Priyanka Chopra The Bollywood Enchantress 2016 Horoscope Predictions & Forecast



Priyanka chopra is a well known actress and also a singer and producer .She won the miss world pageant in 2000.

In bollywood she is one of the highest paid actresses. She is a celebrity in her own sense.

She has got several film fare awards , National film award and also Padma Shri- one of the highest civilian award in year 2016. Also one of the most influential persons of the year 2016.

Name: Priyanka Chopra

Date of Birth: Thursday, November 27, 1986

Time of Birth: 12:00:00

Place of Birth: Jamshedpur, Bihar, India


Priyanka Chopra General Horoscope Chart Analysis :

  • As exact time of birth is not available- a safer bet is work on surya kundli.
  • Jupiter the ascendant lord is in 11th forming a raja Yoga of gains & wealth for her. Though Jupiter is  not very strong. but it is sitting on a Venus sign , the planet Venus is fair enough to give Jupiter proper strength.
  • Jupiter rules 4th house and family and also form moon it sits in 5th  house- so giving her a big house as  yoga or good planetary combination is formed . As Jupiter rules 4th from ascendant and Jupiter is a benefic for her and gives her big house and yes a big heart too . Makes her a Philanthropist who is  helping others as well.
  • Also Venus rules 5th from moon- gives her a taste from cinema and movies as Venus rules movies and arts.
  • Mars the planet of action rules her thoughts apart from Jupiter- sits in house of action 10th– makes  her a super action heroine and achiever. She has won tons of awards we all know- just a result of her action orientedness.
  • Her career lord is mercury is in 12th along with sun, that rules her house of luck(9th).
  • Mercury gives her great stress , also rahu in moon in 8th could give  her rash  temper. Mercury is in 12th and shares energy from sun- so gives her good luck and a sort of raja yoga or royal combination- but could make her fight prone.

Priyanka Chopra Forecast & Predictions for 2016

  • Mars-Scorpio transit and conjunction happen in 12th house- so most of the negative effects are gone. Giving her  gains as 2nd house of wealth/status and gains is aspected(drishti). Also her Saturn is fair and gives boost to her career.
  • Also sun gets the energy from good house 9th(Luck and fortune) to satrun.This explains to an extent her padam shri and being names as one of most influential 100 people in 2016
  • So over all Jupiter transit over 9th house  is good for her- but as rahu is not sharing good energy- she has to avoid any kind of rashness this year.
  • Also she has to protect herself from elements who might try to harm her image as sun also gets energy sitting in 12th house.
  • During Rahu transits in Cancer(conjunct with natal rahu in 8th house) from year 2015 she also got  to work with Hollywood people- now rahu transits & 2nd form moon(wealth and status from foreign lands).


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