p Chidambaram Horoscope Rise & Fall in politics?

p chidambaram congress finance minister home horoscope
p Chidambaram Horoscope causes of rise & fall in politics?

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  • The article discusses the horoscope of sri p Chidambaram ji. It talks about what planetary made him a celebrity and he rose to the level of Home minister and Finance minister of India .It also explores what made sri p Chidambaram ji join politics and be a greater success in the same.
  • Later it talks about the cause of legal matters/Litigation and arrest of sri p Chidambaram ji. The root planetary causes of the same.
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    What made P Chidambaram ji such big celebrity in life?

  • we know that sri p Chidambaram ji is from illustrious and very good family background and his father sri Palianappa chettiar top-notch businessman look at his horoscope. His grandfather was illustrious Raja Sir Annamalai Chettiar a great businessman and banker.
  • Moon of Chandra seems to be the strongest planet in horoscope of sri p Chidambaram ji. It is sitting on the Sagittarius sign or dhanu rashi. Moon or Chandra rules the 5th house of thinking, investment and gains for sri p Chidambaram ji. we know that sri p Chidambaram ji was very much into finance and investment as moon in the 10th house of his and aspecting the 10th bhava is a good augury for sri p Chidambaram ji’s becoming the home minister.
  • sri p Chidambaram ji’s lagna is Pisces or Meena rashi and which is Ruled By Jupiter(Guru) . Jupiter is a great planet and rules and money and wealth and dignity. he got all in life :).
  • we also note that Jupiter or Guru for sri p Chidambaram ji sits in the 7th house and aspects the lagan or ascendant for him. so that gives him double dignity :). That is very good energy going to the lagna of sri p Chidambaram ji. also guru with sun or surya the lord of the 6th house sitting in the 7th house very clearly indicates political rivalry and enmity for him.
  • 6th house is for enmity and problems. The mercury or budha of sri p Chidambaram ji rules the 4th(public image) and 7th house(relationship and public life) and it is in the 6th house he( sri p Chidambaram ji) has to be careful about his public image.
    but still Rahu or dragon’s head being there in the 4th house of public image with mars suggest that he could have a great public image and he could in fact excel in certain matters by right action.
  • We note that Mercury or a merchant and are the Planet of Commerce and Finance is very good for Chidambaram ji but it is combusted there in the 6th house. so it suggest that is very close to sun(surya) but still ok and good the energy of sun is there. sun and Jupiter together aspecting the lagan indicate a great ability to reach the top. the 11th House(friends and gains) Lord Saturn(shani) is sitting in the 4th house of P Chidambaram the so that means that his friends would help him and he will get gains from the friends as well. his success in political matters is a clear indication of the same.
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    what planets and stars made P Chidambaram ji take up politics and be a success ?

  • in that now so basically the sixth house is house of enmity if sun(surya) is there in the sixth house or is the lord of the sixth house. it connects a person to politics. so for sri p Chidambaram ji , the sun or surya the lord of 6th sits in the 7th house of public connections and in the 7th house or bhava.
  • Jupiter or guru for P Chidambaram ji rules the 10th and first house of Lagna. so over all sri p Chidambaram ji would be a great success in politics- but he would face a lot of enmity as well.
  • The 7th house being the house of relationships and partnerships so that very clearly indicates that p Chidambaram ji would reach at the top of the politics .That is Sun and Jupiter would make him reach in the top and he’ll have partnerships or relationships that are fruitful and fulfilling.
  • yes we know that still he was one of the top people in the Congress government of the past . also note that Rahu is sitting in the 4th house that gives in great public image and popularity due to mars also being there.
  • but mars or Mangal being is also there so that could give him at times a tendency some aggressive actions and that has to be taken care of .
  • What indicates great comfort , money and status to sri p Chidambaram ji?

  • we also note that Venus or shukra the planet of comfort is in the house of wealth status & luxury that is 5th house. so this kind of combination gives in good luxury and status in life to sri p Chidambaram ji. also Venus or shukra is the lord of initiatives as well for P Chidambaram .
  • What does the moon in the 10th house of sri p Chidambaram ji say ?

  • it very clearly suggest initiatives would be due to Venus and related to spending, luxury, home & finances . we also know that Moon or Chandra Planet of significance is sitting in the 10th House that gives him a distinct ability to do things very differently executive. the tenth house makes the person very strong and bold which he is .
  • Chidambaram he took very bold steps and very clear in dealing with people.
  • have moon in the tenth house of Chidambaram ji . 10th being 10=1+0=1 person and also Capricorn so there’s a good chance of success life for sri p Chidambaram ji . The planet moon or Chandra aspects the wife and home/public image for sri p Chidambaram ji.
  • so over all gives sri p Chidambaram ji good, helpful and Virtuous nature, to the person .
  • what does the Lagna Pisces or meena rashi and birth date say to him?

  • we also note that P Chidambaram ji has a Pisces a Lagna being a Virtuous person as well because Pisces is Ruled By Jupiter and Jupiter(guru) gives all the good qualities and energy to sri p Chidambaram ji. he is born on 16 =-1+6 = 7 = Neptune. 7 is also as ketu.
  • so just like the 12th sign Pisces and 7= Neptune gibes and element of spirituality ,restlessness desire to travel ,change and study would be there for sri p Chidambaram ji. his destiny number also =8 , so total destiny number of date of birth of sri p Chidambaram ji that 16th September 1945( 16+8+1945) is comes to be number 8 . this is the number of Saturn that is number of Commerce, planning & management . which has been successful doing all the life .in fact has been statistics graduate and then came to politics.
  • p chidambaram congress finance minister home horoscope
    which malefic planets caused the arrest of p Chidambaram ji in august 2019?

  • we look at what were the causes of arrest of sri p Chidambaram ji .His full name Palaniappan Chidambaram (born 16 September 1945) and he was karaikkudi .
    sri p Chidambaram ji has been our previous home and finance minister . Infact he was the 26 Home Minister of India.
  • sri p Chidambaram ji got arrested by CBI on 21st august 2019 . so cause we look at it based on his transit and dashas.
  • what do the dashas of sri p Chidambaram ji say?

  • sri p Chidambaram ji is running Venus sub period in Saturn main period. Saturn or shani dev Is the lord of 12th house of confinement and also jail . it could also mean stressful travels and basically confinement . it is also for hospitals and confinement place’s
  • Venus or shukra is Lord of 8th house whose sub period is running. here the 8th house deals with unexpected problems , Court cases, legal troubles and litigations and everything for that kind .
  • we also note the Venus in transit is in the Leo sign it is very weak and debilitated. so the sub dasha lord of sun the karaka for image and health is in the sixth house for sri p Chidambaram ji. which again deals with conflict, legal matters, litigation and also Venus(shukra) is natally conjunct with the Mercury . which rules the markesh or 7th bhava of sri p Chidambaram ji. so his arrest is written on the wall .
  • sri p Chidambaram ji’s arrest based on current major and minor transits?

  • stress ful Travels are there due to Saturn. going to Jail is also a travel. Looking sri p Chidambaram ji’s horoscope based on the current transits so what is happening is that Saturn(shani the 12th house lord in the 10th).Saturn also comes over his natal moon or Chandra bhava.
  • This means that P Chidambaram ji has Saturn Sade Sati. his sade sati is in the mid phase . we note that the natal moon has Ketu or dragon’s tail there at around 12 degrees .
  • now as Saturn is retrograde so send more negative energy to sri p Chidambaram ji’s 10th house and 4th house of public image. also Saturn(shani) interacts with the natal Ketu (dragon’s tail)in the 10th House. so clearly something to do with career and Karma Chidambaram ji would be there.
    we also note Saturn aspects the 4th house based rahu and mars.
  • Mars or Mangal dev is the Lord of wealth and status . the natal Saturn for sri p Chidambaram ji which is Lord of 12th house and n 11th house of help[d form friends is retrograde and weak.
  • so sri p Chidambaram ji could not get any help from friends like Kapil Sibal ji(lawyer) who applied for bail for sri p Chidambaram ji in the Honourable Court.
    all this is working against P Chidambaram ji and also Saturn aspects Rahu(dragon’s head0 as said earlier. which impacts the public image of sri p Chidambaram ji.
  • now what does the situation for sri p Chidambaram ji look like from the moon sign or rashi)

  • The moon sign or rashi for sri p Chidambaram ji is Sagittarius or dhanu. From the Moon sign the Saturn or shani dev is in the lagan and aspects the markesh 7th house. where
  • Also note Saturn or shani dev ruled the primary and secondary markesh of sri p so it is very clearly difficult for P Chidambaram ji to come out of the situation . The 4th house lord is Pisces sign or Jupiter. that is for public image , so the only saving Grace is Jupiter(guru) which is the lord of 4th house from moon sign. so as Guru or Jupiter is direct now . it is strong but in the 12th house from moon . so he will get bail sometime nearby maybe. let us check the transit for sri p Chidambaram ji for coming few months/.
  • what do the months of year needing 2019 and also 2020 say about p Chidambaram?

  • we know coming few months would be hard for sri p Chidambaram ji. when Saturn is in Capricorn (makar)sign and Jupiter in the 1st bhava by November 2019 ending sri p Chidambaram ji would get some proper relief . some slight help by Jupiter being direct is there.
  • September

  • September 2019 would be definitely hard for him .venus which is a very malefic planet for him is Virgo sign in the relationships house of 7th. sun or surya which is the lord of 6th house again get into his seventh house ,so his troubles in the month of September could increase a lot. Saturn the main trouble causes would get direct by 19th of September 2019. so he may get slight relief.
    health needs care.
  • October

  • yes this October could be very event full for sri p Chidambaram ji with sudden and unexpected events for P Chidambaram ji
  • his health could be a concern in October as well/ mentally and emotional health may have issue’s
  • November

  • November would be new starting for sri p Chidambaram ji. Saturn would be direct would be in the Libra sign ok. problems may continue but still better. sun would be Libra till mid of the month and then in 9th house after mid of month. so more relief after mid nov also Jupiter would change signs.
  • we wish everyone sadbuddhi and best wishes
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