Planet URANUS Or RAHU Or DRAGON’s HEAD, the REBEL & Innovator of the Solar System.


The planet Uranus or Rahu(Dragon’s Head) as per Hindu astrology or call it Dragon’s Tail is the Rebel of the Solar system.

  • The planet Uranus or Rahu(Dragon’s Head) as per Hindu astrology or call it Dragon’s Tail is the Rebel of the Solar system.
    As the legend goes several lacs years back- when GOD decided to give eternity to good souls (devas), GOD churned out nectar from ocean for eternity.
  • The nectar was to be given to all the good souls (devas), but a demon disguised as a good soul drank the nectar, when the nectar was almost in his throat GOD realized the mistake and cut the body into two parts- namely dragon’s head ( Rahu(Dragon’s Head)) and other Dragon’s tail(Ketu(Dragon’s Tail)) or Neptune. As the demon had already drunk the nectar so it became eternal as the other souls- called the dreaded Rahu(Dragon’s Head)-kethu axis.
  • The much dreaded kala sarpa Yoga stems out from this Rahu(Dragon’s Head) –Ketu(Dragon’s Tail) axis and is present when all the planets are on one side of the Rahu(Dragon’s Head) Ketu(Dragon’s Tail) axis- this yoga means a continuous failure in all activities and losses all over life.
    The above legend is just used to explain the energies existing in the cosmos- Vedic cosmology is very intricate and accurate and they use examples and stories to explain complex subjects.
  • Rahu(Dragon’s Head) and Ketu(Dragon’s Tail) are formed astrologically by the points of intersection of the moon’s orbit with the elliptic plane( in which rest of the planets including our earth revolves).
    Uranus or Rahu(Dragon’s Head) is the rebel, it causes one to take opposite views, it controls the people involved in crime, underworld or mafia – but on the positive side it controls people in politics or hardworking and practical people.
  • Rahu(Dragon’s Head) people could be disciplined and cunning as far as politic is concerned- but at the same time very sensitive and one could see a streak of rebellious behavior in them.
    If anyone has a weak Rahu(Dragon’s Head), like Rahu(Dragon’s Head) is Scorpio or a strong Rahu(Dragon’s Head), Rahu(Dragon’s Head) in Taurus – one could easily observe the negative and positive effects of Rahu(Dragon’s Head). People born on 4th,13th,22nd or 31st of any month are affected by planet Rahu(Dragon’s Head).
  • It might interest you that terrorist and terrorism has a close bearing with Rahu(Dragon’s Head). So when Rahu(Dragon’s Head) is weak the chance of terrorists getting caught or killed is much higher. When Osama bin laden got killed, in May 2, 2011,, Rahu(Dragon’s Head) was weak in Scorpio.

    Rahu(Dragon’s Head) affected people generally take the opposite view of people or society- so they could either be rebel’s of society, like criminals or become politicians to reform the society or may be become inventors and scientists as they are not satisfied with the past.

  • They are generally highly strong, sensitive – may feel lonely or isolated and easily wounded. Rahu(Dragon’s Head) has number 4= 2+2, now 2= Moon = Moon + Moon. Or 4= 2×2 is again 2 moons. So sensitivity of moon is inculcated in them to a high degree
    They want to change things in public or private life. People with strong Rahu(Dragon’s Head), might be indifferent to wealth or might example strange ways to use the wealth accumulated.

  • Aspects of Rahu(Dragon’s Head):

  • Rahu(Dragon’s Head) aspects with maximum energy the houses, 5th, 9th and 7th from the place it is placed in your horoscope.
  • Rahu(Dragon’s Head) in Vedic astrology is not a real planet, though in western astrology represents Uranus, so not being real it absorbs energy from the house or sign it occupies. Rahu(Dragon’s Head) infact locks the energy of the house it is found in.
    Like say if it is sitting on 9th house- so either the luck could be locked or one could become too disciplined( one of the qualities of Rahu(Dragon’s Head)) for religion. 9th house = religion

  • You Are Ruled by Shadow Planet Rahu(Dragon’s Head) if:

    If you are born on 4,13,22,31. Or Rahu(Dragon’s Head) is strong in your chart or Rahu(Dragon’s Head) is placed in ascendant or moon sign.

    How to Check How Strong is Jupiter in Your Horoscope :

  • If you are disciplined, are practical get good sleep and have gains from people from Arab or African nations- then Rahu(Dragon’s Head) is strong in your birth chart. Else if it is otherwise then Rahu(Dragon’s Head) is weak in your chart.

    Your health : Rahu(Dragon’s Head) acts on the mental plane- so the first thing is mental problems need proper care. Also as it makes a person dissatisfied with present, over work could cause nerve trouble.

    Your Lucky Colour :
    Electric Blues or grey.
    Your Lucky Stone : Gomedh or hessonite.

    Your Lucky Rahu(Dragon’s Head) Yantra(Amulet):
    Rahu(Dragon's Head)-yantra

    Interesting Facts:
    Rahu(Dragon’s Head) has number 4= 2+2, now 2= Moon = Moon + Moon. Or 4= 2×2 is again 2 moons. So sensitivity of moon is inculcated in them to a high degree

    Classics About Rahu(Dragon’s Head)
    Rahu(Dragon’s Head) and Ketu(Dragon’s Tail) are ascending and descending nodes of moon. That is the planets of the solar system revolve around sun in a plane in ellipse shape. As moon is the satellite of earth, it revolves around earth in a orbit inclined at around 5.1 degrees with respect to the motion plane of other planets (sun, mars, earth etc.).
    The average daily motion of Rahu(Dragon’s Head)/Ketu(Dragon’s Tail) is 3’ units. as per drika ganit(astronomical calculations). Where moon is from 13-15 units.

  • Rahu(Dragon’s Head) and Ketu(Dragon’s Tail) both are treated as malefic grahas/planets. Rahu(Dragon’s Head) and Ketu(Dragon’s Tail) form the planetary army. As Rahu(Dragon’s Head) is a close cousin of sani/Saturn – so its complexion is also dark and smoky with blue mix. Rahu(Dragon’s Head) stays in forests and is horrible. Rahu(Dragon’s Head) is windy in nature and is intelligent. Ketu(Dragon’s Tail) is close to Rahu(Dragon’s Head).
    Rahu(Dragon’s Head) rules the people of underworld or rebellious people.
  • More specifically Rahu(Dragon’s Head) rules the outcast,
    Rahu(Dragon’s Head) represent 8 months
    Rahu(Dragon’s Head) is in the mool division .