FREE ARIES HOROSCOPE(MARCH-21st To APRIL-20th) OR Aries Moon sign – Mesha Rashi

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 ARIES Description

Have the Charisma , Born Fighters Fearless,Dominating & a Karma Yogi

  • The sign Aries is an odd numbered sign and is ruled by the planet of action and passion- MARS. It gives the person a good muscular built.
  • It is a representation of courage. Its an animal sign and is four legged.It represents hills and is a positive action oriented sign(rajasik). It rises with its back first and is a fiery sign.It gains strength during night.
  • Mars is also called as Mangal in vedic astrology.
  • The sign of Aries or mesha moon sign(rashi) is ruled by aggressive planet mars -which makes the person have good enough will power to do things and yes action and passion. They have good ability to run large industrial units or organizations due to Aries being the 1st sign=number so connects to planet sun or surya.
  • Aries generally want their will and their way in things and if they are not given- they may land up into conflicts or fights or simply leave the matters to other people to handle. Aries people can reach any heights if they can persevere in their goals.
  • But also they may be too much affected by flattery and praise – so that’s what they need to take special care of. They have a high mental energy and could be very innovative in the way they solve problems or matters in family life or professional life.
  • Aries people may rebel against almost any kind of conventions or discipline imposed over them.
  • In material world they could reach any heights due to their ability to build teams, discipline and focus to get things done
  • By Doing This You Would Make yourself Pure Gold:

  • Aries could be convinced by proper logic only and also one may find them too hasty or impulsive in doing anything. Aries people need to take care of what they speak as else they may create many enemies in professional and family life. Also Aries people could be very independent minded in their behavior.
  • Aries people have the capability to work hard and they can deliver well and reach high positions. Due to their action capability they can earn very well in life. But as leaders Aries could be very hard in getting things done and a high grade disciplinarian.Aries could be hard task masters or bosses. They also have good intuition to help them. They always want that in family or professional business matters or any where they should be considered as leaders.
  • For success in life the Aries people need to control haste or too much of passion. They or Aries people need to learn to think and then act. Aries people may take decisions in haste and in anger at times and may not think for the future. They are born leaders and people who would collect crowds at any place.
  • Anger Or aggression is your basic enemy, so keep it away
    Avoid being hasty, especially in driving
    Avoid being indiscreet in eating & drinking
    Take good care of what you speak
  • Your talent- That You Should Polish To Shine Like a Gem:

  • You have a bundle of creativity and passion develop it to experience life more.
    Use your emotions constructively.
  • You could be a good action guy, so can achieve a lot, unless mars is weak.
    Use your will power to achieve noble goals in life.
    Your frankness could work for you and against you.
  • Your Friendship:

  • You could have a very warm and hot relationship with Aries, Scorpio, Sagittarius and also Pisces.
    But if you dominate or become aggressive , they would too respond.
  • But still it would be intimate enough.
    Cancer would be too meek for you.
    Taurus and Libra would be buffering well your nature.
  • Your Lucky Years:
    27, 36, 33, 30, 39, 45
    Years Of Caution:
    18, 28, 26,35,38,48
    Your Lucky Months:
    March, April,November,December
    Lucky Color:
    Your Lucky Stones:
    Ruby. Which stone exactly would be suitable for you & which stone could work against you can be suggested only after study of your complete horoscope.
    Your Lucky Charm or Amulet:
    You could draw this on a piece of paper and keep it in your pocket.
    Yantra for mars. mangal-yantra