Google CEO Sundar Pichai Horoscope,A Numerology Predictions & analysis

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About this article?

  • This is a highly interesting article that explores the Yoga’s or planetary combinations to see what in horoscope and numbers or numerology or Google CEO Sundar Pichai makes him so successful and savvy in the world of software?
  • It checks on how does various planets like mercury(budha), ketu(dragon’s tail) and mars(mangal) give Sundar Pichai great action, management ability , good ability in software writing and analysis for success in his life :).
  • also this article looks at the numbers of Sundar Pichai or numerology or anka to look at his motivations to make hm the best in the world of software.
  • birth data sundar pichai kundli horoscope google CEO

    Name: Pichai Sundararajan
    Date of birth: 12 July 1973

    sundar pichai kundli horoscope google CEO
    How does the Horoscope of Sundar Pichai Google CEO suggests greatness and success in His career?

  • Moon the lagan lord is in cancer sign itself with ketu in horoscope of Sundar Pichai. so giving Sundar Pichai the Google CEO deep insights into matters and helping him to survive in companies like google where investigation is much needed.
  • so is the research and development of google a forte.
    Mars the 10th and 5th lord is lagna is Raja Yoga karaka in his horoscope or kundli and give great energy and action to Sundar Pichai for success in google. as action or mars component gives Sundar Pichai an edge over others.
  • Mercury or budha the lord of 12th and 3rd bhava in lagna or ascendant in Sundar Pichai’s Horoscope gives great intelligence to Sundar Pichai.
  • as it is close to ketu so magnifies Sundar Pichai’s intelligence and insight into software.
  • mercury or budha deals with software as such and also the IT or information technology industry.
  • Also note Mercury or Budha rules the 3rd Bhava for Sundar Pichai’s kundli or Horoscope , so suggest he will take great initiatives ( 3rd bhava rules projects- google chrome and now the CEO of google confirms this)
  • plus note mercury with ketu in moon sign or number 2, means he would be very good at details as well. that is all what is needed for success and name.
  • Sundar Pichai’s mercury or budha has sun or surya dev the planet of name and fame sitting on it. so suggests strong name and fame in mercury related or software business.
  • Mars or Mangal the planet of action as well with mercury suggest strong success in management work for Sundar Pichai in Google.
  • so all this is true we know he is the google CEO, so he is the best in management.
  • numerology numbers sundar pichai kundli horoscope google CEO
    The Core numbers or Numerology for Google CEO Sundar Pichai for making him reach such a High level of success , name, and fame?

  • Birth number = 12= 1+2=3= Jupiter or Guru the planet of expansion 🙂
  • Sun Sign = cancer or Karkat rashi. The Rashi of sensitivity and compassion
  • He became the google CEO in 2016. His 2016 horoscope based on numbers and astrology is analysed below.
  • • Destiny number = 12 +July (=7) + 1972 = 12+7+19 (1972 = 1+9+7+2 =19) = 38 = 11 = Master Number.
  • suggest great inspiration in the mind of Sundar Pichai Google CEO. so he was able to implement the revolutionary google chrome ! altogether a new innovative work.
  • • HEART # 1(first name Pichai) = (19) (Total sum of Vowels ( =I A I) for Pichai)=1 = sun or surya dev= leadership gene in Sundar Pichai Google CEO to become the leader in anything.
  • • HEART # 3(second name Sunadarajan) = (6) ( Total sum of Vowels (= U A A A)for Name Sundararajan)= Venus or shukra= caring gentle nature to keep the large company like Google in place for Sundar Pichai Google CEO.
  • • HEART NUMBER TOTAL = [25]= 7 = Dragons tail = Ketu= is a deep reflective heart, that helps Sundar Pichai Google CEO to take up new challenges and get deep into research or deep investigative work.
  • sun sign sundar pichai kundli horoscope google CEO
    what is the Sun Sign and Birth number-based Horoscope predictions and Analysis of Sundar Pichai ?:

  • Looking at simply at Sundar Pichai Google CEO birth number(Jupiter) and Sun sign( Cancer ruled by moon).
  • It is clear that Sundar Pichai could be a bit shy and sensitive person( the characteristics of planet Moon), but with desire to reach the top due to influence of ambitious Jupiter or Guru(birth number 3) working in tandem with Moon.
  • The tendency to be shy earlier years for Sundar Pichai and yes being sensitive to his team mates has been confirmed by the Newspaper reports.:)
  • Yes- Sundar Pichai also Sundar Pichai might be fairly conventional or Indian types at times due to Jupiter or Guru needs to be confirmed may be down the line when we hear more about him.
  • Though Jupiter or Guru(fire) with Moon or Chandra(water) is not very comfortable as such.
  • So could create a vacillations in being conventional or Sundar Pichai and sort of force him to accepting new. That is what google is doing. something new every day.
  • Appendix

  • Congratulations to Mr. Sundararajan Pichai for his creditable achievement of becoming the world giant google CEO!!!
  • Let us see if we could decipher something about the person Mr. Sundararajan Pichai.
  • ( Sundar Pichai is an x IIT Kharagpur guy) based on his
    Date of birth information we have and what information we have from the newspapers.