Why Astrology Should Be Treated As A Regular Science?

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About this article?

  • This article at length discusses how and why Vedic astrology is a True science?
    also giving explanation based on real observations.
  • Plus a live example of earthquake of Nepal is taken to Prove Vedic astrology as a true science.
  • What is Science?

  • Have you ever wondered on what is SCIENCE? Once we master this question , we could see if Vedic Astrology or Western Astrology for that matter could be treated as a science.
  • Now Wikipedia Says:
    “Science is a systematic enterprise that builds and organizes knowledge in the form of testable explanations and predictions about the universe.”
  • So what does it mean?
    a) Science is a systematic way of doing things.
    b) It builds and organizes knowledge.
    c) This knowledge should have testable explanations and predictions about the Universe,
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    Now how does Astrology Connect to Science?
    (a)”Science is a systematic way of doing things.”

  • We know is a systematic body of knowledge with data collected over the ages. We have a horoscope and there are definite rules to interpret the horoscope.
  • As this science is subjective in nature like say social science, different astrologers could have different views about a situation, but mostly they agree on many of the points.
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    b)”It builds and organizes knowledge.”

  • We know in astrology or numerology, we are continuously building and organizing knowledge, be it planets, aspects.
  • All the degrees, houses, transits, dasha or anything else for that matter.
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    (c) “This knowledge should have testable explanations and predictions about the Universe”

  • Lot of predictions indeed do come true and may be a few do not come true. But the question here is.
  • that do the predictions of social scientists about society or political scientists about politics – always come true?
  • NO, not really- so that means Vedic Astrology and Numerology have an equal right to be in the purview of science to help mankind!
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    The definition of Science and Astrology In Detail here:

  • Now what makes us, or others feel or think astrology is not a science?
    Let us look at this point by point.
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    (a) “Does astrology not produce accurate facts?

  • Yes, there is an issue here with astrology in this regard-as astrology is subjective in nature.
  • There is no (YES) 100% or (NO) 0%- also the results change from one astrology system to other and from one astrologer to another. Depending on various factors.
  • But what about social sciences or political sciences? Can any political scientist or social scientist predict with accuracy ( YES or NO) about the political or social situation in Delhi/Bihar or say India for that matter?
  • No- he/she cannot. But still political science is a science! The same applies to social science or even home science (dealing with housekeeping etc )- they are still sciences, but not astrology!!!
  • The only reason one can come up with is either there is a i) a strong bias against astrology OR ii) Gross Ignorance about astrological workings.
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    (b) Regarding research uses scientific method-

  • There is a gap here again in astrology, but keeping in view that astrology has stood the tide of times for several thousand years- what more research is needed?
  • But may be a localized research now, which again a lot of scientific minded astrologers have done is fair enough to address this point.
  • This should not a be big blocking factor.
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    (c) Research uses hypothesis:

  • Now research on astrology also uses hypothesis- we know that based on various systems of astrology say parashari or jaimini or nadi or any other system.
  • these are all hypotheses. In fact there is a clear-cut framework(model of working) for each of the above astrological system .
  • (d) Hypothesis is tested by experiments:
  • Yes , we do not have a centralized research system here at the moment, which possible either the people or government of India(GOI) should put in place.
  • (just like it has done for Ayurveda and unani medicine). Otherwise there are tons of experiments done by astrologers and sages from the past from thousands of years to address this.
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    Why is astrology NOT a pseudo-science?

  • If home science(housekeeping etc), political science or social science is a science- I fail to understand why not astrology?
  • The issue is with GOI’s(Government’s) focus not coming to this area. Even if 1 /10000 of the money that goes for other governmental research goes to astrology ,
  • a lot of value could come out for the help of mankind. Astrology has a huge alternative potential and value to solve human problems.
  • But issues is in funding and basic motivation to promote it.

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    Some objections by misguided- but so called “great” scientists:

  • Just a passing reference, to one of the prominent scientist of India. The objections he raised.
  • Mark the basic shallowness in the thought process of this so-called scientists.
  • (1) Scientists Reasoning:

  • Regarding marital conflict astrologers were 50% accurate, so why not use a coin tossing to solve such matters- hence he concluded astrology is of no use:
  • This statement itself is very shallow; possibly the astrologers working with this scientist were not prepared to respond back.
  • The point here is, astrology not only tells the marital conflict- it also points out the cause and intensity of it.
  • Like is the conflict due to not having child, difference of opinion, aggressive nature of partner etc.
  • Such kind of information one cannot get from coin tossing (The chance here is ½ x ½ …1/2(at least 10 times), which is a very rare probability to predict).
  • Also people evolve and change- so what is said in natal chart also changes- so a conflict in natal chart does not necessarily mean a conflict happening actually if upayas done or counselling done .
  • A That is the chance of all this gets reduced. The readings get altered. simple!!!So can this be the reason to defunct astrology? No.
  • Also the capability of the astrologer also makes a difference in the quality and accuracy of predictions.

  • 2) Scientists Reasoning:

  • As different systems (like jaimini /parashari etc) give different predictions-hence astrology is false or incoherent etc:
  • Now this again is a very erroneous statement. Ask this guy ,say if one takes his front photo and both sides photo().
  • does it mean it would not be his photo? They(photographs) point to the same person, but with a different perspective- just like the different systems of astrology do while analysing a chart.
  • Or say I ask this scientist’s wife about him, she tells me something, his son or daughter tell about him something different and so do his students or relatives say something altogether different.
  • Should I say all of them are speaking lies or he(The scientist) is an in coherent man?
  • No – these are different perspectives of the same person ; the same thing is true with astrology.
  • There are errors in judgment in say astrology, but that is true with weather forecasting(also not weather scientist can tell you when it would rain at what time) or say earthquake predictions etc.
  • In fact the same applies to political science, social science, or home science.
  • These are all perspective based and different scientists in above domains would give different perspectives for the same situation. Simple!!!
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    Some recent Examples:

  • I was just cursory study the unfortunate tragedy in Nepal( here we are talking about the Nepal earth quake)- what struck Nepal.
  • Nepal runs RAHU, feeding energy to Saturn , which feeds energy to VENUS(Home)(RAHU=>SATURN=>VENUS).
  • Clear indication of some disaster at home/Nepal ( earthquake)know this is post mortem study.
  • but with proper research a lot of such problems like earth quakes could be averted or impact reduced. We need such research centres where modern science and ancient sciences like astrology both combine.
  • Like let us look at 2016 horoscope predictions of India.
  • Rahu( dragon’s head) comes in with Jupiter in 4th house of public image and mind/thought process of India.
  • That is there could be new innovations(more than average), also more inclinations and actions tuned with dharma and also opposite to dharma due rahu effect.
  • Best wishes to all!!!