2016 & 2017 Horoscope, In depth Coming 12 months & Lucky Months Predictions

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Your Detailed 2016-17 Horoscope with Personalized Coming 12 Months Forecast & Lucky Months

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Detailed Readings for 2016 and 2017 & Coming 12 months & Lucky Months based on your Birth Horoscope are given below:

The overall effects would be a combination of dashas( planetary periods) you are running and various transits that happen.
Why is Year 2016-17 Important from the Perspective  of Cosmic Events Happening in Our  Solar System?:

The Year 2016-17 would have very interesting and intense transits and eclipses- having an impact on everyone’s destiny & luck. This includes some solar eclipses and lunar eclipses which affect all of us equally.

The  slow moving planet Jupiter would get into sign Leo and so would Rahu(The dragon’s head) get into fiery sign Leo- causing the infamous Guru Chandaal Yoga or planetary conjunction for almost till august 2016.This makes a person rebel against his or her own  people who are their guides unknowingly. Causing a lot of issues for the person.

Saturn the planet of justice and discipline  of the cosmos gets retro gate in sign of Scorpio and so does planet mars in Scorpio for a long time of several months. This could cause severe  energy of conflict between mars and Saturn being shared together- the cause of wars, strong conflicts , financial losses, health issues etc. based on history of conjunctions. The recent fires across the world include in Canada or uttarakhand India are a proof of the same. Mars get very uncomfortable in presence of Saturn and increases the agitation of the same.

The planet Saturn would again get into the sign Sagittarius by 2017, causing a new cycle and set of changes for all of us. Also Jupiter the benefactor would get into the sign Virgo.

All the above conjunctions and combinations would create a very interesting set of events for impacting how things take shape on your career, family, money or health front. There could be  new kinds of obstacles and yes opportunities created. The opportunities  one needs to grab  or address by proper  planning.

Year 2016-17: An Overview:

You would be running the sub period of planet moon-ketu till September 2017 at least.

This could make you more inwardly draw and may not be very beneficial for money matters.

You could expect some degree of peculiarity in

Events happening during this time.

It may be a time when you may prefer to be with yourself and develop interest in religion and philosophy.You could expect haste, messages of all kinds reaching you and sleeping conditions getting stirred and reaching a state of settlement.

You could treat this as a positive period when you could advance

Well towards whatever you want to.

You can expect to receive messages which will help you to move forward in life. Love and    romantic life would be good.

Use only positive attitude as otherwise one could have to face

Disputes delays and difficulties.

The sphere of love and business could come to standstill. Fights and domestic problems can come to fore if one becomes impulsive and self centered in one’s    Attitude.

For settlements you may want to do your part.     This is the time when one could be traveling to do closure on

Things.You could expect the wheels to be running.

You will notice a definite progress in matters.

LUCKY Months:

Lucky months for career, finance are:




Lucky Months for family and Fun are:

February and November 2016

BONUS Remedies- that would help:

  • Feed brown dogs
  • Fasting in Wednesdays could help.
  • Donate to old age homes
  • Fasting on Saturdays would help. You could take food in the evenings
  • Wearing gomed/hessonite in ashtadhatu could be of great help to you.

Year 2016-17: Detailed readings:

Aspects of Life:

· Expect some struggle on the career front.

  • Your attitude would be more inward drawn and you might be doing more reflection on how to · Improve the throughput of your work.
  • Your efforts could be blocked.
  • Try to maintain your confidence especially after august 2016 as Jupiter transit into a new rahsi or sign.
  • You will do well to focus only on your health and hard work.
  • You could expect some contraction on the professional front- after may 2016 due to close conjunction of mars with Saturn.

·Income will remain stable but not much hike is expected.

  • Some expenses on medical treatments.
  • Savings and investments may be neglected.
  • Speculation now will not get very good results- after October 2016.
  • Lie low and act in conservative manner in both career and finance now.

Love & Married Life:
Take special care in any associations.

  • New ones may not develop so quickly.
  • Special effort on your part would be needed to maintain the relationships- beyond 2017 start as Saturn starts changing sign.
  • You may be more drawn inwardly- or interest in occult may develop- so could affect social life.

· Take special care of children’s health

  • This is a time they may develop good focus on studies
  • They might start taking more interest in religion
  • A vigil is the best bet to be kept at this time- in months of May, June and December based on malefic transits.

· Guard against health in year 2017, 2016 could give fair health

  • Take care of mental stress.
  • Special care of hidden ailments.
  • Expect- Pitta/Fire related problems
  • Expect- problems of type infection

. Take special care of stomach infections at this time

Detailed Monthly Break Up of Next 12 months- based on  Combined effects Of your Pratyantar dashas & Transits of fast moving planets in Your Horoscope:
Further breakup of the full year 2016-17, to focus on more trends.
May  2016

This is time when you could expect love

Taking place or your dreams being fulfilled and rewards coming to You. One has to be careful about quarrels, mis-understandings and Possibility of separations. Moreover on the down side one has to Be careful about being cheated and one may want to keep the nerves Cool.

You may meet your love under this period. Love during this period Could culminate into marriage. You may find yourself getting closer To your family.This is the right time to practice compassion and love. You could Devote time to study spiritual or religious things.

June 2016

This time can bring good health, love and friendship and Time for vacations but on the down side one could have suffering
.This is the time to offer your love and affection to the people Around. You could expect bring your work or projects to completion.Expect peace and contentment (Too much of emotionalism could stop this from happening).This is a period in which you will give and receive love from people around.One must avoid getting into negative aspects of this time that is trying to live an uncontrolled or sensual way of life or being too lazy. care must be taken to identify these things and rectify them at the earliest.

July  2016

Money  matters are to be dealt with care, you could expect  success in business and technical lines. This is the time when one may start building his house or deal with landed property.

One could expect to work with new techniques or one could be involved with building a business or house. Money matters are to be dealt with caution and wisdom. Success can come by right kind of investments. This time requires a systematic effort to succeed in any particular direction.

One could expect to have childbirth, beginning of a new business and expect messages coming to him or her. separations from the past are a part of this period. One should put trust in others after much deliberation. One can expect road blocks- but investigating the road blocks with right kind of attitude will help you to realize about you’re past mistakes.

August   2016

This  is a favorable number, would be able to fulfill your dreams and come out of troubles, expect abundance, love and positive changes  control of on passions is suggested under this vibration. You could expect to have all kinds of fun and reap the benefits of the effort that you have put in the past. This is the time for happiness. You could expect to build up on relationships.

Relationships will be strengthened and birth of child is a possibility during this time.This is the time when you can expect positive changes and ample opportunities coming your way. As indicated one has to take care of impulsiveness and haste- which could lead to losses in business.

Relationships have to be guarded by remaining unselfish. Use the the positive potential of this time and you will relax your dreams.

September  2017

It is a time when pending contracts and agreements may be settled, you may take more interest in religion, you
could expect success in artistic matters particularly singing,getting married is a strong possibility but  on the negative-side one could  expect getting deceived or facing violence.

This is the time when you could expect harmony and peace of mind.As indicated that there is a strong possibility of one having love affairs or getting married.

Take time to get in yourself and reflect and mediate. Enjoy the beauty around you gets in touch with your inner emotional self. This is good time to develop your talents.You will be facing situations in which you may want to show your love and cooperation towards others. Try to iron out mis-understandings else it could lead to separation. Try to build up more and more on understanding.

Oct 2016

This time you could expect abundance, rejoicing period,and at the negative side there is a possibility of problems cropping up and failure. You will reap the benefits of your past efforts. Matters will get closed successfully and you will be able to achieve what you wanted to. This can prove to be a rewarding period for you.During this time you could expect monetary gains, your business expanding and may be promotions if you are employed. You could expect healings as well if not keeping well. Problems on the family front will reduce and you could expect success and benefits on many fronts.

This is the time for you to relax, don’t push things forward. Take a vacation if possible. One has to avoid being too much indulgent as it may lead to problems later. Relationships have to be carefully chosen during this time. Do things in moderation.

November   2017

This  is a karmic period so expect to get what you have sown in the past. You may want to re-evaluate your present conditions Due to karmic indications- if you have been putting right kind of effort in the past  then you could expect success and increase in status. You can also expect benevolence from the people around. On the downside past efforts may bring un-wanted burdens on you. If that is the case you may want to re-evaluate the present circumstances.

In general one could expect success in practical undertakings, politics or military moreover one has to keep in mind that a strong desire for fame can result in personal losses during this time.

Take reins in your hand by making an organized effort and come out of karmic period  gracefully.

December  2016

This is the time when you could expect gains from inheritance but the gains may not be up to the mark. The habit of thinking too much about the past should be avoided. Try something new during this time. This time also suggests a marriage time and time to work with groups.

One could expect and old friend coming and meeting him or her. One should not have too many expectations from people during this time. Learn from the past experience and let things go.

January  2017

This  is the time for innovation and initiative, it also suggests loss of money and a possibility of having  to start things all over again. Ambitions need to be checked and anger to be controlled to make stable progress under this time. On the positive side this time suggests a good karmic period  where one could expect
good opportunities and success.

You could be the center of attraction this time. One could expect to receive gifts or may be inheritance during this time. Your external conditions , you could expect a change in places and people which would finally give you good returns or expect vibrancy in your conditions as you could get fresh opportunities and relationships.

You can win over people by persuasion. This s the time when you can achieve whatever you set in your mind. A positive attitude during this time will help you to gain the backing that you may require to be a success.

February  2017

This  is the time to be tactful, have discrimination and be cooperative. This is good time to handle with money. This is the time when you should take utmost care to proceed with caution. This could be a demanding time in terms of effort but the rewards would be commensurate. This time needs practical methods to achieve your dreams.Success requires perseverance and a strong will help you to achieve things.

The temptations that come your way are to be dealt with discrimination You have to use your good judgment. This is the time when emotionalism and practicality need to be balanced.

This is the time when one could expect to have spiritual experiences.Use your intuition and know that under this period one could expect to be happy, get married, earn money or get peace of mind.

March  2017

It hints towards success particularly in artistic endeavors like cinema, promises good fortune and success in all undertakings and may be you will have to travel. This is the time when you could expect to celebrate and share the good things with others.

You could expect forming good relationships with others and may be fall in love. Travel could be on your cards, things that appear important now may not be important in the future. One of the important things is conservation of energy. One must use the money one gains during this time to help others. Certain experiences may channel you from being materialistic to more interested in spiritual matters.

April   2017

One  could expect to get married with a rich person, enjoy good health  and satisfaction during this time. You could expect to do very well on the business front but honesty and perseverance is required. use perseverance to earn money in this period and you will succeed. One has to keep a control on hatred and being egotistical.health can be improved by being positive, take care about what you eat

.As indicated one could expect to get married to a wealthy person and one would experience abundance on the home front. One should closely guard on what one thinks during this time as basis honesty is the need of the time.

May 2017

This refers to hectic activity, travels and success pertaining to sea and maritime operations. Good for finance related activities, many experiences and tendency towards deceit should be avoided. This is the time for happy changes, social activities, being with your family and friends. The relationships in love that you build up will be long lasting.

As indicated this is the time for you to expect positive changes, that means you could expect a new environment or at least expect a positive change in the present conditions. You expect to gain in honor and position. Expect recognition’s and good news and definitely opportunities.yes, but take time to relax or go for an outing, be with your friends and family. On the down side(if the person is negative) one could expect problems in family and with friends.