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LIBRA Description

Libra is ruled by planet Venus. It has a tendency to destroy and play mischief. It represents Lower caste. It is medium build physique. It is also a biped Sun Sign. Libra has Head Rising First Sun Sign. It is strong in daytime. The complexion is black and materialism dominates. It connects to the west direction and lives in land

By Doing This You Would Make yourself Pure Gold:
You should avoid weighing and balancing too much.
Instead work on your hunches and first impressions.
Take care of money you earn.
Try to bring in harmony in marital matters.
Avoid trying to be exacting in matters.

Your talent- That You Should Polish To Shine Like a Gem:
You have a positive and good decision making capability- use it to your advantage.
You could do well in law or anywhere where decision making is involved.
You have a quality of ability to go to depths of studying anything.
You could be a lovable companion to have with.

Your Friendship:
You could go on well with people of your own sign like Taurus and Libra. But avoid strong opinions or your exacting nature coming up in between.

Sagittarian and Pisces are also a fair fit for your comfort giving and balancing qualities.

Leo, Aries and Scorpio people- You have to deal with their domination with care.
Your Lucky Years:
26, 36, 33, 39, 42,46,45
Your Years Of Caution:
Your Lucky Months:
Jan, February and also May,October.
Your Lucky Color:
Silvery shades

Your Lucky Stones:
Diomonds. Which stone exactly would be suitable for you & which stone could work against you can be suggested only after study of your complete horoscope.

Lucky Stones Or Gemstones have been worn since ages by Kings,Great Emperors,Sages and Common Man alike- to solve their wordly problems & Attract vibration of wealth, prosperity & Happiness from the comos to themselves. If You would like to know more about this- CLICK HERE gems-836763_1920 (1)
Your Lucky Charm or Amulet:
You could draw this on a piece of paper and keep it in your pocket.
LIBRA Horoscope Predictions:
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