near a bus terminus.
  • Ketu(Dragon’s Tail) in 11th house either significantly helps friendships or professionally or otherwise for Narendra Modi ji. yes he was helped for his friendships.
  • Ketu(Dragon’s Tail) in 11th bhava or house also means recognition of Narendra Modi ji in ancient Vedic sciences and great vitality. now Narendra Modi ji is well known the world for his Yoga love and also great vitality and strength- he sleeps only 4 hours in 24 hours.

  • But also Ketu(Dragon’s Tail) in 11th house for Narendra Modi ji could give bad friends . yes there were many people in his party BJP as well who wanted to de stabilize Narendra Modi ji.
  • due to this Ketu(Dragon’s Tail) and aspect on the 3rd house there are likely to struggle to life for Narendra Modi ji.
  • Now Ketu(Dragon’s Tail) also positioned in this house can give great financial prospects and projects with people and fame. all this is 100% true for Narendra Modi ji.
  • Ketu(Dragon’s Tail) here suggest that spending of Narendra Modi ji would be quite frugal with siblings. also Narendra Modi ji may very good success and desired successes would be on his feet.
  • as an aspect to the 7th house is also there, so less chance of marrying well is there. he married Jashodaben Chimanlal and then left for His Yogic mission and RSS.

  • as Ketu(Dragon’s Tail) is a malefic , its malefic influences on the 7th house is like kuja dosha or the Mangal dosha.
  • we know eleventh house represents gains, prosperity & elder siblings . so this placement is especially very good for making money or dealing with money. Narendra Modi ji is an astute financial manager.
  • aspect of Ketu(Dragon’s Tail) from 11th house to 3rd house in majority of cases gives tendency towards spiritualism .also much higher a financial sphere success and attainment higher powers, It clearly suggest that Narendra Modi ji will earn name and wealth .
  • so overall such a horoscopes with Ketu(Dragon’s Tail) in 11th house suggest good for political motivations of the person or Narendra Modi ji. He would have a struggle to be overcome . Having children for sri Narendra Modi ji may be hard due to aspect on 5th house. all is true for Narendra Modi ji.
  • In this equation of ketu in 11th house one may win sudden money through maintaining the cordial relationship .
    Yes downside in relationship with wife Jashodaben Chimanlal it could not pick up.
    and benefic exalted Venus is malefic exalted rahu is present
    Narendra Modi ji could also do great in day trading or stocks- had he not been into politics : ) .
  • vrigo kanya ketu strength  dragon's tail narendra modi horoscope kundli
    what is the effect Ketu in the Virgo sign for Sri Narendra Modi?

  • Due to Ketu in Virgo sign or Kanya Rashi in the horoscope for Sri Narendra Modi ji, this could give a cutting intellect to the person , which is true for Sri Narendra Modi ji. also as Virgo is the 6th sign of the zodiac so Ketu sitting in the same could cause family issues or not getting set up for him.
  • In any horoscope or kundali Virgo is an earth sign and Ketu means fire as it functions like mars, so overall fore strengthens the earth so this means earth or the Virgo sign and hence the eleventh house or bhava for Sri Narendra Modi ji is greatly strengthened and he would have gains and over all gains in money that is finances of India and also gains from friends and yes the people of India.
  • what is the effect of Ketu is in conjunction with sun lord of the 10th house for Sri Narendra Modi?
  • In the horoscope 10th lord sun deals with image and status of Narendra Modi ji.
  • Now sun with Ketu the dhwaja in the horoscope could give exceptional status to Narendra Modi ji.
  • in the horoscope or kundali for Sri Narendra Modi ji, sun in the eleventh house gives honour and glory and also a friendly nature to person. All is true for Sri Narendra Modi ji. he got the highest honours being the prime minister of India
  • he would improve by sattvik thoughts and not taking non-vegetarian food which is all true for Sri Narendra Modi ji. Also, it is promised that he or Sri Narendra Modi ji would have the comfort of vehicles and servants always.
  • what is the effect of Ketu is in conjunction to mercury lord of 11 and 8th bhava or house for Sri Narendra Modi?

  • now ketu with mercury in the eleventh bhava in the horoscope means sri narendra modi ji would live in big properties(prime ministers house is big enough J), we know eighth house deals with properties as such.
  • Also in the horoscope or kundali ,mercury with ketu gives a different or exceptional kind of intellect to understand money flows we know sri narendra modi ji also introduced “note bandi” in year 2017.
  • This combination gives several comforts and good intellect and a great amount of money as well and good control over the negative people or the underworld.
  • As ketu in the horoscope acts as the cutter of the eighth house or the underworld , or negative people, he or sri narendra modi ji worked against black money and also people from the underworld.
  • what is Impact of Ketu On Prime minister ship style of sri narendra Modi?

  • As has been discussing above, Ketu here for Sri Narendra Modi ji’s horoscope gives him exceptional intellect and ability to understand money matters.
  • It or the mercury and Ketu together in the horoscope, also could give him a great shraddha or prayer for Lord Vishnu one of the significators of mercury or the Virgo sign.
  • so he may take more decisions aligned with Srimad Bhagwat Gita as Lord Krishna is an avatar of Lord Vishnu and he narrated Bhagavad Gita.
  • it makes Sri Narendra Modi ji action-oriented man and getting great gains from his friends.
  • The seventh aspect is on the fifth bhava or house in the horoscope, so he would be hard on black marketing and making money by betting we know how many raids have happened on this era by the BJP government.
  • The aspect of Ketu on the third bhava in the horoscope means the people around him also suggest he could connect to Ketu type people that is sadhu sanyasi, in fact, he was in the Himalayas for a while it is early youth.
  • He or Narendra Modi ji would also be with people like sun and Ketu combination, that is the top politics would be with him.
  • He may also take a keen interest in money matters or economy of India. there has been an initiative for GST by Sri Narendra Modi Ji and Sri arum Jaitley ji.
  • What is the connected Strength of Ketu ?

  • This article covers the 6 remaining states of ketu with all its effects along with detailed analysis of impact and role of ketu in.
  • Moulding sri narendra modi ji’s personality and also how ketu contributed to his prime minister ship in 2014.
  • Next it evaluates how sri narendra modi ji could fare in coming elections in detail
  • what is the impact of Ketu on Narendra Modi in 2019 elections

  • he or Sri Narendra Modi is would be running Moon Ketu dasa in the horoscope from March 2019 to September 2019.
  • now all the great effects that have been discussed above would manifest for him or Sri Narendra Modi ji. The planetary energies indicate that he may again come into the limelight as a prime minister in 2019 as well.
  • As moon in the horoscope of Sri Narendra Modi Ji is lord of past life gains and good fortune karma the ninth bhava or house is the dasa lord and also Ketu is there, which also in some sense connects to our past life.
  • We have to note he became the prime minister in Moon-Rahu period in the year 2014, so Ketu is just polar opposite to the same. yes there is a possibility that he may sit in the opposition as a leader but with strong numbers in hand or the prime minister of India.
  • in 2014 Rahu in the horoscope of Narendra Modi ji was in transit in the 11th bhava activating the Rahu-Ketu effects more and now Rahu is in cancer and Ketu in the house of action and people around.
  • So in the horoscope of Sri Narendra Modi ji Rahu would again get good energies of ninth bhava and a good chance of winning and or coming to prominence is there for Sri Narendra Modi ji.The transit Jupiter in lagan is helping him greatly it would be in Scorpio sign and hence strong and helps him to activate new contacts /connection to masses and past life good karma. Saturn would be direct majorly.
  • but Jupiter could get retrograde so depending on months and actual dates of 2019 proper predictions could be tuned.
  • In 2014 Rahu-Ketu were active for him and as Ketu is well placed and so is Rahu he won, in 2019 mars and Jupiter take hold of him, so role of Saturn is important, there is an important raja yoga being formed for him by third and fourth lord Saturn that is directly in the second bhava of wealth and status and fourth bhava of public image.
  • but still a fair enough chance for him /Sri Narendra Modi ji to win is there in 2019 elections based on his horoscope for 2019, though he had stronger planets in 2014 in the horoscope or kundali, but still.
  • we wish India and ALL the best for the sake of democracy to prevail
  • ketu effects
    The Impact of transit Ketu and Other planets on 2019 elections – for Narendra Modi Ji and BJP(Bharatiya Janta Party)

  • Now let us look at the impact of planet Ketu on Narendra Modi Ji 2019 elections. Now Sri Modi Ji has Scorpio Lagna(vrishchika lagna) and looking at the 12th house or the vayay Bhava of Narendra Modi ji .The twelfth house is ruled by Tula rashi – so planet Venus rules the twelfth house for Narendra mod ji.
  • So it is clear that Venus will play a role of malefic for Shri Narendra Modi Ji for life long. Also, Jupiter or guru is a markesh for him, but still being a benefic a lot of 2nd Bhava energy of gains and status would be there for him.
  • Now looking at the 6th house of Narendra Modi ji it is mars lagna, so overall mars or Mangal is also a malefic planet for Narendra Modi ji and the eighth house Lord is also malefic. This is mithuna Rashi and this is ruled by planet Mercury, so mercury is also not so favorable. Though mithuna is a non-mooltrikona sign of mercury so it would not be very bad for Narendra Modi Ji as such.
  • saturn shani ketu strength  dragon's tail narendra modi horoscope kundli
    Whats is The Role of saturn and jupiter and yes ketu transits for Narendra modi ji and 2019 elections april /may ?

  • Now looking at the 2019 elections for the BJP or the Bharatiya Janata Party . as the second bhava lord is Jupiter. so looking at the three main transits that are Jupiter Guru and Saturn are very weak and debilitated in transit due to retrogression and Jupiter being in dhanu for April but at less than one degrees and then in Scorpio still in retrogression.
  • The fewer degrees of Jupiter around in the month of April so overall could be slightly beneficial for Modi ji , also at the same time being a benefic and transit in the house of status wealth the second bhava. Also the Lord of wealth and status Jupiter in a natal chart. Is transiting in the lagna itself in the month of May 2019.
  • so this could give Narendra Modi Ji some benefits basic benefits and gains in elections in the month of April the planet Jupiter is in the Kendra Bhava of 4th house in the natal chart of Narendra Modi ji. Also is just weak in transit but strong otherwise as discussed above.
  • so overall the image would be good for Narendra Modi Ji and BJP but it will not come up very great value like 2014 elections due to the opposition by Congress and other parties. one can, in reality, see there is a lot of resistance to Narendra Modi Ji also let us look at the planet Saturn.
  • Saturn rules the house of action the third bhava and subordinate and also home and public image for Narendra Modi ji. the house of action third bhava represents the BJP workers hard work at the grassroots workers of BJP. also the fourth Bhava of the image for Narendra Modi Ji is also ruled by Saturn.
  • so what is happening is when Jupiter the lord of the second bhava is coming back to Scorpio in the month of May 2019.means some image gains as well for Narendra Modi Ji because Scorpio is the core Lagna for Narendra Modi Ji.
    so May maybe slightly better than April but still as Jupiter would be retrograde and old in the Scorpio not many changes for Narendra Modi Ji from April to May 2019.
  • But as Saturn rules 3rd and 4th power bhava that means that close connection and coordination with BJP workers of Narendra Modi Ji. so he may get some positive image and maybe a better image as also Jupiter would be helping him and guru sits in the bhava of the public image of Narendra Modi Ji.
  • So some discrete additional improvements or enhancements for Narendra Modi Ji would be there in the month of May 2019 terms of elections for BJP and Narendra Modi ji.
  • Ketu effects on elections 2019 and narendar modi ji ?

  • we look at Narendra Modi ji’s is horoscope and we see that Ketu has just entered the second bhava of Narendra Modi Ji .this could be a bit problematic for his overall image mean some contraction of the image. but when we check the degree of Ketu of Narendra Modi Ji the Bhava Madhya is at around 1 degree for him and Ketu is at 29 degrees so far away so not much impact.
  • Also, Ketu is in the eleventh house for Modi ji in the natal chart in the house of gains that is the 11th house for friends/well-wisher. and it comes in the second bhava so may give exceptional gains as dhwaja or Ketu behaves like that.
  • How the moon helps Narendra Modi ji and brings in good past life karma for him?

  • The ninth house lord of Modi Ji is moon and Saturn and Jupiter both get blessed in transit by the 9th bhava lord moon. so good energies of past life good Karma of Narendra Modi connection with the party workers and his public image and self this is very clear that overall the moon energy is good greatly help and friends and supporters of Narendra Modi Ji would help in his image.
  • what is past life karma and role of sun for Narendra Modi ji in 2019 elections ?

  • but as Saturn and Jupiter are both either weak or retrograde or both, but still as past life very good Karma of Modi ji is there. Narendra Modi Ji we know that he had stayed in the Himalayas as well before joining politics or Rashtriya Seva Sangh(RSS). he has a strong Dharmik Karma base. which will help him latest elections better also we are to know that he Ketu is close to Sun or image of Modi ji in the eleventh house of the natal chart.
  • Also note that sun rules the house of career that is sun is a planet of politics so the political image can get a big scoop for Narendra Modi Ji . as Ketu is coming in the second bhava and his political image is making connections with the third house of Narendra Modi ji’s chart or the grass root party workers will get motivation energy and so would good image of Narendra Modi ji be blessed.
  • The overall status of Narendra Modi because Jupiter would also be in the first house in the month of May 2019 and in the natal chart Jupiter is in the fourth.
    so over all Jupiter gives a lot of energy to Narendra Modi ji’s image and help in winning of the BJP.
  • now let’s have a look at the minor transits in the Narendra Modi ji’s horoscope or kundali. what is important to locate where the planet Venus(Shukra) is in transit for Narendra Modi Ji because Venus is a first-rate malefic for Narendra Modi Ji.
    now Venus which is a first-rate malefic for Narendra Modi Ji could create health problems to Narendra Modi ji and also may create issues originating from the foreign lands. Now in April Venus is in Pisces, so in transit as Venus sits in the 5th house of Narendra Modi Ji . so the mind or the mental state of Narendra Modi Ji needs focus.
    His subordinates or the younger people may not listen to him and so does the health of people younger in BJP supporting him be OK. also overall some slight disciplining issues in BJP could be there.
  • Effect of mars

  • Now let us look at mars or the next malefic for narendra modi ji .
    Mangal dev or mars is primarily in the Taurus sign in April 2019 and is also the May time frame. Then in Gemini sign in May. the Taurus sign for Narendra Modi Ji is the 7th. This could mean and enmity with the prime Rivals of BJP like that is Congress or other people left front / and the gathbandhans in the month of May 2019.
  • Also please note the mars are a political planet and mars in the seventh bhava means Alliance with people in the position or power. so as 7th bhava and 6th bhava connect here and also it is mars so clear suggestion of a possible alliance with a strong party or some connection of some kind.
  • then in the month of May mars 8th house so but could mean some unexpected from the people who oppose BJP may, in fact, help BJP because the 4th aspect of Mars is on the planet sun. This would be helping Bharatiya Janata party image because the sun directly connect to the lagna
  • Whats is The Role of Mercury for Narendra modi ji and 2019 elections ?

  • The last malefic for Narendra Modi Ji is mercury positions of Mercury planet in the Narendra Modi ji’s horoscope./ now in the month of April mercury is very weak Pisces sign mercury but in the 5th house of Narendra Modi ji. so problems in communications within the party and others possible. as also the fifth house also deals with proper thinking so weak mercury coming in the fifth house may cause issues thinking and effectiveness of decision making in politics for BJP.
  • but at the same time, Mercury quickly gets into Aries sign and then into Taurus in the month of May sign in the first half of May 2019. This is Raj yoga karaka and do it still means the BJP party may not be able to take it steps smoothly at times but still, unexpected gains for the party is there after 15th May
  • Gemini is a non-Mool trikona sign so it will not have big effects but it still means make some form of the alliance for a political party. which we just said that mars will create an Alliance also some difference of opinion with a political party after 15 May. so unexpected alliances are also possible along with a lot of enemies/opposition is there as mercury is in the 7th house of alliances. It’s the Lord of the unexpected and also the discrimination so with proper thought BJP call will get fair results but it will
  • Summary of 2019 Elections for sri narendra Modi Ji

  • The results would be somewhere 80% of 2014 results. yes, full hundred percent of 2014 is not possible because the planets in transit are very weak this time despite their creating Raj Yoga in Sri Narendra Modi Ji chart. Also, there is a good energy exchange and Ketu in transit causing a lot of energy exchanges will significantly bless Narendra Modi Ji but. still, we feel only 80% mark of what it was in the Year 2014 would be reached.we humbly pray for the nation and every politician and Samaritans.