Chandrababu Naidu politician & 2019

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Chandrababu Naidu politician Horoscope Predictions

About This article?

  • This article in depth discusses the Horoscope or Kundali of sri Chandrababu Naidu. A politician cum one could say a Technocrat who brought IT revolution in Hyderabad.
    It discusses at length planetary Yoga’s/combinations based on Vedic Astrology on what made him so powerful, successful in Politics,software and also popular.
  • His Future predictions have also been made.
  • Birth detail & Horoscope(Kundli)  of  Chandrababu Naidu the politician?

    • Name: Chandrababu Naidu
    • Date of Birth: Friday, April 27, 1951
    • Time of Birth: 06:30:00
    • Place of Birth: Hyderabad
    • Time Zone: 5.5

    chandrababunaidu chandrababu-naidu-politician-2019chandrababu naidu politician information technology industry success leadership
    what made Chandrababu Naidu a succesful leader and also the chief minister of Andhra Pradesh?

    • He is with Aries lagna and has mars the lagna lord of Aries or mesha rashi in the lagna itself. That gives Chandrababu Naidu a great will power to do things and yes become an action Guru. this action aspect of mars has given him so much of success in bring in IT and going to the top.
    • sun the lord of deep thinking the first house or bhava is in the . sun is the lord of innovation and so he also helped the IT industry in Hyderabad grow.
    • also note he is born on month of April on date 27= 2+7=9 is mars the number of planet of action and doing something, plus born in April month this is ruled by Aries sign so over all he is all set by numerology also to achieve great things in life.
    • Sun or surya dev in Chandrababu Naidu lagna gives him proper name and fame. the lord of his tenth bhava is Saturn is in the sixth house or bhava, making him get into politics and have many enemies . he would also gains from enemies or people from opposition as the tenth bhava lord is in the sixth bhava.

    chandrababu naidu politician information technology industry
    What planetary factors  made Chandrababu Naidu Give a boost to IT?

    • also note his mercury is ruling the third house of initiative that is the Gemini/mithuna sign. this gives him great initiative in the IT or the computer sector as mercury deals with IT industry.
    • the vighna bhava or the sixth house lord also is mercury that is in lagan so that creates stress for him and yes issues due to what he may speak at times. But over all great and sweet speech as his second lord is Venus. so for Chandrababu Naidu sweet speech is a BONUS for him.

    chandrababu naidu politician information technology industry awards money status
    What gives Chandrababu Naidu opulence /wealth and yes power position?

    • his Venus is strong in the second bhava or house so this not only gives him nice speech it gives him great comfort in life as well. It is also responsible for him to win some many times the election.
    • Mars the planets of politics and also sun the planets of name fame positioned in lagna, exceptional ability work and grow in politics. And yes get good name and fame.
    • once again Venus is the planet of creativity and supports the IT or the computers boom.

    chandrababu naidu politician information technology industry 2019 predictions
    What are 2018 and 2019 predictions for  Chandrababu Naidu?

    • Chandrababu Naidu would have Jupiter the lord of his past life good luck come into his eighth bhava of unexpected obstacles and problems and yes occult. so he may get keen into spirituality and yes occult or astrology or even studying the Vedas more intensely this time in 2019.
    • this year 2018 ending and 2019 would be a time for him to re plan and re strategize matters for he will have gone deep into matters for proper success. professionally or career wise 2019 may not go as great as would have been 2018.
    • but sure his energy levels would be very high now and trying to do things. his health and heart needs proper care.
    • Saturn the lord of career in the ninth bhava in goes retrograde by April to July august time frame of 2019, so this is the time he has to be careful.
    • rahu would get into his third bhava or house by mind of 2019 and this is the time he has to take care of his actions and yes relationships matters that is to do with his party member and other or the people.
    • over all 2019 would be slightly above average .Chandrababu Naidu’s moon the lord of fourth bhava or house gets energy from Saturn in the ninth bhava, so when Saturn is retrograde we do have elections as well so Chandrababu Naidu ji ahs to be careful all about his image as well.
    • we wish him or Chandrababu Naidu all the bets for 2019.
    • who is Chandrababu Naidu?

      • Chandrababu Naidu has his full name as Nara Chandrababu Naidu. who is Chandrababu Naidu was born 20 April 1950 in the city of Hyderabad.
      • he is at the moment president of Telegu desam party and is an Indian politician. he was also the chief minister of Andhra Pradesh since the year 2014.
      • In the previous years he was the chief minister of Andhra Pradesh from the year 1994 to 2004, before creation of telengana.
      • Chandra babu Naidu has also got the award for the IT Indian of the millennium from the India Today magazine. he has also known as the business person based on economic times

    Ravi Shastri Indian Cricket Coach-Uniqueness?

    Ravi-Shastri (1)- indian cricket coach uniquenessRavi-Shastri

    Ravi Shastri Indian cricket Coach-Uniqueness?

    What are some interesting things about ravi shastri the Indian cricket team coach?

    • He was born as Ravishankar Jayadritha Shastri on 27th of may 1962 in Mumbai or Bombay that time. He has been an initial cricket player and now is coaching the Indian cricket team with full gusto.
    • Ravi shastri  has played cricket between for  11 years that’s 1981 to 1991. he was basically a left hander and also a spinner and also got into all round roles into cricket.
    • he was generally an opening batsman or a middle order one and yes he is very tall over 6 foot 3 inches.
    • he was awarded champion of the champions for the world championship of cricket in the country Australia in 1985. He was good at hitting sixes in sequence
    • he has a knee injury that made him to retire from the Indian cricket and includes ranji trophy.
    • he has also done commentary for BCCI matches in which India takes part. He is also the director of the Indian cricket team till 2015 world cup was played.
    • In the year and month of July 2017 he was appointed the head coach of our Indian cricket team.

    Birth details:

    • Name: Ravi Shastri
    • Date of Birth: Sunday, May 27, 1962
    • Time of Birth: 06:27:00
    • Place of Birth: Bombay
    • Longitude: 72 E 50
    • Latitude: 18 N 58
    • Time Zone: 5.5

    rsz_ravi-shastri-d1-resize ravi shastri indian cricket coach uniqueness

    what made ravi shastri so tall and play such distinct Indian cricket? tall & handsome and good looks?

    • The lagan of ravi shastri is in the second bhava of wealth and status. this makes him have good wealth and status. Also as lagna lord is Venus is great for comfort as they say for shukra or Venus- he gets very good wealth and status- so playing for Indian cricket and next becoming the coach is a probable event for ravi shastri for sure.
    • no sun in lagna or ascendant gives ravi shastri a distinct and different personality. also height is a part of personality distinction. As mithuna is the second sign form lagna and it stands for height or tall height, his lagna lord Venus is placed there. so obviously he would have a good height and yes quick intelligence.
    • board shoulders come from. As he Venus ruled lagna that is Taurus and yeas as suggested the good looks and personality due come from shukra and yes surya or sun in his horoscope.
    • Venus gives him all opulence and luxury in life and yes handsome looks.

    what made ravi shastri become the distinguished  coach of the Indian team?

    • One has to note that the lord of the 4th bhava sun or surya dev is on his lagna, now sun means position and image for any person and fourth house or bhava also stands for the same- this being in the lagna gives him or ravi shastri great name, fame and honour. so we know now ravi shastri is the head coach of the Indian cricket team- what else do we need in terms of Yogas for such a success in life.
    • His lord of career is blessed by being the ninth bhava or house of past life karma or purva janam punya- this is really great for him. this would take him to skies and help him do the just and ethical coaching.
    • also ravi shastri has budha aditya Yoga as mercury and sun are both in his first house or lagna giving him great distinction.
    • rahu sends energy to his house of action and makes him play rough shots- he played 6 sixes in one go , plus gives him the discipline to be the best coach. he would rebel against set norms and play the game his way.
    • Jupiter the planet of expansion is there in the tenth karma bhava giving him great scoop in career. But also as knee of ravi shastri ruled by tenth bhava and eighth bhava lord is there he or ravi shastri had recurrent knee problems.but sooner or later guru or Jupiter gives great distinction to any person and growth.

    Something based on Numerology and western astrology for ravi shastri Indian cricket coach

    • also note by western astrology also ravi shastri is 27 may born so almost cusp of Gemini and Taurus that gives him good enough height plus perseverance and also on 27th = 2=&=9 = mars. people with cricket background or sports are generally born on 9 number, like virat kohli is born in November- that is rules by scorpio or mars or Mangal dev.Number 9 and Venus = number 6 of Taurus gives him great success and luxury in sports.

    what are the predictions for performance of ravi shastri in the year 2018 -2019.?

    • the coming year 2019 is karmic and hard for ravi shastri, especially October 2018 onwards and yes 2019.
    • his Jupiter in transit comes into his seventh bhava or house, this could cause strong issues for his job or career matters/ unexpected obstacles and problems could come to him . also excess work and fewer results might be there. this could be more intense in April to July time frame when Jupiter is retrograde( various).
    • July 2019 onwards rahu gets into his second bhava of wealth and speech and send energy to his lagna- this again may impact his current position as an Indian cricket team coach.
    • Saturn or shani would be just OK in ravi shastri’s eighth bhava draining away the energy of his luck and karma.
    • remedies like prayer s to lord Shiva and or donation to poor would help a lot.
    • we wish him all the best and pray that all positive should happen for him.

    Rahul Gandhi 2019 elections

    Rahul_Gandhi_1-gemini rahul gandhi 2019 elections

    Rahul Gandhi 2019 elections

     About general elections in 2019 in India

    • The general elections for India are to be held in the month of April or may in 2019. In this all the parties include the left, UPA and BJP would take part. It may also include small and regional parties like AAP aam aadmi party.

    Birth details Rahul gandhi

    • Date Of Birth: 19th June, 1970
    • Gemini sign= ruled by mercury western astrology
    • Time of Birth: 14: 28 ( not confirmed)
    • Place of Birth: New Delhi, India

    rahul-gandhiH rahul gandhi 2019 elections

    What would be the  Outcome for rahul gandhi based on Saturn or shani transit in 2019?

    • Saturn or shani dev would get retrograde(vakri) by may 2019 but would be weak at almost 27 degrees by April 2019 in the Sagittarius sign or dhanu rashi.
    • now if Saturn is weak and rules the fourth house for rahul gandhi  it could impact his public image  as fourth bhava or house rules the same. It affects his moon in transit  so he needs to be positive and deal with situations in a constructive manner.
    • Moon rules his actions or karma bhava or the tenth house, so over all this weakness of Saturn and retrogression may not work great for rahul gandhi this time. so his party or congress coming to power or his name coming into prominence is less now.
    • for the moon sign or rashi Saturn  is ruling the second bhava and is markesh for rahul gandhi. so over all he needs to take basic good care and yes he may get some recognition as the second bhava or house lord sits in the first house based on rahul Gandhi’s moon sign or rashi.


    What is the outcome for rahul gandhi based on Jupiter transit in 2019?

    • Jupiter or guru would be weak and retrograde(vakri) in April 2019 at the Sagittarius sign .It would be at almost 1 degree so very weak and devoid of strength.
    • a weak Jupiter would impact his actions and yes he may resort to some alternative methods not appreciated by BJP to defeat the BJP in the verbal campaign against the same.
    • as Jupiter rules the inititievs and opposition, he or rahul gandhi may feel not so better control over his party at this time.
    • from the moon sign or rashi fro rahul gandhi, the planet Jupiter or guru would be ruling the lagan and is in twelfth bhava. so again health needs care and he may have stressful travels in the nation or India in various states.
    • Once again Jupiter rules the fourth house or bhava of rahul gandhi so image needs care this time.
    • so over all planets may not support greatly rahul Gandhi’ at this time of April or may 2019.

    what does rahu transit in July 2019  Hint for him?

    • Rahu around mid of 2019 would get into the Gemini sign or the ninth house of rahul gandhi this could impact his purva janma punya or grace and luck may not be very favourable for him.
    • also form moon the 7th bhava or house gets rahu energy   this could impact a bit on his old on the party and ye4 making  him travel a lot across the country may be campaigning more.

    a look of numbers or numerology for rahul Gandhi for 2019

    • 2019 is  2+0+1+9 = 12 = 1+2=3 = Jupiter and he is Gemini or mithuna sun sign and 19 born just like his grandmother smt. indira gandhi ji( she was born 19 November.
    • he is born in Friday that is number 6
    • his birth date number =19= 1+9=10=1+0 =1 = sun. so so19 over all could give him above average results, as Venus is in harmony with Jupiter and is sun. April is a month ruled by mars and is friend of his sun and mars both, so he may get some tangible gains as per numerology.


    • so it could be a mixed situation of rahul gandhi.
    • Rahu gandhi may not be comfortable with the overall outcome of congress party in the 2019 general elections. but may be individually he may be fairly placed in the situation.
    • We wish all the party’s all the best


    • The article is written purely for research and education. Any other use of this article or interpretation or In appropriate use of the article would be the individual’s responsibility
    • We are assuming the birth data is accurate

    Abhishek Bachchan flops & success-why?

    Abhishek_Bachchan abhishek bachchan flops success why

    Abhishek Bachchan a flops & success-why?

    What are some interestings about Abhishek Bachchan?

    • Abhishek Bachchan is a film actor and was born to world famous actor amitabh Bachchan. He is also a play back singer and works for the bollywood or Bombay film industry. His mother Jaya Bachchan ji is also a great actor and now a MP or a member of the parliament.
    • He made his debut in the war film of refugee and then later many of his films failed to perform after the year 2000.He got success after 4 years in year 2004
    • Abhishek Bachchan has got appreciation for his films or movies like sarkar, and Yuva. He also got 3 consecutive filmfare awards. He also acted like dhirubhai ambani in the Mani ratanams film guru and got the best actor award.
    • Abhishek Bachchan had some good money or commercial success in films like Dus(2005), Bluff master and also Bunty or Babli in year 2005.he also did well in the films Happy New year (released in 2014) and also house full 3 in the year 2016.he also got the National film award for the family drama “paa”.

    Birth details:

    • Name: Abhishek Bachan
    • Date of Birth: Thursday, February 05, 1976
    • Time of Birth: 12:00:00
    • Place of Birth: Mumbai
    • Longitude: 72 E 50
    • Latitude: 18 N 58
    • Time Zone: 5.5

    abhishekb abhishek bachchan flops success why

    what planetary combination or Yogas gives Abhishek Bachchan a distinction in personality?

    • The lagna lord of abhishek bachchan is mars are in the second bhava or house.This gives him good and unique status and yes personality.
    • It also hints towards being the son of well known actor amitabh Bachchan and yes having a good and firm speech like his father. Mars here gives a firm speech and venus here as the dispositer gives some sweetness.
    • Also kindly note that he is born on 5th February, that is 5= mercury this gives him good ability to communicate and speak and yes deliver dialogues in films. he is also born on a Wednesday ruled by budha or mercury this gives him very good communication skills.
    • As the malefic ketu is in first house of his , it is in the house of body could create fevers to the person so he or abhishek could be prone to fever especially in child hood.
    • But as ketu also means flag, so this could give a distinction in personality to abhishek bachchan which is there.
    • He is also very TALL around 6 foot 2 inches just like his father amitabh bachchan as mars rules the lagna and is the house of multiplicity or the second house.So along with ketu that functions just like mars.
    • so over all double mars type effect gives him a strong muscular and tall built to body structure.
    • but sure he has to be careful about boils as ketu functions as mars or Mangal that create more heat in the body.
    • he also needs to maintain reputation and mind has to be kept calm with Yoga he has lost reputation in many of his flop films and that is primarily caused by planet ketu. he has to be kept peaceful with Yoga.

    what gives abhishek bachchan such a good family lineage?

    • As his Lagna Lord or ascendant is in Dhana bhava or 2nd house means gain and status to self and also luxury and comfort is there this clearly hints towards good enough family background the could have.
    • This combination also makes him gainful, also scholarly so he would be studying a Lot happy, also he may be endowed with good qualities.
    • He may also have more than one relationship as the planet of love Venus gets into the dhana bhava this is just an indication and may not be true for him.
    • As abhishek bachchan’s Lagna Lord or ascendant is in Dhana bhava or 2nd(second) house means gain and status to self.
    • As his venus is the lord of this house and is strong in Sagittarius sign or dhanu rashi , so this could give good wealth and status to him .make his  Face  generally attractive
    • he has Mars in second house could make a person a bit prone to quarrel as second house rules speech and yes family as well, so he has to maintain good peace at the home front as well based on the planetary indication.
    • abhishek bachchan may also have to save more money for days when revenues flow is less as mars could impact the wealth and status of abhishek bachchan form time to time also money could be earned well by effort. he Could be good at talking with people of all strata of society.
    • As for abhishek bachchan 2nd(second) bhava is in the ninth bhava  or house, so almost 8 bhava away so ill health in young age possible( which is confirmed seems he had some health issue as a child) . All this is true as second bhava represents young age, one is skilled as eighth bhava also represents hidden skills.
    • he will due to venus or shukra  have a lot of wealth and be happy.
    • As his second lord is well fortified and 9th lord is Jupiter the karaka for money and wealth, he or abhishek bachchan will get good inheritance. which is true as amitabh bachchan has  a good legacy.
    • In general abhishek bachchan will have fair amount of domestic happiness could be there
    • he might get good amount of money but may not be able to save much .
    • abhishek bachchan could be outspoken and truthful .
    • stars clearly say that his family background might be good . also he could come up as good speakers

    Serena Williams Career Horoscope

    Serena Williams Career Horoscope
    RESIZE440px-Serena_Williams_Australian_Open_2009_5 serena williams career horoscope kundali birth chart predictions tennis
    About this article for Serena Williams
    The article below talks at length about the causes of the success of Serena Williams.It also tells why she is able to do so well in tennis.
    Also, it talks about the incident June 2019 French opens player Dominic Thiem.
    What are Some interesting facts about world calls tennis player serena Williams?

    • She has not been stopping the 23-times Grand Slam singles title winner,
    • The full name of serena Williams is serena Jameka Williams. she is born on 26th of September 1981 and is a high ranking American professional tennis player. she has been ranked as 1 by the women’s tennis association.
    • The ranking of serena Williams went up or number 1 from July 8th 2002 . she has been beating the record set up by Steffi graf and Martina Navratilova.
    • serena Williams holds the maximum grand slam titles for all like double or mixed doubles .
    • serena Williams has proven herself and won on all kinds of surfaces like hard, clay and also grass in one year itself.
    • her sister Venus is also a recent player with her or serena Williams.
    • serena Williams is a unique tennis player who has won grand slams singles and titles in two different decades.
    • serena Williams has won with chris evert and won single matches at majors with 331 matches
    • she plays great with her sister Venus and has beaten the grand slam doubles. Just like martina Navratilova and pam shiver.
    • serena Williams is on the Forbes list of 100 highest paid athletes with around 27 million in money for prize and yes endorsements or advertisements of products

    How unique is the Playing style of Serena Williams?

    • serena Williams is a baseline player she controls the game by her rallies and very powerful and also smooth serve and also responds to serves well. she also has forceful ground strokes from both backhand and forehand.
    • serena Williams uses open stance in backhand stroke and also her fore hand shots is powerful
    • The service speed for serena Williams is 128.6 mph or 207.0 kmph and is the third fastest in the world.

    birth details serena Williams

    • Name: Serena Williams
    • Date of Birth: Saturday, September 26, 1981, trayodashi, destiny number =9= mars & Jupiter to help the masses and connect to the masses
    • Time of BirtAh: 20:28:00
    • Place of Birth: Saginaw
    • Longitude: 83 W 57
    • Latitude: 43 N 25
    • Time Zone: -4.0

    serena-williams serena williams career horoscope kundali birth chart predictions tennis

    What makes Serena Williams so distinct a personality based on her horoscope or birth chart?

    • The overall personality, looks, attitude, temperament and basic strength of serena William’s horoscope or kundali would be judged form the first house or tanu bhava.
    • In serena William’s horoscope or kundali As this sign of lagna for serena Williams is Aries, the sign of action and aggression this is visible in her game .
    • This sign or her house is ruled by   planet of action mars and  this mars or Mangal of serena Williams also rules the 8th(eighth house) bhava.
    • In horoscope or kundali(birth chart) of  serena William’s  ,Now as we know  Mars or Mangal dev in Hindi is  an action oriented and aggressive planet this planet here gives sense of action and aggression in the person.
    • One or serena  also has to stay away from negative habits as mars gets energy form the eighth house or bhava of vices.
    • Given the horoscope or kundali(birth chart) of   serena William’s  ,AS also mars (Mangal) is  just fairer so longevity of the serena Williams is fair .
    • As also her mars are weakened in her horoscope or birth chart n due to rahu in the fourth house, the longevity could also be
    • In horoscope or kundali(birth chart) of  serena William’s  ,As her mars is in the fourth house of public image and heart both and mars is a bit debilitated with rahu, the planet of masses  it gives serena Williams great and sudden image and also great surges of impulsive angers  that could be getting utilized in playing the game of lawn tennis. so her anger gets utilized well.
    • As discussed for serena Williams , In horoscope or kundali(birth chart) the first bhava or house(lagna) lord is in 4th(fourth) house or bhava, she will get happiness from parents. serena Williams May have a larger extended family.
    • She will acquire property and land especially through your maternal side. You will be rich and happy and may have multiple conveyances. all this is 100% true for the tennis player serena Williams.
    • Such combinations or Yogas in horoscope or kundali(birth chart) of  serena William’s  Generally gives a good built that is true .
    • She Might have health problems in youth in dashas of Saturn (shani dev). You would generally put up good fight in life

    What helps serena Williams do such powerful services in tennis based on her horoscope?

    • In horoscope or kundali(birth chart) of  serena William’s  Rahu(dragon’s head) and mars(Mangal) sitting in the fourth house of serena Williams, this Yoga or combination of planets  generate great deal of rash anger, but it gets utilized for her in the sport of tennis in terms of serving and defending the service and other responses from the opponent.
    • Also given the horoscope or kundali(birth chart) of   serena William’s  ,she is ruled by mars and mars is a planet of action and muscle power  this also rules her back bone or lagna  so mars over all gives  serena Williams great action ability and infact mars and rahu give explosive power and action capability to serena Williams.
    • her arms strength would be judged by her third house , the lord is mercury  that is strong in Kendra that is the seventh bhava or house. so mercury that gets good energy form a strong Venus in the sign of Libra there is the source of all wealth and luxury to serena Williams. That is the promise by action and it is fulfilled by her being the Aries or mesha rashi lagna person.

    What makes serena Williams do so well in career? her career horoscope or kundali?

    • Now let us look at the career, your Karma & the kind of deeds, & authority and name of serena Williams .
    • As Saturn or shani dev In horoscope or kundali(birth chart) of   serena William’s  rules her  tenth  house of career  and also rules the 11th(eleventh house) or  bhava or gains and also connected to career.
    • Just an indication that Elder brothers of serena Williams  may speak but harshly(just an indication and may not be true).
    • A weak Saturn or shani for serena Williams could mean losses due to elder sister or brother.
    • In horoscope or kundali(birth chart) of  serena William’s   As ketu or dragon’s tail is in the 10th bhava or house of serena Williams, it adds a flag or distinction to her career or job  which is 100% true and her career has been growing and fabulous.
    • This combination makes serena Williams strong and bold generally. people with such combination have to avoid negative deeds in life.
    • For the horoscope or kundali(birth chart) of   serena William’s  due to Saturn(shani) here One needs to have purity in resolves  for serena Williams in her actions and career matters. she does have 100% purity of resolve in her career that makes her so famous and successful in life and in tennis.
    • she or serena Williams generally may face obstacles in undertakings due to ketu(dragon’s tail) in the 10th bhava or house in her horoscope or birth chart. also she would be good at dealing with people.

    What could be possible religious or dharma inclinations for serena Williams may be later in life?

    • In horoscope or kundali(birth chart) of  serena William’s  , As ketu (dragon’s tail) is well placed for serena Williams , this will makes her serena Williams happy in career and somewhat religious  or picky about religion as ketu is for dharma.
    • she or serena Williams will read scriptures like bible and visit pilgrimages sooner or later in life.
    • ketu in the horoscope or kundali(birth chart) of   serena William’s   is also responsible for her to have very clean and sharp shots.

    What serena Williams has to take special care of?

    • For the horoscope or kundali(birth chart) of   serena William’s , As 10th(tenth house) or  bhava or house  lord  or the career lord for serena Williams  is in 6th(sixth house ) bhava, so one may work for hospitals, judiciary or prisons or gains from legal matters .
    • as Rahu(dragon’s head) and afflicted malefic are with 10th lord, she or serena Williams has to manage well disgrace in career.
    • she also has  to avoid criminal action and take care of not getting into strong legal troubles or imprisonment GOD forbid, none of them would materialize    but just a word of caution for her better career graph.

    How  would serena Williams continue winning?

    • serena Williams may have Many obstacles on the way and yes should struggle to win her way though based on the  horoscope or kundali(birth chart) of   serena William’s  .
    • she has been fighting racism and sexual discrimination.
    • Every inch of success to be fought for serena Williams to get the best in her career . she may not get things easily. . she could also be orthodox as far as religion is concerned.
    • . she could rise to a position of eminence which is 100% true for her , but only after a lot of struggle in her career and with her actions due to Saturn.
    • we wish serena Williams all the best in her career and Life
    • dominic thiem serena williams 2019 bad personalitydominic thiem serena williams 2019 bad personality analysis horoscope

      June 2019 French opens player Dominic Thiem suggested that Serena Williams has “bad personality” . what could possibly make Serena Williams be hot-headed or strong headed based on the planetary conditions?

    • It was in news recently that in French opens Dominic Thiem accused Serena Williams of a “bad personality” . Let us now look at her horoscope(Kundali) to know the possible causes of what could have caused such behaviour at Serena Williams ended.
      Given her Horoscope – one can very clearly see that she is very Independent and dominating person and would like to have her own way. as the planet Moon is in Leo sign (Simha Rashi). Also, Serena Williams is ruled by number 9 that is independent and Fearless and dominating nature. One can look at the total of her birth date numbers at it comes to number 9= mars or Mangal. This sort of number could make anyone aggressive or impulsive at times despite having a great heart within.
    • Also the most important clue we get from the lagna of Serena Williams it is the Aries sign or Mesha Rashi. which is action oriented and a simple Aries Lord is Mars is or Mangal is sitting in the 4th house in Scorpio(vrishchika Rashi) is debilitated here.
      This 4th(fourth) house deals with public image and mind of Serena Williams. plus there is a Rahu sitting there in the 4th bhava.
      Mars Plus Rahu in 4th bhava gives the sudden access to anger and aggression .which can either make her image in the eyes of public image. plus excess anger and Rash actions could be there. so now it is clear that whatever happened in June 2019 in French opens is a natural outcome of the core personality of Serena Williams expressed at times unknowingly. yes, yoga and other remedies she can probably modify her behavior much more., we wish her all the best in life.

    Manmohan Singh Career Horoscope

    440px-Manmohan_Singh_in_2009 manmohan singh career horoscope

    Manmohan Singh Career Horoscope- know what makes him so different and Unique from others ? 🙂
    Birth details of sri Manmohan singh JI for Horoscope:

    Sonali Bendre Longevity Horoscope

    440px-SonaliBendre sonali bendre longevity horoscope kundali predictions health
    Sonali Bendre Longevity Horoscope
    What is this article about?
    This article discusses about sonali bendre ji , especially what makes her so beautiful and attractive. Her choosing modelling as career and then again being successful in films.

    It also later talks about health and longevity( she is suffering due to cancer and undergoing treatment) for sonali bendre the bollywood actress.
    It additionally later covers sonali bendre’s 2019/2020 and 2018 predictions for health & longevity

    Birth details of Sonali Bendre ?

  • Name: Sonali Bendre
  • Date of Birth: Wednesday, January 01, 1975
  • Place of Birth: Mumbai
  • Longitude: 72 E 50
  • Latitude: 18 N 58
  • Time Zone: 5.5
  • sonali_bendre_horoscope sonali bendre longevity horoscope kundali predictions health
    sonali bendre longevity horoscope awards distinction
    What makes Sonali Bendre Look so different from others?

  • Now the question is what makes Sonali Bendre such a unique person, actor and model different from others. looking at the Horoscope of Sonali Bendre . her sun is ruling the 9th house of luck/fortune and past life is in lagna or ascendant with Mercury(budha) and Venus . so we have Sun or surya that gives a distinction .also Sun rules the Bhagya Bhava that is the 9th house of luck and Fortune and shows blessings on Sonali Bendre from the father’s side and the past life Karma (purva janma). so this gives Sonali Bendre great fortune and also success in the film industry(bollywood) and modelling as well .
  • as also venus is also the lord of gains(11th house) for Sonali Bendre . so blesses her with gains from friend and all good things in life. so overall venus gives great gains and success to film industry for Sonali Bendre .
  • we will address this aspect of Sonali Bendre Film life and modelling later in this article.
  • Mercury is the Lord of a career(10th) and 7th house of connections & contacts for Sonali Bendre . It is sitting in the lagna or ascendant so she will have great contacts . very good communication and dialogue delivery as well due t mercury. she would be perfectly fine. sonali Bendre also has a retrograde Saturn(shani dev) in the 7th house . so in general stability and long relationships at the same time Saturn being the lord of second house of wealth and status & 3rd house of initiatives for her gives her great ability to take initiatives.
  • Saturn aspecting the lagan for Sonali Bendre would give great discipline her approach. also Sonali Bendre would have good amount of philosophy and also some of the initiatives of projects may turnaround for her because of Saturn being retrograde. but there is a blessing of God as well on Sonali Bendre . as Jupiter is sitting in the Aquarius sign
  • sonali bendre longevity horoscope awards
    why is Sonali Bendre such a big success in Modelling and then acting?

  • sonali Bendre choose Modelling and then film industry as her career and made her a big success . Now this is very much clear and connected to the previous section that Sonali Bendre has a very blessed Venus or shukra dev. which is Lord of gains for her and in the lagna . all this indicates that she would get a lot of gains from anything to do with Venus like industry like doing any creative work or anything to do with beauty and arts. It could also mean something like modelling or films .
  • basically Sonali Bendre’s rahu is very weak and debilitated in the 12th house of hers. but rahu or dragon’s head gets great energy from strong Mars .so this could give her some anger and aggression at times but also motivation to do better especially in the modelling career.:)
  • The reason is mars or Mangal helps in modelling career. as mars or Mangal connects with gymnasium and keeping the body fit .so overall Sonali Bendre has got good energies of Mars and also good energies of Venus in her horoscope to make her a good success in the films . mars or Mangal is ruling malefic 12th house but is also a lord of a good house of long term thinking that the fifth house for Sonali Bendre.
  • who should give success and capability to do physical effort or modelling type work. 🙂
    now the question is what makes her successful in these domains? as sun is very close to Venus success to do with film industry and also in the modelling career could be there for sure. sun is Lord of blessings the ninth house gives great success to Sonali Bendre.
  • Due to the aspect of Saturn(Saturn) or shani dev on the lagan of Sonali Bendre . the success would be delayed for her or she may lose it some time. 🙁 e as she lost when she had to leave from Prime of her performance.
  • Saturn or shani dev is retrograde and aspecting her lagan(ascendant). but still disciplined action would give her good success in the film career. sun or surya dev so also close to Mercury(budha or planet of communication, finance and delivery). so it blesses the 10th House of career for Sonali Bendre .so a thumb up for dialogue delivery and acting for Sonali Bendre . The 7th house lord Gemini that is a relationship & partnership is ruled by mercury.
  • she has will get the blessings of Sun or she will have love and support of people all over life.:)
  • sonali bendre longevity horoscope 
    What made Sonali Bendre’s personality so unique based on her horoscope or kundali?

    • In the kundali or horoscope of Sonali bendre Looking at Sonali bendre’s First House or Udaya or Tanu Bhava. As This house covers matters related to the looks or personality, over all attitudes, temperament and basic strength or the backbone of any horoscope
    • What gives Sonali bendre so distinct personality?Given the kundali or horoscope of Sonali bendre Sun or surya in first house gives her or Sonali bendre a different and unique personality. one has to note that she is born on 1 January, now number 1= sun and stands for distinction and uniqueness in personality.
    • What are the root causes for her great initiative and will power?It gives Sonali bendre good image and great personality and will power to do things, also note she is January born, now January is the 1st month as well of any year so that gives her a great initiative and will power to achieve.
    • could Capricorn and Saturn energy give her wanderings? but at the same time proper ethics have to be followed to maintain the image. One may have aimless wanderings and more of body heat as sun generates more pitta or heat in the body.
    • Is good management the secret of success of Sonali bendre?please note that January is ruled by Saturn that is the Capricorn sign or makar rashi in western astrology, and Saturn and sun are in conflict so this give a life of hard struggle but at the same time it that is the two powerful planets sun and Saturn give her the great drive and management capability for success.
    • What gives her(Sonali bendre) quick intelligence?Sonali bendre also has Mercury or budha here in the first bhava makes the person quick and intelligent so is she has been a great model as well. mercury deals with mantra shastras It could give you interest in occult studies.
    • Does Sonali bendre have the capability to write books :)? also one has to note that she or Sonali bendre is born on Wednesday ruled by planet mercury. Mercury gives her or Sonali bendre a fun loving child like nature and good adaptability she has been very adaptable and has been not modelling, films , movies and also book writing all ruled by mercury and venues. she will also study well is obvious that she is still wiring books etc or educate people.
    • How would the married life be for Sonali bendre? For the kundali or horoscope of Sonali bendre As the 1st bhava or first house lord is in the 3rd(Third house) bhava of initiatives, the person is naturally courageous and strong willed which Sonali bendre is for sure, also she or Sonali bendre well respected along with good intelligence. There might be more than one marriage for her as per the classics but this is just an indication and may not be true as we are looking at surya kundali of hers..
    • Could Sonali bendre have philosophical inclinations?. Sonali bendre could be very ambitious as is true with number 1 or people with sun as the ruling planet. Sonali bendre would also gain knowledge all over her life writing books is a good example of the same . Chances are higher that sonali bendre follow the path of dharma ore religion some time, being Capricorn sign she would be atleast philosophical. she could be eager to learn .
    • Are planets responsible for her good judgments? she or Sonali bendre may have a good judgment due to Saturn or shani of Capricorn .
    • How did she handle both modelling and films and was a success? The ruler ship of sun of number 1 of her birth date could make Sonali bendre more goal oriented and very focused on your goals as she has been an achiever in areas of modelling , movies and now writing books .
    • Born on Wednesday ruled by mercury could make Sonali bendre quick witted .
    • Based on anka jyotish or numerology also Sonali bendre is born on January 01, 1975 , so her destiny number = 1+ 1+ 1975/22 = 24= 2+4=6= Venus or shukra dev.
    • so she would have a quality of generosity and empathy for others and helping others.
    • In sonali bendre’s kundali or horoscope being ruled by planet sun and yes Jupiter as the surya kundali lagna she may be more commanding and also There is a chance of your being self righteous this should be avoided .
    • Sonali bendre may also be too much attached to convention due to having Sagittarius or dhanu as her lagan or ascendant.
    • Does Sonali bendre love nature and why? Jupiter the planetary period of January she is born in and also the lord of her kundali and sun her number makes her too much love for nature.
    • Why is she troubling from health problem? does ketu have a role?There could be a great change in her life between 35 to 42 as a general indication, she would be fine as now ketu would be having sway on her life .
    • Do planets say anything about the looks of Sonali bendre?Sonali bendre would normally be tall as per her horoscope or kundali as is the case, with a broad lovely face, long nose and big ears .
    • what are the planetary causes of Sonali bendre being athletic?In the kundali or horoscope of Sonali bendre Jupiter and sun also makes her to be regular in physical exercise or going to gymnasiums .
    • What health issues Sonali bendre has to proactively guard on? she could be too ambitious so she has to avoid nervous exhaustion of any kind by over stress all over her life YOGA here would suit her the most.

    sonali bendre longevity horoscope  health
    what is Sonali bendre’s latest health problem? is it cancer?

    • On 4th July 2018 Sonali bendre revealed on Twitter that she has been diagnosed with cancer and was undergoing treatment in New York City hospital.
    • Many of her co stars and members from the film industry like salman khan ,Akshay Kumar, Karan Johar, Manish Malhotra have put all their well wishes for her speedy recovery.

    Other details of Sonali bendre

    • 1 January 1975 (age 43)
    • Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
    • Occupation Film actress, and also was a model
    • Years active in the films industry = year 1994 to 2018 atleast and would do more
    • Her Spouse is Goldie Behl (marries . 2002)
    • What is health horoscope of Sonali bendre?

      • Now the health or diseases for Sonali bendre is judged by the SIXTH HOUSE [VIGHNA BHAVA, This sixth house basically covers matters related to her or sonali bendre’s enemies, sonali’s health problems, her debts, obstructions and service to others.

      she or sonali bendre has been diagnosed with meta static cancer.

      • what health problems Sonali bendre is naturally prone to? the lord of the 6th(sixth) house being in the first house hints towards some serious disease could grip her some time in life. Venus is very weak and in old age so this combination could give diseases or problems that take more time to get resolved as by old age the planets get weak also the diseases related to sex organs or spleen could come up.
      • from moon lord or rashi as Jupiter rules the 6th bhava so liver and spleen is a suspect
      • would Sonali bendre be able to solve problems well ?Now as for Sonali bendre As ketu is a malefic and is in a malefic house 6th, so is a good position as this combination destroys enemies and is also famous & wealth in general all this is there for her and Sonali bendre has come out well with flying colors in all areas.
      • In general for people with ketu in the sixth house, Morality has to be kept in check as ketu puts a dhwaja to negative qualities of the 6th bhava.
      • does Sonali bendre have keen inclination towards astrology?In the kundali or horoscope of Sonali bendre Ketu here gives occult or dharma related knowledge and intuitive powers.
      • How does dragon’s head or Ketu help her destroy opposition? 🙂 In the kundali or horoscope of Sonali bendre Ketu In sixth house is good as ketu is a natural malefic and being in sixth house of vighna or obstacles it means killing or removal of her(Sonali bendre’s) enemies. So this combination makes a person without much enmity or opposition in general.
      • This combination In the kundali or horoscope of Sonali bendre Ketu In sixth house promised fame and authority to Sonali bendre. It also gives very good occult and intuitive powers to the person.
      • are the cancer indications there in Sonali bendre’s Horoscope?now As In the kundali or horoscope of Sonali bendre Ketu In sixth house the Ari Bhava Lord (6th house lord) is in tanu or first Bhava, it could make her adventurous, famous among her people all that is very true, may live in alien countries she was in new-York for cancer treatment.
      • But as In the kundali or horoscope of Sonali bendre Ketu In sixth house 6th house energy goes in ketu ,she has be careful in your relationships with other women and men both . she has to Speak sweetly always not mostly.
      • also diabetes is something that Sonali bendre has to Stay clear from diabetes., be happy, and be also a skilful speaker.
      • . Based on the kundali or horoscope of Sonali bendre Ketu In sixth house There is some protection form enemies for her as ketu destroys her enemies and diseases.
      • she or Sonali bendre has to be careful about debt not accumulating .
      • Based on the kundali or horoscope of Sonali bendre Ketu In sixth house have to avoid past life vices and get best help from the good karma of her past .
      • sonali bendre has to avoid any extremes in terms of sexuality or cruelty this is just an indications and given the strong ruler ship of Venus for Sonali bendre would always bless her with the best.
      • sonali bendre longevity horoscope
        What is the longevity horoscope or kundali of Sonali bendre

        • The eight house in the kundali or horoscope of Sonali bendre is a house that basically covers matters related to longevity and also unknown or hidden or suspicious issues, unearned wealth, property and luck.
        • For the kundali or horoscope of Sonali bendre As moon is a good planet and moon in 8th could cause mental disturbances or stress to her as moon represents our mind.
        • she is strong due to sun there and also avoids being apprehensive or having nay psychological complexes.
        • For the kundali or horoscope of Sonali bendre One has to avoid pride. Also mother that is represented by moon needs good care.
        • Given the kundali or horoscope of Sonali bendre Health and eyesight could be affected. There is a possibility of gain through legacies for her and inheritance as 8th house also rules your legacies and inheritance and moon is the self.
        • In general based on the kundali or horoscope of Sonali she One has to avoid fighting attitude and yes your heart would be very open and good. One may have excess sweat or perspiration.

        For the kundali or horoscope of Sonali bendre As Randhr Bhava Lord or the 8th house lord is in Randhr Bhava, the she could be long lived based on her surya kundali . That is long life and happiness is there for Sonali bendre.

        • Based on the kundali or horoscope of Sonali bendre It also suggests that the person or Sonali bendre would acquire land/conveyance and power & position though merit of the past life as 8th house deals with all this.
        • For the kundali or horoscope of Sonali bendre form moon lagna moon is strong for her in her own sign and also the lord of Saturn the 8th or the eighth house is a bit weak, but Jupiter the blessing is fairs enough there. Jupiter is fair and is also markesh so liver/spleen etc needs good care for her.
        • In the kundali or horoscope of Sonali bendre . Indicates a long life generally . Stay careful of accidents . There could be tremendous changes taking place in the psyche all over life

        What is the Pindayu calculation for Sonali bendre kundali or horoscope?

        • sun longevity arc value is = 246.8661 in degrees. contribution due to sun to longevity is = 13.029044166667 in years.
        • Moon longevity arc value is = 277.2784 in degrees. contribution due to Moon to longevity is = 19.255444444444 in years.
        • mars longevity arc value is = 293.8663 in degrees. contribution due to Mars to longevity is = 12.244429166667 in years.
        • Mercury longevity arc value is = 260.9703 in degrees. contribution due to Mercury to longevity is = 8.69901 in years.
        • Jupiter longevity arc value is = 225.031 in degrees. contribution due to Jupiter to longevity is = 9.3762916666667 in years.
        • Venus longevity arc value is = 273.3366 in degrees. contribution due to Venus to longevity is = 15.944635 in years.
        • Saturn longevity arc value is = 243.0916 in degrees. contribution due to Saturn to longevity is = 13.505088888889 in years. contribution due to ALL planets to longevity is = 92.053943333333 in years. Overall Effective Longevity after deductions from a)Chakrapathiharana b) swakshetriharana c)aShtanga harana d) krurodaya harna PLUS addition due to lagna == around 60 years atleast or even more.
        • sonali bendre cancer longevity lifespan health horoscope 2019 predictions 2020
          Why is Sonali Bendre news in May 2019?
          What is happening now with Sonali Bendre ?Post-cancer treatment

        • Sonali Bendre was diagnosed with Cancer in the month of July 2018 . But she has shown exceptional courage and patience. suggesting that nothing can break her:). she has gracefully adapted to the cosmetic changes. That includes her recent hair cut. Note Ketu is transiting her head or hair based on Kaal purusha.
        • She is coming up well after the cancer treatment .sonali bendre said that no matter what happens in her life , she is strong enough to face it. she also creates regular Instagram Diaries to various people and smiles genuinely. she gives the credit to her parents for being her greatest strength .
        • When a much better time for healing for sonali bendre from cancer ?

        • Now sonali bendre has Sagittarius sign or dhanu rashi as lord at the moment transiting in the 12th house or bhava of hers. transit Jupiter or guru in 12th bhava or house has Rahu or dragon’s head that is very weak and debilitated in Scorpio sign(vrishchika rashi) along with aggressive mars(Mangal dev).which is in 12th house obviously presence of Jupiter(or Guru) into Scorpio with Rahu or dragon’s head and Mars or Mangal that creates bad health for sonali bendre.
        • Possible causes of cancer happening to sonali bendre
          plus aggressive Rahu or dragon’s head + mars(Mangal) creates the situation of Cancer for sonali bendre .as Rahu or dragon’s head and Mars(Mangal) in Scorpio sign generate very aggressive and rebellious energy mix of 9+4 .
        • Mars + Weak & Angry Rahu + XII house ==
        • some improvements after November 19, 2019, Jupiter comes into lagna bhava. so healthy improvements for her Sonali Bendre .secondly Rahu is at the moment in transit 7th house of Sonali Bendre some bad health for her lower region or the stomach is possible.
        • In the Surya Kundali of Sonali Bendre, we can see Rahu or dragon’s head that is conjunct with mars or Mangal in the 12th house or hers -so it can bring in the heat a lot of energy in the stomach and sex organ region/kidneys as well. so yoga and meditation are highly recommended for Sonali Bendre an aspect.
        • she also needs to take care of the Shin(kidneys and liver) and arms( Gemini sign(Mithuna Rashi) and Libra sign(Tula Rashi) and 11th bhava) . also Sonali Bendre needs to keep the mind more stable now .looking at the retrograde Saturn(shani) situation. Saturn rules her markesh bhava of 2.also in transit Saturn(Shani) is retrograde and is in her lagna. so it is a kind of Sade Sati for her from Surya Lagna. It is also retrograde and weak, so till September 2019 or October health needs some more care.
        • Yes, some improvements in health after July 2019 when Jupiter gets direct are possible. Much more for sure after Nov 2019 and in 2020 when Jupiter(guru) is direct and in lagna. In 2020 the health matters of Sonali Bendre need proper re-strategizing for sure.
          That is a new set of treatment and new kind of doctors or medicine would help her come out of the same. as from her Chandra lagan or Rashi(cancer or karkat), Saturn gets into her markesh bhava the 7th house and also Jupiter the lord of 6th bhava gets stronger. so along with good treatments health would need proper care.2021 needs much and more care. In 2020 she might use mantra and chants as well for success. yes, she has to handle the risk well.
        • From Surya Lagna or kundali we can see that Saturn or Shani dev would come in her 2nd bhava. she will have a much more beautiful face :). yes, she already is very beautiful .she will be able to fight her problems and come out stronger. we wish her all the best in life.
        • How would Sonali bendre do in 2018 2019 based on transits of Jupiter and Saturn and rahu?

          • Based on the kundali or horoscope of Sonali bendre Saturn or shani dev is currently transiting her 6th bhava or house and is markesh plus lord of longevity. so Saturn in 6th bhava gives health issues or long term ones as she is undergoing cancer treatment.
          • But this was true when Saturn or shani was retrograde till September 6th, now shani is direct till April 2019 atleast and her or Sonali bendre would respond to her treatment much better
          • Based on the kundali or horoscope of Sonali bendre rahu would come in 12th by June July 2019 , till then it is in 11th(eleventh) bhava or house.
          • but as Jupiter comes in the 5th house of hers, this is a good transit and would help a for sure.
          • Based on the kundali or horoscope of Sonali bendre So as the Jupiter transit here is beneficial Sonali benefit has good and benefic thinking this time. all the efforts of Sonali bendre would be crowned with success. You may gain in position or business. Some steady gain would be there for you. The person develops more of good thoughts.
          • Based on the kundali or horoscope of Sonali bendre so guru or Jupiter would bless her or Sonali bendre for sure after October 2019

          What are some interesting facts about sonali bendre?

          • The film actress Sonali Bendre was born on 1st January 1975 how is also, model, a distinct television personality and also an author.
          • She is well known for Hindi films, she has also worked for in Kannada, Marathi, Tamil, & Telegu films.
          • Sonali bendre has also got several always that include the Film fare Award.
          • Sonali Bendre as a teenager did a some of modelling assignments and appeared in several television commercials for advertisement.
          • Her one of the key films or movies was Sarfarosh (1999) and also Hum Saath Saath Hain (1999) and Hamara Dil Aapke Paas Hai (2000)
          • Sonali bendre was off the film screen for a while till 2013 and then came back in the action gangster thriller “Once Upon A Time in Mumbai Dobaara”.
          • In addition to acting in films, Bendre was in to the reality shows Indian Idol 4, India’s Got Talent, Hindustan Ke Hunarbaaz and India’s Best Dramebaaz.
          • She has married to director Goldie Behl since 2002, with whom she has a child / son.
          • Sonali Bendre has authored a book, “The Modern Gurukul: My Experiments with Parenting”, sharing her three principles of parenting that find a balance between traditional and modern values. The book “highlights the need for a return to our roots to raise a healthy, curious and, most i
          • Sonali bendre’s Height is 167 cm (5 ft 6 in), that’s what is expected of guru or Jupiter lagna and dhanu rashi.

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    Arnab Goswami Career Horoscope

    Arnab-Goswami arnab goswami career horoscope

    Arnab Goswami Career horoscope

    what are Some interesting facts about arnab ranjan Goswami?
    • Arnab Goswami or full name Arnab Ranjan Goswami was born on 9th of October 1973.He is a topmost journalist from India. Also he is the head or the managing director of the republic TV channel.
    • Sri arnab goswami ji was editor in chief and also the popular news anchor for India news channel Times Now and ET now for 10 years from the year from the year 2006 to 2016.
    • The maternal grandfather of arnab goswami , Gauri, was a Communist and leader of the opposition in Assam for many years.
    • also Before arnab joined NDTV in 1995 he had his start in careers in the Telegraph in Kolkata.
    • Aranab goswami had to face trouble sin Tharoor defamation case for his wife sunanda pushkar.It was stating bring purportedly calling a defamation case in social media.
    • arnab Goswami has also been nominated for and received several awards Asian television
    • also his comment on most shameless bunch of keralites in media has ever seen has gone viral against goswami .
    Arnab-GoswamiH arnab goswami career horoscope
    Birth Details of Arnab ranjan Goswami:
    • Arnab Ranjan Goswami
    • 9 October 1973 (age 44)
    • Tuesday
    • Guwahati, Assam, India
    Arnab Goswami personality horoscope what made him do so different in personality, looks , and attitude(temperament)?
    • As mercury of Arnab Goswami the TV anchor is very strong in the horoscope , it is Virgo the planet of intelligence so this lagna lord would give Arnab Goswami a flair for music and also very good intelligence and gains in life and also good looks as well.
    • we already know that Arnab Goswami is a very quick witted, intelligent and yes has good communication skill like mercury has.
    • we also note that the sun total of his number 9 October 1973 = 9+10+ 20 = 39 =12=1+2=3 = Jupiter. so a planet of connecting toe people good creativity in words and yes ability to connect to a large set of people. This is what a TV anchor does in real life. Jupiter has its blessings etc for him and has given him good money. It gives him good name fame and expansion.
    • IN the horoscope or kundali of Arnab Goswami Sun or surya is in the first house, this gives him a different and unique personality. It could give arnab goswami a good image which again is very true for him as arnab goswami has been a star anchor. but also at the same time proper ethics have to be followed to maintain his image based on sun in the first house. we know he had to face the flack from sunanda puskar’s husband shashi tharoor in terms of defamation case filed against him or arnab.
    • Arnab goswami faced similar trouble while commencing on kerala people. so here the malefic nature of sun is playing the role.
    • Based on horoscope or Kundali of Arnab Goswami One may have aimless wanderings as well and a lot of body heat as sun generates more pitta or heat in the body of arnab goswami.
    • Based on horoscope or Kundali of Arnab Goswami, As the Lagna Lord or ascendant is in Dhana bhava or 2nd house of his kundali it means gain and status to self and also luxury and comfort is there and also suggests good money by speaking as mercury the lord of speaking is in the second bhava.
    • He would be good gainful, be also scholarly as second bhava or house deals with knowledge and so does mercury deal with intelligence and learning. It makes arnab goswami happy, also you may be endowed with good qualities,
    • arnab goswami could be lovers of art with Venus the lord of beauty and art in the second bhava or house. he may enjoy travel and must be travelling for journalism. he may also enjoy socializing . You would retain the vigour of your youth, he still looks Young at 44.

    what Gave arnab so much of wealth and status? His wealth horoscope

    • Looking at the horoscope or Kundali of Arnab Goswami As Venus is strong he may have a good way of speaking as we know as a TV anchor he has that sweet cum hard talk both. and also you could get money suddenly. That what it is he was at NDTV and got 1 crore salary!
    • But as Venus is a bit weak on the scorpio sign for arnab goswami . He may have to take care on hw speak and communicate. There could be issues in money matters when Venus main and sub period runs.
    • also note he is born on date 9th= mars /impulse and that also Tuesday this combination makes him and aggressive speaker for public and may be that is the USP he has.
    • Looking at the horoscope or Kundali of Arnab Goswami As Venus or shukra is in the 3rd bhava or house of his ,it gives him connection to females and also good quality of creative expression. The mental quality would be good for him , but he needs to be careful on health and vitality as they would be affected. Given the horoscope or Kundali of Arnab Goswami, he may be included a bit on Singing /dancing and fine arts may interest you. Financially success is affected.
    • For the horoscope or Kundali of Arnab Goswami The planet mercury or budha the planet of learning in the second house or wealth and status gives good learning and religiousness to some basic extent atleast. Gives gains by business, lecturing & any commercial activity. One could become rich and highly intelligent. You may spend on charities or social cause. You could be clever or smart in earning and a bit thrifty.
    • Looking at the horoscope or Kundali of Arnab Goswami ,As Dhana Bhava Lord is in Sahaj Bhava or the third house, this combination could make arnab valorous, wise, virtuous, element of lust could be there based on Vedic astrology .he or arnab goswami will be blessed with money by your own effort and mind & yes partnerships or job. has to strive to be more truthful . he will have to work harder for domestic happiness . he might face issues in inheriting paternal property .
    • He is bound to make some mark in life based on his stars

    Arnab Goswami career horscope? what made him do so well in career of TV or at NDTV?
    • Now Looking at the horoscope or Kundali of Arnab Goswami TENTH HOUSE or [AGNYA/KARMA BHAVA], the This house basically covers matters related to arnab goswami’s career, his Karma & the kind of deeds, his authority and name.
    • In the horoscope or Kundali of Arnab Goswami,strong mercury for him could give gains from the government, gain in position and one may do good deeds and also get fame and name .
    • For the horoscope or Kundali of Arnab Goswami, As ketu is in the 10th or tenth bhava house , he would be strong and bold generally all this is very true for arnab goswami. He has to avoid any negative deeds in life. arnab goswami needs to have purity in resolves.
    • he or arnab may face generally many obstacles in undertakings due to ketu in the 10th bhava. It could make you clear in dealing with people.
    • as ketu for arnab goswami is well placed, it will make him happy and somewhat religious as ketu is for dharma. he will read scriptures and visit pilgrimages and also have dip in holy rivers.
    • Looking at the horoscope or Kundali of Arnab Goswami Saturn or shani dev is in the 10th house. As the tenth house has a partial ruler ship of Saturn. Saturn here makes the person rich. He may work for the downtrodden people by working for news he is doing the same .
    • The person could visits sacred rivers and shrines. The career may have sudden elevation and depression. This is 100% true and we know that he had elevation and he was in an exalted position at NDTV and then had to suddenly leave and now again he is in a soup.
    • For the horoscope or Kundali of Arnab Goswami Lord of 10th(tenth house) is in 2nd(second ) house gives good status in general with the dint of his effort. All this is 100% true.
    • It gives wealth and status for sure in his life.
    • . based the horoscope or Kundali of Arnab Goswami could hold a high position or a position of responsibility in life . The inclinations towards religion might be less . You normally would think well of others.
    • One can clearly see that the surya kundali of arnab goswmi is doing great in the world of media. yes he does have money /wealth and power.
    • his success through speech or by communication is written on the wall as mercury rules his lagan and also his house career the tenth house and is in the house of speech that is the second house or bhava.
    • so over all he is bound to get success in media and TV related industries due to well placed mercury, Venus and yes ketu the planet to help him to exceptional action.That he has already done.

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  • Priya Prakash Varrier Legal Horoscope

    priya-varrier supreme court scraps fir against priya prakash varriercourt-legal-matters supreme court scraps fir against priya prakash varrier

    About this article?

  • This article at length discusses the life of Film actress Priyanka Prakash varrier. Why she joined films, why she got in conflict with law and what she would do in future : ) is it politics or anything else all based on Vedic astrology and numbers.
    Also what she needs to be extra careful about . Plus what makes her a big success and what she has to be careful about in her career,
    All 100% accurate analysis and predictions. 🙂
  • Birth details of Priya Prakash varrier( Malayalam film actress)

    • September 12th 1999
    • birthplace is poonkunnam
    • Thrissur in Kerala,

    Planetary Position  for Priya Prakash varrier(The Malayalam film actress), on date of September 12th 1999 birthplace is poonkunnam Thrissur  in Kerala,

    images-solar-system-planets supreme court scraps fir against priya prakash varrier
    vijay-mallya-d1 supreme court scraps fir against priya prakash varrier

    • Planets C    R    Rashi     Longitude     Nakshatra      Pada      Relation
    • Asc Leo 13 16 43      Magha   4
    • Sun D    Leo 24 57 35      Purvaphalgini      4      Own
    • Moon D    Virgo     19 54 19      Hasta    3      Friendly
    • Mars D    Scorpion 12 01 29      Anuradha      3    Own
    • Merc C    D    Leo 27 59 53      Uttaraphal    1      Friendly
    • Jupt R    Aries     10 35 45      Ashvini  4      Friendly
    • Venu D    Cancer   24 57 46      Ashlesha      3    Enemy
    • Satn R    Aries     23 10 22      Bharani  3      Debilitated
    • Rahu R    Cancer   17 05 31      Ashlesha      1
    • Ketu R    Capricorn     17 05 31      Sravana 3
    • Uran R    Capricorn     19 45 42      Sravana 3
    • Nept R    Capricorn     07 56 08      Uttarashadha      4
    • Plut D    Scorpion 13 58 26      Anuradha     4

    what makes Priya Prakash varrier a Good actress based on her Horoscope or kundali?

    characters-1018672_1920 supreme court scraps fir against priya prakash varrier

    • Now let us talk about the horoscope or the kundali of Priya prakash varrier(The Malayalam film actress). Priya Prakash varrier was  born on September 12th 1999 birthplace is poonkunnam Thrissur  in Kerala,
    • So now  we simply focus on her to read Lagna that is the lagna or ascendant that was on that day   rising  at the time of sun rise or surya lagna.
    • We also base deductions based on moon lagna  her Rashi or moon horoscope or kundali. Now based on basic Vedic astrology principles she is a Leo  or simha lagna. So she has Leo rising gives her good intelligence originality.
    • Leo is the 5th  sign of the zodiac is rising , it has an aspect of  Mercury the Lord of 11th and 2nd house in the horoscope or kundali of Priya Prakash varrier.
    • That is the houses deals in the horoscope with gains from friends and health and status.
    • Now the moon sign  in the kundali is very good very good is the sixth sign Virgo  of the zodiac and this is her(Priya Prakash varrier) Intelligence and dexterity and arts and acting for films in Kerala.
    • Also at the same time because sun  or surya is strong for her and  gives her or Priya varrier(The Malayalam film actress) very good originality in acting .
    • Also, yes by self effort and originality she will make good money & have a good status  if life.
    • Now Virgo is rules in the 2nd house as well for Priya Prakash varrier.
    • Note she is Virgo sign by western astrology and that is kanya rashi and also ruled by Jupiter, as she is born on 12th =1+2= 3= Jupiter. This gives her great ability to express herself well in films.
    •  Priyanka Prakash varrier Film Industry
      What planetary Yogas made Priyanka Prakash varrier Join Film Industry ? 🙂

    • Now let us look at exactly what Yogas makes Priyanka Prakash varrier take the film career and be so prominent in the films. now if you look at her Chandra Lagna that is Moon placement (Chandra lagna or ascendant) it is the Capricorn sign or makar rashi.
    • Now form the same 10th House Lord is Venus or shukra and it is sitting in 12th house from the Moon Lagna or ascendant in her horoscope. we also note that along with sun or surya being with venus there- we do have the planet of expression mercury there. so we have 2 other planets apart from venus for Priyanka Prakash varrier.
    • That is mercury(budha) and sun as well and yes with venus or shukra.
    • Venus or shukra deals with film industry ands luxury as Venus is a planet of Creativity . so Venus would give in creativity in Arts to Priyanka Prakash varrier . also sun sitting very close by gives her great name and fame in the same. Note sun rules the 8th bhava for Priyanka Prakash varrier from the Moon lagna Capricorn- so that means sudden loss of fame as well for her is written.
    • so all this very clearly indicates that Priyanka Prakash varrier would be having unexpected Fame and infamy as well . we know recently there was a connection of her acting with honourable supreme court as well. Also from moon lagna all these planets are sitting in the 12th house .so all this will clearly indicates Court cases and problems for her due to her acting as venus is her 10th house career lord there.
    • her secondary markesh Jupiter is sitting in the 8th house of Priyanka Prakash varrier so she may have issues in image or negative image may at times get created for her.
    • She may also face directive from honourable courts or police due to her career or expression/actions as we shared Libra ruler venus is sitting 12th house from moon rashi with 8th lord sun . the Libra or Tula rashi is ruling Priyanka Prakash varrier’s 10th House. so Virgo sign =6th sign( The lord of the 9th house) sits just ahead of Libra sign gives great creativity boost and family or social acceptance to Priyanka Prakash varrier.
    • IN the next bhava or the 11th bhava Saturn(shani) and Rahu(dragon’s head) are sitting next to in Scorpio sign or vrishchika rashi. Rahu and Saturn both are very agitated and aggressive so which means that Priyanka Prakash varrier will also have to face a lot of flack in life or issues in life due to her actions/ career form time to time.
    •  Priyanka Prakash varrier Join Film Industry num bers numerology
      What does the Numerology or anka jyotish say about Priyanka Prakash Varrier? is joining politics or anything else her next step for Priyanka Prakash varrier?

    • Now based on numerology also we see that Priyanka Prakash varrier is born on 9 September 1999. she has five 9’s 🙂 in her number horoscope. The number 9 is the number of ending or completion. after 9 we have 10 . which starts a new series number of numbers. 9 is also a number of completion and world. the entire world. so that very clearly means that this person(Priyanka Prakash varrier) would connect very much to the world .
    • we know 9 is a number of mars or Mangal and September born people are more philosophers or thinkers atleast. yes they do have a good ability to communicate.
    • so the personality of Priyanka Warrior would have all these qualities. also the total of the numbers of the date when Priyanka Prakash varrier was born = September 9 1999 is 1 . which makes her ruled by planet sun. which makes her a leader in area she will grow very fast in any area only thing she has to take care of being impulsive. also in regard to speaking something which is not politically correct. driving carefully /operations.
    • so all the energy of numbers for Priyanka Prakash varrier is focused on number 1= sun or surya dev the number of leadership and so number 9 = mars or Mangal dev. which is the number of action and popularity .
    • which again means a person would be at the centre stage anytime. e she is born on Thursday so that is also ruled planet Jupiter which means that Priyanka Prakash varrier will get blessings of Jupiter and there could be expansion, creativity with ability to speak .
    • Yes there could be the time when she joins politics later in life because 9 Energy is very strong and Jupiter a supportive. so is sun in support. Venus in horoscope is sitting close to Sun which is the Planet of politics and mars(Mangal dev) is also sitting in her 10th House of career & ruling the 8th house from Capricorn or makar rashi the Chandra lagna.
    • so unexpected issues in career could be there for Priyanka Prakash varrier. she may lose it sudden . GOD forbid. and also she has to take care of accidents because that’s where a lot of extra energy is there.

      Priyanka Prakash varrier needs to take care of driving/accidents and operations especially in 2020 . we wish Priyanka Prakash varrier all the best in life! 🙂

    • what made Priya Prakash varrier get into controversy or the legal tangle?

      330px-Nakshatras supreme court scraps fir against priya prakash varrier

      • now let us see why she got into the controversy a lot.
      • The lord of public image is mars  for priya prakash varrier in her horoscope, which is very strong Mars  or Mangal is in Scorpio sign or vrishchika Rashi in the fourth house.
      • so yes she(Priya Prakash varrier) based on her kundali or horoscope will have a passionate and aggressive public image which is true for a hot actress like her also mass be a malefic and creates issues in the public image .
      • But as mars are strong so eventually  in the horoscope of Priya Prakash varrier  would come back and win, that’s what has happened.
      • Also this is true as the 4th house Lord in the kundali or horoscope of priya prakash varrier from surya  lagna  is Jupiter which is a benefic planet although it is weak with the Saturn that is weak in Aries sign so debilitated.
      • also now Saturn impacts the Jupiter with energy exchange and  Jupiter retrograde as well for Priya Prakash varrier  in the 9 house or her horoscope  .
      •  So from the Moon sign in her horoscope or kundali , this is a very good indication for Priya Prakash varrier for her  movies success may be in Malayalam. As  in movies good expression good respect from the world  is needed, which is true for an actress like also at the same time .
      • one has to also note that Saturn or shani dev that is ruling the seventh house in priya prakash varrier  horoscope and the 6 house of obstacles Court cases problems for Priya Prakash varrier and this is a markesh  or the killer house  the seventh house here, is impacting her Jupiter . Now as we know Saturn was retrograde till around September 6 2018.
      • now almost as first week of September has started , as Saturn or Shani Dev has become truly direct it will be get direct by 6th September, but Saturn would have already started giving good effects. As coming events cast their shadow in advance.
      • so this Saturn in her horoscope is  getting direct in motion in transit would release the pressure on Priya Prakash varrier also, Jupiter  Guru is direct now, and helps to Priya Prakash varrier public image this is confirmed by the supreme court judgement to her which absolves her of all the issues and allegations.

      what makes Priya Prakash varrier so creative and a good actress?

      jupiter-new-2017 supreme court scraps fir against priya prakash varrier

      • Jupiter is well known for creativity, now Jupiter lord of the 5th house creates good energy  and gives very good creativity to Priya Prakash varrier.
      • We also know that  she is born on 12th, that is 12= 1+2=3 =Jupiter and Virgo sign ruled by mercury both are great for expression and speaking especially needed in films.

      Why Priya Prakash varrier got into legal problems by transit?

      rahu-transit-2015 supreme court scraps fir against priya prakash varrier

      • to let us look at why did she had the legal problems , we know  legal matters is the sixth house  in her horoscope doing, that is from  the surya lagna .Saturn or shani in transit is in the 5th bhava or house sending a lot of negative energy and legal issues.
      • This means Saturn or shani dev creates the means & basis of litigations problems obstacles & enemies, as it is in transit into the Dhanu Rashi of the Sagittarius sign in her horoscope or kundali of Priya Prakash varrier(The Malayalam film actress) .
      • now as  this transit  of Saturn  happens to be her 5th house  or kundali or horoscope ,and 5th house means ability to express oneself and also deals with films movies any creative expression.
      •  Jupiter the lord of the  5th bhava or house has just become direct and  Jupiter retrograde till last month.
      • Now as Jupiter is direct now in transit and so legal matters that are there for Priya Prakash varrier are getting directly helped for Priya Prakash varrier(The Malayalam film actress) .
      • we also note that as Saturn which is in transit in fifth house of Priya Prakash varrier   is also getting direct soon.
      • so that is also helping Priya Prakash prakash varrier so we know the results that Supreme Court has already absolved her of all the problems on allegations that were raised against her by certain Muslim groups in India .
      • so overall due to transit of Saturn and Jupiter now for Priya Prakash varrier balance well the negative impact of rahu sitting in her 12th house in transit .
      • Now as rahu and venus are in the twelfth house of horoscope or kundali of priya prakash varrier  and transit rahu comes  over the same. so aspect on the public image is there. but Jupiter or guru  and Saturn getting direct has helped her case clearly.
      • we note as Jupiter and Saturn are the key players and transits are helping in the fifth house in her horoscope where Saturn is in transit and Jupiter is the dispositer.
      • On the contrary rahu spoils the fourth bhava or house of priya prakash varrier  in her horoscope or kundali and impacts  the blessed Venus as well , Venus  also represents  film industry .But overall all the outcome has been good for Priya Prakash varrier as Saturn and Jupiter are both almost direct.


    • For Priya Prakash varrier was  successful in the film and  is also creative   based on her natal chart.

      also Vedic astrology tell us exactly why court cases got filed against Priya Prakash varrier and why the court cases have been revoked.

    • Supreme court scraps FIR against Priya Prakash varrier
      What happened and Why Supreme Court Supreme Court scrapped FIR against Priya Prakash varrier (The Malayalam film actress) ?

      • Now what has happened  is that the honourable  supreme court of India has scrapped FIR against priya prakash varrier the Malayalam film or movie actress.
      • The FIR against priya prakash varrier was filed by Muslim groups who felt the song Mallika Malara movie hurt their religious sentiments.
      • But the honourable supreme Court of India on Friday 31 august 2018 quashed the FIR against Malayalam actress Priya prakash varrier(The Malayalam film actress) who shot into Limelight when there was a video shot of for her which went viral. the Muslim groups who filed the FIR for the song Manikya malaraya poovi thought that this song had hurt the religious sentiments of Muslims .
      • In this connection the actress Priya and film director had moved the Supreme Court challenging the criminal proceedings initiated at Telangana and Maharashtra courts against them .
      • The FIR against the director & priya prakash varrier has also been quashed a bench of chief justice Deepak Mishra and  Justice DY chandrachud.
      • The bench observed that  the  Malayalam folk song that has been there with Priya Prakash varrier(The Malayalam film actress) has been in there in the  public domain for  40 years, so how could the  song video  be termed as blasphemous.
      • also the bench observed that there was nothing to show that the Priya Prakash varrier had hurt anyone’s religious sentiments as well this song describes and yes praises appreciate the love between Prophet Muhammad sahib and his first wife that is Khadija.
      • Yes Priya Prakash varrier smile has been very captivating.
      • The sections applied against Priya Prakash varrier were sections of IPC 295 a against the actor have been removed also the section 295 a IPC that deals with deliberate and malicious acts intended to outrage religious feelings or any group for class of people has been removed against Priya Prakash varrier by the honourable Supreme Court.
      • The honorable court observed that the song that was there for 40 years  and yes song was close to  One crore strong Muslim community in India in kerala,so how could that be treated as an insult to Prophet Muhammad sahib or the Muslim community?