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  • Thank You very much!
    At this point of life – there is no option to chooce anothet apartment number – since the apartment is where it is!

    anete USA

  • Thank you for your mail.
    I appreciate your work
    I will take ur expertise
    In future endeavors
    Thank you

    Dr. v m(Delhi- India)

  • Thanks a lot. Appreciate ur help.

    Krishna A. (A.P India)

  • Feedback:
    Report is good and hope it will help me in my career run. Mr Swarup India (Prashna Kundli report)
  • Dear Prabhu ji:
    I am blessed that you have pin pointed the root casue of my health and financial and career problems in few seconds.I spent a lot of time and thousands of rupees on astrologers and Upayas- but you were able to pin point and actually hold the vein of my destiny.

    Thanks for your kind & comprehensive suggestions & solutions that include visiting a qualified doctor, ayurveda & yes helpful and effective upayas for affected planets.

    S S (Physics Scholar, aspiring for applied physics USA)

  • Dear Arjunji,

    It was really great and enlightening to get benefit of your expertise. Thanks a lot for your guidance.

    Thanks again!

    S S-An senior executive in India’s Topmost & Reputed Bank

  • Dear Arjun,

    Thank you for drawing up my chart and answering my questions. You were much more accurate than others I have consulted.

    Some other people have given me money and their own birth details to ask you questions about them. Should I order in an email, or go back to the website and submit the questions there?


    A R USA(United States Of America)

  • Dear Sir,
    Thank you so much for the report.Great words and yes i can see the accuracy too

    Vs India

  • Hello Arjun ji,

    Thank you for your email and report. Your report is pretty accurate and describes on point what is happening with me.
    A R India

  • “Dear Arjun,
    Thank you for drawing up my chart and answering my questions. You were much more accurate than others I have consulted.

    Some other people have given me money and their own birth details to ask you questions about them. Should I order in an email, or go back to the website and submit the questions there?
    Sincerely, AR – USA”

  • “Telephone Call: thank you sir … it was pleasure speaking to you as well, I am going for the 2nd session with you as well …. God bless you ..
    D S India”
  • ” …I was very deeply involved with a woman, but was not clear on if I should go ahead or not and when is the best time to put my foot forward. Thanks to you- You accurately described the kind of intense relationships I was having at an emotional and physical level/sexual and also gave me a clear insight into the inner nature of my lover. I find my love life much more fulfilling now. Thanks, I am greatly indebted to you…
    AB India”

  • ” …I consider myself lucky to have gotten my 2015 report last year. You had accurately predicted my having a family re-joining and gradual gain in stability in my career front. All have come 100% accurate. I have referred to each monthly prediction and your graph with care- & it has helped me immensely to plan my month in advance for 2015! Life has been much smoother for me with your on dot predictions and remedies. I am waiting the 2016 report of Yours. ” R Sharma India

  • ” …I had been working in a well known US MNC in America for past several years. I.I used to work from home comfortably and handle my family affairs well. But due to the economic slow down my job was in danger. Taking your advice clearly told me what expect, and I was able to proactively take the right steps in time .

    Your prediction about a pertinent family matter has also come to pass.I am doing simple remedies suggested by you, which my faith allows me to do. Thanks for all your support for the troubled times.
    Natasha USA”

  • ” …Knowing about money flows,that is when & how much money comes to me and how much is my expenditure year wise on family & my business is critical for my success. As this helps my work to grow and I stay in peace.Thanks , I got a clear cut picture for the year wise- by your graphical charts especially.My special thanks for the simple money yantra you have suggested- I have drawn it myself & it has helped me to build up more money discipline to save more by better decisions. I find myself lucky & relieved to handle my finances well now.
    Anil k India”

  • ” …..Sir I am into Sales of Software and am aware of the 80:20 rule for success for any deal or business. I tried Your suggestions in the report for some time, to be honest, initially I did not trust it. But slowly as I applied suggestions in your report diligently- some results started coming up. I smartly positioned meeting important customers and meetings with people on specific days and also adjusted timings for the same.

    My success rate has almost doubled in a few months!. So in a sense I have made myself luckier!I know number 1-One (SUN) is Lucky for me, but I should avoid using Number four(Rahu/Uranus). I am glad to use the my sales knowledge and also your suggestions in the report to improve my chances of success.My wife also Uses this report for fun to win kitty party draws of numbers :) at times. The increased success rate has made my personal and professional life-both, very happy & fulfilling. Thanking you and would stay in touch. Best wishes, PD India “

  • ” …I have been in great turmoil and full of guilt,as on one hand I feel I am not compatible with my present husband and whether I should go ahead with my boyfriend for marriage…At the the same time I am hurt, as I feel I am cheating someone. But your compatibility analysis and love report has given me a clear insight into my compatibility possibilities with my present husband. Based on which I can take a clear and guilt free decision on whether I should continue with the present relationship or may be re-marry. Thanks once again for the wonderful report. Would meet you when I am in India next.
    Meghana USA “

  • ” …I was un-clear about how to address my educational road-blocks & also issues at my personal front. Your uncanny delineation of my personality,and being able to trace exactly how the present problem I am facing- has cleared all the mist out of mind.I have a clear direction now on what to do and what not to do. I have also started following the simple remedies and suggestions and am sure soon most of the problems I face now would be gone. Thanks a lot once again.
    Nandita USA”

  • ” …As a lady , I being 30 plus age group, I was keen to keep myself fit and with proper body weight. I tried various things like jogging, gymnasium, scientific weight reduction program and even Yoga! They helped me for some time and then again I used to gain weight and become lazy due to thyroid problem. I was a bit
    frustrated by my efforts.

    Then based on your health report I realized that one of the core signifactor for my increased weight is moon primarily and also thyroid due to badly placed 2nd house lord. I followed the simple remedies suggested with you and I still follow the doctor’s advice plus do yoga and my weight is coming to normal with my agility in place. Thanks for your help!
    Sonali India”

  • ” …I was in between consulting jobs and badly wanted a new assignment.Though I was running mercury which is strong for me that time, but Rahu transiting to Scorpio had opened up a hornet’s nest for me.Thanks for the maha mrtiyunjaya and planetary Yagya- that kept my mind cool and i was selected without any hassles for a rewarding consulting job.It gives me satisfaction, that I have got more than what I had invested . Many thanks.
    pankaj India”


  • ” …I was quite depressed as my father was detected with an serious disease. Yes, I tried various alternatives, like modern medicines,Ayurveda and homeopathy. I got some results but I was not satisfied.We were planning operation of the organ as per suggestions of the doctor.Also astrologically the house & planet ruling the organ were weak. But then after doing the suggested mantra chanting by you along with use of modern medication, the healing improved a lot & doctors were surprised as well to see that the disease was reduced significantly.Now we have an easier path to recovery. We really appreciate your help in this regard.
    Anil India”

  • I am deeply indebted to astrozing, as I was in crossroads to take a personal decision. You have so clearly spelled the outcomes- that the road is clear to me. Ms.Patel- USA…

  • Dear Sir:
    I personally am greatly impressed by your articles on a niche site, and hence I decided to make
    changes to name of my news paper- to make it more harmonious. Thanks for helping us in doing so.

    Best wishes,
    K K, India

  • Dear sir,
    Your free predictions are exceptionally accurate, I use it regularly to plan my day.
    Your guidance about my career has come out to be almost 90% accurate. I follow the remedial measures.

    S Verma,India

  • Hi Astrozing:
    I am wonder struck on how did you come to know about my troubled married life and a possibility
    of an upcoming affair!Thanks a lot.
    anil, India

    Many more testimonials could be made available if asked for.