Personalized Rahu Ketu Transit Report – In Cancer & Capricorn on August 2017

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Rahu-Ketu transit Report in August 2017: 18 Months Predictions!

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1. Rahu & Ketu Both change sign on August 18 2017 & stays there till 7th March 2019.Both are invisible shadowy or Chaaya grahas or planets- but are malefic and powerful like Saturn(shani) and mars(Mangal) & impact of the transit all areas of our life like career,money,family,wealth,love,children or even legal matters etc in detail.
This in-depth, Detailed & Unique report covers ALL the above Aspects of your life in very Good Detail and Accuracy which is un matched!

2.The Rahu-ketu Report is a Handwritten & Accurate Report written by an expert Vedic Astrologer of over 25+ Years experience in Vedic Astrology In India and USA.
3. The report covers the transit effects and also Your Natal chart Rahu and ketu effects.
4. Also covers the impact of Rahu Ketu transit on the Natal planets in your Kundli or Horoscope- which is very important for accurate and complete delineation of coming events.
5. As an additional BONUS help you get dasha predictions as well covering all your life areas in the coming 18 months like career,money,family,wealth,love,children,legal matters etc
6. The Vedic Astrologer spends at least 120 minutes or 2 hours writing this report which is highly personalized,accurate and reliable around 14 pages Report & can be used anytime for future reference for making any decisions.
7. Get as a BONUS Powerful yet Simple remedies that you can easily perform to Solve any problems that arise from this rahu-ketu axis change and also enhance your over all gains in every area of your life.
8. Good Quality & Reliable Astrology Report, Assured by IIT Alumnus(World Class Experts in Vedic Astrology & Numerology)!quality-control-571149_1280

9) Get All the above mentioned features & benefits discussed in around a 11 page in-depth & hand written Rahu-ketu transit in Cancer & Capricorn Report Personalized for your Birth Horoscope Covering aspect like career,money,family,wealth,love,health, childrenetc, Prepared by a World Class Vedic Astrologer.

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  • ” …All I can say a superb and accurate report- I got my business back and stabilized my family concerns by referring to this report
    Anil “
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