Bhrigu Nadi Longevity or Lifespan evaluation

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About this article ?:

  • The below article discusses at length and in detail on how Longevity or lifespan is evaluated for a person in nadi astrology or bhrigu nadi astrology.
  • so also comparison with parashari system is there.
  • so also a lot of examples of real life are given and longevity evaluated for various planetary configurations using nadi astrology.
  • Very interesting study it represents.
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    How is Longevity or lifespan determined based on Bhrigu Nadi astrology ?:

  • Longevity or lifespan depends on the lagna or ascendant strength.
  • it could be d1 lagna or Moon sign or even d9 lagan or ascendant .
  • but in BHRIGU nadi system, the lagan is the planet JUPITER.
  • so the strength of JUPITER and planets placed around it and aspects are used to find out longevity for the person.
  • So say if JUPITER is in Capricorn sign or makar rashi.
  • then longevity is weak.
  • so also if say Jupiter or Guru is placed with malefic like ketu or mars the longevity or life span is weak.
  • so also Saturn can induce weakness.
  • Same happens when Saturn sits in adjacent houses to Jupiter.
  • so say if Jupiter is in Aries sign and Saturn is in Taurus and so also ketu is in Pisces sign.
  • that means Jupiter or guru is afflicted .
  • So also if there is a 9th or 7th aspects of rahu or ketu still the energy of Jupiter is weakened in the process.
  • In Bhrigu Nadi astrology, the placement of Jupiter can provide insights into the longevity or lifespan of an individual.
  • Jupiter is considered a benefic planet, and its placement in the birth chart is analyzed to assess various aspects of life, including health and longevity.
  • However, longevity analysis in astrology is a complex and sensitive matter and requires a comprehensive examination of multiple factors.
  • In Bhrigu Nadi astrology, the technique used for longevity analysis involves examining the placement of Jupiter in relation to other planets, particularly the Moon, the Ascendant (Lagna), and certain nakshatras (lunar constellations).
  • The strength, aspects, and conjunctions of Jupiter with other planets are also taken into account.
  • It’s important to note that longevity analysis in astrology is not deterministic, and astrological predictions should not be relied upon as the sole indicator of one’s lifespan.
  • Factors such as genetics, lifestyle, medical history, and environmental factors also play significant roles in determining longevity.
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    various Longevity situations and case based on Bhrigu Nadi astrology ?:
    How to predict Longevity or life span based on nadi astrology ?

  • Saturn is in GEMINI sign at birth
  • so in last part of Life it is in LEO, so very tough situation
    SATURN is in GEMINI and KETU or dragon’s tail in LEO, so in the in the 3rd cycle in 76 years when Saturn is in LEO is agitated and connects to Ketu and is more agitated
  • at the same time Jupiter connect to Saturn
  • That time the longevity is completed
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    How to say someone would live He will live up to his
    76th year based on Nadi astrology ?

  • Saturn takes 28 years to travel one cycle
  • so in 28 x 3= 74 years it reaches back Saturn
  • or say add 2 more years as Saturn actually takes around 28
  • 5 years for completion
  • so in 76th year Saturn is exactly on the Saturn natal
  • 12 x 6 = 72 years
  • so sin 71 years 6 cycles Jupiter is back on natal Jupiter
  • around 4 years later Jupiter reaches the malefic Saturn, one sign ahead of it that is Taurus sign or vrishabha rashi
  • so much of malefic influence cause severe health issues to the person
  • //..
    { Sagittarius = Mars} –>{Capricorn = Jupiter}–>{Aquarius = dragon’s head or rahu}–>{Pisces= No Planet}–> { Aries = no planets}
    how to know the longevity or life span of any person

  • at the age of 72 Jupiter is on rahu and Saturn crosses the jeeva karaka Jupiter and is next to rahu or dragons head.
  • so his life is that time.
  • so as Jupiter jeeva karaka natal has Saturn transit on the same.
  • so also Jupiter transit is on natal rahu in Capricorn health reduces a lot and impacted longevity .
  • {cancer= Saturn } –>{ Leo = Sun}–>{ Virgo = Venus + mercury }
    How to know based on bhrigu nadi astrology the LONGEVITY of FATHER of the person based on Horoscope or kundli?

  • but say on one side sun has its enemy Saturn that also in pained state and on the other side sit has Venus again the enemy of sun in debilitated state in Virgo sign or kanya rashi.
  • so leans the strength of sun or longevity due to enemies’ is affected for the Father .
  • { Gemini = Mars + Ketu} –>{ cancer = Saturn}
    How to know based on bhrigu nadi astrology the LONGEVITY of BROTHER of the person based on Horoscope or kundli?

  • Now say Brother is by Mars or Mangal .
  • it is in Gemini in advanced degrees like 25-30 degrees.
  • so it has cuspal energies.
  • so also next sign is Cancer or karkat the sign of its debility.
  • so also next sign has Saturn.
  • plus Mars has Ketu or dragon’s tail with it.
  • so suggests that Longevity of brother also affected.
  • so seen in the static chart some progression of planets forward and backward is done here to get more information.
  • {Taurus = Jupiter or Guru} –> {Gemini = mars + ketu}–>{cancer = Saturn}–>{Leo=sun}–>{ Virgo = Venus + mercury }
    How to know based on bhrigu nadi astrology the LONGEVITY the person based on Horoscope or kundli?

  • The longevity or lifespan of the person is about 67-68 years.
  • as at that time, Saturn connect to rahu or dragon’s head in the in the Sagittarius sign.
  • or dhanu rashi , the sign of lord being Jupiter or Guru.
  • the jeeva karaka.
  • so Saturn plus rahu or dragon’s head on jeeva karaka cause him to leave for the heavenly abode.
  • {Taurus = Ketu or dragon’s tail }->{Gemini = Mars or mangal } ->{cancer = Jupiter and sun}->{Leo = Venus + mercury + Saturn(shani)}.

  • How Nadi astrology could Suggest LONGEVITY of any person based on kundli or Horoscope?

  • Longevity is at least 80 years as in the 7th cycle of Jupiter or jeeva karaka, 7x 12 = 84 years.
  • in almost 81 year Jupiter touches rahu ketu axis, so gets agitated and creates problems.
  • so as Saturn or shani dev , it is in 3rd transit on natal Jupiter by that time.
  • {cancer= venus } –>{leo= Mars} –>{ Virgo= sun + mercury+ dragons head or rahu + Jupiter + Saturn}
    How to know based on nadi astrology Horoscope about the LONGEVITY of any person ?

  • she will have a long life of 73 years.
  • as by that time natal Saturn or shani dev would be on natal ketu or rahu ketu axis.
  • so also jeeva karaka Jupiter would be almost on the natal position with rahu or dragon’s head or sun there.
  • { Aries= Sun } ->{ Taurus = Venus + Mercury}———->{Virgo = Jupiter + rahu + Saturn}
    How does nadi astrology Help us to tell about LONGEVITY the person ?

  • The person would live up to 74 years, as rahu takes 18×4 years to come back to its own position.
  • where Jupiter the jeeva karaka is there.
  • so is a tough planet like Saturn also there.
  • {Libra = Saturn or shani } –>{Scorpio = Jupiter or Guru }—— –>{ Aquarius = Ketu or dragon’s tail + Mars or mangal}—{Aries}
    How to know based on Bhrigu Nadi astrology the LONGEVITY or Life span of the person?

  • Longevity is Saturn or shani dev completes one cycle in 29 years, 2 cycles n 58 years.
  • It gets highly agitated in Aquarius with ketu and mars its enemy.
  • that’s happens 59 years + ( Libra to Aquarius signs = 4 signs) that is 4×2.
  • 5 years beyond 59 years, is 68 or 69 years.
  • Or else when it is in Aries, 5 years away and in debility.
  • also rahu or dragon’s head is on natal rahu in 18x 4= 72 years and around 69 years on natal sun or surya dev or vitality.
  • so also so after 3-4 years it reaches on natal Jupiter or self.
  • so suggests longevity over.
  • {VIRGO= mercury}–>{LIBRA = SUN + SATURN}–>{SCORPIO = Jupiter}—–> { CAPRICORN = Ketu or dragon’s tail}—>{AQUARIUS= Mars or mangal}———->{GEMINI = Moon}–>{CANCER = rahu or dragon’s head}—-> { LEO= venus }——–> {VIRGO= mercury or budha}
    How based on nadi astrology LONGEVITY of the person?

  • Saturn or shani dev in 3rd transit comes on Saturn by 84 years = 29x 3= 87 years.
  • around 10 years back Saturn is on natal moon.
  • in the 5th cycle ketu comes over natal mars on Aquarius.
  • Plus Jupiter the self is on ketu, so life span closed or longevity affected.
  • {Libra = Venus + Saturn } –> { Scorpio = Sun}–>{Sagittarius = Jupiter+ Mercury }–>{Capricorn= ketu or dragon’s tail}
    based Bhrigu nadi how could one predict about Longevity or Lifespan

  • he could live up to 70-72, as Rahu or dragon’s head comes on natal Rahu or dragon’s head and it so the 4th cycle that gets completed.
  • so also Jupiter also completes its cycle an comes over natal ketu.
  • Jupiter is the self.
  • This this double combination could cause issues to the longevity of the person.
  • {cancer sign = venus + mercury + rahu + Mars} —>{ Sagittarius = Jupiter } –>{ Capricorn = ketu } –>{ Aquarius = no planet} –>{ Pisces= no planet} –> {aries = no planet}
    How does nadi astrology suggest LONGEVITY or LIFE-SPAN of any Person?

  • The longevity or lifespan of the person would be around 76-78 years as Saturn after covering the 3rd round 3 x 28 = 56+28 = 84.
  • minus 5 years when Saturn comes over Rahu, venus and mercury in cancer sign.
  • so also rahu or dragon’s head covers one cycle in 18 years, so by 72 years rahu comes back on the natal rahu.
  • form here Jupiter or the jeeva is 5 signs away, so around 76-77 years or even if rahu is one a=sign ahead in Scorpio and in debility, the longevity of the person could be impacted.
  • {Libra = Moon}–>{Scorpio = Saturn + mars}–>{Sagittarius = sun + Mercury} –>{ Capricorn = Jupiter + ketu or dragons’ tail}–{ Aquarius = Venus}—————————–>{cancer = rahu or dragon’s head}
    how to know about SELF & WIFE HEALth & LONGEVITY based on Bhrigu Nadi astrology Horoscope ?

  • when Jupiter or guru in the 5th cycle or 12 x 6 = 72 years reaches the Capricorn sign with ketu it spells a longevity issues for the guy.
  • take it a few years more as Venus is next.
  • His wife will be ill at 69-70 when rahu transits over the Venus planet but live
    RAHU at around 70 year’s aspects the planet VENUS for wife so creates severe health issues to the person.
  • up to 73.
  • the person as explained would live up to 74-75.
  • At the age of 73-74 RAHU gives 9th aspects to JUPITEr the prana and creates issues a bit.
  • Also JUPITER comes over natal JUPITER but with KETU or dragon’s tail that time creating severe issues to health and Longevity of the person.
  • SATURN is in ARIES or Mesha rashi weak.
  • Has the 10th aspects on JUPITER or jeeva karaka.
  • Affecting the longevity.
  • {Scorpio = Saturn }–>{Sagittarius = Mars} –>{Capricorn = Jupiter + Venus + ketu}–>{Aquarius = Sun +Mer}–>
    Based on Bhrigu Nadi astrology , how to get information about LONGEVITY person’s Horoscope ?

  • latter part of life in meditation and live up to a nice old age
    of 78 as at that time Jupiter or guru the life force of the person comes over rahu or dragon’s head .
  • {Sagittarius = Saturn or shani dev }–>{Capricorn= moon and mars}–>{Aquarius or kumbha rashi= ketu or dragon’s tail}–>{Pisces or meena rashi = Jupiter}
    –>{Pisces or meena rashi = No planet} –>{Aries or mesha rashi = sun & venus}
    How to know the LONGEVITY based on Vedic brig nadi astrology using horoscope or kundli?

  • Saturn or shani dev would be on natal Jupiter or guru around 70 years.
  • by that time, ketu or dragon’s tail would be on natal Jupiter I or Guru n the 18×4 the round approximately.