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CAPRICORN Description

Capricorn is ruled by planet Saturn- the planet of discipline and karma. It is an earth sign and rules south direction. It has a big body. It gains strength in nights and rises with its back.It lives in forests and lands both.It has four legs and second half is without foot, moves in water.

Avoiding This Would Make you Pure Gold:
Due to influence of Saturn, you may fight for people who are not that well to do or the downtrodden. Attracting ridicule of others.
You have to remember that you cannot always be a leader wherever you work- so try to work as a follower as well.

Fit in the society well by avoiding any peculiar views about love matters or about society etc.

Your talent- That You Should Polish To Shine Like a Gem:
You are a good thinker and with a ability to analyze matters- use this ability to grow to the zenith of life.
You have a deep thinking capability hidden in you- so use this to maximum benefit to understand anything at closer quarters.
You have a good mental power- sharpen this further.

Your Friendship:
You could get along well with Capricorns,Taurus,Gemini and Virgo.

You can see you get along with people with mercury element in them( virgo and Gemini & also Taurus- that is venus ruled signs)
Your Lucky Years:
20,30 ,28,35,44, 33, 53
Your Years Of Caution:
19, 27,36,38, 47, 54
Your Lucky Months:
January, May, June, September.
Your Lucky Color:

Your Lucky Stones:
Moon stones. Which stone exactly would be suitable for you & which stone could work against you can be suggested only after study of your complete horoscope.

Lucky Stones Or Gemstones have been worn since ages by Kings,Great Emperors,Sages and Common Man alike- to solve their wordly problems & Attract vibration of wealth, prosperity & Happiness from the comos to themselves. If You would like to know more about this- CLICK HERE gems-836763_1920 (1)

Your Lucky Charm or Amulet:
You could draw this on a piece of paper and keep it in your pocket.
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