Anil Ambani Kundali Predictions



  • What makes anil ambani different from others?
  • What awaits him in his business ventures(reliance infrastructure, reliance communication), Discover all this by science Vedic astrology.
  • The article talks about how and why anil ambani gets so much of wealth? Tells about his career and profession? it also tells about his wife and yes talks about his basic longevity or lifespan on how long would he live.
  • Name: Anil Ambani
    Date of Birth: Thursday, June 04, 1959
    Time of Birth: 22:30:00
    Place of Birth: Mumbai
    Longitude: 72 E 50
    Latitude: 18 N 58
    Time Zone: 5.5

    Natal Chart /Natal Horoscope Analysis and Predictions for Anil Ambani :

    • The ascendant lord of anil ambani is Capricorn as per Vedic astrology. This rashi describes the ankles of the kala purusha of Vedic astrology that is the human body. It’s a movable and active sign, with windy disposition. We all know how active and dynamic anil ambani is in real life and the kind of progress he has been able to take his father’s legacy of late sri dhiru bhai ambani.
    • The lord of this sign is Saturn the planet of discipline and order that is sani/Saturn as per western and Vedic astrology. An industry of the scale of reliance cannot be built or sustained without the right kind of discipline and sustained effort.
    • This sign Capricorn has earth element domination that means gains from landed properties and also petrol for anil ambani.
  • The strength is in the southern direction- so anil ambani would gain more in industries in south of India or even extending his empire to Australia or sri lanka
  • There is an element of tamoguna , demoniac nature of rahu effect. Rahu we know affects petrol. Reliance is also a big name in energy/petrol industry. We see the accuracy of Vedic astrology in the same.
    • This combination of ascendant lord being in 12th reduces the physical comfort of the person (if devoid of benefic aspect from a good planet). There is an energy exchange from Jupiter , so he would have good gains, but maybe he would not be attached to the same.
    • The happiness would be less for physical comfort matter . Also one could be more prone to anger. The expenditure might be in excess due to placement in 12th house of lagan.
    • The expenditure part could be true for anil ambani
  • Also the nakshatra anil ambani has is uttar ashada, that gives him success in petrol etc and also gives him a deeply human nature. This nakshatra helps him to penetrate deeply to any problems and get success. As sun the leader is the lord of this nakshatra. This kind of attitude also create success and money for anil ambani.
  • What planetary makes anil ambani so rich or wealthy?

  • The lord of the lagna is Saturn and is in the twelfth bhava or house of anil ambani. This could make him vata or stress prone. also it is OK in degrees- but is retrograde at 11:59 degrees.
  • The dispositer of Saturn is also very weak Jupiter at 1+ degree and is also retrograde. so based on classical astrology principles Jupiter or guru is very weak.
  • so this should make his lagna Saturn very weak- being in 12th bhava and on a weak dispositer ? – but that is not the case.
  • The reasons is Saturn being weak and so does Jupiter in twelfth- create an opposite effects of neecha bhanga or negative negative being cancelled to a positive outcome. That is exactly the case of anil ambani.
  • the second bhava or house lord is also Saturn and it is also very weak. now second bhava rules the wealth and status for anil ambani- how could this happen? This can only be explained by the neecha bhanga effects of the lagna.
  • Mars the lord of eleventh house is again very weak and debilitated in the seventh house. also the twelfth house lord Jupiter is in eleventh-s means losses and expenditure on friends and not so great gains.
  • now again the dispositer of mars is moon and it is at 0:29 degrees , so very weak. now mars in cancer sign is debilitated and along with debility or weak on moon again creates neecha bhanga Yoga for anil ambani and gives him great gains in life. One has to remember negative x negative = positive :).
  • The second bhava nakshatra is shatbhishaj that is the 24th nakshatra and also ruled by planet rahu and Saturn. This gives him great protection and promise of success by hard work, planning and yes in petrochemicals for sure.
  • What does the horoscope of anil ambani tell about his career and kind of work he would be doing?
    career anil ambani

  • His lord of third house or initiatives has ketu and is mars and sits in the eleventh bhava. so this suggest gains by self effort for him and forms a kind of raja yoga for anil ambani. that is action and planning could give him great gains.
  • now mars is weak and close to Venus in the seventh bhava. so he could get gains or take initiatives to do with cinema multiplexes etc- which is 100% true for anil ambani.
  • he has DTH business, also anil ambani has animation studios, plus several multiplex cinemas.
  • Ketu sitting in the third bhava gives him company of saints and also gives him or anil ambani exceptional initiative to do things. also it could bring him out in flying colors.
  • Now Venus is the lord of his career and is close to mars – his inertest with entertainment includes 44 FM radio stations also it includes his interest in Venus(= Home) and mars = energy that is reliance power. Venus here connects to reliance infrastructure as well.
  • so his overall career is directed by mars and Venus both. that means things to do with art and creativity(=Venus= cinema/films/home) and ye mars or mangal is to do with power FM etc.
  • swati nakshatra here in his tenth house suggest great success as a businessman and cleverness in business for sure.venus the tenth lord has a lot of Saturn energies in the pushya nakshatra. so gains and lot success in industries is indicated for anil ambani.
  • What kind of wife of life partner would anil ambani be having based on his horoscope or kundali?
    anil-ambani-tina anil ambani wife tina munim

  • His wife is a formed bollywood actress tina munim. he has Venus sitting there indicating beauty and possible connection of wife from art related industry.
  • Moon the lord of seventh house is in the fifth house with sun, so moon giving her a fair complexion and also sun giving his wife tina munim a high status may be in the film industry.
  • What the horoscope tells about anil ambani’s children and possible future
    anil-ambani-sons anil ambani children tina munim

  • the fifth house or children lord is Venus that is fair enough in Kendra or the seventh house. giving good impetus to his children.
  • Moon being there and Venus being the lord and also sun- gives his son the handsomeness, fair complexion and sun would give them name and fame for sure.
  • Jupiter or guru otherwise is fair in the Scorpio sign or vrischika rashi- so they would do well in life and may be get deep into research matters.
  • the children would get deep into religion matters though more focused on worldly matters due to Venus and sun energy.
  • The seventh bhava of anil ambani is ruled by pushya nakshatra that is ruled by planet Saturn and is zodiac for cancer and is the 8th nakshatra. so lot of Saturn energy here gives him good professional contacts and makes his wife tina munim fair( due to moon), but not fully fair as his other brothers (mukesh ambani’s wife is ).
  • How long would anil ambani live or his life span?

  • Now Saturn or shani dev for anil ambani though in twelfth house is strong by the neecha bhanga effect . But Saturn the lagna lord is in the twelfth house – this is not good.
  • also Saturn is ayushkaraka for any horoscope or kundali. The eighth house lord sun is in the angular houses- so is good but is not a friendly sign of Taurus – makes it a bit weak.
  • weak moon the markesh or the seventh lord is very close to sun the longevity lord for anil ambani. This is not good as such.
  • mercury the lord of sixth bhava and ninth bhava is also there. which has mixed effects more of good effects for longevity for anil ambani. Sun is at around 20 degrees sop fair enough strength here.
  • Now moon lagan is Venus that is fair enough in the third house but a secondary markesh. Jupiter the lord of eighth house is in the markesh bhava of seventh. so good care of health is needed for anil ambani. he could have a 70-75 year life span atleast. yes more granular details could be gotten from navamsa chart and nakshatra details.
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  • 2018 Libra Career Horoscope


  • Overview of Career Matters Year 2018
  • In the year 2018 Librans could do a bit better professionally and yes grow in their roles and responsibilities now. Yes, they have to take care of not to get any relationship sour, especially in January and February months.
  • Libra Monthly 2018 Money Horoscope Predictions

    • In January 2018 money matters could be fair, your work pressures and responsibilities at the office could increase. You have to maintain harmony at your end in relationships
    • February 2018, the career-related matters could be a bit better off now as compared to the previous month. Yes , tact and harmony that you inherently have could make things work for you well. Planning and harmony are the keywords for success now.
    • For March 2018, you could expect more office meetings and outings with your office friends for sure. There could be a gala environment in the office for you. Your actions now could help you earn more money in the future. .
    • In April one has to avoid speaking at haste to any colleague and help not to affect the office environment. Family tensions and stresses should not impact your performance. yes your energy and passion levels could be high and an eventful time.
    • For the month of May 2018, your overall well-being and health at office need care. Your dreams may come true more.Your focus would go more on females and yes making others comfortable more.
    • In June, one could have more enjoyment and communications at office front. Your office meetings could get more effective. hasty decisions in office have to be avoided. Do responsibilities with proper care and thinking.
    • eesd

    • In the month of July 2018, a time to be more caring and understanding with colleagues. Take more ownership and have an eye for details. Unexpected responsibilities may fall on your lap.
    • For August avoid locking horns with other people . Power conflicts could arise . stay away from love scandals etc. .
    • September 2018 means more effective communications and gains for you in the career. You could passionately take up your roles and responsibilities. Take good care of your emotions now in the office environment.
    • In October you have to take care of your health and people with whom you work with. Your responsibilities at home and office may go high. more harmony needed. yes you could gain a mileage now.
    • November 2018 one has to avoid excess emotions, may be due to haste. This time could be bit eventful and you should respect the female members of your team more now. an unexpected increase in responsibility could be there. But sure your passion levels could also increase
    • For December 2018 due to Jupiter could mean overall gains and fun, you may gain in matters in office that could help you earn more money as you go down the line. There could be more fun and warm meetings to help you create a congenial environment. Praise could be there on the cards.

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  • Libra 2018 Horoscope


    2018 Horoscope Overview for Libra(Tula rashi)

    • The year 2018 may be better than 2017 and Jupiter would bless you in family life and yes career and money or salary gains.
    • Yes there could be cold moments in the family front that you need to handle well.

    2018 Libra Horoscope Monthly details

    • January and February could be over all OK, but yes coldness in the family front needs proper care. Monet and opportunities could come in.
    • February would be relatively better time for family matters and you will enjoy more sensitivity and peace this time.
    • March could be a great time for fun and family outings. You will enjoy things of life. You need to take initiative now. You could have better social and contacts and health.
    • April month means take care of your emotions and avoid tiffs. Family life also needs more peace at your end. Drive your car carefully. So as to avoid accidents.
    • May is a good time for you – but your and health of people around you needs care. There could be some dryness in the personal and love relationships but otherwise your love could grow very deep. Avoid arguments and insistence this time.
    • June is a time when there could be OK money flow and better communications with your people around. Better communications is sure to bring you good success. Think and then act on matters.
    • July- is a time for heightened sensitivity- keeps your time for love and relationships. Build better relationships at office. There could be slight element of sourness but you will come over it well.
    • August- is a time when Saturn could have its sway, take care of your position and avoid arguments or ego hassles now. avoid power conflicts happening now. dryness or coldness in family matters possible.
    • September is again a good time to connect and communicate. avoid excess or impulsive communication caused due to mars. slightly eventful time for you.
    • October could be a time when your dreams come true. guard on family peace. Your love for family and loved ones could grow beyond bounds. Your health and people around you may need more care. Let not sourness come in relationships at office or family- use your charm of caring nature for success.
    • November is a time when it could men some stress on you and your family. drive with care. Family matters and love needs care to stay away from dryness. Fights at family front to be avoided .Use the high passion levels to bridge the gaps of love and emotions or dryness that could creep in.
    • December is a great and gala time. High passion levels and love would help you at family and office front both. Have fun and good time for money matters. There could be more family outings and fun. enjoy and gave fun this time.


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  • 2018 Libra Money Horoscope


    • Overview of Money Matters Year 2018
    • The year 2018 may be relatively better off for you to earn money or get a higher salary at office- the planet Jupiter would be be4lssing you all over. Yes expenditures to do with family matters and health (Yours and your family members) could crop up especially in the month of January and February so just need to take care of the same. Also august needs some more care
    • Libra Monthly 2018 Money Horoscope Predictions

      • For the month of January 2018 money matters could be average ,also money spending related to office work and health issues could increase. Yes responsibility and discipline would make you win.
      • February 2018 ,the money matters could be better than January month .Also your money expenditures to do with beauty related products and females may increase now. Over all the health matters of family members and females especially take some investments at your end .
      • For March 2018, there could be gains in money. Yes, there could be expenditure of money on your friends. You could spend more on fun and frolic as well. There could also be added influx of money .
      • In April one has to avoid spending in haste or due to matters of passion and also for love matters- it is time to think and then spend money. Yes with proper planned action money could come in.
      • For May 2018 , your health may need some expenditure. Your family demands for money matters could increase .There could be increased outflow of money on beauty and luxury products.
      • In June, one could have more fun and festivity and this could lead to increased expenditure at your end. One may find oneself spending in haste OR spending on family related matters . One has to think and then act on money matters now and not do anything in impulse or haste.
      • In the July month 2018, money or wealth could be spent more on luxury items and also money could be spent on home maintenance . Wealth could be spent on beauty and women more in case of males. As this is a sensitive month for Libra people- take care.
      • For August one has to guard on loss of money or excess expenditures . There could be loss of wealth due to conflicts so take care . Also long terms losses to be guarded due to power conflicts or getting in c conflict with powerful people .
      • September 2018 outflows of money could be there due to travels, friends and the feel good factors like treating a friend or outings etc. Never spend in haste and family matters, all this could need more attention now.
      • In October the health and well being matters could come up and so could beauty or art related matters come up for outflows. Your Family may need more money . Expenditure on luxury products could increase now.
      • November 2018 one has to avoid excess spending, may be due to haste. Expenditure on family matters and females may increase. Your Family matters may need more attention and tabs on outflows.
      • For December 2018 due to Jupiter benefic effects, you may gain in money matters and your inflows could increase. There could be more outings and fun and frolic and spending on the same. One could expect an enhanced flow of money this time.

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  • Jupiter Transits In Scorpio Predictions


    Something about Jupiter and why the transit is do important?

    • Jupiter has transited into the sign of Scorpio *on 11th October 2018 and would remain there till almost 1 years.
    • Jupiter as we know is one of the most powerful planets of your solar system and also benefic. It is said most of the good that happens in a person’s life and gain, promotions, child birth, good friends etc happens due to planet Jupiter.
    • Jupiter is a karaka for children, fun, play, money, gains, promotions and yes good knowledge and depth of thought. Jupiter takes almost 12 months to stay in a sign and transit of Jupiter creates Big changes in life depending on the strength of your natal Jupiter(guru), lordship, placement and transit in carious signs/house plus aspects on various natal planets of your horoscope.
    • Jupiter is number 3 and the mool trikona sign is Sagittarius that is 9th sign or rashi. now look at 2019, it has ‘9’ ending and 2019 = 2+0+1+9 = 12= 1+2=3= Jupiter. so it is packed with the power of double Jupiter as Jupiter a planet of occult would be getting into its own friendly sign of scorpio or vrishchika rashi. Jupiter PLUS vrishchika rashi creates a lot of positive energy in the coming 12 months for everyone and we should know how to use the same.

     Jupiter transit effects into scorpio (vrishchika rashi) based on your moon sign or rashi below.

    To Calculate your moon sign or rashi here hereCLICK HERE moon-images

     Jupiter Transit effects if your  rashi(moon sign) is Aries or mesha rashi?

    • As Jupiter or guru gets into your eighth bhava or house and rules benefic house ninth and also the lord of house of travel; twelfth. there could be stressful and unexpected travels for you.
    • there could be disputes to do with property. your interest may go too keen in dharma or religion or philosophy.
    • yes fights and money and good food all possible this time
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       Jupiter Transit effects if your  rashi(moon sign) is Taurus?

      • Now Jupiter gets into your seventh bhava or the markesh bhava, so try to maintain good relationships. the life partner for sure needs proper care. You may have unexpected and stressful travels this time.
      • Yes you may travel and connect to a lot of people. There could be some issues with theft and also avoid conflict with state or the government as aspect of the eighth house lord on the lagna is there.
      • But yes some gains on personal fronts and money front could also be there for you due to your Venus lordship. so there could be pluses as well this year. There could be promotions as well and one may get into long term marriage like relationships. sexual conduct should be kept discreet

       Jupiter Transit effects if your  rashi(moon sign) is Gemini?

      • Now Jupiter getting in the sixth bhava may not be that apt for you. Jupiter being the karaka for children and studies so basic tab and care needs there. stomach and abdomen need care.
      • You should follow the law and ethics and not to get into conflict with the state. image needs care and drive carefully.There could be some opposition at office but yes gains are also there. family life needs proper peace this time.
      • Anything to do with rough speech like arguments’ has to be avoided.
      • You have the inherent friendliness and warmth in you , bring that out and you would be a success. Just stay focussed and avoid being restless now. 🙂

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       Jupiter Transit effects if your  rashi(moon sign) is Cancer?

      • This is a good transit for The fifth house is the house of thinking, lottery, children, and gains and over all happiness.
      • So as the Jupiter transit here is beneficial you have good and benefic thinking this time. Each and every effort of yours would be crowned with success. You may gain in position or business. Some steady gain would be there for you. Male child could be born if expecting. You could win the game of chance like lottery or housie etc.
      • There could be some steady gain for you for sure. The person develops more of good thoughts.
      • This is the fifth bhava transit for Jupiter and lord of fifth bhava by classical principles is Leo or simha./ Jupiter is fair enough with the same. So good gains in lottery and investment possible. kids or children could bring in laurels to you.
      • Love matters may have positive outcomes. yes keen interest in dharma and philosophy is possible.
      • Monetary gains and gains form friends is possible yes at the same time take good care of anger or irritation that could be this year as well. Take well thought actions now. But over all a good time , especially for students in academic or studying Jupiter would bless them.

       Jupiter Transit effects if your  rashi(moon sign) is Leo?


      • Now Jupiter or guru is not so comfortable in the fourth house in transit, though fourth house means cancer and Jupiter is exalted here. As one can see that there could be excess of energy leading to fights and disturbances at times. You will have to maintain your image.
      • but at the same time you would win and could reach the top with cooperation. action with cooperation could bring in laurels to you and attract property and good benefits to your family. Take good care of your image and not to get into conflict with the government
      • You may buy a car or conveyance this time. yes again communicate with care in this transit be it mail/sms or whatsapp./

       Jupiter Transit effects if your  rashi(moon sign) is Virgo?

      virgin1 -virgo-resized

      • As the third bhava or house is ruled by Gemini or mercury, that means less comfort for Jupiter to be here. it could make you speak certain things in office or otherwise that you would not like to speak or cause tiffs in job and otherwise due to the same. Doing Yoga and following ayurvedic principles would keep you cool all over.
      • yes you may have connection to large set of people and partying could be on the cards. but yes stay in limits always.
      • yes romance could be alive and possibility of getting into long term relationships is also there. Love would grow deeper and so could connection with your folks. some inclination to dharma /reading philosophy could increases.

       Jupiter Transit effects if your  rashi(moon sign) is Libra?


      • Jupiter is sort of comfortable Taurus lord Venus. As second house is ruled by Taurus in general; and Venus rules the same . the number 3( Jupiter)_ and number 6 Venus run well together as 6=2×3 and are in a mathematical relationships. As second bhava or house is for wealth and status there could be gains for the same for sure. you could increase in your status in office and at home. Your money flows would increase.Enemies could get pacified due to the fifth aspect and so could you gain in legacy matter. Career gains/promotions and expansions are possible.

       Jupiter Transit effects if your rashi(moon sign) is Scorpio?


      • As Jupiter is a blessed planet and getting into your first house that has an astrological rulership of Aries in general could create more expenditure for you.
      • As the aspect would be on self and seventh bhava and fifth bhava and yes the ninth bhava.
      • so some basic gains for children and may be investments could be there and also one may have some average promotion and yes keen interest in religion or dharma may develop for you. Aspect on the seventh bhava could get you involved in long term personal and professional relationships. Includes marries and yes fun.
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       Jupiter Transit effects if your  rashi(moon sign) is Sagittarius(dhanu rashi)?


      • There could be increase is your expenditure as Jupiter would get into the twelfth bhava or house of yours.yes you may get money but avoid being impulsive and rash this time.
      • Change in environment and some travel is possible. yes health and outflows need proper care for you. Family life may have more fights and yes image need to be maintained but over all you will gain a better image.
      • Your children may travel and yes investments need care. but yes over all gains are promised for you. But sure patience is the key and connecting to dharma could bring in good results for sure.

       Jupiter Transit effects if your  rashi(moon sign) is Capricorn(makar rashi)?


      • This is a good transit and hence you will gain in wealth as your eleventh bhava of wealth would get good energy of jupiter.You could connect to people to do with occult and philosophy and may take keen interest in the same.
      • Your children or kids could gain and over all from investment point of view you could gain. there could be fair enough socials and yes some recognition in monetary terms at office .
      • You simple need to do your part and yes matters could be a bit eventful as well now.

       Jupiter Transit effects if your  rashi(moon sign) is Aquarius (kumbha rashi)?


      • As Jupiter is a blessed planet and transit in the tenth house  that has correspondence with Capricorn sign where Jupiter is debilitated is not great for the same. Money may not come easily and one may not get recognition for work.
      • But yes aright action could bring in results in career and family life.
      • One has to keep tempers cool and avoid fights. This transit could be very eventful for you.

       Jupiter Transit effects if your  rashi(moon sign) is Pisces(meena rashi)?


      • This transit in ninth house of yours is a good transit for you. Your interest in dharma could increase. You could get more gains in office or business. One may have birth of male child if expecting. Good gain of respect in office could be there. Brothers  could help you and you could gain better respect from  avoid anger or extra emotions.
      • Yes money gains and over all wealth gains are also possible.

    2018 Gemini Money Horoscope

     gemini 2016 horoscope astrologybank-note-209104_1280-money

    GEMINI 2018 Money or wealth Horoscope Overview:

  • Overall 2018 may not give great results for money- but sure, better communication of mercury could give good results by effective meetings and problems solving. Your intelligence could hold good for you now and proper planned decision could make a difference for sure.
  • Matters of money or wealth could move too fast to handle as such. So just a word of caution. Plan and do things well with firmness in money matters fro overall success.
  • January and February would be with exceptional challenges but yes then only the rewards could flow to you. There could e obstacles- but then only the money would flow to you for sure. Your intelligence, communication and better planning would keep you ahead of time.
  • March 2018 could a time which is just Ok or may be a bit better in terms of workloads of that year in terms of money. Yes a will power and planning would give results for sure. This time, though Saturn could continue to play delaying mischief.
  • April 2018 there is mars or Mangal ruler ship now of this month, so avoid being too restless or agitated. speak with care now. Think and act of money matters with basic patience and success would be yours.
  • May 2018 may mean more responsibilities at home and office taking more of money . Being restless or outgoing may cause more trouble than success for you in money or wealth matters. Care and love for matters is the keyword.
  • June 2018 as is again dominated by mercury could be really great period fro your business and money decisions, just communicate effectively to your customer for maximum success this time. Thinking and acting would bring in success for sure.
  • July 2018 is a time of being a bit careful in money related matters, there could be some stress in mind and decision need to be taken care of properly. speak with care with your customers. Gains can come in with proper cooperation of matters to do with money. yes fluidity could be there.
  • August 2018 means a time for money but again a lot of obstacles could also be there for money earning matters. but overall the month could help you more in money related matters. Note focus and planning is the key.
  • September is a time planets may support you somewhat in money gains , but again your communications to your client or even boss should be properly tuned and friendly .There could be some stress due to fluidity of matters.
  • October 2018 is a time to focus on your roles and responsibilities.Your family needs care and your money could flow in that direction. But over all a better time to earn money and planetary forces would help you to do so. spending on the family matters may increase now. but sure your chances of winning are fair enough this time.
  • November 2018 you could be a time when you could be very outgoing and communicating and speaking. This you need to control well. Your intelligence needs to be disciplined now for better results in money matters. Matters to do with defence, fire, police etc may take money and not give good results. You could be highly positive to solve matters.
  • December 2018 could mean more of socials & getting much better money returns. Yes obstacles could be there- but more chance of your winning in this Jupiter ruled month of Sagittarius or dhanu rashi is there for you. Money matters could give good returns with better creativity in hand. Meetings and communications could make your time or money deals well.
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  • 2018 Gemini Career Horoscope

     gemini 2016 horoscope astrologycareer
    GEMINI 2018 Career Horoscope Overview:

    • Overall 2018 would not give as great results as your previous year but still it would be OK. Matters may move a bit slow with may be more than average obstacles.
    • What you say and what you write in office communications or even verbal communication would be important. Your wealth gains and status would depend on your showing your focus and also how well you communicate to others.
    • January and February would be fair for your career. But yes you may face some more than average obstacles in January and that also all of a sudden. February could give better gains by a well planned and disciplined effort. That’s what your boss would like to have.
    • March could better for meetings and connections at the office front, your enthusiasm and fun loving nature would touch your colleagues as well . Action also is much needed this time. So stay focused and delivers well.
    • April 2018 there is mars or Mangal ruler ship now, so take care of your actions. How you communicate to your boss or colleagues makes a difference now. Proper actions may mean gains in some for you or atleast an appreciation from your people around at office.
    • May 2018 may mean more focus on responsibilities for you. Take up more roles now and stay concentrated  in your work. Stress at work or unnecessary travels could mar the pleasure now. Try to avert losses by being more caring with the team now.
    • June 2018 could be highly favourable, you could become the centre stage now and more focus on you by your colleagues, boss and customers could be there. Take advantage and gain mileage now.
    • July is a time of slight care, matters could caret some restlessness in office situation. Speak with care with your boss or colleagues. Proper gains and enhancement in salary could come to you by the year end if you take care.
    • August means a time for much more work- it may be fair for you to take new projects or native. You may be more positive and connect to more people now. You have to control on your restlessness now and may be focus on work more. Yes pleasure is OK but work life balance is needed.
    • September is a time planets may support you a bit, but again your email, verbal and other communication has to be proper with your office colleagues and your boss. Your image needs care and if you are a able  to handle this you are done with this month.
    • October is a time when you may have travels and yes your focus on your office responsibilities may be on an increase here. You need to focus and attend to your roles well to get the best benefits out of the situation. Women folk or females around you need more care. Giving more respect and talking plus communicating with care would help a
    • November 2018 you could be more emotionally oriented this time so just take care and stay stable.Connect and communicate to people with care.  People have to be treated with care for best results now. This time could be eventful. More socials  at office and connections. Yes people may oppose you now so just be on care on this part.
    • December 2018 could mean more of socials & having fun at office and with colleagues. ,responsibilities need to be attended now as well. Once again you communication needs proper care in office matters . There could be more office related travel if in travelling job  and new business connections and partnerships could be there. Enjoy the fun and ebb now in the air in your office.

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  • 2018 Gemini Love Horoscope

     gemini 2016 horoscope astrologylove-romance

    GEMINI 2018 Love Horoscope Overview :

    Overall 2018 matters of love would move slowly as such. But sure outings and fun could be a part of the coteries this year.
    Focus on family and responsibilities would be there. If not married chance of getting married this year is there.
    Speech created conflicts or issues could be there.

    You have to have all your fun with your lover but just think before you speak. Especially in the months of May and September 2018.Else over all if you maintain your sensitivity and have a handle on your quick and changeable nature you should be all set.

    January and February would be relatively just average for love matters for you.
    Yes you may face some unexpected obstacles or problems in love matters or may have un planned travels this time.
    January may mean unexpected travels or stress or unexpected love matters or situations coming to fore. February would be a bit better. Yes GOD sort of supportive to your love matters.

    March could mean a great time to connect to your lover and have a passionate and fun time. You may though be busy with work- but you will find some time for him or her as well. You will be more hands on or direct in love matters now.

    April 2018 may be a bit with ups and downs and you may need to take care of what you say and do this time. passion levels could be a bit high so just take care.
    Let not gains in office interfere with your love matters. stay cool and enjoy the support of your friends and lovers this time. You may get gift or some gains from lover.

    May could mean a time when you could have a peaceful and loving time with your lover.
    take good care of health and status. You may have some partings or tiffs so a time to take special care on relationships.

    June 2018 could be a good time for outings and good fun. Your friendliness with your love could increase quite a bit.
    You might be the centre stage now and too much of focus oneself could be there for you now. yes fun and change is your nature and you may want to enjoy this with your loved one.

    July is when there could be too much fluidity and also short travels. Ego issues may come to fore so just take care.
    Your lover may at times seem to impact your self esteem- just ignore the same and all would be well. Travels of short nature with the lover are possible.

    August is a fair time for love and yes ego matters may come to fore now. just connect to your friends group and enjoy life.
    You may take good initiative in love matters now. also on your own you may take fresh steps in relationships.

    September 2018 means talk and fun and outings- but yes stress due to words spoken to your lover is possible.
    Family and your public image could get higher priority now, so try to strike a balance with love matters and yes family, responsibility at home and office and yes maintaining your good image.

    October is when complete focus on family and love matters could be there. make best use of this time. Love would get a special boost now.
    If you have kids or children the focus may go there. Go close to your lover take risks and express your heart to him or her. You success rates would be high.

    November 2018 you could be highly passionate and not loose self in passion. yes connect to your lover well and maintain peace and harmony.
    health or conflicts may take a lot of your energy so a smooth path has to be taken now.

    In December enjoy the fun and frolic and warmth with your lover. Good time to take advantage of this period of year. Friends love and fun would be there for you .

    You may travel or get into a new relationship or your relationship may get too deep enough for you to enjoy intimacy- make best use of this time.

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  • Gemini 2018 Horoscope

     gemini 2016 horoscope astrology2018_HD_PNG_6

    GEMINI 2018 Horoscope Overview :

    Overall 2018 may not be as great as the previous year 2017- but just Ok. infact a bit stressful as Saturn gets retrograde for most of this year .

    This is a time to go slow and steady and avoid haste and speed. at the same time being focused take care of what you speak. As your speech can make a break matters.
    Yes issues in overall wealth flows is possible and salary hikes may be just average.
    unexpected travels and extreme slow movements may cause stress at times.

    January and February would be relatively OK for you. It may mean some gains, interest in religion or dharma increase and yes travels are possible. family outings and fair for business matters.
    March could mean a good time for fun, talking to friends , business matters , money and yes family outings could be there are good settings . Make the best use of this good time.

    April 2018 may not be very great , this could be an eventful time and what you speak to your friends and in office would have an impact. Losses this time have to be guarded

    May could be better time than April more time for family and yes enhanced responsibilities at office . Good for children or kids and yes education. Career and actions could get a boost and so does your family matters and home.

    June 2018 could be favorable, means too much fun and outings with family and friends.There also might be many changes that could make it a bit stressful. Take care of family stresses. Travel could be there on the cards.

    July is a time when there could be changes and travel, also there could be more stress. Family needs close guard now. speech on what you speak or not to speak will make the difference for you..

    August means a time for work- may be just OK. You may assert yourself or take more initiative at home or office front.

    September is a time when too much of talk and communication and business could be there. strike a balance. Speak with care. Family roles or office roles and outings could cause an inner conflict this time.

    October is a time when family matters would come to fore. Kids and yes your investments need more care now. Gains could also be there.

    November 2018 you could be very intense and emotional. handle things with care. There could be a lot happening now and may be too much of intense office and other communication. yes health would need care and especially your stomach.

    December could mean more of fun and frolic at your end , this could be a good time for office matters . travel and new partnerships could be on the cards. Fun and outings or going out could be there. Good communication.

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