Jupiter Transits In Scorpio Predictions


Something about Jupiter and why the transit is do important?

  • Jupiter has transited into the sign of Scorpio *on 11th October 2018 and would remain there till almost 1 years.
  • Jupiter as we know is one of the most powerful planets of your solar system and also benefic. It is said most of the good that happens in a person’s life and gain, promotions, child birth, good friends etc happens due to planet Jupiter.
  • Jupiter is a karaka for children, fun, play, money, gains, promotions and yes good knowledge and depth of thought. Jupiter takes almost 12 months to stay in a sign and transit of Jupiter creates Big changes in life depending on the strength of your natal Jupiter(guru), lordship, placement and transit in carious signs/house plus aspects on various natal planets of your horoscope.
  • Jupiter is number 3 and the mool trikona sign is Sagittarius that is 9th sign or rashi. now look at 2019, it has ‘9’ ending and 2019 = 2+0+1+9 = 12= 1+2=3= Jupiter. so it is packed with the power of double Jupiter as Jupiter a planet of occult would be getting into its own friendly sign of scorpio or vrishchika rashi. Jupiter PLUS vrishchika rashi creates a lot of positive energy in the coming 12 months for everyone and we should know how to use the same.

 Jupiter transit effects into scorpio (vrishchika rashi) based on your moon sign or rashi below.

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 Jupiter Transit effects if your  rashi(moon sign) is Aries or mesha rashi?


  • As Jupiter or guru gets into your eighth bhava or house and rules benefic house ninth and also the lord of house of travel; twelfth. there could be stressful and unexpected travels for you.
  • there could be disputes to do with property. your interest may go too keen in dharma or religion or philosophy.
  • yes fights and money and good food all possible this time
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     Jupiter Transit effects if your  rashi(moon sign) is Taurus?


    • Now Jupiter gets into your seventh bhava or the markesh bhava, so try to maintain good relationships. the life partner for sure needs proper care. You may have unexpected and stressful travels this time.
    • Yes you may travel and connect to a lot of people. There could be some issues with theft and also avoid conflict with state or the government as aspect of the eighth house lord on the lagna is there.
    • But yes some gains on personal fronts and money front could also be there for you due to your Venus lordship. so there could be pluses as well this year. There could be promotions as well and one may get into long term marriage like relationships. sexual conduct should be kept discreet

     Jupiter Transit effects if your  rashi(moon sign) is Gemini?


    • Now Jupiter getting in the sixth bhava may not be that apt for you. Jupiter being the karaka for children and studies so basic tab and care needs there. stomach and abdomen need care.
    • You should follow the law and ethics and not to get into conflict with the state. image needs care and drive carefully.There could be some opposition at office but yes gains are also there. family life needs proper peace this time.
    • Anything to do with rough speech like arguments’ has to be avoided.
    • You have the inherent friendliness and warmth in you , bring that out and you would be a success. Just stay focussed and avoid being restless now. 🙂

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     Jupiter Transit effects if your  rashi(moon sign) is Cancer?


    • This is a good transit for The fifth house is the house of thinking, lottery, children, and gains and over all happiness.
    • So as the Jupiter transit here is beneficial you have good and benefic thinking this time. Each and every effort of yours would be crowned with success. You may gain in position or business. Some steady gain would be there for you. Male child could be born if expecting. You could win the game of chance like lottery or housie etc.
    • There could be some steady gain for you for sure. The person develops more of good thoughts.
    • This is the fifth bhava transit for Jupiter and lord of fifth bhava by classical principles is Leo or simha./ Jupiter is fair enough with the same. So good gains in lottery and investment possible. kids or children could bring in laurels to you.
    • Love matters may have positive outcomes. yes keen interest in dharma and philosophy is possible.
    • Monetary gains and gains form friends is possible yes at the same time take good care of anger or irritation that could be this year as well. Take well thought actions now. But over all a good time , especially for students in academic or studying Jupiter would bless them.

     Jupiter Transit effects if your  rashi(moon sign) is Leo?


    • Now Jupiter or guru is not so comfortable in the fourth house in transit, though fourth house means cancer and Jupiter is exalted here. As one can see that there could be excess of energy leading to fights and disturbances at times. You will have to maintain your image.
    • but at the same time you would win and could reach the top with cooperation. action with cooperation could bring in laurels to you and attract property and good benefits to your family. Take good care of your image and not to get into conflict with the government
    • You may buy a car or conveyance this time. yes again communicate with care in this transit be it mail/sms or whatsapp./

     Jupiter Transit effects if your  rashi(moon sign) is Virgo?

    virgin1 -virgo-resized

    • As the third bhava or house is ruled by Gemini or mercury, that means less comfort for Jupiter to be here. it could make you speak certain things in office or otherwise that you would not like to speak or cause tiffs in job and otherwise due to the same. Doing Yoga and following ayurvedic principles would keep you cool all over.
    • yes you may have connection to large set of people and partying could be on the cards. but yes stay in limits always.
    • yes romance could be alive and possibility of getting into long term relationships is also there. Love would grow deeper and so could connection with your folks. some inclination to dharma /reading philosophy could increases.

     Jupiter Transit effects if your  rashi(moon sign) is Libra?


    • Jupiter is sort of comfortable Taurus lord Venus. As second house is ruled by Taurus in general; and Venus rules the same . the number 3( Jupiter)_ and number 6 Venus run well together as 6=2×3 and are in a mathematical relationships. As second bhava or house is for wealth and status there could be gains for the same for sure. you could increase in your status in office and at home. Your money flows would increase.Enemies could get pacified due to the fifth aspect and so could you gain in legacy matter. Career gains/promotions and expansions are possible.

     Jupiter Transit effects if your rashi(moon sign) is Scorpio?


    • As Jupiter is a blessed planet and getting into your first house that has an astrological rulership of Aries in general could create more expenditure for you.
    • As the aspect would be on self and seventh bhava and fifth bhava and yes the ninth bhava.
    • so some basic gains for children and may be investments could be there and also one may have some average promotion and yes keen interest in religion or dharma may develop for you. Aspect on the seventh bhava could get you involved in long term personal and professional relationships. Includes marries and yes fun.
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     Jupiter Transit effects if your  rashi(moon sign) is Sagittarius(dhanu rashi)?


    • There could be increase is your expenditure as Jupiter would get into the twelfth bhava or house of yours.yes you may get money but avoid being impulsive and rash this time.
    • Change in environment and some travel is possible. yes health and outflows need proper care for you. Family life may have more fights and yes image need to be maintained but over all you will gain a better image.
    • Your children may travel and yes investments need care. but yes over all gains are promised for you. But sure patience is the key and connecting to dharma could bring in good results for sure.

     Jupiter Transit effects if your  rashi(moon sign) is Capricorn(makar rashi)?


    • This is a good transit and hence you will gain in wealth as your eleventh bhava of wealth would get good energy of jupiter.You could connect to people to do with occult and philosophy and may take keen interest in the same.
    • Your children or kids could gain and over all from investment point of view you could gain. there could be fair enough socials and yes some recognition in monetary terms at office .
    • You simple need to do your part and yes matters could be a bit eventful as well now.

     Jupiter Transit effects if your  rashi(moon sign) is Aquarius (kumbha rashi)?


    • As Jupiter is a blessed planet and transit in the tenth house  that has correspondence with Capricorn sign where Jupiter is debilitated is not great for the same. Money may not come easily and one may not get recognition for work.
    • But yes aright action could bring in results in career and family life.
    • One has to keep tempers cool and avoid fights. This transit could be very eventful for you.

     Jupiter Transit effects if your  rashi(moon sign) is Pisces(meena rashi)?


    • This transit in ninth house of yours is a good transit for you. Your interest in dharma could increase. You could get more gains in office or business. One may have birth of male child if expecting. Good gain of respect in office could be there. Brothers  could help you and you could gain better respect from  avoid anger or extra emotions.
    • Yes money gains and over all wealth gains are also possible.