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Saturn strength in horoscope-Vijay mallya

17Vijay-Mallya-1 saturn-strength-horoscope-vijay-mallya saturn-strength-horoscope-vijay-mallyasaturnmars saturn strength horoscope vijay mallya

Saturn strength in horoscope- Vijay mallya

About the strength of Saturn or shani dev &  Vijay mallya:

  • Saturn or shani as we know is a natural malefic and yes is ruling mishaps or accidents/divorce/separations/losses and yes last but not the least it is planet for  discipline and justice all the major industries & to some extent money is  ruled  by this planet.
  • A weak Saturn or shani in any kundaali or horoscope or chart makes the person  to suffer a lot of hardships
  • Apsrt from exlattion or debility of Saturn, the strength of Saturn is judged by the shadabalas and yes dgeres and sign/house in which satunr is.
  • Also strength of Saturn is judged based on the 12 states or avsathas some of them discussed below.
  • and also ruler ship of the houses of sixth(vighna) , eighth(losses accidents- randhr bhava) and also twelfth of expenditure and bad health especially for Saturn. It  makes Saturn or shani  very bad for  the native. It depends on where exactly Saturn is situation in the birth chart or horoscope(kundaali)
  • Below the basic analysis of horoscope(kundaali) of Vijay mallya has been done- based on his Saturn his occupation/profession and present status to some extent has been analyzed.

What is Strength and avasthas(state) of Planet Saturn or shani in any Horoscope?

  • 1) If the planet Saturn or shani is in the gaman avastha or state :
  • Predictions 1:
  • the person may be very rich and wealthy also take away land of other people or his or her enemies. He or she may be a scholar in the royal courts.
  • In the gaman state or avastha Saturn is essentially strong in the horoscope or kundaali.
  • 2)If the planet Saturn or shani is in the agaman state or avastha ,
  • Predictions 2:
  • He might have a very low IQ and may not have happiness form his or her spouse . He or she would be roaming without anyone  taking care of the same.
  • In this avastha Saturn or shani is weak and debilitated in the horoscope or kundaali.
  • 3) If the planet Saturn or shani dev is in the sabh state or avastha  –
  • Predictions 3:
  • the person  may have many possessions and also precious stones and jewelleries and also gold in hand. He or she may have great judicial or political knowledge and would be very sharp.
  • In the sabh state or avastha Saturn si strong enough in the horoscope or kundaali.
  • 4) If the planet Saturn is in agam state or avastha ,
  • Predictions 4:
  • then the person may have diseases and may not be qualified enough to get patronage of king or the government.
  • In the agam avastha or state Saturn or shani is weak in kundaali or the horoscope
  • 5) if the planet Saturn or shani is in Bhojan avastha or state – :
  • Predictions 5:
  • the person would enjoy good food and eyesight would be affected and also be very fickle in mind and have mental aberrations.
  • In this state or avastha Saturn is average or below average in the kundaali or hororoscope.


Vijay Mallya Birth details

Name: Vijay Mallya

Date of Birth: Sunday, December 18, 1955

Time of Birth: 11:30:00

Place of Birth: Bantwal

Longitude: 75 E 0

Latitude: 12 N 54

Time Zone: 5.5

why is Vijay Mallya in News Now?

  • The news says that the Fugitive & the business tycoon Vijay Mallya today sent a two-year-old letter to Prime Minister sri Narendra Modi and said in a statement he was “making every effort” to settle his dues towards the banks but he had been made the “Poster Boy” of bank default and a lightning rod fell on him of public anger for public anger.

what is the Strength of Saturn in Vijay Mallya’s horoscope or kundaali?

  • for Vijay mallya in his kundaali or horoscope, Saturn 4:12 degrees and is weak in the sign of Scorpio or vrishchika rashi.
  • in the kundaali or horoscope  of vijay mallya, now here in mars sign(scorpio), Saturn/shani or the industry related matters are in a agitated state – as mars and Saturn are not friends but enemies and create trouble for each other.
  • so what is says that he may be involved in liquor industry( as Saturn or shani dev along with Rahu deals with tamas) and Scorpio deals with hidden matters and passion.
  • so an industry dealing with passion-liquor is to do with passion and yes closely conncted to rahu. That is the liquor industry also anything to do with hidden things that are the tendency of the sign Scorpio or vrishchika rashi.
  • in the kundaali or horoscope  of vijay mallya ,There is also a very weak and debilitated rahu sitting near Saturn, so indicating that he may face issues or closedowns in business as Saturn(shani) deal with business or professional rahu is close to the same.
  • in the kundaali or horoscope  of vijay mallya , as rahu and Saturn are comfortable- together the number 4 and number 8= 4×2, there is good harmony as connected in terms of basic mathematics. so this helps him to setup large industries like aviation or airline industry.
  • For the  kundaali or horoscope  of vijay mallya note that mars or Mangal dev the dispositer of satrun  is in the sign of Libra or tula rashi ruled by Venus and the 7th bhava(seventh house) from Saturn is venus,venus is the planet of luxury so he was into airline industry and yes hiring beautiful models etc.
  • in the kundaali or horoscope  of vijay mallya ,the 10th lord(Tenth lord) from Saturn(Saturn)  is Leo or simha rashi with Jupiter(guru) and Saturn has Scorpio- so sometime he may leave matters and do some dharma or religion related activities. also his natal sun gets blessings of dev guru Jupiter to make him a success in life and aviation cum liquor industry.


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Mars Transits in Capricorn–Retrograde & Ketu Predictions

mars_saturn_conjunction mars transits capricorn retrograde ketu predictions

Mars Transits in Capricorn –Retrogade & Ketu Predictions

What is  Mars for?

  • Mars or mangal is the general of the army of the 9 planets in our solar system.
  • Mars stands  for action and management and yes the sportsman spirit in any person. It motivates  the person to perform better and yes motivates a person  to be angry
  • Mars or mangal as per classical Vedic astrology texts means the planet for gains from the government or getting a position/honours or yes dreaded actions like gang wars or murder or operation/accidents in life.
  • Mars or mangal also stands for illicit love affair and illegal matters or crime – it on the extreme negative side is destructive ,restless, and cruel.
  • But could also give great self confidence, vitality and health  or also  royal honours from the state or the government if it is strong.
  • Good managers/wrestlers or people to do with sports or people who are very healthy with strong bones have a strong mars in their natal horoscope or chart.

120px-Mars_Yantra mars transits Capricorn retrograde ketu predictions

How mars connects to you  astrologically or based on Numerology or anka jyotish-predictions

  • If you are born on 9/18/27 or on Tuesday – you would have a strong influence of mars and mars in your horoscope or kundli might have a strong influence on your lagna or ascendant or be in lagna.it may also influence you moon or mind some how or some key planet in your horoscope
  • You could be the most affected in this transit.
  • Also if you are born on 2/29/20 or on a Monday- due to moon energy you could be too more susceptible to any such mars transits and you may get angry or stressed or have  stomach trouble.
  • Same applies to people born on rahu periods like birth dates 4/13/22/31 or on a Saturday– as they would find themselves getting more  rash and or driving in a rash manner or into fights.
  • People with birth dates of number 1= 1/19/28 and Number 3 or Jupiter = 3/12/21/30 or on a Thursday may find themselves excessively dominating and aggressive in this transit of mars and may find themselves landing into some fights.
  • People born on number 5= mercury 5/14/23 of any month may find themselves speaking aggressively or without a second thought.
  • People born on number 6= born on 6/15/24 may find themselves becoming more passionate than usual and yes family matters may boil up.
  • People born on 7= 7/16/25 of ketu or Tuesday , may experience unexpected travel and yes fights and may need to guard in accidents.
  • People born on number 8th=8/17/26 or Saturdays , may find some agitations coming in life and also the life could be very eventful now.
  • Your over all effects would depend on your lagna /ascendant and planetary placement in your horoscope

mars-image mars transits capricorn retrograde ketu predictions

Why is Mars behaving like angry mars now?


mars-capricorn-ketu-transit mars transits Capricorn retrograde ketu predictions

  • Mars or mangal dev is ruled by number 9 and is a naturally aggressive and malefic or negative  planet in some sense. Despite  Mangal dev being exalted in the sign of Capricorn(makar rashi) at the moment- but there is  excess of energy generated by mars at this time  makes  agitated or angry and sends the same kind of energy around to the houses it impacts.
  • We know that in transit Mangal dev is exalted in makar rashi or Capricorn sign, but as Capricorn is ruled by planet Saturn and has Saturn energies emitted by Capricorn sign- mars and Saturn together in itself cause conflicts and anger and fights.
  • One needs to remember Great wars have been fought at the time of mars and Saturn energy conjunction. Just like the dokhlam standoff India had with china last year 2017.
  • Also we know that ketu or the dragon’s tail is  in transit is in the sign of Capricorn or makar rashi, and as the saying goes “kujvate ketu”,that is like mars ketu is also  equally aggressive, angry  and a sharp planet adding to the aggression of the present Status of planet mars.
  • Given that Saturn or shani is  though as dispositer gives exaltation, Saturn or shani is  a dry and hard planet, so mars or mangal gets  this energy of Saturn or shani dev as well in transit.
  • Also the effects of this conjunction or transit would stay more intense as mars and ketu degrees are conjunct within 5 to 6 degrees of most effective conjunction range till august ending 2018.
  • Also note that the month July =7th is ruled by moon and is not OK with the over all impact of 2018, ruled by Saturn.
  • So the transit and conjunction effects would remain intense till august ending 2018 and would be maximum in the person from June ending and yes July 2018 when there is a maximum of mars and ketu energy exchange at almost the similar degrees of 14 degrees in the zodiac.

How this would mars transit  impact you?

  • We have already discussed some part of it in the first part of the article above with your birth dates FREE.
  • For the rest.
  • We need to judge the help or benefit or loss  of  mars or mangal for you- the things that we need is
  • i) status or health of your natal mars, includes any benefic aspects etc
  • ii)what is the present transit situation of mars or mangal- that is what kind of transit energy mars absorbs now and also how does this transit mars interact or connect with your natal chart or horoscope.
  • So over all marts impact depends on the lordship of your mars in your horoscope and also the planetary placement of mars in your horoscope in natal chart and also in transit.
  • The energy interactions are very complex and need a coordination of the natal planets and transit planets and interaction between the transit- transit planets to get to a conclusion on what would be happening now with you till November December 2018 atleast.

What do you get in the mars or mangal transit in Capricorn 2018  report?

The report covers

  • The impact of mars on your horoscope due to transit in Capricorn or makar rashi – the exaltation effects
  • Mars in Capricorn the retrogression effects
  • Mars is conjunct with ketu in the sign of Capricorn or maker rashi, the impact of the same on your life till almost end of the year 2018.
  • Suggestions on how to get best out of this period.
  • The powerful and effective remedies on how to utilize this powerful energy for your help

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    Saturn strength in horoscope- hardik pandya IPL cricket

    saturn strength shani dev hardik pandya IPL cricket

    About this article?

  • in this very interesting article the strength and weakness of the key planet in the Cosmos Saturn or shani dev the impact of its strength on losses, gains ;), bad health and other problems or wealth gains and personality of the person is taken up at length.
  • It talks about how Saturn or shani dev strength and weakness that could impact any horoscope and the predictions of the same.
    It analyzes sample horoscope to see how Saturn impacted the happiness & sadness if the person .
  • then it goes to analyse an example or a celebrity who had a short life due to Saturn strength. also he had an afflicted public image due to Saturn strength or shani dev is analyzed.
  • The article also analyzes the hardik pandya’s the cricketer’s horoscope. Looks at the role of Saturn strength on what made a big success ;). also the role of other planets in his hrosocope.It further looks at the role of his father(Saturn the karaka of teacher or preceptor :)) . also what makes a good spinner and a batsman etc at great length
  • w

  • Saturn (shani) strength is evaluated below in the article and effects or predictions given.
  • The role of Saturn or shani dev is also evaluated for the IPL cricket player hardik pandya. We try to see how Saturn discipline helps hardik pandya win.
  • Saturn strength in horoscope- hardik pandya IPL cricket

    Introduction- Saturn’s or shani dev’s role in life

    • We all know Saturn or shani dev is a powerful planet and can make anyone a king or a pauper or beggar in no time.
    • What Makes the dreaded Sade sati for Saturn or shani dev? The dreaded side sati for 5 years(seven and a half years) is noted for the same when Saturn(shani) transits the natal lagan or ascendant by moon or by ascendant.

    Saturn strength and avasthas or states.

    • 1) If the planet Saturn or shani is in sayana avastha or state,
    • Could the Person struggle form Hunger and thirst due to Saturn strength in sayan avastha?Predictions: the person would be troubled with hunger and may not have food for him and also remain thirsty as water may not be freely available.
    • So in sayana avastha planet Saturn is considered weak in strength and yes malefic in the horoscope or kundali.
    • 2) if the planet Saturn is in upavesan avastha or state :
    • Could the Saturn or shani dev strength in the Upavesan avastha cause wounds or ulceration in the body? Predictions 2: there could be lot of trouble by the enemies to the person. There could be wounds or ulceration of the body. The person may have a high self esteem , but could be punished by the king or the government.
    • So in upavesan avastha or state – Saturn is considered very weak and malefic in the kundali or horoscope.
    • 3) if the planet Saturn is in netrapani state or avastha
    • If the Saturn strength in is the Netrapanai avastha could it make you wealth and prosperous ? 😉 Predictions 3 : the person would have great attractive females around and also be wealthy with a lot of money. Could get royal favours or favours from the state or the government. The person is talented and may good knowledge of many arts and could be good at speaking.
    • So in netrapani state Saturn or shani is considered fairly strong in the kundali or horoscope.
    • 4) if planet Saturn is in the prakash state
    • Is the Saturn strength in Prakasha state make you have a lot of wealth and yes good intelligence ? 😉Predictions 4: the person would have good deal of virtues and have a lot of wealth and be intelligent as well. he or she would be supportive and also merciful; and may be devoted to the lord Shiva.
    • Is the Saturn to shani dev strength in Prakash state is positive? In the prakash state Saturn is positive and benefic and yes strong in the kundali or horoscope.
    • saturn strength shani dev  horoscope
      saturn strength shani dev hardik celebrity
      Saturn strength for celebrity Horoscope for short Life and also somewhat affected Public image?

    • we look at the horoscope for Saturn strength below It is a celebrity horoscope that had a very short life. he had to deal with great deal of problems in politics and had a short life :(. al could be traced to strength or weakness of Saturn or shani dev in his horoscope or Kundli.
    • Horoscope analysis based on Saturn strength and weakness ?

    • Saturn rules the lagna or the ascendant that is Capricorn sign or makar rashi. and also the second house of longevity and wealth & status and also it is the markesh Bhava with Aquarius sign(kumbha rashi) ruling the same.
      Once again Saturn is weak in the 7th house in the cancer or moon sign.
    • so we can see Saturn or shani dev is at 15 degrees 40 minutes & retrograde in Cancer sign(karkat rashi) in the horoscope or kundli. so as Saturn rules metal and air and being the cancer sign is fluid as well/.
    • so plane crash and he died very young because first thing is Saturn is weak it rules is both the market hours that are second and seventh
    • so retrograde and weak Saturn in the markesh bhava 7th causes problem with metals and fluids or air. we also note that lord of the 8th bhava is sun and is with Ketu and mercury .
    • mercury is an air sign again with and Ketu(just like mars or mangal a planet for accidents and operations GOD forbid) suggest accidents. see that Saturn is playing a big role in defining kind of exit this person would have an also Saturn weakness lot of issues in the public image for the person.:(
    • also note that Saturn rules the 2nd house of status as well for this person and aspects the Lagna or ascendant form the 7th house of the Horoscope. so he was very strict in implementing discipline and that also in very hard ways. this caused people to rebel and not have a great image about him.
    • so now we can see how much does Saturn strength can impact the person’s image and yes life duration or longevity as well.
      Saturn-image Saturn strength horoscope hardik pandya ipl crickethardik-pandya Saturn strength horoscope hardik pandya ipl cricket

      Birth details (Horoscope or Kundli) Hardik pandya to study Saturn or shani dev strength effects

      Full name Hardik Himanshu Pandya
      Born 11 October 1993 (age 24)
      Surat, Gujarat, India

      hardik-pandya-d1 Saturn strength horoscope hardik pandya ipl cricket

      hardik panya-d9 Saturn strength horoscope hardik pandya ipl cricket

      What is Strength of Saturn(shani dev) in hardik Pandya’s Horoscope(chart) and conection to Cricket/IPL?

      • How is Saturn or shani dev placed in the Hardik Pandya’s Horoscope? Given the kundali or horoscope of hardik pandya Saturn or shani dev is a bit weak in the 9th bhava at 0.5 degrees, but is on the own sign or is swagrahi or own house in the 9th house or bhava and also ninth bhava is benefic.
      • Does Saturn Make Hardik Pandya Play some non conventinal cricket ? 😉 Saturn or shani dev is also retrograde , so makes him(hardik pandya) a bit no conventional in his way to play cricket.
      • What role does a retrograde Saturn strength play for Hardik pandya;s Horoscope or Kundli? In the kundali or horoscope of hardik pandya ,A retrograde Saturn brings in a lot of non conventional energy and yes some basic discipline in hardik pandya.
      • what are the birth details and Horoscope or kundali of Hardik Pandya?

      • is born on 11th October 1993
      • What Makes Hardik Pandya different combination in horoscope or kundali for success in cricket in IPL matches?

      • it is said that the cricketer Hardik Pandya was a leg spinner earlier but then on the suggestion of then-coach Santosh Kumar Ji he shifted to fast bowling.
      • Whiahc planets in the Horoscope of Hardik Pandya Ji Give him great creativity in doing batting or bowling ? 😉 Now Hardik Pandya has Gemini(Mithun Rashi) Lagna ruled by Mercury(Budha) setting 5th house with Mars or Mangal so this gives Hardik Pandya a lot of creativity in his batting and bowling.

      • which planets in the Horoscope of Hardik Pandya Give him lto of action and energy? It is because 5th house is the house of creativity and intelligence and this creativity Hardik Pandya uses for playing cricket . also Hardik Pandya has a Mars or Mangal which is Lord of the 11th house close to lagan in the 5th house. It is sitting close to the lagna or ascendant. so Mercury(Budha) gives him a lot of action and energy in cricket to do with fast bowling . also his Mars or Mangal also is lord of 6th bhava or house.
      • how are Rahu and mars helping Hardik Pandya to grow based on his horoscope or kundali?
        For Hardik Pandya’s horoscope or kundali, Mars or Mangal rash Rahu(dragon’s head ) sitting in the Scorpio (Vrishchika Rashi) sign . so that is (dragon’s head ) is debilitated for Hardik Pandya. Rahu(dragon’s head ) sends rash and aggressive energy that is well and Rahu(dragon’s head ) is a deceptive planet.
        what makes hardik Pandya sushc a good leg spinner ? 🙂 so that’s why he was earlier a leg spinner. Rahu connects to mars and lagna the planet of action and self.
        So helps Hardik Pandya to deceive in the game of cricket. we know a spin ball it doesn’t go normally or direct, it goes straight and then changes direction. so that is the behavior of Rahu(dragon’s head ) .
      • what help does hardik prandya get from Jupiter and sun in his horoscope ?
        Rahu would also be helping him . also the 10th house lord for Hardik Pandya is Pisces or Meena Rashi. The lord of the same is Jupiter( guru ) which setting 4th house of public image for Hardik Pandya. so Hardik Pandya’s image will grow day by day and his sun or Surya is also sitting there . which means there is a lot of action. 3rd house is the house of action for Hardik Pandya ruled by the sun. This is giving Hardik Pandya great expansion and public image these combination great blessings as Jupiter or guru the lord of his career is close by. 🙂
      • why does Hardik Pandya have a distinct style of bowling and batting in the IPL matches cricket?

        What role does neptune play in the Horoscope of Hardik Pandya? Hardik Pandya was born on 11th of October 1993. Now 11th = number 11 give him different intuitive creative ways of solving problems. and all this helps Hardik Pandya to do bowling differently. It also applies to do batting differently and distinctly from others . Plus number 11 = for Neptune and moon brings Hardik Pandya them into Limelight.
        what role does JUpiter or Guru Play in the Horoscope of Hardik pandya Please note

      • Jupiter and sun in the 4th house also give the same or similar effects to Hardik pandya. that is 4th being the house of public image.
        Note Hardik Pandya’s moon or Chandra is strong ion own house giving good thinking and analysis to Hardik Pandya.
      • what roels do numbers or Nuemrology play for Hardik Pandya Horoscope? also note

      • his total of full birth date is 11 + October(10) + 1993(22=2+2=4) = 11(=2=1+1) + 10(=1)+ 4 = 7= Ketu. makes him intense in any area of life. so he could research or get deep into cricket well.
      • how did Hardik pandya’s father ,Himanshu Pandya help him come up in the game of cricket?

      • What do the planets in hooesocpe of hardik Pandya suggest about his father’s wealth statstus? at the same time in Hardik Pandya’s Youth or childhood. he faced monetary issues. his childhood. Hardik Pandya has a weak Saturn(Shani dev) in the 9th house so that suggests that he will get benefits and gains from Saturn(Shani dev) . This also represents his father Himanshu Pandya.
      • does weakness in Saturn or shani dev suggest Issues in wealth and status for Hardik Pandya’s father? But as Saturn is weak so his father’s failure of Finance business and also Saturn(Shani dev) caused him to face financial issues. as Saturn is in own sign so Saturn(Shani dev) that is Aquarius that gives him support from his father. his Himanshu Pandya father shifted to Vadodara. The idea was to get the best cricket training in the Kiran More’s academy.
      • What PLanets in the Horoscope of Hardik pandya sugest that his father wold help in his career fro cricket? also, note that the planet sun representative of the father is sitting in the 4th house. it is the Kendra bhava .also sun is blessed by Jupiter( guru ) which is the lord of his career 10th house. that’s cricket( Hardik Pandya’s career is cricket) so that suggests that his father would help him in cricket matters
      • What planetary combinations in the horoscope that suggest hardik pandya’s brother could also be a cricketer 🙂 ?

      • What is the roel of Jupiter for his brother for Hardik Pandya in His Horoscope or Kundli?as we know that his brother krunal Pandya would also be a good cricketer . note that his younger brother what is represented by the third house . krunal Pandya’s 3rd house lord is sun or Surya. the sun is The Lord of the third house and initiatives is sitting in the 4th house with Jupiter( guru ) . guru is The Lord of 10th so that suggests that as Hardik Pandya’s career or cricket would connect to his brother krunal Pandya. . as 4th house is the house of popularity and public image for Hardik Pandya . so clearly suggests that Krunal Pandya(Brother) & Hardik Pandya both be connected in terms of career and they will do well in the career of cricket. 🙂
      • In June 2019 hardik Pandya has joined the freak show – why? what are the predictions for 2019 and 2020 for hardik pandya based on his horoscope or kundali?

      • How would Hardik Pandya perform in 2020? Hardik Pandya just joined the freak show . Now let us look at the predictions for Hardik Pandya for 2019 and 2020 based on Jupiter( guru ) transit. the planet Jupiter( guru ) rules the 10th house or career of Hardik Pandya is currently retrograde in the Scorpio sign(6th house). so in his career Hardik Pandya of cricket he will perform much better in IPL Cricket matches after July 2019. he will do exceptionally well in 2020 when Jupiter( guru ) is in Sagittarius sign of Dhanu Rashi.
      • when could Hardik Pandya’s brother or krunal Pandya do better in cricket in IPL matches?
        his brother Krunal Pandya will do very good work in cricket when the sun is in Leo or Simha Rashi. that is 15th August to 15 September .basically also Ketu for Hardik Pandya has gotten into the house of relationships of Hardik Pandya . so the relationships people in cricket and otherwise 2019 June ending and July 2019 may not have very good results for Hardik Pandya.
      • Hardik Pandya could get good results in the IPL matches of whatever he plays at also by 2020 Saturn(Shani dev). as Saturn would come into his 8th bhava very good to clear obstacle for Hardik Pandya in his IPL cricket matches. So rise after July 2019 and more after 2019 November .alls this is due to Jupiter( guru )’s presence Sagittarius sign
        plus as Saturn represents his father Himanshu Pandya as well and it comes in the 8th house .he has to be careful about the health of his father .ketu(dragon’s tail) in 7th house can also give him a new kind or different kind of relationships and partnerships. so we know that he joining the freak show. It is obviously the indication of that. 🙂 d

        we wish Hardik Pandya the best in life 🙂

      • who is hardik pandya? the Indian all rounder cricketer?

        • Hardik pandya full name is hardik himanshu pandya and is born on the 11th of october 1993 and has played international cricket . He also is playing for Baroda for the domestic cricket. If it is the match for IPL or Indian premiere league hardik pandya plays for Mumbai Indians.
        • hardik pandya plays as a all rounder and is a right handed batsman and is also a right handed bowler and bowls from the right arm. His brother of krunal pandya .Also plays cricket and yes for sure in the IPl matches.,
        • IN the kundali or horoscope of hardik pandya, aspect of atama karaka Venus or shukra on Saturn gives hardik pandya a creative flip.
        • That is his disciplining of hardik pandya is tempered by his creativity. One can clearly see the creativity of this all rounder hardik pandya in his bowling and batting in the IPL cricket matches.
        • In the kundali or horoscope of hardik pandya ,Venus or shukra is weak in the house of sun(Leo sign or simha rashi) and is in the house of creativity- so brings in a lot of initiative for hardik pandya to change his style for cricket matches to do with IPL etc.
        • For the kundali or horoscope of hardik pandya the twelfth and fifth lord is Venus or shukra, so again at times he(hardik pandya) may face issues or difficulties due to his experiments in bowling or batting for the IPL cricket matches.
        • But thats OK.

        What are certain interesting facts about cricketer Hardik Pandya ?

      • Hardik Pandya is an all-rounder cricketer and plays from Baroda in domestic cricket (IPL). yes, he is also a part of the Mumbai Indian. he also has a younger brother Krunal Pandya who is also a cricketer. also, Hardik Pandya is in all-rounder batsmen and bowler .he is a fast bowler. he plays for the IPL or Indian Premier League in Mumbai Indians team.
      • Hardik Pandya’s Father used to run a finance business and went into losses and then the family shifted to Vadodara to help Hardik Pandya focus more on cricket . where Hardik Pandya played Kiran MOre’ cricket academy. so Hardik Pandya had a financially had a tough time in his youth .

    venus strength in horoscope- vishal sikka infosys

    venus venus strength in horoscope vishal sikka infosys

    About this article?

  • The article below discusses at length the impact on wealth,health,longevity,name,fame etc for various states or avasthas of planet Venus or shukra in any horoscope or kundali.
  • It tells how the strength of Venus could impact various aspects of life, though Venus primarily deals with wealth/luxury/beauty and comforts
  • It the evaluates as a sample example of a country on how venus impacts its wars, debts, money flows,culture and over all imgae in the world
  • as an additional sample example of strength of venus in any Horoscope . This article also touches on the ex ceo of Infosys vishal sikka
  • Venus strength in horoscope
    Strength of Venus Or shukra in any Horoscope(Kundli)

  • Could venus or shukra be cause of eminence in the state or the Government? 1) If in any horoscope or kundali ,the planet Venus or shukra is in the sabh state or avastha– the person would get eminence or fame from the government:
  • Predictions for Venus strength sabh state:
  • could venus in sabh state give great wealth and qualities? He or she would be full of good qualities and virtues. will be able to defeat the enemies and have great wealth like the king kubera a mythological extremely wealthy person.
  • could sabh state of venus in the Horoscope give great wealth and fortune? he or she would do good charity and may own a stable for horses and would be considered great or excellent by other people.
  • expenditure loss venus horoscope strength

  • 2) If the planet Venus or shukra in any horoscope or kundali is in the agam state or avastha:
  • Predictions for Venus strength agam state:
  • could venus in agam state cause outflows of wealth for any Horoscope? there may not be increase in wealth and may be separation from children or kids and also relatives. The person may not enjoy sexual pleasures from the spouse that is wife or husband.
  • health loss venus horoscope strength

  • 3) If in any horoscope or kundali the planet Venus is in the bhojan avastha or state:
  • Predictions for Venus strength Bhojan state:
  • could venus or shukra in agam state cause health and diseases related issues? the person could be distress or in stress general as he or she may not have food or be hungry. there could be diseases of many kinds and also fear from people who oppose him or her enemies.
  • 4) If in any horoscope or kundali the planet Venus is in the kanya rashi or Virgo sign and bhojan avastha or state
  • money wealth loss venus horoscope strength

  • Predictions for Venus strength Bhojan state and kanya rashi:
  • could venus or shukra in Bhojan state give great riches and Honour?the person could be rich and get honour by the knowledgeable people.
  • 5) If for any horoscope or kundali the planet Venus or shukra is in the nritya lips state or avastha
  • education loss venus horoscope strength

  • Predictions for Venus strength Nritya lips state:
  • could the Nritya Lips state of venus or shukra in the Horoscope make one good in literature and also good intelligence? the person could be skills in matters of literature and be very intelligent . also could be good at hands with musical instruments like harmonium, table, and flute and be full of merit and with money.
  • 6) if for any horoscope or kundali the planet Venus or shukra is in the kautuk state or avastha
  • knowledge rishi loss venus horoscope strength

  • Predictions for Venus strength kautuk avastha state:
  • could venus or shukra in the agam state give great money and knowledge to the person? the person could have command over people and have great knowledge and money/lakhsmi ji with him or her.
  • 7) if for any horoscope or kundali the planet Venus or shukra is in the nidra avastha or state:
  • Predictions for Venus strength nidra avastha state:
  • could venus in Nidra avastha make one heroic in nature and still wandering in life? the person would be helping or in service of others and may also blame others. the person could be heroic in nature and may be wandering all over the world or may travel aimlessly.

  • Example of a country having good venus strength and predictions of the Horoscope of the same

  • Now we study the strength of venus or shukra for a country that has named its name min the new world order.
  • venus rules the lagna or ascendant and also the 6th bhava or house of the horoscope. so it rules the self or personality if the country and also as mool trikona sign Libra is in the sixth house it rules the obstacles and debts and also health issues and conflicts for the same.
  • what does the strength of venus in Horoscope say about the culture of this country?
    Yes due to venus influence on the lagan strongly of the country has been a very hospitable coiuntry and that also with a great culture. as we know venus rules number 6 or culture as well.
  • also venus being lord of the 6th house, so it strongly suggests that hardwork is needed to ensure it does not get into debt.
  • does venus or shukra strength in Horoscope(kundli) suggests anything special about hospital industry?
    also it rules medical and hospital industry.
    so venus or shukra ruling the medical industry. so being strong it clearly suggests that ayurveda and medical stuff or Yoga would take a lead in life. this country is haven for Yoga and ayurveda enthusiasts
  • Now looking at the position and strength of venus in the horoscope , it is in the 6th bhava or house of the horoscope.
  • could the strength of venus and lordship of 6th house in Horoscope(kundli) cause issues with neighbours?
    The 6th bhava lord of enmity and in 3rd bhava of countries in neighbourhood could cause enmity with neighbourhood. sod despite great diplomacy and good behaviour of t his country there is enmity or several wars with neighbour.
  • would this country flourish a lot based on strength of venus in the horoscope(kundli)?
    we also note that venus that is number 6 sits on moon that is number 2, 6=2×3= so in harmony so venus is strong in the horoscope. so this suggest that this country would flourish a lot 😉 with venus or arts of its tribal or cultural stuff also is 100% true
  • vishal-sikka venus strength in horoscope vishal sikka infosys
    vishal-sikka-kundliH venus strength in horoscope vishal sikka infosys

    Vishal Sikka’s Surya Kundali birth details
    Birth Date = 1st June 1967
    What is the strength of Venus or shukra for Vishal sikka ex CEO Infosys ?

  • what is the status of venus or shukra in the Horoscope of ex CEO of Infosys Vishal sikka? Now for the horoscope or kundali vishal sikka the ex CEO infosys software company Venus or shukra is weak in degrees , that is it is at is at 0.37 degrees.
  • does the venus of vishal sikka( x- CEO infosys) suggest great wealth and salary for himself? He(vishal sikka) has in his horoscope or kundali a strong Jupiter or guru in the cancer or karkat sign giving him blessings and all the gains/wealth and opulence and high salary and success one can clearly see.
  • is the venus or shukra for vishal sikka the x CEO of Infosys mathematically in harmony in the horoscope?Given the horoscope or kundali of ex CEO infosys Vishal sikka ,Venus or shukra though a part of the demoniac planets(Like Saturn/shani/ rahu and ketu/mars/mangal)- is number 6 and is in harmony with number 2= as moon or lord of cancer or karkat sign as 2(moon) x 3 = 6(Venus or shukra). they are mathematically connected together.
  • was Vishal sikka great innovators? For the horoscope or kundali of vishal sikka ( ex ceo infosys) Exalted Jupiter(guru) and yes Venus (shukra) in the bhava or house of initiatives(third house)- bless almost any of his work or initiatives- barring negative dasha periods when he may have to back off.
  • does Jupiter or Guru in the Horoscope of Vishal sikka(x CEO infosys) suggests great respect and money for home? Jupiter or guru in his horoscope or kundali gives him respect/opulence and yes deep thinking for success in life and in software. He was fairly success in Infosys as an architect of the drive for automation of software deliveries.
  • what planets indicate great capacity of vishal sikka to deliver in a creative manner? in the horoscope or kundali of vishal sikka( ex ceo infosys) Venus or shukra adds to the creativity factor of vishal sikka the ex ceo of Infosys in the capacity to deliver in a creative and holistic fashion.
  • does ketu or dragon’s tail in Vishal sikka’s Horoscope make Him aggressive? In the horoscope or kundali of vishal sikka, Venus or shukra carries the energy of ketu in the 6th bhava as well, so ketu rules aggressive people just like mars and also 6th house or sixth bhava is of enemies- this combined energies suggest he would face stiff opposition and enmity in whatever he does. His initiatives.
  • That’s what has happened to him in Infosys and is happening in terms of a lawsuit by teradata.
  • What could happen for the teradata lawsuit with SAP and vishal sikka for 2018 and 2019 predictions:

  • He or vishal sikka ex CEO infosys was destined to get into a lawsuit or fights due to Saturn(shani) and mars(mangal) strong conflicts.
  • Vishal sikka(ex ceo infosys) would get some relief by October 2018 and 2019 would be more of proving and re strategizing life or spending time with his research than doing anything else.
  • Vishal sikka’s health also needs care ion 2018.as planet Jupiter gets into is seventh bhava – he or vishal sikka(ex ceo Infosys) may get some relief, but may be severance of his present relationships.
  • We wish him all the best in life.
  • appendix
    , currently in news due to data breach allegations- of stealing trade secrets in building the Hana platform from an aborted joint venture product between the two firms- SAP and teradata.

    Venus strength in Horoscope – Arvind kejriwal

    venus-strength-horoscope-arvind-kejriwalvenus venus-strength-horoscope-arvind-kejriwal

    Venus strength in Horoscope – arvind kejriwal

    Introduction about strength of Venus:

    • Venus the planet of opulence/luxury and comfort and also vehicles/cars is the core planet to define comfort in any one’s life.
    • Venus or shukra dev is represented by number 6 and comes in conflict with planet  sun and yes malefic Saturn and mars also impact the same.
    • In the article below we elaborate various states of planet Venus or shukra and also connect and analyze the state or status of Venus for chief minister of Delhi- arvind kejriwal.
    • It tries also to make predictions for him for the year 2018

    arvind kejriwal nakshatra
    What does the Nakshatra of the Planet Venus(Shukra) say for Arvind Kejriwal?

  • Now for Arvind Kejriwal, the Lagna is Venus and it sits in the fourth bhava in Purva Phalguni Nakshatra. It is the 11th Nakshatra that gives him different inspiration and way of thinking and doing things . also we have to note that Phalguni Nakshatra is ruled by planet Venus as the nakshatra lord.
  • So this Venus in Venus nakshatra gives comfort & luxury to Arvind Kejriwal. so it is a form of raj yoga which Kejriwal enjoys and it is also one of the causative factors of his seat in Delhi. Now note that Venus or Shukra also rules the sixth bhava of enemies and opposition as well for him.
  • Now the sixth bhava connects to lagan as Venus rules two bhava fist ruled by Taurus or vrishabha Rashi and the sixth bhava Libra or Tula Rashi. This energy connects to his Lagna or Arvind Kejriwal Ji for lifelong. so due to his actions, he may face enmity and yes litigation as well. so also his health needs care for life with Yoga. His diabetes also needs care. as this nakshatra is ruled By Simha Rashi or Leo. his desire to do things differently and dominate people as well could be there.
  • We see most of these things are reflected a good extent in the behavior of Sri Arvind Kejriwal Ji. The nakshatra is the 11th nakshatra of inspirational and action motivates the person to plunge into action without thinking and get things done. It could also make him think too much about self or become a narcissist.
  • arvind kejriwal venus and leo lionarvind kejriwal venus and is a lionmiddle path it is there by any chance .and it is not necessary that the significations would all manifest but just indication. being 11th nakshatra makes him inspired and at a different thought plane altogether than other policies. he has also manifested very good symptoms of being intelligent and caring about India and very inquisitive about situations. also, his 1+1 double Leo in 11 and the lagna being in Leo sign help him in putting up resistance like a lion for certain things and especially corruption.
  • Venus strength and weaknesses in any horoscope or kundli  and predictions for the same

    • 1) If the planet Venus is in the sayan avastha or state in any kundli or horoscope(birth chart) .
    • Predictions : despite of strength of Venus or shukra- it could give dental diseases or tooth The person may have a short temper(be angry) and may not have much wealth. Also the person may be of loose character and may have sex with prostitutes/courtesans and also would  be of a  lustful behaviour.
    • The overall strength of Venus or shukra here in this state is weak and not
    • 2) If the planet Venus is in the Upavesan avastha or state in any kundli or horoscope(birth chart)  
    • Predictions: the person could be very rich and may have golden ornament or a lot of gold and also many gemstones or other riches with him or her. Her span could generally be happy ands would destroy his or her enemies easily. The person would get good respect from the state or the government and this trend could be ever increase sing for the person.
    • 3) if the planet Venus is in the netrapani state or avastha and is in the lagna bhava or ascendant or in the seventh house( yuvati bhava) and or in the career or job house the tenth house  in any kundli or horoscope  (birth chart) –
    • Predictions: there could be loss of wealth  or expenditure due to afflictions of the sense of sight or eyes could be impacted . So one may have many or heavy medical expenses due to this state of Venus or shukra in the birth horoscope of the person.
    • The overall strength of Venus is weak here in this state.
    • 4) If the planet Venus or shukra is in the netrapani state or avastha and is in other bhava or houses other than 1/7/10(first/seventh and tenth house) in any kundli or horoscope (birth chart) –
    • Predictions: the person may have large house.
    • The overall strength of Venus is strong here.
    • 5) if the planet Venus is in prakasha state or avastha and is in own rashi or sign , or in its exaltation sign or rashi or may be a friendly rashi in any kundli or horoscope (birth chart) –
    • Predictions : the person would have great interest in sports or be a sportsman, will be almost like the king or very rich and powerful and could be good at poetry and music.
    • The overall strength of Venus or shukra is strong here
    • 6) if the planet Venus or shukra is in the gaman state or avastha   in any kundli or horoscope  (birth chart) –
    • Predictions: the person may not have a long lived mother or the longevity of his or her  mother may be impacted. He or she may get separated from his own people and may cry for the same. Also the person may have fear from enemies.
    • The overall strength of Venus or shukra is weak here.
    • 7) if the planet Venus is in the agaman state or avastha in any kundli or horoscope (birth chart) .
    • Predictions: the person would command or have lot of money or great wealth. He or she may visit big shrines and be very positive and optimistic. he or she could contract diseases of hand and foot.
    • The over strength of Venus or shukra is average.

    arvind-d1-chart venus-strength-horoscope-arvind-kejriwal

    Arvind Kejriwal – the AAP leader- what role does Venus or shukra play in horoscope for  success?

    • Arvind Kejriwal is the chief minister of Delhi currently in the year 2018.
    • In the kundali or horoscope of Arvind Kejriwal, His Venus (Shukra) is a bit weakened in the sign of Leo or Simha Rashi in his house of public image and family the fourth house or fourth bhava.
    • Given the kundli or horoscope of Arvind Kejriwal , whenever Venus or Shukra is weak in transit- he or Arvind Kejriwal may face issues in maintaining his image and law and order
    • Also Venus or Shukra In the kundli or horoscope of Arvind Kejriwal is at around 16 degrees, so is in the prime of youth and in Kendra house. So or the fourth house to that way it is strong. But still being in Simha Rashi or Leo sign makes it weak.
    • Venus the planet of comforts being weak impacts Arvind Kejriwal’s overall comforts and life. Yes he has had strenuous life and that’s the reason why he needs some relaxation with Yoga and naturopathy.

    What are the other planets associated with Venus or Shukra for Arvind Kejriwal? How do they impact his life?

    • In the kundli or horoscope of Arvind Kejriwal, The other planets that sit there in the fourth bhava or house are the sun. This impacts Venus a bit but mostly makes him (Arvind Kejriwal) prone to heart and blood pressure diseases and also as sun or Surya is at 0.30 degrees- it could impact his image in public time to time.
    • Also In the kundli or horoscope of Arvind Kejriwal, the dev guru Jupiter or guru is there close to planet Venus in the fourth bhava. That is the blessings of planets Jupiter is there, blessing and balances many of the negativities for Arvind Kejriwal as discussed above.
    • So In the kundli or horoscope of Arvind Kejriwal Jupiter send its  benefic energies or rays  to

           {Jupiter}  =è {sun} + {Venus} 

    jupiter-new-2017  venus-strength-horoscope-arvind-kejriwal EQUALS sunset-sun-ascendant venus-strength-horoscope-arvind-kejriwal

    PLUS venus venus-strength-horoscope-arvind-kejriwal

    • Also note Jupiter is the lord of the eighth house of opposition but being benefic overall this combination gives Arvind Kejriwal a benefit, but a rebellious way of looking at matters and shares energy with Venus or Shukra.
    • Given the kundli or horoscope of Arvind Kejriwal , Mercury or Budha the lord of thinking and creativity being lord of the fifth bhava helps him to become strategist of things much better than others.
    • Mercury or Budha is combust, so he may take some indiscreet actions and impact his overall comfort and public image. We know he resigned very soon the first time he became the chief minister of Delhi.
    • For the kundli or horoscope of Arvind Kejriwal Mercury being in the fourth bhava and lord of the fifth bhava gives him creative intelligence to project his image in the public.
    • Given the kundli or horoscope of Arvind Kejriwal, As his Jupiter and mercury or Budha are in the same bhava or house, so dharma (ethics) and also mercury (quick material intelligence) helps him to do the best.

    Arvind Kejriwal 2018 predictions

    • This year could be hard for him in terms of work deliveries for Delhi.
    • He may also have health issues that he needs to be careful as Venus(Shukra) is in conflict with Saturn or Shani dev.
    • This transit of Saturn or Shani dev in his (Arvind Kejriwal’s) eighth house from his   moon or lagna is not an auspicious transit and could cause loss of wealth or position.
    • He may  need to take good care of the health of his  wife or husband and also his  kids as there is an aspect to the fifth bhava or house as well.
    • His image has to be proper and you may be indicted by the government or state. Just a possibility.
    • So overall 2018 may mean a lot of proving and delivery time for Sri Arvind Kejriwal ji and could also be hard for his heart/image and yes family.
    • He(Arvind Kejriwal) simply needs to take care and especially best care in driving and his heart at least till Jupiter or dev guru is retrograde.
    • We wish him all the best in his life and for Delhi


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    ” Mars or Mangal is the army general of the 9 planets in our solar system and has explosive energy within.Retrogression and presence of ketu for coming sveral months makes mars even more explosive!”

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    Jupiter strength in horoscope – nirav modi example

    jupiter-new-2017 Jupiter strength horoscope Nirav Modi
    About this article ?

  • It is a highly comprehensive & interesting article on Jupiter or Guru strength in any Horoscope or Kundli.
  • Also additionally this article discusses various factors that determine the strength of planet Jupiter or Guru in any horoscope(kundli).
  • All Based on timeless principles of classical Vedic astrology- on how strength and placement could give great money,:), great name 😉 or better life partner or even infamy or loss :(.
  • How strength & placement of Jupiter or Guru in horoscope or Kundli could make one suspicious or
    positive and how could it impact the image of a person, all discussed.
  • Various avasthas of jupiter in any horoscope or Kundli that you might not have heard of like Kautuk avastha or Nritya Lips avastha etc and what is the impact on life- all given in details :).
  • In the next section we discuss and alternative way to measure the impact of the strength or avasthas(or state or condition) of Jupiter or Guru in any Horoscope or Kundli.
  • It also includes how various states or avasthas of Jupiter or Guru impact Money matters, partnerships , relationships, and Job etc for any Horoscope
  • The details of this calculations or computations on how to astrologically calculate Jupiter or Guru strength could be looked as well in this article.
  • Also as a PRACTICAL example to see the Impact of Jupiter or Guru strength in any Horoscope or Kundli.
  • It later discusses about the strength of Jupiter(Guru) and its connection to fugitive Nirav Modi based on Vedic astrology and nadi considerations :).
  • How Jupiter or Guru strength & placement made him a great diamond merchant and what planetary combinations or Yogas caused him to become a fugitive.
  • In the last section ( appendix) the article Looks at the Physical or Physics basis for strength in the planet Jupiter to connect the article to scientific basis.
  • It first discusses the scientific perspective of Jupiter or Guru strength in general for any Horoscope or Kundli.

  • Introduction to Jupiter or Guru effects in your horoscope or kundali:
    Jupiter guru strength horoscope kundli
    How is Jupiter or Guru strength calculated any horoscope or Kundli?

  • IN Vedic astrology there are many ways to measure the strength of the planet Jupiter Or Guru in the horoscope(kundli).
  • Like say if Jupiter is direct, stationery, moving fast or slow in the zodiac.
  • That determines overall strength and impact of Jupiter or Guru for any horoscope or Kundli.
  • Jupiter strength guru kundli horoscope

  • Now Jupiter or Guru is strong when it is between 5 degrees to 25 degrees in any horoscope.
  • or in a friendly sign of Pisces or exalted in the cancer sign.
  • Jupiter or Guru is generally said to be not strong in the signs of Venus or shukra as of opposite quality of sattva.
  • Venus Jupiter strength guru kundli horoscope

  • That is the Taurus(Vrishabha rashi) and Libra(Tula rashi) .
  • But it is still OK as Venus(shukra) is number 6 and Jupiter = number 3 and 6=3×2 as friendly as there is a clear mathematical relationship. 🙂
  • mercury budha Jupiter strength guru kundli horoscope

  • But sure for Mercury(budha) number 5 it is ruled by Gemini(Mithuna rashi) and Virgo(Kanya rashi) here Jupiter or Guru weakened bit.
  • mars mangal Jupiter strength guru kundli horoscope

  • Jupiter is also OK with mars or mangal signs as Mars(Mangal) number=9, that is 3×3 = 9 so in harmony with Aries sign & also Scorpio(Vrishchika rashi). so Jupiter would gain some strength here.
  • retrograde Jupiter strength guru kundli horoscope

  • Article on how avastha of Jupiter is calculated or the calculations? Check here

  • What happens when Jupiter or Guru is retrograde in any Horoscope or Kundli?

  • Jupiter or guru in any horoscope or kundli is a master benefic planet and whenever it is retrograde.
  • This could be causing much of grief to all of us in some form or the other.
  • Jupiter guru strength horoscope kundli happiness
    What are the blessings Jupiter could bring in

  • The benefic rays of Jupiter or guru could bless anyone with growth and prosperity in a specific area of life.
  • Jupiter strength guru kundli horoscope
    Jupiter strength in Horoscope Predictions
    Jupiter guru strength horoscope kundli agam state

  • In any kundli or horoscope if the planet Jupiter(guru) is in Agam state or Avastha
  • car Jupiter strength guru kundli horoscope
    how Jupiter or Guru could give you cars, following, money and prosperity if in agama state?

  • the person may have big cars or conveyances, he or she may get honours or respect and may have a long retinue of people following him or her.
  • love Jupiter strength guru kundli horoscope
    Does the Agam state in any kundli or Horoscope bless you with better life partner, learning’s, and status?

  • Good for having wife or husband and friends and also learning’s in life as Jupiter or Guru deals with learning.

  • Could the Agam state of Jupiter or Guru in any kundli or Horoscope make you like a high ranking official?

  • The status of the person would be like a king, or a minister of the state and he or she would be fond of literature and would follow the virtuous path.
  • In the above state or avastha Jupiter or guru is said to be exceptionally strong or benefic.
  • Jupiter guru strength horoscope kundli wealth money prosperity

  • If In any kundli or horoscope, the planet Jupiter or guru is in the Bhojan avastha or state
  • money wealth Jupiter strength guru kundli horoscope
    Could Bhajan avastha of Jupiter or Guru in any kundli or Horoscope bless you with great money or well of a billionaire? 🙂

  • The person would always have good food in good hotels and restaurants also have horses or elephants .
  • and also chariots and cars or Mercedes Benz or any costly car or vehicle .
  • The goddess of wealth Lakshmi ji would always stay with the person.
  • In the above state Jupiter or guru is said to be strong enough especially for wealth matters.
  • Jupiter guru strength horoscope kundli tantra

  • if In any kundli or horoscope, the planet Jupiter or guru is in the Nritya Lips state or avastha,
  • Could Nritya Lips Avastha of Jupiter in any kundli or Horoscope mean that a person get Great respect from the state or Government and be a Tantric ?

  • The person would get royal honours and also would be wealthy and have great knowledge of dharma .
  • or the moral conduct and also Tantric practices.
  • He or she may be supreme among the learned people and be a great master of grammar.
  • In the above state Jupiter or guru is said to be strong and manifesting the learning aspects of the same.
  • Jupiter guru strength horoscope kundli money wealth

  • If In any kundli or horoscope, planet Jupiter or Guru is in the kautuk state or avastha
  • How could Kautuk avastha in any kundli or Horoscope make a person curious and also Famous as well?

  • the person may be curious by nature, there could be a lot of wealth, or he may be very rich.
  • The person would have a great name and would shine like sun or surya GOD in his or her circles.
  • Jupiter guru strength horoscope kundli learning degree education
    How could Kautuk avastha make a person a scholar?

  • The person is kind and happy and will have sons and good wealth and also would do good justice.
  • the person would be scholar and have great strength and also could be scholar at the king’s court.
  • education Jupiter strength guru kundli horoscope
    Could kautuk avastha of Jupiter or Guru give the person good learning’s ?

  • In the above state or avastha Jupiter or Guru is said to be strong and manifesting the learning and administrative aspect of the same
  • Jupiter strength guru horoscope kundli losses finances money wealth

  • If In any kundli or horoscope, the planet Jupiter(guru) is in the Nidra state or avastha
  • Could Nritya Lips avastha of Jupiter in any Horoscope cause one to lose wealth?

  • The person could be foolish in all his or her undertakings and may have loss of wealth or penury that cannot be cured or redeemed.
  • He or she may also not of good acts.
  • In the above state Jupiter or guru may not be in good state in fact is weak here.
  • Nirav Jupiter strength horoscope Nirav Modi
    What is the status of Jupiter or Guru in Nirav Modi Horoscope?

    Nirav-Modi-based on-name Jupiter strength horoscope Nirav Modi
    Horoscope or kundli based Jupiter evaluation for Nirav Modi

  • We could take Leo or sun as his core lagan based on his name number = 4= rahu.
  • The planet Jupiter is retrograde, so this makes his fifth bhava or Jupiter also very weak and impacts his ability to take risks.
  • So his efforts to get political asylum may not great at least till July 2018.
  • Ketu or dragon’s tail is in lagna and has a discreet impact in his name as well- ketu making him choosy and daring in life.
  • He could not have reached this situation in life had he not been daring or in certain sense indiscreet at times.
  • By august 2018 Nirav Modi .
  • whence the effects of Jupiter have come he may get some relief.
  • Slightly More relief would be there for him October 2018 onward and in the year 2019.
  • But still over all rahu effects could make him face the hard side of law and his financial troubles may continue .
  • We pray to GOD to best sense to prevail to everyone.
  • What made Nirav Modi choose diamond or jewellery as his career or profession?
    career horoscope Nirav Modi

  • Now let us look at the horoscope of Mr. Nirav Modi .
  • he has a Leo or simcha lagna, Venus is ruling his 10th House(Taurus sign or vrishabha rashi). Venus or shukra dev in his kundli or Horoscope rules diamond and jewellery.
  • Now as 10th house is the house of action for Nirav Modi ,so very clearly he would be working for diamond jewellery or some luxury related work.
  • also note that Venus is sitting in the Scorpio sign in horoscope of Nirav Modi.
  • This suggests that Venus or Diamond would make him popular .
  • plus because Venus is sitting on the Mars sign and mars or Mangal deals with machinery.
  • Scorpio or Vrishchika rashi(ruled by mars) in his kundli or Horoscope means that Nirav Modi could be into cutting or some kind of industries related to luxury items or diamond .
  • so we can very clearly see that what kind of energy is there in the career or job house of Nirav Modi .
  • also the Libra sign(Tula rashi) that is the third house for Nirav Modi we have very good Jupiter energies there.
  • Jupiter in his kundli or Horoscope rules the 5th house for Nirav Modi so that very clearly suggest that he would gain a lot of money in luxury related business.
  • he had huge money that is many millions of dollars for diamond and jewellery business.
  • planets Jupiter strength guru kundli horoscope
    now what planetary conditions could create a Fraud case and conflict with law case for Nirav Modi ?
    legal courts law horoscope Nirav Modi

  • we know that Ketu(dragon’s Tail) is sitting in the lagan or ascendant for Nirav Modi to create a secretive nature.
  • now secret connects to illegal things as well.
  • also kindly note that that Saturn which rules the relationships and partnerships for Nirav Modi (6th and 7th house) is sitting in the 9th house and is very weak and debilitated.
  • 9th house Jupiter strength guru kundli horoscope

  • as we know 9th bhava or house is for Karma and Dharma.
  • Saturn or Shani dev is very weak and debilitated in Aries sign or Mesha Rashi.
  • so this overall impact the dharma or the righteous path for Nirav Modi
  • Saturn Jupiter strength guru kundli horoscope

  • Saturn or Shani in his kundli or Horoscope also creates unexpected issues in the relationships for Nirav Modi .
  • Moon the mind of Nirav Modi is sitting in the Capricorn sign(makar rashi) which is not a great sign, and it makes connection to the negative people or negative events in life.
  • the lagna lord sun or surya dev in his kundli or Horoscope is in the 2nd house.
  • so he or Nirav Modi always wants to appear to be the best in the world in wealth and status.
  • This could also motivate him to do wrong things.
  • mars mangal Jupiter strength guru kundli horoscope

  • Mars or Mangal dev in his kundli or Horoscope is sitting close to Sun or lagna of Nirav Modi.
  • so as mars are for action, he may want to do anything to gain wealth and status .
  • Plus mars in his kundli or Horoscope gets bad energy from Saturn in the 9th house of Nirav Modi. this could give contracting in wealth and status for which is true is Lord of Modi .
  • so over all the planets gives great status and wealth to Nirav Modi and also poverty.
  • All this we can very clearly see how horoscope is collaborates with reality.
  • As his birth date is not available- we will use the principles of nadi Jyotish and also anka jyotish for the same. This knowledge also yields great results.
  • Chaldean system values are:
  • Numbers
    A I J Q Y = 1
    B K R = 2
    C G L S =3
    D M T=4
    H E N X=5
    U V W=6
    O Z= 7
    P F=8
    Nine Has
    No Alphabet = 9

  • The overall numbers of Nirav Modi are
  • N I R A V M O D I
  • 5 1 2 1 6=15 4 7 4 1 = 16
  • Some Numerology for Nirav Modi
  • So over all we get the number or Uranus or rahu = 15+16 = 31= 3+1 =4 rahu, this makes one get involved in under the table or dubious activities .
  • There could be unexpected and sudden problems due to money as 4= number for money.
  • His getting involved in a financial scam and getting Interpol notice is a clear indication of the rahu taking over for him and causing harm to him.
  • Also note his first name = Nirav= 15= 1+5= Venus, this promises luxury/money and comfort he or Nirav Modi had all!
  • Clearly now Jupiter is retrograde in 2018 and yes Saturn a planet close to rahu Nirav Modi’s core number is also retrograde and yes rahu is in the cancer sign or karkat rashi. So over all a bad scene for Nirav Modi
  • Jupiter strength  width=

    How does Jupiter or Guru get its strength in terms of science or Physics ?

  • Jupiter’s magnetic field is stronger than that of earth at least 10 times.
  • The field extends almost 7 million kilometres in the direction of sun for Jupiter.
  • The field of Jupiter is almost to the orbit of Saturn in the solar system.
  • the aura of Jupiter has almost all colours of the VIBGYOR.
  • Jupiter’s internal is mostly hydrogen. The rotation of the magnetic field for Jupiter is in the same direction of Jupiter rotation.
  • The Jupiter’s magnetosphere traps and also attracts or accelerates particles.
  • There is an interaction of these particles with the largest moons of Jupiter which strongly affects their physical or chemical properties.
  • Jupiter strength magnetic field
    what is the Structure of the Magnetic Field of Jupiter?

  • The magnetosphere of Jupiter is very complex.
  • there are multiple components to the magnetic field of Jupiter.
  • i) due to fluid circulation in the core of the planet as in earth we have.
  • ii)There are electrical currents in the plasma that is around planet Jupiter.
  • The magnetosphere is within the plasma of solar winds. where there is interaction with the other planets.
  • also in earth we have north pole and south pole, but for Jupiter the magnetic energies are multiple.

  • Who is Nirav Modi?

  • Nirav Modi is the founder for global diamond jeweller house
  • He is at the moment a fugitive as per CBI or central bureau of investigation of India- which is investigating a $2 billion fraud case against him in regard to banks of India.
  • The Interpol a kind if international police has issues a diffusion notice against him or Nirav Modi in the month of February 2018.
  • The main bank that has been de-frauded allegedly by Nirav Modi is Punjab national bank
  • In March of the year 2018, Nirav Modi applied for bankruptcy protection in Manhattan, New York.
  • In the year 2018 June month, is to have been seen in UK and seems has also applied for Britain’s Home Office
  • Jupiter strength guru kundli horoscope

  • Also basic strength of Jupiter(guru) is tested for the alleged fugitive Mr. Nirav Modi.
  • The horoscope is uniquely evaluated based only on the name of Nirav Modi and approximate year of birth of 1970 for the first time!
  • Just based on the name a horoscope is erected and predictions are made for his personality and coming events.
  • Also based on his Numbers and Planets he or Nirav Modi may find himself on the wrong side of the law or excessive trouble in coming time.
  • Including his financial and Money matters.