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  • We want to humbly add that Vedic astrology and Numerology has been a passion to us, passed on through generations. We have over 3 decades(30 years) of experience in working with tens and thousands of birth horoscope charts(Kundli’s) for all age groups and covering almost all countries of the world.
  • As we know , to get a real value of any science , even for Vedic sciences like Vedic Astrology or Jyotish can come without proper research. So we devote a lot of our time doing research on Vedic astrology. This in turn benefits in terms of much more reliable,value added, rich and accurate predictions. Which actually help.
  • We have also developed a lot of complex & very accurate Vedic astrology software , for the benefit for readers and offer the services for the same FREE. One could check this on our site and convince themselves of the accuracy of readings. This speaks of how carefully and diligently we do anything, be it software or writing(handwritten) predictions for you in our premium reports. We spend atleast 60 to 120 minutes doing any premium report for you.
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  • We Provide FREE & also PREMIUM(PAID) World Class Astrology & Numerology Services Online. Astrology and Horoscopes are a passion for us. We have a Well Qualified Team of Leading Experienced Astrologer’s,Eminent Scientists and Technologists on the board.
  • Our Recent Predictions that have come 100% Accurate!Our Predictions SKILLS Speak out
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    Our Astrologer Acharya Arjun Pundit ji Had Predicted victory of Donald Trump and Loss for Hillary Several Months Ahead of US election results were declared. To Check this Prediction Click Here Donald_Trump_August_19,_2015_(cropped)-GEMINI

  • Hillary Clinton, what awaits her in 2016! –Her 2016 Horoscope Revealed!Hillary_Clinton_official_Secretary_of_State_portrait_crop
  • To check his(acharya arjun pundit ji) Other Predictions that have come 100% True in recent past –CLICK HERE

    Our CLIENTS Speak


  • “Dear Arjun,
    Thank you for drawing up my chart and answering my questions. You were much more accurate than others I have consulted.

    Some other people have given me money and their own birth details to ask you questions about them. Should I order in an email, or go back to the website and submit the questions there?
    Sincerely, AR – USA”

  • “Telephone Call: thank you sir … it was pleasure speaking to you as well, I am going for the 2nd session with you as well …. God bless you ..
    D S India”
  • ” …I was very deeply involved with a woman, but was not clear on if I should go ahead or not and when is the best time to put my foot forward. Thanks to you- You accurately described the kind of intense relationships I was having at an emotional and physical level/sexual and also gave me a clear insight into the inner nature of my lover. I find my love life much more fulfilling now. Thanks, I am greatly indebted to you…
    AB India”

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    Brief Summary

  • We Offer the Lowest Price & Best Quality Astrology Services. Run by IITians.
  • Vedic Astrologers are either trained from prestigious BVB(Bharatiya Vidya bhavan) OR are from IIT’s with extensive knowledge of Vedic astrology & Practical experience of Astrology consulting over 10 years in Vedic Astrology India and USA/Europe/UAE/Japan,Australia,South America,Canada & many other countries.

  • Each of the Vedic Astrologer has Served as Consultant in the past to World’s Leading Vedic Astrology Portals.
  • Each Vedic Astrologer has analyzed and predicted at least 50,000 charts/Kundlis or Horoscopes.
  • The accuracy levels of predictions or remedies are rated high-with very good feedback by the customers.



    ALL the Members on the Board(Includes Astrologers & Numerologist’s) are Graduates or Phd’s from Top Institutes, Some of which are Comparable to MIT’s in USA(Massachusetts Institute of technology) – Like the prestigious IIT’s( Indian Institute Of Technology),Top State College’s(REC’s) & Other Premium Universities.

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    The idea is to give the Best Quality predictions and Most Reasonable and Affordable cost.

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    Also we have done extensive Scientific Research In Astrology/Numerology and have analyzed Over 100,000- Hundred Thousand Horoscopes(=1 lac/0.1 million),including Celebrities & Corporate’s; Scientifically.
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    We have Satisfied Customers,Spread across all over the world!.

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  • free horoscope astrology
    We provide You with very UNIQUE & FREE HOROSCOPE Predictions(SUN-SIGN based) & PERSONALIZED Horoscope Predictions which are rare as compared to other websites in terms of ACCURACY & QUALITY.The FREE & PERSONALIZED Predictions ,cover almost all aspects of your life(including: career,family,finances/money,stocks,love,luck etc.) to help you to take better decisions in life and make Your Life Journey much smoother and Happier.
  • We DECODE the DNA of Your LUCK & FORTUNE Accurately,Through Your HOROSCOPE!

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