Your WEALTH & MONEY Horoscope & Investment Report:2016-17 & Coming Years

Your In-depth WEALTH & MONEY Horoscope & Investment Report:2016-17 & Coming Years


1. Know how much wealth you can actually Earn Or Accumulate.
2. How To Plan your wealth flows and Investments much better for more gains.
3. Get Powerful yet Simple remedies to Solve Your Wealth & Investment related problems.
4. Get Month by Month (2016-17) & Yearly suggestions for Wealth & Investment Improvement.
5. Good Quality & Reliable Astrology Report, Assured by IIT Alumnus(World Class Experts in Vedic Astrology & Numerology)!quality-control-571149_1280

How are Your Wealth Flows & Investments Affected by Planets In Your Horoscope?

Apart from the planning and the hard work, we all put in our best efforts-but different people get different results in terms of Money or wealth gains, or Investment returns. Why?

The reason is ,the results also depend on the strength of the planets that rule your Houses for wealth in Your Birth Chart, also the strength or weakness of signifactors or Karakas for wealth & investment in your birth chart, along with the planetary combinations or conjunctions( like Yogas-laksmi Yoga, Kuber Yoga etc.), that are there in your birth chart. Plus as time passes by, new combinations or Yogas for wealth are formed and destroyed.

The Process of Preparation Of Wealth & Investment Report.

Give the above mentioned factors affecting wealth flows and results of our investments. Your birth chart is closely studied by an accomplished Vedic Astrologer to exactly ascertain the strength of the houses in your birth chart that control wealth flows and investment. Also your natal Yogas or combinations that could promise great wealth or otherwise are studied.
Then the combinations that change with time due to planetary transit and Your Dashas are studied to predict the month by month effects of coming 12 months(2016-17) & an overview of wealth pattern for coming 3 years.

What do you Gain from The report?

You will get know your natal potential to generate and accumulate wealth. Areas that would be supportive for you to increase wealth flows and accumulation of the same. Which month or year could give you good returns for investment and which cannot is given.

What Do You Get In This Report?

• You Get know which areas of work or business could Give you the best return on your money and time.
• What kind of investments would work out for you and which investments would not & why.
• Good and Bad wealth combinations and Conjunctions- that could hasten or Hinder wealth flows to you.
• Coming 12 months (2016-17) & 3 years overview good times and not so good time for wealth flows and investment returns.
• Based on your Birth Horoscope – what are the best possible avenues for you to earn money. That is lines of businesses/career options which will give you maximum success in terms of money.
• Get to know what planetary combinations or Yoga’s help you in getting money and which hinder or block your money flows.
• Get a Year by Year overview of Next 3 Years s regarding Money or Financial flows/opportunities generated for money- based on your dashas(planetary periods) & planetary transits for your Birth Chart.
• Simple , yet powerful remedies to solve your financial problems easily .

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…Knowing about money flows,that is when & how much money comes to me and how much is my expenditure year wise on family & my business is critical for my success. As this helps my work to grow and I stay in peace.Thanks , I got a clear cut picture for the year wise- by your graphical charts especially.My special thanks for the simple money yantra you have suggested- I have drawn it myself & it has helped me to build up more money discipline to save more by better decisions. I find myself lucky & relieved to handle my finances well now.
Anil k India