Ketu a malefic–destiny of India kundli & horoscope & 2017-18 transit predictions?

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Ketu a malefic – impact on destiny of India kundli & horoscope  & 2017-18 predictions?

What is Ketu all about?

  • Ketu is the akin to rahu and is 180 degrees part from it in the zodiac. As the moon orbits around mother earth and intersects the plane of ecliptic on which all planets move around the sun. The descending node is ketu.
  • In western astrology Neptune is taken as ketu and is rules by number 7 and rahu is number 4.Ketu gives the power to discriminate and think and analyze in own manner when it is strong. But when it is weak- it takes away this power and person is not able to analyze or do things easily.
  • Ketu makes person talkative and restless. It is dominated by vata or stress. As ketu rules over the ghosts/demons etc, a person with strong ketu can easily handle the same. Ketu is less malefic than rahu as it is moksha karaka- it takes us t spirituality and mochas or liberation as such. The person becomes sensitive and emotional and less interested in life matters.

How much you are influenced by Ketu?

  • You are impacted by ketu if you are born on 7/16/25 th of any month or you are born in month of July (7) also its is twin number of moon( karaka rashi) that has its sway in the month of July.
  • Ketu also impacts you if your total destiny number =7, like someone born on 18 dec 1975 = 1+8+3+ 22(1975) =34 = 3+4= Ketu. So he or she would be impacted by ketu.
  • In any kundli or horoscope, Anyone having ketu in ascendant or aspecting the ascendant lord would be under the influence of ketu or aspect on moon or mind or the fourth house would make one behave with the qualities of ketu discussed above.

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What role Ketu Has  in India’s Horoscope

  • In any kundli or horoscope if Ketu sits in the seventh house from ascendant and fifth house from moon or rashi for India. Ketu in the seventh house impacts relationship- we know how much effort India has done towards peace for its neighbours and what it has got in return.
  • In any kundli or horoscope if It aspects the first house in the seventh aspect- so gives a spiritual taint to India’s personality. The gain house eleventh is aspected- so means gains in specialized areas and also spiritual areas is possible. That is astrology and occult/Yoga could be a good source of revenues for India.
  • Also the In any kundli or horoscope third house of initiatives and action and people around is aspected by ketu suggesting India would make more strides by connecting to spiritual traditions of any country- like china has the hidden tradition of Buddhism and Taoism’s and a strong undercurrent of bodhidhrama- connecting to this stream would help India much more than only trade.
  • Also like sufi culture in Pakistan. Connecting with spiritual aspects or the soul of any country would give much more favorable results to our country. So focus on cultural exchange is a must and need of the hour.

What is the impact of ketu transit into  Capricorn sign or karkat for India?

  • Now for India’s kundli or horoscope moon is in cancer , so from moon sign or rashi of India transit of ketu would be in the ninth house. So there is less gain in self respect for India and also money gains and economic/spiritual growth due to this transit. It would be a period for India to re strategize for economic and other matters. Re think and re evaluate a large set of options.
  • Plus gains to the people of India. In India’s kundli or horoscope As ketu comes into ascendant and is a malefic like mars or Mangal- so India has  to be careful with northern areas like Kashmir where violence may surge,
  • Also India may suddenly gain in image as sun the lord of image and public gets energy from ketu. India or Indians may get more prizes of international recognition.
  • The thrust on spirituality could increase and also organizations like AYUSH(organization for Yoga/ayurveda/Unanai and Homeopathy) could get a boost now.
  • India could have a tough time dealing with crime against women as ketu is conjunct with planet Venus- so new laws to do with women could come to fore.
  • Much more focus on research and development and own niche production would be there by the MODI government now as Saturn the lord of tenth house shares energy and rules career for India.
  • Specific initiatives to improve the quality of experience of people going to religious pilgrimages like amaranth or manasarover or hajj would improve.
  • India may form an intense relationships with one of the super powers and also break with one.Much gains in dharma or ayurveda or Yoga and also research and development.
  • We wish all the best to India.

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