Yogas & Planetary Combination Horoscope(Wealth,Money Children)Mukesh Ambani Predictions!

jio-mobile yogas planetary combination kundli or horoscopebirth chart 2017 of wealth money prosperity children santan yoga mukesh ambani jio mobile predictionsmukesh-img yogas planetary combination kundli or horoscopebirth chart 2017 of wealth money prosperity children santan yoga mukesh ambani jio mobile predictions

mukesh-lagna yogas planetary combination kundli or horoscopebirth chart 2017 of wealth money prosperity children santan yoga mukesh ambani jio mobile predictions
What does this article talk about

  • This article in depth talks about the Yogas or combinations for children or santan, health and wealth.
    It also take Mukesh ambani the chairman of Reliance Group as an example to show how these Yogas work for him to make him wealthy and prosperous
  • Yogas & Planetary Combination Kundli or Horoscope(Birth Chart) Wealth,Money,Prosperity  & Children(santan Yoga)?-example Mukesh Ambani Jio Mobile Predictions

    • In your kundli or Horoscope, Wealth is controlled by lord of the second house and the eleventh house and planet Jupiter or Guru and mercury/ budha to an extent.
    • Strength to these parameters of wealth and you will get good wealth and status. The below yogas explain exceptional combination for wealth and status.
    • Children are judged by the fifth house and yes the karaka= Jupiter or guru. Strength to them gives chance of children.
    • Any obstacles to any of the above factors could either block wealth or money flow.
    • Below Yoga would give you a good idea about what could make you fabulously rich or what could make it otherwise.

    Like for a quick example

    Name: Mukesh Ambani
    Date of Birth: April 19, 1957
    POB : Aden, Yemen
    TOB: 6-00 pm.

    • He has the second lord in the eighth house and the lord of the eleventh house the sun in Aries the sign of sun’s or suryas exaltation, this gives him access to great wealth. Indicates great wealth to his father= sun/surya, late sri dhiru bhai ambani ji.
    • The eleventh lord sun gave him fair wealth and association with wealthy people and also the second lord gave him the gains from petrol etc.His exceptional initiatives in geo clearly indicate the same.
    • He was running sun(surya) period or dasha till February 2017- when he launched the geo initiative.He got name and fame and new connection with the world( seventh house of relationships and connection).
    • Now he is running moon the lord of ninth house of luck and fortune and the second house of wealth flows and gains and status- the JIO mobile service that was free- now he is charging 300 rs for the same.:) this will lead to his wealth accumulation in this moon or Chandra’s period.
    • So he will earn a lot of money in JIO mobile stuff in the moon period and may be popularize it or use it to propagate vedic religions .
    • WE wish him all the best in 2017


    Wealth,Money,Prosperity & Children(santan) Yogas:

    • Shankh Yoga(Good for wealth/riches, sex and having children). In the Kundli or Horoscope (Birth Chart ,On the off chance that Lagn’s or ascendant Lord is strong, while the Lords of Putra(fifth house of children) and Ari Bhava (sixth house of diseases and obstacles)are in shared Kendra’s, then what is known, as Shankh Yoga, is delivered. On the other hand, if Lagn’s Lord alongside Karma’s Lord(The lord of the tenth house of career or job) is in a Movable rashi or sign(Aries/cancer/Libra/Capricorn or mesha rashi,karkat rashi,Tula rashi or Makar rashi), while Dharma’s Lord or the lord of the ninth house of fortune and dharma or luck  is strong, Shankh Yoga is acquired. One conceived with Shankh Yoga will be invested with riches, mate and children. He will be mercifully arranged, favourable, shrewd, exemplary and seemingly long lived.
    • Bhairi Yoga(Good Yoga for wealth, children, wife or spouse, riches, as kind of raja Yoga). On the off chance that Vyaya house or the twelfth house, Tanu bhava the first house, Dhana bhava and Yuvati Bhava – the seventh house are possessed, as Dharma’s Lord is solid, the local person  Bhairi Yoga.
    • Again another sort of Bhairi Yoga is framed, if Shukra(venus), Guru(Jupiter) and Lagn’s Lord are in a Kendra, while Dharma’s Lord or lord of ninth house is strong. The consequences of Bhairi Yoga are: the local will be blessed with riches, spouse and children. He will be a ruler, be renowned, temperate and enriched with great conduct, satisfaction and joys.
    • Shrinath Yoga(The yoga or planetary combination of great gains or expansion). On the off chance that Yuvati’s Lord(the lord of the seventh house) is in Karma Bhava(The tenth house of career), while Karma’s Lord is exalted up and in conjunction with Dharma’s Lord( Or the lord of the ninth house luck and fortune), Shrinath Yoga happens. The local with Shrinath Yoga will be equivalent to Lord Devendra (divine force of divine beings). As the seventh house of relationship and job is very strong in a Kendra and that also the tenth lord is strong in connection with the ninth lord plus blessed with good deeds and expansion in career and life otherwise.
    • Lakshmi Yoga or planetary combination in Kundli or horoscope(Yoga for royal status, Good fortune, royal status, Children & education). In the Kundli or Horoscope (Birth Chart)On the off chance that Dharma’s Lord(The ninth house of fortune and dharma) is in a Kendra(Fourth/seventh or tenth) indistinguishable with his Mooltrikona rashi, or own rashi or sign, or in exaltation, while Lagn’s(ascendant ) Lord is strong in quality, Lakshmi Yoga happens. The local with Lakshmi Yoga will fascinate, idealistic, royal in status, blessed with numerous children and plenteous riches. He will be popular and of high good merits.
    • As the fifth from fifth house( the ninth house) lord is strong, so good for kids and children. Also the ninth house is the house of fortune and luck and this luck and fortune/wealth goes to sell or the person as lagna as well is strong. It also gives royal status.
    • Kalanidhi Yoga or planetary combination in Kundli or horoscope(Yoga for wealth and learning). In the Kundli or Horoscope (Birth Chart) In the event that Guru(Jupiter) is put in Dhana bhava or second house of gains and wealth flows/.status, or Putr Bhava(fifth house of children and learning) and gets a Drishti or aspect from Budh(mercury) and (shukra or venus), Kalanidhi Yoga is brought on. As a result the local will be prudent, regarded by the rulers, deprived of maladies, be glad, well off and learned.


    • Jupiter the planet of wealth and learning in the house of learning the fifth house or the house of wealth and status the second house along with aspect from benefic like venus for comforts and mercury for wealth flows and again mathematical learning would make him or her a learned person and also wealth and wise.
    • Trimurthi Yogas or planetary combinations in kundli or Horoscope(The Yogas for riches/children and success). Numbered from Dhan’s Lord(The second house), if benefics involve the second, twelfth(expenditure/sex & travel) and eighth house(Obstacles and property), Hari Yoga is shaped.
    • In the Kundli or Horoscope (Birth Chart), On the off chance that the fourth(mother/family/car), ninth(Luck fortune & religion) and eighth(Obstacles /property) with reference to the rashis or signs, involved by Yuvati’s Lord( seventh house lord- for relationship and marriage), are possessed by benefics, Hara Yoga is formed
    • In the Kundli or Horoscope (Birth Chart). Brahma Yoga is produced, if, checked from Lagn’s Lord(ascendant), benefics are in the fourth, tenth(house of career and action) and eleventh (House of gains)rashis.
    • One conceived in anybody of the said three Yogas will be upbeat, learned and supplied with riches and children.
    • If we look this Yoga is with respect to the rashis of the seventh house. So the second rashi from seventh is ruled by the ninth house of luck and fortune, the eight rashi or the sign is again the second house and the twelfth rashi is the sixth house. So mostly benefic give gains to family(children- second house),wealth due to lordship of second house. Also the ninth house blesses with luck and fortune.

    What are certain most interesting facts about Mukesh Ambani?- the chairman and managing director of Reliance Industries?

  • That is he is the Chairman and managing director of Reliance Industries and is also the largest shareholder in reliance industries. Reliance Industries is a global 500 fortune company and has a very high and significant market value as per the Forbes magazine.
  • Also, Mukesh Ambani is the richest man and among the topmost 20 in the world. his brother Anil Ambani who is also a businessman and is very popular. he has got two sisters Dipti and bhadrashyam. he got his masters degree in management from the Stanford University and he also has a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering from Matunga engineering college.
  • what makes Mukesh Ambani’s horoscope or Kundali so significant or different from others ?

  • Now looking at his Lagna or ascendant or vrishchika Rashi. The lagan lord Mars(mangal) is sitting in the seventh bhava or house of Mukesh Ambani. so staying in Kendra bhava or house, Mars gives Mukesh Ambani great action and energy. plus also based on his Chandra Rashi or moon sign Sagittarius(Dhanu Rashi) promises good of education and dignity and value in Indian society for Mukesh Ambani. The planet Jupiter(guru) the lord of the Moon Lagna sits in the 9th house of luck gains and fortune for Mukesh Ambani. Now, this is a Raja Yoga for Mukesh Ambani and gives him great money wealth and status which is hundred percent true!
  • for Mukesh Ambani Jupiter sits in the Leo sign or Simha Rashi that is the 10th(tenth) house of career and action for Mukesh Ambani’s horoscope or Kundali. so that gives great expansion to his career and expansion. which we can very well see for the life and career for Mukesh Ambani . also note that his Jupiter or guru is old and is atmakaraka for him . so that means ultimately it is knowledge( in fact reliance works for internet and internet means knowledge :), Google devta recall). That is in his latter days he would working for the Industry and ultimate Vedic knowledge and also a lot of altruistic or social organizations.

  • Now, look at his numbers in Mukesh Ambani’s birth date. he is born on April= 4th month, 19th is equal to 1(1+9=10=1+0=1) and 1957 is 22, so the overall- total is equal to 4 + 19 + 22 = 4+1+22= 27= 2+7= 9.This is the number of Mars and Jupiter. As of 9th sign = Sagittarius so this could be taken as giving mars and Jupiter effects both. This could give him great wealth, knowledge and Honour all over in life
  • what are the wealth combinations that give Mukesh Ambani so much of wealth?

  • The first one is Jupiter sitting in the 10th(tenth) House sign in the Leo sign(Simha Rashi) gives great expansion and wealth. also, the lord Leo or Simha Sun is very strong in Aries sign(Mesha Rashi) and in fact exalted in the sixth bhava. that gives some great gains and expansion in life for Mukesh Ambani. all this also ensure great dignity and Honour for him . as second bhava or house stands for wealth and status . in fact the second bhava or house lord Jupiter(guru) is sitting in the 10th House is a strong Raja Yoga for money matters.
  • One also has to note that the 11th House Lord is mercury and is placed in the house of debts. But is blessed by the energies of Venus so still, it would be giving fair enough money.
  • What does Jaimini astrology or arudha lagan say about Mukesh Ambani’s wealth and prosperity status?

  • His lagna mars or Mangal is in the 7th bhava or house. so his arudha pada becomes 4th bhava as per the rules of astrology. so Aquarius sign or Kumbha Rashi becomes is arudha lagna. so this gives him great discipline, gives idealism in business matters or in fact makes him very idealistic. so without idealism and dreams, he could not have reached this level. from the arudha Lagna 2nd House Lord is Jupiter(guru) which again is very strong in the 7th(seventh) house of partnerships. also for Mukesh Ambani the 11th(eleventh) house lord is dhanu or Sagittarius .that again is very strong in the 7th house makes a great Yoga for money with proper alliances, relationships and partnerships supporting the same.
  • What does the career house of Mukesh Ambani say about his career and Karma or action ?

  • let us analyze what kind of career Mukesh Ambani is more prone to take up. now we see that the Lord of the tenth house for karma for Mukesh Ambani’s is Leo or Simha.
  • The planet sun or Surya the lord of Leo is exalted in the sixth house. so clearly suggested a leadership and dignified career. so we are sure that Mukesh Ambani is set to will take a leadership role . also we note and Atma karaka Jupiter or guru also staying in the tenth bhava. This could give him great dignity & honors. and yes it attracts great wealth for him . also one has to note that Jupiter rules Communications and is close to the Lagna Surya or sun.
  • so overall this combination gives great connection to people for Mukesh , especially high dignitaries. Venus or Shukra rules home, families, and Society . one can see Mukesh Ambani set up Reliance Infocomm – that penetrated into Indian homes(Venus). also, it is clear that he has strong energy for communications. we note that from his Jaimini Lagna or ascendant as well. Mars rules his career the tenth bhava that is an engineering and also Saturn energy is also there. we know Saturn and Mars both will engineer and mercury is the lord of the 5th house of communication and thinking. so this gives home great strength in communications related industry.
  • Equation Of Life for Mukesh Ambani

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