Virat Kohli Kundli & Horoscope(Birth Chart) Indian Cricket Captain – IPL & wealth 2017 Predictions- Vedic Astrology

Virat_Kohli_June_2016_indian_cricket_team_captain Virat Kohli kundli horoscope birth chart indian cricket captain ipl wealth predictions vedic astrology

Virat Kohli  Kundli & Horoscope(Birth Chart) Indian Cricket Captain – IPL & wealth Predictions- Vedic Astrology

What is this Article about?

  • This article talks about the life of the cricket Legend Virat Kohli.Virat Kohli won several awards and has come up so well at a very young age in terms of wealth and fame- so all this has been analyzed based on Virat Kohli’s Horoscope.
    Various planetary combinations and conjunctions for success are analyzed and future predictions made for Virat Kohli.

  • What makes Virat Kohli so special for the  Indian Cricket ?

    • Virat Kohli the young Indian cricketer was born 5 November 1988) is an Indian international cricketer who at the moment is the captain of India’s team. Virat Kohli is  right-handed batsman and he is rated  as one of the best batsmen in the world.
    • Virat Kohli has been rated or  ranked eighth in ESPN’s list of world’s most famous athletes in the year of 2016.
    • The team or group He plays for the Royal Challengers Bangalore in the Indian Premier League (IPL) matches, and has been the team’s captain since the year 2013.

    virat kohli wealth statuswealth status virat kohli

    What is Virat Kohli’s Journey to the top in wealth and status?
    His brand value in 2016 was estimated to be US$92 million!!!

    • Virat Kohli the Indian cricket captain was appointed vice-captain of the ODI team in the year 2012, and handed over the Test captaincy following the captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s , who had his Test retirement in  the year of 2014.
    • In early 2017,Virat Kohli he became the limited-over’s captain as well after Dhoni stepped down from the captaincy position position.
    • Virat Kohli also holds numerous Indian records as a batsman including the fastest ODI century, the fastest batsman to 5,000 ODI runs and the fastest man to do the ten or 10 ODI centuries.
    • Also Virat Kohli He is only the second batsman in the world to have scored 1,000 or more ODI runs for four consecutive calendar years. within the T20 world records held by Kohli are fastest batsman to score thousand or  1,000 runs, most runs in a calendar year and most fifties in the format.
    • Virat Kohli as an Indian cricket team batsman also holds the records of most runs in a single tournament of both the World Twenty20 and the IPL matches.
    • The unique thing about him is  He is the only batsman in the world to average more than 50 across all formats of international cricket. Unfortunately, he has did not  do great  in the home matches against Australia held  in the year 2017 and even ended up missing the last Test match of the series in Dharmshala due to shoulder injury.

    awards virat kohli
    Awards Virat Kohli has won?

    • He has been the recipient of many awards like to mention ICC ODI Player of the Year in 2012 and the BCCI’s international cricketer of the year for the year 2011–12 and 2014–15 seasons.
    • In 2013, he was also given the Arjuna Award in recognition of his achievements in international cricket by the government of India .
    • He also has other business ventures to earn more money and has endorsed over 20 brand ;his brand value in the year 2016 was estimated to be US$92 million, placing him in the place second on the list of India’s most valued celebrity brands.

    success wealth virat koh;i
    What planetary combinations in His Kundli or horoscope(Birth Chart) Make Virat Kohli a legend in India Cricket?

    • In the horoscope or kundli(birth chart) of Virat Kohli, His lord of ascendant is Jupiter in 6th Now Jupiter rules dharma and good deeds- it being in sixth house of obstacles for him suggests that he would do good deeds and is a nice man- but would incur enmity and lot of opposition in life.
    • In the horoscope or kundli(birth chart) of Virat Kohli, We know Virat Kohli came up even when he lost his father at a very young age.
    • In the horoscope or kundli(birth chart) of Virat Kohli, His Jupiter or guru is retrograde, giving him a non conventional streak of personality, as we know he decided to play even when he knew the day his father was no more. This retrograde Jupiter(guru) in sixth house of vighna bhava gives him courage to fights the odds and could bring him in touch with occult/astrology books and literature sooner or later in life.
    • nakshatra virat kohli

    • His birth star Mula Nakshatra– gives him the philosophical taint in nature continued by Saturn in his ascendant or lagna kundli , also it gives him the ability to investigate – say cricket or team relate matters to a deeper level. This Nakshatra also deal with much wealth and money.
    • In the horoscope or kundli(birth chart) of Virat Kohli, Mula in general gives a violent nature- but in case of Virat Kohli it has been channelized into cricket.
    • In the horoscope or kundli(birth chart) of his , Saturn(shani) the lord of second house(wealth and status) and the third house(initiative with Rahu(dragon’s Head) in it) gives a clear indication that by discipline of Saturn(shani) in the first house and rash action given by rahu(dragon’s Head) in third – Virat Kohli would earn his name /fame and money. Which is very true for him- as he is a self made man and come up to such wealth and name and fame.
    • In the horoscope or kundli(birth chart) of Virat Kohli, His moon is with Venus in Virgo sign in tenth house of career and action. Now one can clearly see that his moon or mind in the action or his career cricket always- he is a very dedicated player we know. Venus the lord of eleventh and sixth give him is part of the gains and also luxury and comfort and yes beauties through his career. His Anushka Sharma.
    • His moon (Chandra)in Uttar Phalguni nakshatra makes him fun loving happy and a courageous Person. The issue could be not getting into meaningful relationships

    legend virat kohli
    What makes Virat Kohli’s Career in Cricket and So Unique & different?

    • The planet sun or surya the karaka for fame is weak in eleventh house- but rules the ninth house of bhagya or luck.
    • In the horoscope or kundli(birth chart) of Virat Kohli, Mercury(budha) has effects of lord of eighth house moon, making his actions sudden and dashing, also mercury his lord of tenth house career absorbs energy of sun ruling his house for luck and fortune the ninth house of past karma. Plus getting energy from Pluto- giving him an exceptional career.
    • In the horoscope or kundli(birth chart) of Virat Kohli, Mars the planet of sports and action aspects his lord of career mercury, this gives him outdoor games cricket.
    • In the horoscope or kundli(birth chart) of Virat Kohli, Tenth house lord being in the eleventh house makes him very wealthy, earning wealth and may be employing a lot of people later in life.
    • Venus or shukra here gives him gains in land deals. Venus gives him there creativity and comfort in captaincy and his batting plus money of course and also women fans. Moon gives him an access to raw energy of the eight houses. Over all an active watery sign. This clearly defines his cricket style.
    • In the horoscope or kundli(birth chart) of Virat Kohli, Virgo sign in his tenth house of career gives him quick wits, ability to analyze cricket situations, better faster and in harmony due to venus being there.They are also good originators.

    Why Virat Kohli Failed in year 2017 in home with Australians?

    • The only change that has happened in Saturn(shani) transit to his ascendant , conjunct with natal Saturn make it stronger. But then why did he fail? There are two reasons for the same- traditionally the lord of third house is malefic  and as Jupiter(guru) rules the kundli of Virat Kohli Saturn energies don’t blend well in transit with him.
    • At the time of February-march time frame when Saturn was very weak at 1 degree in Sagittarius- it cannot give good effects, it can only give malefic effects. But as the Saturn grows in strength this year( barring when it is retrograde for few months now onwards), Virat Kohli may do better

    His Shoulder Injury  in Feb-march 2017 Explained astrologically?

    • Please note Saturn or shani rules his shoulders the second and third house lord in kaal purusha and also mars his lord of twelfth house of illness and issues aspects his fourth house of public image and yes career the tenth house.
    • The venus the lord of twelfth house of Virat Kohli is also in the fourth house of his name and fame and aspecting his career house. Though exalted simply increases his woes in terms of career and bad health.

    Till June 2017 and beyond

    • In April may 2017 Saturn(shani) would be retrograde so would slightly impact his wealth/status- but still be fair enough fro him. April is a time for him to restrategize life and his strategies for cricket.
    • May 2017 could put him into great pressure of work and performance and Indian team coordination.
    • By July 2017 onwards when Saturn picks up strong Virat would again get into form. So only may ending/June and July 2017 could times of trouble for him.
    • We sincerely wish him all the best in life.

    Yogas & Planetary Combination Horoscope(Wealth,Money Children)Mukesh Ambani Predictions!

    jio-mobile yogas planetary combination kundli or horoscopebirth chart 2017 of wealth money prosperity children santan yoga mukesh ambani jio mobile predictionsmukesh-img yogas planetary combination kundli or horoscopebirth chart 2017 of wealth money prosperity children santan yoga mukesh ambani jio mobile predictions

    mukesh-lagna yogas planetary combination kundli or horoscopebirth chart 2017 of wealth money prosperity children santan yoga mukesh ambani jio mobile predictions
    What does this article talk about

  • This article in depth talks about the Yogas or combinations for children or santan, health and wealth.
    It also take Mukesh ambani the chairman of Reliance Group as an example to show how these Yogas work for him to make him wealthy and prosperous
  • Yogas & Planetary Combination Kundli or Horoscope(Birth Chart) Wealth,Money,Prosperity  & Children(santan Yoga)?-example Mukesh Ambani Jio Mobile Predictions

    • In your kundli or Horoscope, Wealth is controlled by lord of the second house and the eleventh house and planet Jupiter or Guru and mercury/ budha to an extent.
    • Strength to these parameters of wealth and you will get good wealth and status. The below yogas explain exceptional combination for wealth and status.
    • Children are judged by the fifth house and yes the karaka= Jupiter or guru. Strength to them gives chance of children.
    • Any obstacles to any of the above factors could either block wealth or money flow.
    • Below Yoga would give you a good idea about what could make you fabulously rich or what could make it otherwise.

    Like for a quick example

    Name: Mukesh Ambani
    Date of Birth: April 19, 1957
    POB : Aden, Yemen
    TOB: 6-00 pm.

    • He has the second lord in the eighth house and the lord of the eleventh house the sun in Aries the sign of sun’s or suryas exaltation, this gives him access to great wealth. Indicates great wealth to his father= sun/surya, late sri dhiru bhai ambani ji.
    • The eleventh lord sun gave him fair wealth and association with wealthy people and also the second lord gave him the gains from petrol etc.His exceptional initiatives in geo clearly indicate the same.
    • He was running sun(surya) period or dasha till February 2017- when he launched the geo initiative.He got name and fame and new connection with the world( seventh house of relationships and connection).
    • Now he is running moon the lord of ninth house of luck and fortune and the second house of wealth flows and gains and status- the JIO mobile service that was free- now he is charging 300 rs for the same.:) this will lead to his wealth accumulation in this moon or Chandra’s period.
    • So he will earn a lot of money in JIO mobile stuff in the moon period and may be popularize it or use it to propagate vedic religions .
    • WE wish him all the best in 2017


    Wealth,Money,Prosperity & Children(santan) Yogas:

    • Shankh Yoga(Good for wealth/riches, sex and having children). In the Kundli or Horoscope (Birth Chart ,On the off chance that Lagn’s or ascendant Lord is strong, while the Lords of Putra(fifth house of children) and Ari Bhava (sixth house of diseases and obstacles)are in shared Kendra’s, then what is known, as Shankh Yoga, is delivered. On the other hand, if Lagn’s Lord alongside Karma’s Lord(The lord of the tenth house of career or job) is in a Movable rashi or sign(Aries/cancer/Libra/Capricorn or mesha rashi,karkat rashi,Tula rashi or Makar rashi), while Dharma’s Lord or the lord of the ninth house of fortune and dharma or luck  is strong, Shankh Yoga is acquired. One conceived with Shankh Yoga will be invested with riches, mate and children. He will be mercifully arranged, favourable, shrewd, exemplary and seemingly long lived.
    • Bhairi Yoga(Good Yoga for wealth, children, wife or spouse, riches, as kind of raja Yoga). On the off chance that Vyaya house or the twelfth house, Tanu bhava the first house, Dhana bhava and Yuvati Bhava – the seventh house are possessed, as Dharma’s Lord is solid, the local person  Bhairi Yoga.
    • Again another sort of Bhairi Yoga is framed, if Shukra(venus), Guru(Jupiter) and Lagn’s Lord are in a Kendra, while Dharma’s Lord or lord of ninth house is strong. The consequences of Bhairi Yoga are: the local will be blessed with riches, spouse and children. He will be a ruler, be renowned, temperate and enriched with great conduct, satisfaction and joys.
    • Shrinath Yoga(The yoga or planetary combination of great gains or expansion). On the off chance that Yuvati’s Lord(the lord of the seventh house) is in Karma Bhava(The tenth house of career), while Karma’s Lord is exalted up and in conjunction with Dharma’s Lord( Or the lord of the ninth house luck and fortune), Shrinath Yoga happens. The local with Shrinath Yoga will be equivalent to Lord Devendra (divine force of divine beings). As the seventh house of relationship and job is very strong in a Kendra and that also the tenth lord is strong in connection with the ninth lord plus blessed with good deeds and expansion in career and life otherwise.
    • Lakshmi Yoga or planetary combination in Kundli or horoscope(Yoga for royal status, Good fortune, royal status, Children & education). In the Kundli or Horoscope (Birth Chart)On the off chance that Dharma’s Lord(The ninth house of fortune and dharma) is in a Kendra(Fourth/seventh or tenth) indistinguishable with his Mooltrikona rashi, or own rashi or sign, or in exaltation, while Lagn’s(ascendant ) Lord is strong in quality, Lakshmi Yoga happens. The local with Lakshmi Yoga will fascinate, idealistic, royal in status, blessed with numerous children and plenteous riches. He will be popular and of high good merits.
    • As the fifth from fifth house( the ninth house) lord is strong, so good for kids and children. Also the ninth house is the house of fortune and luck and this luck and fortune/wealth goes to sell or the person as lagna as well is strong. It also gives royal status.
    • Kalanidhi Yoga or planetary combination in Kundli or horoscope(Yoga for wealth and learning). In the Kundli or Horoscope (Birth Chart) In the event that Guru(Jupiter) is put in Dhana bhava or second house of gains and wealth flows/.status, or Putr Bhava(fifth house of children and learning) and gets a Drishti or aspect from Budh(mercury) and (shukra or venus), Kalanidhi Yoga is brought on. As a result the local will be prudent, regarded by the rulers, deprived of maladies, be glad, well off and learned.


    • Jupiter the planet of wealth and learning in the house of learning the fifth house or the house of wealth and status the second house along with aspect from benefic like venus for comforts and mercury for wealth flows and again mathematical learning would make him or her a learned person and also wealth and wise.
    • Trimurthi Yogas or planetary combinations in kundli or Horoscope(The Yogas for riches/children and success). Numbered from Dhan’s Lord(The second house), if benefics involve the second, twelfth(expenditure/sex & travel) and eighth house(Obstacles and property), Hari Yoga is shaped.
    • In the Kundli or Horoscope (Birth Chart), On the off chance that the fourth(mother/family/car), ninth(Luck fortune & religion) and eighth(Obstacles /property) with reference to the rashis or signs, involved by Yuvati’s Lord( seventh house lord- for relationship and marriage), are possessed by benefics, Hara Yoga is formed
    • In the Kundli or Horoscope (Birth Chart). Brahma Yoga is produced, if, checked from Lagn’s Lord(ascendant), benefics are in the fourth, tenth(house of career and action) and eleventh (House of gains)rashis.
    • One conceived in anybody of the said three Yogas will be upbeat, learned and supplied with riches and children.
    • If we look this Yoga is with respect to the rashis of the seventh house. So the second rashi from seventh is ruled by the ninth house of luck and fortune, the eight rashi or the sign is again the second house and the twelfth rashi is the sixth house. So mostly benefic give gains to family(children- second house),wealth due to lordship of second house. Also the ninth house blesses with luck and fortune.

    What are certain most interesting facts about Mukesh Ambani?- the chairman and managing director of Reliance Industries?

  • That is he is the Chairman and managing director of Reliance Industries and is also the largest shareholder in reliance industries. Reliance Industries is a global 500 fortune company and has a very high and significant market value as per the Forbes magazine.
  • Also, Mukesh Ambani is the richest man and among the topmost 20 in the world. his brother Anil Ambani who is also a businessman and is very popular. he has got two sisters Dipti and bhadrashyam. he got his masters degree in management from the Stanford University and he also has a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering from Matunga engineering college.
  • what makes Mukesh Ambani’s horoscope or Kundali so significant or different from others ?

  • Now looking at his Lagna or ascendant or vrishchika Rashi. The lagan lord Mars(mangal) is sitting in the seventh bhava or house of Mukesh Ambani. so staying in Kendra bhava or house, Mars gives Mukesh Ambani great action and energy. plus also based on his Chandra Rashi or moon sign Sagittarius(Dhanu Rashi) promises good of education and dignity and value in Indian society for Mukesh Ambani. The planet Jupiter(guru) the lord of the Moon Lagna sits in the 9th house of luck gains and fortune for Mukesh Ambani. Now, this is a Raja Yoga for Mukesh Ambani and gives him great money wealth and status which is hundred percent true!
  • for Mukesh Ambani Jupiter sits in the Leo sign or Simha Rashi that is the 10th(tenth) house of career and action for Mukesh Ambani’s horoscope or Kundali. so that gives great expansion to his career and expansion. which we can very well see for the life and career for Mukesh Ambani . also note that his Jupiter or guru is old and is atmakaraka for him . so that means ultimately it is knowledge( in fact reliance works for internet and internet means knowledge :), Google devta recall). That is in his latter days he would working for the Industry and ultimate Vedic knowledge and also a lot of altruistic or social organizations.

  • Now, look at his numbers in Mukesh Ambani’s birth date. he is born on April= 4th month, 19th is equal to 1(1+9=10=1+0=1) and 1957 is 22, so the overall- total is equal to 4 + 19 + 22 = 4+1+22= 27= 2+7= 9.This is the number of Mars and Jupiter. As of 9th sign = Sagittarius so this could be taken as giving mars and Jupiter effects both. This could give him great wealth, knowledge and Honour all over in life
  • what are the wealth combinations that give Mukesh Ambani so much of wealth?

  • The first one is Jupiter sitting in the 10th(tenth) House sign in the Leo sign(Simha Rashi) gives great expansion and wealth. also, the lord Leo or Simha Sun is very strong in Aries sign(Mesha Rashi) and in fact exalted in the sixth bhava. that gives some great gains and expansion in life for Mukesh Ambani. all this also ensure great dignity and Honour for him . as second bhava or house stands for wealth and status . in fact the second bhava or house lord Jupiter(guru) is sitting in the 10th House is a strong Raja Yoga for money matters.
  • One also has to note that the 11th House Lord is mercury and is placed in the house of debts. But is blessed by the energies of Venus so still, it would be giving fair enough money.
  • What does Jaimini astrology or arudha lagan say about Mukesh Ambani’s wealth and prosperity status?

  • His lagna mars or Mangal is in the 7th bhava or house. so his arudha pada becomes 4th bhava as per the rules of astrology. so Aquarius sign or Kumbha Rashi becomes is arudha lagna. so this gives him great discipline, gives idealism in business matters or in fact makes him very idealistic. so without idealism and dreams, he could not have reached this level. from the arudha Lagna 2nd House Lord is Jupiter(guru) which again is very strong in the 7th(seventh) house of partnerships. also for Mukesh Ambani the 11th(eleventh) house lord is dhanu or Sagittarius .that again is very strong in the 7th house makes a great Yoga for money with proper alliances, relationships and partnerships supporting the same.
  • What does the career house of Mukesh Ambani say about his career and Karma or action ?

  • let us analyze what kind of career Mukesh Ambani is more prone to take up. now we see that the Lord of the tenth house for karma for Mukesh Ambani’s is Leo or Simha.
  • The planet sun or Surya the lord of Leo is exalted in the sixth house. so clearly suggested a leadership and dignified career. so we are sure that Mukesh Ambani is set to will take a leadership role . also we note and Atma karaka Jupiter or guru also staying in the tenth bhava. This could give him great dignity & honors. and yes it attracts great wealth for him . also one has to note that Jupiter rules Communications and is close to the Lagna Surya or sun.
  • so overall this combination gives great connection to people for Mukesh , especially high dignitaries. Venus or Shukra rules home, families, and Society . one can see Mukesh Ambani set up Reliance Infocomm – that penetrated into Indian homes(Venus). also, it is clear that he has strong energy for communications. we note that from his Jaimini Lagna or ascendant as well. Mars rules his career the tenth bhava that is an engineering and also Saturn energy is also there. we know Saturn and Mars both will engineer and mercury is the lord of the 5th house of communication and thinking. so this gives home great strength in communications related industry.
  • Equation Of Life for Mukesh Ambani

  • JUPITER mukesh ambani wealth prosperity horoscope kundali jupiter or Guru + MERCURYmercury budha mukesh ambani wealth prosperity horoscope kundali 7TH HOUSE == MUKESH AMBANI mukesh ambani wealth prosperity horoscope kundali+ RELIANCE COMMUNICATIONS mukesh ambani wealth prosperity horoscope kundali

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    How Is Vedic Astrology or Numerology Same As Mobile or Internet Engineering?
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    But in Vedic astrology or numerology the Vedic it works with prana or life force (much more subtle than electrons or protons or photons that you use in Computer or Mobile engineering).

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    How does a Qualified Vedic Astrologer or Numerologist Work Like an Engineer and analyst of Prana or Life Force?
    balance-yoga-pranayama vedic astrology kundli horosocpe

    A qualified Vedic astrologer or Jyotish or numerologist, studies the effects of this prana in your body based on your horoscope or kundli, analyzes it and then suggest a prana based solution like donations, mantra chanting or wearing  Gemstone.

    So if all this is done with proper discipline – Mobile or TV engineering is same as Vedic astrology engineering. All are there to help Human beings like You and Me.

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    Yogi Adityanath Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh Kundli & Horoscope of BJP- 2017 Predictions:Vedic astrology yogiadityanath_ls_shot_2 yogi adityanath chief minister uttar pradesh kundli horoscope bjp 2017 predictions vedic astrology

    Yogas or Planetary Combinations for Career-Job & Position in Kundli -Horoscope : Akhilesh Yadav 2017 & beyond predictions unveiled! Akhilesh_Yadav

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    Kapil Sharma Comedy Success Secret

    Kapil_sharma kapil Sharma kundli horoscope  predictions comedy nights laughter show king Vedic astrology forecast

    Kapil Sharma Kundali -what makes him a super success? Comedy nights laughter show king- Vedic astrology forecast

    What is this article about

  • This article talks about the laughter challenge Guru Kapil Sharma : ). some interesting facts of his life and how based on astrology everything falls in place for Kapil Sharma.
    It tells about his love
  • Kapil Sharma wanted to go to singing/acting– but went to jokes and comedy. That is also analyzed in depth in this article.
  • The article first analyzes kapil Sharma’s life first(i) based on his lagna horoscope and Navamsa d9 chart (ii) The it does with the surya kundali or horoscope of kapil sharma ji.
  • kapil sharma horoscope Navamsa d9
    Kapil Sharma horoscope analysis actual Lagna chart why did he go for comedy as a career and why was it so successful? : )

  • Now looking at the Lagna chart of Kapil Sharma . we will do a complete analysis based on actual lagan chart ( we did it later by Surya kundali). By Reference we got for Kapil Sharma’s horoscope.
  • kapil sharma horoscope comedy laughter smiley
    Does Kapil Sharma’s Lagna make him funny? 🙂
    The lagna or ascendant for Kapil Sharma is Scorpio or Vrishchika Rashi. that is Mars or Mangal ruling . mars are the planet of action and sits in the 5th house . also fifth house also stands for children plus hasya vinod(fun and laughing ::) that is fun & frolic. it’s a house for the children we know.
  • kapil sharma horoscope comedy laughter wards recognition
    What gave Kapil sharma such a great image in Younger age?
    so the lagan lord mars in the 5th house of Kapil Sharma gives him fun loving nature(comedy etc) and a childish nature plus being a comedian as well .so this is very clear that Kapil Sharma a great comedian . also sun the lord of the 10th house of career or job for Kapil Sharma sits very close to lagna in the 5th house of comedy. 🙂 so that means that one thing is that Kapil Sharma will get very good image .because of Sun or surya is Lord of career for him and close to ascendant or lagna. it ensures that he will get good image and name . the popularity of Kapil Sharma Comedy Show is due to sun or surya the 10th lord.
  • kapil sharma horoscope comedy laughter money wealth
    what gives kapil Sharma wealth and opulence?

  • Kapil Sharma has an exalted Venus is sitting in the 5th house of fun /.frolic and love
    . which very clearly indicates that Kapil Sharma will make big money and good luxury in life. as Venus or shukra connect with lagna(his ascendant) he will have all the best in life due to comedy and is acting . all that is there in the 5th house :). so good that he was bound to go into a creative profession and do very well there.
  • What basic qualities make kapil Sharma so successful in comedy and creating a famous show?

  • Which planets and qualities make Kapil Sharma an Ace Performer?
    sun the 10th lord and rahu aspecting the lagan of Kapil Sharma who gives in very good innovative ability. on the other hand we have Saturn or shani dev gives Kapil Sharma discipline to do things and be successful
    Kapil Sharma ‘s moon in Aquarius sign or kumbha rashi. that’s gives Kapil Sharma philosopher like serious nature as well at the backend and not visible to public. so with and deep thinking approach of Kapil Sharma -he is able to create the laughter show. any laughter show takes a lot of effort and energy and planning plus different kind of management skills .so philosophy plus funny nature is the true Kapil Sharma . 🙂
  • something about Navamsa or d9 chart of kapil Sharma? what does it say about him?

  • kapil sharma horoscope comedy laughter mars action karma
    Which planets make him do the action part in Comedy?
    in the Navamsa chart or d9 horoscope of Kapil Sharma, he is blessed that sun the 10th house or career lord is in the eleventh house of gains and the dispositor is Jupiter(guru). which blesses his life also Venus(shukra) and Mars(Mangal) are there for Kapil Sharma in 11th house. so Venus ensuring that Kapil Sharma has good luxury gains and he becomes popular in any family or home. comedy show is a home serial. mars help him to do the action or karma.
  • why did kapil Sharma have a love marriage but it was late? 🙂
    kapil sharma marriage love wife ginni chatrath

  • Kapil Sharma we know married late to Ginni Chatrath his love. we see that the of 7th house Venus(Taurus or vrishabha is ruled by Venus or shukra). but it is sitting with 6th house Lord Mars in the fifth house. so that clearly indicates that Kapil Sharma would be having a love affair which will convert into marriage . as 5th house deals with love matters but it could be delayed due to the 6th house effects. that is also very clearly indicated .it happened in December 2018.
  • Kapil Sharma’s Surya Kundali

    Sharma on the sets of Comedy Nights with Kapil

    Born 2 April 1981

    Amritsar, Punjab, India

    kapil-sharma-kundali kapil Sharma kundli horoscope 2017 predictions comedy nights laughter show king Vedic astrology forecast

    Which planetary Combinations Made Kapil Sharma such a great person and Comedian in life?

    • In the kundali horoscope or Kapil Sharma, His ascendant or Lagna is ruled by Jupiter or guru(his ascendant is Pisces in Surya kundli), which is a planet of fun and frolic and also dharma or religion and knowledge. Kapil Sharma is not only a comedian but earned a lot of practical knowledge by experience- which is evident in his practical jokes.
    • What gave Kapil a Critical attitude
      Also the Lagna Pisces gives him or Kapil Sharma the sense of humanity. he has been a great help to his friends. Jupiter is number 3 and also stands for fun and jokes and masti in life . Note Kapil Sharma’s Jupiter is retrograde- so giving him the extreme critical attitude of Jupiter to make fun in life.
    • Which planet played a role in kapil Sharma’s Popularity
      There is sun or Surya dev nearby Jupiter giving him the fame and recognition for anything to do with Jupiter related work. that is humanity, literary work or fun and laughter. That’s what he is doing.
      But as the sun is the lord of vighna or the sixth bhava, suggest he will have to struggle his way through.
    • In the Kundali horoscope or Kapil Sharma, His ascendant is ruled with the sensitive sign of Pisces, gives him exceptional sensitivity to understand and appreciate human nature/behaviour and connect to it in a funny and creative/laughing manner.
    • Venus (Shukra) the planet of art & cinema and yes comfort and entertainment is exalted in the ascendant, blessing him with success in entertainment shows like comedy shows and yes movies in Bollywood and blessings form Bollywood stars and starlets in his show.
    • Mars(Mangal) the lord of luck & the ninth house of fortune and also wealth & a status house that is the second house is sitting in the first house or the ascendant.
    • In the kundli horoscope or Kapil Sharma Sun(Surya) gives his name and fame/success but with struggles, is sitting there in the first house and it rules the sixth house of vighna or obstacles.
    • What makes Kapil sharma a good entertainer?
      He has an exalted Venus with Jupiter ruling the 8th house in the first house near Jupiter, the laughter planet. This means he will have to struggle but he could get great and unexpected success in laughter or literary matters as Venus is exalted and very strong in Lagna or ascendant. Venus also rules the lord the third bhava or people around .
    • What Gives Him great Female fans?
      so it clearly suggests he or Kapil Sharma would have great female fans and would gain a lot in life due to females. his mother has been a source of inspiration and so is his would be wife Ginni Chatrath.
    • He also has a strong mars lord of past life karma and also the second bhava of wealth and status close to Venus and Jupiter,
      so Kapil Sharma’s past life good karma, his father’s blessings and also his good speaking ability due to the second bhava or house has given him great success in comedy.
    • Mars(mangal) & sun(Surya) together give him great impetus for action and initiative to make it all happen almost singlehandedly
    • His moon(Chandra) is the sign of Aquarius or Kumbha Rashi- making him very sensitive, highly strung, easily reads people and situations, helpful, good reasoning ability and success in debate and other arguments. His ability in connecting to people and gatherings could also be traced to this combination
    • kapil sharma horoscope comedy laughter success
      What is the root cause for his success?
      His good ability to manage the business and finances of the show come by his moon in Kumbha Rashi . A retrograde Saturn(Shani) and a retrograde Jupiter(Guru)- takes him to an extreme of discipline(which is confirmed by people who work with him that Kapil is extremely disciplined in his work) and also fun(laughter- Jupiter energy going to an extreme) represented by the planet Jupiter or guru in retrograde motion.
    • His birth star or Nakshatra is dhanishtha where his moon or mind is (twelfth house of foreign lands /travel and yes renunciation), it is in the Aquarius sign ruled by Saturn(Shani) and the Nakshatra lord is mars or mangal- usually the person has love for music and singing talent. We know Kapil earlier wanted to be a singer.
    • Also the person would accumulate great wealth, but issues with marital life would crop up. Also, this gives him gifts of listening and foresight.
    • In the Kundali horoscope or Kapil Sharma, the Retrograde planets like Jupiter and Saturn in the seventh house of love and relationships suggest issues in marital karma. Saturn is also the lord of the twelfth house of stress and issues in married life and love life. So this could be a weak point for Kapil Sharma.
    • In the kundali horoscope or Kapil Sharma, Also Pluto is there in his seventh house of relationships and marriage, and mercury the lord of the seventh house is in the twelfth house- reinforces the possibility of issues and separation in love & marriage matters.
    • Over all, later on, he may devote more time to dharma and spirituality sooner or later in life.
    • We like his show and wish him all the best in life!
    • What future holds Kapil Sharma in the year 2019 and onwards(2020)?

      • This year 2019 as the lagan lord Jupiter or guru is in the bhava of bhagya or luck the ninth house. That means luck or lady fortune would smile on him. he would do great in his new initiative and GOD would shower all benefits on him.
      • As the tenth house is also involved his career would grow a lot. He would see great expansion and growth in his career. The Jupiter Venus energy exchange would give him a good amount of money and support from womenfolk.
      • As Rahu is in transit till mid of 2019 in his fifth bhava having cancer sign or karkat Rashi. he would do much better in the second half of the year 2019. his success would know fewer binds.
        yes emotions and accidents he needs to take care of . also avoid fights tiffs this time.
      • Saturn or Shani being the lord of the eleventh and twelfth house in the tenth bhava could give some delays in what he wants in life in 2019. But overall it may also mean travel to foreign lands. Or he works for some foreign assignments.
        ‘yes good hard work and planning would give Kapil Sharma great gains.
      • His public image also needs proper care now. As rahu sends energy to the fourth house of public image as well.
      • We wish kapil Sharma all the best in his life.

      Certain interesting facts of Life about the Laughter Guru –Kapil Sharma?

    • We all want to laugh away the stresses of life, Kapil Sharma (comedian), makes us laugh through his entertaining show Comedy Nights. It’s enthralling to watch his quick wits and sense of humour/laughter along with the celebrities.
    • Kapil Sharma started his journey with show Great Indian Laughter Challenge. Kapil Sharma was born 2 April 1981 with the birth name Kapil Punj.
    • He is India’s one of the best stand-up comedians, television presenter, actor and also producer. He started his television comedy show Comedy Nights with He has also first appeared in the Forbes India Celebrity list in the year of 2012, ranked 95th among others.
    • Forbes magazine India has ranked him at 7th position in terms of fame and at 11th position in terms of income on their Celebrity – 100 list in the year 2016.Kapil Sharma had been nominated for the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan by the Indian Prime Minister Sri Narendra Modi Ji and invited by president Pranab Mukherjee.
    • why did Kapil Sharma loose father early in life?

    • Kapil Sharma’s the 10th Lord has Rahu in the 9th bhava just ahead of it so this Rahu impacts the longevity of his father as well . and you know Kapil Sharma lost his father very early life . we also note that sun the signifcator of father is very close to the 12th house Lord Venus of Kapil Sharma indicating possible early demise of is respected Father.

    Captain Amarinder Singh Kundli or Horoscope Chief Minister of Punjab -2017 Predictions Vedic Astrology?

    Captain Amarinder Singh captain amarinder Singh kundli horoscope chief minister Punjab 2017 predictions Vedic astrologynadi captain Amarinder Singh kundli horoscope

    About this article ?

  • This article at length analyses the Horoscope of Captain Amarinder Singh, the chief minister of Punjab.
  • It looks at Yoga’s or planetary combinations that make captain Amarinder Singh so successful in his political Career?
  • Also it looks into role of various planets like Saturn, or Shani dev, rahu( dragon’s head) to make Captain Amarinder Singh a big success in Politics based on his Horoscope or Kundli .
  • Also ketu( dragon’s) and all other planets of the planetary system on how they shape the personality of the great captain Amarinder Singh based on his Kundli, or Horoscope is given?
  • It then looks at which planets make captain Amarinder Singh so Loyal and also a friend of friends etc(Yaron ka yaar :)) and various Unique energy exchanges in Captain Amarinder Singh’s Horoscope or Kundli.
  • Interestingly how Aquarius or kumbha contributes to idealism of captain Amarinder Singh and how mars or Mangal Gives him courage and action is analysed at depth?
  • captain Amarinder Singh kundli horoscope
    Birth Horoscope of Captain Amarinder Singh

  • Name full : Captain Amarinder Singh
  • Date of his Birth :- 11th March, 1942
  • Time of Birth :- is unknown so we will create a Surya kundli or sun kundli
  • Place of Birth :- Patiala, Punjab, India
  • amarinder-Singh horoscope captain amarinder Singh kundli horoscope chief minister Punjab 2017 predictions Vedic astrology
    Captain Amarinder Singh Kundli or Horoscope- what Makes Him so Special and Different from others?

  • In the kundli or horoscope of Sri amarinder Singh ji, His ascendant is Aquarius(Kumbha rashi) the eleventh sign rules by planet Saturn or Shani dev.
  • Please note he is also born on 11th of the month.
  • Aquarius or Kumbha rashi gives captain amarinder Singh a sensitive streak to the person and also makes him warm and lover of under-privileged due to effects of Saturn or Shani dev.
  • Aquarius or Kumbha the number11 could also at times make Captain Amarinder Singh revengeful if hurt by his opponents.
  • But in general Captain Amarinder Singh is good reasoned and difficult to convince in debate.
  • In the kundli or horoscope of Sri Amarinder Singh ji, His moon or Chandra is in Mula nakshatra or star- giving him a fixed mind and a sense of pride(may be due to his being form the royal status).
  • This also makes Captain Amarinder Singh peace loving , he might be giving spiritual advice as well, be wealthy & luxuries based on his Horoscope or Kundli. 🙂
  • yaaron kaa yaar person & spending money on friends, soft disposition, and charitable nature ;).
  • Captain Amarinder Singh may take great interest in public meetings and also public ceremonies.
  • We know all this is 100% true for Sri amarinder Singh ji.
  • In the kundli or horoscope of Sri amarinder Singh ji, Saturn or Shani dev is in his fourth house of public image, along with Uranus the planet giving exceptional abilities and intuition to him .
  • plus with the energy of action-oriented mars or mangal that rules his initiatives or business or effort and also his house of career or karma the tenth house.
  • Giving Captain Amarinder Singh great ability to perform or do things.
  • But Saturn or Shani dev being close to Mars(mangal) and Uranus, there would be tumults in his mind and public image time to time.
  • We know his political career has been fairly tumultuous.
  • In the kundli or horoscope of Sri amarinder Singh ji, His moon or Chandra in the eleventh house of gains and sitting in fourth house.
  • also the dev Guru Jupiter the planet of wealth and status and ruling his wealth and status house and money gains the second house and the eleventh house .
  • This combination Or Yoga or planetary conjunction clearly indicate a royal or regal lineage for captain amarinder Singh ji. Which he has indeed 🙂 .
  • His father being the last king of the state of Patiala.
  • Captain amarinder Singh’s Moon or Chandra in the sign of Sagittarius or dhatu rashi.
  • This indications in his Kundli or Horoscope gives him an inclination to dharma & religion and ethics.
  • Captain Amarinder Singh is known to have resented the operation blue star.
  • professional career job captain Amarinder Singh kundli horoscope
    What about his Political and Professional Career for Captain Amarinder Singh?

  • In the kundli or horoscope of Sri amarinder Singh ji, His relationships house the seventh house is ruled by a mild sun or Surya dev.
  • but it is still OK in Kendra bhava of the Horoscope.
  • Rahu –Ketu( rahu dragon’s head or Tail) axis affecting the same suggest a make break relationships in professional life of Captain Amarinder Singh.
  • Captain amarinder Singh could be prone to taking very strong actions at times due to rahu(dragon’s head) and sun(Surya) based on his Horoscope or Kundli.
  • In his kundli or horoscope(Birth chart),The planet of action mars or mangal is in the fourth house of public image and mind for Captain Amarinder Singh.
  • and with the dispositor Venus or shukra in twelfth house of stress of the Horoscope.
  • So over all captain Amarinder Singh is born to be leader & server of people by action(mars) and his idealism and philosophy – that is Saturn/Aquarius or Shani and Kumbha.
  • Captain Amarinder Singh might also have great interest and inclination for art and music as well.
  • jupiter captain amarinder singh kundli horoscope

  • Jupiter or Guru in his horoscope absorbs energy of taurus sign of Venus. So a good sense of taste would be there in captain Amarinder Singh based on his horoscope or Kundli.
  • Saturn and mars there give some basic aggression to the personality and so does it give good action and also karma and philosophy to captain Amarinder Singh ji.
  • Venus and mercury in Capricorn do have good influence on captain Amarinder Singh, so as said earlier, art, beauty, gardens may attract his attention more.

  • Mars with Saturn or Shani dev promises a career in military that captain Amarinder Singh ji did. Also good honours and respect to him due to Jupiter or Guru dev dear by.

  • Plus rahu(dragon’s head) in the 7th bhava suggest the next career for captain Amarinder Singh ji could have been politics or even films.:)
  • captain Amarinder Singh kundli horoscope predictions
    What has year 2017 and 2018 in store for Him?

  • In the kundli or horoscope of Sri Captain Amarinder Singh ji.
  • As the transit is in the first house from the natal moon.
  • This could impact his health and some decision he might take which he may want to revoke
  • He will gain in status and work more in a disciplined manner to build better Punjab as Saturn rules his second and third house from moon.
  • captain Amarinder Singh needs to take calculated steps against the drug mafia people.
  • Rahu or dragon’s head aspect on moon the lord of sixth house of opposition and Vigna helps him to crush the opposition with diplomatic cleverness of rahu(dragon’s head).
  • Jupiter or Guru’s transit in Virgo helps to strengthen his public image as its aspects Venus the lord of public image and self(Jupiter or Guru) in the natal house.
  • captain Amarinder Singh kundli horoscope predictions
    What Amarinder Singh Ji could expect after 6 Months from now in September 2017 and onwards in 2018 and beyond?

  • In the kundli or horoscope of Sri amarinder Singh ji, Rahu(dragon’s head) the planet of politics transits over his trikona or ninth house of luck and fortune and good past life karma- giving Captain Amarinder Singh success.
  • Which he has reaped in terms of success in elections and now he is the Punjab chief minister.
  • Captain Amarinder Singh may make pilgrimages this year in 2017/2018 for betterment of Punjab and otherwise.
  • When in September 2017 through 2018 rahu or dragon’s head enters his eight house.
  • it makes him vulnerable to risk from the drug mafia more. Also he needs to take good care of health otherwise.
  • Jupiter or guru transit in sign of libra(Tula rashi) from Virgo(Kanya rashi) causes more gains to the native as the transit in the eleventh house from moon or Chandra than the moon sign.
  • So part from the risk from the people of underworld 2017 ending and 2018 would be fair for him. But he may face some isolation and may need time to re-think and re-strategize matters.
  • Travel to various lands could be on the cards.
  • Rahu or dragon’s head transit over seventh house form ascendant would help him in diplomatic matters till September 2017.
  • 2018 Rahu(dragon’s head) aspects on Venus the lord of image-so still he has to take care of his image September 2017 onwards & 2018. Jupiter aspect his house of wealth & status as well till 2017 September.
  • 2017 September onward and 2018 Rahu(dragon’s head) transit over natal mercury or budha gives him great intelligence to solve political problems now..
  • but he may take some very un-thought political actions.
  • Over all we wish captain amarinder Singh ji all the best in this innings.
    captain Amarinder Singh kundli horoscope
    What are some interesting Facts and Figures for Captain Amarinder Singh the 26th Chief Minister for Punjab?

  • Captain Amarinder Singh was born on 11 of March 1942.
  • He is a politician from India from the state of Punjab and is currently the 26th Chief Minister of Punjab.
  • Captain Amarinder Singh is also An elected Member of the Legislative Assembly from Patiala.
  • It has to be added that he has also been president of Punjab Pradesh Congress Committee, the state division of the Indian National Congress.
  • Interestingly captain Amarinder Singh has also been as the Chief Minister of Punjab from 2002-2007.
  • Captain Amarinder Singh is from a royal family with His father being last king of state of Patiala. He has also worked for the Indian army.

  • What are some Interesting facts about Political Life of Captain Amarinder Singh?

  • He was introduced into the Congress by late Sri Rajiv Gandhi.
  • who had been his friend from school day and amarinder was first elected to the Lok Sabha in the year 1980.
  • In 1984 Captain Amarinder Singh resigned as a protest against operation Blue star.
  • Later on he joined the Shiromani Akali Dal .
  • In the year 1992 captain amarinder Singh broke away from the Akali Dal and formed a splinter group called Shiromani Akali Dal.
  • this group was later merged with the Congress mainstream .
  • In the year 1998 He was defeated by Prof Prem Singh Chandumajra from Patiala Constituency in the year by thumping votes to the opposition.
  • He had been appointed as chairman of Punjab Congress Campaign Committee in 2008.
  • He has defeated senior Bhartiya Janata party leader Sri Arun Jaitley ji by a margin of more than 1,02,000 votes in the 2014 general elections.
  • Captain Amarinder Singh ji was sworn in as the 26th Chief Minister of Punjab.
  • On the date of 16 March 2017 at Punjab Raj Bhavan, Chandigarh union territory. Captain Amarinder Singh

  • Yogi Adityanath Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh Kundli & Horoscope of BJP- 2017 Predictions:Vedic astrology

    yogiadityanath_ls_shot_2 yogi Adityanath chief minister uttar Pradesh kundli horoscope bjp predictions Vedic astrologyyogi Adityanath chief minister uttar Pradesh kundli horoscope bjp predictions Vedic astrology

    About this article ?

  • This highly interesting article ,in detail discusses the Unique Planets & Yogas in the horoscope or kundli of UP chief minister Yogi Adityanath ji.
  • It looks at What planets in the Kundli or Horoscope made Yogi Adityanath ji such a good & famous 🙂 politician? Plus what makes Yogi Adityanath so firm & direct in his decision making?
  • Also Each & everything of Yogi Adityanath ji’s life like his sense of humor :0) or strictness is analysed based on planets and Kundli or horoscope very interestingly
  • Also the impact of all the 9 planets(Like sun, mars,mercury, Venus, Rahu(dragon’s head), ketu(dragon’s Tail) or Saturn or Shani Dev) on Yogi Adityanath’s life struggle and success is given in detail based on his Kundli or Horoscope.
  • Later in this article Based on Saturn or Shani, Rahu(dragon’s head), Jupiter’s(guru) Transit predictions are done for Yogi Adityanath ji’s Political Future as the chief minister of UP
  • The article also analyses various question like what made him choose a Yogi’s life?
  • Yogi Adityanath kundli horoscope
    What Makes Yogi Adityanath ji’s Kundli or Horoscope Different from Others?
    here we look to various aspects of the kundli or horoscope for Yogi Adityanath ji making it so unique that he came u to such a high levels from humble starting.

    He was born as :
    Ajay Singh Bisht
    5 June 1972 (age 44)
    yogi-Adityanath-surya- kundli-horoscope yogi Adityanath chief minister Uttar Pradesh kundli horoscope bjp 2017 predictions Vedic astrology

  • solar chart of Yogi Adityanath Ji is taken and various Raja Yoga’s plus other combination are analyses to see the cause of super success 😉 n life to Yogi Adityanath ji.
  • planetary combinations yogas yogi Adityanath chief minister uttar Pradesh kundli horoscope bjp predictions Vedic astrology
    What planetary Combinations made Adityanath a Yogi as well as a Raja Yogi(King)?
    Panchur, in Pauri Garhwal, Uttarakhand
    Venus yogi adityanath horoscope kundli politician
    how does Venus or shukra play a role in Yogi Adityanath’s Horoscope or kundli to ensure he has an ascetic type life or Yogi in that sense?

  • Venus(shukra) the lord of kundli or horoscope is combust .
  • and in first house or Kendra house(angular House). Venus rules the sixth house of opposition and enmity and denial .
  • So as Venus rules comfort and pleasures of life- a combust Venus here denies pleasure and comfort to Yogi Adityanath ji.
  • raja yoga yogi Adityanath chief minister kundli horoscope predictions Vedic astrology
    Does Venus or shukra also suggest a raja Yoga for Yogi Adityanath’s Horoscope or kundli ?

  • But at the same time Venus(shukra) being the ascendant lord( Taurus or Vrishabha lagan).
  • So this suggest he would stay in Aishwarya or comfort/luxury- but may be not be a part of it to enjoy the same.
  • sun yogi Adityanath horoscope kundli politician
    Does the sun or surya suggest That’s Yogi Adityanath’s would come up from a saint or religious head to political head? especially looking at his Horoscope or kundli ?

  • In his kundli or horoscope (Birth Chart),Sun or Surya the lord of mind and mother and home is in ascendant.
  • Sun or surya also is Raja Yoga Karaka in the ascendant or lagan .
  • It is promising him position and authority that is 100% true for yogi Adityanath Ji, right from being the Mahant to forming the yuva vahini and now the chief minister of Uttar Pradesh.
  • sun surya yogi Adityanath chief minister uttar Pradesh kundli horoscope bjp predictions Vedic astrology
    Does Yogi Adityanath’s Horoscope or kundli suggests that based on is sun or surya he might be a bit hard in dealing with people ?

  • In his kundli or horoscope (Birth Chart),Sun is in Rohini nakshatra ruled by Taurus sign or vrishabha rashi and the nakshatra ruler is moon(Chandra).
  • This gives a good appearance to the person and makes him political powerful. All is confirmed in reality. Sun here could give slight stubbornness as Taurus or vrishabha is a stubborn rashi.
  • saturn shani yogi Adityanath chief minister uttar Pradesh kundli horoscopepredictions Vedic astrology
    What makes Yogi Adityanath un-married man and a sanyasi?
    yoga’s planetary combination yogi Adityanath horoscope kundli politician
    how the planetary combination or Yoga’s suggests based on Yogi Adityanath’s Horoscope or kundli suggest this great leadership abilities?

  • Now sun rules the mind – makes him independent minded and a leader, ketu sitting here in third house in sign of cancer taking his mind and actions to daring spirituality and action.
  • It reduces the family life( he is a sanyasi) and at the same time gives him exceptional leadership capabilities and also intensity of emotions.
  • moon yogi Adityanath horoscope kundli politician

    does moon or Chandra play a role in Yogi Adityanath’s Horoscope or kundli to make him a Yogi or ascetic ?

  • In his kundli or horoscope (Birth Chart),The moon or the mind is in the house of obstacles or vighna along with fiery mars.
  • that is not only retro gate also rules the twelfth house of renunciation, foreign travel, and expenditure, but also the house of relationships/love and marriage.
  • moon chandra yogi Adityanath chief minister  kundli horoscope predictions
    How does the Moon Or Chandra in Yogi Adityanath’s Horoscope or kundli help him to deliver well in job ?

  • Also moon is in Aquarius sign or kumbha rashi in purvabhadrapad star or Nakshatra, which is ruled by Jupiter.
  • so a Jupiter cum Saturn combination here gives spiritual depth to yogi, occult knowledge, and intuitive gifts.
  • It makes him wealthy and clearer in getting work done. He had a long Junta darbaar in Gorakhpur we know he use to process or address at least 500 applicants or faryadis per day.
  • nakshatra yogi Adityanath horoscope kundli politician

    which nakshatra in Yogi Adityanath’s Horoscope or kundli makes him so quick and witty?

  • This nakshatra In his kundli or horoscope (Birth Chart),also gives him a cynical and witty nature and also intelligent and scholarly.
  • People with this star are considered to be a bit eccentric, passionate , and impulsive and opinionated.
  • It gives a strong urge to uplift human beings in the future.
  • Harsh and critical speech is something that is to be controlled. He is said to be opinionated against the Muslims- but many Muslims have come forward in his support.
  • mars mangal yogi Adityanath horoscope kundli politician
    what role does mars r Mangal dev play in Yogi Adityanath’s Horoscope or kundli to make him a dynamic man?

  • In his kundli or horoscope (Birth Chart),,also a reversed mars(retrograde mars or Mangal) in sixth house of vighna or obstacles gives Yogi Adityanath some emotions and intensity for his propose in life.
  • plus also the lord ship of twelfth house tunes him towards spirituality with a great deal of passion.
  • saturn shani mars mangal yogi Adityanath chief minister uttar Pradesh kundli horoscope bjp predictions Vedic astrology
    is the planet mars or Mangal suggesting that Yogi Adityanath’s Horoscope or kundli would not marry at all ?

  • Mars(Mangal)the lord of seventh house of marriage is reversed in energy, along with ketu killing the possibility of family life in fourth house.
  • and also Venus the karaka of wife and comfort is strong in Kendra- but combust.
  • So almost all indications say he will remain a spinster & without getting married. Which is true!
  • mercury budha yogi Adityanath horoscope kundli politician
    How does mercury or budha for Yogi Adityanath’s Horoscope or kundli give status but speech gets affected?

  • Mercury or budha the lord of the house of speech /wealth and status is weak in ascendant/lagna( is combust).
  • It would give him status but spoil it if speech is not taken care of.
  • mercury budha yogi Adityanath chief minister uttar Pradesh kundli horoscope predictions
    does mercury or budha for Yogi Adityanath’s Horoscope or kundli suggests flair for mathematics and quickness ?

  • Mercury also gives him ability to think and decide quickly. Please note he is born on 5th= ruled by mercury.
  • This gives him good ability to speak. Also good at accounts and mathematics. So please note he is a mathematics graduate who became a sanyasi.
  • career job yogi Adityanath horoscope kundli politician
    What do stars Say about Yogi Adityanath’s Career and Karma in the coming years?
    aquarius kumbha yogi Adityanath chief minister  kundli horoscope predictions
    How does Aquarius for Yogi Adityanath’s Horoscope or kundli define his career ?

  • Now as far his career or work or karma is concerned it is ruled by Aquarius sign, ruled by planet Saturn in fifth house of children & higher learning.
  • Saturn also represents Yogi and spiritual learning’s so tenth house lord in fifth house of mind and learning gives a philosophical taint to yogi Adityanath ji.
  • rahu dragon's head yogi Adityanath horoscope kundli politician
    How does rahu in Yogi Adityanath’s Horoscope or kundli suggests a non-conventional career. ?

  • Rahu sharing its energy with the tenth house of career and aspecting his house of image in the world the fourth house.
  • It gives him a non-conventional taint in his work and belief systems( as he has rahu in the ninth house).
  • That is his actions could be surprising in nature. Aspect of rahu on the second house lord of speech mercury gives him words to speak for Muslims mostly.
  • As rahu represents Muslims as well apart from people from Singapore/Malaysia and Arab.
  • sun surya yogi Adityanath chief minister uttar Pradesh kundli horoscope predictions
    How does Sun Or Surya suggest for Yogi Adityanath’s Horoscope or kundli god political success ?

  • Sun(surya) is fair , with lord of gains and lord of opposition there.
  • so he has to be careful of his image as there would be opposition mostly to him in political circle.
  • yogi Adityanath horoscope kundli politician

    How would the life be in 2019 and 2020 predictions for Sri Yogi Adityanath Ji chief minister Uttar Pradesh?

  • Now for Yogi Adityanath Ji as the accurate time of birth is not available so we have to work with Chandra or Rashi Lagna (ascendant) that is Aquarius or Kumbha Rashi.
  • This sign also gives him is a bit picky and Yogi type nature as Kumbha(Aquarius) is ruled by planet Saturn or Shani.
  • jupiter guru yogi Adityanath chief minister  kundli horoscope predictions
    What is the effect of Jupiter or Guru transit on Yogi Adityanath ji’s horoscope in 2019 and 2020 and coming years ?
    yogi Adityanath Uttar Pradesh chief minister bjp Jupiter transit 2019 2020 predictions

  • The natal Jupiter( guru) of Yogi Adityanath Ji is very strong and in transit Jupiter comes in the Scorpio sign(vrishchika Rashi) at the moment and is also retrograde.
  • That is the house of career or 10th bhava has Jupiter for yogi Adityanath .
  • as it is reversed in energies he would have obstacles & some slight reversals may not go very smooth after July 2019.
  • Then after when guru becomes direct his actions will increased manifold for Vedic religion , go Raksha and yes the BJP party, etc.
  • For him, Jupiter or guru rules The Lord of gains and friends that is the 11th house .
  • It is in the tent House in transit till July 2019. great so that means he will get some gains due to Jupiter even though it is retrograde and also benefits from the newly elected BJP government.
  • The aspect of Jupiter(Guru) on the fourth house is there in transit, so Yogi Adityanath’s image would also grow much more.
  • That also surely after
    July 2019 .
  • It could go to some peak value after November 2019 when Jupiter is in 11th house for Yogi Adityanath ji.
  • His status would go very high.
  • also there would a lot of people supporting him. gains and recognition could be there. he may also get some honour from the country this time .
  • saturn shani yogi Adityanath chief minister  kundli horoscope predictions
    What is the effect of Saturn or Shani transit on Yogi Adityanath’s horoscope in 2019 and 2020 & coming years?
    yogi Adityanath uttar Pradesh chief minister bjp Saturn transit 2019 2020 predictions

  • Yogi Adityanath’s Saturn or Shani gets into his 12th house. so, if Saturn(Shani dev) gets into 12th bhava where Capricorn or Makar Rashi is there, it gets strengthened.
  • so good for his image. but at the same time, his health and image could get affected.
  • so Yogi Aditya Nath needs to take good care of his health. we are sure he is doing yoga and other things to maintain good health : ).
  • also Saturn rules the 12th house of Vyaya or outflows for Yogi Adityanath. so, he has to keep the nerves cool and stress-free. he may have to travel a lot in 2020.
  • Now till September 2019 Saturn(Shani) is retrograde so he may have to struggle but to establish his image.
  • it will come up after July more.
  • but not come up very great as he deserves.
  • But sure by the year 2019 ending his image will grow in leaps and bounds and much more.
  • ketu dragon's tail yogi Adityanath chief minister  kundli horoscope predictions
    What is the effect of Saturn or ketu transit on Yogi Adityanath horoscope in 2019 and 2020 and onwards in future ?
    yogi Adityanath uttar Pradesh chief minister bjp ketu transit 2019 2020 predictions

  • In 2019 march transit Ketu has come 11th house in the Sagittarius sign or dhanu Rashi.

  • along with natal Jupiter(guru). so, yogi Adityanath’s spiritual practices could increase much more after 2020 January.
  • but still, it could be there as Jupiter gets the energy of Ketu.
  • Again, till July, he will not get full support from people and also because Jupiter rules the 12th sign of Pisces that is 2nd house from Aquarius.
  • This is the house of wealth and status.
  • so about his overall image could be affected a bit and more work pressure could be there. May 2019 could have been a hard have a month for him .
  • he just is careful of what he eats and has a control on emotionalism. as people may not behave great with him. June 2019, his health needs care.
  • but sure he will come into public notice and inaction by 2020. yes, health needs care and excess responsibilities to be handled well.
    we wish him all the best.
  • future yogi Adityanath chief minister  kundli horoscope predictions
    What has Future, especially in store for Him?
    What happens Before September 2017 Rahu & Jupiter(Guru) transit in Leo(simha rashi) & Virgo (kanya rashi) ?

  • Saturn a natural malefic in eight house of obstacles brings up the down trodden class supports to him and aspects his natal rahu. Giving him good public support in 2017 elections.
  • Saturn or Shani rules his house of fortune and luck the ninth house and also career and karma the tenth house over all giving him again as Saturn or Shani gains in the sign of Sagittarius or dhanu.
  • Saturn is at around 4.5 degrees in dhanu and is about to come into its youth and he has been elected as the chief minister of Uttar Pradesh
  • Saturn’s or Shani transit in the eleventh house of gain in Yogis chart gives him gains and an aristocratic life.
  • It is said in this situation people even in opposition try to help the person. We know despite his image he got support from Muslims of India.
  • The transit of Saturn aspects the natal Jupiter giving growth in culture, professionalism, and society.
  • Aspect or drishti of Saturn on the planet moon, could affect him emotionally a bit.
  • Jupiter is in transit in his fifth house of learning and goodness and throws energy to his ascendant lord Saturn in transit. This gave a boost to him.
  • yogi Adityanath chief minister  kundli horoscope predictions
    What happens Before September Rahu & Jupiter(Guru) transit in Cancer(karkat rashi) & Libra (Tula rashi ) ?

  • He might face a slight dip in image and may be sudden issues as Jupiter or guru gets into his sixth house.
  • Over all 2017 ending and 2018 he has to take special care of people who could deceive him.
  • Jupiter transit aspects his moon again after September 2017, so gives him some unexpected surprises and stress affecting his deliveries to people and the party could be there.
  • Rahu could make him very devoted for masses and there could be a lot of communications. There could be a great deal of social activity for him.
  • As ketu would be in his ninth bhava or house , so the native or the person may want to select cautiously about the religious thought process.
  • he might make changes in the education system. He tries to blend & integrate all religions to his comfort with Vedic systems. He may also have prophetic visions and also see future trends.
  • More than average obstacles could be there for him. As rahu would directly impact his mind and actions in third house and aspect his relationships house the seventh house and also the ninth house .
  • So over all he has to maintain good relationships within party and outside the party.
  • We sincerely wish him all the best as a chief minister and his life, may GOD bless him with a long and happy life.
  • What is special About Yogi Aditya Nath Ji?
    awards distinction yogi adityanath horoscope kundli politicianyogi adityanath horoscope kundli politician

  • Yogi Adityanath ji the present chief minister of Uttar Pradesh was the youngest member of the 12th Lok Sabha at the age of 26. He has been elected to the Parliament from Gorakhpur constituency for five(5) consecutive terms (in 1998, 1999, 2004, 2009 & 2014 elections)
  • appendix
    Asc Taurus 29-21-02 Mrigasira 2
    Sun D Taurus 21-04-48 Rohini 4 Enemy
    Moon D Libra 08-51-25 Swati 1 Neutral
    Mars R Libra 08-08-30 Swati 1 Neutral
    Merc C D Taurus 16-02-28 Rohini 2 Friendly
    Jupt D Aries 15-20-53 Bharani 1 Friendly
    Venu C D Taurus 15-38-54 Rohini 2 Own
    Satn R Virgo 15-00-10 Hasta 2 Friendly
    Rahu R Aquarius 02-00-05 Dhanishta 3
    Ketu R Leo 02-00-05 Magha 1
    Uran D Gemini 19-10-35 Ardra 4

    Political party Bharatiya Janata Party

  • Mahant Yogi Adityanath is a Hindu priest and also a politician with an intense passion & support to the Hindu culture or the Vedic culture.
  • He was a star campaigner for BJP(Bhartiya Janata Party) in 2017 elections, and his party won.
  • He has been elected the chief minister of UP(Uttar Pradesh)
  • Prior to being the chief minister of uttar Pradesh, Yogi adityanath ji was a Member of Parliament from the Gorakhpur Constituency.
  • In Uttar Pradesh for five consecutive terms beginning in 1998- which is a record in itself.
  • Yogi Adityanath has also been the head priest or head priest or mahant of Gorakhnath Math, a famous Hindu temple in Gorakhpur.
  • He has been into this position after departure of his spiritual “father,” Mahant Avaidyanath ji , in September 2014.
  • Yogi adityanath ji also the founder of the Hindu Yuva Vahini, It is supposedly said to be an aggressive and militant youth organisation that has been involved in communal violence.
  • This organization has also been in conflict with party BJP on distribution of tickets.

  • Yogas or Planetary Combinations for Career-Job & Position in Kundli -Horoscope : Akhilesh Yadav 2017 & beyond predictions unveiled!

    Akhilesh_Yadav kundli horoscope  yogas planetary combinations for career job position power akhilesh yadav 2017 beyond predictions unveiled

    Yogas or Planetary Combinations for Career-Job & Position & Power : Akhilesh Yadav 2017 & beyond predictions unveiled!

    What is the  Relevance of Career & Raja Yogas?
    In modern times when most of the government are secular in nature or democratic, raj yoga or a kings Yoga could also mean CEO of a company and entrepreneur or a political leader. Yoga is simply a planetary energy combination that supports your endeavours in career or leadership. Keep this in mind we have analyzed various career related yogas or planetary combinations and also raja Yogas- plus tried to connect them to akhilesh yadav, the former chief minister of Uttar Pradesh, who lost in 2017 elections.

    Career is generally looked into the lord of your tenth house or bhava and the tenth bhava plus influences coming into the same. Also sun or surya strength tells you how well you could do in career or leadership. Plus various good houses like ninth house and fifth house give good energies to your career lord and house.

    • What is Kahal Yoga?(What do you gain from this Yoga?: Yoga for being an army chief, CEO or head of the company, Good Image and Good Guts). In the Kundli or Horoscope (Birth Chart if the Bandhu’s Lord(The fourth house lord) and Guru or Jupiter be in shared Kendra’s(The fourth /tenth or seventh house), while Lagn’s or ascendant Lord is strong, Kahal Yoga happens. On the other hand Bandhu’s Lord, being in his own sign, or exaltation  rashi or sign (Like Jupiter is exalted in cancer, Venus in Pisces, sun in Aries, mercury in Virgo, Moon in Taurus ,Saturn in Libra etc), ought to be yuti(Conjunction) with Karma’s Lord or the tenth lord. In actuality the person will be fiery, gutsy, beguiling, enriched with an entire Army, comprising of chariots, elephants, stallions and infantry and he will Lord over a couple of towns. The reason is here the lord of career and job and action  gets very good energy from the benefic Jupiter plus the lagna is strong so ensure gains and also the fourth house lord of home/public image strong- makes him strong, full of guts along with fan fare.
    • What is Mridang Yoga?( What do you gain from this Yoga?: The raja Yoga or planetary combination of a king). In the Kundli or Horoscope (Birth Chart),On the off chance that Lagn’s (ascendant) Lord is strong and others involve Kendra’s(the fourth/seventh and tenth house), Konas(the fifth/first and ninth house), possess Bhavas, or exalted rashis, Mridang Yoga is framed. The person  concerned will be a lord, or equivalent to a ruler and be glad. As the ascendant is strong and all the planets are strong or exalted- so the person is mostly blessed.
    • What is Kurma Yoga or planetary combination in Kundli?( What do you gain from this Yoga?: The Yoga for fearlessness/Boldness and leadership). In the Kundli or Horoscope (Birth Chart),On the off chance that Putr(Fifth house), Ari(sixth house) and Yuvati (seventh house)Bhava are possessed by benefic Grahas or planets(Venus/Jupiter and benefic mercury)indistinguishable with own Bhava or house, or exalted, or well disposed rashi or sign, while malefic are in Sahaj(The third house of initiative and siblings), Labha(The eleventh house of gains) and Tanu Bhava(The first house of horoscope), in own Bhava or house, or in exalted, Kurm Yoga is framed. The after effects of Kurm Yoga are: the local will be a lord. be bold, ethical, well known, accommodating, and upbeat. He will be a pioneer of men.
    • As the house of initiative third and the house of gains eleventh and house of self first is involved- so malefic here( eleventh and third house are negative bhavas), makes them positive giving good action and gains to the person. It makes him or her bold and ethical.
    • What is Kusum Yoga or planetary combination in Kundli or Horoscope?( What do you gain from this Yoga?: Yoga for happiness and becoming a king like person or raja yoga). In the Kundli or Horoscope (Birth Chart),Shukra(Venus) in a Kendra(Firth/fourth/seventh or tenth house), Chandra(Moon) in a Kona or trines(fifth or ninth house) alongside a benefic and shani(Saturn) in Karma Bhava(tenth house of action/job and career): these Grahas accordingly cause Kusum Yoga for one conceived in a Fixed rashi or sign ascending( Taurus,Leo,scorpio,Aquarius or vrishabha/simha/vrishchika and Kumbha).
    • Such a person will be a ruler or a king, or equivalent to him, be magnanimous, will appreciate joys, and be glad, prime among his race men, temperate and red-lettered.
    • Venus in Kendra gives comforts of a king, moon in trines with benefic ensures gains to self( as moon ascendant represents self),Saturn in tenth house gives the ability to plan and hard as well as harsh actions of a king- also fixed sign rising gives fixed nature to the person. He or she does not want to listen to any one – just like a king does. This forms the raja yoga
    • What is Kalpa Drum Yoga or planetary combination in kundli or horoscope?( What do you gain from this Yoga?: Yoga for wealth and raja Yoga). Take note of the accompanying four Grahas: Lagn’s or ascendant  Lord , the dispositor of Lagn’s Lord (a), the dispositor of the Grah “a” (b), the navamsa dispositor of the Grah “b”. On the off chance that all these are arranged in Kendra’s(The fourth/seventh and tenth) and in Konas(The fifth and ninth)from Lagn, or are exalted, Kalpa Drum Yoga exists. One with Kalpa Drum Yoga will be blessed with a wide range of riches, be a ruler, devout, solid, partial to war and lenient.
    • If the ascendant is strong , so is its dispositer and so is the depositor’s dispositer and along with it all the concerned planetary lords  in Kendra(Including the navamsa dispositer)- this makes the lagna or ascendant  very strong, so gives riches, devout nature and lenience in attitude as a weak ascendant causes most of the troubles.

    Akhilesh_Yadav analysis yogas planetary combinations for career job position power akhilesh yadav 2017 beyond predictions unveiled kundli horoscopeakhilesh-yadav-H horoscope kundli yogas planetary combinations for career job position power akhilesh yadav 2017 beyond predictions unveiled kundli horoscope

    Yogas or Planetary Combinations for Career-Job & Position & Power : Akhilesh Yadav 2017 & beyond predictions

    Date of Birth: 1st July, 1973

    Time of Birth: 12 PM not sure

    Place of Birth: Saifai, Etawah, Uttar Pradesh, India

    • 2017 would mean a fresh start for akhilesh yadav with lot of obstacles and uncertainties to deal with will power. There could be promises that may not be fulfilled and he has to take special care of legal matters that might come up now.
    • 2018 Mid say June 2018 onwards, there will be a big change for him in the life! he needs to take good care of his father sri mulyam singh ji and yes relationships with party members and also  his wife (dimple yadav)for the coming several years.
    • 2019 could again be big and hard re-start for him, once again father mulayam singh ji needs good care . It might mean a lot of proving for him and re doing a lot of things again.
    • Over all over the next few years he may try to learn more, contemplate more and yes turn more towards spirituality. He may also be more stressed- so Yoga and meditation are a must for him now.
    • He may travel to far off regions for spiritual and learning purposes in 2020.
    • 2017 natal Saturn is weak in his kundli or horoscope and sits with ketu and 12th lord sun and in transit along with rahu in the house of public image. Saturn also rules the 6th house of obstacle’s and yes a good house of discipline that is 5th house in his kundli. So over all a contractive impact on his public image- loss of 2017 elections is an example .
    • Also Saturn sitting in the house of family – is one of the core houses of the family feuds he has\d to face in 2016 ending and 2017.They will continue – but reduce a bit in 2018.
    • By 2019 Saturn would be in 5th house and hence aspecting the lord of father = Venus .
    • Saturn in transit in 9th sign Sagittarius or dhanu rashi and in 4th house.Now here is where his natal Saturn is, one may noe he lost his mother at relatively younger age.
    • Aspect of Saturn  in transit(The dhaiya or a part of kind of sade sati) on natal rahu/ketu axis causes stress and sudden issues in career, aspect on natal sun& moon could cause loss of image or losses in elections, which is what has happened.
    • Saturn also sends the malefic energy to mercury(Ruler of career and personality and image) and Venus as well, the planet of comfort and beauty..
    • One can clearly see right from October 2016 time frame when Saturn got agitated with mars in Scorpio he had internal fights, to the point of elections in 2017 when Saturn directly impacts his career – Saturn has a key role in his success and failure.

    We wish him  & his wife dimple ,all the best in life.

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    Planetary Combinations Or Yoga’s

    planets yogas combinations kundli horoscope amit shah  bjp predictions

    About this article ?

  • this article at length discusses various shubha(good) and ashubha(bad) Yogas or positive and negative planetary combinations in any horoscope or kundli. How they could make some one lucky and someone un-lucky.
  • It also discusses two master Yogas or planetary combinations like gaja kesari and amala Yoga and how they could bless a person with riches a and success in life. 😉

  • First, the planetary Yogas are discussed and then in the next section the Yogas are applied for the case of BJP leader Amit Shah for verification.
  • planets yogas combinations kundli horoscope amit shah  bjp predictions
    Numerous Other Yoga’s Or Planetary combinations in Kundli or Horoscope-

    Benefic (Good) and Malefic (Bad) Yogas or planetary combinations in any kundli or Horoscope.

  • happiness good benefic planets yogas combinations kundli horoscope amit shah  bjp predictions
    what is a shubha or beneficial and ashubha or malefic Yoga or Planetary Combination in Kundli or Horoscope?In the Kundali or Horoscope (Birth Chart), On the off chance that there be a benefic in Lagna or ascendant(Like say Venus/Jupiter or benefic moon or mercury is there), Shubh or benefic Yoga is created, while a malefic or bad planet like Saturn(Shani), Rahu or mars(Mangal) in Lagna or ascendant of the birth chart causes Ashubh Yoga or a malefic planetary combination.
  • How are both gains and loss both indicates in a Planetary Combination for any Kundli or Horoscope?Benefics in both Vyaya or the twelfth house of expenditure and Dhan Bhava – the second house of gains/wealth & status and money flow, cause Shubh Yoga- benefic yoga or the planetary combination. As one gains by good means and spends on good things or matters. The second house of gains and the twelfth house are expenditure
  • negative planets yogas combinations kundli horoscope amit shah  bjp predictions
    what is the role of the 12th bhava or house for a ashubha or malefic planetary combination in any Kundli or Horoscope?Malefic in both Vyaya or twelfth house and Dhana Bhava or second house of status and wealth cause Ashubh Yoga or planetary combination.
  • which Planetary Combination’s in your Kundli or Horoscope indicate your spouse would be sexy in nature 😉 ?In the Kundali or Horoscope (Birth Chart )in case Shubh Yoga or benefic yoga will be expressive, beguiling and ethical, while his counterpart will be sexy, will do wicked acts and will appreciate (take away ) others’ riches.
  • jupiter guru planets yogas combinations kundli horoscope amit shah  bjp predictions
    Gaj Kesari Yoga(The Yoga or planetary Combination for wealth/Good Job/Good Career House). Ought to Guru be in a Kendra from Lagna, or from Chandra or moon and be in conjunction or Yuti with, or getting a Drishti(aspect) from benefic(Like mercury/Venus/Jupiter), keeping away from in the meantime weakening, energy coming in from unfriendly Rashi, Gaj Kesari Yoga is brought on.
  • jupiter planets yogas combinations kundli horoscope amit shah  bjp predictionshappiness planets yogas combinations kundli horoscope amit shah  bjp predictions
    what are the effects or good results of gaja kesari Yoga in any Kundli or Horoscope?
    One conceived in Gaj Kesari Yoga will be splendorous, affluent, and canny, invested with numerous praiseworthy ethics and will satisfy the ruler. Jupiter is a great benefic so it’s being in any Kendra like saying the fourth house gives religious mind, good for family and vehicles and also in seventh means good for wife and job and career and also aspects the Lagna or the ascendant so good for self. Also if Jupiter or guru is in the tenth house of career or action- it makes one do good actions and also helps in the expansion of career or job.
  • planets yogas combinations kundli horoscope amit shah  bjp predictions
    Amal Yoga(The Yoga for self respect, person being devoted to religion). In the event In the Kundali or Horoscope (Birth Chart that there be solely a benefic in the tenth house of career from Lagna, or Chandra Lagna or moon ascendant, Amal Yoga exists. Amal Yoga will give distinction, enduring till Chandra and stars exist and will make the local respected by the lord, appreciate inexhaustible delights, beneficent, partial to relatives, accommodating to others, devout and ethical.
  • Here the full energy of the benefic gets channelized in the tenth house of action and karma giving great actions and hence the great name to the person.
  • Amit_Shah_photo_2016-president-bjp-2017 planetary combinations yogas Amit shah bjp kundali or horoscope 2017 predictions Vedic astrology
    AMIT_SHAH_H planetary combinations yogas amit shah bjp kundli or horoscope 2017 predictions vedic astrology
    Planetary Combinations, Yogas, Amit shah
    Why do people call him the Chanakya of the BJP or Bharatiya Junta Party?

  • Now looking form the Jaimini astrology perspective the Lagna of Amit Shah is Virgo or Kanya Rashi ruled by mercury. It is sitting in the second bhava or house. so its karakamsha lagan would be in 2+2 = 4th bhava or the public image bhava of Scorpio.
  • now Scorpio or vrishchika Rashi is a secretive and aggressive Rashi/sign. it does not spare the enemies and is good at executing plans. now this is what the image Amit Shah has and he is very shrewd in executing the plans and also attacking and vanquishing his political opponents like Congress party/Rahul Gandhi
  • What makes Amit shah so close to prime minister Narendra Modi?

  • now mars or Mangal the planet of public image and also politics is in the 11th bhava of gains and Friends. yes it is debilitated so also he faced rough weather and was in jail as well.
    sun the karaka for political gains and success. sun or Surya has mercury around it. which is the lagan or self lord as well. so gains from the state or the government are there.
    also as the tenth bhava deals with government or karma and mercury is the lord of the same so it connects to the same. That is sun r Surya connects to mercury the lord of action and smartness for Amit Shah.
  • Now we have the politically shrewd Rahu also sitting in the Gemini sign or mithuna Rashi. that gives him great diplomacy in actions. Mercury and Rahu are possible causes of Amit shah’s success as a political consultant to Narendra Modi Ji.
  • What made his luck rises after 2014 as a BJP in charge politically for 2014? Plus what made BJP make a sweeping victory

  • He has also been the MLA from Naranpura, and was elected in the 2012 elections.
    Now beyond 2014, May Ketu runs. it is in the house of public image. so Ketu would give the unexpected image to him or Amit Shah.
  • . The Rahu –Ketu axis changes touching the 4/10 bhava could create reversals or sudden changes in career or family life especially when affected in transit or afflicted by other malefic n your horoscope.
    now at that time, Ketu is in Aries or Mesha Rashi.
  • This strongly activates his mind in the 8th bhava. Moon is there. kills his obstacles and enemies.
    also, Ketu from the moon is in the lagan has an aspect to the 7th bhava that is Libra or Tula Rashi suggested cutting or defeating the enemies. so as a result BJP swept the entire state, it was a great performance by the party and it swept 73 out of 80 seats. all this took Amit Shah to prominence.
  • also, note that his Jupiter or Guru gets into this 11th(eleventh) bhava of gains and also as Jupiter rules the seventh bhava it suggests new additions and growth tot eh BJP party( his relationships or seventh house). Guru also sends energy to mercury greatly enhancing Amit shah’s image.
    In 2014 also his Saturn is exalted in Libra giving him great gains as Libra is the second bhava of gains/status for Amit shah’s horoscope.
  • Amit shah’s Kundali or horoscope-BJP- what makes him a great politician and person?

  • Note he is born on 22 = 2(moon)+2(moon) =4= Rahu, this makes him hardworking, sharp, sensitive and yes out of convention person.
  • amit shah rahu yogas planetary combinations

  • His ascendant is mercury ruling the tenth house of karma and career and sitting close to the sun the planet for power in the second house of wealth and status.
  • Rahu Ketu axis affects the career and mind and family house and gives him the capability to do exceptional things or compelling miracles. His ability to defeat the other parties like Samajwadi part and BSP is a clear indication of this key Rahu skill of planning and the factor of surprise in his actions due to Rahu and yes intelligence of mercury the businessman.
  •  moon Amit shah yogas planetary combinations

  • His moon is in 8th house and is in the action sign of Aries- so makes him a man of action, and helps him keep his found on the downtrodden (eight houses) and also come up with an exception through the process.
  • All the above indications clearly suggest that he is bound to be a great, non-conventional planner and an intelligent man and politician as Rahu rules politics.
  • His heightened sensitivity to connect to the masses and an eye for details along with a streak of out of box non-conventional thinking makes him an ace planner for politics.
  • Amit Shah may take sannyasa or a life of recluse later in his life due to Ketu and other effects.
  • A retrograde Jupiter in the ninth house of luck and fortune gives him some inclination for past cultures and religion, so maybe helping him be a part of BJP.
  • As sun rules 12th house of foreign lands and connects with his career so success is there for him outside Gujarat- as we can see.
  • What are Amit shah’s predictions and plan?

  • 2019 would be a great time in terms of work he would do for the party and meeting people due to Saturn and Jupiter effects. That would be with majorly great success, but yes unexpected failures could be there-just like in Punjab in the month of may 2019.
  • May 2019 could be a bit trial time for him with certain un-expected results. He has to keep relaxed and take good care of health.
  • October may mean a time when he would be in a bit of anger and also might mean a lot of changes for him that could be a bit stressful. He needs to take care of the talks.
  • A retrograde Saturn in house of fourth bhava and family image suggest he needs to be a bit careful about his projects in general.
  • September onward rahu comes in Gemini sign, charges his moon and in conjunction with mars, this could make him a bit emotional – he has to keep tabs on any sudden or any unexpected matters coming to play.He has to focus on his security
  • We wish him all the best in life 🙂
  • About Amit Shah?

  • His full name is Amitbhai Anilchandra “Amit” Shah (he is born on born 22 October 1964) is an Indian politician from the state of Gujarat Gujarat and the moment President of the Bharatiya Janata Party known as BJP
  • modi yogas amit shah

  • He is considered to be a close associate of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and held a number of position in the state government during Modi’s tenure as Chief Minister of Gujarat.
  • Shah was the BJP’s in-charge for India’s largest and most important state that is Uttar Pradesh, during the 2014 Lok Sabha elections. The BJP along with its supporters swept the entire state, registering their best ever performance, by gaining 73 out of 80 seats. So Shah rose to national prominence and has been appointed as the party’s national president in July 2014.
  • In the year 2017, he leads the BJP towards a landslide victory in the state of Uttar Pradesh and also Uttarakhand, and also put the party’s strong debut in Manipur, but they lost in Punjab.

  • Nabhas Yoga’s or Planetary Combinations Kundli for-wealth,poverty,love,relationships,raj yoga,job,career,legal,home,family etc

    nabhas yogas planetary combinations kundli wealth poverty love relationships raj yoga job career legal home family

    Nabhas Yoga’s or Planetary Combinations for wealth,poverty,love,relationships,raj yoga,job,career,legal,home,family etc

    The  Names of various Nabhash Yogas or planetary Yogas in any Horoscope or Kundli are.

    The 3 Asraya Yogas are Rajju, Musala and Nala Yogas. The 2 Dala Yogas are Maal and Sarpa.

    The 20 Akriti Yogas are Gada, Sakat, Shringatak, Vihag, Hal, Vajr, Kamal, Vapi, Yup, Shar, Shakti, Danda, Nisk, Koot, Chatr, Dhanushi (Chap), Ardh, Candr, Chakr and Samudr Yogas. The 7 Sankhya Yogas are Vallaki, Daam, Paash, Kedara, Sool, Yuga and Gola Yogas. These are altogether 32 yogas or planetary combinations

    The  Rajju, Musala and Nala Yogas or planetary combinations.

    • Gada, Sakat, Vihag, Shringatak, Hal, Vajr and Yav Yogas or planetary combinations in Kundli or horoscope.On the off chance that all the Grahas possess two progressive Kendras(Like the first house and the fourth house or say the fourth house and the seventh house), Gada Yog is shaped.
    • Sarpa Yog or planetary combination Impact(The Yoga for poverty and brutality and loss fo wealth). One conceived in Sarpa Yog will be slanted, brutal, poor, and hopeless and will rely on upon others for sustenance and beverages. As malefic in the first/fourth and seventh house and tenth house affect the career and professional and yes professional relationships- so his money factor could be affected so he may rely on others. The brutality in mind and action could come if malefic like rahu/Saturn or mars are in the fourth house of mind and family and also the tenth house of career and action.
    • Maal Yog or planetary combination Impact(The yoga for sex /personality/relationships and marriage). One conceived in Maal Yog will be ever upbeat as three kendras or angles are getting benefic energy, blessed with transports or cars( the fourth house covered here so conveyances and cars), robes(The first house of personality and self comfort covered here), nourishment and delights, be splendorous and enriched with numerous females( as seventh house of sex/relationships and marriage and females covered here_).
    • These Yogas, separately, create benefic and malefic outcomes. The benefics give good result as in the kendras or energy points and malefic give negative results as kendras or angular house are energy points.
    • Maal and Sarpa Yogas or planetary combinations.In the event that 3 Kendras  or angles like the first/fourth /seventh or the tenth house are involved by benefics( Jupiter/venus/mercury or guru/shukra or Buddha), Maal Yog is created, while malefic like (Saturn/rahu/mars or shani/rahu or mangal) so set will bring about Bhujang, or Sarpa Yog or the yoga of the snake.
    • Nala Yog or planetary combination impact(Lack of focus and flexibility Yoga). One conceived in Nala Yog will have uneven physical make-up as there is a mix of energies of fixed and movable planets, be keen on amassing cash, exceptionally skilful, accommodating due to the dual nature to relatives and enchanting.
    • All the planets or  Grahas in Movable rashis or sun signs  cause Rajju Yog. The movable rashis are
    • Aries,Cancer,Libra Capricorn or mesha,karkat,Tula and makar rashi.
    • Rajju Yog or planetary combination Impact. One conceived in Rajju Yog will be enamoured with meandering or wandering as all the planets are movable, be enchanting, will win in outside nations. He will be remorseless and wicked. The cause is lack of stability by too much movement could cause the above troubleAll the planets or Grahas in Fixed rashis or sun sign  cause Musala Yog.
    • The fixed signs are Taurus,Leo,scorpio and Aquarius or Vrishabha,simha,vrishchika and kumbha rashi.
    • Musala Yoga or planetary combination Impact(status/wealth/money Yoga). One conceived in Musala Yog will be blessed with respect, shrewdness, and riches and so on-as the fixed signs or rashis bless with some stability and firmness in life., be of high repute to ruler, celebrated, will have numerous children and be firm in air.
    • All the Grahas in Dual rashis  cause Nala Yog. The dual    rashis are:Gemini,Virgo,Sagittarius & Pisces or Mithuna,kanya,dhanu and meena rashi.
    • Gada Yog or planetary combination Impact (Yoga for wealth/riches/education and knowledge). One conceived in Gada Yog will dependably try endeavors to procure riches, will perform conciliatory customs, be skilful in Shastras and melodies and supplied with riches, gold and valuable stones. Any two houses of kendras say forth house and tenth house- so fourth house ruling mind could give good interest in  shashtras. In the house of career they give good benefits to career and job.
    • Sakat Yog happens, when all the Grahas are arranged in Lagna or the ascendant  and Yuvati Bhava or the seventh house.
    • Sakat Yog or planetary combination Impact(The Yoga for bad health and personality). One conceived in Sakat Yog will be burdened by maladies, will have ailing, or appalling nails, be stupid, will live by pulling trucks, be poor and without companions and relatives. The possible cause could be if say there are lot of planets in first house of personality- so the person could be very confused nature. Due to several planetary energies coming in.
    • If lot of energies are the house of relationships and sex, one may be confused in regarding job or any relationships causing the down fall.
    • On the off chance that all planets keep to Bandhu(The fourth house of vehicles/mother and home) and Karma Bhava or the tenth house(The house of career/action and job), then Vihag Yog happens.
    • Vihag Yog or planetary combination Impact(Yoga for courage/sex and disturbed mind). One conceived in Vihag Yog will be enamored with meandering, be a flag-bearer, will live by sexual dealings, be bold and keen on fights as mind could be disturbed and so could be the action due to so many planets in the houses.
    • All Grahas in Lagn(first house), Putra(The fifth house of children and education) and Dharma Bhava(Ninth house or luck and fortune) cause Shringatak Yog.
    • Shringatak Yog or planetary combination Impact(Yoga fro welath and good marriage and love life). One conceived in Shringatak Yog will be attached to fights and fights, be cheerful, dear to ruler- as the ninth house energy of luck blesses him with divine providence, blessed with a promising spouse- as the fifth house of gains for spouse or wife is getting good energy and it is a benefic house, be rich and will loathe ladies.
    • while all Grahas or planets  in Dhan(the second house of wealth and status), Ari (The sixth house of obstacles)and Karma Bhava(The tenth house of action and job), or in Sahaj, Yuvati and Labh Bhava, or in Bandhu(The fourth house of family), Randhr and Vyaya Bhava cause Hal Yog.
    • Hal Yog or planetary combination Impact(Yoga Loss of wealth,poverty and hopelessness). One conceived in Hal Yog will eat a considerable measure as the second house is of mouth or eating and lot of energy there means a lot of eating, will be exceptionally poor, will be hopeless, disturbed, surrendered by companions and relatives- all this could happen if most of the planets are in the sixth house and a lot of negative energy is absorbed. He will be a hireling.
    • Vajr Yog is brought on by all benefics in Lagn(First house) and Yuvati Bhava(seventh house), or all malefic in Bandhu(The third house) and Karma Bhava(The tenth house of career).
    • Vajr Yog or planetary combination Impact(This is the Yoga for personality/Job relationships and sex and marriage and love). One conceived in Vajr Yog will be upbeat in the first half  and toward the finish of life( as good energy is getting to the self or personality and job relationships the seventh house), be valorous, beguiling, without cravings and fortunes and be hostile(Hostility could come in if the malefic  planets are in the tenth house).
    • In an opposite circumstance, i.e. all benefics in Bandhu and Karma Bhava, or all malefic in Lagn and Yuvati Bhava, Yav Yog is created.
    • Yav Yog or planetary combination Impact(The Yoga for religiousness/family/conveyance). One conceived in Yav Yog will watch fasts and different religious principles- as benefics in the house of mind the fourth house could make him or her religious , will do promising acts(This is due to benefics in the tenth house), will acquire satisfaction, riches and children in his midlife. He will be altruistic and firm.
    • Kamal and Vapi Yogas or planetary combinations. On the off chance that all the Grahas are in the 4 Kendras(first/fourth/seventh and tenth house), Kamal Yog is created.
    • Kamal Yog or planetary combination Impact(The Yoga for wealth and richness). One conceived in Kamal Yog will be rich and idealistic, be seemingly perpetual, extremely well known and unadulterated- as the clear reason alls benefic are in kendras. Kendras act as the main energy centres of any horoscope. He will perform several promising demonstrations and he will be a ruler.
    • In the event that every one of them happen to be in all the Apoklimas(3,6,9,12 (Apoklimas) only then  cause this yoga), or in all the Panapharas( Panaparas ( 2, 5, 8, and 11 ) ), Vapi Yog happens.
    • Vapi Yog or planetary combination Impact. One conceived in Vapi Yog will be equipped for gathering riches, be supplied with enduring riches and bliss and children, be free from eye torments and will be a lord.
    • Shar, Shakti and Danda Yogas. On the off chance that all the 7 Grahas are in the 4 Bhavas, initiating from Lagn(That is first to the fourth house or bhava), they cause Yup Yog or planetary combinations, if the above combination happens from Bandhu bhav or the fourth house, Shar Yog happens, if from Yuvati or the seventh house, Shakti Yog happens and, if from Karma or the tenth house, Danda Yog is formed.
    • That is Yup Yog or planetary combination Impact(The Yoga for religion and religious penances). One conceived in Yup Yog will have otherworldly learning and will be keen on conciliatory rituals- as there is a lot of energy in first house, the second house of wealth and status, surroundings and initiative house the third house and the fourth house of mind and conveyance. He will be blessed with a spouse, be solid, inspired by fasts and different religious perceptions and be recognized.
    • Shar Yog or planetary combination Impact(The Yoga for action/meat eating and aggression). One conceived in Shar Yog will make bolts- as the fourth/fifth/sixth & seventh house is involved- the lordship of 5th house of Jupiter as karaka and ninth house of luck helps him in making bolts, also most planets being sixth house of legal matters he could be leader of a jail, will gain through creatures, will eat meat, will enjoy torment and mean crafted works. Why meat eating is said as mars if in seventh would aspect the second house of mouth and eating. If Saturn or rahu in sixth aspects the second house of mouth. As mars here could cause him to aspect the third house of actions, so energy there could make him do harsh actions
    • Shakti Yog or planetary combination Impact(The yoga for sluggishness and warring nature). One conceived in Shakti Yog will be dispossessed of riches- as a lot of graha could get into most malefic house of eighth house, be unsuccessful, hopeless, mean, sluggish, seemingly perpetual, intrigued and skillful in war, firm and propitious.
    • Danda Yog or planetary combination Impact(The yoga for loss of wife/lover and or children). One conceived in Danda Yog will lose children and spouse- the cause could be the placement of planets in the twelfth house of wastage and loss as this yoga is formed with all planets in from tenth to first house, will be needy, unkind, far from his men and will serve mean individuals. Also the eleventh house is treated as malefic house as per the classics. So almost 50% planets are badly placed or become malefic causing this Yoga,
    • Nauka, Koot, Chatr and Chap Yogas or planetary combinations. In the event that all the Grahas involve the seven Bhavas from Lagn, Nauka Yog happens, if from Bandhu, Koot Yog is framed, if from Yuvati, Chatr Yog happens and, if from Karma, Chap Yog happens. Here again the Grahas ought to involve seven nonstop Bhavas or houses or there should be no break.
    • Nauka Yog or planetary combination Impact(The Yoga for poverty, loss of wealth, water related professions or career). One conceived in Nauka Yog will infer his job through water, be rich, renowned, fiendish, pitiable, messy and parsimonious.
    • Koot Yog or planetary combination Impact(The Yoga fro jail or being a jail head or one who is a liar). As all the planets are from the fourth house to the tenth house, One conceived in Koot Yog will be a liar, will head a correctional facility or jail, be poor, cunning, merciless and will live in slopes and posts. The reason is most of the malefic houses like sixth house and eight house lies here. Also kendras like fourth and seventh and tenth is there, so 66% kendras there is a high chance of kendradhipati Yoga and any planet sitting there would carry negative energy.
    • Chatr Yog or planetary combination Impact(The Yoga for wealth & success , intelligence and gains). Here all the planets are from tenth house to fourth house, One conceived in Chatr Yog will help his own men, be benevolent, dear to numerous lords, extremely astute, upbeat toward the start and end of his life and be seemingly perpetual. The reason is that  a lot of good houses like eleventh and first house are there.
    • Cited from Saravali(vedic astrology classic). In the event that the seven Grahas  or  planets      involve consistently seven Bhavas or houses in sequence, beginning from a Bhava, which is not precise to the Lagna, the Yoga created is known, as Ardh Candra Yoga or half moon yoga.
    • Chakra(circular) and Samudr (ocean)Yogas or planetary combination Impact. On the off chance that all the Grahas or planets possess six option rashis or sun sign, beginning from Lagna or ascendant, Chakr Yog is shaped. Samudr Yog is created, if all Grahas involve six alternate  rashis or  sun signs, beginning from Dhan Bhava or the second house. Alternate means alternate houses six in sequence and starting from the second house of wealth.
    • Chakr Yog or planetary combination Impact(The raja Yoga or one being like a king, great career and job). One conceived in Chakr Yog will be a sovereign, at whose feet will be the prostrating rulers, heads, venerating diamond studded diadems. The reason is a lot of energy would be in the first  house(the self the image), the third  house of action and valour , the fifth  house of sudden gains, seventh house of contacts and relationship house and Ninth house of luck and fortune and poorva punya and eleventh h house of gains.
    • As this Yoga is starting from house of self gains and personality the first  house this could happen.
    • Samudr Yog or planetary combination Impact(The Yoga for riches and prosperity). One conceived in Samudr Yog will have numerous valuable stones and inexhaustible riches as this yoga like above Yoga starts from the house of wealth and status, be supplied with delights, dear to individuals, will have firm riches and be all around arranged.
    • Chap Yog or planetary combination Impact. One conceived in Chap Yog will be liar, will secure insider facts, be a criminal, be attached to meandering, backwoods, be without fortunes and be upbeat amidst the life.
    •  Sankhya Yogas. On the off chance that all Grahas or planets in  are in ONE  rashi or sun sign, Gola Yoga or planetary combination is shaped, if in 2 houses or bhavas, Yuga Yog is framed, if in 3, Sool Yog happens, if in 4, Kedara Yog happens, if in 5, Paash Yog is shaped, if in 6, Daam Yog happens and, if in 7, Veena Yog is created. None of these seven Yogas will be operable, if another Nabhash Yog is resultant.
    • Gola Yog or planetary combination Impact(The Yoga for wealth /earning/knaowledge and good education). One conceived in Gola Yog will be solid, as all energies in one sign are there, be without riches, learning and knowledge, and be grimy, pitiful and hopeless. Here first sign is ruled by Aries or mars, there the negative aspects of mars manifest.
    • Yuga Yog or planetary combination Impact(The Yoga for poverty or no wealth or loss of kids or no kids). One conceived in Yuga Yog will be apostate, be without riches, be disposed of by others and be without children, mother and ideals. This could be as most of the energies of planets are only in two signs plus two is the number of moon(here the moon or Chandra negative manifests) and Taurus sign.
    • Daamini Yog or planetary combination Impact(The Yoga for wealth and having many children). One conceived in Daamini Yog will be useful to others, will have equitably earned riches, be exceptionally wealthy, celebrated, will have numerous children and diamonds, be fearless and red-lettered.
    • Sool Yog or planetary combination Impact(The Yoga for wealth/fighst and courage). One conceived in Sool Yog will be sharp as the mithuna the mool trikona rashi is ruled by mercury the planet of sharpness, sluggish, deprived of riches, be convoluted, precluded, valiant and well known through war- as third house rules parakram or courage and yes tendency to wars.
    • Paash Yog or planetary combination Impact(The Yoag for a CEO or a leader in industry, not a good person). One conceived in Paash Yog will be subject to be detained, be skilful in work, be beguiling in aura, will talk much, be deprived of good qualities and will have numerous hirelings- as the sign Leo is the fifth sign or simha rashi- so he would be a leader and people working for him.
    • Veena Yog or planetary combination Impact(The Yoga for music,skillfulness and luck). One conceived in Veena Yog will be partial to melodies, move and melodic instruments, be skillful, upbeat, well off and be a pioneer of men. As seven is the number of mool trikona rashi Libra, this deals with Music so music is manifested
    • Kedara Yog(The Yoga for agriculturist or farmer). One conceived in Kedara Yog will be helpful to many, be an agriculturist, be honest, upbeat, whimsical disapproved and rich. As number 4 deals with cultivation this could happen. All the energies are shared in four houses.
    • Ardh Chandra or half moon Yog or planetary combination Impact(leadership,high position & Job). One conceived in Ardh Candr Yog will lead an Army, will have a splendorous body, be of high repute to ruler, be solid and blessed with diamonds, gold and decorations.

    All that the outcomes, due to said (Nabhash) Yogas, will be felt all through in all the Dasha  or planetary periods.

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