Jupiter(Guru) transits To Libra(Tula Rashi) from Virgo(Kanya Rashi)-Kundli 2017-2018-Predictions Report

Get YourJupiter(Guru) transits To Libra(Tula Rashi) from Virgo(Kanya Rashi)-2017-2018-Kundli Predictions Report!This report Gives You Coming 12 months(2017-18) Month By Month Guidance along with lucky days based on combination Of your Jupiter Transit and Your Dasha & Sub Dasha period Predictions!
jupiter-new-2017  jupiter_gany jupiter transit in virgo or kanya rashi or moon sign libra tula rashi sign kundli 2017 2018 transits predictions forecast
  • You get the evaluation of strength & interaction with other planets of your natal Jupiter or guru in your kundli or horoscope- based on which the effects on career/money/love & relationships or family matters and also intensity could change considerably for every kundli or Horoscope.
  • You get to know both the effects of the transit of Jupiter(Guru) in Libra sign(Tula rashi) due to your Lagna or ascendant and also your rashi or moon sign to give you a complete picture of up coming 12 months(2017-2018)
  • The Jupiter Transit effects intto Libra( Tula rashi) from The Sign Virgo(Kanya rashi) in September 2017 starting effects are highly personalized for you based on your natal 9 planets in your Kundli horoscope are also accounted for for career/family/money/love & relationships matters- which is very unique to your horoscope.
  • A personalized month by month ready guidance analysis for the coming 12 months(2017-2018) along with lucky dates for any endeavor) is created for your ready reference.
  • You get very effective and personalized remedies’ to to get maximum gains due to this transit and also reduce your losses if any due to the transit.
  • All the analysis and remedies above would be personalized and tailor made for you at the lost price- but best quality.
  • The report is prepared by a highly qualified Vedic astrologer(Jyotish) with over 20 years of experience . Who spends over 2 hours to write this report by hand for you and makes it a live & real report that you could refer easily.
  • Good Quality & Reliable Astrology Report, Assured by IIT Alumnus(World Class Experts in Vedic Astrology & Numerology)!quality-control-571149_1280
  • • Get All the above mentioned features & gains for you in several  page in-depth Jupiter Report, Prepared by a World Class Vedic Astrologers.
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    If You Want To Know More About This Report- please continue reading below:Why Is this Transit or Gochhar of Jupiter(or Guru)  from Virgo( Kanya rashi) to Libra sign(Tula rashi)Important for you?Jupiter is the 5th planet from the controller of our  solar system sun and is a  giant being largest planet in the solar system. So it has the maximum gravitational force to cast influence on any other planet including our planet earth and the beings  that live here. That is the people of earth. Jupiter is primarily composed or hydrogen and helium.
    Human Body has around 75% of water with every water molecule having Hydrogen in it.
    What are the General Effects of Jupiter transit for your Ascendant or moon sign( Rashi)?

    • Aries(or mesha rashi)-  there could be journeys, illness , grief and in some cases imprisonment
    • Taurus(or Vrishibha rashi)-  Success at work, if expecting kids more chance of male child, good fortune
    • Gemini(or Mithuna  rashi)-   One may move out of place  and there could be loss fo welatha and health.
    • Cancer(or karkata rashi)-  If in foreign lands – one may return back to country and get back his or her wealth
    • Leo(or Simha rashi)-  There could be journeys and grief.
    • Virgo(or Kanya rashi)- One may lose wealth  and  ability to discriminate and one might leave the current place of residence.
    • Libra(or Tula rashi)-Your enemies would be destroyed and one will enjoy wealth and women.
    • Scorpio(or Vrishchika rashi)- You may experience obstacles in your work at home or office.
    • Sagittarius(or Dhanu rashi)-  There could be troubles caused by your own people.Health and happiness affected.
    • Capricorn(or Makar  rashi)-  there will be prosperity,there is acquisition of material things, new home or enhancement in home or vehicles.
    • Aquarius(or Kumbha rashi)-  heart needs care and libido may go down
    • Pisces(or meena rashi)-  Good speech, wealth, fun and pleasures of bed are there. Connection with women or men.

    How Do you Benefit from the Jupiter Transit report into kanya rashi?

    • You get the impact of Jupiter transit on your career,love,marriage,family, business etc accurately with reference to your ascendant , the degree of ascendant,strength of Jupiter in your natal chart, the placement of planets in your natal horoscope or kundli.
    • Accurate and  detailed analysis of your coming 12 months along with lucky days and dates for important decision making.
    • Powerful and effective almost zero cost remedies to help you to take maximum advantage of the transit.

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    36$/1999 Rs.

    50% OFF:
    18$/999 Rs.
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