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Choosing an astrologer is always a difficult task given thousands of Vedic Astrologer’s that could be found online.
Vedic astrology being vast and complex subject and hence needs decades of study and practise before any one could be near perfect or accurate and counsel people.
What you should Check before selecting an Vedic Astrologer or Jyotish for consultation?
• So the first thing is that you should choose and astrologer who has studied and practiced astrology for over a decade with success. We have done it for three decades and we realize that every second you learn.
• The second thing is the mental capability- that includes the quick thinking of budha(mercury) to understand the vast complex calculations of Vedic astrology AND at the same time the depth of though imparted by planet Jupiter. As without depth and going deep into this subject- no one can give you the right advice. In this regard we have not only used the complex calculations in software free on our site but at the same time delved very deep & extensive into the subject and done research on Vedic astrology and come up with pearls of wisdom.
• The knowledge of astrology related mathematics despite of the computers or laptops/mobiles being around , is a must for anyone to do natural and mental calculations and synthesize various effects of dashas and transits/gochhar’s of planets correctly. Also one needs a Scientific background(Science also includes people trained in Vedic sciences like Vedic sciences and yes the modern sciences) is much needed so that the Asrtologer can give a scientific,well analyzed and a well balanced prediction. So you should check the Education background of the person. We are mostly graduates from IIT’s with hard work we have put in, have an above average grasp on the subject of Vedic Astrology or jyotish.
• One more important factor is Intuition, which develops by sadhana/prayer or spiritual practices. Given the complex and intricate nature of Vedic astrology- if one is not with this intuition factor he or she could fail in making accurate predictions. We at our end do our prayers and meditation daily to keep this faculty alive, & with GOD’s grace our predictions are rated over 90% accurate. You may check our Testimonials here. What Do Our Customer’s Say? CLICK HERE

• Last but not the least, please check the pricing. It should neither be too high unless the person is exceptional or too low! Too low could mean that they are not manual reports, so they will neither be personalized nor match the accuracy of handwritten reports. We give only Handwritten reports, spend 60-120 minutes per report to ensure you get an in-depth, accurate and comprehensive report cum solution to what you want.
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  • Most Reasonable and Affordable cost. You save almost 80% of your money if you buy from our site- as our prices are most competitive along with quality and accuracy.
  • Best Quality & Authenticity of reports Guaranteed. With Highly educated astrologers and Quality Control- You are guaranteed to get the Best Quality.
  • Scientific Approach. We invest a lot in research to give you the best.
  • We give you maximum benefit for any report- by suggestions and simple yet effective remedies for your overall happiness,health & prosperity.


    Our PRICE Advantage

  • We provide You with Most Reasonable and Affordable Cost with a High Quality,Accurate and Detailed Predictions from the Best Astrologer’s and Numerologists ( http://astrozing.com/who-we-are/ ).
  • Our Prices are ONE FIFTH of the same service at other sites. Like ask a Question is around 20$ to 35$ on other sites. and 6$ on ours. So the cost is at least 3(three) To 6(six) times MORE than what we offer.So You SAVE from 14$(910 ₹) to 29$(1885 ₹) on ONE Service!!! .

  • Our QUALITY & ACCURACY Advantage:


  • Based on study of thousand’s of cases– we take pride in sharing that our Accuracy Levels in predictions is rated Very High, and the simple almost Zero Cost Remedies we suggest have been found to be effective by majority of people who consulted us.
  • Each of the Astrologer/Numerologist has over 20 years of of successful & Practical
    Consulting Experience
    in India & USA In Astrology & Numerology(which Includes Western Astrology,Vedic Astrology or Hindu ,Numerology and Iching.

  • Why we are DIFFERENT from Other Astrology & Numerology Websites:


  • Unlike most of the Astrology Sites,We invest a lot in Astrology Research and its Practical Applications for benefit of mankind, with Eminent Astrologer’s,Numerologist’s Scientists and Technologists on our board!This helps us to deliver Very High Quality & High Value Report To You .
  • We look at Astrology or Horoscopes with a Scientific Approach for Accurate,Detailed & High Quality Predictions!

  • We TAILOR the PREDICTIONS As Per Your Needs:


  • We provide You with PREMIUM ,Highly Personalized & Detailed Horoscope Based Predictions, Specially Tailored for YOUR Specific Needs, for any Specific Area of Your Life(be it, Love & Compatibility,Career or Job,Money,Luck,Marriage,Children,Property,Litigation etc. along with Powerful Remedies to help You) at a Very REASONABLE COST.


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    Suppose You invest say a typical 9$(585 ₹) for getting consultation for Your Career, May be you are planning to move out of the Current Company with a higher Salary package. But the planets indicate instability in the new environment. So if due to this You loose your job or are stressed out- what is the cost that you pay for it? Keeping it bare minimal-say 1000$. So by investing 10$ in the astrological consultation, You atleast save 100 times more money and ensure more happiness by taking the right decisions and making the right moves in time.

    ROI(Return on Investment) = (Gains-Cost)/Cost = (1000$-10$)/10$ = 990$/10$ = is VERY HIGH= 99 atleast!!!So over all gains for investment are very high.

    Now this 9$/550₹ is a kind of INSURANCE INVESTMENT for Your CAREER, Compare this Price with what You Typically Invest for Getting a Life Insurance, Car Insurance, Medical Insurance, or even Getting a T-Shirt 🙂 Or Eating at our Favorite food Joint 🙂 etc. You can easily See How Many MORE BENEFITS You GET with this with relatively SMALL INVESTMENT Compared to Your Other INSURANCE INVESTMENTS?.

    The Same above mentioned Logic applies to Other Areas of Your Life like Love, Marriage- Compatibility, Health,Litigation/Court Cases,Children, Money or Finances,Stocks or Property Investments,Health or Anything for that matter of concern in Your Life– as with thisYou are much more EMPOWERED with the right information in Your hand to take right decisions- for MORE SUCCESS & HAPPINESS.

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