Horoscope Moon in Aquarius or Kumbha Rashi Kundli

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About this article

  • This article at length talks about the effects of Moon in Aquarius Sign or Kumbha rashi in any Horoscope or Kundli.
  • It suggests how it impacts the general prognostics of the person or physical features and also wealth and luxury of the person.
  • It is a highly interesting article.:)
  • moon aquarius kumbha horoscope kundli
    Moon in Aquarius Or Kumbha rashi
    What happens in the Horoscope or Kundli when Moon is in Aquarius or Kumbha rashi?

  • Moon we know is a watery and sensitive planet. so is Aquarius or Kumbha or Airy sign. So water and steam do not connect great :).
  • Also the lord of Aquarius is Saturn or Shani dev.
  • This rules metal and is in conflict with moon the water as metal on water creates rust.
  • So these people with Aquarius rashi or Moon in the sign have to do donations to poor regular and Yoga and all would be great for them :).
  • Moon in Aquarius creates a bit of picky or choosy nature in them .:).
  • They could get more philosophical as such in life.:).
  • Aquarius or Kumbha people have to always be active and moving and stay away from depression.
  • general moon aquarius kumbha horoscope kundli
    what are the general attributes of people with Moon or Chandra in the Aquarius sign or Kumbha rashi ?

  • The general attributes of the individual are given beneath; the definite qualities get altered in view of the individual horoscope or kundli.
  • The quality or shortcoming of Moon or Chandra (rashi or ascendant) and different planets.
  • physical features moon aquarius kumbha horoscope kundli
    What are the Physical features of person with Moon In Aquarius ?

  • The person might have Long neck like a camel, protruding veins and conduits.
  • The person could be unpleasant and firmly haired and have a fairly long body.
  • Also the person could have huge legs, thighs, rear end, back, midsection, face, tenacious, interested in to other’s riches and women, and evil.
  • The planet Saturn or Shani could bring in some evil to Capricorn sign or maker rashi people.
  • gains weakness moon aquarius kumbha horoscope kundli
    What are the gains for the person with Moon in Aquarius or Kumbha rashi?

  • The fortune could variable, encompassed by great blossoms, fragrances, environment and companions, bearing weakness in transit of Saturn.