2018 TAURUS LOVE Horoscope

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Take advantage of the heightened passion and love levels with each other. Take good care of lover and not to get too excited or angry. Opposite sex could be attracted to you

Your mind could be high on emotions- so relaxation and peace is much needed.Slight chance of split in relationships is a possibility.

Avoid dullness in love life in January and February period.
March, June, June & December could be great time to show and express your love. Good time to connect.

April is OK passionate time, but avoid fights now.
Be very careful in august, take care of ego and sexual conduct to keep the relationship on the track.

May is a time for passionate love and yes tiffs as well.

June means a mix of fun, outings and love.
July- You should try to express your deeper sensitive feelings to your partner. This is the best time.

August is a slight red. Let not ego hassles or lack of courtesy or indiscreet sexual conduct affect the relationships.

September: Time for deep love. Connection at a much deeper level now. Enjoy the fun and love both this time.

October: Love and only love is needed. Let not isolation of any kind effect the relationship.
November is a passionate time, but you have tread the path of love with care.

December is a time for social, expressing your child part in you in love. It could be great time to express your sensitive side of personality.


The emotions could be high and avoid fights. Enjoy closing domestic matters is important and available ends regarding responsibility on this occasion. The time could be eventful

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