Pisces Ascendant-Good & Bad Lords

pisces1 pisces ascendant lagna good bad planets kundli meena rashi kangna ranaut predictionskangana pisces ascendant lagna good bad planets kundli meena rashi kangna ranaut predictions

Pisces  Ascendant or Lagna Good & Bad Planets in Kundli –Meena Rashi Kangana Ranaut predictions?

What is this article about?

This article discusses the Pisces lagna and the functional malefics of the same. as we know there are i) natural malefic planets like Rahu-Ketu , Saturn(Shani), mars(mangal) and moon or mercury if they are weak or badly aspected.
But here we discuss the functional malefic like the sixth house lord, that could cause debt issues or fights or health issuers and the eighth house lord that could cause unexpected problems and travel and the twelfth bhava lord that could cause traveling to distant lands and also hospitalization.
There are other malefic as well as per classical literature like the thrid bhava lord or the eleventh bhava lord. But they would be taken up elsewhere.
In this article, we take the overall picture of each lord for the Pisces lagna and then work on the horoscope of Kangana Ranaut.

Grahas or planets and Meena Bhava or Pisces sign  Ascendant.
Shani(Shani), Shukra(Venus), Surya(sun) and Budh(mercury) are malefic. Mangal and Chandra(moon) are propitious. Mangal and Guru will bring about Yoga. In spite of the fact that Mangal is an executioner, he won’t kill the person (easily). Shani(Shani) and Budh are executioners.

Pisces  Or Meena  Rashi above Rules explanation

The lord of the ascendant is Jupiter or Guru – that is the rulership of Pisces sign is by the planet Jupiter or Guru- the first house as we know is ruling personality and self. Also, Jupiter rules the tenth house of career/job and karma. That is Sagittarius(dhanu rashi) the mool trikona sign of Jupiter rules the tenth house of career.

Now though there is a kendradhipati dosha for Jupiter, but ruling the ascendant and also Jupiter is the friend of itself(the ascendant) so overall Jupiter(guru) is a benefic for Pisces ascendant(Meena Rashi). Jupiter is a yoga karaka here.

The lord of the second house of wealth and status and speech is mars or mangal with its mooltrikona sign of Aries.Also, the non Mooltrikona sign of mars Scorpio(vrishchika rashi) rules the ninth house or bhava. This makes it benefic as well.

So mars is benefic for Pisces Lagna, but ruling the twelfth from the eighth from the eighth, third house and being a malefic (second house rulership) it is also considered a Maraka. But it is not able to kill independently.

The lord third house of initiatives & people around you, your brothers and sisters is ruled by planet Venus(Shukra) ruled by Taurus- which is ruled by Venus also Venus Mool trikona sign Libra rules the most malefic house of the eighth. So this makes Venus(Shukra) a malefic and a killer as well.

So overall Venus is a great malefic for Pisces Lagna (Meena Rashi people)people.

As moon or Chandra rules with its sign cancer(Karkat Rashi) the angular house fifth of intellect, education, children and deep thinking- it is a benefic for the Pisces ascendant people.

Sun or Surya rules the malefic sixth house of debt, enmity, court cases, and litigation and is a natural malefic-so is malefic for Pisces Lagna people through a friend of Jupiter. So 25% is good but 75% is bad.

The lord of the seventh house or yuvati bhava of love , relationship, marriage is ruled by planet mercury ruling the Virgo sign (Kanya Rashi). Mercury(Budha) is a benefic so this rulership by Kendradhipati makes it a malefic. Also, mercury is not a  good friend of Jupiter. Mercury(Budha) also rules the fourth house or bhava of conveyance, family, and image by Gemini sign or Mithuna Rashi. So mercury is again a malefic here. So mercury is malefic for Pisces Lagna or Meena Rashi people.

But double negative above gives some positive effects for mercury- something like a Neechbhanga yoga principle. Negative X negative = positive somewhat.

Now Saturn(Shani) or Capricorn(maker Rashi) rules the house of gains, salary or the eleventh  house, so it becomes a malefic , but Saturn(Shani) is not a great friend of Jupiter(guru) and also rules the house twelfth house of secret affair, sex, travels and hospitals-by the Mooltrikona sign of Aquarius(Kumbha Rashi), making it a killer and a malefic for Pisces Lagna people.

kangna-ranaut pisces ascendant lagna good bad planets kundli meena rashi kangna ranaut predictions

Do the Rules above work for  Kundli Or Horoscope of Kangana Ranaut?

Kangana Ranaut

Date of Birth: 23rd March 1987

Place of Birth: Bhambla, Mandi Dist., Himachal Pradesh, India

Kangana Ranaut’s  famous filmstar Surya or solar Kundli Horoscope

Now Jupiter(Guru) the lord of action  and karma is a benefic for her(Kangana Ranaut)- we know how her career has expanded from a scratch- Jupiter is well placed in Kendra or  the ascendant and bless her job as well as it aspects her seventh house, also  is Venus connected to film industry. But Venus(Shukra) is malefic for her.

Venus sits in the house of gains, so gains by film career are indicated.

Also being the lord of initiatives means her current roles as an actress would be supported by Venus in terms of money & wealth- but overall, she will face more pain in the film industry. She has told she was used by many actors in the past.

Pluto an exceptional planet sitting in her eight houses in Venus sign gives her exceptional gains in Venus related film industry- but with a risk if life as well.

Her Jupiter or guru the lord of karma has sun or Surya dev and Rahu with it- so suggests a blemish to her image and career. We know that has happened with her with Hrithik Roshan and also with actor Aditya Pancholi and Shekhar suman’s son.

She will face a lot of obstacles and breakups in relationships due to the sun, we know she had a series of breakups with people.

Rahu makes her a bit rash in actions and also non conventional and all this affects her relationships.That is causing blemish and sudden breakups.

Her mercury rules the house of marriage and love and is in twelfth house of stress and separation and mercury is not great, plus Rahu Ketu axis affecting her relationship’s she may have breakups in married life as well and be a jumpy or stressful married life GOD forbid.

We wish her all the best in life

Sunny Leone Astrology Numerology Predictions


About Sunny Leone:

The vivacious sunny Leone was earlier a porn star(film sex industry person) and now a Bollywood star with her sex comedy mastizaade released in 2016.

In the article below we see how astrology and numerology have to say about her personality and destiny.

Birth Data & Other Data:

Her Birth Name = Karenjit Kaur Vohra

Her Current Name = Sunny Leone

Name: Sunny Leone

Date of Birth sunny leone: Wednesday, May 13, 1981

Time of Birth: 14:30:00

Place of Birth: Sarnia

Longitude: 82 W 40

Latitude: 42 N 59

Time Zone: -5.0

Numerology Horoscope & Predictions for sunny Leone:

Dob: May 13, 1981

Popular Name: Sunny Leone

Birth Name: Karenjit Kaur Vohra

  • Birth number of sunny Leone = 13th = 1+3 = 4  = Rahu or Uranus or dragon’s head. This gives her the streak of un conventional  and rebelliousness in her.
  • Rahu or Uranus makes people rebellious and yes Rahu and Venus both together rule the porn industry as well ( that is rahu negative Venus negative could concern with porn star(sex industry) or any luxury that is not conventional).
  • The sun sign for sunny Leone for 13th May = Taurus= planet Venus rules this sun sign. Gives her the doggedness to pursue  matters  and yes enhances her success in Film(bollywood) and also porn star(sex industry) as the industries  are controlled by Venus majorly. The earth element gives her the basic perseverance to follow up.
  • Now let us look at her destiny. what she was destined to do.
  • Destiny Number = 13+5 + 1981 = 13+5+ 19 = 37 = 3+7=10 = 1+0 = 1 =SUN.Oh , so she is born to be leader! One can clearly see that this is what is happening in her life. She is a leader of cinema in some form, be it porn star(sex industry)  or Bollywood.
    • sunny leone numerology astrology

    • Name number of sunny Leone = 9= Mars
  • Now Mars is a good friend of Venus her sun sign in some sense and could create a very aggressive and daring personality along with her Rahu in birth number. The name number is also in harmony with her destiny number.
  • One can clearly see for sunny Leone that rahu/sun and mars- a lot of fire in her personality, which helps to strengthen her earth element, Venus. We know the success reasons!

    Astrology Horoscope & Predictions for sunny Leone:

    • She has Leo ascendant.
  • Sun the lord of ascendant for sunny Leone is weak and sits in 9th. So she is an adjustable lion. A weak sun could give issues with fame or infamy and this could be a cause for her introspection as the sun is Atmakaraka for her.
  • Mars sits near the sun for Sunny Leone and is combust, and causes action and leadership in her. Gives her a headway in Bollywood.
  • Her career house has Venus, that is strong but combust in own sign, gives the reason for being famous and at the same time being in limelight for not so good reasons due to the sun making it combust.
  • The lagan lord for sunny leone is in the ninth/ 9th house makes her fortunate and protector of religion or dharma that she follows acting and working for films. despite all this she could be religious minded .she also could have Good speaking skills. she Could also be rich and have happiness on account of her husband spouse(Daniel Weber) and the children she may have.
  • she, in fact, has 3 children. sunny leones Father may be well placed and one will earn well from inheritance and also she or sunny leone would have great paternal property.Father could be relatively well known, philanthropic in his approach towards life and also god fearing or following his religion well. her father was born in Tibet and had been brought up in the capital city of Delhi.
  • Career House 10th for sunny leone

  • As 10th lord Venus or Shukra of sunny leone e is in 10th bhava itself, so she could be very successful in her career so she has been in the film industry. and also command respect and honor from people.which all is true and she is commanding respect from the entire world! she may become restless and hence has to avoid being fickle minded.
  • As mercury the karaka for knowledge for her(sunny leone) is in the 10th(tenth) bhava she may have good knowledge in astrology or mathematics related areas- it seems hs had a fair knowledge of taxes that have to do with maths as she worked for a tax firm as well. sunny leone may have a tendency to acquire more and more knowledge sooner or later in life. May become a scholar or intellectual or lead a social movement(note number 1 destiny of hers- that is SUN!) later in life. also, she may learn many subjects and would get respect for the same. she needs to be careful or her eyes.
  • As 2nd bhava or mercury sign of hers(sunny leone) is in the ninth bhava, that is 8 bhavas away so ill health in young age possible for her. As the second bhava is just after the first bhava and represents young age, yes she could be skilled as the eighth bhava also represents hidden skills – one can see the correlation of various bhavas and how the distance between bhavas also make a difference. she will also have a lot of wealth and opulence in life! all this is 100% true for her!

  • 2019 Libra Money Horoscope


    • Overview of Money Matters Year 2019
    • Libra or Tula Rashi is ruled by Venus or Shukra. also, Jupiter or guru rules the 3rd house and also the 6th house of the same.Jupiter gets retrograde from April to July 2019.

      This could lead to very different kinds of problems and issues will happen when the third house lord Jupiter is direct and growth of projects earnings and connection to the siblings is there and is much better.
      Now as Saturn is also retrograde rules the 4th house of public image for Libra regard for Libra. so :
      January 2019
      so we well-disciplined effort in January for Libra sign people would give great results in terms of money through a lot of issues and agitations are possible.
      February 2019 In this month for the Libra sign people the focus would be on a family as well the spending could be on the family and also money could come by proper cooperation and coordination hard work and planning.

      March 2019This is a good time for you to get money can be expected good money returns for the family. There could be good money for fun and also good money for outings are there. yes, tiff and issues for a fight for money matters are also possible this time.

      April 2019
      April overall the health of family needs care as investments of money could go there.
      Your driving needs proper care for Libra sign people money can come by a proper corporation and especially respect for women is much needed to attract money from cosmos.
      There could be a fun and great time and life in terms of money matters and so growth.
      May 2019
      Fair enough time for money to come in. wealth outflows could be there on the family and comfort matters. yes, family and own health need proper care at your end. stay cool and take full ownership for best results. speech and what you speak needs care. wealth flows from the care industry like call centers etc is a possibility.

      June 2019
      But avoid being too much outgoing nature should not impact the money. when wealth is also there for your money could come from various sources especially from young people and also from Communications . also anything to do with money or finances like’s banks and mutual bonds will enhance money flow.

      July 2019 This month means hard work and planning is needed for better money flows. yes, cooperation this time could make all the difference to you. The more details and data you have the more successful it would be. An initiative could bring in more money at your table. matters to do with the government and also your leadership would pay off this time.,

      August 2019This time there could be fights in partnership. But at the same time, you will be blessed as well with money. One has to ensure no greed come in. you have to bring up your nature of taking ownership to get the best results. maintain harmony and care at your end to attract money. Money form state or government may have serious issues.

      September This time planet mercury has sway on the energies ruling your family are strong and may need care. your family or relatives could give you a lot of money. This could mean industry means it Call Centre anything to with Care industry or medicals industry.Communication industry or it could give you great gains.
      Oct 2019
      This could be a great time to do that and good wealth out you are getting direct and starts getting for yourself. Your expenditure on luxury matters and matters of comfort would grow quite a bit. make the best use of it.
      Investment in art and luxury product and also family stuff is going to give you good returns.

      November 2019
      November time when you have to be careful with the family that could cause money losses or issues to you spending on the family matters to improve increased bother and you have to take care of driving carefully. your investments all home your home or house whatever you are taken all and may increase ok so this is there 2018 inflows of money is direct now

      December 2019 This s time make good money . There could be conflict from relatives and people around that may drain money and other resources. But an overall high chance of gains is there. as Jupiter is direct and good wealth flows are guaranteed for you. make the best use of the same. Investment in money matters would pay in well.

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    Yogas That Lead to Distinction- Raja Yogas

    Digvijaya_Singh yogas planes combinations royal association high positions digvijay singh border controversy predictions 2017

    Yogas That Lead to Distinction in Life

  • The below article discusses various Raja Yogas or Yogas for distinction. These Yogas invariably lead one to top position of CEO/CIo or heads in life.
  • Yoga for High positions ion Career like CEO?CIO/CTO are analyzed separately below .
  • The Yogas or conjunctions are from classical Texts and are generally very accurate in predictions.
  • As a Live Example, the Yogas for Mr. Digvijay Singh are analyzed below.
  • Yogas For Royal Association  or High positions

    How do  Yogas for Royal Association or High positions work?

    Vedic astrology is not only very rich with alternative methods of evaluation of a situation, it is one of the most powerful frameworks to get corroborative  evidence to support and events like a possibility of person achieving high position.

    The basic karaka for high position are :

    1. The strength of sun
    2. The strength of second house of career.
    3. The above strength is with respect to lagna/moon or atmakarka or arudha lagna
    4. The good aspects of benefics to the above karakas
    5. Also the amatya karaka or the karaka of minister connection with the house of actions and career /job the tenth house makes this connection of career with great people possible or high positions possible.

    What are some Important Facts about Digvijay Singh Congress senior politician?

  • Digvijay Singh was born on 28th February 1947 , Digvijay Singh is an Indian politician and also a Member of Parliament in the Rajya Sabha(India).
  • He has married twice, one to Asha digvijay Singh and Amrita rai
  • He is an engineering graduate form Shri Govindram Seksaria Institute of Technology and Science .
  • He is also at the moment a General Secretary of the Indian National Congress party’s All India Congress Committee.
  • He has served as the 9th Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh, an Indian state in central India, for two terms from the year 1993 to 2003.
  • He has also been a minister in Chief Minister Arjun Singh’s cabinet, during 1980 to 84.
  • He is known to make a lot of controversial statements.
  • Infact his second marriage had come into controversy due to second marriage.
  • DIGVIJAY kundli horoscope yogas planets combinations  royal association high positions digvijay singh border controversy predictions 2017

    What are the Yogas for Royal association for Digvijay Singh?


    Asc             Aquarius 17-39-28     Satabhisa     4

    Sun       D    Aquarius     15-30-49    Satabhisa    3       Enemy(ATMA KARAKA)

    Moon           D    Taurus  11-21-21    Rohini   1       Exalted(amatya karaka)

    Mars      C    D    Aquarius 03-15-10     Dhanishta    3      Neutral

    Merc            R    Pisces    00-01-35     Purvabhadra 4      Debilitated

    Just      D    Scorpion 04-08-20     Anuradha     1      Friendly

    Venus          D    Capricorn     01-00-31      Uttarashadha      2    Friendly

    Satn            R    Cancer   09-51-42     Pashyami     2      Enemy

    Rahu           R    Taurus   13-57-18     Rohini    2

    Ketu            R    Scorpion 13-57-18     Anuradha     4

    Uran            D    Taurus   24-39-07     Mrigasira      1

    Nept            R    Virgo     17-08-04     Hasta    3

    Plut       R    Cancer   18-26-10     Ashlesha      1


    • For Digvijay Singh Atma karaka is sun and Amatya karaka is moon.
    • The tenth or career lord is sun and the lord of Lagna is Aquarius or Saturn and the lord of the second house is Pisces or Jupiter.
    • One can clearly see the Atma karaka sun is in the ascendant with the lord of career the mars in the first house of his Kundali, creating raja yoga for him. Also aspect to the seventh house of relationships and people he connects to suggest that he will connect to people of royal lineage and would be in high position.
    • Sun or Surya is weak in the ascendant, but being in 15 degrees almost at the Bhava Madhya and also in Kendra, the strength is higher and connection with the tenth lord make it higher.
    • The planet for royal association or high position is moon is exalted in Taurus or Vrishibha Rashi and is with Rahu,. The planet for politics. It also aspect his tenth house, giving clear indications of a career in politics.
    • Jupiter the lord of the second house of status is in the house of kings and strong in the tenth house of career and job. So giving raja yoga.
    • Jupiter and the lord of the second house in the tenth house (Scorpio or Vrishchika Rashi) makes him respectable in the government and learned- but an aspect of Rahu might be averse to his own dharma or ethics.
    • Ketu close to Jupiter could make him have sharp words for people and controversial comments come from this. Also weak combust mercury in the second house the karaka for speech( 2nd house and mercury both) gives him some indiscreet speeches, but Jupiter the ruler makes him talk softly and like a king. He is from a royal lineage.

    Also as an illustrative example, senior Congress politician Digvijay Singh’s horoscope is analyzed for the purpose.

    What Yogas Could Give Any One a High Position in Life? Like CEO/CTO/CIO etc

    • Yogas(planetary combinations) for Royal Position or High Position like CEO/CTO/CIO/GM/Minister 1: In the event that Karma’s Lord (The lord of the tenth house of career) is Yuti (or conjunction) with, or gets a Drishti (aspect or energy exchange) from the disposition of Amatya Karaka.
    • Explanation Yogas for Royal Position 1: As given below the amatya karaka talk about the job or career and close accomplices of the person as given below in definition of the same, when there is an aspect from the Amatya karaka or even disposition of the same (Amatya karaka) gives aspect to the tenth lord or career lord- the person is a high profile consultant or gets a lead role of say CEO/CFO/CIO /CTO of the promoters of any company.
    • Amatya karaka 🙁the planet that has a saying on the Career & JOb and close accomplices or associates of a person. It is the planet in any birth chart or horoscope which attains the second highest degree in the birth chart or kundali or the planet that is obtaining the second highest longitude is called Amatyakaraka. It signifies your   Its role is that of a Minister who suggest and guides the king or the lord. It is the Amatyakaraka which subtly  guides your  destiny towards the attainment of the desires of your should or  atma.),
    • Yogas(planetary combinations) for Royal Position or High Position 2: OR even, if Karma’s Lord(The Tenth lord or career or Job lord) is in Yuti(In conjunction) with, or gets a Drishti(aspect) from Amatya Karaka himself(the planet with second highest degree in your horoscope or chart/kundali), the person   be a leader in the ruler’s court or be in high position if offices like CEO/CFO/CTO or CIO etc.
    • Explanation Yogas for Royal Position or High Position 2: In the above two paragraphs it’s obvious that the two karakas or representative of job and career and talking about close accomplices of the person- if there is an energy exchange in any form( tenth house lord of the Amatya karaka), one could expect to take a lead role in any company or organization.
    • Yogas(planetary combinations) for Royal Position or High Position 3: In the event that Karma(Tenth house of career) and Lab Bhava(the eleventh house of gains) are without malefic occupation(That is mars/Saturn or Rahu and Ketu) and without Drishti (aspect)from a malefic, while Lab Bhava(The eleventh house) gets a Drishti(aspect) from its own particular Lord, the local will be in a lead role in the ruler’s court or be a lead role in any company- that is a CEO/CTO/CFO/CIO or in board of directors etc.
    • Explanation of Yogas(planetary combinations) for Royal Position or High Position 3: The tenth house is of career and eleventh house of gains and wealth flows, then there is no malefic in the tenth and eleventh house or an aspect- ones career is stress free and without blockages- plus if the lord of gains is fortified by aspect of self or own  aspect – one could expect gains in abundance- so a good career with good gains means a leader in the organization.
    • Yogas(planetary combinations) for Royal Position or High Position 4: Ought to Amatya Karaka and the dispositor of Atma Karaka be with each other or conjunct, the person will be enriched with awesome knowledge and will be a ruler’s chief.
    • Explanation for Yogas(planetary combinations) for Royal Position or High Position 4: Amatya in itself suggest an intelligent person and when it is fortified – that suggests the person has good knowledge and also would be ruler chief or consultant or CEO/CIO or director etc for any company.
    • Yogas(planetary combinations) for Royal Position or High Position 5: On the off chance that Atma Karaka(The planet with the highest degrees) is strong and is with a benefic, or Amatya Karaka is in its own Bhava or house , or in exaltation, one will without a doubt turn into a ruler’s consultant or a CEO/CIO or CTO of any company.
    • Explanation Yogas(planetary combinations) for Royal Position or High Position 5: There is most likely in a person turning into a kings consultant to a CEO/director/general Manager/CIO/CTO/CFO and be popular, if Atma Karaka is in Tanu Bhava or the first house of self, or Putra bhava(the fifth house of sudden luck and children), or Dharma Bhava(of religion and fortune).
    • Atma karaka is a planet that has acquires the highest degrees and is said the Atma or the soul of the person. When it is in first/fifth and ninth house- it suggests good fortune and good energy to the person suggesting own could be a lead position in any company.
    • Yogas(planetary combinations) for Royal Position or High Position 6: In the event that Atma Karaka or Amatya Karaka is put in a Kendra(That is any of the fourth /seventh or tenth houses), or in a Kona house( the fifth and ninth), the person will bring forth illustrious leniency, imperial support and bliss thereof.
    • Explanation Yogas(planetary combinations) for Royal Position or High Position 5: As both the Atma karaka and amatya karaka have to do with self and also career, they in good houses suggest great gains and power and position to the person in any company.
    • Yogas(planetary combinations) for Royal Position or High Position 7:  Ought to malefic(like Saturn/Rahu/mars/Ketu or Shani/Rahu/mangal/Ketu) be in the third and the sixth house from Atma Karaka, OR  from Arudha Lagna, or in Sahaj(third house) and Ari Bhava(sixth house), one will progress toward becoming Army boss.
    • Explanation of Yogas(planetary combinations) for Royal Position or High Position 7: Malefic deal with opposition and enemies and if the malefic is in the house of opposition and enemies( the third and the sixth house) by normal lagna or with respect to atma karaka or even Arudha lagna- suggests that enemies are defeated by the  person- and he or she would be senior person in army or police or air force. Also, the third house is the house of initiatives and actions, so malefic here gives the energy for negative action like killing/firing or hurting- though for the sake of country
    • Yogas(planetary combinations) for Royal Position or High Position 8: In the event that Atma Karaka is in a Kendra( the first /fourth and seventh and the tenth), or in a Kona(The house like fifth house or the ninth house), or in exaltation, or in its own particular Bhava/house and gives a Drishti (aspect)to Dharma’s Lord, the person will be a ruler’s clergyman or minister or a general manager/CEO/CTO/CIO/Director etc.
    • Explanation Yogas(planetary combinations) for Royal Position or High Position 8: Atma Karaka is the planet that has absorbed maximum energy in the sign as it has the highest degree- when it is good houses like Kendra’s an angular house. So  Or may be exalted or strong otherwise being in the won house or sign, that is benefic and aspect the ninth house past karma and fortune, one could go to senior positions easily.
    • Yogas(planetary combinations) for Royal Position or High Position 9: In the event that the Lord of the rashi or signs, where Chandra  or moon is laced is put is  Atma Karaka and, if this Lord is placed  in Tanu Bhava o the first house, alongside a benefic like Venus/Jupiter or some benefic mercury( Shukra/guru or Budha), the person  will turn into a ruler’s priest at his propelled age.
    • Explanation Yogas(planetary combinations) for Royal Position or High Position 9: Here moon denotes a natural moon ascendant, and if Atma karaka also sits there- so there is double energy here and if this Atma karaka sits in the first house or the regular ascendant, this is added energy and has a good energy exchange form a benefic – it’s natural for the person to attain high status as 3 ascendants from moon/Atmakarka and Lagna/ascendant get very good energy and are fortified.
    • Yogas(planetary combinations) for Royal Position or High Position 10: Ought to the Atma Karaka be in Putra bhava(the fifth house), Yuvati bhava(seventh house), Karma bhava( The tenth house), or Dharma Bhava(ninth house) and happen to be with a benefic planet, one will procure riches through regal or royal support or people in position or power.
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    • Explanation of Yogas(planetary combinations) for Royal Position or High Position 10: Once again Atma karaka forms a Lagna or power centre and if this is in the good house like fifth/ninth or tenth house and also with benefic planets like Venus/Jupiter/budha or benefic moon- one would naturally attain good position as Atma karaka is the planet of wisdom and maturity.
    • Yogas(planetary combinations) for Royal Position or High Position 11: On the off chance that the Arudh of Dharma Bhava(the ninth house) happens to act naturally the Janma Lagna(That is the ascendant), or, if Atma Karaka(the planet in the horoscope or Kundali with the highest degree) is set in Dharma Bhava(ninth house), the local will be connected  with imperial circles or royal circles- like CEO/CTO/Senior Managers and directors/misters now  fall in this category.
    • Explanation Yogas(planetary combinations) for Royal Position or High Position 11: In the above statement the ninth house is the house of luck and past life good karma, when it is same as the ascendant- it send a very strong benefic energy to the ascendant or lagna- representing the self of the person. Also if the ninth house of Arudha Lagna is connected with or shares energy with the Atma karaka- sort of soul or inner self-getting the blessed energies of the ninth house naturally gives good results.
    • Yogas(planetary combinations) for Royal Position or High Position 12: One will advance in life  or career through royal association or  affiliation(royal here means people in high positions), if Lab Bhava(second house of wealth and status) is involved by its own particular Lord (That  is second house lord is in the second house)and is without a Drishti from a malefic- like Saturn(Shani), Mars(Mangal), Rahu or Ketu. The Atma Karaka ought to in the meantime be in Yuti(conjunction) with a benefic.
    • Explanation of Yogas(planetary combinations) for Royal Position or High Position 12: The second house above is the house of accumulation and wealth and yes status- which could mean people in good position- so strength here gives an indication of one could connect to people of high status, also the Atma karaka or self should  not have any malefic influence on the same- this increases the chance of this happening- also the second house lord and second house should be defect free.
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    • Yogas(planetary combinations) for Royal Position or High Position 13: A trade of  or exchange of rashis  between Karma’s Lord(the tenth house lord) and Lagna’s Lord(the ascendant lord) will make the local related with the ruler in an awesome way.
    • Explanation Yogas(planetary combinations) for Royal Position or High Position 13: As tenth house deals with king or high position and Lagna or ascendant with the self- so any exchange of energy would give this results.
    • Yogas(planetary combinations) for Royal Position or High Position 14: On the off chance that Shukra or Venus  and Chandra(moon) are in the fourth from karakas Lagna, the local will be invested with illustrious symbol or be a king or a minister.
    • Explanation Yogas(planetary combinations) for Royal Position or High Position 14: The fourth house is of mind and also public image- so if Venus the planet of comfort sits here- it gives great assets and a good public image – so that is only possible for king /minister or  in modern parlance to CEO/CTO/CIO/Senior Manager/consultant/director etc.
    • Yogas(planetary combinations) for Royal Position or High Position 15: Ought to Lagna’s Lord(The first  house lord), or the Atma Karaka(The planet with highest degrees in the horoscope) be Yuti(conjunction)with Putr’s Lord (Fifth house lord) and be in a Kendra( The fourth/seventh and tenth house)   , or in a Kona( the fifth /ninth or first house), the local will be a ruler, or priest or someone in very senior position in the private or public industry.
    • Explanation Yogas(planetary combinations) for Royal Position or High Position 15: The connection of the fifth house a benefic house with self that is the first house gives good energy and vibration to the self or person and being in Kendra or Kona ( 1/4/7/10 or 5/9 house), gives great benefic energy to the same – so ensuring one could get a good position  in life be it a director/CEO/CTO/CIO/senior manager /minister etc.

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    Narendra Modi – What Gives Him Distinction?

    PM_Modi_2015-VIRGO narendra-modi-kundli-horoscope-birth-chart-2017-predictions-prime-minister-india-yogas-personality-vedic-astrology

    Narendra Modi Kundli & Horoscope(Birth Chart) -Yogas for distinction in Personality?

    How is personality studied in  Horoscope?

    • In your kundli or Horoscope(birth chart),There are several ways of determining the personality of a person- the basic is the ascendant or lagna study. If lagna is strong and healthy the personality is good and stable.
    • The other factors are the influences coming to the first house that is first house of ascendant and also from the moon lagna.
    • In your kundli or Horoscope(birth chart),The third thing is study of moon the mind and also sun rules health and personality.
    • Below are given Yoga’s of personality and study of personality of your honourable prime ministers sri narendra modi ji.

    Yoga’s for Good personality

    • Lagna Adhi Yoga planetary combination in Kundli or Horoscope(Yoga for exceptional personality and knowledge of occult and astrology and Vedas). In the Kundli or Horoscope (Birth Chart),Ought to benefics be in Yuvati bhava(seventh house of love and relationships) and Randhr Bhava(eight house of obstacles and sudden gain), with reference  from Lagna or ascendant and be without Yuti  or conjunction with and additionally Drishti(aspect) from malefic, Lagna Adhi Yoga is delivered, making one an extraordinary individual, learned in Shastras and glad.
    • In the kundli or Horoscope(Birth Chart),As the seventh house of relationship has benefics- so makes good relationships with books and learning plus the eight house covers occult learning and hidden knowledge causing adhi yoga & knowledge of shastras.
    • Impacts of Lagn’s Lord’s Division Dignities. Lagn’s Lord (Yoga for success and Luck) In the Kundli or Horoscope (Birth Chart) if the lord of ascendant in Parijatamsa(exalted status) will make one upbeat successful early in life, in Vargottama will offer resistance to maladies, in Gopuaramsa  will make one rich with riches and grains, in simhamsa  will make one a ruler, in parvatamsa  will make one a researcher, in devlokamsa will make one extravagant and supplied with transports and in Iravatamsa will make one well known and respected by rulers. (Vargottama shows a Graha, involving the same rashi and the same navamsa as the planet).
    • As a graha or planet occupying the same Rashi three-four or five times  or more in the 16 divisional chart or Vargas is said to be in , Devalokamsa, Brahmalokamsa, Simhasanamsa, Parijatamsa, Vaishesikamsa
    • A strong ascendant is key to success.

    Narendra Modi Kundli & Horoscope(Birth Chart) 2017 Predictions prime minister India- Yoga’s for personality-vedic astrology

    Some Basic Facts about Narendra Modi Ji- India’s 14th Prime Minister

    • Narendra Modi Ji was born 17 September 1950) . he is an  Indian politician who is the 14th Prime Minister of India and the current prime minister in the year 2017. he is in the office since the date of May 2014.
    • He has been the Chief Minister of Gujarat from the year  2001 to 2014, and is the Member of Parliament for the city Varanasi in Uttar Pradesh. Narendra Modi Ji, is  a member of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), is a Hindu nationalist and member of the  Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS).

    What Makes Narendra Modi Ji – India’s Prime Mister so different?

    • Narendra Modi Born to a family in  the Indian state of Gujarat  in Vadnagar. Narendra Modi  Ji used to help his father sell tea as a child- suggesting towards a hard childhood, and later had to run his own stall. He joined introduced to the RSS at the tender age of eight, beginning a long association with the group.
    • In contrast to other youngsters of his age group ,He left home after graduating from school, partly because of an arranged marriage which he was not for and rejected.
    • narendra Modi  Ji then traveled around India for almost two years, and did visit a number of religious places. narendra modi Ji returned to Gujarat and moved to Ahmadabad in the year of 1969 or 1970.

    Which Planetary Combinations  in His Kundli(Horoscope) Made Narendra Modi Ji so Different from  Others?

    Narendra Modi

    Date of Birth: 17th September, 1950

    Time of Birth: 10:10 AM

    Place of Birth: Vadnagar, Gujarat, India
    narendramodiH narendra-modi-kundli-horoscope-birth-chart-2017-predictions-prime-minister-india-yogas-personality-vedic-astrology

    • In the Kundali or Horoscope(Birth Chart) of Narendra Modi ji ,Mars(Mars)  is ruling the  ascendant(Lagna) and also sitting in the ascendant itself- in the mars sign of Scorpio or Vrishchika Rashi.
    • Mars is a royal planet for action and ruling and sitting in the nakshatra of Visakha, ruled by Jupiter gives him action towards religion as well.
    • In the kundali or Horoscope(Birth Chart) of Narendra Modi ji, Also Mars in Scorpio is a water sign, gives a person to the ability to dig deep into especially spiritual or any matters. Which he has been doing for religious and political matters.
    • In the kundali or Horoscope(Birth Chart) of Narendra Modi Ji , This nakshatra gives him patience, determination and perseverance like a farmer who ploughs is the field. His success right from a humble  chaiwallah or tea seller to a basic RSS(Rashtriya Seva sangha) worker to prime minister-ship is a living proof of the same.
    • In the shadow side this nakshatra  or birth star could make the person a bit more aggressive and directive in nature.
    • As the lagnadhipati or ascendant of Scorpio- that mars or Mangal are in Scorpio or first house of personality itself- this gives additional  strength & vigour to the personality of the person and makes the person strong-willed.
    • In the Kundali or Horoscope(Birth Chart) of Narendra Modi ji, Moon or Chandra is close to mars and absorbing energy of mars, clearly suggests as moon is the lord of luck/fortune and also dharma and religion- so this combination gives him the tendency to think about dharma and religion and moon energy gives him the luck and fortune to become the prime  minister of  India
    • The moon (mind) and ascendant both are in the first house- so personality and mind both are tuned towards spiritual search and yes digging into national and social The destiny of Sri Narendra Modi Ji the prime minister of India.
    • Scorpio or Vrishchika Rashi – makes him virtuous following the dharma, pure-minded(he does a lot of sadhana), magnetic, emotional and caring for the downtrodden humanitarian.
    • Scorpions are mental fighters- cool but determined due to the high energy of mars or mangal. They have good ideas for business and politics. They are good generals on paper but detest bloodshed otherwise.
    • As mars are close to the moon, and mars is a planet of kings & cabinets- so one succeeds in professions t do with masses, that is a politician or a social worker or running an NGO.
    • Mars in the first house gives him courage/confidence and enterprise. Mars or Mangal makes person independent-minded- his leaving the family and family life and a single-minded approach confirms the same. Also mars or Mangal a malefic give some proneness to accidents.
    • In the Kundali or Horoscope(Birth Chart) of Narendra Modi ji, The nakshatra is Anuradha in the star ruled by Saturn(The moon sits here). So the conflict between materialism and spirituality would exist. This is evident by the fact that,He had been to the Himalayas and he is the king in a sense the prime minister now. success away from home is there. Proper use of occult powers would be there.

    What is His Career Horoscope? Which planets made him a politician or primes minister of India?

    • In the kundli or Horoscope(Birth Chart) of narendra modi ji ,The lord of the 10th is sun or surya, the ruler of the royal sign Leo. This generally gives a royal profession like that of a political leader or a prime minister in this instance of Narendra Modi ji.
    • Sun is the house of gains the eleventh house along with Ketu, this planet though weak and young gives him gains through his profession or career, good status and also Ketu gives him exceptional leadership skills. That’s why Ketu is called the dhwaja.
    • In the Kundali or Horoscope(Birth Chart) of Narendra Modi ji, Mercury or Budha is combust in Virgo, so the gains got delayed. A weak Venus or Shukra in the tenth house of career gives him less comfort and steep path in a career. That is he has to face stiff resistance. Venus(Shukra) the lord of the twelfth house gives his career connection to foreign lands and dharma. His being prime minister of India he has to connect to foreign countries plus being a part of Rashtriya Seva sangha (RSS) and he was also sadhak fulfils the prophecy promised by planet Venus  .
    • In the Kundali or Horoscope(Birth Chart) of Narendra Modi Ji , A weak lord of the image of the fourth house connects to the tenth house, giving him public image – but that might be tarnished. Recall he did not get a good name after Gujarat riots. Divine grace of Jupiter saved him from the problems ruling wealth and status and second house and also his fifth house in the supreme courts.
    • Saturn is lord initiatives as well- so this gives him a disciplined hard work and success only after a lot of effort.
    • Plus his mind would always be on work and people his lord of the fourth house and the third house of initiatives is in the tenth house. Also, his mind due to the moon and the twelfth house would be close to dharma and religion. Making him a Yogi.
    • In the Kundali or Horoscope(Birth Chart) of Narendra Modi ji, Rahu in the house of thinking the fifth house gives him along with Jupiter- the thinking about the afterlife or after death and also a non-conventional streak in his way of problems solving. Demonetization and surgical strikes are an example of this combination and yes mars being close to moon ins Scorpio sign or Virshchika Rashi.
    • Venus in the tenth house of career suggests that he has good healing power innate to him.
    • In the Kundali or Horoscope(Birth Chart) of Narendra Modi Ji, Saturn or Shani here make the person a ruler or a minister- he is a prime minister and was a prime minister of Gujarat. Saturn rules agriculture so close to agriculture is there. He as the capacity to judge and visits shrines later in life.

    Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji & Ninth House

    SriSriRaviShankar sri sri ravi shankar ji kundali horoscope varga divisional charts spiritual legacy predictions ninth house

    Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji Kundali & Horoscope Varga or Divisional charts spiritual legacy predictions
    About this Article

  • The article below discusses at length the role of ninth bhava or house, karma kanda and spirituality based on classical texts.
  • Then the principles elucidated connect the principles elucidated to spiritual master sri sri ravi Shankar ji- how is a living legend in regard to the ninth bhava or house.
  • The article below also discusses the varga charts including the d9 (navamsa chart) and the d10 the career chart to come to a concurrence or proper decision on any matter.
  • If you want to Directly Go to sri sri ravi Shankar ji’s analysis and predictions- kindly CLICK HERE
  • If you want to read the article on 9th Bhava, navamsa(d9) and dashamsa(d10) varga chart- analysis an- CLICK HERE

  • What is the Role of ninth house lord and the divisional Charts?

    • In the Kundali or Horoscope, The ninth house lord deals with dharma or religion and ethics. This house also deals with your past life Punya or good deeds. The past life karmas are all reflected here. In fact, where one was born could be decoded from this house.
    • IN the article below the presence and strength of the ninth house lord In  the Kundali or Horoscope, in various AMSA or divisional charts(Varga charts) and the corresponding results, are analyzed.
    • Say the lord of the ninth house is strong in two amass or divisional charts say d9(navamsa) and d10(Dasama), then it is said to be Parijatamsa. Now like 2 or second house deals with wealth and status, this kind of strength in two charts gives a lot of luck and fortune to the person. This  is a kind of Vedic numerology that is there.
    • Below is Given the Kundali or Horoscope, analysis of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Ji, the spiritual Guru of Millions and his ninth bhava or house

    Effects of the Divisional Dignities of Dharma’s Lord (ninth house or bhava lord of past life Punya & Luck) or the Ninth House (Luck House) lord.

    • Sutra 1:which planetary combination causes one to Visit religious places? In the Kundali or Horoscope, If Dharma’s Lord (ninth house or bhava lord of past life Punya & Luck)is in Parijatamsa Or Varga Chart(meaning is strong or exalted in at least two of its divisional charts Varga charts), the person  will visit religious places,
    • Explanation: Now if In  the Kundali or Horoscope, the ninth house lord that is the dharma or religion lord is strong in three divisional charts that are Parijatamsa- then or is quite obvious the person would not only be religious, he/she would be lucky and might visit religious places.
    • Sutra 2:which planetary combination causes one to Visit religious places in past life? In the Kundali or Horoscope, if in Uttamamsa Or Varga Chart (when three Vargas are gained then the Uttamamsa or Kusumamsa), has been going to great places in the past births and he will do similarly inside this lifetime,
    • Explanation: The reason is that number three or 3 represent planet Jupiter also ninth house means the past life good deeds or Punya, so when the ninth lord is strong in three Varga or divisional charts- one might be going to religious places or doing good religious activities in the past life.
    • Sutra 3:which planetary combination causes one to do karma Kanda? In  any  Kundli or Horoscope, if in Gopuramsa Or Varga Chart(Strong in four   Divisional charts or Varga charts), will perform appeasing traditions,
    • Explanation: As again the lord of ninth has to do with dharma and number four is of karma or Karma Kanda- so if the lord of the ninth house is strong in four amass one could be engaged in karma Kanda or appeasing activities.
    • Sutra 4:which planetary combination causes one to surrender to all religions? For the kundali or Horoscope, if in Simhasanamsa Or Varga Chart(Strong in five    Divisional charts or Varga charts),  the person will be solid and strong, conqueror of his resources and will concentrate just on the Brahman, surrendering all religions,
    • Explanation: In the Kundali or Horoscope,As the ninth house is strong in five amass and five is the number for Leo or Simha sign that’s the reason called Simhamsa- and fifth house so of deep thinking and learning, so connection of fifth and ninth house make one focus only on the GOD
    • Sutra 5:which planetary combination causes one to become a monk? if in Paravatamsa Or Varga Chart, will be the best of monkish life(Strong in six   Divisional charts or Varga charts),
    • Explanation: For any  Kundali or Horoscope, As the lord of ninth is strong in six amsas and sixth sign is for Virgo or Kanya sign and also the sixth house represents taking one away or moving away- so this combinations takes one away from society and make him or her a monk.
    • Sutra 6:which planetary combination causes one to become a Nanga baba? If for any Kundali or Horoscope, if in Devalokamsa Or Varga Chart(Strong in seven   Divisional charts or Varga charts), will be a self-denying, holding a club (Lagudi), or he will be a religious drifter, that has revoked each and every conventional association and passing on three long battles, laced, in his right hand (Tridandin) and,
    • Explanation: The reason is that seventh house represents Libra or Tula ruled by planet Venus, this is the house of sensual pleasures and sex – so the lord of dharma or religion the ninth house here takes one way from the religion and puts him or anger situation into conflict situations.
    • Sutra 7:which planetary combination causes one to become lord Indra? In the kundli or Horoscope, if in Brahmalokamsa Or Varga Chart(Strong in eighth   Divisional charts or Varga charts), will perform Aswamedh Yagya (Horse Sacrifice) and will achieve the state of Lord Indra,
    • Explanation: The eight house deals with fights and death, so dharma to do with the eighth house means sacrifice – that is what Aswmedha Yagya is about.
    • Sutra 8:which planetary combination causes one become an avatar? if in Iravatamsa Or Varga Chart(Strong in nine    Divisional charts or Varga charts), will be an identical expression of Dharma, or standards just, as Lord Ram and Yudhishthira.
    • Explanation: For any given Kundali or Horoscope, As the ninth house and number both represent dharma, so this is the super-excellence of dharma and it means the person  would an image of ethics like king Yudhishthira of Mahabharata times or lord Sri rama of treat Yuga.

    sri sri ravi shankar ji Kundali & Horoscope , Varga or Divisional charts spiritual legacy predictions

    Who is sri sri Ravi Shankar ji(spiritual leader)?

    • Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Ji was born 13 May 1956 is an Indian spiritual leader in south India Bangalore. he is referred to as Guru dev or Guru or Sri Sri as a matter of Honor.
    • He founded the Art of Living Foundation in 1981, the goal of the same is to relieve individual stress, societal issues and anger leading to
    • In the year 1997, he established a Geneva-based charity, the International Association for Human Values, and a Non-Governmental Organization that does relief work and rural/village  development and aims to encourage  shared global values.
    • For his service to humanity, he has received some of the topmost awards from many countries including India, Peru, Colombia, and Paraguay. In India in the month of  January 2016, he was awarded the “Padma Vibhushan” by the Government of India.

    Birth Details of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Ji

    Name: Ravi Shankar Guruji

    Date of Birth: Sunday, May 13, 1956

    Time of Birth: 00:00:00

    Place of Birth: Papanasam

    Longitude: 77 E 23

    Latitude: 8 N 46

    Time Zone: 5.5
    sriravishankard9 sri sri ravi shankar ji kundali horoscope 2017 varga divisional charts spiritual legacy predictions ninth housesriravishankard1 sri sri ravi shankar ji kundali horoscope 2017 varga divisional charts spiritual legacy predictions ninth house
    What makes him so spiritual? his Ninth house analysis

    • Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji’s lord of the ninth house dharma is mercury or Budha the lord of the sign Virgo or Kanya Rashi . Mercury here generally gives connection with people of the foreign lands. We know that Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji’s art of living has speared all across the world.
    • In the Kundli or Horoscope, Also mercury sits in the  house of thinking, so giving him the intelligence to understand religion intellectually as well and think intellectually.
    • For the Kundali or Horoscope, Mercury is conjunct with Ketu the planet of salvation making him deep into spirituality.
    • Moon or Chandra the lord of seventh and karaka for the mind is there in the fifth house of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Ji, so making him connect to intellectual and people of the foreign lands that is the seventh house and the moon both deal with foreign lands.
    • The aspect of strong exalted mars on mercury gives Sri Ravi Shankar Ji action and technology to Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji’s spirituality. So he developed the Sudarshan kriya technique and Indian Yoga pranayama technology.
    • Plus mars or Mangal also give the ability to work and do great work in life.
    • In the Kundali or Horoscope of Sri Sri Ravishankar ji, In Navamsa chart or d9 Varga chart of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Ji mercury is in the twelfth house of salvation and rules the mind and the personality. So entire intellect of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Ji is focussed on salvation or nirvana and GOD. Moon with Ketu  in fifth gives constant thinking about God and spirituality.
    • sri Sri Ravi Shankar Ji He has an exalted Jupiter or guru that is in Atama karaka at 29+ degrees in the tenth bhava or house of action or karma/career or Job. Which makes him do the action to do with religion, good humanitarian work and yes Jupiter the lord of dharma would lead him ascendance to God that is his working with dharma activities is predestined and his work would take him to complete liberation. Which it seems he already has.

    What is there is times to come in 2017-2018 for an art of living Ashram?

    • For the Kundali or Horoscope, In the year 2017 Saturn or Shani is the lord of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Ji first and second house of personality and wealth & status. This enters the twelfth house of dharma, foreign travel and expenditure and health care.
    • Also in 2017 his health needs care. His focus on dharma or spirituality could go high.
    • In the year 2017 Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Ji organization art of living may spend more and his connections to foreign lands would increase significantly in this Shani gochar or transit.
    • In the year 2017 Jupiter or guru transit in the tenth house after September might mean more expenditure on the art of living again, that is increased expenditure. The environment issues might also come up again.
    • We wish Sri Ravi Shankar ji  and his art of living organization all the best.