Sonia Gandhi ji, what Numbers & Stars Say?


What does this article talk about?

  • This article is about smt. Sonia Gandhi ji, iot analyzes based on various astrological combinations or Yogas about that what makesher different from others and what makes her Mary the most powerful family in India, that is the Nehru Gandhi family. PLus what are the planetary combinations that were and are still pushing her into the politics after the sad demise of her respected husband late sri Rajiv Gandhi ji also former prime minister of India.
  • About Sonia Gandhi ji:
    Who is smt. Sonia Gandhi Ji based on her birth numbers? She was the former Indian national congress president .what does 2016 hold for her? Discover all this by science numbers
    Birth Date – December 9th, 1946;
    Place of Birth – Lusiana in Italy;
    Time of Birth – 21.30
    Natal Chart /Natal Numbers Analysis and Future Predictions for Sonia Gandhi :

    • smt. Sonia Gandhi Ji is born on 9th, which is ruled by Mars. Now Mars is weak and has enmity with planet moon, note she lost her husband former prime minister of India late Sri Rajiv Gandhi Ji in the year 1991= 1+9+9+1 = 20 = 2+0 = 2= MOON.
    • Congress lost to BJP in year 2014 = 2+0+1+4= 7 = Ketu, it is closely connected to moon.
    • Smt. Sonia Gandhi Ji married Sri Rajiv Gandhi Ji in the year 1968 = 1+9+6+8 = 24 = 2+4= 6= Venus, the planet of love and it was a happy event as her planet Mars is OK with this number.
    • Her sun sign is Sagittarius, makes her open, freedom. humane and compassionate. Love for reading or knowledge is also indicated. Yes, there is an excess of 9 energy that is to be taken care of as this could lead to tiffs and fights.
    • We can clearly see her freedom and free spirit is confirmed by the thought that initially, she was reluctant for her husband to join politics as she preferred her private way of loving.
    • Her compassion of number 9 and energy is clearly shown that she forgave the killers of her husband late Sri Rajiv Gandhi Ji.
    • Also, the name number of Sonia Gandhi Ji comes to number 9, again mars- but this excess mars energy makes a person prone to operations and family accidents, Mars deals with fire and explosives. based on her overall number chart. She lost her husband at a relatively younger age due to the explosion.
    • Her destiny number( what she came into this world for) = 9+12 +1946 = 9+3+20/2 = 14/5. So she is here for traveling, having more experiences, she could do well in connecting and communicating to people. Number 5 is good for a statesman.

    Sonia Gandhi Horoscope- what is so Special about her?
    sonia gandhi horoscope kundali

  • Let us look at the lagan kundali of smt. Sonia Gandhi Ji . It is cancer Lagna sign or karkat Rashi. The lord moon is sitting in the 12th house. as Lagna here moon sits in the twelfth bhava or house means the self or the person(here Sonia Ji) is having most of her energies in the house. Now as a twelfth house or bhava is for foreign lands. the kundali suggest that one could be stressed out in this life and also may be settled in foreign lands self is placed in the foreign lands house.
    Also, the nature of the person would be a typical moon or feminine or womanly type.
  • we also note that Mars or Mangal is sitting in the sixth bhava and aspects the Lagna by the eighth aspect. We know that for Smt. Sonia Gandhi Ji, she is action-oriented due to mars and also to somewhat lesser degree aggression or more action oriented and wants things to be done. The moon sign is Gemini(Mithun Rashi) or third sign of the zodiac and that gives her a lot of creativity, imagination good judgments in politics. yes, the cancer Lagna gives her some indecisiveness – that is going forward and backward on judgments. We also note Saturn also sits in the lagan of the Sonia Ji.
  • Now Saturn makes her a bit serious and philosophical and at the same time Gemini or Mithun Rashi, plus Saturn or Shani ruling the eighth house suggests that she is born to study cultures like India. As the eighth house of obstacles and problems stands for Rahu and cultures like India. Also as we have noted mars is in the sixth bhava of the horoscope, so combination gives Unexpected trouble and more than usual struggle in life for Smt. Sonia Gandhi Ji. we know unfortunately lost her respected husband Sri Rajiv Gandhi ji at a much Younger age of 44 in mid-life!
  • The lord of fame and popularity the fourth house is Rule By planet Venus and is sitting in her own house .so Venus and a strong 4th bhava gives her a very good home which is very true as she has been a wife of former Prime Minister of Indian congress head . so all this gives her a very beautiful home. she also loves beauty plus has a good image among the women. There are also planet Jupiter blessings on the fourth bhava of Sonia Gandhi Ji. Jupiter ruling sixth bhava gives political opposition. which is true for her but at the same time gives great blessings and a growing public image as well.
  • she will do much better in life when Jupiter(guru) is normal and not very strong as Jupiter is also malefic and rules the sixth bhava . for India it rules the eighth bhava.
    we note that the ninth bhava or house for hers is ruled by guru/Jupiter and brings in all the energy in the fourth house. It gives very good Karma of the past life to smt. Sonia Gandhi Ji. also give her the opportunity to stay connected to the Eastern cultures.
  • one has to note that She was married to the great Nehru Gandhi family .so clearly, Pisces throws very good energy on the fourth bhava of Sonia ji and blessing her with a good home and family background. It also easily predicts that she would get married to a family who would have palatial houses plus also have good religious and Dharma inclinations. We Wish her long & meaningful life for the sake of our motherland India.

  • career sonia gandhi congress
    Are there Any special indications of Smt. Sonia Gandhiji about her career in Indian politics?

  • The Lord of career for Sonia Gandhi ji is mars or Mangal dev, which is definitely a planet for politicians and power. Also, mars are a planet of action as well and it’s in the sixth bhava of Sonia Gandhi Ji . so she would work with people who would oppose her politically and also as mars sit on Jupiter sign of dhanu/Sagittarius. It does get intermingling of mars and Venus energy for Sonia Gandhi Ji. So it clearly suggests high profile opposition people whom she would work against as mars are in the sixth bhava of enmity. Now as Jupiter or is the dispositor of smt. Sonia Gandhi ji, it gives the connection of her career with high dignitaries and highly politicians or dignitaries.
  • One may also note that Jupiter is close to Venus or Shukra , which is very strong in own house. so this clearly suggests that she would be connected to very strong and powerful ladies. her mother in also set. indira Gandhi Ji was in fact very powerful. she is also bound to connect to high dignitary and have a connection to people who are very wealthy as Venus means wealth .also people in the construction business as Venus in the fourth bhava point to the same her father in Italy was in this business.
  • 6th House <============== Mars sonia gandhi mars lord of tenth bhava or hsoue

  • now let’s look at the d9 chart or navamsa chart of Smt. Sonia Gandhi Ji. The planet Mars the lord of tenth bhava is in the third house so shows her connection with people of action and politics. as strong Jupiter is also there so suggest high dignitaries and well-learned people would be with her. Now in the navamsa chart or the d9th, here in the 10th House Saturn is sitting so this suggests a close connection of Sonia Gandhi ji with the downtrodden people of India people. especially who are subjugated in the past . all this very clearly suggest that she would be into politics or working for a political party.
  • The planet sun or Surya is sitting in the lagan so strongly suggest a connection with power. Sun rules the seventh Bhava or house so this clearly suggests that she will have connections with people at the top. yes, we know that she was the wife of Rajiv Gandhi ji the former prime minister of India and also the daughter in law of smt. Indira Gandhi ji plus. also as Sun rules 7th house of relationships that suggest that she will connect to talk people in a high position in her relationships. all this is 100% true for smt. Sonia Gandhi ji.
  • 2016 horoscope predictions for Sonia Gandhi
    • The year 2016 is =2=0+1+6 = 9= Mars, so again there is an excess of mars energy- she needs to be GOD forbid careful of operations, and take good care of accidents for herself and family members.
    • Overall a year of meeting and connecting people- but caution as well. One needs to speak and communicate with care.
    • Fights and court cases are possible.The national herald case came by the 2015 end when 2016 effects had started is a clear indication of mars energy coming into play. But sure – things could be of mixed nature for her this year.

  • April 2016 could be a hard month for her.With she trying to do settlements on various matters.
  • • Meetings/planning and introspection are the keywords.