Abhijit Banerjee Horoscope Predictions!Nobel Prize

abhijit banerjee horoscope kundli nobel prize predictions

About this article?

  • This article discusses the horoscope(kundli) of abhijit Vinayak banerjee for his Nobel Prize win in 2019. abhijit banerjee is born in 21st February 1961 and is an Indian born American economist
  • Abhijit vinayak Banerjee is an Indian born American economist and he is also the Ford foundation International professor for economics in MIT Massachusetts Institute of Technology USA. so this article based on his planets try to explore his achievements as well.
  • It analyzes what made abhjit win the Nobel prize and also what made him work as a career for economics.
  • This article also discusses about his personal life . also the astrological factors that made abhijit banerjee divorce his first wife ( Dr. Arundhati Tuli Banerjee, a lecturer of literature at MIT) and again marry his 2nd wife (Esther Duflo and who is co-researcher with him, and MIT professor as well)& have two children.
  • πŸ™‚ interestingly we also look at his horoscope and see what made abhijit banerjee the Nobel prize winner work on poverty and poor people .so it’s a very interesting analysis of research
  • abhijit banerjee horoscope kundli nobel prize predictions
    Now what made Abhijit Banerjee so exceptional and also win a NOBEL prize πŸ˜‰ in economics?

  • abhijit Banerjee second person in the area of Economics now we take his Surya Lagna or sun lagna(ascendant) is Aquarius or Kumbha rashi. if it is Aquarius so that gives him good ability to think independently and ye be philosophical. πŸ™‚
    also being the eleventh sign it makes him quite inspired πŸ˜‰ fit for the Nobel prize and research work.
  • sun or surya is the lagna.
    at the same time we look at the planet moon Rashi or Moon lagan for him. It is Aries so that gives a great action oriented-ness to do research or carry forward what he wants to do.
  • so we have the 11th sign active in abhijit banerjee, the 1st sign and sun = number 1 in his.
    so we see a lot o 1’s πŸ˜‰ means good initiative , action and originality.
  • what gives him an original mind?

  • we have already analysed it above
    1 = Aries is 1st sign Chandra lagna,11th = surya lagna and sun=number 1.
  • so that makes abhijit banerjee a very inspired original and innovative person. we also know that Ketu is there the lagan or ascendant for abhijit banerjee. which gives him research bent of mind . It also (ketu = dragon’s tail) also gives him great intensity to do research as it is the planet for research,
  • we have noted that Sun gives originality & 11th sign Aquarius gives a different way of thinking and moon in Aries sun is also number 1 all this gives Abhijit Banerjee highly original and innovative mind set earlier.
  • we at the same time note that planet Mercury or budha the lord of 8th bhava gives him big thinking and also mercury closely connects with economics for Commerce.
    mercury gives good intelligence and keenness of mind and also ruling 8th bhava means effects of poor people on mind = lagna. πŸ™‚ so he or abhijit banerjee would think deeply about poor people for long.
  • does mercury or Budha have a role in abhijit banerjee’s Nobel prize?

  • mercury also rules his sitting in 5th house of long term thinking and also education. so it is great for quickness and some creativity in his way of thinking and solving problems in economics :).
  • mars or Mangal is also there in the 5th house of his horoscope so great action and passion to do things is there for this Nobel prize winner. πŸ™‚
    so over all Aquarius sign(kumbha rashi), Aries sign(mesha rashi), sun(surya) and mercury contribute to the greatness of abhijit banerjee.
  • abhijit banerjee nobel prize education phd degree research

    What do the planets in the horoscope or Kundli of Nobel prize winner abhijit banerjee which talk about his education?

  • we look at education of Abhijit Banerjee based on his 4th bhava. from the surya lagan or ascendant in his kundli, Venus(shukra) is exalted as we can see. we know that 4th bhava deals with education. so Abhijit Banerjee’s education in terms of artistic taste and may be also cooking would be great :). This is infact confirmed by his brothers that he is a great cook. also a strong venus here suggests that his education could be in some industry to give comforts to others. πŸ˜‰
  • now we know Abhijit Banerjee’s research on alleviating poverty is the greatest comforts anyone could give to the society.
  • which planets give him taste for cooking and other artistic things

  • so as we saw earlier that venus or shukra exalted in Pisces in the 2nd bhava of Abhijit Banerjee horoscope. clearly talk about his success in art and also psychology a d social sciences .it also includes music and cooking :).
  • now the kind of research he did for alleviating poverty did include psychology and social sciences as well.
  • what kind of education do the planets point out for abhijit banerjee in his horoscopes(kundli)

  • Now looking at the moon Lagna of Abhijit Banerjee that is Aries sign or mesha rashi.we have moon or Chandra ruling the 4th house of education. we know that number 4 is of Rahu and it rules logic. so clearly suggest that Abhijit Banerjee may lean towards psychology and that could also have good mathematical background.
  • we also carefully note that for Abhijit Banerjee’s horoscope(kundli) the fourth house has an aspect of a strong Saturn or shani dev his core karaka for success in poverty alleviation and also debilitated Jupiter or guru is there.
  • Saturn or shani number 8 gives Abhijit Banerjee the Nobel prize winner the education to do with logic and as we discussed . as Saturn also rules the downtrodden people, it gives Abhijit Banerjee education and awareness to do with downtrodden people .
  • which we know for 100% sure ,he got the Nobel Prize for poverty ridden people. Jupiter which is lord of 9th house of Dharma and higher education(from the moon sign Aries) and is close to Saturn in the 12th house of surya lagna. So suggest high dignity higher education like PhD post doctorate etc.
  • Now connecting this conjunction with the fourth house of education, suggest for Abhijit Banerjee that he would have very good and dignified higher education abroad( USA here).plus the education could en tail connecting to large set of people due to Saturn or shani dev being there.
  • also note that 12th house where Saturn and Jupiter both area there so suggest education to do in foreign lands and with poverty or some stress as that’s what 12th bhava deals with. so 12th house X Saturn and shani define all of his
  • what special does the Moon lagna say for his education?

  • we also know that because moon is lord of 4th bhava from moon lagan or Aries. so that means Abhijit Banerjee would do something to do with psychology and political science. as moon or Chandra is the mind and political science and psychology connect to it.
  • Now if you look at the Social Sciences or problems which Abhijit Banerjee is trying attack by economic strategies. needs both psychology and political science knowledge on how people respond to the governmental schemes.
  • higer education and phd post foc reaerch abhijit banerjee nobel prize education phd degree research
    What do the planets n the horoscope(kundli) of Nobel prize winner abhijit banerjee say about his Higher education?

  • Now looking at the higher education of Abhijit Banerjee the Nobel prize winner. πŸ™‚ . The higher education and degrees are ruled by Libra sign(Tula rashi or getting justice and balance in society by economics :)) for Abhijit Banerjee.
  • so the higher education for Abhijit Banerjee is ruled by planet Venus(shukra) is exalted in the Pisces sign(meena rashi).
  • This lord sits in the 2nd house of Abhijit Banerjee of wealth and status. so that means that higher education is in the distant lands(12th sign deals with distant lands= Pisces or meena rashi) and it would be highly dignified ;). also it would be of a great kind .which is all 100% true for Abhijit Banerjee .
  • Now looking at the same from the Surya Lagna Gemini sign also rules higher education for Abhijit Banerjee. It has mars sitting in the Gemini sign . Now as Gemini rules commerce and economics and mars gives(mangal) action orientedness. so it is written on the wall that Abhijit Banerjee would do great in commerce or Economics related subject in higher studies. :)).
  • legend prize abhijit banerjee horoscope kundli nobel prize predictions
    What planets in his Horoscope gave him a Nobel prize- intensity, success and fame all :)?

  • also Sun the Surya is the Planet of public image in general(Karaka for the same). sun is a bit weak in the lagan bhava of abhijit banerjee.
  • so Abhijit Banerjee accept all gains in image and name for him. we know that one cannot get a Nobel Prize if the planets are not strong and supportive. Plus based on moon sign Abhijit banerjee sun or surya sitting in the 11th house give him games in image based on his Surya Lagna.
  • awards recognition abhijit banerjee horoscope kundli nobel prize predictions

    what gives him(abhijit banerjee) such a great image in the world?

  • From the surya lagna the lord of 4th bhava or Taurus sign(vrishabha rashi)of public image and family and home. It is placed very strong in the 2nd house of the horoscope. it is exalted given him great image in the world :). so in family matters and public image he would be unmatched.
  • we note that venus sits on the Pisces sign or Meena Rashi .which is very good for Abhijit Banerjee the Nobel Prize winner :). also form the moon sign venus sits in the 12th bhava of foreign lands and is strong. so great success from foreign lands for abhijit banerjee. yes he left India to Usa to get success.
  • so 2nd Bhava lord of Pisces(Jupiter) is in the 12th house. so one could become head of the government or get a government type job .Abhijit Banerjee is working at MIT(Massachusetts institute of technology). It is a government job. It also makes him a respectable person .
  • we will analyze Abhijit Banerjee ‘s career based on his strongest planet in the horoscope. so Venus or shukra is the strongest and then is Saturn for Abhijit Banerjee .
  • these are the two strongest planets for Abhijit Banerjee venus is ruling the house of public image(4th) and Saturn is ruling the lagan (ascendant) and 12 and is there.
    so obviously Saturn or shani dev is poor people .venus also rules past life great karma and is strong. it is also the ruler of house of luck. so over gives Abhijit Banerjee a great public image and love for people especially poor as Saturn the karaka for poor people is strong :). venus also rules home and comforts and people of India.
  • what do planets say about his area of work of Abhijit Banerjee ?That is to do with poverty and economics?

  • the society is connected Venus deals and so is the home & Economics very much overlapping with Venus or shukra. we k now that Saturn is also very strong. we know that Venus is the lord of 2nd Bhava of wealth & status for Abhijit Banerjee .
  • sun or surya also rules 7th house of public dealing relationships for Abhijit Banerjee indicates something to do with public life is there for sure for Abhijit Banerjee /which has to do with more comfort of people within the society .that is exactly what Venus(shukra) or Economics is for.
  • money wealth economy abhijit banerjee horoscope kundli nobel prize predictions
    what made him choose economics as his career?

  • from the surya lagna of Abhijit Banerjee , Saturn is ruling his 12th house .the lagna or ascendant lord Saturn is sitting in the 12th house .for it very clearly indicates that he would be a stressed a bit & is prone to stress problems . 12 houses has to to do with foreign lands. so Abhijit Banerjee has success in foreign lands .Saturn or shani dev in the 12th house (twelfth house) for the Nobel prize winner Abhijit Banerjee means stress later in life.
  • research investigation abhijit banerjee horoscope kundli nobel prize predictions
    what gives abhijit banerjee research capability ?

  • we also look at his the mass which is the lord of tent House or Scorpio that deals with research lord of 10th house sitting in the fifth house suggesting that Abhijit Banerjee is more prone to do search digging into matters is already said that Venus connect to economics people human beings and so does Saturn deal with poverty and poor people all this combination suggest that he could work in areas to do with economics
  • poor poverty abhijit banerjee horoscope kundli nobel prize predictions
    what makes abhijit banerjee work for downtrodden or poor r people based on his horoscope(kundli)?

  • Now looking from the rashi of Abhijit Banerjee . That is from the Moon sign the 10th lord is Saturn itself and Saturn is sitting there and 11th bhava. also Saturn we know as a karaka clearly indicates something to do with poor people of poverty or something like that.
  • so Saturn in 10th house Plus Saturn in Saturn sign both indicate about this kind of work for poor people.
  • he may also have sudden elevation and depression as well in career. Jupiter which is The Lord of the past life Karma and is weak. so suggest his father would be knowledgeable person due to Jupiter. but overall also connection with good actions by Abhijit Banerjee .as Jupiter also gets into Saturn ruled 10th bhava along with Saturn.
    also 8th aspect of mars or mangal is there to Jupiter- so apart from giving him dignity. Abhijit Banerjee would head research . this is 100% true:).
  • career job abhijit banerjee horoscope kundli nobel prize predictions
    something about the career of abhijit banerjee the Nobel prize winner?

  • so twelfth House Lord in the tenth makes one person work areas poverty as we discussed earlier .sector
  • Married life

  • Let us look at married life for Abhijit Banerjee the Nobel Prize winner . so if you look at the personal life of abhijit Banerjee he married. twice .Once to Dr. Arundhati Tuli Banerjee, who is a lecturer of literature at MIT and had a son from her.
    He then divorced here and married his co-researcher, MIT professor Esther Duflo;.
    They have two children together when was it joint supervisor for PhD economics in 1999
  • so let us look at the 7th house of Abhijit Banerjee from surya lagna. IN the 7th house sun rules and is in the enemy sign of Aquarius. but being in Aquarius gives both his wives arundhati tuli and also Esther more philosophical or teaching background
  • being weak and afflicted by ketu and 8th lord mercury gives a lot of instability in the marriage. but as from moon sign venus rules the 7th bhava and is exalted in the 12th hsoue.So does suggest better 2nd marriage for Abhijit Banerjee .yes he won the Nobel after the 2nd marriage.;)