Rahu the shadowy Planet-kim jong un Korea war kundli horoscope 2017 predictions

440px-Ketu_graha rahu shadowy planet kim jong un korea war 2017 predictions kundlikim rahu shadowy planet kim jong un korea war 2017 predictions kundli horoscope

Rahu the shadowy Planet-kim jong un Korea war 2017 predictions

What is rahu or dragon’ head all about

  • Dragon’s head is actually the one of the most malefic planets in Vedic astrology and is a close cousin of the same.
  • Rahu actually is the intersection point of the plane of the ecliptic of the zodiac and the orbit of the moon. It is treated as very important in the Vedic astrology; western astrology treats it close to Uranus.
  • It is a retrogressive, rebellious and lazy lethargic planet. It represents the hidden that is the people of the underworld/criminals/foreign lands/whisky/ignorance and excessive phobias or fears a in a person, lot of work and bad karma of the past life. It makes the person dull and aggressive.Atleast not following the society norms.
  • It operates at e mental level that is the mind of the person.If rahu is positive for you in your horoscope- then it gives the talent to do painting, wring and also editing as number 4 is involved. It also brings fame success or being attractive physically. It also gives gains from old people and foreign lands.

How you could be affected by Rahu or number 4?

  • Based on Vedic numerology you would be impacted by rahu if you are born on the month of august and September to some extent. Also people born in January and February has some rahu influence as these months are rules by Saturn or number 8= 4 x 2, and rahu is 4, the half brother of the same.
  • Rahu also impacts you strongly if you are born on 4th/13/22nd or 31st of any month. Also if you are born ion 14th/24 or any month, plus late night of 3rd/12th/21/30th.
  • Also if your sun total of your birth number or destiny number comes to number 4 like 14 nov 1995= 14+11+ 24 = 49 = 4+9 =13 = 1+3=4 = Rahu
  • So you can see that rahu has a wide and varying influence on our lives.
  • Whenever rahu in your kundli or birth horoscope aspects your ascendant or lord of the same or your moon sign rashi or moon, rahu would show its effects of sure in your behavior. Even if in transit rahu aspects your ascendant or lord or moon sign or moon, the effects of rahu on your personality or behavior described above would come to forth. Also aspect on the fourth house of mind could give some effects of rahu.
  • Also if in your kundli or birth horoscope rahu is in the same house or sign or aspects by it 5th/7th or 9th aspect to any sign or house or by placement in your kundli or horoscope- it will impact the significations of that house/sign and yes the planet it aspect of course.

Impact of Rahu in Kim Jong-un chairman of Korea war predictions in 2017 with USA

kim-korea-horoscope rahu shadowy planet kim jong un korea war 2017 predictions kundli horoscope


  • Kim Jong-un conceived 8 January 19 84 is the Chairman of the Workers’ Party of Korea (WPK) and incomparable pioneer of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK), generally alluded to as North Korea. Kim is the second child or offspring of Kim Jong-il and his associate Ko Yong-hui. Little Before taking force, he had scarcely been found out in the open, and a significant number of the exercises of both Kim and his administration remain covered in secrecy.

Predictions About Kim Jong-un Chairman Korea 2017

  • He is born 8 january 1984 = 8 + 1+ 1984 = 8+1 + 22 = 31= 3+1 = 4= Rahu. Now we know that his behavior is out of convention and not in conformity with the society. He is a strong dictator which has created furore in USA as well. Rahu gives a lot of discipline to any dictator – but also makes him or her rash or aggressive and rebellious, apart from making them original in approach in doing things.
  • The current war issues is due to in his kundli or birth horoscope Saturn getting weakened in transit and he having A lot of rahu and Saturn effects.
  • As his birth time is not available- we take his surya kundli. Saturn has transited his twelfth house of warn and destruction and rules his family/country Korea and also his actions. Saturn is not comfortable and weak in mars or mangal signs Scorpio- so making him behave in a war like fashion now in 2017 more.
  • In his kundli or birth horoscope Now Saturn that is retrograde now and rules his third house of actions, makes his actions in a reversed direction or rebellious more. Saturn takes energy from Venus which is the lord of war and conflicts and rules sixth house and also lord of gains the eleventh- thus giving more thrust top war  like actions. Also energy from malefic ketu though far way from Saturn mostly.
  • But all would be over by October, the problems could peak in august and then slowly start ending and by ending 2017 he would try to go for truce with USA when Saturn comes back direct to his first
  • In kim’s kundli or birth horoscope Saturn would absorb good energy from Jupiter & sun (past life good karma) and he would focus more on building relationships and all his war posturing would be gone by September 2017.
  • We expect more peace in the world by august 2017 ending and September 2017 onwards slowly.
  • Long live all nations

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