Imran khan Horoscope- Prime Minister of Pakistan

Imran Khan_-_portrait_(cropped) Imran khan horoscope prime minister Pakistan
What is this article about ?

  • The article in depth connects Vedic astrology Horoscope and interesting facts about Imran Khan’s Life.
  • Imran Khan’s family, his cricket and Political career.
  • It analyses based on Kundli or Horoscope that what made Imran Khan so successful in cricket and then in Political Life as well 🙂 as a prime minister of Pakistan?
  • It also investigates on what made Imran Khan based on his planets and stars marry three times?
  • Which planets gave Imran khan good education from oxford? which planets do bring turmoil to Imran khan? What makes Imran Khan different from others?
  • Plus, the future predictions of Imran Khan are discussed at length.
  • Get to know how he would be successful or failure?
  • does Imran Khan have a life threat in Pakistan? Plus much more
  • For more Details about Imran Khan’s Family, Education, Cricket etc could be found at the end of the article in Appendix.
  • Imran khan horoscope kundli
    What are the birth details and horoscope of Imran khan?

  • Name: Imran Khan
  • Date of Birth: Tuesday, November 25, 1952
  • Time of Birth: 06:45:00
  • Place of Birth: Lahore
  • Time Zone: 5.0 of Pakistan
  • d1-imran Imran khan horoscope prime minister Pakistan
    cricket Imran khan horoscope kundli  mars mangal Imran khan horoscope kundli
    What stars made Imran khan to become a cricketer and do well?

  • In the horoscope We must note that Imran khan is Scorpio ascendant(Vrishchika rashi), or lagan and Scorpio is ruled by mars that is Mangal dev. Mars means action and sports. Note Virat Kohli the India’s great cricketer has also been born with his sun in Scorpio sign.
  • In the horoscope or Kundli of Imran khan, As Mars(mangal) gives passion and energy to the game of cricket where speed and energy or strength is very important.
  • Mars or mangal is in the house action in the horoscope and initiative that is third bhava and exalted in the sign of Capricorn.
  • This gives Imran khan exceptional ability in the arms and yes batting as well as third house rules arms.
  • He was a high-speed baller as well and a good
  • In the horoscope of Imran khan, as Mars or Mangal dev is the core source of his energy and success in cricket.
  • Note he has rahu(dragon’s head) along with mars in the third house. This could give him exceptional action.
  • This could make him a rebel in his ways. We know he started his own party in Pakistan after closing done his cricket activities.
  • For the horoscope of Imran khan, Sun or Surya in the lagan and mars as the lagan lord gives him or Imran khan great name and fame.
  • Also, this means medals and honours form the government for sure.
  • He has been awarded many times for the same in cricket. He has also leaded the Pakistan’s team.
  • Given the horoscope of Imran khan. Note Saturn (Shani dev)the lord of third house and even sign Capricorn ruling suggest sisters most probably younger to Imran khan.
  • Also, as mercury is fair and in 1st bhava, so due to balance of energy Imran khan may have elder sister as well.
  • In the horoscope of Imran khan, his lord of the tenth house the house of action or carer or job is sun in Scorpio sign so giving him the leadership of sun or Leo.
  • that is leading Pakistani cricket and yes now leading the Pakistan as a country with his prime minister ship .
  • In the horoscope of Imran khan the 11th lord mercury conjunct with sun gives him great gains in politics and yes cricket both as both have to do with mars and sun.
  • Imran khan was born to take lead roles and yes get success.
  •  politician planets Pakistan Imran khan horoscope kundli
    Which stars or planets made Imran Khan Politician of Pakistan?

  • We need to note that Sri Narendra Modi ji also has Scorpio as his lagan lord, and as mars is the lord of Scorpio and deal with politics or the state one could expect Imran khan to go to politics.
  • Given Imran khan’s horoscope, the sign Leo or simha rashi and the lagna lord sun(surya) has a role to play in politics and name or fame it is in the lagna for Imran khan making him a politician.,
  • Note Imran khan got into politics- when in the month of April 1996, Khan founded the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (lit: Pakistan Movement for Justice).
  • The planets mercury(budha) the maha dasha lord is strongly influenced by mars or Mangal and also sun or surya.
  • This clearly indicates a shift to politics for him or some work to do with public interest.
  • 1996 he ran Venus period that rules his 7th house of relationships so time to form new relationships for Imran khan. In the same period, he married Jemima Goldsmith.
  • Venus(shukra dev) is lord of love and marriage as well and new relationships.
  • planets Pakistan Imran khan horoscope kundli Pakistan Imran khan horoscope kundli
    What planetary combinations in the Horoscope or Kundli made Imran khan the prime minister of Pakistan?

  • In the horoscope or Kundli of Imran khan, Sun in the lagan strongly suggest one could have public life.
  • Sun in first house of Imran khan , this gives a different and unique personality that is cashed in becoming prime minister.
  • This also gives Imran khan good image, but at the same time proper ethics must be followed to maintain the image.
  • In the horoscope of Imran khan, Mercury the lord of eleventh of gains and friendship is in the lagna and hence aspects the seventh bhava of relationships, so gains through friendships and people who Imran khan works.
  • Imran khan is in his 66th year( 6= number of Venus so 66 is double Venus), this is a double Venus dose and Venus the planets of wealth and status is in his house of wealth and status.
  • Given the horoscope of Imran khan, the lord of 2nd house or bhava is in the sixth house.
  • As the 2nd bhava lord is in the 6th bhava or house for Imran khan, and as 6th(sixth house) bhava is of enemies.
  • Imran khan may earn income or gains from your enemies even.
  • Imran khan horoscope kundli
    How would it go for him in politics in 2019,2020 etc and with India in the coming future?

  • Imran khan has just started his Venus or Shukra maha dasha from 9 august 2015 ending sub period ending by December and main period of Venus ending for Imran khan in august 2015.
  • love relationships Imran khan horoscope kundli

  • Venus or shukra rules his 12th and 7th house and is in the 2nd house of wealth and status. This gives MULTIPLE MARRIAGES .This could make him married again or get is wife Jemima back again!
  • Also note he married reham khan int his period. That is In January 2015, it was announced that Khan married British-Pakistani journalist.
  • Also, it is said that in mid of 2016, late of 2017 and early 2018, reports emerged that Imran Khan had married his spiritual advisor Bushra Manika.
  • This is not confirmed but seems Imran khan had proposed.
  • horoscope kundli imran khan prime minister pakistan
    One can clearly see how the Art and science of Vedic astrology clearly pin points multiple marriages and tells the time when this could happen .

  • Also for Imran khan’s horoscope or kundali Venus or shukra his lord of 7 and is 2 and rules 12th house- so is markesh in his 67th year 2019 primarily-.
  • he has to have some basic care of his relationship with foreign countries like India and yes as 4= number of rahu he has to take some care of terror attacks or plots that could happen within the country against him.
  • But also note Jupiter his lord of second bhava or house is in the first house of Scorpio in transit by October 2018.
  • so giving him great boost in his .
  • Infact his becoming the prime minister is the prier effect of Jupiter getting direct in the Taurus and sort of getting into Scorpio as per nadi astrology principles.
  • Saturn or Shani dev the lord of public image and effort and public is in the second bhava or house for Imran khan now and would get direct by September-.
  • this could again give him great boost in Imran khan’s public image in Pakistan and yes somewhat in the world.
  • But when Saturn enters Capricorn sign in Jan 2020 , it would get into Imran khan’s third house .
  • So as mars the enemy of Saturn is already there it could cause lot of instability in his political career.
  • Yes 2019 ending and 2020 could be a very turbulent time politically for Imran khan.
  • We pray to GOD that all people get sad buddhi and remain happy. Peace to all
  • Imran khan abhinandan Pakistan crisis 2019
    what planetary causes cause the political turmoil for Imran Khan in 2019 and Balakot attack?

  • Now we all wonder that What caused a political disturbance in Pakistan Imran Khan in end of February 2019 and march when India in response to the attack on the CRPF personnel in Kashmir retaliated by destroying the balakot terror camp?
  • Now for Imran Khan Jupiter rules the second bhava of wealth and status that is the Sagittarius sign is ruled by Jupiter.
  • This planet also sits in the sixth house of enmity and death for Imran Khan.
  • Now February ending when the balakot Attacks happened Imran Khan had to face a lot of flak.
  • As Jupiter or guru by that time had started weakening and that created issues in Imran Khan’s wealth flows and status.
  • Plus Jupiter is already in the sixth bhava or house for him.
  • The sixth bhava or house deals with obstacles and as in transit or gochhar it comes into the Scorpio sign.
  • so due to the seventh aspect to the house of relationships cause’s issues relationships with other countries like India for him.
  • This clearly indicates that a high chance of enmity and conflict situations are possible for Imran Khan or Pakistan
  • Jupiter or Guru has started weakening from February ending onwards and in March and now it is almost at 0 degrees beginning .
  • also, and especially the transit of Ketu in the Gemini sign or the mithuna Rashi cause more issues.
  • Ketu or dragon’s tail coming in the 8th bhava causes a lot of issues for Imran Khan and yes Pakistan.
  • we know Ketu(dragon’s tail) functions like mars or mangal; and in the natal chart of Imran Khan mars and rahu the key terror-related planets are in the house action or initiative of terrorism that is the third bhava.
  • The overall weak Ketu in the eighth bhava in transit and malefic energy of Ketu in moon sign or karkat Rashi for Imran’s horoscope caused the terror attack in Kashmir and the counterattack back by India on Pakistan.
  • This was done by Indian air force by bombing terror centre in balakot in NWFP Pakistan.
  • rahu dragon's head Imran khan horoscope kundli
    Planetary cause of what triggered terror attack happened Indian CRPF happened?

  • Rahu(dragon’s head) for Imran is very strong with Mars or Mangal sitting in the third Bhava all the energies of possible terrorist actions, or a harsh military action are indicated .
  • that some error attack was possible at that time when Ketu was transiting from the Capricorn(makar rashi) to dhanu(Sagittarius) sign.
  • As natal Ketu(dragon’s tail) sits in the cancer sign or karkat Rashi and when its weakness sends malefic energy to the moon or mind and to home or Pakistan for Imran Khan and seriously impacts his public image.
  • Ketu(dragon’s tail) aspects the Foreign Affairs in the sense of an aspect of 9th of Ketu(dragon’s tail) on the 10th bhava= means contraction or failure in action.
  • Rahu now is in Gemini or Mithun Rashi aspecting the 12th bhava for Imran Khan and second bhava so overall foreign lands issues .
  • and yes issues in overall image and money conditions for Pakistan as the second bhava deals with the same.
  • Aspect to the fourth bhava means unexpected situation created to the public image of home or Pakistan.
  • ketu Imran khan horoscope kundli  dragon’s tail Imran khan horoscope kundli
    Is Ketu(dragon’s tail) transit into Capricorn(makar rashi) int eh horoscope the culprit?

  • As we can now see that Ketu transit to Capricorn is very clearly coming up as a strong reason to harm Imran Khan’s image and the cause of attack at balakot.
  • the Ketu transit to Capricorn sign and Rahu transit to the Gemini sign in the first week of March around also the first 10 days of March 2019.
  • So in February ending as we know that “coming events cast their shadows in advance” to transit effect in March giving the bad effects to Pakistan and also to the prime minister Imran Khan even at the time of February ending 2019.
  • We know Electric or planetary energies do not change suddenly they work as energy fields; they change slowly and step by step. Now also looking at the Saturn transit for Imran Khan now let us look at the Saturn transit.
  • For Imran Khan lordship of the third house and the fourth house is for Saturn and it is transiting in the second house plus sitting in the 11th house of Kundli or Horoscope.
  • The second bhava of the Kundli or Horoscope is also the house of family, the Saturn transit of house of family and home that is the 4th house and place in house gains in a natal chart. So, Pakistan is bound to get gains as well.
  • we know that Imran Khan then got from millions of dollars from Sultan of Arab .
  • basically clear indication that is country would get gains.
  • More details on 2020 predictions for Imran Khan- would Pakistan start new imitative in military, terror, or industries?

  • As Saturn or Shani dev would be in the third bhava by January 2019, Pakistan may start very rigorous and aggressive terror activity or military activity or even industrial action to salvage Pakistan as third bhava and mars are for industries.
  • Capricorn by January 2020 plus Rahu and Mars are already there in the third bhava that represents the terrorist.
  • also, now in 2019 overall khan would basically have certain issues from April to July as Jupiter(guru) and Saturn(Shani dev) would go retrograde for him.
  • he will have to struggle a bit to build a Pakistan’s image because great Saturn is and Jupiter these two planets are not only very weak but reversed in motion.
  • so would impact overall functioning of Pakistan as a country for sure that the coming year 2020 Pakistan I come up with very strong or aggressive actions against India terror attacks or military initiative.
  • or even some big boom to Pakistan’s industry & innovation.
  • Also, dev guru Jupiter gets into the second bhava of Imran Khan or Pakistan.
  • so, money and enhancement in wealth money and status second house matters that again could grow and may help the overall image of Pakistan.
  • horoscope kundli imran khan prime minister pakistan

    Certain interesting Facts about Imran khan?

  • The full name of Imran khan is Imran Ahmad Khan Niazi, he is now ( July 2018) elected as the prime minister of Pakistan.
  • Imran khan was born 5 October 1952 is a Pakistani politician and has been a cricketer for Pakistan in the past.
  • Imran khan heads as the current chairman of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf.
  • He was also a member of the National Assembly of Pakistan from 2013 to 2018.
  • he or Imran khan won this seat in 2013 general elections. His attitude has been philanthropic as well.
  • Imran khan played cricket for almost 20 years , that includes playing internationally cricket for two decades .
  • also later developed philanthropy related projects .
  • such as Shaukat Khanum ( his mother’s name) Memorial Cancer Hospital & Research Centre and also he built the Namal College.
  • What is the Education and upbringing of Imran Khan?

  • Imran Khan was born in a Pashtun or Pathan family in the city of Lahore, Punjab, in the year 1952 .
  • He got his education from Aitchison, Worcester, and later also at Keble College, in Oxford.
  • Imran khan started to play cricket at the young age of 13.Imran khan led Pakistan to victory at the 1992 Cricket World Cup, Pakistan’s first and only victory in that competition.
  • Imran khan
    What are some interesting facts about Imran Khan’s Life?

  • The full name of Imran Khan is Imran Ahmed Khan Niazi . he was born to a Pashtun family in Punjab.
  • Imran Khan has been an international level cricketer and also captain of the Pakistan team for a while.
  • Imran Khan has also been the chancellor of Bradford university UK.
  • Imran Khan is currently the prime minister of Pakistan and belongs to the political party of tehree-e-Insaaf.
  • Imran Khan has been suggested as an all-rounder in cricket game.
  • he also opened up a hospital in his mother’s name .
  • that is the Shaukat Khanum Memorial hospital.
  • Imran khan family
    What are some interesting facts about Imran Khan’s Family Life?

  • Imran Khan was born to a Pashtun family his father’s name was Ikramullah khan Niazi.
  • also his mother’s name was Shaukat khanum.
  • he is an ethnic Pashtun but was born in north western part of Punjab.
  • Imran Khan has 4 sisters.
  • Imran Khan belongs to the affluent upper middle class, and he was very shy in childhood.
  • cricket Imran khan
    What are some interesting cricket related matters about Imran Khan?

  • Imran Khan started playing cricket at the age of 16. he was in the oxford Blues cricket team.
  • Imran Khan was initially a middle pace bowler.
  • then he built up his body to do fast-paced bowling.
  • he made his test debut in cricket against England in June 1971.
  • he is generally noted as a fast bowler.
  • Imran Khan trained Wasim Akram and Waqar Younus in fast bowling.
  • Imran Khan was considered an all-rounder in cricket.;0
  • he took over captaincy from Javed Miandad.
  • In 1988 Imran Khan was declared the man of the match when he took 23 wickets.
  • Imran Khan lead Pakistan to world cup victory in 1992.
  • disclaimer:

  • The article is written purely for research and education. Any other use of this article or interpretation or in appropriate use of the article would be the individual’s responsibility
  • We are assuming the birth data is accurate

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    Rahu & Sanjay Dutt in Horoscope Predictions

    rahu-transit-2015 rahu strength horoscope sanjay dutt sanju
    About this Article

  • This article discusses in detail and with many interesting new kinds of facts about the strength & behaviour of shadow planet Rahu(dragon’s head) in any horoscope or Kundali.
  • Apart from regular astrology principles several other unique methods of Vedic astrology are used.
  • That is the avastha or state of rahu or (dragon’ head) in any horoscope for accurate Life predictions!!! .
  • As a PRACTICAL example of Rahu(Dragon’s strength) , the article also looks at roles of Rahu’s(dragon’s head) strength in any Kundli or Horoscope for Sanjay Dutt’s getting into legal matters or getting jailed.
  • It analyses role of rahu(dragon’s head) strength in Horoscope of Sanjay Dutt on why and what makes him big star in Bollywood.
  • Also the role of his father and mother Sunil and Nargis Dutt in his success and what causes his multiple marriages.
    all in detail based on Rahu or dragon’s head strength in the Kundli or Horoscope connection.
  • What made Sanjay Dutt Marry two times.
  • As an additional PRACTICAL example of rahu(dragon’s head) strength, case of Adolf Hitler is also taken later .
  • It is a typical case of dictator of Germany- Adolf Hitler as an illustrative example for Rahu strength in any horoscope.
  • rahu dragon's head strength north node horoscope kundli predictions
    How do you judge Rahu(dragon’s head) strength in Horoscope? Also what role does rahu or Dragon’s head play in any Horoscope?
    rahu ecliptic
    What is Rahu actually? 🙂

  • Rahu(Dragon’s head) is a natural malefic and is the intersection point of moons orbit with the ecliptic or the plane on which the other planets move.
  • chhota Rajan rahu  dragon's head
    What does rahu represent?

  • Rahu is the ruler of number 4= underworld/dacoits/revolutionary people and people who rebel. It also is for things that are hidden.
  • rahu effects

  • When does Rahu give great results Or very Bad results?In the below article the strength of rahu is checked based on its state or situation .
  • it is in over and above the exaltation and debilitation of rahu in Taurus or Scorpio signs
  • sanjay dutt rahu dragon's head strength north node horoscope kundli predictions
    What is the role of Rahu in Sanjay Dutt’s Life

  • Sanjay dutt is a son of the veteran hero Sunil dutt and has gotten success in films or movies in working in negative roles connected to rahu or dragon’s head. Like dacoit, thief, or a gang leader etc.
  • rahu dragon's head horoscope
    What is the Roel of Rahu(dragon’s head) strength in Horoscope or Kundli predictions ?
    rahu dragon's head strength north node horoscope kundli predictions

  • 1) If the planet rahu is in agam state or avastha
  • How could rahu avastha or strength create legal and financial issues in anyone’s life?

  • In what situation could Rahu or Dragon’s Head cause serious Legal issues in one’s Life?1:the person could be mentally distressed and may be afraid from his or her enemies.
  • There could be legal issues as well.
  • His or her own people may go against .
  • The person may be crafty in behaviour and may have a lean and thin body. His or her finances would not flourish.
  • In the agama avastha rahu is not strong.
  • 2) If the planet rahu is in the bhojan avastha,
  • How could rahu strength impact the education and also wealth for any horoscope?

  • What condition or state of Rahu could make a person Go hungry without food? 2:.
  • the person may not even get food and be very dull or with low IQ.
  • There could be lack of courage as well. There could also be less marital and happiness form progeny or kids.
  • In the Bhojan avastha rahu is not strong.
  • avstha state  nritya lips rahu dragon's head strength north node horoscope kundli predictions

  • (3) If the planet rahu is in the nritya lips avastha or state
  • How can Rahu badly spoil someone’s Health and also wealth?

  • 3: The person may get serious ailments or diseases.
  • There could be difficulty in one to subdue the same.
  • The eyes sight could be impacted, and the enemies may dominate the person.
  • There could be a financial misfortune as well.
  • In nritya lips avastha or state rahu is not strong.
  • rahu dragon's head strength north node horoscope kundli predictions

  • 4) if the planet rahu is in the kautuk state
  • Could rahu strength in Horoscope cause one to steal wealth?

  • What Rahu condition could cause one loose position in Job or Career? 4: .
  • The person may not be able to hold his or her position. The interest of the person may be in others and also opposite. The person may be prone to steal wealth.
  • In kautuk avastha rahu is just OK.
  • 5) if the planet rahu is in the nidra state or avastha
  • courage initaive rahu dragon's head strength north node horoscope kundli predictions
    How could rahu strength in Horoscope impact one being courageous?

  • Which state of rahu could make you very courageous? 5: The person would be very virtuous and would be having a souse (husband or wife) .
  • and also children, he or she may be very courageous and bold and from an affluent family.
  • In nidra avastha or sate rahu is strong
  • Sanjay_Dutt_snapped_promoting_his_film_‘Bhoomi’ rahu strength horoscope Sanjay dutt sanju
    sanjay-dutt-d1 rahu strength horoscope Sanjay dutt sanjusanjay-dutt-d9 rahu strength horoscope sanjay dutt sanju
    Sanjay Dutt the Film star of Bollywood birth details

  • Born Sanjay Balraj Dutt
  • 29 July 1959 (age 58)
  • Bombay State, India
  • sanjay dutt career life rahu dragon's head strength north node horoscope kundli predictions
    what is the Role of rahu in sanjay dutt’s life and career?
    thinking rahu dragon's head strength north node horoscope kundli predictions
    what roles does Rahu strength have on one’s way of thinking based on the Horoscope or Kundli?

  • In the horoscope of sanjay dutt, Rahu(Dragon’s head) is in close conjunction of bhava Madhya or midpoint of house of sanjay Dutt’s horoscope in the eleventh house of friends and gains.
  • These rahu(Dragon’s head) aspects his third bhava or house of people around and his actions and the fifth house of his thinking and yes the seventh bhava or house.
  • arrest legal court rahu dragon's head strength north node horoscope kundli predictions
    How rahu(dragon’s head) strength in horoscope of sanjay dutt cause his arrest?

  • Given the horoscope of sanjay dutt as results rahu in eleventh gives deceit from friends- or people you trust he got arrested for keeping arms in Mumbai bomb blast case. also rahu here makes the person gain and loose wealth suddenly due to nature of rahu energy.
  • rahu dragon's head strength north node horoscope kundli predictions
    Does rahu strength for sanjay Dutt suggest that his sister would join Politics?

  • For the horoscope of sanjay dutt Rahu aspect on the third bhava or house gives sanjay dutt roles of villain s third is the house of action.
  • Rahu(dragon’s head) aspect on his younger sister house with Saturn retrograde there means his sister would.
  • also be very independent minded person and may rebel in some form the society.
  • she is into politics and domain of rahu.
  • stomach rahu dragon's head strength north node horoscope kundli predictions
    does rahu strength in the horoscope of sanjay Dutt cause stomach troubles to him?

  • Aspect of rahu on sanjay dutt’s fifth house causes him to work and think as a rebel at times. ketu in the fifth bhava .
  • so stomach trouble would be there.
  • rahu dragon's head strength north node horoscope kundli predictions
    Does rahu strength in Horoscope of sanjay dutt make him have multiple marriages?

  • In the kundali or horoscope of sanjay dutt aspect of rahu on the seventh bhava or house of relationships suggest that he may marry multiple times and may have relationships with multiple females.
  • his seventh lord is mars is weak but is passionate in Kendra house of tenth with Venus. so giving sanjay dutt above average sex urge.
  • he is said to have dated around 300 girls in his life
  • actor arts rahu dragon's head strength north node horoscope kundli predictions
    What makes Sanjay Dutt such a great actor and a person?
    mars mangal raja Yoga rahu dragon's head strength north node horoscope kundli predictions
    Is Mars or Mangal raja Yoga karaka for sanjay dutt?

  • now looking at his Lagna or ascendant, it is ruled by aggressive Mars or Mangal and is Raja Yoga karaka into e tenth house for Sanjay Dutt.
  • It makes him successful in film or Bollywood roles.
  • one can very clearly see or observe that mars are sitting in the tenth or 10th House or bhava of career and action for Sanjay Dutt.
  • mars mangal sanjay dutt rahu dragon's head strength kundli horoscope
    does mars or Mangal give good muscles to sanjay dutt?

  • he also has a strong enough Venus sitting nearby to mars into the tenth house, which is weak by being in the
  • mother rahu dragon's head strength north node horoscope kundli predictions
    what does the Horoscope of sanjay dutt say about his mother?

  • Leo sign or Simha Rashi. It is the Lord of the twelfth or 12th house .
  • but still, it is ok it gives him and passionate good enough sensitive image along with masculinity of mars.
  • Venus(Shukra) and Mars(Mangal) aspect the fourth house of mother Nargis Dutt of Sanjay Dutt.
  • What is the Equation Of Life of Sanjay Dutt ?
    Mars mars Mangal sanjay dutt + Leo mars Mangal sanjay dutt Leo+Venus sanjay dutt Venus== Films & sanjay Dutt
    rahu dragon's head horoscope sanjay Dutt

    which planets made Sanjay Dutt have multiple marriages?
    rahu dragon's head strength north node horoscope kundli predictions
    does rahu strength have a role in making sanjay dutt marry a non-Hindu?

  • also one can see that he(Sanjay Dutt) lost his first wife Richa Sharma due to cancer and then left the second wife Rhea Pillai who was an air hostess turned model.
  • and yes now he is married to Manyata who is originally Dilnawaz Shaikh.
  • Now we can notice that close to Venus(Shukra) for Sanjay Dutt is malefic mars which impact the health of wife and relationships as well for him.
  • multiple marriages venus shukra  rahu dragon's head strength north node horoscope kundli predictions
    Does Venus or shukra and also may be rahu play a role in multiple marriages of sanjay dutt?

  • also one can see that Venus(Shukra) is Lord of the seventh or 7th house or Bhava .
  • yes it definitely rules his wife or wives and Venus aspected by malefic Mars indicates multiple marriages for Sanjay Dutt .
  • also Mars is Lord of 6th (sixth)house of 6th bhava .
  • so a lot of negative energy of bad health and legal conflict etc is coming through mars.
  • father mother sanjay dutt rahu dragon's head strength north node horoscope kundli predictions
    what kind of support Sanjay Dutt got from his father Sri Sunil Dutt and set. Nargis Dutt based on his horoscope and kundali?
    rahu dragon's head strength north node horoscope kundli predictions
    Could Jupiter have cause ego to sanjay dutt based on his horoscope(kundli)?

  • now looking at 2nd Bhava lord that is. Jupiter or guru is twelfth or 12th house lord. so his status can go to a walk or zero due to the same. also, Jupiter in 12th gives great ego to the person. also Jupiter in twelfth may make one less dharma at times.
  • father sanjay dutt rahu dragon's head strength north node horoscope kundli predictions
    what does the Horoscope for sanjay dutt say about His father Sunil dutt ji?
    The ninth bhava lord of luck and Fortune/father moon(Chandra) is exalted in the seventh or 7th house itself.

  • that itself gives great support to him through his father Sunil Dutt.
  • we have noted that his ninth house Lord rules his father Sri Sunil Dutt.
  • so his father gives great support. so that way Sanjay Dutt Ji’s is lucky.
  • gains money lcuk rahu dragon's head strength north node horoscope kundli predictions
    does the Horoscope of sanjay dutt Promise windfalls and gains?

  • well so his Lord of public image of the games that we get from is movies of films is Saturn that is in 2nd Bhava .
  • are there indications of great success for sanjay dutt in his horoscope?

  • so certain give him good power and image as well Rahu sitting in 11th house gives in unexpected ways that are the windfalls in the movies the Lord of 11th house in the 9th house forming a good Raj Yoga.
  • and give Sanjay Dutt
    Also, Jupiter is lord of gains and wealth and status
  • planets mother sanjay dutt rahu dragon's head strength north node horoscope kundli predictions
    what planetary combinations suggest that his mother and father would be distinguished people ? .

    sanjay dutt mother rahu dragon's head strength north node horoscope kundli predictions
    what does the Horoscope of sanjay dutt say about his mother Nargis dutt and Father Sunil dutt?

  • we know Sanjay Dutt’s parents like Sri Sunil Dutt and smt. Nargis Dutt jis is would renowned people.
  • now the moon in the chart represents mother that is smt. Nargis Dutt and for Sri Sunil Dutt .
  • also, we have moon the lord of the ninth bhava that is exalted in the Taurus sign or vrishabha Rashi in the seventh house.
  • so clearly suggests that his father Sri Sunil Dutt ji would be well placed and yes good support of wealth and fortune over all to Sanjay Dutt.
  • the Lord of the tenth or 10th House career in the ninth house suggests that his father would be close to him in career.
  • that is a film industry .he(Sunil Dutt) would be a dignified person.
  • films sanjay dutt bollywood rahu dragon's head strength north node horoscope kundli predictions
    does rahu(dragon’s head) strength in the horoscope of sanjay dutt play a role in his film roles?

  • also, Mercury The Lord of gains is in the ninth bhava of dharma, so that also suggests that his father could be connected to the film industry .
  • and so would is his mother as the Virgo sign has Rahu sitting in it . also Rahu deals with the film industry roles.
  • legal matters sanjay dutt rahu dragon's head strength north node horoscope kundli predictions
    what planetary combinations got him engaged in legal tangle or court etc in 1993?

  • Now the question is that why did Sanjay Dutt’s name come in 1993 terrorist and disruptive activities Prevention Act >?
  • it is primarily his Saturn or Shani the Planet of his public image is sitting in the second bhava. Saturn/Shani is weak in transit and rules his public image.
  • also the dispositor Jupiter is weak in sitting in the 12th bhava of loss and confinement. so we know that why his public image gets impacted.
  • venus jail sanjay dutt rahu dragon's head strength north node horoscope kundli predictions
    what roles does Venus play in the Horoscope of sanjay dutt to send him to Jail?

  • 12th Bhava Lord Venus rules Court cause/ jail is sitting into the career house.
  • also note that planet Sun the planet of public image is there with the 8th House Lord Mercury(Budha) .
  • and Venus lord of 12th is sitting in the 10th House suggests that he will have to do some work to do with jails, hospitals, and legal matters could pester him.
  • so overall this makes him take hard Journeys and make him work very hard for jail
  • sanjay dutt venus rahu dragon's head strength north node horoscope kundli predictions
    what Rahu(Dragon’s head) energies with Venus(shukra) makes Sanjay Dutt choose film industry or movies ?

  • does mars play a strong role in the Horoscope of sanjay dutt to have good muscles? 😉

  • Now once again what makes him take the film industry or Bollywood and be so successful in it?
  • In his horoscope or kundali we know that mars are the strongest planet, and it is the lagna or Scorpio for Sanjay Dutt.
  • so makes his works as an action hero and yes a muscleman.
  • now as for Sanjay Dutt, mars is very close to Venus(Shukra) that deals with the film industry.
  • moon venus rahu dragon's head strength north node horoscope kundli predictions
    does moon and Venus in the horoscope of sanjay dutt Give him close connections with films in the Bollywood?

  • A strong connection with the film industry is there. also, all this energy as well is there in the house of action.
  • that is karma house. So Venus gets the moon energy as the moon is sitting in the Venus sign of Taurus(vrishabha Rashi.) .
  • also the energies of the 9th house of the moon also blesses Sanjay Dutt with good success and support from his father Sunil Dutt.
  • sanjay dutt negtaive rahu dragon's head strength north node horoscope kundli predictions
    does rahu strength in the Horoscope of sanjay dutt play a role for the loss of name for him?

  • Now we know that for the film industry Rahu or dragon’s head is sitting in the eleventh or 11tyh house of Virgo or mercury(Kanya Rashi).
  • so this suggests that there could be blemishes on his name work.
  • which is where we know for Sanjay Dutt in the terrorist act.
  • also that the same time sun and mercury sitting on either side of career house gave him great name/image and status in the film industry as well.
  • nuemrology snajay dutt rahu dragon's head strength north node horoscope kundli predictions
    what does the Numbers or Numerology say about sanjay dutt apart from his horoscope and his family as well?

  • we also note that based on numerology his total numbers comes to 6 = Venus the planet for acting and film industry in Bollywood.29 July 1959 = 29/11/2 + July(7) + 1959(24) = 33/6(3+3=6).
  • and he or Sanjay Dutt his born on 29th of July./ so this is a very strong moon influence on him.
  • moon gives him great variability of the image to him and also makes a big success(moon might reflect the energies of the sun).
  • so cancer(July energies) and 29=2+9=11= Neptune and 1=moon gave shim big boons from his parents as well Sri Sunil Dutt and smt Nargis Dutt.
  • rest is the history we know how accurate all the analysis is.
    we wish him best of luck in life.
  • sanjay dutt predictions rahu dragon's head strength north node horoscope kundli predictions
    Predictions for sanjay dutt for 2018-2019

  • sanjay dutt is running Saturn mercury period in his horoscope or kundali.
  • Mercury or budha rules his house of gains the eleventh house or bhava so he would make good money out of the royalty of the film sanju.
  • mercury also rules the eight houses or bhava and sits in the ninth bhava or house.
  • also so he or sanjay dutt may have more frequent foreign travels in this period till 2019 ending.
  • sanjay dutt should take good care of his health now as eighth house lord is a tertiary markesh for sanjay dutt. he also needs to think and then act.
  • We wish him all the best in life.
  • rahu dragon's head strength north node horoscope kundli predictions
    Something interesting about sanjay dutt?

  • sanjay dutt’s full name is sanjay Balraj dutt. he is born on 29th of July on the cusp of cancer sign(karkat rashi) and Leo or Simha rashi.
  • He is primarily a film actor and a producer. he is known for his work on Hindi cinema
  • sanjay dutt has studied in Lawrence school in sanawar . he is the son of the leading Hindi film actor Sunil dutt.
  • sanjay dutt started acting in films from 1981 itself and have worked over 180 films or movies.
  • sanjay dutt has got great success in negative roles or even as a villain.
  • this includes working as dacoits or gangsters or even as a police officer.
  • On the June of 29 of 2018 , a film made on him(sanjay dutt) has been released starring rishi Kapoor’s son Ranbir Kapoor.
  • rahu dragon's head strength north node horoscope kundli predictions
    How does dragon’s head or Rahu Play a role in the horoscope of Dictator like Hitler ?

  • Now Rahu or dragon’s head is in the 10th House of Adolf Hitler.
  • The 10th house or karma & career bhava for Adolf Hitler is ruled Gemini sign or Mithuna Rashi for him.
  • as we have Kanya Lagna as the ascendant for Adolf Hitler.
  • hitler rahu dragon's head strength kundli horoscope
    what is the role of strength of Rahu(dragon’s head) in horoscope for him?

  • Now Rahu being in the house of action of Adolf Hitler means find Rahu is sitting in the 10th House of Karma or actions for him means.
  • the actions of his could get to the low level as well as Rahu is that kind of planet.
  • hitler anger rahu dragon's head strength kundli horoscope
    does Rahu strength cause aggressive actions based on Hitler’s horoscope or kundli?

  • so basically as Rahu or dragon’s head is a malefic and mlechha Planet one has to take care of negative actions and also negative behavior .
  • we also note that Gemini is ruled by Mercury or Buddha there means that Buddha or intelligence or the discrimination of Adolf Hitler gets affected .
  • murder jews rahu dragon's head strength north node horoscope kundli predictions
    what based on horoscope or Kundli caused him to kill people?

  • so he May find very creative ways of killing and destroying others( wrong use of budhi or intelligence due to rahu or dragon’s head).
  • that’s what Adolf Hitler did for Jews .
  • he unfortunately put them in gas chambers giving them very bad departure from the world.
  • hitler rahu dragon's head strength kundli horoscope
    how is the rahu strength impacted Hitler’s Horoscope or Kundli?

  • As Rahu(dragon’s head) sits in Gemini the 3rd sign the other sign 6 sign of Virgo is connected with Rahu as well.
  • as Mercury rules both these two sign .
  • Virgo being the 6th sign and 6= family and people and yes country for sure.
  • hitler kill families rahu dragon's head strength north node horoscope kundli predictions
    was rahu(Dragon’s head) strength and malefic energy responsible for him

  • so Rahu(dragon’s head) sending malefic energy to home and family for Adolf Hitler means that he by his actions will destroy the homes and families .
  • so all this is 100% percent true for Adolf Hitler .
  • that he impacted a large set of Jews and lacs of them got unfortunately destroyed in gas Chambers.
  • Lot of creativity Gemini + rahu energy in 10th house was used to impact others.
  • hitler rahu dragon's head strength north node horoscope kundli predictions
    what is the role of rahu aspect for Hitler?

  • we also note that rahu or dragon’s head aspects the 7th house in 7th aspect .
  • there we have moon sitting in the 4th house from lagna.
  • that very clearly indicates that this could not give him right set of actions and thinking for Adolf Hitler.
  • guru chandaal rahu dragon's head strength north node horoscope kundli predictions
    did he have Guru chandaal Yoga in his horoscope?

  • we also have Jupiter sitting in the 4th house so that could incline Adolf Hitler somewhat to Dharma religion.
  • but Rahu aspecting it could create guru Chandal Yog as well .
  • As essentially and Guru Chandal Yog Rahu and Jupiter energies are connected together, and this is what exactly is happening in the Kundali for Adolf Hitler!
  • Hitler mond moon rahu dragon's head strength north node horoscope kundli predictions
    How does Rahu(dragon’s head) make a difference for Adolf Hitler from Chandra Lagna?

  • does rahu has a role in getting him killed?

  • also from the Chandra Lagna of Adolf Hitler Rahu sits in the 7th house and is markesh in that sense.
  • This clearly indicates that Rahu(dragon’s head) could cause death to Adolf Hitler by hidden or secret ways .
  • rahu who is the secret of planet caused death of Adolf Hitler by Russian Armies very clearly known.
  • yes he committed suicide.
  • hitler chandra lagna rahu dragon's head strength north node horoscope kundli predictions
    what role does Sagittarius or dhanu play in his horoscope?

  • Also from Chandra Lagna of Sagittarius sign of Adolf Hitler .here to know that moon rules the 8th house of Adolf Hitler and secret attacks could cause his death .
  • also they could be sudden an Unexpected in nature.
  • that also with Rahu aspecting the same(moon) very clearly confirms Hitler’s death may not be in so great environment and maybe when he would be travelling because moon is a fluid planet and represents travel.
    hitler publci image rahu dragon's head strength north node horoscope kundli predictions
    what role does rahu’s(dragon’s head) strength or Jupiter have for Hitler’s public image?

  • also from the Moon Lagna Jupiter rules the Lagna or ascendant and the 4th house of public image .
  • so public image of Adolf Hitler gets maligned due to Rahu aspecting Jupiter in the moon chart.
  • It very clearly means one will see him see Adolf Hitler as against the normal ethics of society.
  • Rahu and Jupiter energy is there in the public image house .
  • suggest the person would be popular some by hook or Crook him will get popularity but he will destroy his public image sooner or later.
  • nuemrology adolf hitler rahu dragon's head strength north node horoscope kundli predictions
    Numerology or anka Jyotish of Adolf Hitler
    what does the numerology or number and also number4= rahu say about him?;)

  • also based on anka Jyotish of Adolf Hitler .
  • he is born on April and April is a fourth(4) month to definitely the strong influence of Rahu as 4= number of rahu.
  • there and April month is Rule By mars or Mangal.
  • so Adolf Hitler has a strong energy of Rahu and Mars running for which gives a great aggression to him.
  • he also has great ability to cut his Enemies into pieces(mars + Rahu).
  • Adolf Hitler Being born on Thursday so that does give him some religious inclinations as well to some extent

  • 2018 TAURUS MONEY Horoscope

     taurus horoscope astrologypound-wealth taurus money wealth  horoscope

    Could be a good time for finances/stocks- willpower and initiative would help you do things better.

    There might be some ups and downs(more of downs so need to take special care) in money or finance matters in April or July 2016.

    General 2018 Monthly Guidance for Finances & Stocks for the benefit of Businessmen, Consultants/Contractors, Stocks Market Investors

    Good fortune by planned effort.

    Good fortune by planned effort.

    Harmony and gains. Take more responsibility now.

    Good for gains and fortune. Control your emotions.

    Good gains possible. Be courteous.

    Gains in money possible, but more focus on responsibility needed.

    Gains possible. But with some discomfort.
    Cooperate and be hospitable.

    Planned & responsible effort- could lead to gains.
    Losses possible. Ego in control and respect of women.

    Gains in luck and money possible, increase focus & responsibility levels.

    There could be fair enough gains. Be courteous & sensitive.

    Fair time for gains and luck. Control your emotions. Be kind to ladies.

    There could be good Harmony and gains. More ownership is needed along with sensitivity.

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  • 2018 TAURUS CAREER Horoscope

     taurus horoscope astrologysuccess-805552_1920-career taurus vrishabha career


    Time to stay peaceful and do the work/action with responsibility and full action.

    There could be issues with job and partnerships. Heated arguments at office or with partner’s not ruled out. Take care on this part.


    Take initiative and carry out your roles well

    Beneficial for career, work . But responsibilities levels could possibly be higher. Always be soft in addition to sweet to people around

    A time of some freedom from responsibilities. Beneficial to career possibilities, meetings and starting new work/roles

    Love matters need full attention. Avoid tiffs in addition to fights

    Could be a warm atmosphere, your obligation levels may possibly improve and you may want to
    be more innovative and creative in problem solving

    Change your mind set to see some change around in duties and may be more opportunities coming in for you
    Stay concentrated and review your present responsibilities at office or work

    It could be just OK. More care and tact should be applied now

    Take up the un unplanned additional roles or responsibilities that may come in this time
    Some adjustments in responsibilities could possibly be there. Take care of them effectively,
    avoid issues

    There could be change in responsibilities coming to you. There could be more positive changes. Focus on your responsibilities.
    Could be a cordial time, your responsibility levels may possibly improve and you may want to
    Take more initiative and creative in problem solving
    Matters of love and relationships need more energy now. Avoid fights now in relationship.

    A time of some fun with family and over all may be work as well. Beneficial time for career, or meeting with people and starting new work/roles

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  • 2018 TAURUS LOVE Horoscope

     taurus horoscope astrologylove-romance taurus vrishabha love horoscope


    Take advantage of the heightened passion and love levels with each other. Take good care of lover and not to get too excited or angry. Opposite sex could be attracted to you

    Your mind could be high on emotions- so relaxation and peace is much needed.Slight chance of split in relationships is a possibility.

    Avoid dullness in love life in January and February period.
    March, June, June & December could be great time to show and express your love. Good time to connect.

    April is OK passionate time, but avoid fights now.
    Be very careful in august, take care of ego and sexual conduct to keep the relationship on the track.

    May is a time for passionate love and yes tiffs as well.

    June means a mix of fun, outings and love.
    July- You should try to express your deeper sensitive feelings to your partner. This is the best time.

    August is a slight red. Let not ego hassles or lack of courtesy or indiscreet sexual conduct affect the relationships.

    September: Time for deep love. Connection at a much deeper level now. Enjoy the fun and love both this time.

    October: Love and only love is needed. Let not isolation of any kind effect the relationship.
    November is a passionate time, but you have tread the path of love with care.

    December is a time for social, expressing your child part in you in love. It could be great time to express your sensitive side of personality.


    The emotions could be high and avoid fights. Enjoy closing domestic matters is important and available ends regarding responsibility on this occasion. The time could be eventful

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  • TAURUS 2018 Horoscope

     taurus 2018 horoscope astrology

    Taurus Year 2018 Horoscope Overview :

    Overall the year 2018 would be an average time, when matters may move a bit slow and sensitive matters in relationships and job may come up. but still you may feel; fair enough of energy and enthusiasm- on various fronts.

    Love and care on love matters is much needed. But over all deeper level of love could be reached now.

    The intensity of your love and passion or say feeling could be on the higher side. But again due to retrograde Saturn for a long time in 2018 till September at least one has to take good care of relationships and keep your mind positive. One has to avoid any fight or aggressive exchanges with family members or for your office colleagues especially in April time or august 2018. but otherwise OK.

    Deeper connections with your sensitivities high with people in friend or office circles is possible in 2018. These Deeper connections with opposite sex would take you a long way in life. Relationships and marital problems could be there somewhat. take good care of health of your loved ones- November and April is the time when things need special care. Travel could be on the cards.

    January and February 2018 could be just fair months. Try to keep the pep and of enthusiasm up in the family.

    March 2018 could mean fun and family outings- of a fair nature . Make the best use of this time and try to go for outings with friends and family.

    April 2018 is an again a time for passion and love- you may feel too motivated for love but yes care again is needed. Avoid any rifts coming in at family front as discussed above. There could be fair warmth this time, but yes tiffs have to be avoided.

    May 2018 means a time when excess work or home responsibilities might fall on your lap. but otherwise OK. Your health and health of friends and family members needs care.

    June is a time when work and desire to have closer connections and fun could conflict. Good time for you to communicate your heart or ask your boss for a raise in salary in your office.

    July 2018 is a time for deeper connection with your family and friends- sensitivity is the key. yes, unexpected matters on your family and other responsibilities front may come up.

    One needs to take special care on august in terms of career, one has to avoid direct conflicts and family front has to be well managed as well. Ego is a simple no else the harmony could be affected. This is a month of basic caution for you.

    September is a time when work at home front could creep in. Yes sweet speech and use of discipline and intelligence would be a sure shot rule of success now. So you need to strike a balance. Attend well your family needs well.

    October 2018 means a time when family work load and responsibilities may come up. there could be stress in the relationships as well at home and office- but mostly people would be more loving to you.Health of people needs care.

    November 2018 could be an intense period when your emotions could peak especially at family front, or family needs care or in regard to your roles and responsibilities at office. Health to be kept under watch. But enjoy your high passion level. Fairly warm but eventful period this time.

    December 2018 could mean lots of family fun, friendly outings and yes fights are possible. Keep your mind cool, enjoy the passion levels now and make the best of this time. Relationships need a special guard now- though over all things would be opening up and with fun around.

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  • 2018 ARIES MONEY Horoscope

     aries horoscope astrologybank-note-209104_1280-money


    This year may not be great as such from money point of view. stay cool and less agitated to win . Keep your anger in control and deal with lands or machines related projects or work with care.
    This over all not so good period for finances/stocks- opportunities could possibly be there. Planned effort could yield slight results

    You need to control your spending tendencies as well this Expenditure for the sake of gains in position or vanity is possible. Lesser Gains in money by your leadership or Your Initiative capability is there.Take special care in july 2018 , no anger or haste .
    Now ot worry much- chant hanuman chalisa or help your brothers or even cousins.

    General 2018 Monthly Guidance for Finances & Stocks for the benefit of Businessmen, Consultants/Contractors, Stocks Market Investors

    This month could be an eventful time and high risk has to be taken with care. There could be mostly possibility of not gaining.
    This could be a little better than the previous. Let not haste or anger get in financial decision making decisions.This could be a time with many things happening and take care on taking any risks this time
    This could be a relatively better time than before for gains in investment.One has to avoid haste.
    This could be a high energy time when you may go headlong to make your investments. Very good for money and fortune, but yes eventful as well with some make breaks in money matters. You have to avoid anger and haste.
    Expense on family matters and beauty products could increase. This is a Good time for gains and fortune. You need to Control emotions and spend on luxury and love with care..
    You have to speak carefully to win now. This time Haste could cause waste- the words that you speak and peace that you develop could make the difference.
    Anger and haste could be there. There is a possibility of Slight losses .Fights and driving could take investments so just a word of caution.
    Gains possible with your initiative & yes some surprises are also there – but controlling your impulse now and taking this high energy time for better investments could make the difference.
    A time when you need to avoid haste- this is a time to speak with care for better fortune in money matters. Yes you may attract money as well this time.
    Fair success in fortune.
    This is a Good time for you fortune and passion to grow .You may spend more on love and passion or family matters. Most of your Prayers could be beneficial for luck now.
    You could be full of energy now- but against be prepared for some slight make break stuff. Over all Good for money and fortune- barring the jarring notes. But this is also slightly an eventful time.
    There could be good gains and success this time. You need to Use your high energy this time in proper manner.Investment to do with machines and surgical matters could give good returns.

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  • 2018 ARIES CAREER Horoscope

     aries horoscope astrology


    This could be very eventful year with tiffs and issues coming in. More in January and February times or April .There could be Good time for opportunities but fights may creep in now. Your colleagues can feel your anger and passion somewhat and also you should try to be forgiving. Yes there could be delays at times or suddenness at other extreme should not affect you.

    With your proper initiative and effort- and being patient now- you could reach the sky may be after October November time frame. Harvest this time well!!

    This time may not be very Beneficial to career, but you need to strap on your boots and cash the opportunities which might come your way. Let definitely not emotions takeover and affect your goals now. You will feel energetic and motivated now- but a lot of things and events now at office could irritate you. Your boss if a male has to be well respected now.

    Once again this time may not be that great for career, there could be a lot of changes and agitations in mind. You have to take care of your relationships with females at office and yes control over anger. let this time pass by and get ready and cash the opportunities which might come your way in the coming month. Let not emotions affect your goals now.

    This is a time that could be said Good with regard to career and you having more than normal socials or meetings and connection (whatsapp/mails/phone calls etc) with your colleagues and people around and getting ahead in your career. All this could help you further your interests in your office and consolidate your position.
    This is a time full of action and emotional. yes a lot of things could happen so go slow. You may want to do everything and that also fast – but just take a breath and relax now. You have to step by step cash the opportunities. Be focused in addition of being forgiving or say compassionate with colleagues now. Delays in matters could possibly be there .
    This time may be somewhat Beneficial to career, your roles and responsibilities may slightly increase. Your relationships with female employees may not run smooth so just take it easy now. You could also connect more with people, and may need to take more ownership in your roles at office.
    This can be a very good time with regard to career, with an increase in opportunities coming towards you, communications/messages to help you and workplace outings possible. Just
    You need to just stay peaceful and speak with care now. Drive with care and communication and emails/whatsapp has to be accurate now.
    There could be Opportunities that could possibly be there but more in specialized area areas. You could possibly partake some study/analysis related job . there might be more movement and a bit less comfort this time at office.

    Might not be a great time, just hold on and wait for this month to pass by. Matters may move a bit slow now, and you could be more anger prone now. Just maintain your cool at home or office. Aries children and teenagers may throw tantrums and housewife’s may fin fights happening with their hubbies.But sure with cooperation and team work can result in more growth . Let not any kind of depression or agitation com in your mind

    This is a time that is Beneficial for you career growth, there could be new opportunities to help expand your interest could possibly be there. You may find a surge of your action and positive energies flowing to you. At front also you may feel energetic but avoid bull dozing people 🙂 with excess of passion. If studying or researching you may find yourself going great. let not the excess energy make you take any conflict with your BOSS or colleague’s .Use diplomacy and balanced approach to succeed .A effectively planned work would enable you to cash about the diverse opportunities now
    This could be a positive time for your career- but you need to avoid haste and may be take care of what you speak out. Once you have done so more opportunities would coming towards you. There could be sharp exchange of whatsapp /email messages or communication at home or work place. There could be change and outings at workplace . Just stay peaceful , think and then speak is the mantra.

    You will feel passionate about work. be careful to speak properly to all female colleagues. Family matters may take up a lot of energies. This time is fair enough for career, also you could connect with people, and take more responsibility at office. Your leadership would be distinct this time.

    You need to Work in a planned way to get the opportunities in hand. You also have Be focussed in addition of being relaxed and forgetting the wrongs people do. This is important as you will be gonghu or fairly aggressive in getting things done now at office. Take care of your gestures and what you communicate from your body language to others. There could also be Delays in matters .
    Now this could be a Fair period with regard to career with more socials/meetings could be there in your office with colleagues and others. There could be high degree of warmth and passion in the environment now. Also new connections or communications that could help you further your interests in profession. Enjoy the connection to your colleagues now.

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