Birth Time Rectification Report!Helps in Accurate Divisional – Varga Charts & past life naadi predictions

Get Your Birth Time Rectification Report! Helps in Accurate Divisional or Varga Charts & past life predictions!

This report Can Change How your Horoscope or Kundli Is Interpreted in Future!

• This report helps you rectify your birth Chart ascendant or ascendant degree.
• Accurate ascendant degree is very essentially in accurate predictions and remedies for yearly,monthly or daily matters to do with money,health,love,family,legal,child birth etc.
• All Covered in higher division varga charts like d2(Hora for wealth & family),d6(shashtamsa for health), d10(dashamsa for career), d7(sapthamsa for children and progeny),d3(drekkana for siblings- brothers and sisters),d9 for wife and love relationships,Dvadasamsa for parents, d16(Shodasamsa= vehicles and travelling),ChaturVimsamsa d24(education and learning),Shastamsa or d60 (D-60 Past birth or Karma) etc.
• Divisional Charts are like supreme court giving final shape to the judgement, a small error in timing could change the course of destiny altogether!
• It tells you accurately-what is your D9(navamsa) and other Higher divisional charts ascendant. which again is absolutely important for giving accurate predictions or getting the right remedies- be it for career,business or personal matters.
• You get full access to the enthralling field of Naadi Jyotish or naadi astrology- as with accurate divisional charts your past, present and future can be more accurately predicted.
• Good Quality & Reliable Astrology Report, Assured by IIT Alumnus(World Class Experts in Vedic Astrology & Numerology)!quality-control-571149_1280
• Get All the above mentioned features & gains for you in several  page in-depth Birth Time Rectification Report based on your complete birth name and life events provided by You, Prepared by a World Class Vedic Astrologer.
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If You Want To Know More About This Report- please continue reading below:

Why do we need Birth Time Rectification?
There are several important reasons that we need birth time rectification report.

  • Have you ever wondered how come twins born only a few minutes or seconds apart have different destinies?
  • Yes, the secret lies in knowing the exact birth time of the twins- this small difference in time makes the difference in The 64 divisional charts in addition to your lagna chart(D1) chart and has an impact  for your career,money,health,love,marriage parents etc & past life karma you
  • As we know, No one in the hospital measures the birth time with a quartz crystal clock to be accurate enough, so there could still be a difference of plus or minus 30 seconds even in the best case in time measurement. This in itself could make huge difference in even your Navamsa chart (D9) and also for your other 64 harmonic charts- which has the information of your past life.
  • Infact the sensational predictions done by Naadi Jyotish or naadi astrologers are done based on these divisional chart effects combined together.
  • So if you want to have accurate and elaborate predictions and the right remedies BTR( or birth time rectification) is much needed.

What Benefits do you get from Birth Time Rectification?

  • Your ambiguity or confusion in lagna or your ascendant exact degrees at the time of birth gets resolved- which is very important in timing of your important life events and also yearly, monthly or daily Error in degrees of your ascendant could give erroneous results in many cases.
  • You can find out your accurate D9 or navamsa ascendant – navamsa is considered as a an important adjunct to lagna  chart and is extremely important for any interpretation. The entire jaimini Jyotish & parashari jyotish is to an extent dependent on this accuracy.
  • You get accurately various varga charts or divisional horoscope – so that with this correct information  you get to know the exact reason or current troubles. Like Lagna  tells you trouble with boss, but why and from where the trouble is there could be found from D9(navamsa) and D10, dasamsa. Based on which you can know exactly when this would happen and why(past life) and what is the exact remedy for relief!
  • Similarly- this applies to any personal matter like marriage, love ,friendship or business. That is you can know the exact reason for what is happening and why.Empowering you more.
  • So with rectified birth time your confidence in your own chart grows a lot and you get more accurate predictions and remedies .That help you a ton in your life!

What is needed from your side to get  Birth Time Rectification?

  • Your Birth details(like date,month,year and time and place of birth).
  • 5(five ) important life events like marriage date, may be an accident in life, windfall or loss of money in business or career, loss or gain of job, impact on parents-like health, child birth or date of graduation etc could be given.
  • Your complete name at the time of Birth


36$/2298 Rs.

50% OFF:
18$/1199 Rs.
.( ORDER NOW To get Your Discount!)


Delivery within 72 Hours-in pdf formatpdf-icon


Customer Reviews
” …I  was surprised that though may mars was a Yoga karaka- but mars maha dasha or period gave me very bad results. I found accurate reason for the same by birth time rectification of around 8 minutes- which changes the ascendant of my navamsa(D9) and dashamsa(D10), after rectification I exactly know what is happening and why and taking right remedies for relief..Aah I am so relieved and now have some good insights about my past life as well…Thanks a ton.
Pd Delhi”