Chanda Kochhar SEBI Notice ICICI -Mercury strength & weakness in Kundli-1

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Chanda Kochhar SEBI Notice ICICI -Mercury strength & weakness in Kundli-1


  • Mercury or budha is a planet that rules finances or money, your intelligence or discrimination and yes your education or studies.
  • A weak mercury could lead to cranky behavior or breaks and losses in studies.
  • Mercury is represented by number 5 in numerology and is the planet for Youth.
  • Given below is a list of states or avasthas of mercury or budha in your kundli or horoscope and how they could impact. On various facets of life.
  • Also a live example of Chanda Kochhar, who has been heading ICICI bank, is give with role of mercury in her life and a pointer to a 100% accurate prediction we ( pundit) made about her is given in the link below.

Various states of Mercury or Budha making mercury weak or strong

  • If planet mercury or budha is in lagna or the ascendant the legs may have issues and one may also have reddish eyes like the black bumble bee has. As lagna or the ascendant  rules the head and yes eyes to an extent
  • if mercury or budha is in sayan avastha in other bhava in the kundli or horoscope one could be of loose character or licentious ands may be more pleasure driven than ethics
  • If planet budha or mercury is in upavesan state in lagna or ascendant in the kundli or horoscope – the person would have the 7 virtues.
  • But if planet mercury or budha is in upavesan in the kundli or horoscope and has aspect of malefic or malefic or in conjunction with malefic or has drishti or aspect of malefic planets like mars/Saturn(mangal shani) or ketu or mars/mangal  or the sixth/eighth and twelfth house lords. One may become poor.
  • if on the other hand budha is in Upavesan avastha or state in the kundli or horoscope  and an aspect or drishti from a benefic is s there on conjunction with benefic is there- financial happiness would be there. As upavesan is a good state and lagna means self or body of the person
  • if budh or mercury is in netrapani state or avastha in the kundli or horoscope ,
  • In the previous discussion as mercury is a planet of learning and is disturbed in water sign of cancer (netrapni here pani means water, mercury or number 5 is bad with water or number 2) one may not have learning’s and less wisdom and less in terms of well wishers and overall satisfaction in life. but would be honorable
  • If budha or mercury is in putra bhava or house of fifth house or bhava in netrapani sate of avastha in the kundli or horoscope – one may have more female kids and as fifth bhava or house is the house of learning and yes mercury means money one may gain through royal patronage or through the state or government.

Chanda Kochhar gets SEBI Notice. Why? vedic astrologically or by jyotish

  • The regulator for markets SEBI on Thursday 24th may 2018 has given a notice to chanda kochar connected to the ICICI bank’s dealings with Nupoower- the company that is been run by her husband Deepak kochhar and also the Videocon group
  • Chanda Kochhar has been asked by the regulator to respond to matters “relating to alleged non-compliance with certain provisions of the erstwhile listing agreement and the Securities and Exchange Board of India (Listing Obligations and Disclosure Requirements) Regulations, 2015,” ICICI Bank said in a filing with BSE.
  • Our 100% accurate predictions about Chanda Kochhar that she would be facing such issues one could check here CLICK HERE

chanda-kochar chanda kochhar sebi notice icici mercury strength weakness in kundli 1

What is the status of mercury or Budha for chanda kochhar

  • Kocher’s date of birth: Friday November 17th 1961

(56 years old.)

  • Place of birth: Jodhpur, India
  • Name at Birth: Chanda Kocchar
  • As birth time is not available we will do the basic analysis of the horoscope or kundli of her chart
  • Mercury or budha is strong in Libra sun sign or tula rashi in youth at 15 degrees in her kundli or horoscope.
  • In the kundli or horoscope of chanda kochhar Now Libra or Tula rashi ruled by Venus or shukra ,deals with finances/money and comfort/home- and yes she chanda kochhar was dealing with finances and money in ICICI bank and also as Venus deals with family and homes she was a pioneer in home loans.
  • Mercury is also conjunct with Venus in her kundli or horoscope , so mercury gets good energy from Venus or shukra. So mercury is= money flows connects to venus or comfort and home-
  • so over all converts to comforts of home money. That means home loans. That is what she was delaing with.
  • She is born on 17 Nov 1961 = 17 + 11+ 17 = 45=9= mars the planet  of action. Giving her the lead  position in ICICI and India- as a MD(managing director) cum CEO(chief executive officer) of the topmost bank ICICI.
  • So over all we see Vedic astrology and numerology match 100 % with what is actually happening in chanda kochhar’s life!


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