Flipkart Forecast for -2016 –why did two key stake holders sell their stakes?



Helion Venture Partners and IDG Ventures India, two stakeholders in Flipkart – India’s E-commerce bellwether have sold their majority of stakes in the firm


Name: Flipkart

5 September 2007, Wednesday
07:00:00 (Surya Kundali)
Place – Bangalore City

Natal Chart /Natal Horoscope Analysis and Forecast for Flipkart :

  • As the exact birth time is not known, we simply use the name FLIPKART
  • The total number of flipchart = 29= Moon. This number in the long run based on numerology gives issues with partnerships, litigation, and possible loss of money.
  • At the moment the company is running under the influence of planet Jupiter, but now its ending and as year 2016 = 2+0+1+6= 9= Mars.
  • Mars is not comfortable with basic flipchart number =moon. So the months of April, November and December 2016 could be a bit cautious time for flipchart in regard to perception by its investors and other people.
  • Moon + Mars does not give great results
  • Also destiny number of flipkart = 5+9(September) +2007(9) =23=5 = Mercury, birth date= mercury! So flipkart was born for business and communications. Number 5
  • The mercury gives good results in youth, so that’s what we are seeing with initial growth of flipkart.
  • But year 2016 could be bit full of surprises. The management & leadership has to be careful on what to commit and what not to commit to the employees .That is be careful on what they say and project.
  • Sudden business decisions in April, June, September time frame also needs special care.Finances need a strict control at this time.
  • July could be great and august could be average.
  • March ruled by Pisces could give mixed results, instability and yes phases of stability.





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  • Jayalalithaa Jayaram Tamil nadu chief minister and former actress-2016 Forecast based on Vedic Astrology


    August and November 2016(includes December 2016 starting) could be hard months for her.

    Unfortunately this prediction given several months back proved correct and the great lady breathed her last on 6th dec 2016


    Jayalalitha jayaram, the honorable chief minister of Tamil nadu and a former actress. What awaits her in political life, in the year 2016? Know through the science Vedic astrology

    Name: Jayalalithaa Jayaram

    Date of Birth: Tuesday, February 24, 1948

    Time of Birth: 14:40:00

    Place of Birth: Mysore

    Longitude: 76 E 37

    Latitude: 12 N 18

    Time Zone: 5.5r


    Natal Chart /Natal Horoscope Analysis and Future Predictions for Jayalalithaa Jayaram :

    • Looking at her solar horoscope as the exact birth time is not available
    • Her ascendant is Aquarius and moon sign is Leo.
    • Aquarius is ruled by planet Saturn , this planet is a planet of discipline, and we know the amount of struggles jayalalitha ji had to face right from childhood to film career and now chief minister ship. This mettle comes from Saturn.
    • Her Saturn/ascendant has a weak sun sitting on the same ruling her 7th So her political rivals or partners could cause her trouble. She has been to jail as well for income Tax related issues(disproportionate assets case) and rest is history on how much she had to face trouble from people within party and external people outside the party.
    • The moon sign/rashi of jayalalitha ji is Leo, which is ruled by planet sun called the surya GOD in Hindu mythology. This gives her the determination and strength, the grit to purse, is a leader despite falling several times and facing her enemies like a lioness.
    • Her birth sign is Pisces and also Aquarius, the numbers are 8 and 3(Jupiter) and her birth number is 6= Venus.
    • Now Venus and Jupiter 3 & 6 give her the growth and grace both. Also note she had to face issues in 2014 in disproportionate assets case , 2014=2+0+1+4= 7=ketu, but got it resolved by 2015 ruled by Saturn number 8( 2015= 2+0+1+5=8). Note her birth number is 8 & 3.
    • As we know that The strength of this sign Leo is more in daytime and it stays in the east direction.Thats is she is a good fit for Tamil nadu as it is on the eastern coast of India

    2016 horoscope predictions for Jayalalithaa Jayaram

    • In Year 2016,satunr and mars get into her 10th house and aspect her 4th house,aspect natal sun, mercury, moon and mars.
    • Jupiter and rahu in 7th.
    • So there could be basic turmoil in her partnerships, connections with people within her party and overall political career. There could be more stress and in fights in the party. But overall result could be good. She will try to create more harmony within and outside her  party.
    • August and November 2016(includes December 2016 starting) could be hard months for her.

      Unfortunately this prediction given several months back proved correct and the great lady breathed her last on 6th dec 2016

    • She needs to take care of people working for her, use wisdom and avoid any rash actions, especially after July as Jupiter’s benefic drishtis would not be there on rahu in 7th house.
    • She might connect to un conventional people and take un conventional surprising actions this year 2016.
    • She might connect closely to people in armed forces or police.
    • She has to take special care on people of dubious character.

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    Vladimir Putin President Of Russia & former KGB officer -2016 Horoscope based on Vedic Astrology



    Vladimir president of Russia and Previous KGB officer. His 2016 Forecast based on Vedic astrology

    Vladimir Putin – President, RUSSIA

    Date of Birth :-  07th October , 1952

    Time of Birth :-  09.30 Hrs

    Place of Birth :-  St. Petersburg, Russia


    Natal Chart /Natal Horoscope Analysis and Future Predictions for Vladimir Putin :

    • The lord of Vladimir Putin’s rashis  Libra is planet Venus. The planet of beauty and comfort and home. His handsome looks could be attributed to this.
    • Now his is an active rashi or sign, so keeps him on move, we can note even in his Job in KGB he had to travel lot and he is form on 7th = Neptune, the planet of travel and movement. Number 7 gives secretive nature as well, so well suited for KGB- the secret agency!.
    • As Libra is phlegm dominated- he would be more prone to common cold & chest congestion.
    • The rajasik guna, the guna of action is dominant

    The Signs That Support Vladimir Putin’s  Joining KGB

    • His Venus rules 8th as well- so his life could be at risk always. We know any one working for KGB or a president of country always has fear from people of underworld/crime etc.
    • 8th house is also a house of secrets and supports secret services. His moon being there suggest his focus on such secret activities
    • This is conformed as he is born on 7th and his total birth number is 7/10/1952 = 7+10(1)+1952(17)= 8 +8(17=1+7)= 16/7! So it suggests a secret destiny where he might go deep in secrets, research on matters etc. All this matches with his description. Infact one of internal KGB reports suggest that he was more socially withdrawn. A typical trait of number 7 destiny.

    Vladimir Putin’s  Love Life

    • The sign is Aries. It is in 3rd house. This sign is of passion and love.
    • This suggests a passionate love life.

    2016 horoscope predictions for Vladimir Putin

    • The transit of mars and Saturn in his 2nd house could create trouble for him to maintain his position easily within his country and outside. With proper speech only he could handle matters, else isolation could be there.
    • Mars aspect on 4th house could create his image as a man taking aggressive actions , but Saturn might cause some differences at home /country front and other wise.
    • Rahu transit in his 11th house and aspect on natal mars could prompt him to take strong military steps- – his action against ISIS is a clear proof of the same.
    • There could be an overall agitation, anger and stress in mind on how to handle matters.
    • Natal moon could gain properly him to take stern actions against rivals.
    • Special care on his relationships in home country and with other countries is needed, clam and well thought actions are needed based on Saturn, mars and rahu transit. He needs to trust people/allies with care.
    • We wish him all the best.


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    Sanjay Dutt released from Jail –bollywood star’s 2016 Horoscope based on Vedic astrology


    About sanjay Dutt:

    Sanjay Dutt, the bollywood star just Got Released from Jail after serving for almost 3 years. What does science of Vedic astrology say about him.

    Name: Sanjay Dutt

    Date of Birth:  July 29, 1959 (age 56),


    Natal Chart /Natal Horoscope Analysis and Future Predictions for Sanjay Dutt :

    • If ascendant are Scorpio and the lord mars( the planet of passion and muscles) is in 10th house of action. This not only gives him a raj Yoga by action, but success in action and emotional movies.
    • The planet mars gets blessing of lord of solar system sun, giving him windfalls and all success that we have seen based on vedic astrology.
    • Now the question is based on vedic Astrology where did the litigation and trouble(court cases) he had to deal with come in, we have to note mars is close to a weak Venus ruling 12th house of confinement(This could be a jail or hospital),affecting his relationships(7th house) and yes moon(that connects to his gains and windfalls). So all his gains and windfalls could be affected by Venus.
    • We need to note that since he is Saturn-Saturn period- he is into jail and he started his malefic Saturn Sade sati at almost the same time when he entered jail. Now the sade sati( a standard term in vedic astrology) is in the midpoint and improving as 2016 passes by for him and would be great for him by 2017 when Saturn transits to Sagittarius.

    Sanjay Dutt jail term hello

    what Planetary combinations or Yoga causes Bandhan yoga OR jail Term?

  • Now any Association of Lagna or ascendant with the twelfth house(12th) lord or the 8th House Lord or the 6th House Lord could cause Bandhan yoga for the person. or any such Association with the Moon Lagna or sun or Surya Lagna(ascendant) could cause this Yoga or Bandhan Yoga/Jail Yoga. malefic planets like Rahu(Dragon’s head), Mars(Mangal) and Saturn(Shani) can also cause this Yoga. also, it includes benefic planets like mercury,Jupiter(guru) and Venus(Shukra), if they are in malefic influence as well
  • what is the Bandhan Yoga or jail term Yoga for Sanjay Dutt ?

    How sanjay Dutt Got engaged in crime and Jail term etc ?is there a Bandhan yoga or jail yoga in his horoscope ?

  • now in April of 1993, Sanjay Dutt was arrested for TADA crime that is the terrorist and disruptive activities Prevention Act. he was given bail by the Honourable Supreme court by the month of May 1993 . But later the bail got cancelled and he was arrested again by October 1995 . Sanjay Dutt gave Qayuum’s name to the police and later confessed his crime. also confessed that he had bought a pistol as well .
  • by 31st July 2007, Sanjay that was cleared of charges relating to Mumbai blast over the TADA court had sentenced him of r6 years of rigorous imprisonment under the arms act for illegal possession of arms act. Sanjay Dutt had claimed that he feared his life for “Black Friday bombings”. But no bail as given and he had to return to yerwada jail in Pune.
  • once again he was given interim bail on August 2007 but by 21st March 2013 the verdict against Sanjay Dutt had come but was reduced sentenced to 5 years of imprisonment and Sanjay dutt had to surrender. he was in Yerwada jail central jail in Pune for some time Sanjay Dutt was then later released on 25th of February 2016 after serving is in a sentence for total 5 years in jail.
  • what planetary conditions actually Got sanjay dutt into jail?

  • Let us look at the planetary situations for Sanjay Dutt . his Venus(Shukra) the lord of 12th house is sitting in the 10th House of Karma or career/job or actions. Now Venus(shukra) in the house of action ruling the 12the beings in the jail energy into Sanjay Dutt’s life. we can very clearly see his Lagna Scorpio or vrishchika Rashi . also that his 12th house sign Libra sign(Tula Rashi) is coming in the sign of Leo in the 10th house.
  • Also, his Venus(Shukra) is affected by aggressive Mars(Mangal) .Mars(Mangal) is Lord of the house of 6th house or Court cases and legal matters .so Mars(Mangal) and Venus(shukra) both sitting in the 10th House suggests that he could be working for jail or Sanjay Dutt may have issues with the law or legal.
  • Mars(Mangal) in the aggressive planet for fights and yes Mars(Mangal) and Venus(Shukra) coming together would have caused problems related to legal matters or conflict issues for Sanjay Dutt .
  • Now looking from the Moon sign when from the moon Rashi or Lagna .Mars(Mangal) becomes the Lord of the 12th house for the jails or exile for Sanjay Dutt and its sits in The Fourth house of Sanjay Dutt.
  • Venus(shukra) for Sanjay Dutt which rules 6th house now sets sitting in the 4th house of public image for him. It could bring in conflict with the law . plus aspect of Mars(Mangal) and Venus(shukra) on the 4th bhava or house confirms what we said in regard to the lagna earlier that he has a high chance of going to jail or serving the jail term. so he will have a brush in regard to law or legal matters. so the Rashi or moon Lagna and Lagna or ascendant both confirm the possibility of Sanjay Dutt going to jail or serving jail term and also coming n conflict with the law.
  • What planetary periods or dashas cause sanjay Dutt to go to jail or conflict with law?

  • now looking at the planetary periods or dasha periods sanjay dutt was running when he went to jail beyond 2007 . we can see that to 2014 he was running sanjay Dutt was running Jupiter(guru) period .which is the markesh of Sanjay Dutt and it rules the second house(2nd) and the 5th house of Sanjay Dutt. also, the public image House Lord Saturn(Shani) for Sanjay Dutt is also sitting there. this clearly suggests Sanjay Dutt would have come in conflict with the law or have legal issues. as public image Lord Saturn(Shani) is there . Plus the markesh Lord Jupiter(guru) is sitting in the 12th house of Jail or confinement or exile so this also confirms the possibility of Sanjay Dutt going into jail or having a strong conflict with the law and Jupiter(guru) deals with the law.
  • after Jupiter(guru) Dasha the Saturn(shani) period start for Sanjay Dutt. that is from 2014 onwards/ Saturn(Shani) is trere is retrograde it is the ruler of and 4th house of Sanjay Dutt so Saturn(Shani)’s it’s in the primary hemarkesh bhava that is the second house.. it is rulers of the third house that is the secondary markesh for Sanjay Dutt.
  • so overall Saturn or Shani dev carries a lot of energy of being a markesh plus being retrograde. also it is not a very comfortable period for him .he or sanjay Dutt may have to go to jail in this time. which is 100% true he was in the yerwarda jail Pune of Maharashtra’s for his Saturn dasha or period his public image could also have problems. as Saturn or Shani also rules of public image house as well for Sanjay Dutt. that what exactly is happened for Sanjay Dutt in the Saturn(shani) dasha period. we wish him all the best in life
  • 2016 horoscope predictions for Sanjay Dutt


    • As per analysis above the year 2016 would be better than past years(Obvious he is out of jail), so sade sati transit confirms the present effects .
    • This year 2016 could be a year for him which would be emotionally demanding. He has to stay relaxed and composes. Not to react on impulse and be forgiving, keep the nerves cool.
    • One needs to forget negative events of the past and may be connecting to lot old pals now.
    • 2017 would be an altogether new starting , in may be some new direction.
    • He is 29 July, that is 29=2+9=11=1=1=2= Moon( water) and 29 July is LEO(fire), this year is 2016=2+0+1+6=9= Fire. So water and fire would play hide and seek – so this could be full of ups and downs(2016)
    • More focus and connection with family and people from home.
    • We astrozing.com wish him all the best  in life.

    The Zodiac, the secret signs Of vedic Astrology(sun signs) described

    General Description

    Aries is active, Taurus is passive sign and Gemini mixed nature and so on for 12 signs. So if 10th lord of career is Aries, one could expect travelling job, may be of a sales man. If it is Taurus or Leo, then one could expect a sitting desk job etc.

    The sign Aries, Leo, Sagittarius are bile dominated signs. The signs Taurus, Virgo are wind dominates signs and Gemini, Libra and Aquarius are phlegm dominated signs.

    So if say Saturn is lord of 6th & 7th (Aquarius) and dominates the chart, then the person’s health is dominated by phlegm.



    The sign Aries is ruled by the fiery planet mars. As it is a sign of animal it has four legs (quadruped). It is strong in night rather than day. It is related to kings and lives in the east direction. The rajo guna dominates this sign- that is the business world and action.This sign rises with its back up. If this sign is in the ascendant, it give courage.




    Taurus is ruled by planet Venus, the planet of beauty and comfort and yes sensitivity. It is and earth sign and the sign rise with its back first. The color assigned to this sign is white. The sign Taurus rules the south direction and also rules night. It has an influence on villages and yes being a sign of Venus has command over business.




    The Gemini sign is ruled by planet mercury. This planet mercury revolves around sun very fast, so makes people ruled by the same very restless. It is an airy sign and lives in the west direction. The sign is strong in nights and lives in the west. The temperament of the sign is windy in nature and lives in villages. The body of this sign is even and is green in colour.


    This sign cancer is ruled by planet moon. It is said to be of Brahmin caste and lives in forests. It gain strength in night. It is a centipede rashi/sign and has quite bulk in body. The nature of this rashi/sign is sattva that is purity. It is dominated by water and rise with the back .



    The sign/rashi of Leo is ruled by sun called the surya GOD in Hindu mythology. It is a quadruped sign and it has a royal Leo nature. It stays in forests and it comes up with its head up. The nature is pure, that is sattvik. The body is white and large. The strength of this sign is more in daytime and it stays in the east direction.


    This sign is ruled by planet mercury. It lives in south. It carries grains and fire in hands. It lives in hills and has strength in the day time. It is a biped sign. It has connection to business community due to ruler ship by mercury. It is connected to hurricanes. It is called the virgin and has the temperament of the demons.




    The lord of this rashi/sun sign Libra is planet Venus. The planet of beauty and comfort and home. The physique is medium and it s biped sign/rashi. The sign rises with the head. The color is said to be black and is strong during the day.

    The direction which it governs is west and it lives on the land. The rajasik guna are predominant.

    The tendency of mischief and destruction is there. It has a rulership of lower caste that is the 4th class division in the  Hindu society.




    Mars is the ruler of this sign. It is slender in appearance and is representing centipede. The colour of this sign is reddish-brown just like the centipede. It can live both in land and water.

    The ruler ship of both land and water. The direction it rules is north. As the centipede it is hairy and has great passion hidden in people ruled by this sign.




    Sagittarius is ruled by the benefic planet Jupiter. The sign is sattvik (pure) in nature and has a tawny colour. Sattva hints towards being more spiritual and humanitarian. This sun sign rises at the horizon with its head. The sign is strong ion night and is a fire sign. The first half of the sign is biped and the second half is quadruped. Due to its regal nature is it said to be a royal sign. It lives on land and stays in east, as east is the repository of spirituality & dharma.




    This rashi describes the ankles of the kala purusha that is the human body. It’s a movable and active sign, with windy disposition.

    The lord of this sign is the planet of discipline and order that is sani/Saturn. This sign has earth element domination.

    The strength is in the southern direction. It generally gives a large body with and variegated complexion and is found in forest and land. The first half of the sign is four legged (quadrpud) and the second half is footless that moves in water.


    There is an element of tamoguna , demoniac.



    Aquarius is ruled by planet Saturn , which is the son of planet sun as per Hindu mythology. It is of a medium built and biped. The strength in day time is high. It lives in deep waters and is an air sign. The rise of this sign is with head and has demoniac nature. It has a ruling on the lowest class people and the western direction. It is shown by man holding a pot. The colour is brown.


    The sign Pisces is ruled by Jupiter. It has domination of water and has satva guna, the guna of good people. It is very strong willed and prefers water. The representation is pairs of fish, one tail touching the other. Like fish it does not have foot. The direction ruled is north. This sun sign rises by both the back and the neck.

    Continue reading

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    Then the combinations that change with time due to planetary transit and Your Dashas are studied to predict the month by month effects of coming 12 months(2016-17) & an overview of wealth pattern for coming 3 years.

    What do you Gain from The report?

    You will get know your natal potential to generate and accumulate wealth. Areas that would be supportive for you to increase wealth flows and accumulation of the same. Which month or year could give you good returns for investment and which cannot is given.

    What Do You Get In This Report?

    • You Get know which areas of work or business could Give you the best return on your money and time.
    • What kind of investments would work out for you and which investments would not & why.
    • Good and Bad wealth combinations and Conjunctions- that could hasten or Hinder wealth flows to you.
    • Coming 12 months (2016-17) & 3 years overview good times and not so good time for wealth flows and investment returns.
    • Based on your Birth Horoscope – what are the best possible avenues for you to earn money. That is lines of businesses/career options which will give you maximum success in terms of money.
    • Get to know what planetary combinations or Yoga’s help you in getting money and which hinder or block your money flows.
    • Get a Year by Year overview of Next 3 Years s regarding Money or Financial flows/opportunities generated for money- based on your dashas(planetary periods) & planetary transits for your Birth Chart.
    • Simple , yet powerful remedies to solve your financial problems easily .

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    …Knowing about money flows,that is when & how much money comes to me and how much is my expenditure year wise on family & my business is critical for my success. As this helps my work to grow and I stay in peace.Thanks , I got a clear cut picture for the year wise- by your graphical charts especially.My special thanks for the simple money yantra you have suggested- I have drawn it myself & it has helped me to build up more money discipline to save more by better decisions. I find myself lucky & relieved to handle my finances well now.
    Anil k India

    2016 REPORTS backup

    Get Your 2016 Horoscope Report Now!(Month By Month Career,Wealth,Health & Family Predictions for 2016…)

    The coming New Year Brings in Changes in the form of Opportunities and Challenges- in Career,Personal life, Love,Family,Money matters etc..The better prepared,the more benefit we could get!
    What Do You Get In this Report

  • Get To Know Exactly Month By Month Changes in Your Career,Love,Marital Life,Money,Family etc. in 2016. All this Would Help You to PLAN YOUR INCOMING 2016 MUCH BETTER!!!.You get all this along with powerful yet simple remedies and other BONUSes
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  • We all have Questions,Concerns & Aspirations about coming Year 2016- be it to do with your Job or Career moves, Love & Relationships,Marriage,Money,Property Related Matters etc. We all want to know what could happen and how to be best prepared for the same.
    This Report allows You to ask Any Two Questions Of Your Choice For the Coming Year 2016- in the Area of Your concern.You also get powerful, yet effective and low cost remedies along with it.
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    Career Provides Us with Basic Confidence and Money to live with dignity. So its very important for us to be able to plan our Career Moves in advance!
    What Do You Get In this Report

  • Get To Know Exactly Month By Month Changes in Your Career Or Job Front in 2016. Would Help You to PLAN YOUR CAREER MOVES MUCH BETTER!!!.Along with powerful yet simple remedies and other BONUSes
  • Special Features are Your CAREER KARMA Index- Telling You exactly on what makes you succeed in career and what makes you fail!graphs-upwards
  • Along with Powerful but Simple Remedies You get FREE & RARE LUCKY CAREER Talisman’s/Amulet to Attract Good Luck in Career).120px-Mars_Yantra
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    This is the REPORT that would tell you ALL and empower you to take much better Decisions in regard to money.

    What Do You Get In this Report

  • Get To Know Exactly Month By Month Changes in Your Money & Wealth Front in 2016. Would Help You to PLAN YOUR FINANCIAL MOVES MUCH BETTER!!!.Along with powerful yet simple remedies and other BONUSes to attract MONEY & WEALTH!
  • Special Features are Your MONEY KARMA Index- Telling You exactly on what makes you succeed in MONEY Matter and what makes you fail!graphs-upwards
  • Along with Powerful, yet Simple Remedies You get FREE & RARE LUCKY MONEY Talisman’s/Amulet to Attract Good Luck for MONEY).120px-Mars_Yantra
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