Abhijit Banerjee Horoscope Predictions!Nobel Prize

abhijit banerjee horoscope kundli nobel prize predictions

About this article?

  • This article discusses the horoscope(kundli) of abhijit Vinayak banerjee for his Nobel Prize win in 2019. abhijit banerjee is born in 21st February 1961 and is an Indian born American economist
  • Abhijit vinayak Banerjee is an Indian born American economist and he is also the Ford foundation International professor for economics in MIT Massachusetts Institute of Technology USA. so this article based on his planets try to explore his achievements as well.
  • It analyzes what made abhjit win the Nobel prize and also what made him work as a career for economics.
  • This article also discusses about his personal life . also the astrological factors that made abhijit banerjee divorce his first wife ( Dr. Arundhati Tuli Banerjee, a lecturer of literature at MIT) and again marry his 2nd wife (Esther Duflo and who is co-researcher with him, and MIT professor as well)& have two children.
  • 🙂 interestingly we also look at his horoscope and see what made abhijit banerjee the Nobel prize winner work on poverty and poor people .so it’s a very interesting analysis of research
  • abhijit banerjee horoscope kundli nobel prize predictions
    Now what made Abhijit Banerjee so exceptional and also win a NOBEL prize 😉 in economics?

  • abhijit Banerjee second person in the area of Economics now we take his Surya Lagna or sun lagna(ascendant) is Aquarius or Kumbha rashi. if it is Aquarius so that gives him good ability to think independently and ye be philosophical. 🙂
    also being the eleventh sign it makes him quite inspired 😉 fit for the Nobel prize and research work.
  • sun or surya is the lagna.
    at the same time we look at the planet moon Rashi or Moon lagan for him. It is Aries so that gives a great action oriented-ness to do research or carry forward what he wants to do.
  • so we have the 11th sign active in abhijit banerjee, the 1st sign and sun = number 1 in his.
    so we see a lot o 1’s 😉 means good initiative , action and originality.
  • what gives him an original mind?

  • we have already analysed it above
    1 = Aries is 1st sign Chandra lagna,11th = surya lagna and sun=number 1.
  • so that makes abhijit banerjee a very inspired original and innovative person. we also know that Ketu is there the lagan or ascendant for abhijit banerjee. which gives him research bent of mind . It also (ketu = dragon’s tail) also gives him great intensity to do research as it is the planet for research,
  • we have noted that Sun gives originality & 11th sign Aquarius gives a different way of thinking and moon in Aries sun is also number 1 all this gives Abhijit Banerjee highly original and innovative mind set earlier.
  • we at the same time note that planet Mercury or budha the lord of 8th bhava gives him big thinking and also mercury closely connects with economics for Commerce.
    mercury gives good intelligence and keenness of mind and also ruling 8th bhava means effects of poor people on mind = lagna. 🙂 so he or abhijit banerjee would think deeply about poor people for long.
  • does mercury or Budha have a role in abhijit banerjee’s Nobel prize?

  • mercury also rules his sitting in 5th house of long term thinking and also education. so it is great for quickness and some creativity in his way of thinking and solving problems in economics :).
  • mars or Mangal is also there in the 5th house of his horoscope so great action and passion to do things is there for this Nobel prize winner. 🙂
    so over all Aquarius sign(kumbha rashi), Aries sign(mesha rashi), sun(surya) and mercury contribute to the greatness of abhijit banerjee.
  • abhijit banerjee nobel prize education phd degree research

    What do the planets in the horoscope or Kundli of Nobel prize winner abhijit banerjee which talk about his education?

  • we look at education of Abhijit Banerjee based on his 4th bhava. from the surya lagan or ascendant in his kundli, Venus(shukra) is exalted as we can see. we know that 4th bhava deals with education. so Abhijit Banerjee’s education in terms of artistic taste and may be also cooking would be great :). This is infact confirmed by his brothers that he is a great cook. also a strong venus here suggests that his education could be in some industry to give comforts to others. 😉
  • now we know Abhijit Banerjee’s research on alleviating poverty is the greatest comforts anyone could give to the society.
  • which planets give him taste for cooking and other artistic things

  • so as we saw earlier that venus or shukra exalted in Pisces in the 2nd bhava of Abhijit Banerjee horoscope. clearly talk about his success in art and also psychology a d social sciences .it also includes music and cooking :).
  • now the kind of research he did for alleviating poverty did include psychology and social sciences as well.
  • what kind of education do the planets point out for abhijit banerjee in his horoscopes(kundli)

  • Now looking at the moon Lagna of Abhijit Banerjee that is Aries sign or mesha rashi.we have moon or Chandra ruling the 4th house of education. we know that number 4 is of Rahu and it rules logic. so clearly suggest that Abhijit Banerjee may lean towards psychology and that could also have good mathematical background.
  • we also carefully note that for Abhijit Banerjee’s horoscope(kundli) the fourth house has an aspect of a strong Saturn or shani dev his core karaka for success in poverty alleviation and also debilitated Jupiter or guru is there.
  • Saturn or shani number 8 gives Abhijit Banerjee the Nobel prize winner the education to do with logic and as we discussed . as Saturn also rules the downtrodden people, it gives Abhijit Banerjee education and awareness to do with downtrodden people .
  • which we know for 100% sure ,he got the Nobel Prize for poverty ridden people. Jupiter which is lord of 9th house of Dharma and higher education(from the moon sign Aries) and is close to Saturn in the 12th house of surya lagna. So suggest high dignity higher education like PhD post doctorate etc.
  • Now connecting this conjunction with the fourth house of education, suggest for Abhijit Banerjee that he would have very good and dignified higher education abroad( USA here).plus the education could en tail connecting to large set of people due to Saturn or shani dev being there.
  • also note that 12th house where Saturn and Jupiter both area there so suggest education to do in foreign lands and with poverty or some stress as that’s what 12th bhava deals with. so 12th house X Saturn and shani define all of his
  • what special does the Moon lagna say for his education?

  • we also know that because moon is lord of 4th bhava from moon lagan or Aries. so that means Abhijit Banerjee would do something to do with psychology and political science. as moon or Chandra is the mind and political science and psychology connect to it.
  • Now if you look at the Social Sciences or problems which Abhijit Banerjee is trying attack by economic strategies. needs both psychology and political science knowledge on how people respond to the governmental schemes.
  • higer education and phd post foc reaerch abhijit banerjee nobel prize education phd degree research
    What do the planets n the horoscope(kundli) of Nobel prize winner abhijit banerjee say about his Higher education?

  • Now looking at the higher education of Abhijit Banerjee the Nobel prize winner. 🙂 . The higher education and degrees are ruled by Libra sign(Tula rashi or getting justice and balance in society by economics :)) for Abhijit Banerjee.
  • so the higher education for Abhijit Banerjee is ruled by planet Venus(shukra) is exalted in the Pisces sign(meena rashi).
  • This lord sits in the 2nd house of Abhijit Banerjee of wealth and status. so that means that higher education is in the distant lands(12th sign deals with distant lands= Pisces or meena rashi) and it would be highly dignified ;). also it would be of a great kind .which is all 100% true for Abhijit Banerjee .
  • Now looking at the same from the Surya Lagna Gemini sign also rules higher education for Abhijit Banerjee. It has mars sitting in the Gemini sign . Now as Gemini rules commerce and economics and mars gives(mangal) action orientedness. so it is written on the wall that Abhijit Banerjee would do great in commerce or Economics related subject in higher studies. :)).
  • legend prize abhijit banerjee horoscope kundli nobel prize predictions
    What planets in his Horoscope gave him a Nobel prize- intensity, success and fame all :)?

  • also Sun the Surya is the Planet of public image in general(Karaka for the same). sun is a bit weak in the lagan bhava of abhijit banerjee.
  • so Abhijit Banerjee accept all gains in image and name for him. we know that one cannot get a Nobel Prize if the planets are not strong and supportive. Plus based on moon sign Abhijit banerjee sun or surya sitting in the 11th house give him games in image based on his Surya Lagna.
  • awards recognition abhijit banerjee horoscope kundli nobel prize predictions

    what gives him(abhijit banerjee) such a great image in the world?

  • From the surya lagna the lord of 4th bhava or Taurus sign(vrishabha rashi)of public image and family and home. It is placed very strong in the 2nd house of the horoscope. it is exalted given him great image in the world :). so in family matters and public image he would be unmatched.
  • we note that venus sits on the Pisces sign or Meena Rashi .which is very good for Abhijit Banerjee the Nobel Prize winner :). also form the moon sign venus sits in the 12th bhava of foreign lands and is strong. so great success from foreign lands for abhijit banerjee. yes he left India to Usa to get success.
  • so 2nd Bhava lord of Pisces(Jupiter) is in the 12th house. so one could become head of the government or get a government type job .Abhijit Banerjee is working at MIT(Massachusetts institute of technology). It is a government job. It also makes him a respectable person .
  • we will analyze Abhijit Banerjee ‘s career based on his strongest planet in the horoscope. so Venus or shukra is the strongest and then is Saturn for Abhijit Banerjee .
  • these are the two strongest planets for Abhijit Banerjee venus is ruling the house of public image(4th) and Saturn is ruling the lagan (ascendant) and 12 and is there.
    so obviously Saturn or shani dev is poor people .venus also rules past life great karma and is strong. it is also the ruler of house of luck. so over gives Abhijit Banerjee a great public image and love for people especially poor as Saturn the karaka for poor people is strong :). venus also rules home and comforts and people of India.
  • what do planets say about his area of work of Abhijit Banerjee ?That is to do with poverty and economics?

  • the society is connected Venus deals and so is the home & Economics very much overlapping with Venus or shukra. we k now that Saturn is also very strong. we know that Venus is the lord of 2nd Bhava of wealth & status for Abhijit Banerjee .
  • sun or surya also rules 7th house of public dealing relationships for Abhijit Banerjee indicates something to do with public life is there for sure for Abhijit Banerjee /which has to do with more comfort of people within the society .that is exactly what Venus(shukra) or Economics is for.
  • money wealth economy abhijit banerjee horoscope kundli nobel prize predictions
    what made him choose economics as his career?

  • from the surya lagna of Abhijit Banerjee , Saturn is ruling his 12th house .the lagna or ascendant lord Saturn is sitting in the 12th house .for it very clearly indicates that he would be a stressed a bit & is prone to stress problems . 12 houses has to to do with foreign lands. so Abhijit Banerjee has success in foreign lands .Saturn or shani dev in the 12th house (twelfth house) for the Nobel prize winner Abhijit Banerjee means stress later in life.
  • research investigation abhijit banerjee horoscope kundli nobel prize predictions
    what gives abhijit banerjee research capability ?

  • we also look at his the mass which is the lord of tent House or Scorpio that deals with research lord of 10th house sitting in the fifth house suggesting that Abhijit Banerjee is more prone to do search digging into matters is already said that Venus connect to economics people human beings and so does Saturn deal with poverty and poor people all this combination suggest that he could work in areas to do with economics
  • poor poverty abhijit banerjee horoscope kundli nobel prize predictions
    what makes abhijit banerjee work for downtrodden or poor r people based on his horoscope(kundli)?

  • Now looking from the rashi of Abhijit Banerjee . That is from the Moon sign the 10th lord is Saturn itself and Saturn is sitting there and 11th bhava. also Saturn we know as a karaka clearly indicates something to do with poor people of poverty or something like that.
  • so Saturn in 10th house Plus Saturn in Saturn sign both indicate about this kind of work for poor people.
  • he may also have sudden elevation and depression as well in career. Jupiter which is The Lord of the past life Karma and is weak. so suggest his father would be knowledgeable person due to Jupiter. but overall also connection with good actions by Abhijit Banerjee .as Jupiter also gets into Saturn ruled 10th bhava along with Saturn.
    also 8th aspect of mars or mangal is there to Jupiter- so apart from giving him dignity. Abhijit Banerjee would head research . this is 100% true:).
  • career job abhijit banerjee horoscope kundli nobel prize predictions
    something about the career of abhijit banerjee the Nobel prize winner?

  • so twelfth House Lord in the tenth makes one person work areas poverty as we discussed earlier .sector
  • Married life

  • Let us look at married life for Abhijit Banerjee the Nobel Prize winner . so if you look at the personal life of abhijit Banerjee he married. twice .Once to Dr. Arundhati Tuli Banerjee, who is a lecturer of literature at MIT and had a son from her.
    He then divorced here and married his co-researcher, MIT professor Esther Duflo;.
    They have two children together when was it joint supervisor for PhD economics in 1999
  • so let us look at the 7th house of Abhijit Banerjee from surya lagna. IN the 7th house sun rules and is in the enemy sign of Aquarius. but being in Aquarius gives both his wives arundhati tuli and also Esther more philosophical or teaching background
  • being weak and afflicted by ketu and 8th lord mercury gives a lot of instability in the marriage. but as from moon sign venus rules the 7th bhava and is exalted in the 12th hsoue.So does suggest better 2nd marriage for Abhijit Banerjee .yes he won the Nobel after the 2nd marriage.;)

  • p Chidambaram Horoscope Rise & Fall in politics?

    p chidambaram congress finance minister home horoscope
    p Chidambaram Horoscope causes of rise & fall in politics?

    About this article

  • The article discusses the horoscope of sri p Chidambaram ji. It talks about what planetary made him a celebrity and he rose to the level of Home minister and Finance minister of India .It also explores what made sri p Chidambaram ji join politics and be a greater success in the same.
  • Later it talks about the cause of legal matters/Litigation and arrest of sri p Chidambaram ji. The root planetary causes of the same.
  • p chidambaram congress finance minister home horoscope kundli predictions
    p chidambaram congress finance minister home horoscope awards
    What made P Chidambaram ji such big celebrity in life?

  • we know that sri p Chidambaram ji is from illustrious and very good family background and his father sri Palianappa chettiar top-notch businessman look at his horoscope. His grandfather was illustrious Raja Sir Annamalai Chettiar a great businessman and banker.
  • Moon of Chandra seems to be the strongest planet in horoscope of sri p Chidambaram ji. It is sitting on the Sagittarius sign or dhanu rashi. Moon or Chandra rules the 5th house of thinking, investment and gains for sri p Chidambaram ji. we know that sri p Chidambaram ji was very much into finance and investment as moon in the 10th house of his and aspecting the 10th bhava is a good augury for sri p Chidambaram ji’s becoming the home minister.
  • sri p Chidambaram ji’s lagna is Pisces or Meena rashi and which is Ruled By Jupiter(Guru) . Jupiter is a great planet and rules and money and wealth and dignity. he got all in life :).
  • we also note that Jupiter or Guru for sri p Chidambaram ji sits in the 7th house and aspects the lagan or ascendant for him. so that gives him double dignity :). That is very good energy going to the lagna of sri p Chidambaram ji. also guru with sun or surya the lord of the 6th house sitting in the 7th house very clearly indicates political rivalry and enmity for him.
  • 6th house is for enmity and problems. The mercury or budha of sri p Chidambaram ji rules the 4th(public image) and 7th house(relationship and public life) and it is in the 6th house he( sri p Chidambaram ji) has to be careful about his public image.
    but still Rahu or dragon’s head being there in the 4th house of public image with mars suggest that he could have a great public image and he could in fact excel in certain matters by right action.
  • We note that Mercury or a merchant and are the Planet of Commerce and Finance is very good for Chidambaram ji but it is combusted there in the 6th house. so it suggest that is very close to sun(surya) but still ok and good the energy of sun is there. sun and Jupiter together aspecting the lagan indicate a great ability to reach the top. the 11th House(friends and gains) Lord Saturn(shani) is sitting in the 4th house of P Chidambaram the so that means that his friends would help him and he will get gains from the friends as well. his success in political matters is a clear indication of the same.
  • p chidambaram congress finance minister home horoscope success politics
    what planets and stars made P Chidambaram ji take up politics and be a success ?

  • in that now so basically the sixth house is house of enmity if sun(surya) is there in the sixth house or is the lord of the sixth house. it connects a person to politics. so for sri p Chidambaram ji , the sun or surya the lord of 6th sits in the 7th house of public connections and in the 7th house or bhava.
  • Jupiter or guru for P Chidambaram ji rules the 10th and first house of Lagna. so over all sri p Chidambaram ji would be a great success in politics- but he would face a lot of enmity as well.
  • The 7th house being the house of relationships and partnerships so that very clearly indicates that p Chidambaram ji would reach at the top of the politics .That is Sun and Jupiter would make him reach in the top and he’ll have partnerships or relationships that are fruitful and fulfilling.
  • yes we know that still he was one of the top people in the Congress government of the past . also note that Rahu is sitting in the 4th house that gives in great public image and popularity due to mars also being there.
  • but mars or Mangal being is also there so that could give him at times a tendency some aggressive actions and that has to be taken care of .
  • What indicates great comfort , money and status to sri p Chidambaram ji?

  • we also note that Venus or shukra the planet of comfort is in the house of wealth status & luxury that is 5th house. so this kind of combination gives in good luxury and status in life to sri p Chidambaram ji. also Venus or shukra is the lord of initiatives as well for P Chidambaram .
  • What does the moon in the 10th house of sri p Chidambaram ji say ?

  • it very clearly suggest initiatives would be due to Venus and related to spending, luxury, home & finances . we also know that Moon or Chandra Planet of significance is sitting in the 10th House that gives him a distinct ability to do things very differently executive. the tenth house makes the person very strong and bold which he is .
  • Chidambaram he took very bold steps and very clear in dealing with people.
  • have moon in the tenth house of Chidambaram ji . 10th being 10=1+0=1 person and also Capricorn so there’s a good chance of success life for sri p Chidambaram ji . The planet moon or Chandra aspects the wife and home/public image for sri p Chidambaram ji.
  • so over all gives sri p Chidambaram ji good, helpful and Virtuous nature, to the person .
  • what does the Lagna Pisces or meena rashi and birth date say to him?

  • we also note that P Chidambaram ji has a Pisces a Lagna being a Virtuous person as well because Pisces is Ruled By Jupiter and Jupiter(guru) gives all the good qualities and energy to sri p Chidambaram ji. he is born on 16 =-1+6 = 7 = Neptune. 7 is also as ketu.
  • so just like the 12th sign Pisces and 7= Neptune gibes and element of spirituality ,restlessness desire to travel ,change and study would be there for sri p Chidambaram ji. his destiny number also =8 , so total destiny number of date of birth of sri p Chidambaram ji that 16th September 1945( 16+8+1945) is comes to be number 8 . this is the number of Saturn that is number of Commerce, planning & management . which has been successful doing all the life .in fact has been statistics graduate and then came to politics.
  • p chidambaram congress finance minister home horoscope
    which malefic planets caused the arrest of p Chidambaram ji in august 2019?

  • we look at what were the causes of arrest of sri p Chidambaram ji .His full name Palaniappan Chidambaram (born 16 September 1945) and he was karaikkudi .
    sri p Chidambaram ji has been our previous home and finance minister . Infact he was the 26 Home Minister of India.
  • sri p Chidambaram ji got arrested by CBI on 21st august 2019 . so cause we look at it based on his transit and dashas.
  • what do the dashas of sri p Chidambaram ji say?

  • sri p Chidambaram ji is running Venus sub period in Saturn main period. Saturn or shani dev Is the lord of 12th house of confinement and also jail . it could also mean stressful travels and basically confinement . it is also for hospitals and confinement place’s
  • Venus or shukra is Lord of 8th house whose sub period is running. here the 8th house deals with unexpected problems , Court cases, legal troubles and litigations and everything for that kind .
  • we also note the Venus in transit is in the Leo sign it is very weak and debilitated. so the sub dasha lord of sun the karaka for image and health is in the sixth house for sri p Chidambaram ji. which again deals with conflict, legal matters, litigation and also Venus(shukra) is natally conjunct with the Mercury . which rules the markesh or 7th bhava of sri p Chidambaram ji. so his arrest is written on the wall .
  • sri p Chidambaram ji’s arrest based on current major and minor transits?

  • stress ful Travels are there due to Saturn. going to Jail is also a travel. Looking sri p Chidambaram ji’s horoscope based on the current transits so what is happening is that Saturn(shani the 12th house lord in the 10th).Saturn also comes over his natal moon or Chandra bhava.
  • This means that P Chidambaram ji has Saturn Sade Sati. his sade sati is in the mid phase . we note that the natal moon has Ketu or dragon’s tail there at around 12 degrees .
  • now as Saturn is retrograde so send more negative energy to sri p Chidambaram ji’s 10th house and 4th house of public image. also Saturn(shani) interacts with the natal Ketu (dragon’s tail)in the 10th House. so clearly something to do with career and Karma Chidambaram ji would be there.
    we also note Saturn aspects the 4th house based rahu and mars.
  • Mars or Mangal dev is the Lord of wealth and status . the natal Saturn for sri p Chidambaram ji which is Lord of 12th house and n 11th house of help[d form friends is retrograde and weak.
  • so sri p Chidambaram ji could not get any help from friends like Kapil Sibal ji(lawyer) who applied for bail for sri p Chidambaram ji in the Honourable Court.
    all this is working against P Chidambaram ji and also Saturn aspects Rahu(dragon’s head0 as said earlier. which impacts the public image of sri p Chidambaram ji.
  • now what does the situation for sri p Chidambaram ji look like from the moon sign or rashi)

  • The moon sign or rashi for sri p Chidambaram ji is Sagittarius or dhanu. From the Moon sign the Saturn or shani dev is in the lagan and aspects the markesh 7th house. where
  • Also note Saturn or shani dev ruled the primary and secondary markesh of sri p so it is very clearly difficult for P Chidambaram ji to come out of the situation . The 4th house lord is Pisces sign or Jupiter. that is for public image , so the only saving Grace is Jupiter(guru) which is the lord of 4th house from moon sign. so as Guru or Jupiter is direct now . it is strong but in the 12th house from moon . so he will get bail sometime nearby maybe. let us check the transit for sri p Chidambaram ji for coming few months/.
  • what do the months of year needing 2019 and also 2020 say about p Chidambaram?

  • we know coming few months would be hard for sri p Chidambaram ji. when Saturn is in Capricorn (makar)sign and Jupiter in the 1st bhava by November 2019 ending sri p Chidambaram ji would get some proper relief . some slight help by Jupiter being direct is there.
  • September

  • September 2019 would be definitely hard for him .venus which is a very malefic planet for him is Virgo sign in the relationships house of 7th. sun or surya which is the lord of 6th house again get into his seventh house ,so his troubles in the month of September could increase a lot. Saturn the main trouble causes would get direct by 19th of September 2019. so he may get slight relief.
    health needs care.
  • October

  • yes this October could be very event full for sri p Chidambaram ji with sudden and unexpected events for P Chidambaram ji
  • his health could be a concern in October as well/ mentally and emotional health may have issue’s
  • November

  • November would be new starting for sri p Chidambaram ji. Saturn would be direct would be in the Libra sign ok. problems may continue but still better. sun would be Libra till mid of the month and then in 9th house after mid of month. so more relief after mid nov also Jupiter would change signs.
  • we wish everyone sadbuddhi and best wishes
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    Sheila Dikshit Horoscope Secrets

    sheila dikshit delhi chief minister horoscope analysis
    What is this article about?

  • This article talks about why did smt. Sheila Dikshit ji exit the world in July 2019. her longevity and also talks about her husband’s longevity. It tells us what made smt. Sheila Dikshit ji reach the top and also join politics all based on the power of planets
  • sheila dikshit delhi chief minister horoscope analysis navamsa lagna chart

    what made Sheila Dikshit such a great woman and an Iron Lady?

  • smt. Sheila Dikshit ji was so talented that she was hand-picked by Rajiv Gandhi. she won elections from the constituency of Kannauj .
    If we look at the horoscope of smt. Sheila Dikshit ji she has cancer or karkat Lagna. first making a Raj Yoga for her keenness and good dignity of her father. as the lord of Lagna of smt. Sheila Dikshit ji sits in the ninth house with sun. which is the lord of 2nd house of wealth and status ,so it is a great combination. As sun stands for wealth and status. so sun is Lord of the 2nd house of wealth and status that means great promise for smt. Sheila Dikshit ji.
  • especially being in the 9th house she is blessed by good Karma of her past life that made her so popular and very well respected women of Delhi . we also note that malefic Saturn or shani dev which rules the markesh Bhava of 7th house and 8th house of hers is sitting very close with moon and the sun, the second House Lord.
  • Now in 2019 Saturn or shani is retrograde that could have caused the longevity issues or death issues with smt. Sheila Dikshit ji . we will discuss this later but Saturn or shani would have caused the issues in life of smt. Sheila Dikshit ji .
  • Jupiter the 9th house lord and 6th house lord 8th house. so that means that there could be certain issues when Jupiter is retrograde for smt. Sheila Dikshit ji. and 2019 July Jupiter gets retrograde . we will again discuss this later.
  • She also has a great raj yoga combination and 2nd house lord is strong in 9th. 1st House Lord is strong and also is in 9th house for smt. Sheila Dikshit ji. so that gives respect and success in life for her.
  • also the lord of public image Venus or shukra is not very strong but sits in the 10th House. with Mercury or budha and also 3rd house is ruled by mercury for smt. Sheila Dikshit ji.
  • so overall smt. Sheila Dikshit ji would have a great public image and would be action oriented as Venus sits in the 10th house. she gets good image by proper action . as Venus is in the Aries sign so overall her family comfort would be less . smt. Sheila Dikshit ji lost all respected husband at a very young age because Venus sits on the Mars sign of Aries and is agitated and other factors discussed later.
  • About smt. Sheila Dikshit ji ex- chief minister of Delhi?

  • she was born on 31st March 1938. also she has been longest serving Chief Minister from 1998 to 2013 replaced by Arvind Kejriwal was an IAS officer and she has two children .
  • what makes Sheila Dikshit Jain Iron Lady? she was soft but at the same time hard in dealings ?

  • Now for smt. Sheila Dikshit ji it is clear she was soft as lagna is cancer(karkat) and ruled by moon which is a sensitive sign. for smt. Sheila Dikshit ji moon is sitting in the ninth house with Pisces . all this suggests that she would do good deeds and also have great sensitivity. as Pisces the 9th bhava lord is ruled by Jupiter or guru which is the very nice and spiritual planet.
  • note the moon or mind is sitting close to Sun that means business ability and also leadership . smt. Sheila Dikshit ji’s 5th house of long-term thinking has Scorpio or vrioshchika there and its lord mars or Mangal is a bit agitates as Rahu or dragon’s head is there. rahu is not very comfortable sitting there . so in regard to long term thinking Rahu or dragon’s head could make her aggressive at times.
  • Note that she was born on 31st and 3 plus 1 again is equal to 4 = Rahu . so this planet has played a great role in her career. in fact Rahu in transit at the moment is in her 6th house so aspecting her career ,so unexpected obstacles in career are there. she lost the elections in 2019 so all this can be very clearly seen.
  • Now looking from the Jaimini system the lagna is in the 9th house . so 9+9 is the Arudha and that is the fifth house houses again . we have Scorpio and Rahu or dragons; head energy there . so this very clearly tell that she will not spare her Enemies easily. also in regard to smt. Sheila Dikshit ji’s subordinates if they don’t not obey she will deal with her iron hand . but yes still softness of Moon Lagna and Jupiter (Pisces or meena Rashi) could create the healthy balance.
  • what hard planets caused smt. Sheila Dikshit ji to leave for the heavenly Abode in July 2019?

  • Sun or surya is a markesh for smt. Sheila Dikshit ji . so is Saturn the 7th house lord .
    sun is in transit in lagan so attacking the lagan or physical body. Saturn or Shani Dev shanidev is very weak in transit at the moment and is in the Sagittarius sign. so not very good for longevity of smt. Sheila Dikshit ji. Note Saturn or shani dev is the Ayush karaka . being weak impacts the chance of longevity for smt. Sheila Dikshit ji,
  • Mercury the 12th house Lord of hospitalization and health issues is in the transit in the cancer sign or Lagna. so hospitalization in Vedic astrology does indicate strong health issues or sudden health issues for smt. Sheila Dikshit ji. unfortunately we have lost her. we wish your soul rest in peace self Delhi and Indian society significantly
  • Now looking at it based on the dasha system smt. Sheila Dikshit ji is running Rahu Saturn . Infact rahu started from 2013 . she lost her elections to Arvind Kejriwal ji. Rahu is a natural malefic and very badly placed for smt. Sheila Dikshit ji’s scorpio sign or vrishchika rashi.
  • Now the sub period of Saturn runs and Saturn(shani) is a markesh . her Saturn is very weak in transit and retrograde . It is the retrogression of Saturn that unfortunately caused death of smt. Sheila Dikshit ji. mars that aspects her heart and is dispositer of rahu the maha dasha lord is in transit in lagna and weak and angry. also it aspects her 4th house or heart. so indicates a high chance of heart related health problem. unfortunately the dasha and transit system both gave the same results!.
  • she or smt. Sheila Dikshit ji has helped Delhi and India a lot and may her soul rest in peace.
  • what planets catapulted smt. Sheila Dikshit ji into politics?

  • we know that mars or Mangal is her strongest planet and Mars is a sign of Aries in mesha rashi. It is in the 10th house gives her great determination Plus mars deals with politics . mars suggest that clearly suggest that the person could be highly action oriented and very high chance the person could be in politics. note that sun or surya the planet if politics is sitting in the ninth house . so naturally blessed with good luck for her so that’s one of the reasons she got handpicked by sri Rajiv Gandhi ji. She had great prenatal karma with her.
  • Note that Saturn or shani which is a planet of public image and also rules of 7th house of partnership for smt. Sheila Dikshit ji . it’s close to Lagna her moon in the ninth house . so close public connection is there.
  • what made Sheila Dixit lose her husband at a very young age in 1991?

  • smt. Sheila Dikshit ji parted from her husband at a very young age. Looking at her horoscope that her husband house is ruled by a sign Capricorn. in turn Capricorn or makar rashi ruled by Saturn . shani dev rules the 8th house of unexpected and sudden death and other issues by Aquarius sign sitting there. Saturn or shani in the 9th house very clearly indicates smt. Sheila Dikshit ji having a very well to do husband. as we know her husband was an IAS officer.
  • from the moon sign or rashi the seventh sign is very good Mercury and well placed. so gives intelligent,nice and philosophical person. also note that Saturn is a natural malefic and it carries energies of 8th house. so whenever Saturn is weak in transit or retrograde it could impact the health and longevity of her husband.
    so over all longevity issues for her respected husband was also indicated in the horoscope of Sheila dikshit ji.

  • 2019 Sagittarius Career Horoscope

    2019 career horoscope Sagittarius 2019 career horoscope Sagittarius

    Sagittarius 2019 career horoscope 2019

  • This year 2019 for Sagittarius people in regard to career or job may become a great year. The Sagittarius people or dhanu rashi people may get better jobs in profession or may be much more enhanced salary at office. barring the time period from May to July 2019 when Jupiter or guru is retrograde. In 2019 Sagittarius people will do very well in their jobs and expand their career very well. money gain should be there.
  • That is salary gains would be there . and the overall energy profile of planets of the year 2019 is very much in harmony with Sagittarius people. They would themselves observe that they will take lot of action this year. the action quotient of the Sagittarius people to do things or get things done at office or job would be very high in 2019.
  • coming 12 months for the Sagittarius people

  • January time would be just ok for Sagittarius people .yes there could be some increase in their wealth and status .and also they would speak with some seriousness and positivity in this time at the office. Good overall discipline.
  • The month of February there could be a lot of positive and constructive action in their office. they may start new initiatives this time. e Sagittarius people may show their interest in religion . It can go high now and they can do action to help colleagues or boss and others at office.
  • March is the time when the image of Sagittarians would grow in leaps and bounds .that’s a great time for Sagittarius people. they can expect good promotions also expect to get more money . they will keep the ball rolling out .this is a very good time for Sagittarius people and they should cash on the march 2019.
  • The month of April is the time when Sagittarius is people would feel charged with energy and action. The love and passion levels will grow for them in office. so passion is something which they need to control at office front and may be focus son on their subordinates and overall affairs plus Investments.
  • May month health needs care for them. yes growth in office matters and more roles and responsibilities may be there.
  • June is a time when health needs care but overall the Sagittarius person would find himself or herself involve in studies in get deeper into office work. he or she may find more meeting and Communications happening at the office in the month of June. Yes travel could be there and new relationships may be formed.
  • in the month of July relationships at office need care. but overall there is a blessing of Lord Jupiter so the suggest Sagittarius people would do better or well this time . Their status would grow they could go to distant travel or distant lands this time. health also needs care and also driving needs care.
  • August is a time best and the status of the Sagittarius people may grow and luck would favor them to get name and fame at office. They may become more action oriented and also aggressive . The latter part is what has to be controlled .unexpected Travels or unexpected issues can come up.
  • September is a time when there could be gains in work and some image at office. for Sagittarius people they may have more meetings and yes focus more on the responsibilities . dhanu Rashi would get fair share of work and success this time show .your knowledge levels would also grow
  • October is a time when focus on gains or money matters can come for Sagittarius people and responsibility both in office and job matters would be there. more creativity would be expected from the person. also connection to female employees can increase this time .the creativity of the Sagittarius person will increase .
  • November when more meetings would be there more communication with the colleagues or Boss would be there at office. yes growth by better communication is also indicated. this time positivism and optimism use it to your advantage. yes stress and unexpected travel cannot be ruled out. Yoga and meditation is much needed now. stress has to be controlled and health issues to be managed properly for best results. now one has to take care of conflicts at office and issue that may come in.
  • December is a time when you would grow in any way. people would focus on you and your image would grow. Your action and ambitionless would be high. You may connect to larger group of people. Your health may in general improve. You may get a bit bossy and dominating : ) just keep tabs on the same. yes growth in money and status is possible.

  • Sagittarius 2019 Horoscope

    Sagittarius 2019 horoscope month by monthSagittarius 2019 horoscope

    OVERVIEW of Coming 12 Months of 2019 for Sagittarius People

  • This year 2019 may great for you. In terms of growth in wealth, money, salary and every good thing in life for you. Better for family matters and also profession or career.
    Your knowledge levels may increase and you may be passionate to win. children need some care.
  • Over all your health and people who depend on you their health needs care.
  • Your children or people reporting you in job may do great. They could also travel this time.
    But sure their health needs care.
  • For Sagittarius sign people children and family needs care till September 2019 as Saturn or shani is retrograde till September October time frame. for Sagittarius people your love and passion may grow and so could work and family stress now in the month of April and November 2019.
  • For Sagittarius people, Saturn the lord of 2nd and 3rd house is transiting the Sagittarius sign or lagna. So giving them luck and fame.
    Also we know Saturn is retrograde in the sign that is Sagittarius sign. This could cause some stress and high action period for Jupiter rules Sagittarius people .family need consideration till July 2019 till Jupiter gets direct in the sign of dhanu or Sagittarius sign. Sagittarius financial condition would improve when Saturn is direct after September 2019. There could be enhanced influx of creative ideas. you may do the necessary action for success .
  • Sagittarius sign people may face money issues when Saturn is retrograde form may to September 2019 but improvement by July 2019 as Jupiter gets direct now. New projects should be started only after July 2019.
  • Sagittarius or dhanu rashi people are also running the sade sati due to Saturn in Sagittarius or dhanu sign. The planet Saturn is in the lagna. so people with sun sign or surya in Sagittarius would feel these effects for almost 25% till September, also 50% for the people with moon sign or rashi is there and 80% if lagna for the people if there in Sagittarius sign.
  • One may have short jaunts and trips related to job in April and November. Health needs care.
    Yoga is much suggested now.
  • Coming 12 months of 2019 starting from January ..February onwards

  • The January month means more status gains and people connections happening for you now. Your relationships and partnerships could be fine or improve. Good Gain in wealth and status. Speech would be disciplined now. Family needs more focus now.
  • February is a month of connection and communicating to people . You have to taking action and connect to new environment. You have to take proper initiative to be popular now.. your work or any initiative on dharma or philosophy may get a boost now.
  • The month of March family gets important. More gains and wealth flows. Good for buying vehicles. matters. drive well . your image would grow now. Family would be peaceful and enjoy the same.
  • April Your thinking and kids would get blessed now. thinking has to be optimistic. You may get elevated to better ranks but avoid indulgence in luxury. Life partner and home would be blessed.
  • May is a time when students may do well. Avoid indulgence into luxury. stomach needs some care. Tiff with loved ones possible.. health needs basic care. some gains in legal or court related matters possible.
  • June = It is a time when you form new partnerships. some kind of travel is possible. Your knowledge levels may increase. some new & refreshing relationships are there. Enjoy the same. Fair Gains through people and office.
  • July = surprises and gains and also losses possible. avoid fights & tiffs or health issues. . Guard on your position and fight with seniors possible. so take care. Family needs care and your mind may go for religion or dharma.
  • August= Good gain in position. Over all Gains and success could be there. Fair recognition you would get. Your interest in religion and dharma may increase. Father figures need care figures. Children would do well in exams. good time for gains and property.
  • September = Focus on job is needed. More work in hand and use of intelligence and brains is needed. gains in job related matters are there. You may get more success and money and fame with use of your knowledge & effort. yes some amount of energy on family a home also is there. Fair time to deliver any project,
  • October = Great time for gains. You may have guard on connection to friends. but there could be unexpectedness in life. You may connect to old friends. Gains from friends or people in good position for land or vehicle.
  • Nov = Travel and stress could be there. Health issues are there. Do more of Yoga. health needs care. There could be ups and downs in family and career. People into education need care. Job needs more focus and doing of Yoga for proper health.
  • In the month of December Great time and expansion for you. You will gain in prominence. there could be unexpected and positive events . Your Gains in self image could be there but with proper optimism. Good Gains in money flows and importance.

  • 2019 Capricorn Money Horoscope

    Capricorn money horoscope 2019Capricorn money horoscope 2019Capricorn money horoscope 2019 wealth

    2019 Capricorn money horoscope

  • now we now that in year 2019 many significant celestial events would happen. that is Ketu (dragon’s tail) got into Sagittarius sign or Dhanu Rashi in the month of march. also the planet Ketu (dragon’s tail) contracts energies of any house where it enters or sits. so this could have a significant impact on any horoscope.
  • Now the Sagittarius sign or dhanu rashi where ketu enters is the 12th house for Capricorn people. that means Capricorn people have to be careful while travelling as expenditures increase and health matters would need more care now.
  • Also Saturn or shani is ruling the lagna or ascendant and the second house of wealth status for Capricorn people. so in this transit into Sagittarius sign with Capricorn sign people will have to be careful about present expenses and family and family matters till September of 2019. as Saturn is getting retrograde till September .
  • Plus the first rate benefic planet Jupiter or guru is also getting retrograde from May to July 2019. over all these transits will have different impacts for people of different sun signs and so would be true for the Capricorn sign .The houses impacted would be 1st/2nd/12th and 3rd houses of the horoscope for Capricorn people.
  • As Jupiter or guru is getting retrograde that again impacts the 12th house and the third house of the horoscope of Capricorn people. so projects during this time from May to July have to be taken care of cautiously . Plus more hard work has to be put up. also travel has to be done with care .
  • Coming 12 months prediction for Capricorn sign or makar rashi people

  • January wealth predictions .that is in the month of January one has to be careful as unexpected situations may arise in terms of money matters. your expenditure may go more towards the family. so that has to be handled well. that is your outflows .

  • In month of February again your wealth and status may improve significantly .but also stress in relationships can cause more expenditure this time.
  • March would be good for Capricorn people. You may have gains from siblings are brothers and sisters or even people around . so also gains could happen or wealth flows could increase your chances status gains this time. It is a time for well planned action now.
  • This month of April you know could be a hard month. yes you could gain in wealth status by going in a very well planned and disciplined way. getting impulsive may mean more expenses on the family front .
  • May is a time when expenditure on life partner and lover. so also on the family front .that includes spending of money on children and may be spending on going outings and fun could also be there .
  • In this month of June, it is the time when health needs special care .as a lot of money flow could go there in that direction. you have to think and act before you invest. depth of thought is needed in investments is very much.
  • July is a month when well flows of money or wealth could increase. Your new partnerships would be there. money can come from your life partner or relationships. Focus on relationship would also remain there.
  • The month of August is a time when action and planning could give you money. but be on guard on your position dear Capricorn people. as there’s a slight chance of conflicts with people in the senior position . ego management needs proper care.
  • dear Capricorn sign person,September is the time when wealth would flow to you. you will have gains. you would have good respect around. Money flow would definitely improve for you. your proper thinking & intelligence will give you better money flows.
  • October this is time when the slogan work is worship works. Lot of work would be there for you. also your expenditures could go towards your family front. so you could have manifold gains, but you have to handle the expenditure also this time
  • In the month of November. this could be time when there could be lot of gains of money. but unexpected problems can also creep in .There could be stress and unexpected events that may take lot of money at your end .
  • In the month of December, your money gains would be there but that could be a lot more outflows on health matters, family and slightly possible hospitalization. travels would also take your money. so you need to take care during Travels .stress has to be kept under guard.
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    Status Of The Team of Number = ?? & Quality = ??

  • Number of People That may work GREAT in this Quality ??(Initiative) == 5 ??Links to Links page of quality or pdf
  • Number of People That may work GOOD enough in this Quality ??(Initiative) == 5
  • Number of People That may work NEEDS IMPROVEMENT For this Quality ??(Initiative) == 5

  • Status Of The Team for the Quality = ?? in BAR CHARTS

    test green

    2019 Capricorn Health Horoscope

    2019 capricorn health horoscope 2019 capricorn health horoscopeWhat is the Health status of Capricorn sun sign in 2019?

  • We need to first know that Capricorn sign people are more naturally prone to getting depressed. They also have to take care of liver and spleen problems. Plus their digestion also needs care in general to remain healthy. walk per day and they should do yoga and be more positive .yes good exercise and good food is very much needed for them.
    to keep them in shape. 🙂
  • Now looking at the year 2019 . There is a weak Saturn energy due to Saturn retrogression this year and so is there a weak Jupiter energy in the middle of the year 2019.
  • so the overall transit situation shows that this year the Capricorn people have to be very careful about the body ailments as discussed above. especially depression has to be taken care of well. plus your digestion has to be kept in control. as heat in stomach could be there. In your leg your Shin area also needs care. Your stomach has a lot of heat generation but first you could handle it with care.
  • coming to month by month predictions for the 12 months for the Capricorn sign people?

  • January 2019 the Capricorn person would be – but with some issues happening like head chest etc. Your anger has to be controlled and so is the stress to be kept at bay .
  • In the February month health of Capricorn person should be same as the January month but with slightly more mental stress . That s has to be taken care of by more of Yoga. all your face needs protection and your bones need basic care.
  • In the month of March for Capricorn person, the shoulder region needs proper care and also lungs/chest. so basic exercising and going to gymnasium would help a lot
  • In the month of April Capricorn person needs care of health. it cannot be a great time for overall health. There could be higher energy levels in the stomach . This increase of energy has to be handled properly.
  • In the month of May for Capricorn person the stomach definitely needs care. one may eat more good food .but again taking care of the stomach is very much advised. if prone to diabetes one should take extra care now.
  • For the month of June 2019 a very basic care stress has to be there. yoga or any pranic exercises is a must this time .
  • In the of July the basic sex organs need care and basic jogging excising is much need. it to balance the sexual energies again the larger intestine would need more care July
  • For the month of August one has to take care of the basic issues that arise due to Excess heat in the body of Capricorn person. Your stomach definitely needs care and so does digestion .
  • The month of September means relatively better health . Over all health may improve a bit. keep the legs and lungs healthy now.
  • The month of October is a time when Capricorn person’s liver and spleen need basic care. as you are prone to these problems .
  • November is a time frame is which definitely not great for Capricorn person’s health . this time the heat in the body could increase stomach problems. and also your knees need better care.
  • December month is ok .but you have to take care of overall health . The chance of hospitalization is there or taking care of others in the family may be needed. so overall Mahamrityunjay Japam would help you a lot.
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    2019 Capricorn Love Horoscope

    capricorn 2019 loveCapricorn love 2019 horoscope2019 love capricorn

    2019 Capricorn love horoscope

  • Overall result of love for Capricorn horoscopes in the year 2019. Love life may have surprises for them. In terms of love life there could be gains and gifts from partner. Also expansion in love matters is there.
  • This year there could be tiffs and conflicts. so one has to be careful about the month of April 2019 plus October ending and November 2019. so these months especially need basic care this year. 2019 October could be fair enough for Capricorn people.
    A year when you can consolidate your love matters to something concrete. In this year in July 2019 Capricorn people would find it as average.
  • 2019 Capricorn Coming 12 Months love horoscope (januray, february…December)

  • January 2019 is a time when your lover would give you more respect and you will gain more in love and respect for sure. yes, there could be some dryness in relationships which has to be taken care of well . plans for future love life may also be there.
  • February is a month when Capricorn has speak very sweetly with their lovers. yes if you are planning to create a family then this is a good time for you to start a family or get into deep relationship .avoid idealism and be very practical and down to earth now for success in love life.
  • March is a time when you could go for outings . The Capricorn has to take initiative to connect to the lover and enjoy family functions. Love matters may go a bit slowly.
  • April is a time when you both lovers have to take care of your relationships together. You need to take protective care of not getting into fights . There could be issues in married life if married .so this is a time when you have to be very careful .Maintain warmth of love now.
  • The month of may is a time when the Capricorn could have good love relationships .your love could expand the time .if you want invest on home or family, fair enough time. but invest with care. One could expect good gifts from the lover.
  • In the month of June fights could again come in. you have to be careful about what you speak or communicate. Tiffs and opposition could be there. but still proper communication so sms/chat and phone can work it out well for you now.
  • July is a month You will connect well to your lover .and this could be great time for outings .sex can be great now and new relationships could be on cards if on lookout.
    but you have to be more sensitive and cooperative as well .dryness comes into love matters.
  • August is a time when you may tend to dominate love matter. or there could be strong energy in love matters. energy is OK but domination has to be avoided at any cost. egotistical or dominating attitude may cause issues. use more of diplomacy for success .
  • September is a time when luck would favour your love matters .you may have good communication amongst your loved ones . as such you may also communicate your love deeply and you will get blessings of elders as well in love matters.
  • October is a time when you are too deeply connect with the loved one show your love and care for the other person. Plus also there may be steadiness in your life for the coming year .
  • The month of November would help you gain significantly in your love matters. but the relationship may have some turmoil . so you have to be patient and comfortable with your lover this time.
  • The month of December could be time when your love could grow but at the same time friendship would also grow and help you. good time focus on love matters. your health needs care Capricorn. make it a great time for December 2019
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    2019 Capricorn Career Horoscope

    capricorn career horoscopecareer horoscope capricorn 20192019 career

    2019 Capricorn Career horoscope

  • In the year 2019 is eventful time with planets like Saturn or shani getting retrograde from may 2019 to September 2019 .also Jupiter is getting retrograde from April 2019 on wards till July 2019 .
  • Ketu or dragon’s tail has come in Sagittarius sign(dhanu rashi) and also Rahu the dragon’s head coming in the Gemini sign or Mithuna Rashi .so overall as an impact of these major transits . The Capricorn sun sign people or even lagna people may feel more stress and events in the career front. they could be unexpected transfers & changes and health issues this year for them. The tough month is of April 2019 and yes September ending and November 2019 when Jupiter(guru) is weak in transit and Saturn has just become direct in movement.
  • Coming 12 Months- Month By Month(January ,February….to December)of Capricorn Career horoscope

  • January January could be a time when your health needs basic care. but overall this could be the time when your image in office could grow .there could be lot of hard work at work front and yes new relationships could build up now. for you overall good status and work flows this time. speak sweetly.
  • February In the month of February it could be a great time your overall. wealth and status would improve .your focus may go on taking more responsibility .but sure lot of agitation would be there. but overall work volume would increase and you’ll have to deliver more and with your discipline levels you’ll be able to deliver so that enhances your status in office naturally. 🙂
  • march March is a time when you will take new initiatives & new project will start for you .you will connect two new kinds of people and yes there could be more new faces or people around you . More connection with the colleagues and as Boss as well is there. You have to take well thought projects.
  • April April is a time which could be highly agitated time .you may have to spend some energies at home as well .so that could irritate you .your image needs care in April .and yes your driving or car also needs care.
  • May In this month of may , it is a time when your focus would go on more creative thoughts. creatively deliver in the projects. your responsibilities could increase. also delivery pressures could be there for you.
  • June this is the time when your health needs basic care. people would oppose you. so you have to speak with care. avoid aggressive speeches as such. communicate with care.
  • July July is the time when you could travel .you have to avoid any kind of anger that could come in relationships. relationships and job need special care and with proper cooperation and Collection of data at your end you can make you successful .
  • August August is a time when you have to avoid domination or any conflict the boss or senior people in your company and also your colleagues. Try to deliver work with your leadership . Your skills would come to test now. This could be an eventful time.
  • September September is a time when you could gain responsibility and respect in the office bring you of blue eyed boy of your manager or Boss this is a good time
  • October October is a time when your responsibilities could increase a lot your home front . so over all it could also deserve more energy that your front. also unexpected work roles and responsibilities good come to you
  • November In November it could be a very event full time. There could be a lot of stress but gains from friends also could be there. people may not be trustworthy and fight back. that may include friends as well.
  • December 2019In December there could be a lot of stress in mind and travel could also be there for career or job reasons. yes gains would be there. but there health needs care visit doctor immediately. take good care of the team and colleagues.
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