Smriti Irani-Politics & HRD Ministry-why? Horoscope Predictions


Smriti Irani the Former HRD Minister, TV star and a beauty Pageant winner -Natal Horoscope Analysis based on Vedic Astrology or Jyotish:

About smt smriti Irani ji:

Smriti Irani has been recently shifted from HRD ministry to textile ministry in a cabinet reshuffle. This is a big blow to her career as she has been demoted, unfortunately.

She has won Miss India in 1998, her grandfather was in Politics with RSS and she has also bagged Television Academy Awards for Best Actress.

Let us analyze what does Vedic astrology say about her.

Date of Birth: 23rd March, 1976

Time of Birth: Not Known

Place of Birth: Delhi, India
What is this article on smt. smriti Irani ji about ?
This article at length talks about what makes smriti irani ji so elegant and smart and also a success in TV or film industry plus she is good at politics and was the HRD minister as well.

It looks at her possible causes of political success, over all life and predictions for future success or GOd forbid failures

The actor cum Politician , Smriti Irani ji what makes sir so different from others ?

  • Now let us explore the question of smt. Smriti Irani ji’s success in Arts and television first – what makes her a success? What made Smriti Irani win and come into politics?
  • Thinking about Smriti Irani brings in mind the TV soap serial “saas bhi Kabhi bahu thi” πŸ™‚ and also the image of the HRD minister. Now looking at her Lagna Rashi is Gemini sign or mithuna Rashi gives . as Mithun is the 3rd sign and 3= number of Jupiter so a lot of creativity would be there with her. very good ability to deliver or communicate dialogues or speech is there due to mercury.
  • Also, the Gemini sign or mithuna gives a restless mind but a quick one.smt Smriti Irani Ji has her Mercury or Budha sitting in the 10th bhava of Smriti Irani ji . also we have mercury sitting in the 10th House with planet sun or Surya. so mercury is combust and debilitated (It’s in the Pisces sign or Meena Rashi). This gives her fair enough success in delivering dialogue due to mercury and also being in Kendra desire being retrograde and debilitated.
  • All this makes her get involved in a lot of initiative creating more success for her in Hindi serials that she worked for. She also got fame and recognition as also the planet of politics sun setting in the house of Pisces. so sun gives good image and recognition.
  • The planet Jupiter or guru gives her a good inclination towards formal religion so maybe that is one of the reasons she has joined the Bharatiya Janata Party and also her father was a part of this party earlier it seems.
  • What makes Smriti Irani JI such a big success in Politics ?

  • we know that the planet sun for Smriti Irani ji is in the 10th bhava or House. This gives her great image success and also money. all this is 100% true for Smriti Irani ji.
  • Sun or Surya stands for power and command so it also gives her political power and yes one may work for the state or the government services. Now we know Smriti Irani is working as a politician for Bharatiya Janata Party)BJP). This is clearly indicated that the sun is functioning as a benefic for smt. Smriti Irani ji. Also note that and sun is ruling the third house of initiatives and self-effort. being close to mercury suggest self-studies, own projects for politics to help people

    SUN smriti irani politician TV actress sun PLus MERCURY smriti irani politician TV actress mercury EQUALS smriti Irani smriti irani politician TV actress image

  • Note as we mercury is in the 10th House and is debilitated. so this impacts the education for Smriti Irani ji. so this also creates obstacles in for her in getting an education. which is 100% true for Smriti Irani ji and was in news as well. sri Narendra Modi Ji has a tough time defending her. But at the same time, she should be very keen to gain education and learning. her actions could be more tuned to learn more . also she will learn more knowledge and get fame. Mercury could give her some troubling time to time. and cosmic Mercury may impact mathematical skills but overall slowly over the life, she will build up good maths handle matters in mathematics. Venus is fair in Aries so fair success in creative arts and gains from the same as in eleventh bhava or house of hers from the moon Lagna or Rashi.

  • smriti irani future india horoscope predictions
    What is the Future for Smriti Irani Ji in Politics?

  • Now looking at the horoscope of smt. smriti Irani ji the Pisces sign or Meena Rashi rules the tenth House of hers. It is situated very well in the seventh house in own sign of Sagittarius or dhanu. All this would be giving her great expansion in career and also the expansion of her dignity and Honour. We need to know that Pisces or the 12th sign of Meena Rashi is connected closely to spirituality so she will do something to do with Vedic culture or Hindu culture growth or learning.
  • We also have to note that sun/Surya and mercury both are in her tenth(10th) House this gives Smriti Irani ji good Fame and fortune as we discussed earlier. It also adds to her good ability to speak or give speeches. She would also be committed to the political environment and get good recognition for the same.
  • The sun + mercury combination in her horoscope currently with a strong Jupiter in the seventh bhava aspecting the lagan or self. Makes Smriti Irani grow in stature and image day by day. At the moment Jupiter or Guru for Smriti Irani ji is in the 6th (sixth) house .so transit of the seventh lord in 6th house may not be great but after Nov 2019 and in 2020 matters could be of great value to smt. smriti Irani ji. she may get honors and maybe some good or big portfolio to do with Vedic culture or Hindu culture.
  • so it is clear that after November 2019 and in 2020 there could be great growth in her image and she may get a very responsible position in the BJP government. As by January 2020, Saturn or Shani Dev would be in her eighth house. so that would destroy all her Enemies and opposition. but yes she has to take care of the health of her father figures also luck may not be a bed of roses always. but because of strong Jupiter she can get very good connections within the BJP party and blessed with a good position hello
  • smriti irani numerology anka jyotish horoscope predictions
    Some interesting predictions based on anka jyotish or numerology for future of smriti Irani ji ?

  • also based on Anka Jyotish 23rd of March very clear that she is very strong Mercury
    ( march is ruled by Pisces sign or Meena Rashi or ruled by Jupiter)
    She is born 23 March she has a strong mercury and Jupiter influence and yes Jupiter influence gives her great communication capabilities pus very good thirst for knowledge . all this is proven beyond doubt as she has been a super success in TV serials and also as a spokeswoman of BJP.
  • All this also helps her to react to situations very well. so it is the Jupiter and mercury combination in her numbers .which makes sir fit for becoming a spokesman bJP party in yes that’s why honorable e Prime Minister Sri Narendra Modi Ji and sangha pariwar(RSS) gave her key postings. as we said earlier the year 2019 is not that favorable for her but still better than average because of Jupiter and Mars energies. but in 2020 Rahu and Saturn effects come to fore and she could get and gains and good position expansion, also a lot of popularity based on her numbers.
  • So she may get a portfolio to do with Hindu Dharma or Vedic culture in 2019 itself. June 2019 is a good time. Moon is the lord of wealth and status for Smriti Irani ji. It is creating instability in a career as Ketu energy is mixed within. so whenever moon gets very weak or Jupiter gets very weak Smriti Irani Ji would face troubles political career. so till July 2019, one has to wait and watch. then she can expect better sailing after July 2019 and much better in 2019 Nov onwards.
  • Smriti Irani-Looses HRD-why? What next in 2016? Based on Vedic Astrology Or Jyotish

    • Her ascendant or lagna Jupiter (guru) the planet of dharma and religion is in 2nd house with ketu.
    • This clearly indicates a tilt towards dharma or Hindu religion as Ketu and Jupiter both support the same. Her grandfather was in RSS and she herself is in BJP the party generally associated with Hinduism.
    • Sun at the ascendant or Kendra gives her the fame and image in society and success she has.
    • Sun in the ascendant but ruling sixth house( Vighna and enmity) gives her the over-assertive streak at times. Also, the sun gives her a distinct personality.
    • Her public and political life here is represented by the fourth house is in the twelfth house- mercury ruling the same along with mars sitting in the same in Kendra.
    • Mercury exchanges energy with Venus the lord of the eighth house and also third house- so she could have unexpected issues in public or political life is mercury or Venus is weak in transit or mars is weak.
    • Mars ruling her public life and wealth and status and yes career as fourth house planet aspects her house of career the tenth house as well. So causing her downfall.
    • Mercury and Venus both are in Gemini, so is sun- so mercury though strong is combust(directly rules her public image and life)
    • and also Venus is not so strong combust and rules the malefic house eighth.
    • So there is a high chance of downfall now this month of July 2016. Unfortunately that is what has happened.

    Smriti Irani 2016 horoscope forecast. What lies ahead of her now in future?

    • By august September 2016 Jupiter would be transiting in her seventh house- so giving a healing touch to her relationships and the work she does.
    • Saturn transit in her house of career would make her more disciplined and focused in her career. But yes with some problems.
    • So issues or the impact of this fall would continue in 2017 as well.
    • This year 2016, she should have taken care of the words she speaks- but anyway things would slightly improve for her by year end.
    • 2017 would definitely bring in more enthusiasm and fun in her personal and professional life – but with a slight dark lining as Saturn ruling 12th aspects her career and yes her public image.
    • She has to avoid stress and not to get into any depression as she might be prone to by November 2016,Saturn sits in cancer. She could do more of YOGA or aerobics to proactively avoid the same.
    • We prayer to GOD that the respectable lady get a chance to recuperate from the rude shock of destiny