2019 Libra Money Horoscope


  • Overview of Money Matters Year 2019
  • Libra or Tula Rashi is ruled by Venus or Shukra. also, Jupiter or guru rules the 3rd house and also the 6th house of the same.Jupiter gets retrograde from April to July 2019.

    This could lead to very different kinds of problems and issues will happen when the third house lord Jupiter is direct and growth of projects earnings and connection to the siblings is there and is much better.
    Now as Saturn is also retrograde rules the 4th house of public image for Libra regard for Libra. so :
    January 2019
    so we well-disciplined effort in January for Libra sign people would give great results in terms of money through a lot of issues and agitations are possible.
    February 2019 In this month for the Libra sign people the focus would be on a family as well the spending could be on the family and also money could come by proper cooperation and coordination hard work and planning.

    March 2019This is a good time for you to get money can be expected good money returns for the family. There could be good money for fun and also good money for outings are there. yes, tiff and issues for a fight for money matters are also possible this time.

    April 2019
    April overall the health of family needs care as investments of money could go there.
    Your driving needs proper care for Libra sign people money can come by a proper corporation and especially respect for women is much needed to attract money from cosmos.
    There could be a fun and great time and life in terms of money matters and so growth.
    May 2019
    Fair enough time for money to come in. wealth outflows could be there on the family and comfort matters. yes, family and own health need proper care at your end. stay cool and take full ownership for best results. speech and what you speak needs care. wealth flows from the care industry like call centers etc is a possibility.

    June 2019
    But avoid being too much outgoing nature should not impact the money. when wealth is also there for your money could come from various sources especially from young people and also from Communications . also anything to do with money or finances like’s banks and mutual bonds will enhance money flow.

    July 2019 This month means hard work and planning is needed for better money flows. yes, cooperation this time could make all the difference to you. The more details and data you have the more successful it would be. An initiative could bring in more money at your table. matters to do with the government and also your leadership would pay off this time.,

    August 2019This time there could be fights in partnership. But at the same time, you will be blessed as well with money. One has to ensure no greed come in. you have to bring up your nature of taking ownership to get the best results. maintain harmony and care at your end to attract money. Money form state or government may have serious issues.

    September This time planet mercury has sway on the energies ruling your family are strong and may need care. your family or relatives could give you a lot of money. This could mean industry means it Call Centre anything to with Care industry or medicals industry.Communication industry or it could give you great gains.
    Oct 2019
    This could be a great time to do that and good wealth out you are getting direct and starts getting for yourself. Your expenditure on luxury matters and matters of comfort would grow quite a bit. make the best use of it.
    Investment in art and luxury product and also family stuff is going to give you good returns.

    November 2019
    November time when you have to be careful with the family that could cause money losses or issues to you spending on the family matters to improve increased bother and you have to take care of driving carefully. your investments all home your home or house whatever you are taken all and may increase ok so this is there 2018 inflows of money is direct now

    December 2019 This s time make good money . There could be conflict from relatives and people around that may drain money and other resources. But an overall high chance of gains is there. as Jupiter is direct and good wealth flows are guaranteed for you. make the best use of the same. Investment in money matters would pay in well.

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